About Jordan Adler

Jordan joined toastmasters in1981 and quit as soon as he realized he would have to speak in front of groups. One time he was on his way to teach his first class and secretly wished that he would havea serious auto accident so he had a good excuse not to get up in front ofa group.Today, Jordan leads a team of over 55,000 distributors with his marketing organization. His organization is growing by over 2000 distributors per month and he travels the world supporting his team training and coaching new distributors in starting their own businesses. He went from living in a 400 sq ft room in Tempe, AZ making $14,000 per year to becoming a multi-millionaire in a few short months.

Jordan philosophy is simple. He believes that everyone should align themselves with opportunities that throw off residual income. He coined the phrase ‘Beach Money‘. Beach money allows you to go to the beach and still get paid.

Jordan’s best-selling book, ‘Beach Money‘ teaches you to create an income stream that comes in whether you go to work or not. He believes that anyone can compress a 30 year career into 3 to 5 years.When Jordan is not at his mountain home in Jerome, Arizona, you’ll find him relaxing in Santa Monica, California or possibly entertaining at a rented mansion on the beach in some exotic location hanging out with invited guests.

His track record speaks for itself. Jordan has helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs free themselves from the rat race. 100% of the profits from his book go to charity. Through his charity project, he has funded over 600 loans to Entrepreneurs in third world developing countries through Kiva’s micro-financing program.

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