Business Networking International

Strategic Alliance

We have officially entered into a strategic alliance with Business Network International (BNI).

BNI is the largest networking referral organization in the world. They currently have 4,100 chapters worldwide with over 82,000 members. Last year alone, BNI generated over 2 million referrals for its members.

Many of you are familiar with BNI, some of you are members of your local chapter. The majority of SOC successful builders are using BNI as a way to meet new people and introduce them to SendOutCards.

This is how BNI works: They have a philosophy known as “Givers Gain”. You join a local chapter for the purpose of giving referrals to other members of your chapter. They in turn bring referrals to you. They have weekly meetings and are very structured around generating quality referrals for all members. They allow only one member from an industry in each chapter. Example: there would be one real estate broker, one insurance agent, one SOC rep, etc.

Dr Ivan Misner is The Founder of BNI and Norm Dominguez is the current CEO of BNI International. These gentleman are living examples of the “Givers Gain” concept. They both use and love SendOutCards. They see SendOutCards as a way for people to enhance their ability to live the Givers Gain philosophy.

Dr. Ivan Misner, Megan Drescher, Jordan Adler

Sample 60 second commercial:

My name is ______________ with . I’ve been a SendOutCards user for ____________ months/years. It’s the best relationship business building
tool in the marketplace today. A good referral for me is ____________________.
He/She could be a stay at home mom, business coach or the captain of football league . . . just someone who seems to know everyone. Who do you know that extremely social. Male or Female. That’s the best referral.
Personalized cards in the mail with one click of the mouse. A real card for under $1 (same card that costs $4 in the store). You  can even add pictures, gifts and gift cards. People that just don’t have time, need SendOutCards. _____________ Where you get back what you send out.

Another 60 Second Commercial:

Are you losing business because you aren’t in regular touch with your customers or clients?
Do you have good intentions for personal communication with them but just can’t find the time?
I work with busy business owners to solve that problem through We provide an automated, yet highly personalized card system for customer follow up, thank yous, birthdays, product or event announcements, even for generating referrals.
With you send your customers highly personalized cards (like this) through the mail using our unique website technology without ever leaving your office! So using our product does NOT add to your busy day, yet it gives you an easy way to have that personal customer contact. You could send 5 or 500 cards in 5 minutes, in your own handwriting, and even upload a picture or logo into the card.
Our motto: People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you make them feel. For about $5 per year per customer you can make your customers feel special and appreciated, and they will never forget you.
If you would like a free gift account to try our card system, please see me today.

Here’s an example from Gayle Zientek:

Good morning everyone, my name is _______________. I am a distributor with SendOutCards. SendOutCards is a web base program that allows you to go to online and choose from over 12,000 preprinted greeting cards or create your own picture plus card, write out a personal message in your own handwriting and add your very own signature. SOC will print, stuff, stamp and mail it for you all for about a dollar a card.

The key to building a referral base business is building relationships. The key to building relationships is showing appreciation and staying in touch on a regular basis. SendOutCards allows you to do this quickly, effectively, and economically.

The referrals I’m looking for today are: (pick one for each week)

Business owners you know that want to organize their referral base so
they can stay in touch on a regular basis. With SendOutCards we’re changing lives one card at a time.

Those people you know that own and operate a home base business such as: Pampered Chef, Silpada Designs, Beauti Control, Partylite Gifts, Reliv, Herbalife, etc. SendOutCards can help them organize their contacts and keep in touch in a unique way. With SendOutCards we’re changing lives one card at a time.

The Scrap-bookers you know. If your friend, sister, mom, or aunt loves to take pictures and scrapbook, chances are they’re going to love SendOutCards. As always, I’ll offer a FREE gift account and training to anyone who wants to check it out. With SendOutCards we’re changing lives one card at a time.

Using Networking Clubs

Participate in Networking Clubs and Referral Meetings to build your business. Meet People. Make Connections. Contribute to others!

  1. There are 2600 business presentations already in place across the US. We don’t have to set them up or get a room and there are 10-40 OPEN MINDED BUSINESS PEOPLE THERE waiting to hear what we have to say AND they want to do business with us. Its called BNI (BUSINESS NETWORKING INTERNATIONAL
  2. They only allow ONE of each profession at a meeting and right now, of the 2600 chapters, only about 10 have our people in them. THERE IS NO COMPETITION AND THEY LOVE THE SEND OUT CARDS IDEA ONCE THEY UNDERSTAND IT. Here’s the catch . . .In the near future there may be 50, 100 or 500 distributors in a town with only a few BNI chapters. Don’t miss this opportunity. Get in a group RIGHT AWAY. This is the richest source of REGULAR WARM MARKET REFERRALS I have ever seen.
  3. The magic is in the Referrals and Relationships. You will get what you give. Be genereous with your referrals in the club. Send everyone gracious cards right away along with a DVD. You will get a Welcome Packet with everyone’s BUSINESS CARD on your first day as a guest!
  4. IMPORTANT: Bring cards to the meeting to pass around. If you don’t have many yet, send some to yourself. When you give your 60 second commercial, start passing the cards around the room. You will have a line-up of people wanting to ask you questions.
  5. We can go from 140 distributors in 90 days to 10,000 within 1 year with this tool . . . get as many from your group to join a club as possible. It costs less than 1 classified add for a year! If there is not a club in your city, start one or look for clubs in nearby cities to get your team into.
  6. This group exists to exchange leads and network. They are all trying to build their personal small businesses. This is a PERFECT FIT FOR OUR COMPANY. The timing is superb, because we are so new and most chapters don’t have a distributor in them.
  7. Follow these steps:a. Visit a club (
    b. Get a Welcome Packet
    c. Give your 60 second commercial at the meeting and pass around
    about 10 greeting cards.
    d. Send a thank you card to all members of the club with a
    picture in it with your handwriting (you have their cards!)
    e. Send a second card explaining the program with a DVD in it.
    f. Attend week 2 and 3 and then join the club.
    g. Refer people to others in the club
    h. Begin calling the people in the club and walking them through
    sending a card.
    i. e-mail me with the name and location of the club you have joined
    (I will be tracking our club progress
    j. Take your team members to other clubs and teach them to do what
    you are doing. Get them signed up in other clubs in your

Be prepared. This is going to be huge. Don’t miss this wave. Start sampling people right away if you want to be part of this explosion.

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