March 26, 2012 SHORTCUTS TO GROWING A TEAM – Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. 

All about LEVERAGE,; the difference between a moped and a private jet. The jet gives you massive leverage. Both are vehicles, but one is a better vehicle for taking a long journey in comfort.

  1. CREATE PREMIUM LIST: Meet and schedule appointments with people that are connected and influential. Look for opportunities to meet people that know people that would do business with us. Ask for an introduction. When I attend a networking event, I can QUICKLY turn a cold contact into a warm contact with a quick intro from the person that organized the meeting.
  2. WEEKLY CAMPAIGNS: Send at least 1 campaign per week (10-200 cards).
  3. ATTEND AND PROMOTE EVENTS: You can accomplish more by having your teammates at a major event, (TER’s, Regionals and National/International events) than spending 6 months on your own trying to train and motivate people.
  4. SORT FOR LEADERSHIP: Finding the right people rather than developing people.
    (When you find the right people, you’ll need to do very little for them) – This was a BIG one for me.
  5. USE AND PROMOTE PRESENTATION TOOLS: Ultimate leverage. 100 Times more effective than trying to explain it yourself. Third Party-Upline, Conference Calls, Videos, DVDs, ASEND Magazine.
  6. USE AND PROMOTE TRAINING TOOLS: It’s the map and the system. The Getting Started Right Booklet is the most valuable tool for getting started that we have


  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE: USE IT, SHARE IT, SPONSOR. The comp plan is about YOU. The focus can’t be on you, it must be on them. Get into the magic of the SOC system. You love it. Use it and share it. If you want to make big money, focus on USING AND SHARING SOC. Each person does a little. Turn your dashboard green and teach others to do the same, that’s it.
  2. BEING WITH THEM (vs sending them a link).
  3. WORK MORE: If you are working 1 hour a week, work 5 hours a week. If you are working 5 hours a week, work 10 hours a week.
  4. BE PRODUCTIVE AND TEACH PRODUCTIVITY: There are things that lead to growth and things that just kill time. Focus on productive activity. We’re talking about EFFICIENCY of activities. Turn off TV. Stop planning and organizing. It’s all been done for you.
  5. BECOME A TEACHER AND A TRAINER – When you teach, you learn QUICKLY. The Monday calls are as much for me as they are for you. It rapidly accelerates your learning curve when you teach it.
  6. FOCUS ON “TOUCHING” AND “MOVING” PEOPLE – Kody (BNI Meeting in Reno -He told stories and 40 people wanted to sign up).
  8. GET AN INTRODUCTION vs calling on someone cold.

March 20, 2012

PHILOSOPHIES THAT WILL DRIVE GROWTH (I recommend studying these and adopting them):

1. Small is big in our business model. The business is lots of people doing a little (not a few people doing a lot).

2. You can accomplish more by having your people at major events for 1 or 2 days than you can doing it on your own over a six month period.

3. Focus on finding the people that want to do it on their own. Spend less time with those that give you excuses and more time with those that are producing.

4. Keep it simple (1+2 = $100) AND EVERYONE TURN YOUR DASHBOARD GREEN. Green means GO!

5. Never let crisis turn into ruin.

6. Never quit on a bad day.

7. Appreciation will win self promotion every time!!

8. Give to give vs give to get.

9. Send Out to give.

10. Ask: Who does business with people that would do business with us? Get to know THEM.

11. Your network is your most valuable asset.

12. I welcome challenges as a way to grow and get feedback that will help me (us) get better.

13. One to five people will set you free (1 in 20-30).

14. It’s just numbers. “The mountain doesn’t care”. The difference between a $1,000 check and a $10,000 check is just a zero.

15. FAST growth is easy once you find the right people. You can’t measure the size of someone’s heart. The duds can lead you to the studs. You don’t know who they know.

16. Changing companies is not an answer to your problems. Whatever challenges you are experiencing will repeat themselves with your new company within a relatively short period of time unless you have changed your philosophy or improved your skills. Everyone is excited when they join a new company. It’s what you do after the euphoria wears off that will determine your long term success. I didn’t make this up.

17. DISTRACTIONS are the killer to growth. Facebook, TV, the internet are the “Greener Pastures”. Sales pitches from other companies are the 4 greatest distractors.

18. The fuel in any business is people (fill your pipeline!).

19. You need a relatively small amount of people to make a fortune. There are enough people for everyone (in all companies). Your attitude regarding “lack” or “abundance” will drive your actions and ultimately determine how big you get in the business.

350 million people in the US.
5 million turn 18 each year.
35 million turned adults in the past 7 years.
250 million have never done network marketing.
Think about how many have lost jobs or are at risk of losing jobs over the past few years.

BNI – 50% + were not in BNI 7 years ago. I built a fortune on the ones that are no longer part of BNI!
You need 4000 on your team and 100 or so personally sponsored to have a significant FT income in Network Marketing

20. Those you think will, won’t and those who you think won’t, will.
Jim Packard
Todd Falcone
Judy O’Higgins
Mark Herdering

21. Your job is to GET PEOPLE STARTED, not to manage your team. Let the system do the managing.
Who gets bank loans? Those who don’t need it. If you need a loan you can’t get one. Those that “need” it typically won’t do too well. Look for those that are hungry. If someone is needy, they tend to attract other needy people. Look for those that don’t need your help. They will build big businesses. Your job is to get them started.

22. You CREATE your future. It’s not something that happens to you (SAC Excel).
It’s the energy and life that you infuse into your team that will make the difference. Are you a source of light for others? Would you follow you? If not, then you must shift some things.

23. More meetings mean more money.
Fill your calendar. One person is better than no people. 10 people is better than 1 person.
100 people is better than 10 people, but it all starts with one. Many musical artists simply needed to keep performing until someone was willing to listen. Most play for 10 years plus before any significant audience showed up. Read Steven Tylers book (Aerosmith and Malcolm Gladwell’s books, Tipping Point and Blink). Most people must commit 10,000 hours to their trade before experiencing success. In network marketing we get to “borrow” the hours of experience from others but you still must pay your dues. More meetings mean more money. Get good at presenting a simple plan over and over again.

24. Problems go up. Inspiration goes down and across. Never express challenges downline. The quickest way to “kill” a team, is to complain across lines and downline. Never ever do it. When your team goes away, it can be because of a complaining upline. Negativity drives people away. You must ALWAYS be positive with your downline and cross line. Complaints, suggestions and concerns should only go up (company and upline).

25. Just like the high school, the gym, etc., some people work to get to the top and others quit or are satisfied with where they are. People are people. Many people join gyms and go. They will pay monthly for years. In fact MOST people that join a gym never go, that’s not a reflection on how good the gym is. You must focus on those that show up and not those that don’t. You’ll drive yourself nuts if you get stressed out about those that don’t do anything after signing up. EVERYONE (including the successful people) experiences this. The difference between you and me is I have more people that have quit. Many of those that quit still use SendOutCards.

26. AVOID THE 4 DISTRACTORS and fill your calendar with appointments to show the business.
TV, FB, the internet, family. You can carve out an extra 3-4 hours a day by turning off or throwing away the TV AND limiting your FB time to 1 hour per day. (Advertisers spend MILLIONS of dollars with the networks because they know YOU are watching)!

27. Sponsoring a new distributor and sending a card usually make your problems a little less scary:
Whatever problems you are experiencing will seem less important when you sponsor someone new and send a card to someone in need. If you have some kind of problem focus on advancing your business by sending a card, getting a customer and sponsoring a distributor. You’ll feel like things are going to be ok.

28. Apply the 8 year old test – If an 8 year old can’t do it or teach it NOW, don’t do it. It may be good for you, but it usually isn’t duplicatable.

29. Just because it sounds like a good idea, doesn’t mean that it is. Focus on the opportunities that have the potential to duplicate. Fund raisers and big corporate accounts don’t duplicate. Fundraisers and Corporate accounts look great on paper but they typically don’t produce good results in network marketing (EVERYONE says, “but my situation is different”). The big earners come from finding those that do a little and find a few others that do a little.

30. Put yourself in situations that make it easy to meet people – “Don’t fish for salmon in the trout stream”. If you are looking for business builders, put yourself in situations where business people hang out. Success breeds success.

31. Everyone can be “got” by someone – I have found that when the right person asks the right person at the right time, they will be interested. Until then, they may not even want to take a look.

32. It’s physically impossible to saturate an area – Go back to the numbers I shared earlier.

33. You can borrow the influence and skills that you lack – This is one of the true gifts of having a network marketing business. If you are not good at it, find someone that is and ask them to take a look. Phil Eckart is a six-figure MONTHLY earner in another company and he made millions of dollars with another company without ever speaking in front of a group! He would find others that wanted to do it and he sat in the back of the room.

34. For every person that is stuck because of a challenge, there is a handful of people that have gone to the top that experienced the exact same challenge – Go to my Facebook wall and watch Kyle Maynards video (or just find him on youtube).

35. Challenges become your excuses or your reasons (the same challenges): People decide first and then they give you the reasons. Either you’ll do it or you won’t. It’s not your reasons that will determine whether its doable. Challenges are just your test to determine whether you are worthy of a bigger check.

36. When you become stuck or stopped, it simply means there is something you need to learn.

37. Your dreams are the #1 driver of your personal motivation. Motivation is what keeps you going long enough to succeed. Spend at least 1 hour a week on your dreams. Meet people that can help you get there. Don’t wait til you have the money to shop for what you want. Start now. You’ll train your subconscious to attract it.

38. Adopt the philosophy: TODAY IS THE BIG DAY! (You don’t know who you will meet today that will lead you to an explosive organization).

March 13, 2012

I have found over the years that it’s our philosophies and beliefs that will steer us and guide us in times of
struggle and even triumph. You can have all the “how to” knowledge in the world and even have the work ethic to put your “how to” knowledge into action, but if your philosophy is off, you’ll be on shaky ground. “How to’s” without the foundation of a solid belief system, is a formula for struggle. You may have heard me say “Affirmations without action leads to frustration and action without affirmations
lead to delusion”.

For example, if you drive a car (which most likely you do), you must drive with certain beliefs and philosophies to have a safe experience. If you drive your car without a fundamental belief that everyone on the road is following the same set of rules, (Red Light equals stop and Green Light = Go, etc), you could end up in a fatal accident. Driving skills in and of themselves will not serve you well. Your belief system must be in place.

What are the fundamental beliefs and philosophies that will serve you best in building a rock solid SendOutCards business?

Tonight I will lay out a number of scenarios that you may be facing and sharing with you the the attitudes, beliefs and philosophies of those that successfully navigate those scenarios. At some level you may relate to one or more of them.

About 3,500 Distributors and 15,000 customers have joined our team in the past 60 days. I personally have only signed up 3 customers and 4 distributors in the past 60 days. That’s leverage. True freedom is available to YOU in this program if you have the right philosophies and you step into massive action. If I were just getting started in the business today, my philosophies would be no different than they were 7 years ago. Sound philosophies are fundamental. They drive growth for you and your team if we all adopt the same philosophies.

But first, I want to lay out what I would do if I were getting started today. These are the fundamentals that will drive growth in our businesses.

Get on Kody Bateman’s Q Call (You must Qualify by getting the ‘Q’).

Print out Cust Gathering Worksheet to accomplish this. Do it right away.

Turn your dashboard green!

Keep it simple (apply the 8 year old test).

Use the Gift Account Walk Through (GAW) and the ASEND Magazine as your top 2 “third party” tools. The magazines now have the NEW DVD in them.

Explain to all new MD’s why they want to be a Certified Trainer (CT).
a. You’ll need CT’s to get promoted.
b. Either you will get paid to train your people or I (you) will be paid to train your people.
c. Virtually ALL of our most successful people sign up and get certified to be CT’s.

PHILOSOPHIES THAT WILL DRIVE GROWTH (I recommend studying these and adopting them):

1. Small is big in our business model. The business is lots of people doing a little (not a few people doing a lot).

2. You can accomplish more by having your people at major events for 1 or 2 days than you can doing it on your own over a six month period.

3. Focus on finding the people that want to do it on their own. Spend less time with those that give you excuses and more time with those that are producing.

4. Keep it simple (1+2 = $100) AND EVERYONE TURN YOUR DASHBOARD GREEN. Green means GO!

5. Never let crisis turn into ruin.

6. Never quit on a bad day.

7. Appreciation will win self promotion every time!!

8. Give to give vs give to get.

9. Send Out to give.

10. Ask: Who does business with people that would do business with us? Get to know THEM.

11. Your network is your most valuable asset.

12. I welcome challenges as a way to grow and get feedback that will help me (us) get better.

13. One to five people will set you free (1 in 20-30).

14. It’s just numbers. “The mountain doesn’t care”. The difference between a $1000 check and a $10,000 check is just a zero.

15. FAST growth is easy once you find the right people. You can’t measure the size of someone’s heart. The duds can lead you to the studs. You don’t know who they know.

16. Changing companies is not an answer to your problems. Whatever challenges you are experiencing will repeat themselves with your new company within a relatively short period of time, unless you have changed your philosophy or improved your skills. Everyone is excited when they join a new company. It’s what you do after the euphoria wears off that will determine your long term success. I didn’t make this up.

17. DISTRACTIONS are the killer to growth. Facebook, TV, the internet are the “Greener Pastures”. Sales pitches from other companies are the 4 greatest distractors.

18. The fuel in any business is people (fill your pipeline).

19. You need a relatively small amount of people to make a fortune. There are enough people for everyone (in all companies). Your attitude regarding “lack” or “abundance” will drive your actions and ultimately determine how big you get in the business.

20. Those you think will, won’t and those who you think won’t, will.

21. Your job is to GET PEOPLE STARTED, and not to manage your team. Let the system do the managing.

22. You CREATE your future, it’s not something that happens to you (SAC Excel).

23. More meetings mean more money.

24. Problems go up. Inspiration goes down and across. Never express challenges downline.

25. Just like the high school, the gym, and scouting, some people work to get to the top and others quit or are satisfied with where they are. People are people.

26. AVOID THE 4 DISTRACTORS and fill your calendar with appointments to show the business.

27. Sponsoring a new distributor usually makes your problems a little less scary.

28. Apply the 8 year old test.

29. Just because it sounds like a good idea, doesn’t mean that it is. Focus on the opportunities that have the potential to duplicate. Fund raisers and big corporate accounts don’t duplicate.

30. Put yourself in situations that make it easy to meet people.

31. Everyone can be “got” by someone.

32. It’s physically impossible to saturate an area.

33. You can borrow the influence and skills that you lack.

34. For every person that is stuck because of a challenge, there is a handful of people that have gone to the top that experienced the exact same challenge.

35. Challenges become your excuses or your reasons (the same challenges).

36. When you become stuck or stopped, it simply means there is something you need to learn.

37. Your dreams are the #1 driver of your personal motivation. Motivation is what keeps you going long enough to succeed.

38. Adopt the philosophy: TODAY IS THE BIG DAY! (You don’t know who you will meet today that will lead you to an explosive organization) .

February 27, 2012

The Fastest Route to Fame and Fortune-
Understand that there are many different ways to build a network marketing business. I have my philosophy about what I believe to be the quickest route. There are people that may disagree with me, and that’s okay. I’m going to share with you what I believe to work the most efficiently. I am not just speaking from a place of signing people up quickly, but from a place of long term engagement. In other words, what are the simple actions that will ultimately lead to growth and overall retention?

I hope you realize that if your team grows to 100,000, users my team doubles. I have a personal stake in your success. I want you to grow your business big! When you grow, I grow.

Although my path may seem counter-intuitive to those seeking business builders, I want you to know that I am 100% about building the business. I have heard many people say that they don’t believe in building through BNI (Business Network International) because it fosters “glorified customers” (people who just use SendOutCards but don’t build it). I see it differently. BNI offers an opportunity to MEET PEOPLE and learn to network. Great customers lead to great reps. In fact, there aren’t too many of you on this call that would be upset if your residual check was $22,000 per month. The portion of my $100,000 RESIDUAL check coming as a result of my “glorified customers” is about $22,000 a month. Some of the customers became distributors and lead me to many many people that are not in BNI and over time that team has grown to many thousands of distributors.

BNI is not the answer but it provides one path to getting people started.

The road to $100,000 per month has not changed. I believe in an approach that will make it easy for people to see SendOutCards and make it easy for distributors to get people involved with SendOutCards. Again, there are lots of way to skin a cat.

“We get customers and we teach others how to get customers”. If this is true, (which it is – AND, by the way, this is what we have always done!) then we need to look at what is the easiest and quickest way to get a keep customers and get and keep distributors.

Keep in mind that sometimes the long path is the short path. What may appear to be the long road may actually be the short road. There is a courting process that must happen in relationship building and if that courting process is neglected or avoided, the result is less than desirable. What happens when you pull the bread out of the oven too soon?

So, what’s the quickest route? The quickest route involves nurturing the relationship (staying in touch with people) and treating them as if they are already involved even long before they actually are signed up. Take your time with people and let them make a decision on their timeline, not yours. The follow up and staying in touch process is MORE IMPORTANT than the sign up process. As you are communicating with the people in your network, you are training them (long before they actually sign up!!). The long route is the short route. The reason so few make it big in our business is because so few really get what I’m talking about here.

What’s the easiest path to opening someone up to the idea of SendOutCards in a way that will engage someone as a customer or a distributor FOR THE LONG HAUL. There are quicker ways of getting distributors, however I’m talking about creating duplication and retention, as well as getting distributors.

Here are some general philosophies you must follow if you want to get customers, get customers gathers, create retention, create duplication and engage as many people as possible:

1. You must embrace the “give to give” philosophy – The key to getting customers and customer gatherers is to release your need to GET customers and distributors.

2. Get Customers -Customers are the easiest way to happily involve someone with our company and philosophy. Someone that loves using SendOutCards is way more likely to want to be a distributor. If they don’t make money right away, they will at least continue to use us.

3. Teach others how to get customers- Not so you can get paid your $40, but so that they can get off to a good start. Even in the training program, if you want to make big money in training, focus not on the money. Focus on getting people started and giving them what they need to be successful.

4. Keep it simple – REALLY SIMPLE! I can send cards. I can show others how to send cards. If they like it enough to use it, they may like it enough to tell others about it. Big growth happens in this simple process. REAL SOLID GROWTH HAPPENS HERE. Shortcuts may produce reps but I have found they don’t produce solid, long-term growth and retention.

Again, I want to really emphasize something here. I am 100% ALL ABOUT BUILDING THE BUSINESS AND FINDING BUSINESS BUILDERS!! I don’t want to hear anyone say that I’m only about focusing on customers. I am also about finding the path to long term retention and referrals. Someone who get’s lots of customers (which are ridiculously easy to get now that the $99, $199 and $398 entry fee has been eliminated) and who introduces the opportunity to those customers AND teaches the same thing will create an exploding organization of customer gatherers.

What do we do? “We get customers and we find others to do the same!” So let’s do that. Let’s GET CUSTOMERS AND FIND OTHERS TO DO THE SAME!

The Formula for sponsoring one per week-

Here’s the secret to getting customers and reps:

Meet 2 people per day (Find ways to do this that are consistent with your personality).

Send 1-5 cards per day (Give to Give!! Don’t shortcut this) – Tell story about rep going through a hard time divorce – down and out “Are you sending out your cards?” Send cards especially if you are having a bad day! That’s what SendOutCards is for!

Walk one person per day through the 3 min video and HAVE THEM SEND A CARD.
Don’t shortcut this! To get customers and find customers gatherers, you MUST have them send a card on the system. This is the part that many are missing. If you don’t do it your team doesn’t do it and the whole system breaks down. In the past we didn’t have the “automated” Gift Account. We had to manually walk someone through sending a card. It takes a little more time, but it engages the distributor and the potential distributor in an invaluable dialog. You can still do it the old way. PULL UP THE CONTACT. CLICK VIEW CONTACT. CLICK ENABLE GIFT ACCOUNT then assign them some points, expense and a username and password. They can then log in to their temporary gift account with the username and password you created. You can then coach them through sending a card. This is how we did it for years and in it’s simplicity, it worked!

Follow up with third party tools, cards, emails and calls (You are training them before they are signed up).

Be persistent, but not annoying.

Sign up as customers those that are not ready to be distributors. Sign up lots and lots of customers – Show each one the opportunity video. Send each the new DVD. Stay in touch with each so that when the time is right, they feel comfortable coming to you. GIVE TO GIVE!!

GET BACK TO THE MEANING OF SOC! Stop trying to “get” people. Focus on giving the GIFT of SendOutCards.

The Magic Formula: GIVE IT AWAY! Let them TRY it for FREE and move them step by step through the process.

February 13, 2012

Was it worth it?


I want to remind you that the adjustments to our plan were put in place because Kody has a goal to INCREASE everyone’s commissions. Most network marketing companies require 20 customers to qualify to receive bonuses. I know of the $700 million+ companies and many many others require 20 customers to get paid your residuals and bonuses. If you had 19 you don’t get paid. Most people go get 25 or 30 so they never fall below 20. My last company required 20. SendOutCards now requires 2 subscription customers. This is a business that throws off residual income. He is not asking us to do something every month. He is asking us to bring 2 legitimate subscription customers to the table to receive our check. That’s not a tall order to have the potential for unlimited residual. This is a business that requires real customers. By placing this requirement and making it easy to do, residual checks should triple over the next 12 months. This will benefit everyone. We’re talking about 2 people that pay $9.80 per month. Yes, the rules have changed slightly and this will benefit everyone that chooses to play by the rules. By the way, most network marketing companies have a monthly commitment of $200 to $400. Ours is $31. Kody could have easily justified raising it and he didn’t. He kept it at $31.

AN EMAIL FROM A FRIEND, TO A FRIEND: Janalea Rengifo signed up shortly after I did in 2005. She recently attended the Recruiting Mastery event in Salt Lake City. This is an email that she sent to a friend of hers immediately following the event. Thanks Jana.

I recently wrote an email to a close friend of mine. We used to be roommates. She loved SendOutCards as a customer, & after years of seeing me pay all my bills without having a job, she cautiously decided to join SOC as an entrepreneur last summer.

See, I have been a “retired” SendOutCards rep for the majority of the last 5 years. I was a twenty-something girl, having a rough time in my life, actually the roughest time of my life– and my residuals from SendOutCards kept me afloat through my darkest hours.

I am clear I missed out on an incredible opportunity by NOT building my SOC business over these last 5 years, but my business has been there for me anyway, my residuals growing without fail year after year, and I am eternally grateful SendOutCards exists.

You see, when Kody Bateman had us look at our MLM Blueprint at the Recruiting Mastery event last month, I realized that I was blessed with an extremely positive entrepreneurial mindset- a solid MLM Blueprint- from a very young age. I did not grow up with money, I didn’t particularly know of any Jordan Adlers. But I grew up inquisitive & curious, open minded & trusting of my own intuition & instincts, and what little exposure to Network Marketing I had in my early years was positive. (I could write a whole other email on that)!

Conversely, I suppose I had a rather negative Job Blueprint- watching my mother leave for “a good job” at 5:30 in the morning, return late in the evening, & still struggle to make ends meet.

Anyway, here I am, a “retired” SendOutCards Senior Manager living off of my residuals, searching for the meaning of life & all of that. In truth, I attended the Recruiting Mastery event more to see my friends & all the amazing people involved with this company that I love. And, like many of you I suspect, I was taken by surprise with the fire that got lit under my metaphorical butt. Yes, I am out of retirement!

Now, back to my good friend. She has never been her own boss, instead she has worked hard all her life & has always been a huge asset to her employers. It’s easy for her to work hard. I have watched her do it through the years with amazement. But I have also watched her frustration at never being able to really get ahead of the curve, working hard for that year-end bonus. Staying in a job she no longer enjoys for years because of the promise of stock options. Having dreams & goals and hoping to someday have the time and extra money to go after them.

So, last summer she cautiously decided to upgrade from a wholesale customer to an entrepreneur. She is an extremely hard worker, but seems to come from a more traditional “job” mindset. Strong & positive JOB Blueprint, small & somewhat skeptical MLM Blueprint. But she loves SendOutCards as a customer. She knows me, she knows Jordan. She knows the money we are making is real, & she knows we are not “scam artists”.

Yet, the concept of paying a few hundred bucks to sign up as a rep is pretty foreign to her, something she is skeptical & wary of. It took her a long time to decide to upgrade as an entrepreneur, & not much happened after that. But finding a way out of the rat race is one of her goals, & she’s ambitious. She even just decided to go back to school full time to get her business degree. She is an amazing woman.

I know that she has almost everything it takes to be massively successful at building a SendOutCards business. She knows how to work hard at a job, at school. All that’s stopping her is her Mindset. After that, it’s only a matter of a little practice. Building that muscle of working for yourself, not someone else.

When I came back from Recruiting Mastery, FIRED UP and so excited about the new plan, ESPECIALLY the long overdue training program, I became a wee bit exasperated with my dear friend when I sensed negativity & skepticism about having to pay to become a Trainer. Nevermind the cost to sign up as a Marketing Distributor was reduced dramatically, & nevermind that loads more money was just added to the compensation plan- all she could hear was that it would cost $345 more to become a trainer. I believe she said it was kind of “redonk”! (that’s our slang for “utterly ridiculous”, by the way).

I get an attitude when people question the value of SendOutCards. But I got a little more for my dear friend, who has SEEN firsthand that value in this business. I wrote her this email late one night, & Jordan thought it would be worth sharing:

OK, We gotta expand your mind a little in terms of value w/this thing compared to any other business opportunity. This is a REAL business opportunity. Something to be proud of, not shy about. Something that you can be profitable your 1st month- vs YEARS before profitability with many, MOST business opportunities.

If you want to start any business, usually it is thousands of dollars (if not hundreds of thousands) in start up costs, lawyers fees, employee costs, insurance, you name it- & there is no one to blame or get support from if the market turns, or you make a costly mistake or have a fire or a break in. My dad dealt with all of this & both he and my stepmom worked probably 50-80hrs/week EACH for 20yrs. They ran & owned a successful restaurant for those 20 years (& never had vacation time) & I bet they never netted what my check was last month after all their costs & paying their employees.

To buy into a franchise it is typically no less than $100k for smaller ones, closer to a million for a McDonald’s. That is simply to have the RIGHT to put their Brand Name on it, the right to buy all that Brand’s materials & products. Then you gotta pay for the building, employees, & everything else on top of that. You are lucky even with a McDonald’s to see an ounce of profit in 5yrs- working very much full time.

Real estate- you pay lots of money just so you can take a test & get a license (by the way, I just googled it & it looks like it costs upwards of $1400 to take the test, get the license, join the associations & meet the other requirements to simply be allowed to be a real estate agent). Then you’ll still need to go get hired, or do it on your own. Even if you are hired you are typically responsible for finding your own clients, even advertising fees- your only benefit is being able to use the name Remax or Coldwell on your business card. THAT is it.

So you pay, you study, you pass the test, you apply for jobs, you buy leads or use your sweat to find clients, you show houses, you pay to place ads. ALL without seeing a dime back until you sell a house. THEN, the firm you work for takes a cut- for letting you have their name on your business card, & maybe a little cubicle office space- though there might be a fee for that as well!

(And just a little reminder- when you DO sell that house, after you give a chunk to your boss, the money you make for all that hard work gets paid to you ONE time, then it’s up to you and only you to find that next sale.)

I am not disparaging the Real Estate profession, or small businesses, or franchise opportunities. They are viable business models. And if you LOVE doing it- if you are called to do it- then great. But if your goal is financial independence so that you can go DO the things you dream of, then I am here to tell you there is a better way.

In any traditional business, you HAVE to go all in. You don’t say “well, I’ll spend money on employees after I prove this is gonna make me money”.

Thousands of us signed up as reps in SendOutCards for $750 when it was basic cards that didn’t look as nice as store bought ones, & nothing else. And WAY less bonus money. Thousands are now going to sign up a rep Day 1 as a distributor AND CT. It’s all whether or not you see the value in it. And the value is there, my friend.

I was thinking about your comment about “well how many people REALLY make any money?” It is the same as college in one sense. College costs loads of money, with no guarantee that you will earn more money with a degree or without. It costs loads of money with no guarantee you’ll even get your degree! It is up to you to make the most of it.

The path to a degree is all laid out for you. If you take these classes, apply yourself, do the work, study, & show up- you will get your degree. But some people pay all that money & they never show up. Some drop out. Some take 12yrs to get their degree because they keep getting distracted or move really slowly or life happens. And some go crazy & get their degree in a year & a half. Anybody with half a brain CAN do it. But not all will.

But would you ever blame Stanford if your friend dropped out? Would you think Stanford was a scam? Of course not. Because you grew up conditioned to believe College had value. And it does. But it is up to you to get that value. It isn’t automatically bestowed upon you the moment your parents write a check!

I know you are going to college to get your business degree. And I am so proud of you. But I have heard it and seen it time & again. Most of the people I know with business degrees who are also in Network Marketing say the education they got about real-life business while they were building their network marketing business was 10x more valuable than what they learned in school. Many go on to build successful traditional businesses as well as their MLM business.

To make money in this world you either gotta get a job, have some skill or talent that people pay you for, MAKE or invent something that people want to buy, have a chunk of money to start a business OR have a chunk of money to Invest.

Do you know Jordan has invested hundreds of thousands in GOOD investment opportunities that went nowhere? He gave someone $50k or more for one. Could have been a good deal, but the company went under. No scam, just the way business goes. He invested in a nightclub idea that never took off. No scam, just didn’t work out. But he continues to invest, because the odds are one of these will take off big & he can afford to lose that kind of money, risk that much for higher gain, BECAUSE of SendOutCards. Does $345 still sound ridiculous??

Do you know that there is a company out there that for $10k, you will be allowed to have your own greeting card business. They will send you software. You have to literally print them out yourself on your little printer at home, or can buy a nicer printer, or pay Kinko’s. You have to obviously stuff them, print address labels & mail them out for your clients. You are paying $10k for some much smaller version of the stock of cards we have in our card store, no ability to add pictures, no personalization. And that’s it. And even this can be a good business opportunity, because you could probably be profitable inside of 1-3yrs. But your quality of life in order to be profitable? Not so much.

A traditional business is usually so cost prohibitive for most people, that you end up having to take out loans & the added expense of interest on top of that. So even though it’s your own business, you are typically indebted for years to someone else. In that sense you can be running your own traditional business without being your own boss. You quit or get sick or want to take a vacation, you still are on the hook for a large sum of money & labor.

This can be a “good” thing though, because once you decide to go down that path, you kinda gotta see it through. Harder to just quit because you had a hard week or a hard month. Or like some of us- got a couple of NO’s. I’d venture to say the majority of small business owners have a hard week- every week.

Go ask your dad approximately how much it cost him to get his business going, to build a prototype for his idea, to pay the lawyers, apply for patents, etc etc etc. How much he has PROFITED.
The building materials for his prototype alone probably cost him more than becoming a rep +CT!!

This is a viable business with a viable product at a good price. You don’t have to have lawyers or insurance to set this business up. It’s been done & is being done ongoingly for you at corporate. You don’t have to develop web pages or training tools & run them by the FCC to make sure they are in compliance. You don’t have to buy MILLIONS of dollars worth of the best printers out there, or take out a loan.
You don’t have to hire employees, instead you get to work WITH people to help them reach their goals as you work to reach yours. You don’t have to risk hiring an employee that steals from you, or wastes your time and money by not being productive. You don’t have to pay unemployment insurance when you fire that deadbeat employee or worry about getting sued. You don’t have to stock gifts. And if you get sick or fall off the face of the earth- you won’t go bankrupt like you would if any of that infrastructure was your responsibility to get started.

If a new rep signs up day one as a CT their Risk is $640. To have a business for life if he or she wants it. They have to sign up all of about 5 people & train them- to be in the clear & ready for pure profit. And there is no cap on their earnings, sky is the limit.
And icing on the cake? Your $640, and countless other things you do now that you are an independent business owner are a tax write off (people estimate approx a $2k tax savings their first year signing up as a 1099- which we are).

This is an INCREDIBLE income opportunity, my friend. Someday I hope you can really see that. For someone educated or not, connected or not, with many resources or not– with basically just their earnest physical labor & almost no risk, one can produce monthly income that rivals what huge highly successful businesses take years & years to do.

But because you CAN quit without your life falling apart– it’s an easy thing for people to never really commit the heart & soul required to make anything flourish.

I hope this doesn’t sound like me on a soapbox. I really do know a lot about business & a lot about network marketing. I have helped start & run traditional businesses, started my own right out of highschool, been involved in THIS kind of business for 12yrs, & coached/consulted for business owners across the spectrum when I led programs for a personal development company. The biggest hurdle for you to be massively successful with SendOutCards will be for you to see the value as much as I do. Typically you will meet and attract people with the same concerns you have. So when you truly see how much immense value someone gets for $295, 640, 31/mo, you will see the results show up in your business.

You meet someone that sincerely believes they don’t have the money. I tell them they can have this diamond worth $10,000 if they can find $640, and I bet 98 out of 100 people that didn’t think they had the money, will find the money. Because they see the value in trading $640 for the opportunity to make $10,000.

What’s RIDICULOUS is how little I had to work for the money I make in SendOutCards. I am grateful, and I know it is because of my rock solid belief in the VALUE of this business.

I’ve seen you work hard. All you need is the right Mindset. “Hard work” in this business IS the work of retraining your mind! You do that, while adding consistent effort– a fraction of the 40, 50, 60 hours you put in week after week at your jobs, I might add- you WILL reach your goals. It is that simple.

It’s true, most people get in to Network Marketing because they want to increase their income. We talk a lot about it! Money is important. Anyone that tells you it’s not, doesn’t have any! The reason there is so much EMOTION around money is because it’s an important part of our lives. It buys us the freedom to do the things that we are called to do. Financial problems seem to be among the top causes for divorce.
But, I also believe that your business grows much faster when you take the attention off what you are going to GET and place it on helping others get what they want. If you view our plan in such a way that it’s all about what you need to do so that you can be paid, your business will falter. I believe the true secret to growth in SendOutCards is to place 100% of your attention on the value SOC brings to others.
For example, when you sponsor a new distributor, rather than harassing your new distributor to get their 2 customers so that you can get your check, instead, work closely with them to help them get their Q so that they can
1). Be qualified for all levels in the compensation plan
2). Receive in invitation to be on Kody Bateman’s Monday Night ‘Q’ Call
3). Be positioned now and in the future to get promoted.
The attention needs to be on them and not you.
Here’s another example. When presenting SendOutCards to someone, are you working hard that so you can get another rep because it will help you get promoted OR are you working to introduce SendOutCards to someone because it will make a valuable difference in their life? (That’s WHY you are so excited to show it to them)!

Do you see the difference? Our incomes are the RESULT of focusing on the right things. When I got started introducing SOC to others, I really wasn’t tuned in to how the compensation worked. I just knew if i could get lots and lots of people using SOC and referring it to others, my checks would get big. And they did. The principles that built my business back then, still exist today!

January 16, 2012 $50 Refundable Deposit option:

This is required by law. Someone can become a distributor for $50 however everyone that wants to become successful should consider purchasing the Marketing Distributor Package for $295. It gives you everything you need to be successful in your SendOutCards business (this is how it should be stated).

Personally, I will never sign someone up for $50. I will ask them to save up their money to purchase the Marketing Distributor Package and in the meantime just be a customer or preferred customer.


I clarified with Kody tonight that the correct time frame for triggering the CAB Bonus should show as 60 days and not 90 days. There are some in congruencies around this number on our website.

When a new distributor enters your organization, they have 60 days to acquire 2 subscription customers to trigger your bonus. Again, changes are in the process of being made and I did confirm this tonight with Kody himself.

Is SendOutCards offering a transitional period for rank advancement?

Transitional period to promote:

Any active Distributors that joined prior to January 5th have been converted to a Sr. Distributor, if they were not already. The new program requires a Sr. Distributor to obtain 3 Certified Trainers to rank advance to Manager, and 6 Certified Trainers to rank from Manager to Sr. Manager, in addition to the existing requirements. As a courtesy to distributors who joined before January 5th, SendOutCards is only requiring one Certified Trainer to rank advance to Manager or Sr. Manager for 60 days, and you count! (One Certified Trainer needed for each rank, in addition to other outstanding rank advancement requirements. If not achieved by March 7th, the new rank advancement requirements must be met).


Keep it simple. When one confused person shares the plan with a new person and then that person becomes confused, everything can come to a dead halt. Most likely you decided to join SOC (and possibly even build it) before you saw a comp plan. About 1/2 the people you show SOC to will get frozen if they don’t understand something. So what’s the solution?? Give people just enough that that they can make a decision but not so much that they get confused.

I like to describe it this way, if someone goes into a karate studio to get trained to become a black belt and they ask, “what does it take to become a 3rd degree blackbelt”? What will the sensei say? He will say, “you’ll learn it all, but for now we need to master your kicks and your punches”. After that, we’ll work on getting your first belt. It would be really overwhelming trying to know everything necessary to for someone to achieve a black belt during their first week. One step at a time.

Here’s what people want to know:

1. Is this for real?

2. Can I do it?

3. Is there any money in it?

I couldn’t tell you how to take my car apart and put it back together. I can’t explain to you how it works (in fact I don’t want to fill my brain up with that info). But I CAN drive it!!

All this being said, it’s nice to know but not necessary to know how the comp plan works. Refrain from teaching the complexities of our compensation plan to prospective distributors, just know that if you do it, you are drastically slowing down your growth.


I say, “You’ll learn it all. I want you to fully comprehend the fundamentals first (how to get qualified and how to get your money back). And then we’ll work on getting your first promotion. The rest of it will come with time”.

You can tell the “Black Belt” analogy.


Each promotion is like a room in a house that you are remodeling. You can’t go into another room to start the remodeling until you have COMPLETED the room you are in.


C.A.B. (Customer Acquisition Bonuses) These are your bonuses for helping a new distributor get started. When a new MD joins your team, they must get 2 subscription customers in their first 60 days to trigger the bonus to you and your upline.


This is paid to CT’s (Certified Trainers) that physically train a new distributor. They are completely independent of the CAB Bonuses. When a CT trains a new distributor, the $40 is paid to the person doing the training.


This is the very first thing you should train your new distributor to do. They want to get their ‘Q’ so they are qualified for all the compensation in the plan.


1 Level (Kids)

2 Level (Grandkids)

3 Level (Great Grandkids)


To get paid on levels 0 – 1 (zero level are your customers) you’ll need $31 in PCV (Personal and Customer Volume) to get paid on levels 2-7 you’ll need 2 subscription customers.

To get paid on levels 7 and beyond you’ll need to have 2 subscription customers and $93 in monthly PCV.

Everyone should work on getting their ‘Q’ right away!


1. It’s a TOTALLY SEPARATE AND OPTIONAL PROGRAM. Here’s how I present it as I’m going through the options:

“There are two reasons why you should consider the Optional Certified Trainer Program. #1. Either I’m going to get paid to train your people or you are going to get paid to train your people. If you pay the $345 and get certified as a certified trainer, you will get paid $40 to train each new MD ($295) OR I can get paid that money for training them, it’s up to you. Oh, and you need one CT to get your first promotion (you get a raise). That CT can be you. What do you want to do”.


1 PERSONALLY SPONSORED QCT (Qualified Certified Trainer) – You get $8 any time ANY CT that is personally sponsored trains a new MD.

2 PERSONALLY SPONSORED QCT’s – You get $10 any time ANY CT that is personally sponsored trains a new MD.

3 PERSONALLY SPONSORED QCT’s – You get $14 any time ANY CT that is personally sponsored trains a new MD.

A QCT is a CT that has their ‘Q’.


An SCT is a Senior Manager that has paid for their Senior Certified Trainer Certification and gotten certified to certify CT’s to do the Basic Training. They get paid $80 for each person they certify.

An ECT is an Executive that has paid for their Executive Certified Trainer Certification and gotten certified to certify CT’s to do the Basic Training. They get paid $100 for each person they certify.


You can now order the new ASEND magazine under Purchase Products.

The last few pages have a simple napkin presentation. This is the second best 3rd party tool we have. The very best is the Gift Accounts that allow you to assist someone else in sending their first card.


The US Postal Service is increasing it’s rates beginning January 22nd. The new prices for United States postage, are as follows:

First Class Mail stamp (for letters & cards) 45 cents

2nd ounce remains the same at 20 cents

First-Class Mail postcard 32 cents

It will cost a few pennies more to mail cards and postcards but this increase is a US Postal Service increase and not a SendOutCards increase. The system will automatically meter your cards with the correct postage. You may need to adjust your PERSONAL WEBSITE OPTIONS (under DISTRIBUTOR tab) to reflect this change for your GIFT ACCOUNTS.


There are many ways to show Sendoutcards. None are “right”.

Anything can work well. The important thing is that you show it!

Here are a few examples of ways to show it:


  1. Have them watch the 3 min video.
  2. Have them send a card.
  3. 3Have them watch the Opportunity Video.


  1. Show them some cards and photostore products.
  2. Have them send a card.
  3. Have them go to and watch all 4 videos (Product, Vision, Proven Plan of Action, Opportunity).


  1. Have them read the ASEND Magazine.
  2. Go over the Napkin Presentation in the back of the Magazine.
  3. Take them to an Opportunity Meeting.


  1. Take them to an Opportunity Meeting.
  2. Invite them to Eves-drop on a Monday Night Conference Call.
  3. Have them send a card.


  1. Send them a link with the Opportunity and get their commitment to watch it.
  2. Send them a card with the ASEND Magazine.
  3. Meet them at a Starbucks and go over the Napkin Presentation.
  4. Have them send a card.


  1. Cards
  2. Gifts
  3. Photo Products
  4. ASEND Magazine
  5. Invitation to listen to Conf Call
  6. Invitation to listen to SOC TV
  7. Invitation to come to an Opportunity Meeting


January 2, 2012-

Welcome to 2012! I just celebrated my 7 year anniversary in SendOutCards and I am amazed as I look back at all that has occurred in these short years. When I walked into our headquarters for the first time, SendOutCards was being operated on a little $24,000 printer in a garage. Today we are running on four $600,000 Xerox Igen printers with an amazing staff of over 100. Our biggest day in 2004 was about 350 cards, today our biggest days are over 700,000 cards! The cards were on flimsy paper with 1/20th the number of options. No gloss finish. No gift cards. No gifts. No Big Cards. No Video Cards. In a nutshell, we’ve come a long way.
We are just now getting started. 2012 will bring changes beyond your wildest imagination. Strap on your seatbelt because we are going to go fast AND we are going to have a good time doing it! I hope you are ready to have the time of your life and create a legacy for yourself and your family. That’s what this call is about, creating your legacy and making your dreams come true in 2012. Ready?

1. My top 2 books of 2011 and why they will open doors for you in your business if you read them.
There are two books that really stand out for me. These books are game changers. I talk about the power of focus and how a minor shift in focus can transform your life and your business. These books will do just that. I recommend you pick up both of them, study them and then put what you learn into immediate action.
-Start with Why, by Simon Sinek.
(I listened to it on audiobook that I bought on That way I can multitask while running or working out). When your passion to do something is intense and meaningful, you inspire others to get behind you. Consider the Wright brothers, Steve Jobs and Harley Davidson. These represent companies and individuals who were clear about who they were and where they were going. They were passionate and had unwavering certainty about their direction. You will adopt the mindset that will inspire people to act. You create a sense of belonging by involving people in a cause that is greater than themselves. Kody has a saying, “Find out who you are and then give yourself away”. Companies and individuals that KNOW WHO THEY ARE, express passion around it. They tend to attract others to their cause. I catch myself from time to time reverting back to selling people on what we are doing. My job (and yours) is to inspire action by being the best at who I am (who we are). There are millions of people out there that will resonate with our mission. We simply need to live it, breath it and be it.
-Brains on Fire, by Robbin Phillips, Greg Cordell, Geno Church and Spike Jones
This book is an easy read AND it will challenge you. I love this book. It’s one of my favorites of all time and it applies DIRECTLY to what we do. You’ll become very clear that what seems to be intuitive to most that are in pursuit of business, is the very opposite of what is necessary to create an effective “word of mouth” movement. The book compares marketing to relationship and you’ll see that word of mouth movements start with one person that gets “related” to another.
Manipulation Authenticity
US vs Them We
Getting Giving
Start and stop Ongoing
Money over people People over money
Elitist Collaboration
Broadcasting Out Engagement
Technology Focused People Focused

Most successful top earners focused on RELATIONSHIP BUILDING vs MARKETING.
BONUS: Oh and while were on the subject, whatever challenges you have experienced in your life that are holding you back, it’s time to set those aside. Watch this 4 minute video and you will begin to believe that ANYTHING is possible for you. This is my favorite video of the year:
Amy Purdy – “Living Life Beyond Limits” PLEASE TAKE 4 MINUTES NOW AND WATCH THIS VIDEO.
IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SEEN IT WATCH IT AGAIN. You’ll hear some things you didn’t hear the first time.

2. How to make your dreams come true in 2012:
I love to talk about dreams. Most people stop dreaming at some point between 20 and 30 years old. They give up. They get jaded. It’s time to start exercising your dream muscles once again. It’s the most powerful thing to do AND it’s something you can start doing right now. Last night I had dinner with Dakota Rea and his friend Anna from Hungary. Anna is 20 years old and speaks 4 languages. Her mother is in Network Marketing in Hungary but she has never really fully understand her mother’s chosen profession. Dakota is one of the top experts and consultants on attracting the “Gen Y” community into Network Marketing. He is passionate about changing the way young people look at business. Anna has a scholarship to one of the top universities in the world (in Milan, Italy). We had a great conversation about college, work, income, residual, being in business, etc. Anna has big dreams and she loves school. However, she doesn’t see school as a good way to make money. She sees it as a place to learn and grow. I shared with her that I have a college degree and I worked in corporate America for 17 years. After 17 years, the company I worked for cut my pay to $14,000 per year. I looked around me and virtually EVERYONE I knew that had spent 10 to 20 years in corporate America was struggling financially. Oh sure, there are always a few isolated cases of people that had lived so below their means that they were ok financially. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be just “ok” financially. So, we talked about the job model compared to the business model. We talked about her dreams and how she was not going to get her dreams working for someone else. She could clearly see that the ” model is becoming obsolete. She talked about how tough the job market is even with an advanced degree and the ability to speak multiple languages. She wants to experience the world and not be tied down to a job. She even clearly articulated how 80% of what she was learning would be completely irrelevant in the real world. Interesting. So, millions of people spend $50,000-$100,000 to obtain a degree that prepares them to work for someone else in a marketplace with limited opportunity. Working a job, it will take 20 years or more to pay off the loans AND most of the individuals in this “plan” are doing it knowing that it will never truly get them what they want. They simply have given up on what they want.
I didn’t try and talk her out of pursuing her college degree. But we did do a compare and contrast analysis of the value it would provide to her based on what SHE said she wanted out of life.
Dreams are one of my favorite topics to talk about. About 4 times a year, I make a list of all the things I want to accomplish in that year (and beyond). I look at the list often. I have also found that when making the list, most of the time, I don’t know exactly HOW I will accomplish these things. but just by writing them and being aware of them, the planets tend to line up over time. As simple as this is to do, most people don’t do it. It can be as simple as numbering your paper from 1-10 and then just writing 10 things you want to do this year. If you do nothing else, at least do this!
I have seen miracles happen in the past 20 years because I never gave up on my dreams. Some of these things took 10 or 20 years for me to see come to fruition, but I never let go. Here are a few things that I wrote on my dream list that have come to fruition. (I’ve gotten really good at “exercising my dream muscles”):
1. I started stretching for 15 minutes a day – This has been one of my most amazing accomplishments of 2011. I feel 1000% better because of just doing this. Thanks Sherry Double for inspiring me to take this step in my life.
2. Private jet travel – I have now leased a private jet 4 times. This is one of those things that seemed IMPOSSIBLE to me when I first wrote it down 15 years ago.
3. Had a personal lunch with Tony Robbins. Tony knows who I am today. Back in the early 90’s when I read his first book, I decided that some day I would have lunch with him. In 2004, I sat across from him in a group of 12 people for 3 1/2 hours.
4. Custom Wardrobe – I hired a tailor to customize a closet full of clothes for me. Shopping is not something I enjoy all that much. This has been on my dream list for over 10 years and FINALLY I took action and made it happen.
These are 4 out of about 50 accomplishments. I encourage you to create YOUR list. Don’t judge yourself OR OTHERS for going after their dreams. We should all encourage each other to go for it! Your dreams are within reach. Be patient with yourself and most of all have faith and never give up on your dreams.

A good friend of mine, Marie Menges in Jerome gave me a book called “The God Machine”. It’s not what you think. It’s the story about the invention of Helicopters and how they came to be. I opened it up to the inside jacket cover and read the sleeve. It said, “Among the earliest of the helicopter hopefuls were 19th century American greeting card printer Mortimer Nelson”. WOW! I got the sign. Soooooo myself, Dakota and Anna booked a flight to the grand canyon (yesterday) in a helicopter. It was a PERFECT day. Maverick Helicopters picked us up at 1:30pm on New Years day (what a way to start the year!!) and took us to the heliport. I sat in the front and asked a million questions of the pilot. As we lifted about 4 feet off the ground and just hovered, I think I caught the bug. After flying over the Nevada desert for about 45 minutes we flew through the grand canyon along the Colorado river. We then landed at the bottom of the canyon right on the ridge above the river. We were surrounded by red canyon walls. We watched the sun set. It was surreal and almost emotional for me. We then took off and after the sun set, we flew at eye level and experienced the lights of the Vegas strip from above. All of this because Marie gave me a book and I got the sign. So, I have decided to learn to fly a helicopter and I’m really really excited about it. I called Marie to thank her for helping me to get excited about adding a new dream to my list for the new year! :)
Here are a few things from my list for 2012:
a. Do a carbon fiber wrap on my Toyota FJ.
b. Visit Kiva onsite.
c. Go global (100 countries).
d. 2 million customers paying $9.80/mo.
e. Take the Williams train in AZ.
f. Schedule 3 “Equity Estates” trips.

3. Three SIMPLE qualities that I learned to model in order to attract thousands of people into the business – I received a call from a guy about a year ago and he said, “We have 250 mutual friends on Facebook, we need to meet”! We met for lunch at a little cafe at the Aria. It turns out he’s 30 years old and he’s one of the most well known people in all of Vegas. His name is Henry. We have hung out a few times with friends and he has introduced me to some of the most interesting people I have ever met. I was with a guy the other day that knows him and we were talking about how it is that Henry knows so many people. Everyone loves Henry! It came down to 3 things:
1. Henry is friendly to everyone (he sends out positive energy).
2. Henry makes you feel special and important (he sincerely compliments people he meets).
3. Henry is enthusiastic (he loves life and it shows).
These are three very simply things that he does all the time AND the result is, Henry is one of the most well networked, well liked people in all of Vegas! These are qualities that any one of us can learn to use in our daily lives to expand our network.
4. A proactive, dream enhancing, technique for expanding your life and meeting 10-40 quality potential distributors EACH WEEK! SHOP FOR YOUR DREAMS NOW! You’ll meet 10-40 people per week. Make a list of some things you want to buy/do in the next 18 months. Go shopping for them now. Get each person’s business card. Build rapport. Ask questions. Be inquisitive and learn in the process. Send each person a thank you card with a Starbucks card or brownies.

December 18, 2011

Mandy Allfrey
Mandy is a digital marketing professional, speaker, and blogger, having over 12 years of marketing experience in multiple industries. The founder and CEO of Social Media Architecture Company, The Buzz, of Salt Lake City, UT. Clients located across the United States, Canada, & the Caribbean. Mandy engages with corporations, clients, and groups teaching the value of social media and best structuring the best strategies for your business.

It’s like training for a Marathon . . .
Social media is about building relationships….people do business with people they know, like, and trust.

be yourself…there are plenty of people looking for what you do….use your unique personality and gifts to draw people in.
(Give Polaroid example)
HOW CAN SOMEONE INTEGRATE SOCIAL MEDIA WITH SENDOUTCARDS? Watch for birthdays- opportunities to send cards.
Watch conversations – opportunities to jump into a conversation.
Social media is not sales….it is building long term relationships / it is a marathon.
ARE THERE WAYS TO FIND OTHERS WITH SIMILAR INTERESTS AND THEN JOIN IN? Real time search options for specific topics- join the conversation.
NEXT WEEK IS CHRISTMAS (SUNDAY) SO WE WON’T BE HAVING A CALL . .. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas week! This is a special time of year. We celebrate life all year round. Most of the world get’s extra generous and kind around holiday time but I like to believe that we carry the spirit of the season with us every day of the week all year round. God Bless and if you are celebrating Christmas this week, Merry Christmas.

October 30, 2011

This call was Pre-Recorded Conf Call for Sunday the 30th of Oct. 2011:
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I volunteered to give up our Monday night conference call “slot” for Kody Bateman, the Founder and CEO, to run his weekly coaching and challenge call. In my last company I held a Sunday night training call for 10 years. The main reason we record the call is for those that can’t make it during it’s scheduled time. Well, as most of you know, I have been traveling quite a bit over the past few years. I like to get out to meet as many of you as possible at events around the country. I missed my first Treat ‘Em Right in years (Seattle) to be with my father and mother on my Dad’s 80th birthday. As it stands, I have been working to schedule my future travel around the Sunday night call time frame and it’s been a challenge. About half my calls over the next 8 weeks will be recorded (and the other half will be live). I would much prefer doing a “live” call, but I have run up against some scheduling roadblocks that are keeping me from doing them all live and in person. Thank you all for understanding.


There has never been a more important event in SendOutCards history. You will witness the unveiling of SendOutCards 2.0 and lots of training to take you through the year. These are life-changing announcements! Make your plans now to be in Salt Lake City on January 5th-7th at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Click this link for more details.

Yesterday I was made privy to an overview of some of the announcements and plans for 2012 that will blow your mind. This won’t just be another SOC training event. You’ll be part of history being made. Please make every effort to be there, if at all possible.


PUERTO RICO EVENT Oct 30: -Sunday (tomorrow) 3pm-6pm. $5 per person. I have a layover in Puerto Rico and will be popping in to speak for an hour. If you have contacts in Puerto Rico, send them out to the event!

Best Western Airport Hotel, in the Venus Meeting Room Second Floor, right next to the American Airlines terminal!!

For more info:


See the Events page on the corporate site for details.

TUCSON EVENT Dec 3rd: 11am-2pm (Special Guest: Jordan Adler, Eagle)


In 2008, Dawn Billings was selected as one of the nation’s 80 emerging women leaders by Oprah Magazine and The White House Project. Dawn is the CEO/Founder of The Heart Link Women’s Network®, an intimate and innovative women’s networking company dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs showcase their products and services with ease. The Heart Link Women’s Network has over 140 locations in the US, Canada and Australia. Dawn is dedicated to linking women to resources, new ideas, products and services and especially the hearts of one another. She believes that when women are linked they are sure to create a better, stronger, more supportive world.

Laura Wells is the President of The Heart Link Women’s Network and a marketing coach for entrepreneurs and small businesses. She lives in Dallas, Texas and has been married to her husband Jeremy for 17 years She has
 two children – Mason age 15 and Mekenna age 12. Laura is also a Manager in SendOutCards.

Let’s talk about the Heart Link Network, what it stands for and how it can help people . . .

Every woman in SOC must make it a priority to attend a Heart Link Networking event each month!! If there’s not a Heart Link Network event in her area, she should definitely LEAD a chapter. Consistent networking pays off. Attending networking events “every now and then” is counter-productive because it tells others that she’s a “taker” not a “giver. Consistency and following up with those that you meet are imperative to success in business as an entrepreneur. 
Leading a Heart Link Network chapter is a great way to “kick it up a notch” and really grow a business. Heart Link Network chapter leaders are a bit ahead of the game because they are initial point of contact. They are inviting women to attend the events, which means they are the first person that the attendee has a friendship with at the event. When relationships are created, business naturally follows. It’s organic growth which feels much more comfortable to women in business. It is so amazingly simple and fun to be able to call ANYONE to say “Hi Suzie, my name is Laura Wells and I serve our community by leading networking events for professional women. I discovered that you’re a Realtor (or whatever) in our city and I wanted to personally invite you to our event because we only have ONE available spot for a Realtor to attend and I would LOVE to introduce you to some great professional women that I think you’d really enjoy meeting. Our events are exclusive and invitation only – may I send you a personal invitation?” To women, that invitation is a million times easier than “soliciting” her business in a cold-call. Since it’s only $20 to attend, and no pressure, it’s a no-brainer for women. There’s professional women to meet, great food to eat, the opportunity to showcase her business for 3 full minutes, and the excitement of being included in an exclusive event…of course they want to attend! Consistent Heart Link Network “attendees” and Heart Link Network “chapter leaders” enjoy phenomenal perks like online advertising for her business, business coaching, and more.

How would you describe the difference between a great networker and an amateur?

Great networkers network with their hearts, they attend networking events to create new and fruitful relationships.
 Amateur networkers network with their heads, they attend wondering “What sale can I make tonight”?

Great networkers understand that networking and success are a journey to be savored and enjoyed. 
Amateur networkers think that success is a destination, a hunt for that next magic bullet, when there are no magic bullets. Great networkers are consistent with their marketing. They realize that consistency is the key to success with marketing. 
Amateur networkers are stop and go. Great networkers understand that people make buying decisions with their hearts, and communicate the real and personal benefits of their products and services effectively and easily.
Amateur networkers attempt to communicate facts that never touch another person’s heart, or motivate them to find out more.
 Great networkers rehearse and hone the craft of communication because they know that that 1 to 3 minutes is invaluable and they need to use every word wisely. 
Amateur networkers figure, I’ll wing it. It’s only 3 minutes.”

What is the difference between sales and networking?
Networking creates relationships. Relationships create sales.
How can someone use networking groups to grow a network marketing business?

Usually, it is difficult to grow your network marketing business through attending networking events because most networking events are comprised of business people doing business with other business people. 

What makes The Heart Link Women’s Network so valuable and unique is that every month, we honor “professional women” who are normally excluded from networking events. 

These professional women that we invite to be honored by business women in their communities are Nurses, Teachers, Volunteers, Women in the military, police officers, fire fighters, or spouses of these brave heroes. 

The honorees LOVE being recognized and appreciated because they receive very little of that, but while they are in attendance and having a wonderful time, they get to learn about business opportunities, and avenues of income that they might not know exist. 

These honorees are perfect potential business builders, who could be blessed by these business opportunities and would love the additional income and opportunity to make a difference these companies offer.

What is The Heart Link Women’s Network’s mission:

The mission of the Heart Link Women’s Network is to be the perfect tool to bring women together is a very intimate and positive environment that allows them the freedom to shamelessly self-promote the products and services they are passionate about, while having all eyes, ears and hearts in the room focused on them. Our mission is to create a huge warm market of women who respect, adore and support one another to succeed at living their dreams. If you haven’t heard of the Heart Link Network, it is time to find a place where women are changing the world for the better, together.

October 23, 2011

Hi Friend,
Here is an interesting concept that I have used ever since I can remember and that I have shared in my seminars for years. If you’re interested in setting a sizeable goal, I know it will help you too! 

I want to talk about Fantasy, Theory, Fact. The basis for this concept is that everything has its origination in the form of a fantasy, which some adventurous soul dares turn into a theory and then becomes bold enough to turn into a fact. This entire transition, of course, is the result of the highest form of no-limit, positive thinking available, yet, the cautious may construe this as erratic behavior. 

Give this serious thought for a moment. The idea of moon landings, communicating via a fax machine, traveling on supersonic jets or wearing synthetic garments was, a very short time ago, sheer fantasy. Today, they are almost considered commonplace. Why? How did these things come about?

This entire cosmos is filled with thought stuff – a creative form of energy. Imagination is one of our mental faculties and it is the one we use to fantasize. An active imagination is able to build clear and vivid images. The most important step in building your fantasy is that you not concern yourself with how your fantasy is going to become a reality. Where the resources will come from is of absolutely no concern to you. Let the image evolve freely in your mind. Build the picture in color … feel it, smell it, taste it, touch it … all through the aid of your imagination.
-Once you’ve built your fantasy, turning it into a theory calls for you to answer two questions: Are You Able? Are You Willing?

 You could very easily be thinking, “Yes, but…..” At this point, it’s important to remember that you are stepping out of your comfort zone and attempting to go beyond the limits that your old belief system dictate. Whenever that happens, doubt, immediately followed by fear, enters the picture. To be able to answer this question in the affirmative–“Yes, I am definitely able,” does not mean that you have to know how it will ha
ppen. There is no way that you could know how it will happen, you have never done it before, it’s a brand new experience. The Wright Brothers didn’t know how to fly when they fantasized themselves doing it! They just believed they could.
The second question: Are you willing? Are you willing to pay the price? Are you willing to make the sacrifices that will be required to turn your dream into a reality? And you know that there will be sacrifices. My mentor, Val Van De Wall shared with me that most people think sacrifice is giving up something. That’s not true. Sacrifice is merely releasing something of a lower nature to make room for something of a higher nature.

The minute you answer–“Yes, I am able!” and “Yes, I am willing!” … your fantasy moves to the next phase of creation and becomes a theory in your consciousness and, at this point, it turns into a goal.
- The process of turning your fantasy to fact is ready to move into the final stage, fact. From this point on, it becomes a lawful process. As you turn the image over to your universal subconscious mind by getting emotionally involved with the image, the laws of the universe kick into gear and begin to turn that image into physical form. The law of perpetual transmutation takes that image and begins to move it into form with and through you. Your vibration starts to change and that causes your behavior to change. Your new vibration sets up an attractive force and begins to attract to you all things requisite to the fulfillment of the picture, through the harmonious vibration of the law of attraction. Although you have no way of knowing exactly how it will move into form, faith and your understanding of the laws will create a knowing within you that it must move into form.

This is the very process that has taken us out of the cave and into the condominium. Let your mind play. Fantasize a much better form of life than you presently enjoy.

To your success, 
Bob Proctor


The thing that differentiates the companies that thrive during chaotic economic times is; some become victims and others become creators. We each run our own company (and you must view it that way if you are to succeed). YOUR BUSINESS IS YOUR COMPANY! You can wait and see what happens based on the economy, the market, an announcement, Kody’s decisions, what others do, how much others are making, etc OR you can create your destiny through the actions you take and the stories you tell. Great companies that thrive in todays marketplace are not sitting around waiting to see what happens.

They are creating their destiny and defying the odds. They are attracting the right people in droves. They are not at the mercy of what happens. They actually determine what happens. You ultimately determine what happens with your business.

Each of you are in a different phase (fantasy, theory, fact) in your business. I’m in the “fact” phase of a business with 60,000 distributors producing $2 million per year and I’m in the “theory” phase of a business with 600,000 distributors producing $10 million in income per year.
Again, we create our future. It’s not a lottery. We don’t wait to see what happens. We create it!


1. We have a marketplace that is hungry for opportunity.
2. We have a product that fills a HUGE void in the marketplace.
3. We have a comp plan that has created countless millionaires over the past 20 years.
4. We have a creative, forward thinking and resilient management team.
5. We have a stability in an unstable marketplace.
6. We have little to no competition.
7. We have an untapped marketplace for millions of distributors and customers.

Here is the formula for creating your future:

1. Expand your circle of influence (grow your “list” each day, use your SendOutCards contact manager and system to build your contact base, create, maintain and enhance your relationships.
2. Let everyone you know, know what you do. (Set appointments and use the new videos to show others the sendoutcards system and opportunity).
3. Stay in touch with everyone. (Send at least 1 to 3 cards to each person each year). Update everyone that has shown an interest with any company updates that have come out (videos, comp plan enhancements, product enhancements, etc). Personal calls are always best. Email and FB are probably the least effective form of communicating new info.
4. Make sure each person that you know sends at least one free card on the system. If they sign up with you, make sure you have at least shown them how to send their first 1 or 2 cards.
5. Always look forward and not back. Your future always lies with the next NEW person you help to get started for you or for someone else. Always say to yourself, “Who’s next”?
6. When someone expresses interest but is not getting started, usually it’s because they don’t see the value or they don’t believe they can do it. It RARELY is a money issue (even though they may tell you that). Once they believe that THEY can make money, they will find the money to get going. So it’s YOUR JOB to do a better job of explaining to them what they get. (Pull out a notepad, “I want to go over some things with you!”). Or, you may need to answer the question for them “Can I do it”? Testimonials are good for this (Beach Money, www.my3and10, your upline on a 3 way call, etc).
7. You are responsible for your income until someone else takes it over.


September 13, 2011

Imagine we are sitting down together. We’re outside sitting at a table on a pool deck overlooking the ocean. We’re just talking. The sun is setting and there is nice light warm breeze coming in off the water. You are sipping your favorite drink and were just having a chat about the business. You have questions:

Here’s your situation: you find that there are many days that you just aren’t motivated to work your business. You want a better lifestyle because you are constantly behind the eight ball financially and you’re tired of the treadmill. You find that most people around you are broke and your business is not going fast enough. You’ve read the books and listened to the CD’s. You’ve been to the seminars and not much is happening in your business. There are many days that you doubt and question yourself. You wonder if it will ever really happen for you. Although intellectually you know that everyone has their challenges, it seems that your circumstances constantly keep you from putting in the time necessary to get good results in your business. The few people that you have talked to are pretty negative about the business and the people that you have sponsored aren’t doing anything.

a. You are not alone, everyone experiences the doubt.

b. Let’s talk about the numbers (1 in 20-30).

c. You probably already know your runners (you just don’t know that you know them) or at least those that will lead you to them.

1. Are you meeting enough people? Usually I have found when I’m getting down about my business it’s because my “resource” feels like it’s running low. People are my resource. People fuel my business. When I have people to meet with I’m excited and moving forward. When I don’t know who to call, I feel at a loss. Also, it’s easier to call people when you have LOTS of people to call.

Where are you meeting people each day and how can you put yourself in a situation that will allow you to meet more people?

I once had someone say to me, “Is this one of those businesses where you have to meet people and get customers?”. I don’t know of one single business (not one!) that you don’t need to meet people and get customers. That’s the nature of business. At the Treat’EmRight seminar this weekend Kody talked about someone that said to him, “I don’t believe in making money off of other people”. These attitudes are a formula for failure. People make money off of us and we make money off of others. That’s basic economics! If you have a business, you will make money off of others and they will get great value from spending their money with you or they won’t keep spending money!
Years ago I adopted the habit of collecting business cards from people and staying in touch with them. I still do that today. SendOutCards gives me the best tool for staying connected with people and igniting a relationship with them.
Make sure you are in a situation that allows you to meet at least 10 people per week.
I believe that most of the time your level of excitement will be directly proportionate with the number of people you believe you have to talk to each week about our business
This is an EASY problem to solve.

2. Are you sending out enough PERSONAL HEARTFELT CARDS each day? I had Dave Smith pull up my card count from the past 30 days and put it up on the big screen in Toronto. I had sent out 285 cards in the past 30 days. That’s almost 10 per day. I spend one hour a day sending 10 or so PERSONAL cards each day. I send out positive and I get back positive. It also keeps my mind focused on the positive because I too find myself going south quite a lot living in a pretty negative world. I sent out 8 personal thank you cards yesterday.
Give yourself a minimum of 15 to 30 min a day to send out your cards and start acting on promptings.
When someone comes to mind, they need to get a card from you. Your “slow down” or lack of activity could be caused by not sending enough personal cards. PUT YOUR HEART INTO YOUR CARDS.

3. Are you doing productive activities each day? You’ll notice that my calls are usually short lists of things to do. Lists make it easy to sort through the noise of our daily lives. Lists simplify. Lists help you prioritize. This ONE IDEA can revolutionize your business. This one idea can mean the difference between making $50 a month and $50,000 a month. AND IT TAKES ONLY 5 MINUTES TO DO! Let me give you an example. Here’s a simple list of 3 things that will focus you on productive actives and get you pointed in the right direction.

1. Write down 3 things that you want to do/have in the next 90 days.
2. Make a list of 100 people (use the memory jogger).
3. Start at that top of the list and call each one, have them watch the first 3 minute video by
going to ID#.

Do this and you’ll have your “Q” and you’ll be well on your way to success in the business.

This is just a short list of 3 things to do getting started. It took me less than 5 minutes to make this list.
It gets someone FOCUSED on productive activities. It’s easy to follow, easy to understand and easy to do RIGHT NOW. It cuts out all the outside noise. It’s also easy to communicate to others.

You’ll notice that #1 is also a short list “Write down 3 things you want to do/have in the next 90 days”.


1. Take my daughter to Disneyland.
2. Organize my closet.
3. Run 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

By focusing on just these 3 things, life becomes so much simpler AND you get measurable

Here are a few examples of short lists you could make that could dramatically improve your results.

1. Meet 3 people today (1. ___________ 2. ___________ 3. ____________).
2. Show the video to 3 people today.
3. Follow up with three people today.
4. Send 5 PERSONAL cards today.

1. Sign up 1 customer today.
2. Show the 3 minute bridge video (the envelope icon)
to 5 of my customers today.
3. Text 10 of my friends today just to say “hi”.

1. Run 20 minutes today.
2. Focus on personally connecting with at least 2 people today.
3. Spend 1 hour of 100% focused quality time with my kids today.

1. Meet and get 3 business cards today.
2. Find and join a mom’s group today.
3. Schedule a meeting today with my reps and guests for next week.

I recommend making lists of 10 things that can quickly produce measurable results and then simply prioritize them. Do the first 3-4 things on the list and then do it again tomorrow and then the next day. Within 90 days, you’ll be blown away as to how much you will have accomplished and how easy it was.

August 8, 2011

TONIGHT – A part-time focus creates a full time income; “Lessons I learned on my path to $100K per month”.

Remember, numbers are just numbers. I have a saying, “The mountain doesn’t care”. When flying a hang glider, as long as you follow the rules, you’ll have an amazing, safe and uneventful flight. If you break the rules, you’ll crash and get seriously injured or possibly die. The mountain doesn’t care! Be true to the fundamentals of safe flight and you’ll enjoy the rewards. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how tall you are, how much hair you have (or don’t have) or how big your bank account is. If you break the rules and you crash, the mountain doesn’t care.

In our business, there is an address attached to your ID#. Each month, a snapshot is taken of your organization and purchases made within it. The computer calculates your check and spits it out. The machine then stuffs it in a envelope and mails it to the address in the company computer. It doesn’t care how old you are, how smart you are, whether you are male or female, black or white, skinny or tall. It doesn’t even matter if you have a college degree. Here’s the bottom line; the computer doesn’t care. Do you want to add a zero to your check? Then expand your organization and your customer base until the calculation equals the check you want. There is no scarcity of potential customers or business builders. Isn’t that liberating? The computer does not care!

Here are a few things I have heard from distributors in the field:

1). You have to get in early to make a lot of money! DEATH SENTENCE!
2). Jordan is an “enigma” -no one will ever do it again like he did! DEATH SENTENCE!

The minute you buy in to these two statements, you are done. You have no chance.
Imagine if you were the one to say, Roger Banister was an “enigma”. No one else will ever run the 4 minute mile. DEATH SENTENCE. You don’t have a chance.

“Roger Bannister’s impact on America—and the world—was immediate. The young Englishman changed the perception of human limitations when he broke a seemingly insurmountable barrier: the sub-four-minute mile. The Oxford University medical student used intense interval training, an innovative distance running and sprint technique, to fine-tune his speed. On May 6, 1954, at the British Amateur Athletic Association in Oxford, Bannister brought in a time of 3:59.4, hailed around the world as the “miracle mile.” Bannister’s performance and new record captured the imagination of people around the world—especially Americans. “The Running Doctor” was the first international sports star celebrated in this country for his heroic accomplishments. He was Sports Illustrated’s first Sportsman of the Year in 1955. A psychological barrier was shattered. What once was impossible became standard.
Six weeks after Bannister’s record breaking race, Australian John Landy set a new record of 3:57.9
To date over 1000 people have run the 4 minute mile”.
Taken from- The Four-Minute Mile 50th anniversary edition
Bannister, Roger
Guilford, Connecticut: Lyons Press

The reason so few do it is:

1). Most people see it as a lottery. Making a lot of money in Network Marketing is not a lottery. It’s not like one day lightening will strike and you’ll be rich. You must create your success by who you become. Think of it this way, below the head we are all worth minimum wage. Our brain is the most elaborate computer ever created. But it must be fine tuned. It’s not just what we know. In fact what we know and what we learn is really a very small part of whether we make it big or not. Our brain sends out energy and how we energetically connect with others has lots to do with how we attract others. So whether your business is going up or down, or whether it’s flat has to do with whether you have chosen to CREATE your future or whether you are waiting for lightening to strike.

Let’s say you bought a beautiful sports car. You spent $100,000 on that car. Are you going to baby it or abuse it. You would put the finest fuel in it and make sure that it stays finely tuned. You would probably give it more attention than most people do their brains. We abuse our brains with the garbage we expose it to; the news, the tv, etc. We need to baby our mind the same way we would baby a sports car. Your brain is way more valuable than any sports car you will ever own.

2). Most people don’t believe it’s possible. Let me explain. Let’s survey 1000 people. How many people believe $100,000/mo is even possible? Probably 1% or 10. Of the 10, how many believe it’s possible for them?? Probably 1. So one out of 1000 believe $100,000/mo is possible for them. This is why so few ever do it. Most people are done before even starting! This is big stuff. Whatever level you want to get to, the first step is programming your mind to believe it’s possible for you. Until that happens, you have a death sentence in the business. Your mind will not be conditioned for this kind of success by watching TV or reading the paper. You will need to hear from others that have done it so you can believe it’s possible for you.

If you went up to Beyonce and said that you have an opportunity that she could work part time and make $100,000 a month, what would she say? She would laugh in your face. $100,000 per month would not even pay the expenses on her home. She probably has $100,000 in change sitting on her dresser! Yet if you went up to someone at your job and said you have a way to make $100,000 a month, they would laugh in your face and say, “That sounds too good to be true!!” Now you would never do that because it really is obnoxious and illegal, but you get the point. It’s all relative. In professional sports and entertainment, the top people make millions per year. And there are hundreds of thousands of people that financially struggle in those professions.
In the job world, most people make under $50,000 per year and they are chained to a cubicle. In our profession, the top people earn $100,000-$1 million per month and everyone enters in with the same opportunity. But that’s all it is, an opportunity.

When I started in network marketing, I couldn’t afford a bed for 2 years. I slept in the corner of my roommate’s condo with a blanket and a pillow. He helped me finance my first bed! It was a waterbed with a trellis and padded rails!! And I was offered an opportunity in network marketing, 21 years later at the age of 48, I was making well over $100,000 a month and had already made over $10 million in network marketing.


1. THE BIG MONEY IS IN THE SMALL MONEY: Network Marketing is designed as a part-time business. Most people are in the best position to work the business part time in the beginning. As their part time income grows, at some point it just makes sense to transition into a full time business. But most people are not in a position from a time or money standpoint to start full time. And there are many more people that can look at a part time business than a full time business. If you promise full time income to someone and then 6 months down the road they are making $500 a month, they will be let down. But if you promise a little part time income for a while, that extra $500 a month can make a huge difference! IF YOU WANT A LARGE INCOME IN NETWORK MARKETING, HELP LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE CREATE A PART TIME INCOME. $500 a month will drastically change someone’s life for the better.

2. YOU MUST CREATE OR PLUG IN TO THE CULTURE OF YOUR ORGANIZATION OR COMPANY – Apple has a culture, we all know what it is, and it’s hard to describe. If you want to buck the establishment and take total control of your life, you are probably attracted to Apple. Harley Davidson has a culture. You are a free spirt and you love the open road, you’re an American, you are probably a Harley guy or girl. Certain people find them and are attracted to them because they have a well defined culture. We attract people based on our culture. Who we attract is based on the culture we have created. For example, we have a culture of giving, a culture of fun and a culture of working together. Kody has created a culture of reaching out in kindness and acknowledging people for who they are. As a result, we tend to attract people that share the same values. Those that are all about the money and not about the values will tend to either change or go away. So one thing I see consistent among those that earn a lot of money, is that they are really clear about who they are and who they want to attract.

3. YOU MUST RAISE YOUR TOLERANCE THRESHOLD – Most people have a very low tolerance threshold. Most people sign up and expect everyone to be just excited as they are. For most people, the bar is so low and their dreams are so small, that the littlest thing will knock them out of the business. I know because this is what I did for my first 11 companies. I had a very very low tolerance threshold. The littlest thing would cause me to quit. A $100,000 month earner (before they have made their first penny) has a very high tolerance threshold. They are going to the top no matter what anyone else says or does. It’s easy to commit at this level until your first major setback. If you are 100% aligned with the culture of the company, you believe in the mission AND you are committed to seeing the job through, there is nothing that will cause you to quit. Jeff Roberti stuck around his company back in the early 90’s even after ALL his leaders left him in a major transition. The result is he rebounded and went on to make over $70 million with his company! He has a very high tolerance threshold and he was committed to seeing the job through. You and your founder are in partnership with each other. If he/she doesn’t quit on you, why would you ever quit on him/her?

4. BUSINESS CARDS WERE MY KEY TO MEETING THE RIGHT PEOPLE – Do you know why people have business cards printed? Because they want to give them to YOU! Millions are printed each day. Why would anyone ever print a card and not want to give it to you? I just chose to put myself in front of people that had business cards and then ask them for their card. Now I was off to the races. I did this for many years and with some advice from Harvey MacKay (I read it in his books). I did my best to stay in touch with them, be of value to them, and get to know them. I did this for many years and built solid relationships with many, many people. I also read and listened to CD’s to become a more valuable resource to others. I did this consistently for years.

I found that the most successful entrepreneurs in business and in our profession are masterful at meeting new people and staying in touch. I just happened to do it through grabbing business cards from people that wanted to give them to me.

5. THE PARADOX: The thing that gets you into the business will not give you the success you are looking for. What brings most people into the business is a desire for personal gain. That personal desire can keep you around for the long haul, but your success will be born out of your attention to giving to others and helping others to achieve their own personal success. As Zig Ziglar would say, “You can have anything in life you want if you help enough others get what they want”.

6. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE NETWORKING – This is a good and a bad example:
You are 14 years old and you have never held a cigarette. A friend hands you a free
sample of a cigarette and shows you how to smoke it. You don’t really like it all that much but you smoke it because everyone else is. A week later, that same friend gives you another one. And so just to fit in, you smoke it. The next day, you are out at the mall and a group of friends are all standing around smoking cigarettes and you ask another friend if you could grab one from them. He hands you a smoke and you smoke that one. The first three cigarettes were free and now you are hooked. You are starting to like it not so much for how it tastes or how it makes you feel, but it’s a social thing. It’s what you do when you are with your friends. So then you start buying your own packs and for the next 40 years until you die of cancer you are a smoker spending $5 a day or $100-$150 a month on cigarettes. Some of your friends died. Some of them quit years ago. Some of them only purchase and smoke one pack a month. But you smoke an average of one a day and therefore you are spending $100-$150 per month on cigarettes.

This is EXACTLY what we do with something POSITIVE AND HEALTHY. We give it away as a gift and show someone how to use it. We do it again and again and eventually, they want to do it on their own. Just like smoking, some will keep doing it over and lifetime and others will quit. But you will know that by sharing this gift with others you are doing good in the world and bringing joy and appreciation to others through your act of giving something away. Help enough other people get hooked and your checks too can be over $100K per month.

July 18, 2011- Are you Positioned? THE MONEY CALL – Are you positioned?

First of all I have a 2 messages for you:

1. BE VERY SELECTIVE AS TO WHAT YOU SIGN UP FOR AND PROMOTE ON YOUR TEAM – It’s important to understand that your email address and phone number are for sale! Do you want people from other companies calling and emailing your downline to get them into other things? This can, at the very least distract a team and get them seriously side-tracked. Your job is to keep your business simple and be sure that your team has as little distraction as possible. When you sign up for other sites and systems offered by the “gurus” on the internet, you have set off a chain of events that can ultimately kill the growth of your group. I find that my group grows quicker when they focus on the fundamentals of networking. I met with the #1 earner of another network marketing company recently and he was expressing concern because his team was somewhat distracted over another deal that was being pitched within his organization. Their rationale was that it was a “complementary” product. On the surface, to a novice, this doesn’t seem like a problem however it’s a BIG problem. It’s a cancer within a group and it will eat away at a group from the inside out. First of all, email addresses are being collected and then often times sold to network marketers in other companies. Sometimes they get sold over and over again. Now they don’t all do this, but if you don’t know them well and trust them implicitly, you are playing with fire.


You’ll learn that in network marketing, the businesses that keep things simple grow exponentially. You will never see top earners in companies going off and promoting websites, lead generators and special tools outside of their own companies. Why? Because it’s destructive and counterproductive.

Donna Johnson, Ken Dunn, Sarah Robbins, Randy Gage, etc all use the tools and resources made available through their companies. They have all made millions in their respective companies and they are clear that you don’t need a bunch of outside stuff to be successful. In fact usually those that I want to go over a story that I’ve told many times because it drives home the importance of this message. (Steve Smith Story)

There is a wave of growth coming that you’ll want to be prepared for. How do I know this wave is coming? Because ALL the fundamentals are in place and there is an excitement percolating like never before. It’s the perfect storm. We have a unique and special product. We have a superb leadership team. We have a mission that is bigger than any of us. And we have the environment is ripe for explosive growth. There is way less competition in a tough economy AND more people are hurting and looking today than in our entire lifetimes!

So when all of this is perfectly in place, why oh why would anyone quit?? Because in reality, people quit things! People quit little league. People quit, boy scouts. People quit college. People quit diets. People quit the gym. And people quit network marketing.

People quit just about everything. Everyone wants a better life and is looking for financial freedom and yet many keep quitting long before they even have chance!

There are a couple of reasons why people quit:

1. They stop believing in the opportunity

2. They stop believing that they can do it

3. They get lazy

I received a text from an old friend in SOC that told me after a few years that he doesn’t think he has what it takes to build the business. He’s had some success but it’s not going fast enough.

It was clear that one of the 3 things mentioned above was the problem. I have never seen anyone attract or build a large team with hesitancy and doubt. What would happen to SOC if you saw Kody hesitate or begin to doubt. An unsure leader will attract no one!

Imagine what would happen…

There is a lot of blaming that goes on when one decides not to continue to build. There is always a good reason to quit. And I hear them all! A guy walked up to me at the Tony Robbins event I attended this weekend and was telling me all the reasons why SendOutCards won’t work for him. As I listened, I realized that all the reasons why it wouldn’t work for him were the same reasons that it did work for me!!

“I don’t have the time!” (YEP, THAT’S WHY I DO IT!

“I don’t know very many people!” (PERFECT, THAT’S WHY I HAVE SENDOUTCARDS AND I NETWORK)


And I realized that we had completely opposite beliefs about the opportunities out there and what I believed was possible.

Here are a couple of examples. Some people go into a networking event and because they see that half the group is already using SendOutCards, they believe it’s saturated. I see that half the group is not in SendOutCards and believe I can go in and over time sponsor or sign up all of them. I also see that each one of those people is connected to at least 250 others in which most have never heard of us!

If there are 20 people in the group, I can potentially connect with 5000 new potential people that have never heard of SOC!

So, one belief leads to quitting the group and the other belief leads to signing up many people!

Here’s another example:

Some people will sponsor 10 people and then quit because no one is doing anything. They begin to believe that no one will ever go to work, so they lose their motivation. They deduct that if they have sponsored 10 people that are doing little to nothing, that means no one will ever do anything-it’s not worth it and they quit!

What I see and believe is that there are people out there that are connected and can build a group of thousands. I just need to find them. As long as I don’t quit and I keep sharing my business with others, I will find them and guess what?? I do find them because I keep looking. I have found that normally I must consistently sponsor a few people a month and about every 10 months I sign up someone that puts thousands or tens of thousands of distributors into my team.

So someone’s beliefs can cause them to take massive action and other beliefs can cause them to quit. What’s interesting, is it’s sometimes the EXACT SAME BELIEF that causes one to grow quickly and another to fall flat!

Here’s a few more examples:

Some people believe that when a company gets to certain point, it’s over. Other people believe that the sign of a great company is one that is resourceful enough to bust through any barriers to the next level of success.

Some people believe that a plateau is a sign of weakness and others believe that a plateau is a natural part of the lifecycle of a company and a company that grows through multiple plateau’s over time will be much stronger and resilient.

Some people believe that to be successful you must find network marketers that have had success in other companies and bring them over. Others believe that the biggest leaders will come from those that have never done network marketing.

Some people believe that you have to get in early to have success. Other people believe that those that get in early usually don’t make it because the company is usually not around to pay their paychecks after their first or second major challenge (which all companies have)!

Some people believe it’s a lottery. Others believe that you control your own destiny by what you put into it, the products that move through your organization and the size of your team..

Do you see how one’s beliefs will ultimately shape their outcome?

So I want to answer 2 questions for you:

1. Where did the top earners ($100,000/mo) get their beliefs?

2. How can I (you) get those same beliefs (beliefs that will empower you to take action and get great results)?

Our beliefs come from many different areas in our lives including our friends, family, peers, the media, etc. The stories we make up about our beliefs play a big part in whether they empower us or shut us down. (You’ve heard Kody’s quote, “The stories in your mind become the stories of your life!”) My personal experience was such that I aligned myself with top earners in network marketing.

I read many books and listened to many audios put together by top earners. I began to adopt their beliefs and especially their “view of life”. I began to identify with them and see things through their eyes.

I can identify many books, audios and events that shaped my thinking around this. In fact, my beliefs today are perfectly aligned with that of a top earner and therefore I continually take top earner action and get top earner results.

I can remember in 1994 when I had a fairly small organization in my last company going to an event in Scottsdale put on by the author of “The Greatest Networker in the World” and meeting 10 or so top earners from many different companies. This was a life changer for me. I got immersed in the culture of network marketing and 2 very, very small shifts resulted in me having MASSIVE success.

There are 2 things I’m going to strongly recommend that I believe will make the difference for you:

1. Come to the convention in Las Vegas. You’ll get to experience what our top earners believe and the meanings they place on those beliefs. You can spend time with them, ask them questions and really get into their heads. You’ll get immersed in the culture of our company.

2. Order the GREATEST NETWORKERS IN THE WORLD audio download off of This is 21 hours of uncut interviews with 21 of the top networkers in the world. These people ALL make over $1 million per year in network marketing. We set this up so that commissions are paid on the purchase of these. This is LIFE CHANGING content that will blow you away. Your views will shift and major changes will occur in your business. It’s $98.00 for all 21 hours and again, commissions are paid to you and your organization when these are purchased.

You must have the ability to play MP3’s on your computer to download these and you can put them on your iPod or iPhone as well.

These are UNCUT and company names are mentioned in the audios. They are not perfect production because the interviews were done over the phone but they are compelling and life-changing.

When I was a hang-glider pilot, and running all over the country running off mountains, I learned that much like steering a car, a very small 1/8″ shift pressure on the downtube could mean I was either sinking rapidly or gaining altitude. Let me explain. There is a triangular frame that you are hanging in from at the center of the glider. A strap is connected to your harness and the glider above you. You place your hand lightly on the tube that extends across underneath you. There is no need to have a tight grip because you are simply hanging from the bottom of the glider. The tube below you is simply for shifting your weight. If you lightly pull the bar in, it shifts your weight forward and the glider tends to go nose down and increase speed. If you push out on the bar, it shifts your weight back and slows the glider down. That small shift of less than 1/8″ can result in a disastrous stall or a spectacular flight!

Tony Robbins said many times in his event that the difference between success and failure in business is usually 2 millimeters. He gave example after example of how the little things can have huge impact.

It will be a “thin thread” that will determine how well you do with us. A very small shift will be the game maker. You are capable of creating a true legacy with us that will last for years. I believe that you will find that shift at the convention and on the Greatest Networker Audio interviews. Most likely the ground won’t move, but you will find something that will represent the 1/8″ shift that can cause you to soar to great heights.

Here are a few of things I have learned along the way:

1. Most top earners have quit over and over again but long before they were successful. Once they committed to breaking through their personal challenges with ONE COMPANY and learning the lessons, their incomes sky-rocketed.

2. All top earners found more joy in the cause than in the income. That’s why they have the income.

3. All top earners know that it’s their network that will determine how well they do and not their products or their company.

If it were the products, compensation plan or the company that determined one’s success, then everyone would be successful.

It’s about leadership.

4. The top earners all found power in their challenges. Most were not overnight successes. They continue to learn and break-through their challenges. This is what GROWTH is all about.

5. Virtually, all top earners have learned to love people, have fun and be grateful for life.

6. Most top earners were not overnight successes. They made no money or a little bit of money for a long time and then they broke through to become a top producer.

7. None of the top earners got there by quitting. Jeff Roberti started over about 23 years ago when his company completely changed product classes. Virtually all of his leaders quit. He stayed around an ultimately made over $70 million with his company

Get to convention – I’ll see you in Vegas and please order the 21 Greatest Networker interviews (download) off :)

Have a great week! See ya on the Beach!


July 11, 2011- Money or Meaning


Money is meaningless until we give it value. It’s how we feel about money and what we do with it that establishes it’s meaning. It’s paper and ink. We created money for our own use. Money is simply an agreement of exchange. Our greeting cards are also paper and ink. It’s the words and photos we put on to the cards that ultimately determine their meaning. Likewise, money is simply a mechanism that represents an exchange of value. We give money meaning by how we see it and what we do with it. Similarly, we give our greeting cards meaning by how we see them and what we do with them.

Kody’s vision for Sendoutcards is to help millions of people act on their promptings and to provide a vehicle for financial freedom. Because there is such a focus on money in our society, its really easy for this equation to get out of balance. Right now there is an inordinate amount of tension and anxiety around money. Whenever this happens people become desperate and they begin to compromise their values in the pursuit of money. Whenever money in an of itself becomes the goal, things get out of whack.

We tend to forget our core values and why we are doing what we are doing. We cut corners and will sometimes do things that are in our own best interest at the expense of others. We are easily taken advantage of because we are desperately looking for a solution. We become self consumed and fearful.

You were attracted to SendOutCards for a specific reason. Most likely you resonated with who we are as a company. You liked the mission of SendOutCards. You are the type of person that believes in being kind and generous to others. Kody has a clear vision about who we are and that’s what you were attracted to us. Your spirit was in perfect alignment with our purpose in the world. As long as you continue to tap into this, HOW to build the business should never be a question for you. By joining sendoutcards and sending cards, you are simply doing what you would do anyway as a kind and generous person. Now you have a mechanism to do it more effectively. There will be certain individuals that will not resonate long term with who we are. Maybe they saw dollar signs but their true nature was inconsistent with treating people right or maybe they are so out of alignment that money is their only focus.

I like money and I have a story about money that I believe serves a higher cause. But understand that I created this meaning about money based on my beliefs about it.

I believe money is like water. it needs to flow just like water to prevent from getting stagnant. Money is not to be hoarded. I believe when money is used for good, it will multiply. I believe it needs to keep moving to multiply and do good, just like water. I also believe that money is the result of creating value in the world. I do not believe that money should be the goal. When money becomes the goal, it can corrupt the soul’s purpose. We are guided to our higher purpose as long as we don’t allow greed to creep in. I believe that when we have something that can serve the higher good and we are in perfect alignment with it, we will want to share it with others. Not just to make money but because it’s the right thing to do and we want to share what we love! When you love something, don’t you want to share it with those you care about?

It just so happens that we have a compensation plan attached to our mechanism for sending out positive into the world and that compensation plan can pay us quite well as more and more people become involved.

I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how I built my business. I was attracted to Kody’s company vision and mission. I was ALREADY someone who believed in expressing gratitude and appreciation. I was also someone who deeply believed that the “Beach Money” way was a better way. In other words, the idea of working for “the man” was not for me. I know that there are millions of others that, once exposed to network marketing will see an exciting alternative to working 40 hours a week for 40 years to retire at 40% of their annual pay (if they are one of the lucky ones!!)

So I was already in alignment with who we are as a company. I suspect that the reason you are here is because you are most likely in alignment with Kody’s vision and mission as well. You can see that by acting on promptings and reaching out in kindness not only will you become a better person, but you will make the world a better place. Again, there are some people that joined us that ended up in the wrong place. They are out of sync with who we are. They may have joined for the wrong reasons. Because we are not a good fit for them, they may end up somewhere else.

I happen to believe that rather than changing who we are to attract others, we need to be who we are and continue to attract those the resonate with Kody’s and our vision.

Now it’s important to remember that if you came here for the reason that I’m describing, you should not have to go out to do SendOutCards. SendOutCards is who you are. I don’t mean that SendOutCards (the company) is who you are. I mean that SendOutCards (the mission) is who you are. You were already about who SendOutCards is, prior to coming on board. SendOutCards isn’t something that you do or something that you quit. It’s something that you already are. You are simply using the mechanism that Kody put together to continue to do what you already do. Now you can do it even better. You are already about acknowledging others, expressing appreciation and celebrating lives.

And you also are not the stingy type. You are not the type to keep something that you love a secret. You’re the type that likes to share those things that are important to you, with others. You also realize that we may not resonate with everyone. We don’t need to change our message to get others to like us. We already have an appealing message when we share it with the right people. And it will not be appealing to the wrong person. We understand that when someone is not interested, it means we are probably talking to someone that is either not ready to hear it or is not in alignment with who we are.

Now let’s go back and talk about money. I started to share with you how I built my business. Once again, I was in perfect alignment with Kody’s vision and mission when I joined SendOutCards. It was 100% crystal clear for me. And it was probably 100% crystal clear for you too. That’s why you are here. That’s why you are on this call. If you ever question whether you are in the right place, go back and read “Promptings” by Kody Bateman and “Appreciation Marketing” by Tommy Wyatt and Curtis Lewsey.

I simply began to share a way to do what I already loved to do, in a better way. I made a list, made calls and set up appointments to show others what I was so excited about. This is what I continue to do today. I believe there are MILLIONS of people that are in perfect alignment with who we are. They will be attracted to us like a super powered magnet as long as we don’t forget why and how we got here. Do you see that HOW to build the business becomes a non-issue when you stay in alignment with why are are doing it? Why you are doing it is the reason you were attracted to SendOutCards in the first place. it’s because you are doing what you were already doing. Now doing it more effectively because you have the mechanism called SendOutCards!

If we shift our energy to something that is inconsistent with who we are as an attempt to persuade, entice or coerce someone to join us, then a couple of things will happen:

1. We will attract people that aren’t in alignment with our overall mission.

2. We will attract people that will sign up and then leave just as quickly.

3. We will attract people that will cut corners and try and scam the system just to

make money.

So although when I joined SendOutCards, I was going through $20,000/mo in savings each month, AND I was under tremendous financial stress, I didn’t initially see SendOutCards as a way to make money. I saw it as a way to be who I already was. A kind person that believed in acknowledging others for their greatness. As I shared this idea with people, I started to sponsor some others that saw it exactly the same way as I saw it.

I can remember a guy from Prescott that got mad at me for sending him cards. I had sent him 3 cards and he was in the printing business. I think he saw us as a threat to his business (although our business was completely different than his). Mostly, he was just a miserable guy and was completely out of sync with who we are.

I also have a very close friend from the Bay area in California that publicly declared for years that she hates people. And she would prove that in many of her interactions with others. We are just not a good fit for her (although it could probably do her good to force herself to send out some cards with some kind words in them).

Our message was very clear and the team grew very very fast. And guess what else?? Everyone’s checks began to grow! We were attracting the people that this was the right thing to be doing.

Going back to our current economic state of affairs; many people are in financial crisis right now. There is massive desperation. Again, this causes people to forget their core values and turn their focus inward for survival. It’s much like the human body after a severe accident and a high loss of blood. The body goes into shock and the blood turns inward to the organs as a survival mechanism. It’s designed to keep the organs functioning but in the process, the blood leaves the brain. This is what happens when we experience financial shock as well. Our attention goes inward for survival. We tend to forget our core purpose and everything becomes about money. It’s not a very fun or fulfilling place to be. The ones that come out on top are the ones that can stay tapped into their core purpose and continue to be consistent with who they are regardless of how stressful the money issues become.

If you find yourself in that spot, ask yourself, are you being driven by love (outward) or fear (inward)?

After the demise of my last company in 2004, I watched thousands of financially desperate people being driven by fear and making outrageously greedy and selfish decisions. These decisions would hurt others at the expense of making money. I had to resist the temptation to get sucked in to the same pattern as all the others. I refused to be motivated by fear. The result was finding SendOutCards and following an unconventional path. Everyone said I was crazy but I followed my heart. It was the right decision.

Money is a result, not a destination. As we attract others that share a common vision and mission, our checks will go up BECAUSE we have a compensation plan is attached to our mission. We share SendOutCards because we are the type of people that want to share things we love and benefit from with others and not because it will make us more money. That’s just who we are. That’s WHY we are here!

If it’s just about the money, then once someone is onboard, if they aren’t making money right away, they tend to go away. However, if they are passionate about sharing SendOutCards because we are aligned with who they are as a person, they are here FOR LIFE! Imagine having 2 million distributors and 10 million customers that are with us because they were attracted to us for one reason: We are where they belong.

June 27, 2011- Q and A with JordanQ AND A –

NOTE: If you will go to and go to conference call replays, you will see a few different Q and A calls. Most of the questions being asked have been addressed in one form or another on these calls in the past.

Sharon – Rocklin, California (Incoming)

It took me 2 years to get to manager, and now it’s been nearly 2 years since I did. How can I overcome my “belief” that it takes a long time to build a SOC business and help the people I sponsor not “do as I did” up to this point. I now have a very clear and strong WHY for building my business and want to model and teach a different way to build momentum than what I experienced these past 4 years. What do you suggest as keys to “starting over” with the reality of this track record?

A: Great Question! If you have found that it feels like growing your business is like walking through molasses, you will tend to find others that struggle with the exact same thing. This struggle is all about ‘energy’. You tend to attract what you focus on. If your beliefs are ‘this is hard, it takes a long time and it’s really a struggle!’ then you find many others that are exactly the same way. The only way I know to speed things up is to create a QUANTUM LEAP in your thinking. Do a ‘Google Search’ for Price Pritchett book, ‘You2’ It’s short and to the point but it really demonstrates the SHIFT that must happen to get out of your funk. Your answer lies in the realm of leadership, vision, focus and communication.

Mike Sill – Upland, CA (Incoming)

As you know, SOC’s “Opportunity and Fast Start Guide” promotes showing the DVD first (after the 3 questions) and the GAW only as a follow up if the person hasn’t signed up after being asked is he/she a “1, 2 or 3”. Jordon, on the other hand teaches GAW first. (possible exception – he sends at least one card /day with a DVD….are these the people that, in most cases he gives a GAW to, or…..?) What’s the psychology of one VS the other to show first? Could part of it be the shift in thinking of promoting the 2nd part of our mission statement, “to provide a financial vehicle….” first. And the 1st part “to help millions act on their promptings……” now take 2nd place. Do we need then to reverse the to parts of the mission statement, or……..?

A: It really doesn’t matter which you do first. What matters is that you believe in what you do and you do it with sincere excitement and passion. AND that you do it with consistency over a period of time. You must develop a ‘cadence’ (rhythm) of activity . . . It has little to do with what you do and everything to do with HOW YOU DO IT. It’s important that you do both, but which order that you do it makes little difference. I have them send a card first. Tommy and Curtis show the opportunity first. We both have our reasons why one is better than the other but both work.

Lisa Holcombe – Virginia Beach (Incoming)

I’m getting feedback, “Are you sure this is legit?” How do you know they’re not making up these stories to get your interest? I have come up with several responses that I believe in, but what would be your response to questions and the like if you were just starting out and learning about the business yourself? I know what I feel inside, but what is the best way to put it in words that would satisfy them?

A: Simply ‘acknowledge’ their skepticism . . . ‘Maybe you can help me find out if they are making up these stories or if they are for real?? If they are real, then I definitely want to attach myself to this company!!’

You could also say, ‘I totally agree that if they are up to something shady, I don’t want to have a part in it . . . but I think it’s legit. Here’s why . . .’ then give them the history. Send them the SOC Production Video from You tube or give them Kody’s book

Some people are just cynical and are trying to shoot you down. If they are a friend, I would seriously consider distancing yourself from them so they don’t drag you down. I look for friends that lift me up and support me.

The world is made up of people that are mostly cynical. The quest is to stay positive and to find others that think like we do . . . have faith. Their are LOTS of them!

I have also found that the more confident that I get, the less I encounter negativity or skepticism from others. I tend to attract really really positive people. Not all of them do it but most are VERY supportive.

I have also found that when I lead with having them send a card on the system, they are almost ALWAYS very supportive and positive. When I talk about making money up front, they can get skeptical right off the bat.

Curtis Dettman – Simi Valley, Ca (Incoming)

What do you say, at a social or business event, when someone asks “What do you do”?

I say, “I’m in the greeting card business . . . What do YOU do??” I keep my answers very brief and only give them more when they ask. I feed them little bits of info that might peak their curiosity but mostly I focus on getting to know them. If they really get inquisitive, I say, “Why don’t you give me your card and I’ll get you some info on our company and what we do. It’s pretty cool . . . ”

The less you say, the more curious they become and the more they want to know (usually).

Debbie – Webster (Incoming)

Hi Jordan! In the first cards you sent out after joining SOC, what was your message to the people you sent cards to. Were you just reconnecting with those people or was there a promotion message of some sort for SOC. Can you give some examples?

A: I was just ‘reconnecting’ with them. I said:

“I haven’t seen you in a long time! I hope you are well. Sure would like
to get caught up! Why don’t you give me a call sometime . . . I’m spending most of my time in the mountains of Arizona. Talk to you soon!

I uploaded a photo into the card (on dial-up!! We got high speed internet in Jerome, AZ about 5 weeks after I joined.

A few of them called me and we just got CAUGHT UP!

Patty Sherin – New York City (Incoming)

Business coaches And business professionals that I have spoken to suggest I try to differentiate myself from other soc distributors. They always ask what makes me different than other distributors. Business owners then to think in these terms but from listening to you, Tommy Wyatt and Demarr, I’m thinking this is not the case with network marketing and especially SendOutCards. What do you think?

A: Great question Patty! I don’t know that it really matters. Probably 1/10 of 1% of the population has ever heard of SOC and most of those that have heard of us, don’t really know what it is. They are business coaches and that’s what they teach people to do! But I think differentiation really shouldn’t be that much of a concern. I think it is important to become someone of interest that others want to be ‘related’ to. You must become interesting by being interested. Be different by being someone who really cares.

Steve – Moyock (Incoming)

Jordan, I have been asked by a couple of subscribers about signing up for the 59 dollar distributorship without the wholesale package. How do you answer the question?

A: I would ask them why they want to do this . . . if it’s because they want to make money, then I would discourage them from doing it. Most likely they don’t have the money for the whole thing but they are interested. I suggest they sign up for the $9.80 subscription plan to begin to send cards and build up their contact manager. Suggest they save up their money and come in as a full entrepreneur ($398 plus $59) when they are ready to do it all at once. People will do what you do. And without 12 people at the $457 ($398+$59 distributor package)level they won’t have the full volume they need to get promoted.

Starla – Chandler, AZ (Incoming)

What topics are covered at the HEAT IS ON. Would a very new prospect be confused? Is it best to only encourage my distributor team? I bought 18 tickets and some of my team bought some. Will Jordan be available for a photo opp. with some of my team?

A: Yes, I will be available for a photo op in Phoenix (Jun 30th) and Tampa (July 23rd). No, a guest or team member will not feel overwhelmed or confused. We will be painting the whole picture for a potential or new team member. Even veterans will get a lot from this training.

JoAnn Merklinghaus – Rutherford, NJ (Incoming)

Hi Jordan, I was looking to run an opportunity ad in the classifieds…. Is that something you currently do? If so, please let me know how the ad reads.

A: Hey JoAnn – I do not run ads. First of all, they are not duplicatable. Network Marketing grows because anyone can do what you do. As soon as you start spending money, others feel that they need to do the same and most people don’t have the $500 to $2000 PER MONTH to spend on ads. I highly recommend putting that money into sending cards and gifts. The reason we do network marketing is because WE DON’T HAVE TO ADVERTISE. Word of mouth is free!! Not to mention that advertising is an art that takes many years to master (another reason why it’s not duplicatable). Most of the money you spend on advertising will be wasted. In my opinion its a bad place to put your money.

Amanda – Lubbock (Incoming)

My husband & I have been a distributing team for about 3 1/2 weeks and we’ve only signed up 1 distributor. We would like to be able to build our SOC retail business too, but as of yet still have no takers. I would have jumped at the chance to create my own cards at $9.80 a month! I don’t understand how others do not see the potential too. It is hard for us to train our down line if we ourselves are having problems in this retail area. We’ve been sending out cards daily, following up weekly and offering the GAW’s, but the people we want to experience the GAW’s keep giving excuses(our internet only works half the time, no we don’t want to come use your computer or meet somewhere, etc…). We are not pushy people, but we are enthusiastic about the products we represent. Any suggestions to the “wall” we keep running into on the retail side? Thank you for your time and willingness to help all of us get going and stay motivated.

A: Hi Amanda. You’ll be happy to know that I didn’t sign up my first distributor in SendOutCards until I was in my 6th week! Also, it took me 10 years before I signed up my first distributor in network marketing. And quite frankly, I don’t understand either why everyone doesn’t sign up!
You may want to go to and listen to the webcast I did entitled: ‘If you are anything like me . . . ‘

I’m not pushy either. In fact if you are pushy you’ll turn people away and you will never have a chance to sponsor them. Be generous, stay in touch, appreciate, listen, compliment and support. Also make sure they know what you do and why you like it . . . have them send a card and show them the video. Let them decide. If it’s not for them, respect that and keep sending them cards . . .

Keith B. – American Fork, UT (Incoming)

I spent 5 years in another company. How do I approach the same people with something different when they all saw me sold on the last company I was with. (i have only done 1 other)

A: I spent 10 years in 11 companies . . . so I CAN RELATE!! I told people . . . ‘listen, if you are not interested that’s okay. I just want you to take a look at something. It may or may not be for you. Just tell me your honest opinion’

If you are ‘trying to get someone into something’ you could have a problem, but if you just want them to take a look and if you sincerely acknowledge their skepticism, you should be okay. You could also call them and say . . . ‘Would it be okay if I mailed you something to look at . . . give me your honest opinion . . . you know I’ve been in lots of things before and I don’t want to make the same mistakes I’ve made in the past. Tell me what you think!’

Merry – Phoenix (Incoming)

Jordan, Thank you for this opportunity. How did you first start asking people to take a look. Did you start by following up with the people who received your cards?

A: Once I decided to build it I started calling 5 to 10 people per day that I had business cards for just to get their opinion. I already know that I liked SOC and would continue to use it. I told each person my story (how I heard about SOC and why I like it) and then I told each one that I wanted them to take a look at it by sending a card on the system. I told them that I thought it might be a good thing for them to be able to send out thank you cards and birthday cards. (by the way, I still do the same thing today!)

Vicki Barnidge – Marion Iowa (Incoming)

What is the best advice you can give for helping new distributor’s begin to grow their SendOutCards organization? What are some ways to create the duplication in my organization that will help my distributors grow?


1. SendOut at least one PERSONAL card every single day
2. SendOut at least one DVD with a card every day to someone that you know or someone that you met that could benefit from SOC
3. Walk at least one person per day through the system by having THEM send a card on a Gift Account.

Follow the daily 8 (

Do your daily personal development and promote what we promote to the new members of your team.


Gretel Haeussler – San Juan, Puerto Rico (Incoming)

Hi Jordan In what stage of building your busines (manager, senior manager, exe. etc.) did you signed up the 7 people that constitute 92% of your income? If you have a good prospect should you wait to sign him/her when you are SM or above or do you sign him/her as soon as he/she is ready to join SOC? Thanks

I signed up 225 people and the 7 joined at different stages of my business.
One joined when I was a distributor. One joined when I was a Sr Manager. a couple joined when I was an Executive and a few joined when I was a Senior Executive. In my last company, my first real ‘runner’ didn’t join until after I reached my 3rd promotion (the equivalent to Exec in SendOutCards)j

Gilbert Nichols – Alpharetta, Georgia (Incoming)

Jordan, do you endorse inviting people to set up their SOC business choice on your own computer versus using their own computer? Also, have you found using the IPAD as your tool for presenting the system?

A: I-Pad’s don’t have ‘flash’ so you can’t have someone send a card on it yet. The new ‘Apps’ may have the ability to do it in the future. It doesn’t matter if they use your computer or theirs although it seems that most people are more comfortable on theirs.

Cindy – Arlington, MA (Incoming)

My sister has seen the cards and likes them. She asked how much it costs. How much should I tell her it costs?

A: Have her go to and click on #3 and watch it. It will explain the entire breakdown in a clear and simple fashion.

Ronda – Littleton (Incoming)

“I just dont have the money right now”…I ask them if they have a credit card, borrow money and the answer is still the same. I can’t do it right now.

A: That’s what most people say to me too. Over time if I stay in touch and continue to send them nice cards, eventually they come up with the money if they want to do it. Some do and some never do. We get paid to FIND the right people to be doing this now. Timing is everything. Please read, ‘Stay the Course’ by Adam Packard

Brian Kaplan – Sumner (Incoming)

Brian Here at Sumner, WA…thanks Jordan!!! How soon are the retail sites going to be working…and will the compensation be the same….as in the past for retail sales…Just made Senior Manager in 10 months…

A: The retail site is up and running. Go to Please watch the SOCTV SHOW in the Archives from May 23rd. It breaks down the new programs. The compensation plan is exactly the same. The only difference is the tiered breakdown based on the volume you create on your ZERO level (these are your customers and your own personal volume combined). This creates a ‘driver’ in your organization that will give your distributors an ‘incentive’ to go get more customers to receive the higher tiered commissions of 30%.


If you had it to do over again, would you invest in social media paid coaching to aid you in teambuilding? I have been approached by a BNI member to hire her business to set up my social media.

A: I would not but that has to be a personal choice. I don’t think you really need a coach to use FB in a way that will benefit you. You want to use FB to reconnect with people from your past. Create a nice profile. FB will automatically make suggestions of who you may know. As you find each other simply rekindle your relationship. Don’t ever talk about your business specifically on FB. Simply use it as a way to get reacquainted. Take business conversations offline.

Cindy – Honolulu (Incoming)
Is it true that points expire after one year? Did this policy change?

A: Yes, due to government regulations and tax liabilities SendOutCards is required to ‘expire’ points after one year. If you accumulate points, make sure and use them up during the Holidays. If you are a business builder, you should be using at least 100 points a month ($31) or more to send out at least one personal card a day and one DVD in a card per day. Don’t let your points gather dust . . . they do no good sitting in your account!

Bruce Fairclough – Newington, CT (Incoming)

Jordan… when someone watches the demo, sends a card, and they see it and “get it” and then they go home to think about it, etc. Sometimes, they decide against it. Are there any SPECIFIC steps you take to prevent other people from influencing them and stealing their dream? Is there anything we can specifically do to prevent them from losing that enthusiasm when they really see when they are with us?

A: This happens in all businesses. Keep them mentally in the process as best you can. You can mail them something, invite them to listen in on a call, give them a book to take home and read, etc. And even with this, some will get knocked out of the game. Re-listen to Jim Rohn’s CD on Building a Network Marketing Business. If someone loses interest that fast, they probably wouldn’t have made it even a week in our business.

Dee Spraker – Montclair VA (Incoming)

Jordan, I met with a someone on Friday, they said they would sign up over the weekend. I have not seen anything yet where they have signed up. How long do you wait beore you do your follow-ups and what kinds of things do you say? Thanks Dee Spraker

A: Dee, I will never have someone go in and sign themselves up. I will either do it for them or do it with them. If they run into a snag while doing it on their own, they won’t do it. Stay with them through the whole process. Follow ups include emails, cards, phone calls, visits, etc. There is a fine line between effective follow up and ‘stalking’. Throw out a line, tug on it and then let some out. ‘dance’ with them. Just stay in touch and when they give you signals that they are ready, get them on the computer and sign them up. Some will do it right away and others will take years.

Mark White – Lees Summit (Incoming)

My prospect wants to make money with SOC and said, “most people don’t make any money.”

A: I say, “That’s true . . . and most don’t do anything. Did you know that most people don’t ever sell a house in Real Estate and they never make money! It’s not a lottery where you sign up and then all of a sudden make money. You have to build it like a business. It’s the most fair business in the world. You get paid for the organization that you build and the volume you create.”


There were many many more questions asked and virtually ALL of them have been answered on previous Q and A calls. You can go back to the ‘Archived Conference Calls’ and review my answers to those and many more questions that have been asked by you in the past. Thanks for listening!

June 14, 2011- Defining Moments

IF YOU ARE STUCK, go back to what built the business. The fundamentals will never fail you. Go back to setting people up on “Gift Accounts” and walking each person through sending a card. When you have someone send a card on a Gift Account, everything changes. This IS a DEFINING MOMENT for most people. Talking about SOC doesn’t work. Curtis Lewsey, one of our Eagles learned this at a Home Meeting he did a couple of months ago. There were over 20 guests in the room and he had one of the guests send a card in front of the others. Only one guest signed up. Guess which one?? Yep!

You can save yourself a lot of time and energy if you will go right to getting someone in front of their computer and having them send a card. After doing this, have them watch the video and THEN, if they are not ready to be a distributor, offer them the $9.80/mo subscription to “test drive” the system. I tell them that it will allow them to begin to build their contact manager, send thank you cards (which they know they should be doing anyway) and get comfortable with the SendOutCards system.

If you are “talking about it” and asking people to sign up and they are “pushing back”, it’s because you’re not having them send a card FIRST. This is so so important. Always go back to the fundamentals. You can help to create DEFINING MOMENTS for others by having them send a card TO SOMEONE THEY CARE ABOUT.


Defining moments are those things that happen to us or that we create, that change everything.
It can be something little like something that someone says to us. It may be an encouraging word from
someone we look up to or a compliment from a stranger. Sometimes a defining moment comes as
a shock, like the death of someone important to us or a serious health challenge. It’s possible you had
a defining moment when your doctor broke some news to you or when you got robbed or when
you had a car accident and everyone was ok. One thing is for sure; defining moments cause us to view life differently. We become a different person. These moments define who we are. Defining moments are not limited to things that “happen” to us. We can create our own defining moments by attending seminars, making certain choices about what we spend our time on, the people we meet, etc. Maybe you chose to attend a seminar where you walked across hot coals to prove that you can do anything and to break through your fears and limiting beliefs. Maybe you sent a card to someone that you have always admired from afar. There are so many ways to CREATE DEFINING MOMENTS.

I think it’s important to be aware of the defining moments that led you to where you are today. Think of one or two things you are grateful for in your life. Now think about one or two DEFINING MOMENTS that helped bring you those things you are grateful for.

I would like to share with you a couple of defining moments that really shaped who I am today. Today, I seek out opportunities to CREATE DEFINING MOMENTS that can change things for the better. I look to meet people that can make a positive contribution to my life. I send cards to those that did something nice for me.

Yesterday morning I was sitting with Kody over breakfast and were were discussing “Defining Moments”. He shared one of his with me and then said, “You know Jordan, it seems that it’s really only a few simple defining moments that shape who we become.” As I thought about this, I really began to realize that defining moments are usually experiences that result in something very simple. We begin to repeat this to ourselves and it causes us to believe, see and do things differently.


“I CAN DO THIS” (Dinner with the 10K/mo Club)


“DON’T EVER QUIT ON A BAD DAY” (Everybody quit in Peabody, Mass) (They lost my entire downline!)

“EVERYONE GETS TO BE ON MY TEAM!” (I got picked last!)

Your defining moments will either fuel you or shut you down. Sometimes defining moments are what holds you back because you begin to say things to yourself that disempower you. It’s important to get clear that defining moments are happening every day. Whether an event or experience becomes a defining moment is typically related to how much emotion it brings. What we do with these emotionally charged experiences or events can either fuel us, or shut us down.
We all have defining moments that have limited us in our lives and others that have taken us to new levels of success.

Defining moments are gifts to be embraced. Kody Bateman had a defining moment. Many others faced with the same set of circumstances could have become bitter and jaded. Kody chose to embrace this emotionally charged event. He was able to see the miracle in the opportunity that he had to touch the lives of millions of people. The crushing impact of Kris’s death became a miracle that is changing lives forever.

What defining moments are you currently experiencing that could represent the life changing miracle you are looking for? Really take a look at this. What are you experiencing right now or what have you recently experienced, that will redefine who you are for the better?
Beach Money came from ONE TRIP to Venice Beach that completely altered my perspective. My freedom. My residual income, the book, the concept that is now spreading worldwide is a result of one moment in time, a 30 minute experience from the mid-eighties.

June 6, 2011-“My Area isn’t Growing”

Megan’s Min:
Some frequent complaints/ requests I receive through emails and phone calls go something like this:

“ My sponsor didn’t train me, please call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX and show me the entire system so I can start working my business.”
“My sponsor isn’t working the business anymore and customer service said to call you since you’re my upline…”
“ I don’t like my upline and I don’t want to work with them anymore, can I switch sponsors?”
“Do you know any SOC reps in the (such-in-such) area of (such-in-such) state?”

If every distributor that took the time to contact me with these concerns remembered the title they received when they signed up, they wouldn’t be so concerned with the amount of their up-line involvement. The title I’m referring to is “Independent Distributor”. Each one of you on this call purchased the Entrepreneur Package and therefore became a business owner. If you are on this call, you are most likely hoping to build a successful business to become your own boss. The beauty of network marketing is being your own boss, building your business your own way, setting your own schedule, and creating financial and time freedom. You have everything you need to accomplish these incredible benefits.

This is a simple program that is not meant to be rocket science. There is no 4-year apprenticeship program. There is no “card sending certification” curriculum you must complete before practicing the “Art of SOC”. You don’t need a college degree in Marketing or Communications or Business. When Jordan began with Sendoutcards at the end of 2004, all he had to build a business with was a basic card-sending site. He talked to people he knew about the “cool system he just discovered” and he sent heartfelt cards. Over the years so many tools have been created and perfected, a new distributor has more than enough resources to develop a thriving organization.

Some of these tools include:
-System Training Webinars
– Daily 8 Checkpoint System
-Jordan’s weekly conference calls
-Archived conference calls located on
-Fast Start Guide
-Jordan’s book, Beach Money

As an Independent Distributor from “Day One”, you want to find others that want to be their own boss as well. The tools provided are designed to give a new distributor everything they need without having to rely on the person that signed them up. Support is great, encouragement is awesome, training your organization on the system is necessary. Having said this, the more time you spend with each new rep, the more time they feel they will need to spend orienting their new reps. It will become a challenge and more complex of an operation than it needs to be. The key is to lead by example. Do what you want your team to do. If you want them to tune into Jordan’s webcasts and SOC TV each week, be on those webcasts. If you want them to support local events and Treat ‘Em Right Seminars, plan to attend them your self. If you want them to take initiative and be the leader in an area that doesn’t have an active Senior Manager or Executive, show them that they can.
The bottom line is: You don’t need your sponsor to succeed in this business.
You are an Independent Distributor from the day you sign up for the Entrepreneur Package and you have EVERYTHING you need to be as successful as you want to be, so get out there and make it happen!

‘My area is not growing . . . the people in my area are different’!

I spoke with a good friend yesterday. I asked him, “How’s it going?” His answer was “plugging away” and then he told me that people in his area are a little different. They seem to be not as motivated. That same area had almost 300,000 distributors in my last company and 2 of our top 10 money earners lived there! These two guys were both six-figure, MONTHLY earners. It’s just not true that his area is different. In fact I have heard that from distributors in almost every area of the country. First of all, you will never meet a top performer that is “plugging away”. “Plugging away” represents the energy of struggle. That state of work will not inspire anyone to be part of your organization. Will it? Who wants to “plug away”? Remember, as a leader, you set the pace of your team. You set the culture for your area. People are people!

Just as soon as you label your area as “different”, you have created a death sentence for your team. Your area is just like every other area. There are people that want to break free and there are many more who don’t. Who you attract, is who you are. Do you want a bunch of people that are tired, worn out and struggling? Then “plug away”!! Do you want a team of self-motivated, high-powered, fun and energetic entrepreneurs? Then be one!! You will attract who you are! This is not hype. This IS the difference between a quantum leap and a slow moving, stagnant organization.

Although this is a simple dialog, it’s the most important dialog we can have regarding your business. If you want to have a successful business, (regardless of the business) YOU must take responsibility for the growth of your business as a first step before you do anything else. The reason most people struggle in business is because they continue to blame things outside of themselves. It’s not your sponsor’s responsibility, it’s YOUR responsibility. As Megan mentioned, you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

The business is simple. The company has done most of the work for us. We have a blueprint and a playbook (the Fast Start Guide). We have conference calls and books written by successful SOC leaders right at our fingertips. We have recorded webinars and recordings that can be forwarded to potential distributors and customers. We have the ability for people to test drive our system for free and recorded tutorials on every aspect of the site.

Now we can show someone a way that they can sign up for less than $15 with no set up fee and be a customer. We can show them how they can have a business with unlimited potential for under $1000, a business that can pay them over and over again for years to come. Ask them to do their research. Show them how to send a card and then show them the business. Meet people on a daily basis and keep it very very simple. Use the tools that are available to you. Most importantly, be responsible for your business and your team. It’s YOUR business from here on out. You are in business for yourself and you have a $60 million company backing you up.

In John Milton Fogg’s latest Mastermind Interviews with 21 multi-million $$ producers, he asked the question, “What values drive the growth of your business?”

The answers were telling:
Focus on others

What would happen if you were to adopt all of these values right now!? What would your business look, feel and act like if you had all of the values listed above?? It would be quite different than if you did your business with fear, doubt, blame, skepticism, cynicism. Plodding doesn’t appear on the list.

Leaders lead with confidence “Yeah, but Jordan, I’m not confident!” Then BE confident! Confidence is a state of being. You create it internally first and then you attract others. I wasn’t always confident. The confidence came FIRST and then others followed. Confidence is a feeling that you can access right now. You will not attract until you first become.
Start right where you are. Your area will grow once you decide and act upon the truth that you are the source of that growth through who you are. Be the light. Stop blaming your upline, your lazy downline, the company, the comp plan, Kody, etc.
Use all the tools and the resources created by those that came before you. Share the stories of others that have inspired you until you have stories of your own. Focus on doing the simple things every day. Here are a few specifics:

1. Get in action each day. Focus on income producing activities. Share the story and promote the product and promote the events.
2. Remake your list
3. Read at least 30 minutes a day (personal development)
4. Envision other positive self motivated people just like you building the business in your area.
5. Stop trying to ‘motivate’ your team and go out and introduce more people each day.
6. Do a group event for your team at least once a month just to get together, train and exchange ideas – even if it’s only for 4 people at a time. Start small and build from there. One can turn to thousands.

You can count the seeds in an apple but you can’t count the apples in a seed. Don’t use it to motivate.
Use it to find the serious ones. See who shows up. And THEN . . . teach each person to be responsible for their own business each day.

The business is built by having LOTS of people doing DAILY Gift Account Walk-Throughs and introducing the business to new people each day and every day. If you don’t have anyone in your area doing that . . . GOOD FOR YOU! START A MOVEMENT!

Novik McFarlin (Top Network Marketing Professional and SM in SendOutCards) said, ‘It’s the height of arrogance to think that you are the only one that will ‘see’ this opportunity in your area. There are thousands that have never heard of it. Your job is to bring them the message. The size of your residual check will be determined by how well you do at FINDING THE RIGHT PEOPLE AT THE RIGHT TIME.

MAKE SURE AND TRAIN YOUR CUSTOMERS! – They will market for you! Rather than simply sending them to the tutorials, set aside a few minutes to show your new customers how to use the SendOutCards, system. By doing this, they will become ambassadors for the growth of your team as they talk to people and send out cards. In fact many of them will decide to be distributors because of the positive response they get from people who receive their cards. We are already experiencing this in the short span of 2 weeks since launching this program. I received a call from Tracy Monteforte (Freedom 100 Award Winner and New SOC Executive). She told me about 4 people that were interested but never took action until these announcements were made. All of a sudden, the ease of talking about our new program and then signing people up, made the difference. The psychology of how easy it is to get a customer caused some people she had talked to in the past to gain interest in the business. .

Monday May 30, 2011-

We remember those that have died in service to our country and give thanks for the freedom we enjoy today. There is no greater sacrifice and no greater gift. We give thanks to you, who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may enjoy living in a free country with opportunities abound.


You may listen to a recording of this webcast by clicking here or going to
and putting in the password: thecoolbuzz

Make sure and check the events page on your SendOutCards site for upcoming events and Treat ‘Em Right Seminars. Convention is booking up. Get your tickets and make your reservations!
How about taking a trip to Vegas and writing it off as a business expense! Convention is in August! Come play with us!

The numbers coming in from the first 5 days of this program launch are staggering. After almost 2 years of focus groups with almost every demographic, Kody implemented a program that is designed for the masses. MIllions of people will be on this program in the next few years.

In the first 48 hours, 973 people signed up for a $9.80/mo subscription. On the 3rd day alone, 860 people signed up for it. Our recruiting for the week was up 40% from the week prior. AND, probably 80% of our rep base is learning about it and haven’t gone into action yet. Normally it takes 90 days to ramp up a new program so the best is yet to come!



Email Message from Jeff Packard-

Yesterday I got home in the afternoon. I had 3 subscriptions $9.80’s a month, 1 Entrepreneur, and 1 appointment at 8:30pm with someone who actually enrolled in the $9.80 a month.

I thought the current Freedom 100 contest was capped at the first 100 people and thought this challenge was really easy for most people to achieve. So in the last couple of days I worked my tail off. Getting into massive action

So here’s what I am going to tell you. It’s easy and this is how I did it.

I called all my fence sitters. I made 25 calls on Monday and 25 calls on Tuesday just to set up appointments and let them know of the new news without having any up front fees to use our program. I made calls…very few emails, calls. Goal to set up appointments to show SOC.

I walked them through some of the new features such as video cards and showed real life examples of cards I sent out to people, then I showed them the retail account, and I said “let’s set you up an account for as little as $10 so you can start playing around in your account and sending cards out.” I was ASSUMPTIVE and ASSUMED they said yes, and THEY ALL did.

“At least let’s get you using this program, I said”

Now for the Entrepreneur. I called someone who had the money, and who is a friend. I said, John, I’m going to be upfront with you and tell you what I want to do. He said okay. I said SOC is running a sales contest and for the first 100 people who do this will get prizes. My goal is to win this contest. I told him that I would need a tax id and a credit card number. AGAIN ASSUMPTIVE AND I ASKED FOR WHAT I WANTED.

He could only say no to me or yes, couldn’t he? He’d still would be my friend.


He said I’ll have your assistant call you. I waited and she finally called.

I later found out that the Freedom 100 was called hundred because you get a $100 bill. It’s not capped at the first 100. Hallelujah! Now I’m going for my second convention ticket. Think I can do it? All I can do is go for it, what do I have to lose? Nothing


God bless,
Jeff Packard
Send Out Cards
Senior Executive

From: Derek Bly
To: Jackie Ulmer
Subject: What a night

Hey Jackie,
Just got home from doing a GAW. What an experience! First we could not access the site, so had the guest switch to Firefox. Got in. Advised gift account not available. Found out we were out of points.
Out to the car for my credit card. Add points. Try to create card. Guest’s Flash is outdated. Downloaded update for her. Start over again. Get to the end and computer freezes. Quit Firefox. Start over again. Get to end again. Can’t move past one screen. Guest figures out need to tab that highlights “next” to move on. Her credit card is refused. Lynda spots error with too many digits entered. Fix it. Card refused again. I spot need for full year. Card accepted! New monthly subscriber!

– Derek

This has been an exciting week AND a challenging week. As with any new product launch (even those that have been beta tested) there are minor glitches that take a few days to work out. There is almost always a work around. Many of you have proven how resourceful you are as evidenced by the number of new subscribers and representatives.

I want to go over my week and give you a play by play on how I became qualified for the FREEDOM 100 Pin. Your freedom is literally about 3 or 4 habits away.

Before I get into my week, I want to talk about the opportunity that you have at your fingertips right now. I was doing some simple calculations and I figured out that if someone were to become just a customer gatherer and sign up one customer every 3 days, they would have acquired about 100 customers at the end of a year.
100 customers X $10 per month = $1000 per month in volume.

Their commission would be $300 per month. For some, that’s a car payment and for most, it will keep them in the business forever. Also, you know as well as I do, many of those people will buy more
points and ultimately spend $30 to $40 per month on average which will dramatically increase that
$300/mo income.

By the way, $300 per month is $3600 per year.
$457 + $360 (subscription on Wholesale Account) = under $1,000. That’s about a 300% return on someone’s investment (by just signing up 1 customer every 3 days. I have also learned from experience that someone can sign up a new $9.80 monthly subscription in less than 5 minutes. Almost 100% of those that hear about it sign up. So if someone were to sign up one per day, they would be making over $1,000 per month after a year ($12,000 per year on a cost of less than $1000 to start the business). Pretty good return of time and money!

For the first time in SOC’s history, we have a product that truly appeals to the masses. An unemployed job seeker, a college student, a starving actor, a retired person on a budget can all afford $10 per month. We now have something for everyone. I see this as the path to millions of customers and some of you will jump on the opportunity to have many of those customers in your organization!

So here’s my approach:

(By the way, I still do the 3 basic things I have been teaching since day one):

1. SendOut at least one personal card daily without a sales agenda –
Right after this call I’m sending a card with ‘Promptings’ to a guy that I met last night
at a party. He shared his story with me and to say it was inspiring would be an understatement.

2. SendOut at least one DVD in a card each day

3. Walk at least one person per day through a Gift Account – Have them send a card on the system

1. Tell your story (2 minutes) – Take your time – How and why did you get involved in SOC
2. Have them send a card – Tell them you are going to walk them through sending a card to someone they care about
3. Tell them about the $9.80/mo retail subscription account
Here’s what I say:

“We just got rid of the $49/$99/$199 accounts and based on feedback from our customers,
we launched a new program that doesn’t cost anything to set up. You simply purchase $9.80 of cards
each month with no contract. You get approx 10 cards per month and some of your cards can be exchanged for gifts if you choose. Or you can buy more at our lowest retail price if you choose. It’s so important to send Thank You Cards, Birthday Cards, Get Well Cards, etc and this will allow you to
do it.
You also get all the bells and whistles included in a full SOC account:
A full contact manager
The ability to send campaigns
Photo editing program
Gift Cards
Big Cards
Video Cards
The lowest retail price

I want to set you up on this account. Can we do that? It will take less than 3 minutes . . .”

4. Ask them how many others they know that they think will want an account like this . . . realtors,
insurance people, hairdressers, chiropractors, friends, parents, etc Ask them if they would like to get paid off the cards and gifts purchased.

5. Show the video

Let’s talk about my week and how I earned the freedom award in REAL LIFE:

1. I made a list of 10 people that I have shown the business to that had expressed interest but didn’t sign up.

2. I called each one and told them I needed 5 minutes with them on the phone.

3. I told them about the new program saying what I said above to explain it.


1. Ernie was the first one. He hung my paintings in vegas. He’s interested in the business but is looking for a job right now. He’s unemployed but wants to use SOC to send thank you cards. He said “YES” right away. I signed him up and gave him his username. I walked him through the sign-up process in 3 minutes. I showed him SOC as a business about 60 days ago.

2. Then, I called Randy. Randy is going through some tough personal challenges. I showed him SOC about 3 weeks ago and he’s very interested, but isn’t ready to sign up. I called him and told him about this new retail subscription program that I think is PERFECT for realtors. He agreed. I explained the program EXACTLY the way I just described it to you and I said: “I’d like to set you up on this today so you can start getting comfortable with it and building your contact manager. We can transfer your contacts over when the time comes for you to start your SOC business”. He agreed and in 3 minutes he had a subscription.

3. Then, I called Chris. Chris has read beach money and has been following me for awhile. He was also in a situation where he needed to wait to come up with the money. No problem. I called him and offered him the exact same thing I offered to Randy and Ernie. Guess what? $10 is an EASY decision. He said “yes” and I signed him up!

4. Janice who works at the memorabilia store that I talked about last week is still interested in the business, but wasn’t ready to do anything yet. I called her and explained the whole thing. That’s okay!

5. AND, ready for this?? I explained our new programs to my 80-year-old Dad and I didn’t even need to ask. He said, “I need to have one of those accounts so I can send thank you cards to the malls I do business with”, (he has a little promotion business he’s been running for years). A few years ago I sent an apology card with a starbucks card on his behalf and it saved the business for him. He’s a believer ever since but because he could never justify paying to get started in his mind. So he is now a $9.80 monthly subscriber.

I then called a couple that are good friends of mine. I have been sending cards to them for 3 years. They are in their 30’s and own a fairly large Real Estate company with hundreds of agents. When I called them I told them we just launched a product that 100% of their agents will want. I explained it to them and told them that NOW IS THE TIME for them to become representatives because they can override all the monthly subscription volume in their offices. They got excited and signed up on the Wholesale Package with the Distributor option! We’ve been friends for years.

I am seeing people come to life that haven’t done anything in years. Our production is going through the roof. We literally expanded our market 5-fold by launching this product. There is a new wave of excitement as more and more people are discovering how easy it is to get customers. It’s a no brainer!


Let’s now talk about being a business builder . . .
Let’s say someone signs up to be a distributor with the wholesale package and they want to make money. I’m going to give you a “pie in the sky” example that will never happen in real life (but it’s fun to play with the numbers). Afterwards I’ll talk about how to stack the deck in your favor:

Let’s talk about a 3 year plan.

In year one you sign up 3 distributors and 3 customers and THAT’S ALL. Nothing more. And you teach everyone to do exactly the same thing. In reality you know that some will sign up more and some will sign up more than 3 customers, but let’s just say 3 and 3. Not 3 per month! Just 3 one time and teach everyone to do the same.

On your 7th level in your first group, you now have over 2000 distributors with 3 customers each. That’s 6000 customers spending approx $10 per month. That’s $60,000 per month. You get 5% of that or $3000/mo. What did you do?

You signed up 3 distributors and got 3 customers ONE TIME and taught everyone to do the same.

Now that you are a Manager, on year 2, let’s say you do the same thing all over again. You sign up 3 in your Manager group and that’s it. Nothing more and you teach each person to do exactly the same thing. This time in your Manager group you have 2,000 distributors on your 7th level that each have 3 customers (because that’s what you taught them to do) so you have 6000 customers on your 7th level paying $10 per month. That’s $60,000 per month and you get 10% in your Manager group on your 7th level. That’s an additional $6,000 per month on top of the $3,000 per month in your distributor group.

Now that you are a Sr Manager, in year 3, you do exactly the same thing. You sign up JUST 3. That’s it. No more. And you teach each person to sign up 3 distributors and get 3 customers. On your 7th level you have over 2,000 distributors with 3 customers each spending $10/mo sending cards. That’s $60,000 per month in volume and you get 15% of that. That’s $9,000 per month on top of the $3,000/mo in your distributor group and $6,000 per month in your Manager group. By the way, this does not include any of your bonuses, which can be quite substantial!

Now we all know that it will never happen like this in real life, but what if you were to not stop at 3. What if you had a consistent business plan to sponsor 1-4 per month for 3 years? Do you think you could create the equivalent of what we just described?
Of course!

May 16, 2011- Business in a BoxTHE KIDS ARE COMING HOME TO ROOST

Surprise, surprise: Thanks to a high unemployment rate for new grads, many of those with diplomas fresh off the press are making a return to Mom and Dad’s place. In fact, according to a poll conducted by consulting firm Twentysomething Inc.,
some 85% of graduates will soon remember what Mom’s cooking tastes like.

Times are undeniably tough.
Reports have placed the unemployment rate for the under-25 group as high as 54%. Many of these unemployed graduates are choosing to go into higher education in an attempt to wait out the job market, while others are going anywhere and doing anything for work. Meanwhile, moving back home helps with expenses and paying off student loans.

The outlook isn’t sunshine and roses: Rick Raymond, of the College Parents of America, notes, “Graduates are not the first to be hired when the job markets begins to improve. We’re seeing shocking numbers of people with undergraduates degrees who can’t get work.”

Guess moving back home isn’t limited to philosophy majors anymore.

It’s time for us to recommend an alternative to spending more money on “higher” education and/or moving in with Mom and Dad. What if a student were to go to our “university” and learn the business of Network Marketing for 4 years? They would “graduate” with a passive, residual income that would most likely exceed what their graduating peers are making in the job market. Thus, giving them a level of freedom unmatched in the traditional business world. They would get to learn real life business skills and strategies. Strategies not from theorists, but from real, business professionals that have built five and six-figure monthly incomes.


In the 80’s, long before the internet and the cell phone, I decided I wanted to build a business that would allow me the freedom to work from anywhere. Network Marketing was the only business I could find that truly gave me that freedom. With a laptop computer, a wifi internet connection and a smart phone, a person can run our business from anywhere in the world. Back in the “old days”, by getting some people started and having a product that offered true residual income, you could design a level of freedom into your life. But the old model of being chained to a desk or a payphone created some limitations.

I just saw an ad for a Dell Laptop Computer for sale for $344 in Skymall Magazine. Our SendOutCards business costs under $500 to start and a Smartphone is under $300 with a contract. So, for just over $1,000 and less than $200 a month for cards, gifts and cell/internet service, anyone can now start and run a business on a shoestring. It has the potential to generate an income that most Corporate Executives only dream of. But the greatest thing of all, is the freedom and lifestyle that our business can provide.

Imagine sitting by the pool at a 5 star resort on the ocean in the Caribbean. Your computer grabs the wifi from the Hotel Lobby and as you relax under your Beach Umbrella sipping your favorite cool drink. You are sending cards and DVD’s to people that you care about all over the world. You log into your Skype and call someone that you met last week at a conference in Las Vegas and as you’re hanging out at the resort, you show them how to send a card and make money with this amazing program. I’ve done this multiple times since I joined SOC. My business came in a box 6 years ago and today it spans the globe.

SendOutCards offers the ultimate freedom. No products to purchase or stock to deliver. Our product is ordered over the internet and delivered through the mail.There is no shortage of people hungry for an opportunity. We communicate through emails, cell phones, Facebook, Twitter and Skype. We have boundless possibilities for growth. AND we work from anywhere we choose.

I actually sent over 100 cards and sponsored 2 reps on my last cruise without “working” in the traditional sense. Most of my conversations were in the hot tub out at sea and at the cafe onboard.

If you get it and others around you don’t, that’s okay. Keep sharing, in time they will. It’s too good to go unnoticed. There are a few million people in our profession today that didn’t see it 10 and 20 years ago.

Last week I took the lead from Jim Packard and wrote out 50 things I want to do in the next 10 years. I’ve done this a few times over my lifetime, but it was definitely time for me to update this list. First Jim suggested I write out 10 accomplishments from the past 10 years and then the list of 50. I was having a “rough” morning… (I know, it’s all relative). :) I was feeling very overwhelmed. I looked at the list for a few seconds and it brought me back down. Once you have clearly identified your “Why”, you’ll be better able to navigate the days when it just feels like you are spinning your wheels.

Here’s my list of 10 accomplishments and 25 of my 50 dreams for the next 10 years.


1. Published Beach Money
2. 100 Dips
3. $100,000/mo + for 3 years
4. Private Jet Travel
5. Built a lifestyle around travel
6. Kiva ongoing charitable strategy
7. Became an industry leader
8. Met Steven Tyler
9. 4 dream residences and Luxury automobiles
10. Did it a second time!


1. Front Row Life
2. Carnival Rio De Janeiro
3. Smoke a Cigar in Cuba
4. Purchase a share in a private jet
5. $1 million per month
6. $50 million in cash
7. Hang Glide in Brazil
8. Beach Money Prospecting Book
9. Grand Canyon Train Ride
10. Alaskan Cruise
11. Space Flight
12. Meet my perfect woman and life partner
13. Bentley Convertible
14. Visit Vietnam and Cambodia
15. Round the World by Private Jet
16. $1 million loan fund through Kiva
17. Become friends with Steven Tyler
18. Meet Richard Branson
19. Take a Sailing Adventure
20 Be Vibrantly healthy and physically fit
21. Remodel Jerome Home
22. Visit Dubai
23. Build SOC Globally
24. Invent something that becomes a sensation
25. Beach Money Clothing Label

1. Have a DREAM and always expand it
3. Send Out positives every day
4. Align yourself with a vehicle that will pay you now and in the future, for work that you do now.
5. Work on your personal growth daily
6. Shift your mindset to be on vacation every day (start with an hour and go from there, but mentally be on vacation every day)7. Leverage your personal and technological resources.


I have found that one of the most valuable abilities you can adopt in becoming a successful entrepreneur is the ability to personally “restart” each day. Not only is this an acquired habit, I believe it’s one of the benefits of being your own boss. The business tends to be a roller coaster of emotion. Even in the early stages when you are just getting going, you’ll find that something as simple as a friend not calling you back can cause you to go into a tailspin. As your business matures and you deal with larger numbers of people, you’ll find that managing your emotions become one of the most important
skills you can have. You may need to “reinvent” yourself more than a few times a day on some of your more difficult days. Kody calls them “shut downs” in his new book called MLM Blueprint.

I wouldn’t be here today if I had not adopted this quality early on. When someone I had high hopes for disappears or an email that I send out upsets a bunch of people, I need to step back, learn from it and press the “reset” button on my day. Sometimes I do this 2-5 times a day. Other times I may not need my “reset” button for weeks at a time.

Here’s how it goes. I’m doing my business each day and something happens that sets me into a
tailspin. It may be an email from a disgruntled rep. It may be that my check went down this week and I
expected it to be up. Or I get a bad cough right before a Treat ’em right weekend. Any of these things can cause me a setback in my business. These are the times that I need to step back and hit “reset”. It’s time to start over. Start fresh.

After we have been around the business for awhile we tend to accumulate experiences that color our perception of things. Depending on these experiences, it can help us or hurt us. I have seen big leaders in network marketing get so jaded that they are unable to rebuild. They become “one hit wonders”. Getting jaded is the one thing that will kill your chance of success. Some of you are jaded from past experiences with other companies or you may have had something happen to you since being in SendOutCards.

Here’s the deal. We all experience the same circumstances. What we do with them is up to us.
I have a few friends that built massive businesses in another company and have not been able to repeat
their success. They are jaded.

We must remember that everyone signs up with the same level of excitement and enthusiasm as we did the day we signed up. The past never equals the future. Whether you are brand new in the business or have some history, it’s important to follow these three steps when you feel yourself going into a tailspin:


Start with a fresh set of eyes. Go back to where you started from in terms of your level of excitement
and focus on possibility. Stop-Breathe-Press Reset


There is an article in the current issue of Business Week called:


It shows a picture of a guy wearing a suit laying on his stomach on the beach face down covered in water. He’s holding a briefcase. It’s a representation of the millions of unemployed upper management and CEO level Executives that are looking for work in a marketplace with virtually no job growth.

It made me think of the millions of students graduating from college fully expecting to land high paying middle management job. Boy, are they in for a surprise.

What are the options for these 2 groups?? Start a business? Loans for a business startup have all but dried up. Even successful companies have trouble getting loans today for business expansion. A typical business costs between $20,000 and $250,000 to start. Most college students don’t have that kind of cash laying around. The unemployed “Beached White Male” is losing his home, his BMW and in many cases his family according to this article.

There is hope. Anyone with a cell phone, a computer, a few connections and under $1000 can start a network marketing business with unlimited potential. In fact network marketing offers the prospect of CEO level pay without
the typical restraints of going into an office and managing employees!

Imagine what a 19-25 year old could create by dedicating 4 years to the process of learning and practicing the business of network marketing. After 4 years he/she would have a business that is producing a consistent cash flow (residual income) that could far exceed any high paying job. Rather than graduating with a a degree offering theoretical knowledge and $60-$80,000 in debt, a young person can get educated by five and six figure monthly earners with real life experience and walk away with a business that produces a consistent flow of income and a lifestyle that no corporate
executive could ever dream of. I do work my business a few hours a day, but my life is a true perpetual vacation. If those on the traditional career track really knew, they would all be doing what I do for a living.

I know, most of my friends that stayed on the corporate track are in real trouble right now. They are coming to me for loans (I have been asked by close friends for over $100,000 in loans in the past 3 months. Mostly from people that are in trouble because of down-sizing and job losses) and many are desperately asking me how to do what I have done.

We have one of the only viable options in the marketplace today. The time has never been better to build a network marketing business. Besides everything we have talked about, there has never been a time in history that network marketing has had a better rap. Thanks to business leaders like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump and Paul Zane Pilzer, network marketing has gone mainstream. We have a track record of massive success and have withstood the courts and the test of time.

There has never been a better time to build a network marketing business.

Key’s to success

1. You must FIND the ones that are ready to change and to adopt a NEW way of thinking.
Most aren’t. Even many college students are surprisingly stuck in their beliefs about an old system that isn’t working any more.
2. You must quickly sort through people. Become attractive to others by being someone that others
want to be around. Become a conduit for adding value in a marketplace with lots of problems.
3. Practice reinventing yourself daily and stay fresh. Press your “reset” button as often as necessary. Stop-Breathe-Reset

I believe this is one of the greatest opportunities in our lifetime.

April 18, 2011

The biggest reason why most don’t make it in Network Marketing has little to do with actual skill. The reason most don’t make it is very simple and can be explained in an example.

I was sitting around an outdoor table at the pool in Orlando on Friday afternoon with a group of
seasoned Network Marketers and I asked the question “How many out of 100 would consider $100,000 a month too good to be true?”. Almost everyone agreed that 97 our of 100 would consider $100K per month too good to be true. I then asked “Of the 3, what percent of those would consider $100,000 per month too good to be true for THEM?” Everyone agreed that only a small fraction could begin to believe it was possible for them. I then proposed that until someone believes it’s possible for them, they will never take the actions necessary to achieve it. So coming into the game, until you can begin to believe it’s possible, you won’t believe that it’s worth taking the action for long enough to create the result you are looking for.

This is why so few make money in Network Marketing. Deep down, there is a limiting belief of what’s possible and most people don’t “stay the course” long enough to create the result. They stop believing that THEY can create the result they are looking for. Kody’s book, MLM Blueprint, will address this and the solution directly. (It’s not out yet, but it will be coming soon.)

Here are the most direct, simple strategies I can think of to get to the money you are looking for:

–Sponsor 100.
Where ever you are in your business, you need to get the numbers on your side.
Set a 2-3 year plan to sponsor 100 distributors. 3 per month for about 3 years is 100. Put together a grid and track yourself. Some months will be better than others. If you get off track, get back on it.

–Stay plugged in to your personal development.
You must continually be growing and developing POSITIVE HABITS. Your HABITS will get you through the tough times. If you are not plugged in, you’ll fall off track and never get back on when you have a week or a month that doesn’t meet your expectations. You must plan to be on the calls and at the events on a REGULAR BASIS whether you feel like it or not. Kody attributes his success to reading 2 personal development books per month for the past 20 years. I have read about 1 per month for the past 20 years as well. You must stay plugged in.

–Don’t quit on a bad day.
We all have tough days. Most people quit and get off track on a bad day and never come back. You must stay in action when things aren’t going so well. This is how you’ll grow through your challenges. If you don’t “work through the burn”, you’ll be destined to repeat that pattern over and over again wherever you go. It took me 11 companies in 10 years to figure this out. You must work through the burn and at the very least, don’t mentally check out when things are tough. Every top performing athlete, entertainer, entrepreneur and network marketer has this figured out. It’s not that tough. Don’t ever quit on a bad day!

Remember, doubt will take you out of action and action will take you out of doubt. The greatest cure for stagnation in your business is motion. Think about water. When it sits it gets stagnant and starts to stink. Motion is cleansing. Motion is life. Infuse life into your business by getting in to massive motion! ACTION IS MOTION. Get moving.

Something Eric Worre was talking about got me really excited about where we are in our history.
Eric interviewed networking great, Jeff Roberti last Thursday in Sarasota. Jeff has made $70 million (distributor commissions) in his company in the past 24 years. As far as I know he is the highest paid networker in the history of Network Marketing. We all learned some things from this interview. Eric was sharing some of Jeff’s interview with myself and Kody. Jeff said that every company goes through 3 phases of development.

1. Innovation
2. Growth
3. Maturation

Jeff’s company has gone through all three phases multiple times over the years. In fact about 20 years ago, most of Jeff’s leaders left when the company had to drastically change directions. Jeff stuck with it and went on to make 10’s of millions of dollars with his company. 10’s of thousands of people quit but Jeff hung in there.

My question for you is, where is SendOutCards in its phase of development. Are we in “Innovation”? Are we in “Growth” or are we in “Maturation”? Most people would agree that being in on the Innovation phase is fun but very volatile and challenging. Things change almost weekly and it’s very tough to make money. Many companies don’t make it through this phase because it’s tough to keep distributors happy. The “Growth” Phase is exciting and fun. This is where the checks rise very rapidly. A rising tide lifts all ships. This is what most companies call momentum. SendOutCards has not yet experienced momentum. The Maturation Phase is important but can also be a dangerous place to stay. When you are green you grow and when you are ripe you rot! A company can’t stay in the Maturation Phase for long or it will begin to stagnate. New innovations are essential to growth.

So where are we? SendOutCards is just entering the first phase of GROWTH. We are in a real sweet spot that typically lasts for 18 to 36 months. We are right between The Innovation Phase and The Growth Phase. Now is the time to launch your business. Now is the time to put MASSIVE energy into your business.

Eric was saying that his millions came in his last company as a result of the work he did in his first 3 to 6 months in his business. It took 5 years or so for all the money to flow in, but the groundwork was laid in his first 6 months. I was asked to analyze my numbers. As I looked at it, I worked 6-8 hours a day for my first 8 to 12 months in the business. I put the pedal to the metal in my first 5 weeks and signed up 38 distributors (that’s one a day). Most of the $6 million that I have made in SendOutCards came from the distributors I signed up in my first year. Guess what I’m in the process of doing now? I’m signing up another 100 distributors. Eric calls this “Wave 2”. I planning on launching my business into Phase 2. Anyone on this call can do the same thing. We are in a very unique spot that may never happen again. So let’s get to work!

See you on the Beach!Jordan

April 4, 2011- Only in Sendoutcards!IMPORTANT PERSECTIVE:

I shared this perspective with one of our top distributors recently.

Remember that 95% of the population can’t wrap their brains around making $10K or $100K per month, much less doing it in Network Marketing. Telling people that they can make rockstar money like $50K or $100K per month will turn them off. And besides that, it’s illegal to use that as an enticement to come into the business. If you are doing this, you must stop.

It’s important to get clear as to who your audience is. Before Network Marketing, most people aren’t even aware that $10K-$100K in income PER MONTH is a possibility. For some of you, your bar has been raised. Your ‘blueprint’ is expanded. But the great majority of people do not think that big.

Success in MLM is about getting LOTS of people that do a little. Most people can believe in $500 to $2000 a month extra (while they keep what they are currently doing) That amount may change for them as they grow.

Remember, it’s 95% of the population that believe they can earn an extra $500 to $2000 per month. Anything more than that, most people shut down. YOUR mind is wired differently than most now. We are looking to attract that 95% of the population.

Obama collected the highest amount in campaign contributions of any Presidential hopeful because he figured out how to get $1 to $20 from millions of people rather than doing what all other candidates do (Go after a few people with a lot of money). Same principle here.

To get the big checks, focus on helping lots of people get the little checks – This is an important principle. Remember your audience.

Again, I just want to emphasize that you are not to use income projections and claims of making big money to entice people to join you. The regulators are strongly opposed to this and many companies have been shut down by it. Keep it clean. Show people how they can start off making some extra money and as their vision grows, they will see the potential.


This past Saturday my mom, Parke, and their newest distributor, Kesha Carter (who also lives in my parents’ neighborhood), threw a Send Out Cards party at Kesha’s house. They asked me to come and speak, so I drove to Savannah for the weekend.

My mom asked for my advice, so I did a lot of coaching before the event. I kept telling them to keep it as simple as possible so that the guests would feel like it was something they could do too. No fancy cooking, just store-bought snacks, so guests wouldn’t feel like they have to cook or spend a lot of money if they threw their own SOC parties. No elaborate presentations, just show the video and tell stories. No pressure to buy anything, just the offer to get a free gift account.

They were going to limit the number of invitations out of fear that there’d be too many people there. I told them to invite as many people as they wanted, since you never know how many will actually come. :) They ended up inviting 65 folks.

20 people showed up! Isn’t that amazing?!

We put lots of beautiful cards (most of them had fun photos and captions) on a table so people could take a look at them. People kept oohing and aahing over them.

Kesha opened the meeting by talking about a couple of fun cards she made. Then we had her two little kids introduce the video. :)

My mom showed them a Big Card I sent her (with pictures of us from a trip we took to Paris) and told them how much she liked to travel. In the card I told her we were going to Australia next year, so she told them we were going to the TER there next year.

Parke told them about how we went to the TER in Phoenix and how much fun it was. He got applause! :)

I told the story about the guy who found the business card Sara Basloe accidentally left on the table at the coffee shop and about how he reunited with his daughter through sending her cards. How can that not touch your heart?

At the end of the party we asked them to fill out a contact form if they wanted a free gift account (and to be entered into a drawing for a prize) and everyone filled one out.

We also did 2 drawings with copies of Beach Money as the prize. :)

People stuck around for awhile afterwards to mingle and ask questions. I think they were just having a good time, which is exactly the atmosphere we wanted to create. I wanted them to see how much fun being a part of SOC is, and I think that’s exactly what we accomplished.

And get this–a neighbor Tara, who lives across the street from Kesha, signed up as a distributor on the spot!� So Kesha, who Parke signed up, now has her first team member.

65 invited, 20 show up. That’s phenomenal. And then for someone to sign up that day–icing on the cake. I told my mom, Parke,and Kesha that now they were probably spoiled and would expect this kind of success every time they threw a party. :)

Of course I’m delighted a distributor signed up but you know what excites me just as much–who knows how many seeds we planted, Jordan…

What fun! :)



I came to the computer this morning to tell you a story about a big card I sent. We have dear friends – one can’t hear and one can’t see but they have been married 60 years this June and are delightful. Jack is legally blind with macular degeneration but can see big things. So for his 84th birthday on April 1st I sent him a big card. Upon arriving home last night the answering machine was blinking. Bev had called for Jack. I called back and he got on the phone anxious to thank us for the card.� I hopped in the car and drove over to see it. The delight on his face was worth a million dollars. He loved it. Bev’s comment, “We are going to show every one this card!”

Isn’t Send Out Cards pure joy.

Jeff thank you for your encouraging emails. I will make it to the top. I am the tortoise, so it seems, but this race will be finished – one step at a time.




I had a coach in Elementary School that had a huge impact on my life. I saw him at a reunion concert about 6 months ago. He’s in his mid 70’s and is healthy and still in great shape. We took lots of photos and I sent him a big card with LOTS of photos from the concert with people he taught in school. I said in the card:

“Hey Coach! We were so fortunate to have you as a teacher and a coach growing up. After seeing you at Buddy’s concert, I was reminded of what a positive influence you were in my life. You always had a smile and something nice to say. I always looked forward to gym class with you. You made a difference in my life. Thanks you.”

He sent me a card back . . . it had a $20 bill in it:

“Please accept this small token of money for a dinner or bottle of wine. Would you please send me some info about your company or order forms that I could pass on to my friends? Your comments brought sunshine to me. Thank you so very much”


I received a card this week from Todd Rundstrom. Todd lives in Kearney, Nebraska. He sent me a card to thank me for my motivation, education and to tell his story.

He signed up 3 years ago under Chad Bamrick. He’s a professional photographer and he’s sent hundreds of cards. He sent me this card from an internet cafe FROM A CITY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AMAZON RAIN FOREST IN PERU! He came to the city of Iquitos in the heart of the Peruvian Jungle, three years ago for one week to photograph the rainforest and river. While there he met a woman named Manuela. They fell in love and he returned last year to spend 3 months with her.

Here’s some of what he said the ‘Big Card’ he sent to me:

“Being in a foreign country did not stop me from listening to your Monday night calls. I could only get to an internet cafe about once per week. My time was always limited and it was a really slow connecting, but I was able to send a few cards each week and download a call or two from website and listen to them when I got back to the apartment.

To finish my story, I returned to the Amazon three months ago and married Manuela on Jan 1st. Now she too is hooked on SOC because she loves sending cards and gifts to all offer ‘new’ family and friends in the States! Most of all she is excited to work with me building the business.

The best thing is our ability to keep in touch with friends and family back in the States. We never miss a birthday or anniversary and the cards are always received on time. The concept of sending cards and gifts from the middle of the Amazon Rainforest is absolutely mind-blowing, especially without the cost and delays of international mail.

Last night we listened to your most recent recorded calls about going to the ‘Oscars (which we watched her on Peruvian TV) and Big Cards. We were inspired by your tip to send a BIG CARD to someone famous we’d like to meet. So THIS IS IT! You are receiving the first Big Card we are sending and our newest ‘I am’ statement is ‘We are friends with Jordan Adler!’ As soon as her visa is approved shell be immigrating to the USA and we are both looking forward to meeting you at a future SOC event!”



Last Thursday night I was invited to the House of Blues Foundation Room by Eagle, Bob Golden to see a Magician. His name was Seth. He was off the charts. He was signing up into SOC this week. The room was spectacular with floor to ceiling views of the strip from the 40th floor.

After the show, the crowd of about 50 filtered out and there were only 4 people left in the room. I was speaking with Bob and two others. Talking about nothing substantial. We talked for about one and a half hours. At some point, a lady named Loren asked Bob what he “does”. He said he was in the greeting card business and she said, “I use a product called SendOutCards”. I told her Bob was #6 in the company and she started talking about her background. It turns out she’s a top earner with another health related Network Marketing company. Somehow, Tony Robbins name came up and I said, “I just returned from a seminar in Fiji”. She said, “Tony and Sage are great friends of mine. I’ve worked for Tony Robbins for 22 years and I designed the Life Mastery Program.” About 2 hours into our talk, Bob says my name and she says, “What’s your name?” I say “Jordan Adler” And she about falls to the ground. She says that she’s been trying to get ahold of me because she’s an author and she wa
nts me to speak to her team on a call for her network marketing company. We figured out that we both know many of the same people and some of her close personal friends are also my close personal friends.

She has authored 2 books. One of them made Oprah’s books list and became a National Best-Seller.

But here’s where the story starts:

She attends a Kabbalah Center and wears a red piece of yarn on her wrist symbolizing her connection to God. Her son wears the same thing. She went into a store a few years ago and the guy behind the counter was very rude to her. He mocked her for wearing the red yarn around her wrist. She told me
he was a “real jerk”. She had gone into this store a few times and he was always very mean. In fact, a couple of times she tried to hide the yarn with her sleeve so he couldn’t see it.

Years ago she wrote her second book, Life Tuneups: Your Personal Plan to Find Balance, Discover Your Passion, and Step into Greatness. It did very poorly. She had about 400 copies in her garage. One day she received a call from a Non-Profit that they wanted 250 books. Months later, she got notified that through the organization, Target wanted to pick up the book. This sounded good on the surface, but each store only wanted 4 books and if the book didn’t sell, Loren needed to ‘buy back’ all of the inventory. Well, the book didn’t sell and she was questioning why she even wrote it.

Remember the guy behind the counter that was mean to her? Well, she walked into the store recently and he was there. She didn’t want to deal with him. At the same time, she was also questioning why she wrote her book. As she was checking out, she noticed a tattoo with a quote on his forearm. She asked about it and he tried to change the topic. She asked again “Where did you get that quote??”

He said he was down and out, dealing with some serious personal financial and family issues and actually contemplating suicide. He was working at Target at the time and was in the breakroom trying to figure out how he was going to kill himself. Her book was sitting on a table in the break room and he picked it up and read from it. There was a quote in there that saved his life. So he had it tattooed on his forearm.


1. You never know who you are talking to
2. You never know the impact you are having on other people

This captures the essence of our SendOutCards business. When you send out words of encouragement in a card, you are changing the world for the better. The impact of your words and actions are far reaching. They transcend the scope of our awareness. We are in the best business in the world.

Check out

March 28, 2011


One thing you probably know about me is that I like things to be simple and fundamental.
If they are not, people just won’t do them. So pardon me if these ideas sound really simplistic. In my view, they are and that’s why they work!

I’ll start by telling you exactly where and how I meet people to show the business to. I have never been a “mass recruiter”, but I have always consistently brought in 3-4 new distributors per month since I started back in early 2005 (I signed up in late 2004, but really didn’t get going until 2005). In the beginning, I came into SendOutCards with a large list of contacts (people I had met for years and years prior to being in SOC) so I started there and began to contact them.

My conversation with each person started with a the story of how I heard about SendOutCards and why I’m excited about it. You each have a story (it’s how and why you got started).

This is exactly what I said:

“I want to tell you a quick story . . . about a month ago I started getting cards in the mail from a guy I didn’t know. His name was Demarr. He sent me 5 or 6 cards and in a few of them there was a DVD. After getting 4 DVD’s I finally watched one. What I saw got me really excited because when I was a child my mom used to make me write thank-you cards. I had stopped doing it because I got too busy. The DVD gave me a way to start doing it again. I called him and he had me send a card on the system. As soon as I sent the card, I decided I had to sign up. It cost $745 back then and honestly I would have paid $5000 for the system. The next day started using it and the response I got from people was off the charts. I then realized the millions of people are going to want this system and so I decided to build it as a business.

That leads me to why I wanted to talk to you. You may or may not be interested, but I thought I would
let you decide that (not me). I want to show it to you. I think you’ll like it. You tell me if it’s not one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen. Do you have a few minutes now in front of your computer?”

So you see, I started with a simple story of how and why I got started and then I asked each person
to take a look at it. I started calling 4-10 people per day from the list of people that I knew personally.

Over the next 2-3 years, I continued to show it to people and meet new people.
Here are the people that I am showing the business to today:

1. People from my past that I have stayed in touch with over the years that are just now beginning to express interest (about 50% of the people I’m sponsoring).

2. People that I have reconnected with from my past through Facebook.

3. People that I recently met through some type of business interaction like a seminar, event or sales call.

My 7 most recent sign ups:

Karla Oleson Tritle – We went to High School together. Reconnected on FB.

Sabra Rita – My first roommates wife and close friend. Been sending cards to them for months.

Kathy McAlpine – Met at a BNI Seminar in Reno

Executrans Sedan and Limos – My driver that takes me to the airport in AZ. He has been talking about using SOC for over a year. Had him send a card about 6 months ago. Just signed up.

Nicole Schell – Met at a seminar in Fiji with her husband Paul. Has a pain clinic in Santa Monica. Been sending them cards for a year. She contacted me and said she was interested.

Connie Cagley – Met at Paradise bakery. I was opening Holiday cards. They came over to inquire
as to what I was doing . . . They had been approached 2 years ago and then lost touch with the person that showed them. We became friends and I called them and walked them through the system. Invited them to the AZ Treat ‘Em Right. They signed up afterwards in the parking lot.

Jane Geary – Reconnected on FB. We exchanged ‘Inbox’ messages and then she expressed interest. Did a GAW and then invited her to a Super Saturday event in Chicago. She signed up the next day.

So you see, some of these people are people that I recently met and some are people that I have known for years. Some are people that I have showed the business to long ago that are just now coming around and others signed up fairly quickly after seeing it.

About 3 weeks ago I was shopping like a mad man to furnish my new place in Vegas and I met about 30 people from different sales environments. Most all of them had business cards. Some of them I purchased from and some I didn’t. I made sure I had a good mailing address for each one. I’m in the process of sending cards to all of them thanking them. I actually took photos in some of the stores. I bought some artwork and memorabilia for my walls and I took a photo with the guys that sold it to me. Some of them have already received brownies and called me to thank me. I’m building rapport with each of them.

The guy that showed me the condo in Vegas has also received a thank you card, brownies and a follow up card with photos after the living room had been furnished. We are becoming friends but I have not shown him the business yet.

The people that work here in the building are all becoming good friends. I smile. I’m friendly. I ask them questions about their lives. I want to know where they are from. How long they have been in Vegas. Why they moved here. How they like it. What they do on their free time, etc. I’m sending cards to them thanking them for always treating me so well when I come home. There are about 12 employees that I know by first name now and I could call any one of them and schedule a time in front of a computer. We have rapport.

Rapport is by far the most important factor in determining whether someone will agree to meet with you.


So where do you meet people? Here’s my answer: DO YOUR LIFE! Get out and live life to the fullest. ENGAGE with people and do your best to get into their world by asking questions and listening. Be likable by liking others.

Do you plan to buy some things in the next 3-5 years? What do you plan on buying? Go shopping for it now. Meet the salespeople and get business cards. Be respectful and appreciative of their time with you. Thank them and promise to stay in touch. Then stay in touch! Be generous. Send a $5 starbucks card or a box of brownies if you really connect with them.


Most importantly, it’s not so much what you say as much as it is your level of communication. Here’s an example of what I say (but almost nothing will work if you have not built some level of rapport).

a. The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz
b. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

I say:

“Hey Ernie . . . it’s Jordan (he knows me because I have talked to him a few times and have some rapport with him). I’ve been wanting to call you because I want to show you something when you have a few minutes in front of your computer. I know you have an idea what I do from the cards I’ve been sending you, but rather than me deciding for you, I want to give you a chance to see it for yourself. When do you think I could catch you in a quiet place in front of your computer?”

Again, once you have laid the groundwork you can say pretty much anything and they will be open to it because you have built a relationship of trust.

If they don’t respond positively, no problem! Simply send them a nice respectful card and then continue to stay in touch.

Another thing you might say:

“Hey Dawn, I was thinking about you the other day and I was wondering if I can ask you a crazy question. Do you keep your options open for other business ideas? In other words, if I were to show you something that would take little of your time that could possibly leverage into something that could eventually replace what you are already doing, would you be willing to TAKE A LOOK?”

Your goal is simply to get them to “TAKE A LOOK”.

THEY DECIDE (not you) which direction to go after looking at the product, the company and the business. I give people permission to say “no” and then I show it to them. Where ever they are after looking at it is just fine. I never try and force them into a decision.


My only advice is to be sure to ask them if they want to get started when they express some interest. If someone says, “This is cool, how do I get started?” Or if they say, “How much does this all cost?” After answering their questions, always say something like, “Are you ready to go?” Or MAKE A SUGGESTION like: “It will take us 5 minutes to set up your account and you can start using it tonight”. If you ask someone to start before they have some interest, it will be perceived as pressure. If they are showing signs that they want to get going, asking them is a welcome process.


This is probably the main reason why people get discouraged. We hear it over and over again. ‘It’s not going fast enough!’ First of all, your frustrations are real and you will always have them. Even the greatest business leaders get frustrated from time to time. The key is learning to manage your frustrations so they don’t paralyze you or cause you to quit. We all have EXPECTATIONS about the way we think it should go. If it doesn’t meet our EXPECTATIONS, we get discouraged or frustrated.
There are many things that can get us frustrated:

a. Your good friend signs up and quits
b. 3 people tell you they are ready to sign up and then they don’t ever pull the trigger
c. Your check is significantly less than you thought it would be
d. The demands on your time become so great, you can’t seem to find time to work your business
e. Your top distributor (or your only distributor) has a problem that causes them to get discouraged.
f. Your dog eats your kit.

In real life, we have things that happen (let’s call them our CIRCUMSTANCES) that trigger feelings of disappointment. We ALL experience these things and if we let them they can cause SETBACKS.
The key to success in ANY BUSINESS is to not ever let the highs get too high or the lows get to low.
How you MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS will determine how high you climb in this business. Your disappointments will turn to victories if you learn to embrace them and find the lessons in them (as tough as this can be at times). Sometimes our frustrations can knock the wind out of us. That’s okay. It’s part of the journey. Don’t ever let crisis turn into ruin. Your key to success will be YOUR ABILITY TO QUICKLY REFOCUS ON THE NEXT PERSON TO SHOW IT TO AND EVENTUALLY GET STARTED.

I recently had a 60-day dry spell where I signed up no one. I kept meeting new people, and setting up times to show them SendOutCards. Between the new people and a few that I showed it to years ago that recently expressed interest, I all of a sudden had 10 people that were ‘actively’ in the pipeline. 3 signed up in the past 10 days. And there are 7 that say they are going to do it . . . but ALL are dragging their feet. The key is to fill the pipeline with so many people that you are never waiting by the phone for someone to call you back. Always fall forward (in skiing, you lean downhill into the bottom of the mountain . . . leaning back towards the mountain will cause you to fall). Lean into your frustrations by
focusing forward on NEW PEOPLE all the time. Always ask ‘Who’s next?’ Remember this is a business of exposing new people to our product and opportunity. It’s the only way we grow! Dwelling on your disappointments is the equivalent of leaning backwards. Alway ‘lean’ ahead . . . never look back.

Each day, thousands of people become perfect candidates for SOC. Literally YESTERDAY, their situation wasn’t right. The timing wasn’t right for them. But something changed and TODAY they are perfect candidates. They got married, they got divorced, they got laid off, they laid off their staff, they
got a pay cut, they got injured and got fired, they turned 18, they had their 3rd child, etc. When things change, many times someone that had no interest is now interested. Our job is to find them and show them.

I have found that virtually all frustrations you will have can be quickly remedied by sponsoring a new distributor. The tendency is to think that when it get’s to certain point, the frustrations will go away. Do you think Kody’s frustrations are gone? Absolutely not! In fact, the bigger we get, the more frustrations he will have! He has frustrations he has to deal with every day! Here’s how he handles them:

1. He focuses on the BIG PICTURE of SOC. He always goes back to WHY he is doing the business.
2. He LETS GO of the frustration quickly and seeks out the lesson he can learn based on the circumstances at hand.

Here’s the bottom line. Your frustrations are your TEST to determine whether you are prepared for success. Kenny Troutt told me that if he had become a billionaire over night, he would have lost all of his money. He needed to learn the lessons of success in order to become a great steward of success. In other words, he needed to walk through the fire. Learning to MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS THROUGH TIMES OF STRESS AND TIMES OF TRIUMPH are keys to building a successful business. I don’t believe that anyone can grow a successful team without learning to navigate the seas of doubt, fear, frustration and disappointment. Your paycheck will reflect your ability to grow through these emotions for yourself and then help others do the same.

February 7, 2011

TEAM CALL – ‘Hidden Elements’ 2/7/11
My name is Jordan Adler and if we haven’t met I want to quickly introduce myself
and how I started in this business. I started my business just like you. Demarr
introduced me to SendOutCards back in late 2004 by sending me cards with DVD’s and
emails. By the way, the DVD he sent me was one that about 1/2 the people in SOC didn’t like.
But it was good enough to get my interest.

After getting deluged with cards from Demarr, I finally watched the DVD. He also emailed me.
I didn’t get a special deal and I signed up just like you. I paid my money ($745) and joined SOC as a
brand new distributor with zero distributors in my downline. I had boxes and boxes of business
cards and knew lots of people that had businesses.The top person in SOC was earning about 1/2 what I
needed just to pay my bills. But I didn’t join SOC to build the business. I joined because I believed that
the SendOutCards service was something that I needed to support my life. In fact after Demarr had me send a card, I couldn’t see myself without it. I decided to build it after realizing that virtually everyone needs SendOutCards.

Some of the people that I sponsored in my first two years were:

Judy O’Higgins
Jim Packard
Bob and Betty Ann Golden (2nd Level under Jana Rengifo)
Todd Falcone (Didn’t really work it for about 2 years and still works part time)
Mark Herdering
Jerry Knight

Judy and Mark had limited success in Network Marketing in the past. By the way, Mark did 58 gift account walk throughs before he got his first distributor signed up (Sara and Bobby Basloe – they have 2500 in their downline today).

Todd is one of the most successful MLM Trainers in the entire profession but I really didn’t know him very well. I sent him cards after attending one of his seminars. He was one of 8 other trainers that I sent cards to, Jim Packard was an Entrepreneur but had no MLM experience. I didn’t know Jim when I signed up. He was a referral from a friend who didn’t initially get involved with us. Bob and Betty Ann didn’t really get going working SOC for about 18 months after I brought them in. By the way, Jerry Knight and Mark Herdering are SM’s with thousands in their groups. Jerry was my assistant for years and retired from Phelps Dodge about 10 years ago. She is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet. She has Sam and Cid Merrill (Execs from AZ) in her downline. Jerry had never experienced success in Network Marketing in the past.

You might notice that Tommy Wyatt and Curtis Lewsey are not on this list. That is because they didn’t get signed up for almost 3 years after I signed up. They are ‘Eagle’s’ today with thousands in their organization.

By the way this group represents over $2 million A MONTH in volume to the company and has over 55,000 distributors in their collective downlines. Their leaders read like the ‘who’s who’ of SendOutCards. None of these individuals can take credit for their success . . . the people they have sponsored have led them to others that have gone out a done it. They have done a great job of ‘passing the torch’. Because of that they have fantastic lifestyles today.

This group represents over 90% of my organization and I have signed up a total of 217 people in 6 years. This means that 1 out of 31 represent over 90% of my entire group. (217 divided by 7) However keep in mind that about 60 of my 217 came in during the past two years. It’s unfair to count them because a few of them (3) are growing very quickly. You will notice that the numbers are about 1 in 30 that build a really strong organization.

What can you learn from all of this?

1. You must figure out how to consistently bring in 1-4 new distributors per month.
2. Some people get started because they love our product. Some want to make money.
3. Typically 1 in 20 to 30 will build it big over time. The others will become users of the product
or my get sidetracked and quit.
4. Some people sign up and take months before they ever get going.
5. Some people have lots of experience in MLM and others have none.
6. Virtually ALL of these individuals were HUNGRY and weren’t afraid to learn, grow and go to work.

The other day I had someone that was ‘dogging’ a new and upcoming leader. This person
is growing very very fast and they were trying to discredit him somehow . . . I heard “Yeah but
he had lots and lots of people he knew from another company when he signed up!” Implied in this
is somehow it’s unfair. I said, “No, it’s not unfair. He spent the past 25 years developing relationships with people that trust him. He is reaping the rewards of building those networks of people. You can’t take anything away from him for that. What can you learn from him? When you have lots and lots of people that like you and trust you, your business will grow very very quickly. We have the only product in the profession that can help you do that!. AND it’s what we teach at our seminars and on our conference calls. This is your opportunity to do the same thing”

So let’s talk about some of those ‘hidden elements’ that can make or break you . . . as I was coming up with this call, I realized that the only thing that is really important are the fundamentals. The fundamentals will make you or break you. Vince Lombardi used to start each season with ‘This is a football’. He would teach the basics and drill the fundamentals. Everyone seems to be looking for the magic bullet. Like there is something we’re not telling you (why would we do that????) The more successful you are the more successful we are . . . it doesn’t make sense to hold anything back. I POUR myself into you each Monday Night hoping that you’ll get what you need to grow to the next level. And I continually scour the trainings of those more successful than myself so that I can continue to grow.

1. DREAM – INVEST IN THEM “Public declaration of your dreams will recruit others that
believe in them and expose those that will undercut you” Randy Gage This is the greatest
gift you can give yourself and your family. Start dreaming again and then begin to live your
dreams TODAY. Take $100 a month and do something that will feed your dream. Increase it
as your income grows. This is one of the most important thinggs you can do. When you become inspired, others around you will become inspired. If you were on the outside looking into your life, would you look and say . . . ‘I want to be just like him/her?’ Think about it . . . when you meet someone that has a dream life, at some level you say to yourself ‘I want what he/she has . . . maybe I should listen!’ Strive to become that person by living your life NOW. It has little to do with what you HAVE. It has to do with who you are and who you are becoming on the journey. People are attracted to the ENERGY OF GROWTH.

2. THE ENERGY YOU SEND OUT (Mya Angelo Quote)
Your Cards – What you talk about – Sponsoring – Superbowl Party

3. PATIENCE DON’T PUSH – Give people the space to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
Let them move towards you. Fill your pipeline with so many people that you don’t get anxious when someone doesn’t call you back. Get 100 people in the pipeline. The worst thing you can do is wait by the phone for someone to call you to tell you they are interested. Become an ‘educator’ look for the people that give you permission to take the next step with them.

I had a guy come up to me and say ‘hi’. I had met him once before. I asked him what he was up
to and within 30 seconds he started to go into the comp of his travel company mlm and then told me
I need to sign up for it. At half time he found out I have 60,000 in my downline and went in for the attack! DON’T DO THIS!!!! If someone asks you what you do, give them a 30 second HIGH LEVEL overview and if they express a little interest, tell them you will set up a time to meet with them about it. Don’t present the business on the run.

5. LEARN TO TELL STORIES THAT INSPIRE and MOTIVATE – David Magic at dinner. Start with ‘Can I tell you a quick story? . . . ‘ and then tell the story. I have noticed that most of the great business builders have learned to become great story tellers. Give examples with stories.

AND THE CARDS YOU SEND OUT. IT’S INVISIBLE. Because people will watch you as you build your business . . . some will come around later. It’s all about THEIR timing and not yours. You’ll planting seeds. Most of you haven’t even been in the business for 3 years yet Tommy and Curtis started working the business after my 3rd year. You must don’t know when that one person will join you that will go to town. The cards you send and the conversations you have can create an invisible momentum that can take months or years to come to fruition.

IT’S ABOUT YOU AND THE ENERGY YOU SEND OUT INTO THE WORLD. YOU GET BACK WHAT YOU SEND OUT. If you don’t like the result you are getting, take a look at the energy you are sending out. 2 days ago after sending a card on our system, a guy said to me . . . okay, now let’s look at the comp plan because if the comp plan doesn’t make sense, there’s no need to move forward. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Comp plans don’t make winners. Every company has big earners and lots of people that sign up and set their kit on the refrigerator waiting for money to fall from the sky. Your success if about your energy and who you attract. (The card sitting on my coffee table – melts my heart). When someone tells you that their comp plan is ‘better’ run the other way. There is socialism and there is capitalism. A comp plan where everyone makes money regardless of whether they do the work is a socialistic comp plan. There has never been a successful program where everyone mak
e money because 90% of the people aren’t willing to do any work. Everyone is equally a loser. You want to be part of a system that rewards you for creating value with lots and lots of people.

8.YOU TEND TO ATTRACT WHAT YOU BELIEVE – If you have doubts about network marketing, you’ll probably struggle because you’ll attract others that doubt. Again . . . it goes back to the energy you are sending out. If you believe in the dream you tend to attract others like you. If you are attracting lazy and unmotivated people, it’s important to really dig in to your personal development. Go back and read, ‘The Business of the 21st Century’ by Robert Kiyosaki. Re-read ‘Promptings’ by Kody Bateman. When you doubt, others will doubt. When you believe, others will believe.

9. TO STAY POSITIVE YOU MUST STAY PLUGGED IN – We do live in a very negative world. It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama of negativity that’s all around us. Even if it’s 15-30 minutes a day, read from a personal development book or listen to a CD in your car. You’ll be happier and you’ll raise happier children.

10. CHALLENGES ARE THE GIFT YOU MUST EMBRACE TO GROW AND SUCCEED – As difficult as it is and as tough as your life may become at times, the gift of challenge will fuel your growth like nothing else will. Take each challenge as a lesson to re-create your life in a way that will serve you and your family better. We hear it over and over again, but as soon as you can view each challenges as a gift, your life will transform at breakneck speed. Rather than being a victim to your challenges, be the source of positive change that is guided by your challenges.

11. ALWAYS BUILD WITH INTEGRITY – Always do the right thing. Imagine you are in the front of the room and someone comes up to you and says, ‘I was sent here by someone in _(another state)_ and I don’t really know them very well. I would like you to be my sponsor instead’. You are one distributor away from winning the company trip. If you sponsor this person, it will bump you up one spot. It’s the very end of the challenge and this one person can mean the difference as to whether you go on the trip or not. What should you do? As you grow a large organization, you will be tested with these types of situations each week. You integrity will be challenged. Your reputation is never worth risking over a check or a promotion. A check is one time, but your integrity is forever. Protect it at all costs. Usually when you start making decisions that will benefit you and hurt others, it will come back to bite you on the butt. Don’t cut corners. When you build with integrity, in the long r
un you will always come out on top. We treat each other with respect and we do our best to do things that will serve and not hurt others.

12. YOU MUST GET PEOPLE IN FRONT OF THEIR COMPUTER AND HAVE THEM SEND A CARD TO SOMEONE THEY CARE ABOUT. BE THERE WITH THEM IN PERSON OR OVER THE PHONE WHEN THEY DO IT. – Let’s dissect this. It’s a misconnect for MANY people. Here are the most important components of this statement:

a. You must have THEM send a card (not you, THEM)
b. They must send it to someone THEY care about (not to themselves – to someone they love like a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, child or parent)
c. You should be ‘with’ them when they do it . . . most people won’t go all the way through to sending the card unless you stay with them until they hit the ‘SEND’ button. People get sidetracked very easily in our fast paced, technology saturated society. Schedule the time and be with them all the way through.

SOMETHING MAGICAL HAPPENS WHEN SOMEONE SENDS A CARD TO SOMEONE THEY LOVE. AND THEN THEY GET THE BENEFIT OF THE FEEDBACK ONCE THAT PERSON RECEIVES THE CARDS. This is a disconnect for many of you. You are hoping someone will ‘get it’ by just watching the video and its very rare. THEY must send a card on the system. If you have stopped doing this, please go back to it. You’ll see much better results :)

Thank you!


January 24, 2011Rank Advancement for this week!

Rolodex Award:
Monica Parker

Marlon Shaw
Molly Tillyer
Britta Hammond
Melissa Carey Perkins
Andy Fulghum
Diane Lazarowicz
Robin Elliott
Sally Anier
Natalie Clunan

Senior Managers:
Desiree Golden-Borchelt
Nicole Pearson
Gretel Haeussler
Don Larson
Marketing Motivator


(Register right now on your MAIN MENU. Consider
sending an invitation to your potential distributors to attend).

I like charging guests $25 to attend. That way they have some ‘skin in the game’. They are more likely to show up. You could even tell them that you will refund their money if they show up. It also let’s you
find out how serious they really are. Tell them that you can get tickets discounted at $25 because you are a distributor.

JAN 29TH – Orange County
FEB 12TH – Phoenix
FEB 26TH – Atlanta


Rolodex Award – Do 100 Gift account walk-throughs and then send Megan an e-mail at and you’ll receive special recognition from me, a cool rolodex pin and a Jim Rohn CD. for details.

Random Acts of Kindness – The stories will bring tears to your eyes. We have some beautiful people that are hurting and need to receive cards from you. PASSWORD: thecoolbuzz

Cruise – SM at Sea – Come on a cruise with myself, Kody and Jodi B and most of SOC’s top leaders!
Get promoted to Senior Manager between Jan 1, 2011 and Apr 15, 2011. If you are already there, you’ll need to sponsor 10 $398 wholesale packages with the $59 distributor option OR build 3 success units to qualify to go with us. Nothing like it! We did this in 2007 and the experience is PRICELESS!

Before we start . . . many of the questions I received appeared that the asker thought I work
for corporate. One question was, ‘When are YOU going to open an East Coast printing facility?’ I want you all to know that I am a distributor just like you. I signed up and paid my money to get started. I built the business one distributor at a time. I had lots and lots of people that told me they were going to do it and then fall off the face of the earth. I get told no. I have had over 100 people sign up with me personally and never do anything. I get discouraged from time to time. My business is a roller coaster just like yours. I have good days and tough days.

Here are two things that can help you get through the tough times:

1. Never quit on a bad day. You will have bad days. The key is to keep going even when things get rough. You won’t want to quit if you keep going because something good is right around the corner (always).

2. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.
Last Wednesday my phones started ‘exploding’! I was getting calls every 2 minutes from people wanting to ‘get going again’. Interestingly, I also had questions like, ‘What am I doing wrong?’ Well #1, if you are calling me to ‘Get Going’ again, that’s the first thing you are doing wrong . . . until your organization is exploding, starting and stopping is a terrible strategy for success.

Once again, I am not Corporate. I focus on business building and I let Kody and our amazing
leadership staff do what they do best. Our suggestions are invaluable to them. Continue to make them.
If I have a suggestion, I send it to
I told Kody in 2005 when I first got started, “Kody, if you don’t change a thing, I’ll build this to 1,000,000 distributors. Now obviously I can’t do it on my own. I can sign up a few who sign up a few, etc. But before we ever had glossy finish, gift cards, gifts, card stamping robots, PP 2.0, etc etc etc, we had a program that allowed someone to send a personalized greeting card in the mail with the click of a button. That, in and of itself, is a miracle.

I received about 40 concerns, complaints and suggestions today. They are all valid, I suppose, however they are not relevant to whether you can build a successful business. Without any of the things suggested, we have built a $60 million company and our team has over 60,000 distributors. Please send your concerns and questions to Corporate and then go out and build your business. We have the best program in the industry . . . threes nothing like it! Keep the main thing the main thing!

1. You can send a card to anyone in the world.
2. You can send a gift to most anyone in the world.
3. When you show others how to do the same thing, you get a check.
4. As people continue to use the service you keep getting paid.

What else is really important?

Regarding the question of an east coast facility . . . the answer is ‘I don’t know’. I do know that prior to being in SOC, I had no idea how long it took a card to arrive once it’s dropped in the mailbox. I do know that prior to SOC I sent about 3 cards a year and now I send 10,000 a year! I guess my attitude is . . . it get’s there when it get’s there. Hit send and a few days later, they get the card! Seriously, isn’t that what’s important. Now that we are all in the business, we have to track EXACTLY when it arrives.

Kody will expand internationally when it makes sense to do so. He will add an east coast facility when it makes sense to do so. There will be additional languages introduced when it makes sense to do so. It’s all coming. Right now, let’s do our part to make it easier for him to do his part.
Let’s build the business.

COMMON QUESTION – Do you use the automated ‘Kody Bateman’ walk-through or do you manually
walk them through sending a card?

A: I do both. I probably use Kody about 50% of the time. If you can send a card, you can show someone
else how to send a card. Don’t let the technology get in the way of getting the job done. What ever you need to do, have them send a card on the system. ID#
Have them click on SEND A CARD (#2) and Kody will do it for you.
OR you can open their contact in your contact manager, click on ENABLE GIFT ACCOUNT and give them a USER ID and PASSWORD along with an allotment of points and postage. Have them log in and coach them through sending a card.

Linda Kirby – Gold Coast Australia (Incoming)

What has been the most common “hot button”for people to join SOC?

A: I would say, to earn an extra income (not to get rich) and to make it easy to spread appreciation and gratitude through sending cards – Most people think about doing it but they don’t because they are too busy.

Michael Hall, Manager – Memphis (Incoming)

Jordan-When exchanging business cards at networking functions,(like BNI), have you had much success getting people to visit your SOC website and/or watch the video & actually send a gift card on their own? Or, do you just follow up all the time and do GAW’s either in person or over the phone?

A: I don’t try and get people to go to my website . . . I want them on the phone with me so I can walk them through it and answer their questions. You have no control when they are on their own. I have found that only about 1 in 100 will log on and actually send a card. Stack the cards in your favor. Set up a time to be with them when they go through everything.

Deb Schense – North Liberty, IA (Incoming)

Everybody says the “fortune is in the follow-up”. Let’s say you have a prospect whom you haven’t heard back from after a GAW. What do you say when you call them back? Anything on follow-up would be helpful. Thanks.

A: I first find out if they have gone back in and sent another card or two. Even though I can look and see, I want to ask them. They usually have some questions. I never call and say ‘So are you ready to do it?’ I may call them with some follow up info that they might find helpful or a link to a conference call that I ask them to listen to. I will always follow up with a couple of fun cards and maybe some brownies or a $5 starbucks card. Your job is to ‘Advance’ their interest until the timing is right for them to get going. If they are completely ‘cold’, I put them in my ‘POTENTIALS’ group and send them a fun card with photos every 1-3 months. When a new DVD comes out I always send it to them. If there is a Treat’EmRight in their area, I invite them. I’m always looking for a reason to call them to move them to the next step if they are positive about things.

Suzanne Manziek – Pensacola (Incoming)

Hi Jordan- My name is Suzanne Manziek and I am an SOC distributor just getting started. I attended the convention in September (what an awesome experience) and really did not start working the business until after the convention. I have since approached several personal contacts one of which is a stockbroker. He loves the concept but said it would have to be approved by the compliance department. I spoke to corporate and they sent me an explanation of the security of our website for SOC which I forwarded to compliance and received no response. My contact has called me several times expressing his interest but he needs compliance Dept. approval. I wondered if you had personally signed up any stockbrokers and if so how you handled the issue of compliance for financial firms such as this one. I am really hoping that you have. This account that I am trying to get is a person here in Pensacola, Florida that is very well connected and I really feel like he would be a great help in
growing my business with SOC. Do you or have any suggestions? or words of wisdom you can share. Since this happened I met with a Met life agent and came up against the same problem.Hoping you can help!

A: Most banks, insurance companies and stock brokerage organizations won’t allow their agents or brokers to use a system like ours. Some ignore their policies, but most don’t. There is no way around it. Some organizations have very strict policies about hosting their client base on another companies computer system. There is no way around it. I just move on when I come up against this.

Kristi Kowach – Layton, UT (Incoming)

People don’t watch the DVD when they say they will. I let them know that’s all I have and need it back. How can I get them to watch it faster?

A: I suggest sending out at least 1 DVD per day. If you send out 300 a year, only about 50 will get watched and of the 50, maybe 10 will be interested. Of the 10, 5 will probably sign up after sending a card. The better your relationship with the person you are asking to watch the DVD, the more likely they will watch it when asked. Look them in the eye or be very direct on the phone and say . . . “it’s 15 minutes, when can you watch it? Do I have your word?”
And some still won’t watch it. Just let it go. Most people that are HUNGRY will watch it before you even ask. You are looking for the HUNGRY ones. Think about it, if they won’t watch a 15 minute video do you really think they are going to do anything?

phil – los angeles (Incoming)

What are your ratios for prospecting contacts that convert to distributors and with the tools available now…in your opinion if you were starting today would you do any thing different?

A: Mine will be different than yours. Also, depending on where and who you prospect, you’ll get varying results. Only about 1 out of 200 internet leads will become distributors IF you talk to each one personally. Yet I can sign up one in 4 people that I meet at a networking function. My ratios are 1:4 that I show SOC to. I wouldn’t do anything differently if I started over today.

Steve Nitschneider – Highlands Ranch (Incoming)

I would like to know how to attract traffic to my web site?

A: I’m not your guy. I don’t teach driving traffic to a website. There are experts out there that can teach you how to do this, but I don’t advocate a website to build the business. Many people don’t agree with me, but most of them aren’t making money in network marketing either. I get one person on the phone and ask them to log in to a gift account. I then show them how to send a card and watch the video. If they like it and want to sign up, I teach them to do exactly the same thing.

Ron – Bloomfield (Incoming)

How would you recommend a person start if they have no spare cash and want to reach a monthly income of $4,000-and want to accomplish that within 18 months or less?

A: Network Marketing is designed to be a PART TIME business for 1-3 years. Those that go full time from the beginning usually end up disappointed and discouraged. Working 1- 3 hours a day, you can ‘build up’ an income that can eventually match and then exceed your ‘job’ or traditional business income. If a company offers you a full time network marketing income from the beginning, it’s usually ‘front end loaded’ which is illegal. I recommend having a job or another source of income until your SOC income is 2 times what you make at your job AND you have 6 months in savings. Otherwise with taxes, insurance and just life’s little emergencies, you may always find yourself behind the eight ball. Once you get your business going, it’s possible to make WAY more than you are worth for doing little to nothing.

That being said, to earn $4000 per month in 18 months, it would take meeting 1-3 new people per day and doing 1 new gift account walk-through per day. You’ll need to sign up 1 person per week minimum, get to Executive as quickly as possible and always look for ‘no cost’ ways to meet new people (it doesn’t cost anything to meet someone new).

Julie Bowman – Ardmore, Pa. (Incoming)

How can you encourage a company to buy the distributor package to earn a percentage of their expenses? They do not like the thought of being a distributor.

A: Just encourage them to do it. Tell them that you acknowledge that they are probably not going to build a business, but the best choice for them is the $398 wholesale package with the $59 distributor option because it’s a great way to get their money back and get a little income to pay for their cards. If they don’t want to, then sign them up as a customer.

Mandy – Centennial (Incoming)

How do I handle the questions about ‘how much have u made?’ when I haven’t made much and I dont want to sound like i’m hiding that fact?

A: Well it’s illegal to tell people how much you are making prior to them being a distributor so whether you have made money or not has no bearing on whether you tell them. We are not to tell people how much we are making. They can comb over the comp plan online and based on what THEY are willing to do, will determine how much they make. When I was new and not making any money, I used to say, ‘I’m making exactly what I deserve to make based on what I have done’. You can take a look at the comp plan chart and determine how big an organization you are going to build and calculate what you would be making based on that.

Max – miami (Incoming)

What can I tell prospects who already quit amway or other networking companies?

A: Just show them SOC and let them decide if they want to have another go at it. I was in Amway twice
and never made money. And I’m here today to talk about it. If not, then move on. Don’t try and convince them. Send them a card.

Deb McFarland – Lima (Incoming)

I know from Demarr’s CD, SOC is 90% visual..What type of card would you send to a prospect that you can not meet with personally? Include a personal photo, lots of elements to really showcase SOC ability? And always the opportunity CD? Thank you:)

A: Photo cards are good. The more PERSONAL you make it the better. Speak to them on a personal level. The more it feels like a ‘sales pitch’ the less likely they will treat it seriously. BUT, I have never seen a card that sponsors someone. You must have personal contact with them to show it to them.

Tara Rising – Colorado Springs (Incoming)

What do you say after they’ve watched the video and sent a card? What’s the best way to show this to people in the medical field (doctors and nurses) that I play poker with?

A: I usually say, ‘What do you think?’ and go from there. The best way to show the doctors and nurses that you play poker with is just like you would show anyone else. Set up a time to show them and have them send a card to someone they love and then watch the video.

David Desrosiers – Tampa (Incoming)

To get the GAW appointment..what do you say? How do you get them to commit to a half hour vs. a “few minutes”. Thanks! Good seeing you in Ft. Lauderdale:)

A: I say, “I want to show you something really cool that I think you’ll like. When can I catch you in front of your computer for 30 minutes that I can show it to you”. If your relationship with them is strong, they will say, yes. Most people focus on ‘What should I say’ vs their relationship building skills. The key is in your rapport with them and not in what you specifically say.

Anonymous – Australia (1) What do we do when we get told to “ask our upline executive”? To our knowledge there is none. What can we do for that kind of advice?

A: It’s time to take 100% responsibility for your business. Your upline will never build your business for you. It’s up to you. You have EVERYTHING you need to build the business at your fingertips for $457. EVERYTHING. If it’s not on the website or if customer service can’t give it to you, it’s not relevant to building the business. Focus on what you have and not on what you don’t have. If there is no team in your area, good for you! That means YOU get to be the one that builds the team! Most successful business builders don’t have someone to lean on. You create the infrastructure that you feel you are lacking.

January 10, 2011

Shortcut to Success:

Everyone wants a shortcut. AND the good news is there are shortcuts. The bad news is they
are not what most people think. A shortcut is not a mass marketing system that will sign up
lots and lots of people for you. A shortcut is not an automatic sponsoring system that will
eliminate the need to talk to people. What most people see as the long road is actually the short road.
A 15 minute conversation is way more valuable than blasting an e-mail out to 150 people that you don’t know. Three 15 minute conversations per day with people in your network helps to create
the valuable relationships that can take your business to the next level.

1. TRANSFORMATION TIP: Keep a list of people to call every day just to ‘Check In’ – Call at
least 3 people a day just to say ‘Hi’ and see how they are doing.

2. TRANSFORMATION TIP: Spend 90% of your time connecting with people on a personal
level face to face or over the phone and 10% of your time connecting
with people using technology.

3. TRANSFORMATION TIP: Limit your time on Facebook to 15 minutes per day (I know that is hard for most of you but it’s a must if you want to build a successful business). My only exception to this rule is
if you want to ‘schedule’ 2 hours a week just to casually ‘chat’ with others that are online
to see if you can advance your relationships. It’s live and real time which is a different experience than
‘posting’. Your goal is to eventually take it offline so that you can have real human contact.

4. TRANSFORMATION TIP: Limit your TV time (or eliminate it all together). Replace it with reading and listening to positive CD’s. You won’t miss anything. You’ll hear the important stuff from your friends. TV kills brain cells and books and CD’s strengthens them.

5. TRANSFORMATION TIP: Seek out to MEET people that do business with people that would do business with us. When they see SOC they get excited because the know so many people that could benefit from
our program. Think about who does business with people that would do business with us?

6. TRANSFORMATION TIP: Send way more cards out that appreciate others and less cards
to market yourself. Go to your mailbox and pick up your mail. What do you keep and what do you throw away? What do you forget and what do you remember?

7. TRANSFORMATION TIP: Have fun with the business. Make your cards, colorful, social, active, vibrant
and FUN. Make your meetings light and easy. Be someone that others want to be around.’

***Talk about the leadership retreat at Donna Johnson’s home ***

A charismatic group is a group that others want to be part of.
Most peoples lives are weighted down in some really heavy stuff. Let our business become something that lightens their load.


Q: I just signed up. I lost my job and I’m out of savings. I need to go fast. What do I have to do to get to $5000 a month quickly?
A: Network Marketing pays you a little money to do a lot of work in the beginning and pays you LOTS of money (More than you are worth) later to do almost nothing. Unless you have hundreds of people that trust you enough to sit down right now, it takes some time to build things up. Network Marketing (in all cases) is a PART TIME BUSINESS designed to be built on a shoestring until you have enough
income to leave the job or traditional business. If a company offers you full time income from the start, its’ usually because of front end loading which is illegal. A big buy-in upfront can create big checks. However, it usually means purchasing product that get’s stockpiled to create big checks which is a regulatory no-no.

To create $5000 per month quickly, be prepared to hit the ground running doing 3-5 Gift Account Walk-Throughs per day at least 5 days a week. You’ll be on track to sign up 1-2 people per week as you gain exposure. You’ll need to be a Senior Manager or Executive to create that range of income typically. Most people making $5000 per month have between 400 and 1000 people in their organization and have about 5 people a day signing up (in their entire group).

Q: How do I get around the objection that someone needs to pay $457?
A: They don’t have to pay the money. We are offering them an opportunity to participate in a business
that has more potential than most franchises costing $100,000 or more with no overhead or employees.
It’s their choice if they want to start a business with us. The exact same skills are required to build ANY business regardless.

Q: How can I get my group to grow faster?
A: This question is the toughest question to answer of all. The speed of the leader does determine the speed of the pack. The greatest leverage comes from promoting the Events including conference calls, Webinars and TreatEmRights.

Here’s an email that I sent to a woman who has been struggling with getting her group to duplicate.

This morning I was talking to my husband and he made a remark that surprised me. He said, “If you work as hard as you do and can’t get duplication, something doesn’t make sense.”

Thanks for your email . . . I wish I could wave a magic wand and help you be successful at Network Marketing. That’s what everyone wants. I can see that you have been working very very hard and it feels like you are beating your head up against a wall. That’s what I did for 14 years. My first 11 years I never sponsored one person and then I bounced between $100 and $3000 month for 3 more years before my checks started to go up. I understand and I don’t have a great answer for you. It’s 90% mindset and 10% effort. Until you find a runner, it’s a struggle. The real key is learning to let go of the struggle so there is space for the runner to find you.

This is a VERY easy business when you have the right team . . . and there is no secret to finding the right people other than going through what you are experiencing until you do. Most people don’t have what it takes to keep going long enough. After my first year in my 12th company working every day, I was making $180 a month (go back through ‘Beach Money’. My income comes from 7 out of 201 legs meaning that 194 people are doing little to nothing. You are in one of the 7 legs. Interestingly, you have one of the strongest uplines in the company, but all of them do it differently. There is no FORMULA that works until you FIND the right person (people). They will run circles around you when you find them.

You are DOING all the right things . . . BNI is good. Being on the calls is great. Going to TreatEmRights is essential . . . they are all important. You must have faith that there are people out there better than you and that they are looking for you just as you are looking for them. As soon as you stop believing this, you will stop working.

I recommend re-reading ‘Beach Money’ because it’s all in there. AND you may want to go to and order the MASTERMIND SERIES on CD. It’s all $100,000 per month earners (and we all have the SAME story). None of us DID the business well . . . we all worked on building stronger relationships and attracting great people until the RIGHT PEOPLE came into our groups. Donna Johnson has sponsored 200 people and 99% of her income comes from 3 legs. Randy and Orrin are the same.

I wish I had the magic wand but I don’t. You are DOING the right things. Whether you make it or not, will depend on your FOCUS not on what you are doing. We all do it a little differently, but our FOCUS allows us to minimize the frustration until good things happen.

Being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you do not see . . .

When Kody started SendOutCards, he had FAITH that the right people would eventually find their way to SendOutCards. Without those people (us) SendOutCards would have never grown into what it is today. He couldn’t have done it without us. He couldn’t have done it alone. This is important. Realize that you won’t build your business alone. You must FIND the right people, PEOPLE! :) They are out there. Do you have faith that this is a true statement? Do you believe that you will find them and attract them to want to join you? You must find the right people before your team will grow quickly. Kody invested $500,000 AND borrowed money from friends. It took a few years before he had his investment back and he still invests most of what he makes back into the company. That’s faith. He knew the right people would show up and some of us have!

I wish there was some kind of real shortcut to success. The problem is, when the money comes too
easily, it tends to go away just as fast. If you are not prepared for it when it starts to show up, guess what? It goes away. I made $8 million in my last company and wasn’t prepared. The result was I invested $4 million in profits and lost all of it. Professional athletes that haven’t prepared themselves to make a lot of money usually end their careers broke. Lottery winners regardless of how much they make usually end up broke. The time it takes to grow you business is the time most of us need to learn what we will do with the money when it starts to roll in. It’s a lot easier to make it than it is to keep it. Fortunately there really is no shortcut other than to work on adjusting our focus and alignment to things that attract the right people on a consistent basis.

Here are a few things to focus on to accelerate your growth:

1. Sorting
2. Dreaming
3. Communicating a vision through stories
4. Working consistently
5. Finishing
6. Being Generous and respecting people
7. Sending Out to Give
8. Meeting new people all the time
9. Recognizing that we don’t want everyone. Just the right ones to be working with us now.
10. Growing in all areas (personally and professionally)
11. Promoting
12. Patience
13. Resourcefulness
14. Faith
15. Working the Numbers
16. Deserving
17. Loving
18. Hanging out with positive and supportive people
19. Leading
20. Allowing (Letting go)
21. Building

Here are some things to avoid:

1. Gossip
2. Complaining and complainers
3. Whining and Whiners
4. Blaming
5. Getting sucked in
6. Distractions
7. Time killers (biggest ones TV and Facebook)
8. Excuses
9. Procrastination

From: Wendi Kelemen-Braden

Colleen Kilpatrick and I have created a group on Facebook based on the book “365 Thank Yous” by John Kralik. After hearing Johns story and reading his book we were inspired to commit to a year of sending out daily gratitude notes as well.

Can you imagine what could happen over the course of a year? How many lives would be impacted? Can you imagine how your own life would be blessed by living in gratitude?

Everyone we have mentioned it to has been equally enthused. So we created our group “The Gratitude Project” for people to connect together on this journey.

Whether you want to just observe the process of others in the group, or occasionally send out your own notes of gratitude, or want to commit to a 365 day journey, we welcome anyone who wants to join the group.

If you can’t find the group, contact Wendi Braden or Colleen Kilpatrick on FB.

Thanks you! Hope to see you both really soon!

Wendi Kelemen-Braden, Senior Manager

December 27, 2010


Before we start, realize that a new year is your chance to reinvent yourself. Each year Icelebrate my accomplishments and start with a clean slate. I set aside my doubts and fears.

I use the ‘Etch-a-Sketch’ strategy. Remember when you were done with you drawing you simplyturn the etch-a-sketch’ upside down and shake! Do this with 2010 when you are done with itand start with a clean slate. Now draw out your life. What relationships would you like to clean up?Who do you want to meet? Where do you want to travel? Who do you want to be? How much moneydo you want to make? What impact do you want to have on the world? What would you like to accomplish?How much fun will you have? Who will you hang out with? Where will you be living?

We all have areas in our lives that are working and other areas that are not. Figure out what you want andget it done in 2011! This is your shot at designing your dream life . . . you have the vehicle that can get your there.

If all of this seems really overwhelming (which it may), simply write down 3 things that you want to achieve in the first quarter of 2010. At the very least do this: Just write 3 things. If they are things to do, if possible, put them on your calendar. Typically until they are scheduled, they never happen. If you have a trip you want to take, schedule it. Consider that it’s not real until you put it into existence (on your calendar).

Imagine if you just write 3 important things to do in the next 90 days and you get them all done . . . and then just do that 3 more times, you will have accomplished 12 things this year that are really important to you.

Most of us look back at our year and say . . . ‘where did the year go?’ Most of us are like a buoy bouncing around at sea. You must have a destination in mind to accomplish you dreams. First set your destination and then set your course.

I think it’s important to have three things mapped out to have a complete plan:

1. Your 3 dreams to accomplish each quarter

2. Your ‘I am’ statements

3. A plan of action (The Daily 8)




Before I start I want to say that everything that I say is my opinion based on my personal experience. I am going to tell you how it is from my perspective. There are exceptions to everything I say here. AND . . . I’m not RIGHT. This is just the way that I have chosen to build my business. You can choose to follow it or not based on your own experiences.

You may not agree with me and that’s okay! You probably won’t convince me to do it another way but you are certainly free, as an independent business owner to do it your way.


Is it possible to find someone that has built a long-term, self-sustaining residual income through buying or creating cold market Internet leads? Yes, it’s possible, but they are hard to find. Most people that have built their businesses this way have found themselves having to continually rebuild over and over again. I’ll share my experiences with you.

1. Most of the top earners in network marketing do it the old fashioned way. They meet people and get to know them. They develop trust and mutual respect for each other. They share their business with the people that they know. They sponsor 1-4 people per month. They create opportunities for their ‘community’ to interact with each other through live events. Typically they don’t buy leads. Why?

a. People that work leads experience LOTS of rejection. Cold market is brutal.

Cold calling from even the most ‘qualified’ leads is the toughest way to build the business.

Even if you get really good at it, most others won’t make 100 to 150 calls a day to leadsand therefore your business becomes completely non-duplicatable. After getting’beat up’ by 10 or 15 people, most distributors will quit.

b. Good leads are expensive – Even if you have the money, the people you sponsor typically will not.

It’s hard enough to get someone to part with $500 to start a business. Now imagine trying to get themto spend $200 to $600 PER MONTH to buy leads. Now think about getting your team to do the same thing.

Again . . . totally not duplicatable! AND the cheaper the leads, the more resistant they typically are to hearingwhat you have to say. They will hang up on you; cuss you out, report you to the telemarketing regulators, etc.


c. Working Internet leads take a HIGH level of skill. It’s an art form that takes years to perfect. It’s notlike asking someone you know to take a look at a cool idea. You must practice scripts and get your timing down to a tee. You must be able to overcome objections, close hard and deal with lots of competition by other people that are calling the same leads. Again . . . most people will not do what it takes to master the skill of sponsoring Internet leads. I would never want to build my business this way. In fact I would probably quit in a week if this were required. It’s just not my bag to build in this way. AND it’s not duplicatable!

Please, please, please, . . . if you feel the need to ‘defend’ Internet leads, go back and read the first part of my e-mail. I’m just sharing my perspective.

Let me share a story with you from my last company . . .

As Ambassadors (the top position) in the company we were asked to call and congratulate the new SD’s on their promotions. An SD should take between 4-6 years to create and should be making no less than $40,000/mo. Once in awhile we would find an SD that would do it in 12-18 months. Sounds impressive. Usually when we called, we found out that our new SD was 18-25 years old and was making less than $2000 per month! When asked a few questions, we found out they were building by buying leads and ‘stacking’ their way to a promotion. So in other words they had a title and very little income. Usually they were very discouraged and on the verge of quitting. They were getting virtually no duplication for the reasons I shared earlier. I spoke with no less than 10 new SD’s that had built their businesses the way I just described using Internet leads. Most of them quit before ever getting to their 2nd year in the business because they believed they should be earning much more money than they were after achieving an SD title.


There are only a few things I want to say about Social Media.

1. It’s really fun and addicting – Imagine if you spend 1 hour a day on Face book or Twitter. No big deal . . .that’s only about 350 hours per year. Now what if your team does the same? Let’s say you have 100 people on your team that spend 1 hour a day . . . that’s 100 hours TODAY on face book! How much business could be done with those 100 hours? 35,000 hours per year on face book! Ouch! It’s addicting and it really doesn’t build the business.

2. Face book and LinkedIn are extremely valuable for connecting with people from your past. I search for names of the people from my past all the time. Once I find them, I can look through their friends and find others that I haven’t spoken to in years. TIP: In your profile, leave great details about your past so that the system can ‘link’ you with others that have similar profiles. I NEVER TALK BUSINESS ON FACEBOOK. I keep it personal. Any business talk will be done ‘offline’. The quickest way to get people to remove you as a friend is to try and recruit on face book. Use it to meet people and to reconnect with those you have lost touch with. Schedule a phone call and get re-acquainted. Get an address so you can send a card, but be very gentle about trying to recruit people before really re-establishing your relationship. My best advice is to ‘relax’ and let it happen naturally. LinkedIn is a much more professional site that links you to others in business.

3. Use Face book to post quotes, have fun and post fun photos of your family, team etc. Show LIFESTYLE on Face book. Let people have a ‘glimpse’ of your life. Keep it fun and positive. Don’t be a ‘Debbie Downer’. Be someone others will want to connect with.

4. Take business ‘offline’. You can post a personal message in the other person’s inbox, but again, do not ever try and recruit people through a post regardless of how tempting it may be. It’s obnoxious and it turns people away from you.


We could do a whole course on ‘Branding’ but for now I’m just going to make a few comments. Beach Money is a ‘Brand’. When people think of Jordan Adler, they think of ‘Beach Money’ and residual income. I had no intention of creating a brand when I wrote the book, however it kinda caught on and became my own personal brand. You’ll notice that a brand can start with your ‘I am’ statements. For example, Mohammed Ali became known as ‘The Greatest’. It became his personal brand. He said it over and over again . . . “I am the greatest!’ I encourage you to really look at who you want to become in the eyes of others and begin to brand yourself. Who are you? What do you represent? I met a nice lady who coined herself as a ‘CARDiologist’ She had scrubs made with a ‘CARDiologist’ logo on them. She’s ‘branding’ herself as the CARDiologist. Brands are all around us. Take a look at them. Observe other brands and begin to look at who you want to become that will set you apart and help others to remember you. Make sure your brand says what you want it to say. ‘The Situation’ from Jersey Shore is a brand. ROCKY is a brand. EAGLE is a brand! Branding can help you to differentiate yourself and be remembered . . . have fun with your brand. Come up with something cool that can serve you and your team.

So there you go! 2011 here we come! Get clear . . . have fun. Keep it simple. Focus on the fundamentals, work hard and see the job through! Let’s have the best year of our life!

By the way, Kody has some big plans for us . . . do you have big plans for him? I sure do!

December 6, 201


I was reminded of many things as I experienced this training for the first time with ‘Fresh Eyes’.

1. Explain to a young person they have two options Plan A or Plan B . . . which do you choose?

Plan A:
Enroll in College
Pay up to $100,000
Take out loans that you
will be paying off for the next
10 to 20 years
Graduate in 4 years without
a job
2 weeks off a year for the rest of your life
Retire with a gold watch if you are one of the lucky ones

Plan B:
Enroll in our Personal Development Program
Pay under $1000 (textbooks
written by people that are millionaires)
Get coached and mentored by people with a dream
lifestyle that want to teach you to do the same
Retire in 3-5 years with a residual income
Travel the world and have lots of time with your family
and those important to you

2. The young Gen Y movement is the future of Network Marketing

They have proven they can organize a ‘movement’ as they did getting Obama elected (whether you liked him or not) using social media. They recreated a political structure. A young generation of peoplehave not banded together like this since the rally’s and protests ending the vietnam war in the 60’s. They are entrepreneurs and don’t want to be like their parents. They have seen the struggles of their parents working in a ‘broken’ system. They are the ‘we can do anything’ generation and they are plugged in with iphones, blackberries and computers. In fact the Gen Y’s are inventing and running the high tech world we live it (think facebook).

They are the basketball moving through the garden hose and we are seeing the young generation with no boundaries joining network marketing at breakneck speed. We will likely see another movement emerge (it really already is . . . validated by so many successful entrepreneurs – validating the young
people (vs invalidating them which has happened in past generations – think about it . . . most of the new technologies we are enjoying today are being run by the younger generation). Largest movement in MLM history. They truly bring nationalities together – worldwide expansion.

3. What to say when someone says . . . ‘How much money are you making?’
(before you are making it) In reality it’s not okay to tell people how much you are making even when you are making a lot so the question is relevant regardless of whether you are brand new or an experienced top earner.

Here are a couple of good answers:

A. I’m getting paid exactly what I should be making based on what I have done

B. I don’t know, I haven’t finished collecting it . . . I’m still getting paid on work I did last month and the month before that! (think about it . . . once you have a team started, your checks come in whether you work or not. Over time, you can collect thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars off work you started months or years prior) I have a few friends that collect 10’s of thousands of dollars a year and never work the business.

C. I’m still learning the system (Any professional must learn a system before having success – Doctors, Attorneys, Accountants, etc must all learn a system before they reap the rewards . . . we are no different)

4. Would I hire me?? Imagine if you were looking for someone to ‘run’ your business.
Would you hire you? If not consider re-inventing yourself and become the person you would hire
to do the job

5. “This may or may not be for you and the timing my not be right but I want to show
it to you and have you decide”

6. Step into the ‘Gap’. The ‘experts’ will always say . . . “it won’t work” This is where the greatest
opportunity lies. Be bold enough to step into that gap! Step into it with a level of energy and positivity
that attracts others. You be the leader that fills that gap! No one has ever done anything great
that wasn’t a dreamer. Become a dreamer and fill that gap.

7. A way to look at things:
I make $6 per minute . . . every minute of every day that I’m breathing. Whether I’m awake or
sleeping. I get paid for telling stories. In fact, I’m one of the highest paid story tellers in the world
for the reason that i just said . . . $6 per minute each and every moment of each and every day.
I may only tell 2 stories a day but I get paid a lot to tell them!

8. Yes and No are a Package Deal . . . most people go around trying to avoid ‘no’s so they
never talk to anyone. But we all want ‘yes’s’! No’s and yes’s come together like the front and the
back of your hand. You can’t have one without the other. (Read ‘Go for No’!) YES is the destination
and NO is the strategy. Go for no.

9. Juan Carlos from Mexico spoke no english 22 years old
22 years in the business. 10 years before his first $100,000 month. 7 years
with almost no income . . . just personal development. He’s a legend in MLM.
He didn’t quit.

November 15, 2010

Holiday Tips and More Great Stuff:

I just have a few tips to share this week. I would love to get more from those listening so please send them in by emailing me at

Many tips I received this week said to make sure you send yourself a copy of your Christmas or Holiday card so you can proofread it for any typos before you send it out to your entire list. Very smart.

I would like to add that it is imperative to get your entire campaign out before December 15th if you want your cards to arrive before the 25th. I would even go so far as to say, get your cards out by December 5th.

Now is a great time to start compiling your list and checking for correct addresses. Email your face book friends. Perhaps you’ve connected with people from your past this year. Maybe you’ve made new contacts that you don’t otherwise communicate with. Also, if you’ve moved this year, like I have, reaching out to collect and verify addresses will most likely give you an opportunity to update those that give you their addresses.

Paula Yudelevit

Suggested a great tip for any holiday, but especially for Thanksgiving. Put a favorite recipe on one of the panels of your campaign card.

As a side note, if you are planning on sending Thanksgiving cards, make sure to get them out this week. Thanksgiving is already one week from Thursday!

Paul Smith suggested something I know I already do. Many of you may already do this as well. Keep your camera with you or if you have an adequate camera phone, keep it handy when at holiday parties or family functions so you capture the festivities and send them as a great sentimental keepsake.

It’s rare that I will be at a Sendoutcards event and there aren’t at least 10 people with a camera ready for pictures to capture that “picture plus moment!”

Thanks for sending in your holiday tips of the week

Remember that there are 4 legs to the table and without all 4 legs the table is unstable . . . soooo, one leg is the DREAM. The second leg is the PRODUCT. The third is the PROCESS (How to) and the 4th is the SYSTEM. Megan’s tips were around strengthening the PRODUCT leg and I’m going to spend a few minutes on the PROCESS.

Let’s talk about GROUPS and a couple of ideas for following up.

I have my contacts set up in groups and then I simply ‘Act on Promptings’ (part of the two fold mission of SOC). I scan my groups once a week and look for groups that haven’t heard from me in awhile that I’m inspired to send a card to.

Here are a few of the most common groups I send cards to.

POTENTIAL DISTRIBUTORS (Those that have looked at SOC and haven’t gotten started)

LEADERS OF INFLUENCE (People with large networks)


CLOSE FRIENDS ASSOCIATIONS AND EVENTS THAT I HAVE ATTENDED and met people (I set up a separate group for each one)

Once in awhile I’ll have a ‘FLASH’ of inspiration for a card and I look to see who I might send it to. Sometimes it’s just a card. Sometimes it has brownies or a DVD. There is no right or wrong. It really depends on what you inspired to do and what your budget can handle. Again, I visually scan my groups once per week or so and decide who I want to send cards to (Card from 35,000 feet – Wi-Fi on Aircraft was sent to about 1000 people and I immediately signed up 3 distributors that have been ‘looking’ at SOC for 5 years!)

If you are not sure how to set up or send a campaign to a group, watch the webinars under SYSTEM TRAINING on your MAIN MENU. You’ll need to learn to do it to send your Holiday cards so you may as well learn to do it now! It’s really, really simple once you try it!

Please e-mail your questions to Megan.


Write this down . . . “There is no LINE’ A line is something someone teaches you to say to GET someone to sign up. Remember, we are not out to GET people . . . we are out to GIVE something to people that makes them say hmmmm . . . I really like this! I could use this! I could share this!

A ‘line’ is manipulation.

It’s not sincere. It’s canned. We all need to look at the people we are showing SOC to as potential partners. We treat each person with respect whether they are working with us or not. It’s not us against them. In other words we don’t approach it as ‘What can I do or say to GET THEM TO SIGN UP?!’

Instead, we look at each person as someone to share our excitement and knowledge of the system so that they can truly appreciate how it will help them. We speak from the heart. We give them ideas that will help them be better human beings and have a better experience of life.

When someone asks me what they should say in their follow up cards my answer is always . . . ‘I can’t answer that because I don’t know your relationship with each person you are following up with.’

Be sincere. Share what you love about the system. Explain why you love it and how you use it. Ask them to try it for themselves. Get their feedback after they send a card. Show them how they can make money by helping others get started. There is no right or wrong. Speak from the heart. Anything ‘canned’ will feel ‘canned’ and end up in the trash. Most importantly, ACT ON


Finally . . . be careful who you get advice from . . . There is a guy I know that works for a company that sells $9000 Coaching programs. The programs help people increase their income and productivity as an entrepreneur. He has told me no less than 10 times in the past 3 years that he is ‘ready to sign up’ in SOC. Each time I say ‘Let’s go’, he says . . . he doesn’t have the money. This is not a function of him being low paid. It’s a function of him not managing his money well and integrity around his word. How can I do business with a guy like that? He’s not a product of his product. He’s been through the programs himself yet his results stink. He wants me to buy his coaching services yet his business life is a wreck. He’s not a very good product of the product. I’m not so much concerned about whether he sells a solid product. I know he does. I have a hard time doing business with a guy that doesn’t stay true to his word and can’t come up with $500 to go into business after 3 years of setting an intention!

There are many ‘gurus’ out there that say they will ‘help you’ build a business yet they have never built anything substantial using what they sell. I would never take advice from a financial planner that doesn’t have his or her financial house in order. I would be very careful about buying investment property from a Realtor that has never owned investment property. I would also be very careful about taking advise from Network Marketers that have never built a substantial business. It’s so easy to get sidetracked by people giving you tips about how to build the business yet they have never built a 5 or 6 figure Network Marketing income. Take advise from those that are doing it successfully.

Your sponsor may not be active or successful in the business and that’s okay . . . but go upline and find someone that has what you want. Look for the fruit on the tree and follow that advice.

You can’t go wrong if you follow the advice of the top 10 or 20 team builders in SOC.

1. Expand your DREAM by reading, listening to CD’s and going to seminars

2. Use the PRODUCT to it’s full capability

3. Practice the PROCESS till you become really good at it

(The Daily 8)

4. Plug people into the SYSTEM. Let it work for you! It’s free to promote and it will make you more money than you can imagine if you will just use it.

By doing these 4 things, you will be strengthening all 4 legs of the table and you will go on to build a solid and successful business.

November 8, 2010

(LEADING . . . not MANAGING). No one likes to be told what to do.
Imagine everyone ‘managing’ their team . . . no one is growing. Lead by example. ‘Manager’ is not the best title for the first promotion because everyone thinks that now they have to ‘manage’ their team. When you have $50,000 a month in volume coming from 5 or more legs then it’s okay to start ‘managing’. Until that time LEAD by EXAMPLE. Do what you want your team to do!

You must go wide before you can go deep

Width builds income and depth builds security

Doing meetings and walk-throughs for your group with them present builds depth and trains them . . . one on ones, two on ones and group meetings.

Working together as a team to build depth.
Build based on your commitment not based on your emotion that day.

Get rid of your TV for 2-3 years. It turns the brain to jelly. Use that time to grow personally by reading and listening to CD’s. You’ll find at least 10 extra hours a week to build your business so you can have a residual income.

4 legs to the table of building:
DREAM – Exercise the dream muscles again
PRODUCT – Use it and believe in it
PROCESS – HOW to build (Fast Start Plan)
3 basic steps . . .
SYSTEM – Plug in . . . the system frees YOU up so you can have a life.
(Weekly Conf Calls, SOCTV, Super Saturdays, Treat ‘Em Rights, Convention)

When one or more legs of the table aren’t in place, the table doesn’t stand.

October 25, 2010- Sponsoring your Whole Town
THE 100/0 PRINCIPLE (2 minutes):

It’s done by Jessica Jackley the Co-Founder of Kiva. Kiva is the organization that 100% of the profits from Beach Money go to. She is speaking at the TED Conference. Turn off all distractions and watch this one . . . It’s called
‘Poverty, Money and – Love . . . ‘

If you are having a rough day, it will pick you up. Work
to capture the PASSION of Jessica Jackley.


We are in the business of ‘Networking’. As I was walking through the downtown area of ‘The Loop’ in Chicago, I was asking myself, “What would it take to sponsor this whole city?” There are skyscrapers all around me and literally tens of thousands of people within eyesight! I can imagine thousands and thousands of people sitting at their desks and on their i-phones sending cards around the world from this city. Each time I go to a TreatEmRight Seminar I am reminded that every single person needs SendOutCards for different reasons. Some need it because they need to receive cards. Many people are afraid and hurting. People need to be lifted up. Many feel alone and discouraged. They need encouragement from another human being. Others need to send cards so they can feel connected. And of course there are many that need our opportunity . . . options are pretty limited for creating income and I can’t think of a more fun or worthwhile business.

When I started with SendOutCards approximately 6 years ago, there was virtually no one in Arizona doing it. Today we have 5,000 distributors and 11 Executives in our State. Now that’s a far cry from sponsoring the whole city of Phoenix (3.5 million people) but it’s a start.

Again, we are in the business of ‘Networking’. Networking is connecting with people and being of service. It’s forging mutually beneficial relationships. When we talk about contacting our ‘Warm Market’ we are talking about contacting those people we know (which by the way are the people we have met, connected with at some level and built relationships with!)

I don’t know of a faster way to Sponsor a town or city than to ‘Network’ with people.

Imagine how a forest fire grows. It usually starts with a lightening strike or a careless camper. From there it begins to burn until it gets out of control. Once it’s out of control, it’s very difficult to stop. Embers from the forest fire spark off and blow across the freeway to start more fires. One fire can turn to many. In fact the HOTTER the fire is where it started that faster it grows. WIND also plays a role!

There are clues all around us for sponsoring an entire town or city . . .JUST LOOK AT PEOPLE AND ASK YOURSELF HOW THERE GOT TO BE
SO MANY? Each person is connected to the others at some level. Some people don’t have any kids and some have 11 or more!

OR LOOK AT NATURE . . . How did a forest become a forest? It really started with a seed.
Each tree is connected to the others at some level

Networks are all around us! Isn’t this how Facebook started and grew?

What can we learn from all of this?

Well sitting here in Chicago, I must ask myself . . . how can I quickly expose this entire city to our company? It will start with one or two. I will work with those one or two to create a small team . . . from there we can begin to get into the ‘Networks’ of other people. Everyone is connected to others and by finding the most influential people in each group, WE can begin to build a fire that will burn across the entire city!

Networking is the most valuable skill you can develop for building a big team in your city and growing it into other cities. I have probably only sponsored people in about 25 cities but my team is now in about 8,000 towns and cities. I have only visited a handful of the cities that are represented by our group.

So how do you quickly develop the skill of networking?


1. Read about it

2. Do it.

The more you do it, the better you will get at it. Don’t delay. Learn by doing.
Here are some great books you can read on Networking:
A Referral of a Lifetime by Tim Templeton
Endless Referrals by Bob Burg
The Go Giver by Bob Burg
The 29% Solution by Dr Ivan Misner
Business by Referral by Dr Ivan Misner
Truth or Delusion by Dr Ivan Misner


Networking can quickly get you to the most well-connected and influential people in your community. You’ll cut years off of your timeline by networking because much of the legwork and relationship building has already been done for you!

For example, Kathy Ireland, Tom Hopkins, Janet Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor and many many others are in my organization and I didn’t know or sponsor any of them! They came in under people that ALREADY had relationships with them or their organizations. Do you see the power in this?

In fact, almost ALL of my growth is a result of powerful networks that are already in place. We get paid well to tap into networks that are already in place!

Here are just a few of the THOUSANDS of networks that are already in place:


This list is endless . . . people that have common interests are usually connected in some way and when the right person comes into your group, you’ll have a direct connection to all of those people over night. There is no faster way to connect with people than to tap in to a pre-existing network.

So what’s the key to sponsoring your entire city? The answer is meeting and connecting to the right people. I’m not suggesting cold calling. I’m talking about ‘Networking’. Have you heard the phrase 6 degrees of separation?

In fact, Jim Packard is a master at getting referrals from his customers. Because of this ONE SKILL he has built an organization of over 14,000 people!

So . . . when you meet the right person what do you say to them?

“I want to show you something that could have great benefit to you in your organization (or your network). I just want to show it to you and have you tell me the implications of it . . . ”

Rapport is the most important aspect of success in networking. Build rapport and be generous. It couldn’t hurt to send someone a Starbucks card in advance if you want some of their time. Always look for introductions. I would much rather have a strong introduction on a three way call than to ‘cold call’ someone.

If there is someone I want to meet, I ask someone that I know that might know that person and ask them to introduce me. The bigger your personal network gets the easier this is to do. Your goal is to build a big network of people that trust and like you. You want to hold close to you a network of people that others want a piece of because then they will be contacting you!

I want to close with this thought . . . some of you are seeing an opportunity now that you didn’t see a few minutes ago. You are looking at things from a different point of view. You are flying higher and seeing a perspective that was out of sight a few moments ago. Because of this new view of life, you will make better choices that will lead to quicker success. Keep this in mind when you get stuck . . . usually it’s not so much WHAT you are doing wrong. It usually has more to do with how you are looking at things and your POINT OF VIEW. Change your point of view and you can change your life. If you are working hard and not having great results, it may be that you need to change how you are viewing things.This is why personal development is so important. Our minds expand . . . we see things differently and as a result we make better decisions.

Those that have climbed higher on the mountain can see things that we can’t always see. They can provide direction that can serve us. I am always looking to surround myself with those more successful than myself. I can gain insights that can help me in being more productive and successful at what ever I do.

October 18, 2010- The Game of Sendoutcards:


When you look at something as a ‘game’ a few things begin to


GAME DEFINITION: An activity engaged in for amusement or play.

Games are:

1. More fun

2. Easy to measure

Games give you:

1. Control of your destiny.

2. A challenge to ‘win’

(we were taught as children to play games to win)

Games are invented much like SendOutCards was ‘invented’. Let’s look at what a game entails. In other words, if we look at what makes up a good game and then we incorporate those same things into the ‘game’ of SOC, we can have a more fulfilling experience while playing:

1. There is usually some type of ‘interface’ like a game board

or website that has characters, objects, places, etc.

2. There is usually something to ‘do’ or ‘accomplish’ – This is the

‘Object of the Game’ – The first question we ask when sitting down to

play a game is “What’s the object of the game?”

3. There are almost always instructions and rules for play.

4. There is a way to ‘keep score’

5. Most of us play to ‘win’

6. There is sometimes an element of ‘luck’ involved.

7. Winning or losing us usually not a matter of ‘life’ or ‘death’. If we lose it’s a bummer, but life goes on.

8. Some games are more challenging than others and some people tend to do better than others.

9. We can develop our ‘skills’ to get better at games as we play more often.

10. Cheating almost always has negative consequences.

11. Games cause us to focus

12. Competition in games can cause us to be more productive than if we weren’t playing against someone else.

So how can we apply these simple principles to the ‘Game’ of SendOutCards.

1. Our ‘interface’ (gameboard) is the world filled with people and the SendOutCards websites:

a. to manage your business and send cards and gifts.

b. to manage ‘Retail Accounts’

c. to manage ‘showing SOC to others

2. The ‘Object of the Game’ is to achieve the two fold mission of SendOutCards.

a. to act on promptings and help others do the same.

b. to achieve financial freedom and help others do the same

3. The Instructions and Rules for play come in your kit and are on the SendOutCards site under ‘System Training’ and the Policies and Procedures.

4. We keep score using ‘The Daily 8’ ( and our BUSINESS OFFICE

5. How do we know when we are winning? Here are some of the things I use to determine

whether I am winning:

a. My paycheck – My paycheck is a ‘measuring stick’ that determines how well I am doing

at serving other people in this game. In other words if I am acting on promptings and ‘moving’ people in

a positive way, if I am helping others do the same, my check will go up. If not, it won’t grow.

b. The number of people I meet and the quality of the relationships that I have with them: The ‘gameboard players’ are the people in the world. They must want to ‘play’ with me in life. In order for that to happen, I need to:

1). Meet them

2). Get to know them personally

3). Stay in touch with them

4). Add value to their lives

When I do this successfully, I add new people to my personal network which ‘advances’ me in my game! This involves personal phone calls, meetings, sending cards, socializing, giving back by being generous, etc.

c. How good I feel and how happy I am – Each day that I can wake up, feel good and experience happiness is a win for me. I am unable to play the game when I’m not feeling good or if I’m unhappy. So I ‘win’ each day that I experience happiness

d. Progress on my personal development plan – I win when I’m growing personally. I strive to learn something new every day which includes listening to personal development CD’s and reading from personal development books. I can also grow through the people I meet.

There is a direct connection between your personal success in business and life AND 3 things:

1). The size of your network

2). The quality of your relationships

3). Your personal growth



Hey Jordan!

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Listen, something weird is going on.� I think I mentioned to you that in addition to having a coaching practice, I also do corporate training.�

That was a primary source income for me when I left the practice of law to start my coaching business at the end of 2005. But that work began to dry up in the fall of 2008.� By 2009 there was nothing going on.�

Well, about a month ago I got offered 3 training gigs.� I thought that was absolutely fantastic.Fast forward to today, I’ve now got 11 training gigs on my calendar total!� And they’re all before the end of the year.

It seems so bizarre to go from 0 to 11 in a matter of a few weeks. My first thought is that it was a sign that the economy is beginning to recover. And that’s great of course, but then I started to wonder if it was something else.� Because of SOC, personal development has become a daily habit for me.� (I’ve actually been meditating quite a bit on the words you mentioned to me in our most recent email communication: congruity, conviction, knowing, and the energy you send out.)

It just occurred to me that maybe the personal development work I’ve been doing isn’t just fueling my SOC business but also my “daytime” gig.

I’d love to know what you think… .




6. Yes . . . there is an element of ‘Luck’ involved. But what is luck? Can you attract it?

I think so. In fact one of my ‘I am’ statements is ‘I am lucky’. Did you guys see what happened

at the convention? Out of thousands of entrants I won 2 out of the first 3 drawings. Linda Clemmons was blown away. Many of you thought it was set up. I was on stage in front of almost 4,000 of you and drew my own name to fly on the private jet to Vegas that night. It wasn’t set up. I REALLY pulled my own name!! Of course I through it back since I was providing the trip. But then guess what happened? Linda Clemmons pulled my name to win the new Mustang Convertible! I through that one back as well. Linda came over to me afterwards and said she wanted to go to Vegas with me. I AM lucky! Why? Because I said so . . . Is it lucky that I found Jim Packard or that David Frey came into my group or that Demarr kept sending me cards? Was it just dumb luck that Todd called me back or that I decided to do SendOutCards when virtually every one of the so-called ‘experts’ said there was no money to be made? Yes, there is luck involved but you can start being ‘lucky’ today.

7. In a game, winning is not a matter of ‘life or death’. But lots of you guys simply ‘freak out’ when things don’t go your way. I get it . . . when I joined SOC, I was going through $20,000 per month in savings. That can create a lot of stress. Money is like water . . . it flows into your life and it flows out of your life. We must take it in stride. Never let crisis turn into ruin. Money is ‘energy’. Money is ‘ideas’. It’s not real. It’s an agreement. It’s available to all of us in abundance. Never let the highs get too high and never let the lows get to low. In the game of SendOutCards, it’s not life or death. I understand that for some of you it’s really really important for you to make this work. I’m just talking about one of the basic fundamental principles to playing this game at your best. Most of the time it won’t serve you to make it so serious that the world will come to an end if you don’t win. In fact, you’ll do much better if it becomes fun and really not that i

mportant for you to win. I really think that because I didn’t plan on being ‘big’ in SOC, it went much faster. In Jim Packard’s words (now this is profound wisdom folks . . . ‘Have fun!’)

8. Stretch yourself to the level necessary for maximum fulfillment. Games are fulfilling when you are challenged. Games are also more fun when you are competing and making progress. Think about it. A game is really not that great if it’s too stressful or if you are not making progress. In fact think about games you’ve played where you were so far behind it just wasn’t fun. Now think about games you’ve played where you had some tough competition, you lost the game but the challenge was made it really fun! We must be challenged and we must grow and compete to enjoy the process. In the game of SOC if you are sending out cards and acting on promptings, you’ll never really lose.

9. We already talked about the importance of personal growth. We win as we grow. Measure your success not just based on your check but also based on your personal growth. Your check will rise to meet the level of your impact on the world. Your impact on the world will expand as you grow personally.

10. Cheating in our game involves doing things that hurt other people or that cheats the company in some way. You’ll never win in the long run by cheating. Cutting corners or breaking policies to get a promotion will hurt you in the long run.

11 and 12. Why is it that many times in periods of challenge we get extremely focused? When we have a clear and definitive ‘purpose’ we can get extremely focused. Imagine the mom that has to save her child from harm. There is no fear and there is extreme focus. Sometimes a will to win can help to create that focus. For some people, the stresses of winning or challenge can cause ‘shut-down’. You may know what I’m talking about. Or . . . you might find those stresses motivating in some way. They may cause you to get focused and ‘driven’. You must find your own balance. Competitive stress can motivate you or cause you to shut down. I can go to downtown Chicago . . . look around in awe at the sheer size of the city and get completely overwhelmed. OR, I can look at the thousands and thousands of people and get extremely focused on how I will impact so many lives as SendOutCards moves through the networks across the skyscrapers of the city.

SendOutCards is simply ideas that have been put together in a way to positively serve humanity. As you ‘view’ SendOutCards as a game, you gain power over it as something fun and playful vs something serious and difficult.


There are specific instructions to playing the game. The instructions are given to you in your kit and on your website . . . ie; How to send a card, How to send campaign, How to send out a DVD or a Gift, How to show someone the video, How to show someone how to send a card, etc. Send a Card a Day and a Gift a Week. Do at least 1 Gift Acct Walk-Through per day, etc. There are videos that give you the instructions under ‘System Training’

RULES TO THE GAME (a guide for conduct or action): There are also some rules to follow: ie; Don’t use ‘income projections’ to recruit, Be respectful of others recruiting efforts, Do the right thing, etc. You’ll find these in the policies and procedures. There are also rules to life . . . when you follow them you’ll attract great people. When you don’t, you’ll drive people away. ‘How to win friends and influence people’ by Dale Carnegie and ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David Schwartz are great books for learning these fundamental rules. There are also ‘Rules’ to playing the ‘Network Marketing’ Game. There are many books that help to lay out these rules for you.

How you measure a win is up to you. I gave you my

criteria. You may define your ultimate win in the following way . . .

WIN: Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom for you someone else EVEN BIGGER WIN: New people in your organization achieving financial freedom each month AND . . . THE MOTHERLOAD: As a result of what you have started, people in other organizations are achieving financial freedom

October 11, 2010- “Is it Just Me?”

Is it just me? Random thoughts . . .

A business for the cost of car payment! $500. It dawned on me that most people don’t hesitate to have a car payment that they pay every single month for the cost of our business one time. And most people that say they don’t have the money to get started in our business are spending $1000 on a flat screen TV that does nothing but feed the mind with negative info. Is it just me or is it really most likely not the money that’s the issue . . . it’s usually that someone doesn’t believe it’s true or they don’t believe that THEY can do it.

I find it interesting that many adults can’t find $457 to start a business after working for 5 to 35 years of their lives. Wouldn’t you think THAT would be enough to get them to figure out how to get things going. But noooooo! Why? Because most people lack the confidence to do it. That’s wher we come in. We help them believe that they can do it and then we show them how they can do it. This is what you get paid for. . . . interestingly ‘broke’ college students figure out how to get $500-$1000 for an iphone and a laptop. They ‘figure it out’ because it’s important to them. When this becomes important to someone AND they believe they can do it . . . then (and only then) will they come up with the money.

Have you ever noticed that when you ‘need’ a loan, the banks won’t give you one. Yet people that don’t need money are always being offered opportunities to ‘borrow’ money. The ‘systems” way of rewarding those that demonstrate responsibility is to offer them the option to borrow more money. A bank knows that a responsible person will most likely pay it back. The same holds true for people that are looking for help in the business. There are people that ‘need’ your time (they don’t necessarily want it) and there are people that ‘deserve’ your time. In other words they have earned a spot on your calendar. If someone has a good ‘credit score’ with you (in other words they have earned the right to receive your help, then spend some time helping them to get going. When someone ‘needs’ your time and attention, more often than not, you will be let down by their lack of ambition. If you are one of the needy ones, it’s time to ‘shift’ that energy and become someone who deserves the t

ime of your upline because of your commitment, enthusiasm, ambition, positive attitude and work ethic.

Ironically if were to go to someone famous like Brett Favre, Robert Duvall or Eminem and offer them an opportunity that could pay them $100,000 per month, they would laugh in face and say they are not interested. Why? Because $100,000 per month wouldn’t even pay their basic expenses. However when presented to someone down at the office, they laugh at you for being outrageously ridiculous. “What?? $100,000 per month?? It must be a SCAM!!” :) We live in a different world. In the entertainment business, $100,000 per month is not a lot of money if you are a top performer. They make millions. If you can’t act, sing or play football, our business can offer you an opportunity to make $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 or even more than $100,000 per month without an outrageously ridiculous up-front start up cost. Do you realize how few people make ‘bank’ in professional athletics, entertainment and music? It’s a fraction of a fraction of a percent. Yet millions pursue it every day. We offer

a level playing field to ANYONE wanting to play. AND did you ever stop to think that the ‘investment’ to become a famous author, athlete or entertainer FAR exceeds the investment to become a successful network marketer. There are headshots, training camps, acting classes, auditions, uniforms, etc for years and years and years with no guarantees. But until someone believes that it’s possible, no investment will be made!

In my first 2 years or so I used to say, “I think this is going to be big” And you know what . . . I was right. It got pretty big. Well, after convention, I had the same occurrence. I really think this is going to be big! When I look at where we have come from and the plans for expansion that are in place, I can honestly tell you that I think this is going to be really big. In fact anyone that was at the convention will tell you the exact same thing. So guess what I started saying to people once again . . . “I really think this is going to be big!” AND . . . I have people today that say . . . “man, I wish I had listened to you 5 years ago!” In fact I have people that signed up 5 years ago that didn’t do a darn thing . . . and some of them have said . . . “Man, I wish I had done something with it!” Well, I promise you that there will be people that will ‘think about it’ for the next 5 years and say, “Man, I wish I had listened to you back in 2010!” Don’t let yourself be that


Write this down . . . (SENDOUTCARDS + YOU = Retire Early)

We all have SendOutCards. SendOutCards is a vehicle for helping people to act on Promptings and for Financial Independence. But SendOutCards is SendOutCards. If SendOutCards was the answer, wouldn’t everyone that was signed up be successful? SendOutCards is simply a vehicle. You must add your unique element of YOU into the equation. Your excitement, your ingenuity, your ideas, your relationships. So as you combine SendOutCards with your unique YOU you’ll begin to experience some growth in your team and your checks. Do you see that it’s YOU that differentiates the winners from the losers? YOU make the difference.


I find it interesting that each of these professions require an investment in education of $20,000 up to $150,000 with no guaranteo of anything but a diploma. Our business has a potential much greate and offers residual income where YOU control your own time for under $500.

>Get paid to use your creativity and imagination with these great-paying jobs!

By Chris Kyle

Imagine this: getting paid to let your imagination run wild.

If you’re a creative person with a great imagination, we’ve got some ideas to help you turn your passion into a profit with one of these eight great-paying careers.

1. Graphic Designer

graphic designer, you can use your active imagination to dazzle clients by imagining and executing visual solutions to their communication problems. Training: Interactive media is a game changer for graphic designers, who often earn a bachelor’s in computer aided design, animation, or graphic design and multimedia. Shorter certificate programs can also help you keep pace with the competition.

Pay: Graphic designers earned an annual average salary of $42,400 in 2008. Those specializing in computer systems design earned an average of $47,860.
Find Graphic Design degree programs now.

2. Marketing Professional Creative brainstorming sessions are the norm for

marketers, who are constantly coming up with fresh ways to communicate with consumers.

Training: It’s not enough to come up with a brilliant plan. You need to know how to execute it.


programs can help you launch your career. An MBA can help you land a more senior position.

Pay: Marketing managers earned an average of $108,580 per year in 2008.

Search for online and local Marketing programs now.

3. Detective/Forensics

If you enjoy detective stories, why not live the life yourself?

Before detectives and forensics specialists can get the bad guy, they have to imagine how he did it.

Training: An active imagination can help law enforcement personnel envision crime-scene scenarios and motivations for different suspects. A lot of legwork is required, but imagination can be the key to cracking a case. A degree in forensics/crime scene, police & law enforcement, or

Criminal justice can help make that your job description.

Pay: The median annual wage for detectives and criminal investigators in 2008 was $60,910.

Find Criminal Justice & Security degree programs now.

4. Business Entrepreneur

Walt Disney once famously said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Creating a successful company requires bold, unconventional thinking. Some people call visionary businesspeople “crazy” –

> until their idea becomes huge. There are no guarantees in the

> business world, but every great business starts with that new

> idea. Do you have what it takes to make an idea come to life?

> Training: Get started with an associate’s
> or bachelor’s
> degree in business administration or e-business/e-commerce,
> and finish with an MBA.
> Pay: says the average entrepreneur earns
> $111,000.
> Search
> for local and online Business degree programs.
> 5. Video Game Designer
> Sharing their own mind-blowing ideas can quickly turn profitable for video
> game designers since imagining new worlds is what they do for a living.
> Training: But imagining that brave new world is just the first
> step. Getting a degree in video
> game design or animation
> can help you share that vision with the rest of us.
> Pay: Video game designers new to the job make about $46,000,
> according to
> Discover
> the magic behind video games with a Video Game Design program.
> 6. Forensic Accountant
> Money laundering is a dirty business that requires smart,
> creative accountants
> to visualize how the white collar criminals do what they do.
> Training: Math courses are the obvious choice here and you’ll get
> plenty of those while getting a bachelor’s degree in accounting
> or busines.
> administration. An associate’s
> degree in accounting can help you land a more entry-level job.
> Pay: Accountants and auditors earn $59,430, with the top ten
> percent clearing over $100,000, according to the Department of
> Labor.
> Find
> online and local schools with Accounting programs.
> 7. Teacher
> An active imagination and a flair for creativity helps teachers
> connect with students. And the more they inspire the students,
> the more the students return the favor.
> Training: Teachers need an active imagination – and credentials.
> Thankfully, getting your education
> degree or teaching
> certificate has never been easier, thanks to a proliferation of online
> teaching programs.
> Pay: Forbes magazine says new teachers made $49,000 in 2005-06,
> the most recent year for which data is available.


> online Teaching degree programs now.
> 8. Chef
> Among other things, inventiveness is a key to being a great chef.
> Great dishes won’t make as big a splash if the artistic
> presentation isn’t up to par.

Training: Prior experience in the industry may help you get your foot in the door. If you want to get formal training, look into getting a degree in culinary arts.

Chefs, and head cooks earn an average of $38,770 per year.That average goes up ($44,660 per year) for those in traveler accommodation.

Search for Culinary Schools near you. Unless otherwise noted, all salary data is from The U.S. Department of Labor, and represents the annual average salary in

May 2008.

Again, the schools to participate in these careers cost 20 to 100 times what it costs to participate in our opportunity. And our training ranges from ‘Free’ to $25. The value you get from being involved in this program is unmatched. AND the potential for gain is unmatched.

Let’s take a look at OPTIONS for a family of 4 that are having some financial struggles. Tom and his wife Judy both work and they have to put their kids in childcare which costs them $500 per week for 2 kids.

When they are both working they have to earn an additional $2000per month AFTER taxes which means they must make an additional $3000 per month.

The husband gets laid off. The wife makes $4000 per month at her job. Her take home is about $3000 per month after taxes. Their expenses are $7000 per month so they are upside down by about $4000 per month. They have $30,000 in credit card debt and their house is maxed out. They have gone through all of their savings and they are scared because after 3 months of looking for a job, they aren’t even getting calls back from employers. The situation is grim. What are their options?

1. Tom could go back to school to be better qualified for a higher paying job. The problem is higher paying jobs aren’t available right now. The few that do exist are in short supply and the competition is fierce. It doesn’t solve the problem that Tom and Judy have right now. They are upside down and have no money to pay for additional schooling.

2. Tom could go get a part time job to hold them over. Well . . . now they are dealing with the real life childcare issue. Tom can’t seem to find a part timejob that will pay him enough to even cover the childcare while he’s away from home.

3. Tom could open a franchise. Most franchises cost between $20,000 and $500,000 and require liquid assets of $50,000 or more. Tom and Judy have neither.

4. Tom could start a traditional business and take out a loan to get things going. Tom has no experience running a traditional business and no one will give him a loan because he has no experience and no customers. He also has heard that it typically takes 1-3 years to break even before any profits are realized. This option is out.

5. Tom can’t sing, act or play sports to the degree that anyone would want to pay him. These are the issues that many families are dealing with today. Network Marketing provides the only viable option that I can see today.

1. The start up cost is minimal at a few hundred dollars
2. It can be worked PART TIME from HOME. So typically childcare is not needed.
3. It gives you the flexibility to work as much or as little as you choose. You control your own hours
4. It has unlimited growth potential and you can start being profitable very quickly because the upfront commitment is so small
5. It provides RESIDUAL which can provide income even during the time that you take a break

6. You typically get free training and support from others that have already done it.


PT JOB :( More time away from the kids. No residual. Cost of childcare

GO BACK TO SCHOOL :( $20,000-$150,000 and no income. No guarantees but a diploma

OPEN A FRANCHISE :( Close doors money stops. Manage teenagers. No residual. 3-5 years to break even OPEN A TRADITIONAL BUSINESS :( 90% failure. $20,000 to $150,000 startup. 3-5 years to profitability. BECOME AN ENTERTAINER, AUTHOR OR PROFESSIONAL :( No skills. High risk. Expensive to start.


BUILD A NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS. :) Low start up. Free training. Unlimited Potential. Residual Income. Work from home. Support from team.

Hey Jordan,

I wanted to get your perspective on some stuff that came bubbling up for me at Convention. What I saw as contradictions in my mind. I need a little help reconciling them I think. I guess my biggest concern is, what if they are internal blockages that are holding me back?

Again, this is just when you have time. And if it’d be easier to talk through some of this on the phone, I’m happy to do that instead.

1. Give to give vs. give to get

Makes sense overall as a concept absolutely. But when I put the concept of “give to give” up against some of my “I am” statements, it feels challenging to reconcile the two. For example, when I say out loud, “I live a life of service,” it feels like “give to give.” But when I say, “I am on the Orlando trip in 2011” or “I am an Executive by Convention 2011” it feels like I’m focused on getting something rather than giving.

Not to mention, the latter brings up the green-eyed monster. Speaking of which…

MY ANSWER: Keep in mind that the achievement of your dreams and goals will only happen when you add value to the lives of others. You must give to give in order to see your dreams and goals come to fruition. Any success that doesn’t come from a place of giving will be short lived.

There is no giving without getting . . . just like your hand has a front and a back. You can’t have the front without the back. You must receive as you give and vice versa

2. Re: approaching people to share SOC: “You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person” and “You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person” vs. being a powerful communicator and storyteller

I take comfort from the former. But if that’s true, then how do you reconcile it with the latter?

MY ANSWER: For some people there is NOTHING you can do to stop them from ‘seeing’ it. And for others, there is NOTHING you can say right to get them to see it. Just let go of the requirement to do it right.

3. Time is one of the unalterable principles of success of vs. folks who shot up to Executive in 4 months

The former is comforting but again, how do you reconcile that with the latter? Perhaps it’s not time per se but how many hours you spend showing the presentation…

MY ANSWER: It doesn’t have to do with ‘time’. It has to do with congruity, conviction, knowing, and the energy you send out. The number of exposures does play into it but only when everything else is in balance. It’s a function of letting go and allowing vs trying harder or trying to do it right.

4. Celebrating others’ achievements vs. envy

OK this is embarrassing but at first I was delighted to clap as people crossed the stage but the more it went on, the more I felt this wrenching in my gut that I so badly wanted to be one of them. And it got hard to celebrate them. Blushing now. Is feeling envious a stumbling block or motivation or both?

MY ANSWER: I understand this feeling. In my early successes in Excel, I felt the same thing . . . I felt the ‘pain’ of seeing so many people go across the stage but not me. It actually served me because it gave me a little ‘fight’ to go get it done. It was just the right amount of anxiety to set me into action. That ‘off-balanceness’ is sometimes what’s needed on the other side of motivation

5. Believing vs. doubting

I’ll go ahead and admit I vacillate between the two. And I worry that all that back-and-forth may impede my progress. But I’m hoping that as long as I continue to feed my faith and move forward in spite of doubt that I’ll be able to build an amazing business. Is that so?

MY ANSWER: You’ll always go back and forth between believing and doubting. Doubting is a part of being human. You must get really good at letting go of doubt when it comes up and also transcending from belief to ‘knowing’. There is no doubt in knowing. Kody know’s . . . it’s way more than belief. Think about your faith. It’s the same thing. Believing and doubting live in the same space. But knowing has a place all of its own.

6. Your approach to showing SOC vs. Tommy Wyatt’s friend calling him every day for a month until he agreed to take a look

What you’ve taught me is simply to check in with folks after a GAW to see if they’ve had a chance to send another card. It sounds like Tommy’s friend almost drove him nuts. I’m assuming that that’s just a personality-driven difference as to how to show the business, and we get to choose. In other words, one isn’t better than the other, simply different. After all, your approach feels more comfortable for me.

There is fine line between being persistent and stalking. You can’t cross over that line. You must be gentle with people. Feed them info and then gently check in . . . let them lead but ‘be there’ when the time is right. Actually I sponsored Tommy. I sent him cards for a year but he was really resistant to the opportunity. He then signed up to send cards and used the system for a year. He then started building 2 years after I sent him his first card. You may be thinking about.

7. And the big one: affirmation and action, plus the law of attraction vs. God’s plan for you

This is a big one that I struggle with. Just to be clear, I believe in affirmation and action.� I’ll confess I’ve thought long and hard about the law of attraction (ala Wallace Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich, and “the thinking stuff”) but I’m still not sure what to think.� I do believe that our thoughts affect our emotions which affects our actions.� In other words, if you’re always thinking, “I can’t do this,” and saying, “I can’t do this,” you’ll feel crappy and you won’t do it. I also think that ” as a confident, dynamic, and positive person” definitely makes people want to be around me

With that said, my struggle comes from the fact that I wonder if maybe as much as I affirm and take action to succeed at the business, me succeeding may or may not be part of God’s plan. What do I take from that then?� Not that I shouldn’t do my affirmations or take action. Absolutely I should.� But the law of attraction won’t determine whether or not I achieve Executive by Convention 2011; that’s God’s will.� I guess I’m just curious here about how you see all of this.

MY ANSWER: God wants you to win so you can serve and inspire others. We were ALL born to do that (at everything we do).


I got the question today from a new distributor asking if she should put a DVD in EVERY card she sends since we talk about sending out a personal heartfelt card a day AND card with a DVD every day.

The answer is nooooo. Never ever ever put a DVD in a card that is designed to celebrate the life of someone else or just to lift them up. A heartfelt card has NO AGENDA and you are not looking for a ‘reaction’. You are simply sending out to give. No DVD. Just a card to say Thank You, Thinking of You, Nice to Meet you. Congratulations, Happy Birthday, etc. These cards are to touch someone’s life positively. The DVD should be only put in a card that is sent to introduce SOC to someone. Think of someone that could benefit from the 2 fold mission of SOC and then send them a card explaining the business with a free DVD in it. Do this daily as well. In this card tell them why you are excited about it and why you want them to watch it. Then ask them to watch it and tell you what they think. If they don’t call you (which they probably won’t), place a quick 60 second call to them to see if they received it and if they had a chance to watch it. If not, ask them to set aside 15 minutes to watch it. You will get nothing but positive comments from those that watch it. Then have them send a card if they haven’t done so :

Either you choose change or change will choose you!

October 4, 2010- CONVENTION RECAP
BY THE WAY . . . I have had a bunch of people that wanted my talk from
convention including the ‘Penguin Rap’ (which by the way, I DID write myself!)

So at the bottom of this e-mail is my entire talk from Convention including the
‘I am Statements’ . . .

Check out (Password: thecoolbuzz)
for a reply of this webcast under ‘Conf Call Replays)


Please send a card . . . on
Joe asked Lawrencene to join SOC 2 days after he was diagnosed
with Cancer. Today he was in 8 hours of surgeries just days
after being diagnosed. I’ve been sending them cards for 5 years.
Joe is Lawrencene’s soulmate. They are kind people with
a beautiful family.


Megan has had an ‘I am’ Statement for a few years and this weekend
she lived one of them . . . I came on stage to HER DEBUT SINGLE ‘My Decision’
Almost 4000 people heard it. It will make you want to dance!
I got chills! It’s really really good. Check it out and buy it. It’s $1.99.
Leave a comment on her site!
I am proud of being able to help Megan achieve one of her ‘I am’ Statements!
This single is ‘HIT’ quality!


My debut single entitled “My Decision” was written specifically for me by my producer, Scottie Briggs. For those of you who ever feel like you are in a rut and lacking motivation to do what needs to be done, this song is for you. Please go and click on the link that says MY DECISION. It will take you to the site where you can purchase my song for $1.99. All proceeds go to the production of my first album. This has been my goal and my dream since I was 17 years old. Please leave a comment and encourage others to do the same. I appreciate all the kind words, smiles, hugs and support everyone in Sendoutcards has given me. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

(I meant to send this out in my call announcement last night but accidently deleted the link)
EVERYONE must watch the new Business Presentation online (now being sent in cards as well!) It’s 15 minutes. You’ll be blown away. It appears to be the same until you click the PLAY button. You’ll want to send it out to everyone you have ever come in contact with.
I got the question . . . ‘Should I call each person and tell them to watch it, should I e-mail the OR should I send it out in a card?’ First watch it and then do ALL OF THE ABOVE! This is really compelling and you’ll want everyone to see it. :)
Make sure you have each person send a card as well . . . I have found that you will triple your results if they send a card as well as watch the video.

Summer Gehrke wrote:

“I wish everyone I know could have experienced what we experienced this weekend. All the positivity, philanthropy, and inspiration…meeting people who truly want to make a difference in this world, and give of themselves, their time, and their money. It was so amazing, and I am already excited for next year in Vegas!!!” (that’s right! The convention will be in Vegas next year!)

We raised $10’s of thousands for the Make-A-Wish Foundation
and one of the amazing moments of the event was when 5 year
old Carlos Diaz took the stage as the Super Hero ‘Happy Man’
He has a rare spine disease that requires him to have painful
surgeries to straighten his spine every six months while he
is growing. He had a grin ear to ear as he ‘ZAPPED’ the crowd with
kindness. We granted his wish. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.
He came out on stage in a colorful ‘Happyman’ costume! SOC
created a really cool comic book feature Carlos as ‘Happyman’
and he fights the bad guys and restores kindness to the world!
Each comic book costs $4 and it all goes to ‘Make-A-Wish’

Sandy Morgan was born with Cerebral Palsy and has been
confined to a wheelchair for over 50 years. She has no control of
her muscles and was ‘branded’ as being ‘retarded’ all of her life.
Sandy actually is very intelligent and her mind is in perfect working order!
She wrote a book called Dance of Victory.
Sandy is a miracle and knowing her will enrich your life. Reading her
book will make you appreciate life and understand that the only
limitations we have are those we impose on ourselves. You can now
send her book with a card and you’ll want to. She is a SendOutCards
distributor and dances with Kody at every convention.

Jules price is one of our Eagle’s Nester’s. She’s an Executive from
Florida and sings with the New York City Ballet. Wow. The book she
has written called ‘Tales from the SOC Drawer’ is one everyone
will want to read as well. She breaks SOC down to it’s simplicity
and her stories will make you laugh out loud. I read it cover to cover
and couldn’t put it down!


Kathy started a company 20 years ago which today
is a $1.4 billion company. She is a SendOutCards Distributor
and is featured on the new SendOutCards Opportunity Video.
She LOVES SOC! She spoke about why SendOutCards is a perfect
business model and why she is promoting it! When someone like
Kathy promotes it (she doesn’t need the money) it’s because we
have something really special going on.

She came over to me after her talk and apologized for ‘misquoting’
me. I told her that she can misquote me any time she wants!! Kathy Ireland
said my name from the stage! :) Now that’s funny!


1. Help Millions of People Act on their Promptings
2. Provide a financial opportunity to people

Kody clarified and said . . . “We must all be in alignment
with the two fold mission and our strategies (which is the Fast
Start Guide and the Daily 8): However . . . . he recognizes that
we are each unique individuals and HOW we deliver on the two
fold mission is up to us as long as we abide by the policies of the
company. Whether you lead with the product or the opportunity
is up to you. Whether you use the online or offline approach is
up to you. We must all respect and celebrate our differences.


1. Kody has invested $millions in infrastructure,
technology and Real Estate to prepare us for the
next few years. There is big news on the horizon.
Prepare for it by building your business. Corporate has
added over 20,000 Square feet and added a company store.

2. The iphone and ipad apps are still in development
but a basic App is now available in the App Store FOR
FREE. You can download it now and start sending cards!!! :)

3. Our peak day in 2009 was 405,000 cards. This year
our peak day will most likely exceed 700,000 cards!

4. We are sending 1.3 cards per second!

5. We have sent 60 million cards so far in 2010

6. We carry no outside debt

7. YTD we have experienced revenue
growth of 29% growth (industry is down 6%)

8. Gifting YTD is up 42%
2 years ago 50,000 gifts
last year 200,000 gifts
As of Sept 2010 360,000 gifts

45% of gifing business is brownies :)
We will be first in gifting trends

9. Our technology has the capacity to carrie 3.8 billion images


The nest of young eagles hung on every word as the Master Eagle described his exploits.
This was an important day for the eaglets.
They were preparing for their first solo flight from the nest.
It was the confidence builder many of them needed to fulfill their destiny.
“How far can I travel?” asked one of the eaglets.
”How far can you see?” responded the Master Eagle.
”How high can I fly?” quizzed the young eaglet.
”How far can you stretch your wings?” asked the old eagle.
”How long can I fly?” the eaglet persisted.
”How far is the horizon?” the mentor rebounded.
”How much should I dream?” asked the eaglet.
”How much can you dream?” smiled the older, wiser eagle.
”How much can I achieve?” the young eagle continued.
”How much can you believe?” the old eagle challenged.
Frustrated by the banter, the young eagle demanded,
“Why don’t you answer my questions?” “I did.”
”Yes. But you answered them with questions.”
“I answered them the best I could.”
”But you’re the Master Eagle. You’re supposed to know everything. If you can’t answer these questions, who can?”
”You.” The old wise eagle reassured.
”Me? How?” the young eagle was confused.
”No one can tell you how high to fly or how much to dream.
It’s different for each eagle. Only God and you know how far you’ll go.
No one on this earth knows your potential or what’s in your heart.
You alone will answer that.
The only thing that limits you is the edge of your imagination.”
The young eagle puzzled by this asked, “What should I do?”
“Look to the horizon, spread your wings, and fly.”

Jordan’s Keynote at Convention 2010:

Aren’t you glad Kody didn’t pick the PENGUIN as our
company bird? . . .

Penguins are cute but they just don’t
have the same majesty as the Eagle.

And . . . ‘I AM A PENGUIN’!!’ doesn’t have the same ring to it!

*******(FUNNY PENGUIN SLIDE)***********

Whitney would have been working
on developing the ‘Penguin’ watch.

Kody’s Rap would have
gone something like this . . .

(RAP) “Penguins waddle they always focus on the huddle”
“Freeze or thaw, it’s how they hoppin to a puddle”
“From the glacier they jump in to the ocean”
“Spread their flippers and waddle while the seas in motion!”

So Kody . . . thanks for NOT making the Penguin our company Bird!

In second grade I was in love with Roxanne Peterson.
She was my first love. One day I came to school and there was a rumor
that there was going to be fight after class in the Parking Lot. Roxanne
would be in the fight. Guess who she was fighting? Me!! I was petrified.
All the other students met in the parking lot to see the fight. Roxanne and her
twin sister, Kristine were there. I was going to be fighting the girl I love!
Everyone was chanting “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” I never did find out why
we were fighting. The fight was on and Roxanne came at me!
I wasn’t going to hit the girl I loved so I let her hit me. And she knocked me down
to the ground . . . and EVERYONE laughed at me. I got beat up by a girl and
for the next 2 years of my life I was belittled for losing to a girl.


When I first moved to Arizona I had no money so I slept on the floor
of a friend for 2 years with a blanket and a pillow in the corner of a completely
empty room. My friend David financed my first bed for me. It was a waterbed
for $30 a month . . . I had a co-signer on my first lone and it was for a bed1

Fortunately I didn’t let these experienced ‘define’ me
for the rest of my life. They were my circumstances but they
weren’t ME. Our circumstances don’t define who we are.
Our circumstances are a reflection of how we see ourselves.
They are almost like a mirror of our identity. Our ‘I am’
statements form our identity . . . which creates our circumstances.

An Eagle represents GRACE not STRUGGLE
An Eagle represents SIMPLICITY not COMPLEXITY
An Eagle represents VISION not SHORT SIGHTEDNESS
An Eagle represents FOCUS not SCATTEREDNESS
An Eagle represents COURAGE not FEAR
An Eagle represents STRENGTH not WEAKNESS


I am ‘Grace’. I am ‘Simplicity’. I am ‘Vision’. I am ‘Focus’. I am ‘Courage’
I am ‘Strength’. I AM AN EAGLE!

Back in the early 90’s I was in invited on a camping trip with some friends from the airline . . .
We were in the forest in northern Arizona . . . It was a perfect sunny 70 degree day
on Mingus Mountain. I took a hike to the top with some friends. The wind
flowed in from the valley floor. The pine trees sounded
just like the ocean as the warm breezes moved between the branches of the trees.
The endless valley looked like a sea of air that went on forever.

******(VIEW FROM LAUNCH)********

I looked around to see 20 or so beautiful colorful triangular shaped hang-gliders
propped up in the forest . . . waiting for the conditions to be just perfect.
Scattered throughout the forest they looked like a giant colorful butterflies.
It was beauty at the peak of it’s richness.


A few minutes later each pilot walked his glider up to the steep launch facing
the valley. One by one they would yell, ‘CLEAR’ and step off the mountain as the
wind lifted them into the sky. It took my breath away.

My dream to fly was launched in that moment. I had to experience
what it was like to fly like an eagle. I had to feel the wind in my face
and be suspended from a cloud.

BUT . . . I had no money. It cost $500 to take lessons. My credit cards
were maxed out.
I was earning $12,500 per year at my job at the time. I didn’t have the financial
resources to pursue my dream. So for the next 6 months,
I saved my money til I had $500.

It was summer in AZ and the morning temperatures in desert were
in excess of 110 degrees. We loaded up the trucks and I had no idea what I was in for.
No idea . . . Hours and hours of painful drills getting the feel for
handling the weight of a 70 lb glider on my shoulders
and a 40 lb parachute on my chest in the sweltering heat.
No flying . . . just stumbling around on flat ground while the parched wind worked to blow me over.
The desert was unforgiving. The dust and sand in my teeth,
the heat, wind, jumping cholla cactus and giant boulders made learning to fly
a challenge. The only thing that made it all worth while was holding on
to my dream of flying off that mountain.

******(JEEP SLIDE)*********

I was in the desert every Saturday for six months . . . Weekend after weekend getting the ‘feel’
for the glider, stumbling up small berms and learning to launch and land.
Over and over again.

Launches and Landings . . . and then small turns.

After months of training in the hot desert it was
time to fly the mountain. Up until this point, the longest flight I had had was
about 20 seconds. I was getting ready to launch off a 9000 foot mountain
with a landing zone that was 5 miles away. Between me and the landing zone
were power lines, barbed wire fences, cows, mountains, saguaro cacti
and lots and lots of AIR!

We drove to the top of the mountain. I was standing in the exact spot
that I watched the 20 or so gliders launch into the sea of sky 6 months ago.

I set my glider up and carefully assessed
the conditions. The wind was just perfect. I lifted my glider up on my shoulders
and slowly moved toward the edge of the steep launch. There is nothing that can fully
prepare you for the feeling of fear that comes at this moment. Minutes later
your feet will lift off that mountain, You must have faith
that the drills and the training you have gone through have prepared you to
handle whatever comes up. You can’t think about . . . you just need to do it.


I stepped on to the launch, hooked in, did a hang check, stood up straight and looked out
over the valley. My heart pounded as the weight of the glider on my shoulders
tried to lift up with the wind flowing over the leading edge.
My instructor and a friend held my side wires until I could maintain control. I waited
until the wind was blowing right in my face and all the streamers were pointing up the
mountain. When I was ready I yelled ‘CLEAR!!’ took two long steps and then the RUSH of air
as the glider sank down and within a fraction of a second I was lifted up with a
roaring thermal . . . suspended up high over the mountain . . . like an eagle. Hanging
from the sky . . . floating like a cloud.
I was flying. the wind in my face . . .
just like I had dreamed about since being a child.

Eagle’s soar . . . they always focus on their goal!

Why didn’t I quit? It was tough. It took commitment. I had to step out.
I had to step up! It was painful at times and I had lots and lots of fear. Why didn’t I quit?
. . . because I am an Adler! And EAGLES DON’T QUIT!

So what does it mean to be an Eagle?

To dream. To prepare. To practice. To drill. To have the courage to fail.
To remember where you came from so that you
may help others appreciate their journey.
To work through your challenges
regardless of how tough they may get at times.
To know when to work harder and when to let go.
To see the future with clarity. To have a purpose worthy
of your life. To lift others up. To see potential where others see
nothing but gloom and doom. To find your strength and understand
that it has nothing to do with physical power. It has to do
with your presence, your grace and being who you were born to be.
To be the beauty that you wish to attract.
To learn. To grow. TO FLY. You were born to fly and to be an
inspiration to those around you. Otherwise you wouldn’t even
be here in this room.

And in Demarr’s case you were born to FLY FISH.

******(DEMARR FLY FISHING SLIDE)***********

Soooo . . .
Are you ready to fly?
Do you want freedom?
Are you willing to pay the price?
Will you work hard?
Will you lift others up and take them with you?

******(EAGLE FLYING SLIDE)*************


(with music that builds . . . )

I am ‘Grace’.
I am ‘Simplicity’.
I am ‘Vision’.
I am ‘Focus’.
I am ‘Courage’
I am ‘Strength’.
I was born to fly!

August 30, 2010


We have a community of people that all help each other and contribute to the greater good of one another. We are all part of a group of people with a common interest (Acting on Promptings and the pursuit of financial freedom). We also buy points from SOC so we can have both. As part of this community, we willingly purchase from the company. We weren’t sold a ‘card system’. We were shown an idea that would help us fulfill on who we are as people. There is no competition when you are offering unique ideas that can make someone’s life better.

WHERE WE ARE AS A COMPANY (4 categories):

CAT 1: STARTUP A STARTUP-Prelaunch to 20 Million (Very Risky) 99% fail within 18 months

CAT 2: AGGRESSIVE GROWTH-A SMALL NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY 20 Million to $100 Million (Usually 5+ years old

Stability with an aggressive growth upside)

CAT 3: GROWTH AND EXPANSION-A MEDIUM NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY $200 Million to $800 Million (Usually 10+ years old, International Expansion)

CAT 4: SECURITY-A LARGE NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY $800 Million – 10 Billion (Slow moving, well established)

All 4 categories represent opportunity. SOC is in Category 2 . . . We are in the aggressive growth phase. Huge opportunity exists here. Lots of upside. This is the time to build. There is a sense of stability because the company has a track record of working through issues and challenges. We don’t buckle under the weight of challenge. We can expect challenges because we are in a state of constant growth and change. This is characteristic of a fast growing and evolving company.

SendOutCards is a Large, Small Company in the MLM profession. Why we are at a ‘Sweet Spot’ . . . there is an opportunity to ride the wave of growth over the next 10 years.

Presenting the options (2 Options):

OPTION ONE: RETAIL OPTION($49/$99/$199): Each one comes with additional features – Like options on a car. You can read about them if interested. These options are good for someone just wanting to send cards and gifts at RETAIL prices.

(“if you are interested in this one, we will go back and go over it . . . “)

OPTION TWO: WHOLESALE OPTION ($398) . . . $398 Includes the following:

Wholesale Price on Cards and Gifts (.62 per card)


Handwriting Font and 4 Signatures

+$59 Distributor Package:

Opportunity to make money

DVD Program (Never pay for a DVD when sent with a card!) “I’ve sent out $$$$ in DVD’s!!”

2 Self Replicating Websites (Retail and Wholesale)

TreatEmRight Seminar ($400 Value!)

TOTAL $457


Here’s my answer “Keep it simple and be consistent!”



1. Send out at least one heartfelt card a day (without an ‘agenda’)

2. Send out at least one DVD per day with a card explaining the business

3. Walk at least one person per day through the system (Gift Account Walk-Through: this includes showing the online or offline DVD AND having them send a card on the system



Everyone is asking the question . . . “Can I do it?” This answers their question and gives them a simple way to explain what we do to others so that they can also answer the question for themselves.


1. Send a Personal Card

2. Send a Card with a DVD

3. Do a G.A.W (Gift Account Walk-through)

(Act on a Prompting ‘Send a Card’ and A Financial Opportunity ‘DVD’)


At lunch today Travis told me that he has shown the business to 88 people in the past 8 months and signed up 8 people. We talked about this.

Of the 88 people he has shown the business to, 86 of them were really positive about it but only 8 signed up. That means 80 people were positive about the business but have not signed up. I asked Travis to consider that the 80 people that have not yet signed up are part of his ‘community’ of people that share a common interest. SOC is simply a mechanism for Acting on Promptings and creating an income. By staying in communication with the 80 that have not yet signed up and continuing to look for ways to contribute to those individuals in a positive way, they will eventually see that SOC is simply a way to do what it is they are out to do in the world. His job is to continue to ‘grow’ that community of people and continue to look for ways to provide information and resources that will add value to each of their lives.

Here’s an example . . . who buys interior design magazines? People who like interior design. Someone who builds a ‘community’ of people who love interior design can then bring interior design resources to those people.

If I have a community of 10,000 people who are interior design fanatics and a new book comes out by the #1 interior designer in North America,

I can sell 500 or more copies to that group in an hour or so.

We are not selling a card system or a financial opportunity to people! As we grow our contact managers, we are building a community of people that are all interconnected by a common interest. Anyone who responds positively has given us permission to ‘stay in touch’ and provide information that can be helpful and meaning in their lives. If someone tells me that they believe in ‘The law of attraction’ or ‘sending out to give’, I can then include them in my ongoing communication. I am building a community of people that are all interested in acting on promptings AND a financial opportunity. Some of these individuals have already signed up and some have not.

My job is to do 3 things:

1. Grow my community (My contact manager and relationships)

2. Provide ongoing information and resources that support our two-fold mission

3. Show others how SOC can help to facilitate the overall two-fold mission

(Act on Promptings and Provide a Financial Vehicle)

As time goes on, my community grows (you are part of that community!)

I have an online and an offline community. My ‘online’ community is already involved in SOC. They are sending cards and sharing the opportunity. My ‘offline’ community are those that are not yet involved in our business. Again, I feed my online and offline community with information that can be helpful to them on an ongoing basis. I am a catalyst for personal growth.

What are some ways we can do this:

1. Send out personal development books like Promptings, Beach Money,

Stay the Course, Appreciation Marketing, etc

2. E-mail out helpful tips and articles to your community

3. MAIL OUT (in cards) useful ideas that can bring value to those in your


3. Set up ‘Free’ Gift Accounts and let people use them for awhile

4. Keep people in your community in the loop on helpful conference calls

5. Invite people in your community to TreatEmRight Seminars in their area

6. Be creative and think of other ways you can assist and support your community

Usually products that are an ‘overnight success’ are just that because a community exists of people that all share a common interest . . . let’s consider Apple computers.

It’s no secret that a community exists of people that are all fanatics about having personal control over their lives. “I” this and “I” that!! Apple has built a community of crazy, fanatical people that are all connected through this common bond. In fact, when two strangers see each other that both have an iPhone 4G, hey are immediate friends. The same holds true for 2 people that both have MacBook Airs . . . When I see someone on a plane that also has a MacBook Air, we are going to be talking as friends! So when Apple launches a product, (ie; the i-pad) it sells millions in a few hours because their is a community of fanatics that are waiting to give Apple their money! The same people that say they don’t have the money to sign up for SOC are also the people that go to the Mac Store and buy an IPad for $800! Why . . . because they are part of that community and they share a personal interest in having 100% control over their personal and business life regardless of the cost!

People that are part of this community don’t need to be ‘sold’. They are ready to buy.

You have an opportunity to build a community using the tools that have been offered to you as part of our business. You can begin to create your community TODAY! Start with 5 people and go from there. There is no limit to the size of the community you can build. Become a resource for your community and have them look to you as someone who they trust to give them information and resources that will make their lives better. Just like Mac, they will be glad to give you their money for anything we come up with as long as it’s consistent with who they see themselves to be within our community. SOC is a mechanism for people to Act on Promptings and Create Financial Freedom (our two – fold mission). There is nothing like it and people will freely and willingly sign up for it (without being sold) as long as it’s consistent with who they are and what they are up to in life). It’s our job to attract those people and build our ‘offline’ community that will grow into our ‘online’ community.

It’s a different way of thinking. It’s a small shift that can drastically transform your business. A shift in thinking (just like the fly) can mean the difference between a violent death (on the window sill) or a smooth flight to freedom (an open door). See you soon!

August 16, 2010
Freedom from the Grind


I have noticed that as an entrepreneur, one of the things we do and one of the things we teach others to do is to do the ‘opposite’ of what they are doing if they want to change things. For example . . . What’s the opposite of a job? . . . no job! An Opportunity. What’s the opposite of frustration and struggle? Joy and ease. What’s the opposite of a complex life? The opposite of a complex life is a ‘simple life’. First of all, your job is to ‘Simplify’. In fact it’s every businesses’ ultimate function to ‘simplify’ things for their customers. Look for their frustrations and then help them create ‘the opposite’. People are busy and we all live very complex and hectic lives. I want the people I do business with to ‘simplify’ my life. And my job is to help other people simplify their lives. Your job is to start by looking for ways to simplify the lives of those you come in contact with. Start by asking the question . . . “How can I use SendOutCards to make the lives of those I meet better?” My life is much better today because Demarr introduced SOC to me.

This brings me to probably the MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE OF TONIGHT’S CALL. The #1 reason why most of us get involved in a Network Marketing business is because we want more free time and more money. Again . . . it is the opposite of being strapped for time and money . . . ‘The Grind’. AND we are focused on improving our personal situation, so it becomes all about us! I have also found that the thing that gets us into a business like this is not the thing that will lead us to success. We must focus on the success of others for us to attain the success that we desire.

I have also learned that when the focus is on us, we won’t grow. We must have a desire to grow and and drive towards progress, but our intention must be on giving to others in a way that contributes to their lives in a positive way. One of the biggest reasons my business grew as fast as it did was because I was not ‘attached’ to the outcome. As Kody would say, ‘Loosen the grip’. When I send personal cards (ie; Giving to give), I don’t send them because I am trying to get something back from those I send them to. I simply want to make them smile or just have a little better day because they heard from me.

When I contact someone about the business by phone or in a card, the message they hear from me is . . . ‘I think this would be good for you AND you need to decide that for yourself. I want you to experience it the way I have. I am going to ask you to watch our DVD and then send a card. Please tell me if you don’t think this is the best thing you have ever seen . . . ”

This is not to ‘confuse’. There are 1000 or more ways to get from point A to point B. If I told you to go from one end of a football field to another, you could easily think of 10 ways and as you got more creative, you could come up with many more. You could walk, run, skip, hop, crawl, slither, do summersaults, etc. There are also 1000 ways to build a business. Some ways are easier and less complicated than others. Demarr ask 3 great questions to get someone ‘engaged’ in the conversation. They work AND I don’t use them! After I have a little rapport, I say . . . “I want to show you something that I think you might like. It’s really cool. When can I catch you in front of your computer for 30 minutes . . . ” Both ways work! Use what works for you but most importantly, keep it simple!

When I send a card to someone to introduce SOC with a free DVD, I tell them why I like SOC and I ask that they call me . . . usually they don’t call. So I call them to see if they got it. I then ask them to watch the DVD if they haven’t. Pretty simple. I then have them send a card. And again, there are people that give excuses and there are people that get it done. If Kody isn’t working, then just walk them through sending a card. If you have sent cards, you can show them how to send a card. Go to their home or business and just do it. Have them log into your account if you need to. I built my business to over 20,000 distributors before ever having a ‘Kody Bateman’ automated walk-through. Whatever you need to do, get them in front of their (or your) computer and have them send a card.

Interestingly, only 10% of the people that log into a gift account ever send a card! Why? Because many of you are just sending the link out. AND people will not log in and do it on their own. . . people have about a 30 second attention span online unless someone is their to ‘supervise’ Be with them through the whole process and they will get all the way through it. Before we had ‘Kody’ to do it for us online, we didn’t have a choice but to stay with them the whole time AND guess what?? We had hundreds of people walking people through sending cards! We start to train someone the day they look at SOC (long before they put their Credit Card in!) Keep it simple. . . once again. If you can send a card, you can show someone else how to send a card. When you send a card do it in the spirit of giving. When you send a gift do it in the spirit of giving. When you allow someone else to send a card, do it in the spirit of giving AND when you have someone watch the DVD or Online Presentation, do it in the spirit of giving. Your ‘brain’ must be saying . . . ‘I want to give you the greatest gift you can ever imagine’.

If you want your business to thrive, every interaction you make needs to have the
intention of ‘Giving’ vs ‘Getting’. The energy of giving attracts. The energy of getting
repels . . .


Every single person that I know that has achieved great success
in business has mastered these 4 things:

1. Relationships (making quality connections with people)
2. Credibility (if you don’t have it ‘borrow it!’)
3. Posture (Your ‘stance’ in a situation. Taking a ‘stance’ of
confidence when someone questions you. Gently reassuring them
in the state of their ‘fears’.)
4. Consistent Action (productive daily actions) – We only do three things . . .
acquire customers, acquire distributors and teach them to do exactly the same
things. That’s it!)

You don’t need to learn how to engineer a bridge or put a satellite into space. You don’t
need to perform heart of brain surgery or design a skyscraper.
Master these four simple things and you are home free. STUDY, FOCUS
and PRACTICE these 4 things each day.


First 7 Months of 2010

Product Launch Challenges (now behind us)
Glitches – Site Bogged down (now behind us)
People spending time on PP 2.0 (what can I say . . . it’s fun!)
Oppty Presentation Focus (focusing on the 95% that are in financial stress right now – change in focus from Product to Opportunity)

Even with these for major issues:

Sales YTD Up 24%
Commissions YTD up 22%
Weekly Sales Up 19%
Sales in June Up 33%
Sales July Up 28%

Sales Down 10%
Recruiting Down 10%

We are one of the top 10 performin companies in the industry right now

August 9, 2010


Log in and click on ‘SCHEDULE OF EVENTS’

Log in and click on ‘SCHEDULE OF EVENTS’

Log in and click on ‘SCHEDULE OF EVENTS’

Log on and click on ‘Stay Connected’


6. DVD’S

7. The Daily 8 and the Fast Start Guide

Acknowledgements this week:
Jay Williams 100 reps
Debbie Brolley 600 reps

Senior Manager:
Larry Betzler
Jill Evans
Callie Shields
Bruddah Roy & Faithy�
Mame Noonan
Jay Wallus and Maggie

Rolodex Award:
Kathryn Asaro Mayers
Sarah Bailey


“Anyway, in San Antonio, I got engaged to my girlfriend of 8 years and of course, SOC played a major role in the proposal.� Before I left I created a 3 panel card.� Someone told me about a program called Shape Collage which will put your photos into a collage of certain shapes, letters, etc.� � So, I took lots of photos from our time together and had shape collage spell out, “Will You Marry Me”.� I had the card sent to the restaurant and when the waiter brought out the dessert menu, inside the menu was my card.� Garyn was so surprised and we’re both excited.� I had the manager take some photos of the proposal as it was happening and the next day we sent out a 30 card campaign to our friends and family to make the announcement.� Oh yeah, and get this.� The restaurant was small and someone on the other end of the restaurant saw the proposal and picked up our entire tab.� How nice is that?� It’s like what we always talk about with SOC.� Giving with no expectation of anything back.� I got his business card and am definitely going to send him a picture plus card with a box of brownies.”

Jason Magdar

From Kathryn Asaro:

“I recently appeared on Liquid Lunch where I told my Love Story and My Love for the Cards…My husband asked me to marry him thru a free gift account…I actually did a GAW right on the air unrehearsed it was fabulous…”


Each time I begin to forget why and how I began to build my business, I am taken back to all the teams that begin to grow quickly and the teams that stay together over the long haul. It always comes down to ‘The teams that play together stay together’. Let’s look at ‘attraction’ and what it means to attract people. Our lives are fairly ‘heavy’. Most people are pretty stressed out. Rush hour traffic, bills, health concerns, crime, the economy, boys and girls going off to war, oil spilling into the gulf, company layoffs, a friend or family member with cancer, declining home values, stock market declines and the list goes on and on. It’s pretty depressing. Most people count the days til the weekend so they can forget their troubles for 48 hours. Then it’s back to the grind . . . so we can do it all over again. No wonder drugs and alcohol seem to be so popular. So many people are trying to kill the pain!

If you create another stressful job while building your business for yourself or others, then people are less likely to be attracted to your opportunity. People are attracted to fun people. It’s a relief of the stress of life. And the benefits are exponential once you create a group of people that are all ‘playing’ together. Have you ever gone to a party with a bunch of really great people, looked around and said to yourself . . . ‘I love my friends!’ You can’t get enough of them. You want to come back over and over again. That’s how you need to design your business. You want everyone talking about how cool it is to be part of the XYZ Team!

We are going to quickly go over 20 ways to build ‘Fun’ into your business so people want to come back and bring their friends . . .

1. Have a Pizza Party or Sushi Night once per month – Invite the members of your team and have them bring guests. Make sure the guests know to ‘leave their checkbooks at home’ There will be a short opportunity overview.

2. Go bowling with your key leaders – Again, guests are invited.

3. Rent a motivational movie like ‘Rudy’, ‘Stand and Deliver’, ‘Lean on Me’, ‘Hoosiers’, or ‘Pay it Forward’ and give popcorn to your team

4. Play the ‘Cash Flow’ game by Robert Kiyosaki. This is a great ‘lead in’ to a business for those that have jobs. Organize games for your team or guests. You can then provide a vehicle to get out of the Rat Race!

5. After an ‘Opportunity Meeting’ go to a late night restaurant with the team. Bring the guests. The ‘Meeting after the Meeting’ is the most valuable time for sponsoring people. It’s fun, memorable and the important questions get answered there.

6. Build an ‘image’ around your team that you are the ‘Fun’ group. I just recently saw a video from a young group in another company that made each person that got promoted ‘jump out of an airplane’!! They then went out dancing at night. Their video was so exciting and made you want to be part of the ‘cool’ team that all got promoted and then went skydiving!

7. At events, go out to dinner with your group afterwards and invite one of the top earners to join you or at the very least ‘pop in’. This creates memorable experiences that your team members will talk about for years.

8. Post photos of you and your team having fun on facebook. People will be attracted to a fun group of people. They will say . . . ‘I want what they have!’ One of the reasons someone chooses to join a team is that they see a way to add positive momentum to their life. Like attracts like. Teams the play together stay together

9. Take a trip together. This weekend, Demarr Zimmerman and Dave Smith charted a motorcoach from Salt Lake City to Denver and back and took a team to the TreatEmRight. What a great way to exchange ideas, have fun and really get to know your peeps. I have done this no less than 10 times over the years and my best memories come from these kinds of trips! And if your team isn’t big enough to rent a motorcoach, just pile into a car. Listen to ‘Promptings’ or ‘Beach Money’ on the drive. Nick Wassell is a SM in SOC. He was one of our drivers on a past trip! Jerry Knight sponsored him!

10. THIS IS A REALLY GOOD ONE! – Take LOTS of photos at these fun things you are doing and make cool cards and send them out to those that didn’t make it or people that have looked at the business and haven’t signed up yet.

TIP: The new PP 2.0 is so fun to use and although I can still build a card in seconds I found that once I get going I want to get somewhat ‘creative’ so I end up spending 20 minutes on one card. I decided to put together some generic PP 2.0 ‘Campaign’ Cards with pictures from events and things that I have attended. There is an ‘Element’ that is a blank sheet of paper. I put that on the right side of the card and I left it blank. Then when I talk to someone that I want to send a card to, I can QUICKLY send them THAT campaign card (but there is no message in it). After I send it and it’s in que to go out, I then reopen the card and type a personal message. That way I don’t have to build the card from scratch each time! :)

11. When a big personal development seminar is coming to town, organize a group to go and you can all grow together in the process. You can also help each other by creating credibility through introductions in the process. When you meet someone introduce them to the other members of your team that are there. When they meet someone have them introduce their new contacts to you. it’s a blast!

12. Have an ‘Eight Hour Vacation’ day on a Saturday just for your team. Hang out by the pool, serve lunch in the clubhouse and do a short 1 hour training. Guests are always welcome! I have seen people want to join as a result of just hanging out with a great group before they even knew what we did. Again . . . photos and PicturePlus 2.0 cards will be flying through the mail!

Don’t just ‘do the business’ . . . ‘build memorable experiences’!! Always ask yourself . . . how can I take something ‘stuffy and impersonal’ and make it ‘fun and personal’?

13. Go play ‘Paintball’ together. Have everyone pay their own way. These stories will last a lifetime . . . 3 years from now you will have reps at events sitting around the dinner table saying . . . ‘remember when . . . “‘

14. If it’s just you and you are just getting started, set a goal to take 20 of your friends to coffee just to ‘get caught up’. Take them one or two at a time. Do it in the next 30 days. If you don’t drink coffee, then get ice cream or a shot of wheatgrass! Don’t ‘dump’ the business on them. Let them draw it out of you. Spend 90% of the time talking about them and what they are up to! (This is how I built my business . . . this one idea will cause a breakthrough for some of you. It’s one of the most powerful things you can do with you ‘network’)

15. Jim Packard has ‘Coffee and Cards’ once a week. He shows and discusses great card ideas and socializes with the team. Of course, guests are welcome. He does these at Cafes in his area.

16. ADVANCED TECHNIQUE: Tommy Wyatt was telling this story the other night in Denver. He was at dinner in Amsterdam with a Team about 7 years ago. The phone rang and it was me. I was outside in a boat on the canals with 50 of my teammates. I said, “Step Outside” . . . It was pouring down rain. He was so surprised to see us! His team was in disbelief! He brought his entire team out and they got on the boat with us and we spend the next 2 hours cruising through the canals of Amsterdam in the rain. Some of those people are on his team today. We created memories that will last a lifetime!!

17. Send invitations to these fun events using SendOutCards!

18. CRAZY IDEA FOR THE RIGHT PEOPLE . . . Rent a big house together and all work from the same home! I know of 3 teams that have done this for over a year. The homes usually have 5 or 6 bedrooms and everyone pays rent. They have computers and their cell phones. They work daily and invite guests to the home for ‘home parties’ where they show their opportunity. I actually have some friends in another company that have 12 people working out of a home together in San Diego. It’s interesting fun and very dramatic! NOT FOR EVERYONE!

18. Have a ‘Book Club’ and meet once per month to review great Network Marketing Books. This is a fun and great way to learn and build a team that works and plays together.

WORD OF CAUTION: Remember that the business is built through adding members to your team. If you are always doing the same things with the same people, your team will not grow. Always design your fun activities around meeting new people and EXPANDING your team. Promote the ‘FUN’ things you do to people outside of your group and begin to attract other fun people!

19. Break a record! Do a ‘Birthday Candle Lighting’ Party and set the record for the most birthday candles set off at the same time. Have your team and guests there. Plan it and send invites out. Video Tape it and post it on youtube! BE THE FIRST!

20. There is not too much more fun than being at the convention. And each person from your team that is there just magnifies the experience. Imagine a Rock Concert, Broadway Show, Party and Motivational Training all wrapped into one.

Once again, the thing that holds a group together are the relationships that are built within the team. Have fun together. Build memories together and let others know about how much fun you are having. If it’s ‘heavy and hard’ people will move away from it. If it’s ‘fun and easy’ people will be attracted to it! Build experiences that will last a lifetime. It’s okay to be creative but realize that it’s important to keep it simple so that anyone that sees it knows that they can do it too. If you walk into a room and see a bunch of depressed low energy ‘business builders’ do you want to be part of that team? When I was in Denver this weekend at the TreatEmRight Seminar, I saw hundreds of excited happy and motivated distributors. The guests had to be impressed and the result was most all of them signed up! Denver is on fire! Denver was one of our largest TreatEmRight Seminars this year because the team there is positive, uplifting, motivating and they are all working together. They are exhibiting great signs of leadership. Congratulations to the entire Denver Leadership Team including Michelle, Vonda, Teerza, Miguel, Ricky and Kenton and all the others that make up this amazing team of leaders.

August 3, 2010

TONIGHT: If you are anything like me . . .


Congrats to all of you that got your 3 distributors signed up! That’s a
huge accomplishment and the foundation for building a business.

In talking to some of those that did it, here’s what I found out . . . (this is a clue)

A. They had a REASON to do it (ie; didn’t want to be left out, wanted to show up
on the list, wanted the 30 extra bonus points, etc) Bottom line . . . they had a reason
to take action NOW

B. They took massive action. They expanded their list. They took a look at everyone
they had shown the business to in the past and went back to them. They made phone
calls, left messages, answered questions, etc

C. When they talked to people they built a sense of urgency . . . (ie; “I’m working on
a promotion and if you are ever thinking of doing this now would be the time because it
would help me”)

D. They gave THEM a REASON to do it NOW!

By the way, these lessons can be applied at any time. You don’t need to wait for Kody to
have a promotion to apply these basic principles. I’ll review them one more time . . .


Take a look at the STAY CONNECTED link and get in on the action! I’m an Eagle and really don’t
have to sponsor more people . . . but I love the game and I love helping people get introduced
to SendOutCards. It’s really fun and I can’t imagine doing anything else! Sooooo, I didn’t want to
be an Eagle and not be on the list. I was in Fiji at the Reef on Tony Robbins Resort (Namale). I had no
phone service. I did have sketchy ‘Skype’ and I did exactly what we just talked about. I e-mailed 5 people
that have been ‘thinking about it’ for a number of months. It was 7am in Fiji and about 2pm in Chicago. I did this on the 31st in Fiji (which is the 30th in the States) That’s right . . . on the 30th, I still didn’t have my 3!! One person said “LET’S DO IT!!” Two others really tried to come up with the money and one signed up today! I think two more will be signing up in the next few days.

This promotion (just a reason to take action) caused us to have 2 of our biggest days in SOC’s history!

If I can do it without a telephone, you can do it!


Do your best to come out and join us (even if you are brand new to the business). This
is a perfect opportunity to ‘launch’ your business into the Holiday Season! You’ll get to be
shoulder to shoulder with our founder, Kody Bateman and I’ll be there with SOC’s ‘other’
Eagle, Demarr Zimmerman. This will be an event to remember!


Check out (all of the important events can
be found on the STAY CONNECTED link on your MAIN MENU!)


Michele Reynolds 100 reps
Donna Smallin Kuper 300 reps


Michele Harris
Donita Pierce
Elizabeth Waring
Kenneth Bissonnette
Steven Rosa
Maryellen Raymond
Comac Marketing
Debbie Hill
Two Roads, LLC
Sue Halvorsen
Miriam Dady
Yvonne Sherron

Senior Managers:

Mia Farland
Barbara Hemphill
and Andrea Anderson
Sherree Sparks
Gifts by Request, Inc.
Colour Tech Marketing Inc
Relation Marketing
Jason Barber

Rolodex Award (these people have done
100 Gift Account Walk-Throughs/Presentations):

Vera Darius
Dick Ullrich

If you are anything like me . . .

1. YOU HAVE DREAMS: Early on my dreams were simple: Go Camping once
a month. Go to the Beach 2 days a month. Buy a Fax Machine. Buy a Cell Phone.
Upgrade my wardrobe. I still have the original list.These were my dreams before I had
sponsored my first distributor in Network Marketing. As my business grew, my dreams
grew! I am still working on ‘Stretching’ my dreams. I see myself as a ‘Pacesetter’ (in
fact I have a little gold pin I carry around with me with a ‘P’ on it for PACESETTER.
When I see someone going above and beyond – taking the lead and being a great
example for leadership and growth I give them this pin. As a ‘Pacesetter’ I also
must set the Pace for ‘Dreaming’. This weekend, I was in Fiji for an Anthony Robbins
retreat. Fiji is more beautiful than any photograph or video you have ever seen.
This was a ‘cleansing’ retreat which included 7 days of Raw Foods, vegetables and fruits.
There was time for spa treatments and exercise daily and lots of nutritional training.
Just the environment alone was cleansing for the soul. The warm breezes and periodic
rain forest showers made it even that more spectacular. I am always looking to take my
dreams to the next level so that others can see what is possible.

Sometimes dreams can be a simple as having the time to go walk barefoot in the grass
with your son, daughter or grandchild. I was at a juice bar yesterday in LA and I asked
the guy behind the counter if he had a concoction for energy that was healthy . . . he said,
take off your shoes and find some grass. Feel the earth. Hmmmm. Sometimes we make
things so complicated! So you are probably just like me. You have dreams. Start where you
are and don’t be afraid to stretch a little. Your dreams a year from now will probably be
grander than they are today. You’ll then become a pacesetter and inspire others to stretch.

2. YOU HAVE SETBACKS: I can make a list of my ‘setbacks’. All of them seemed so
devastating at the time. America West filed bankruptcy and I had to lay off my staff. My
company went out of business. I lost $150,000 on a Real Estate deal while I was still making
under $30,000 a year at my job. In my last company, we lost half our customers and half our
income due to outgrowing our service provider. My income went from $50,000 per month to
$4000 per month. We rebuilt it over a 6 month period. You will have major setbacks. What you do
with those will determine your success or failure. You’ll have breakdowns. I have had a few over
the years. You’ll get frustrated. You’ll even doubt whether you are cut out for this. Again,
only those that persist make it. You may be just like me . . . maybe you have been involved
in other programs or business’s and you have found that it is just too tough and so you quit.
I was on that program for over 10 years. There is no success formula that includes quitting.
So after 10 years, I finally figured out that the lessons I need to learn will come from persisting
and not from quitting. You’ll sometimes doubt when you are making nothing. You’ll doubt when you
are making $100 per month. You’ll doubt when you make $1000 per month and you’ll even doubt
when you are making $10,000 per month. It’s hard for some to believe this but even at $100,000
per month, there are times that doubt can creep in. It’s our nature. We must constantly guard
the gate to our mind. Setbacks are part of life. So you are just like me if you have setbacks,
frustrations, confusion, uncertainty and doubt at times. It’s part of the plan. Tony Robbins
says that when you get confused it means you are on the verge of a breakthrough!

AND THEN THEY DON’T: Hmmmm. Really? Yes!!! This happens to me all the time. I have had
people tell me that they were surprised when they heard this. I have had people say, “I can’t wait
to get to Executive so I have ‘credibility’. Maybe then not so many people will say ‘no’. Haha.
People will do this for their reasons and not yours! They will do it on THEIR schedule and not
yours. Even if you do get them to sign up, many times they won’t go to work until conditions
are perfect and guess what?? Conditions are NEVER perfect and therefore, some people NEVER
get to work! I met a couple on the plane going to Salt Lake City about 6 months ago. I gave them
the Success From Home Magazine. They read it and got really excited! I talked to them 3 more times
by phone after they returned home. I had them send a card and I sent them a DVD with a card.
They told me they were ready to sign up and then I never heard from the again! I still send them
cards about once per month but I have no idea why they didn’t sign up. Maybe someday! I spoke with
a good friend about SendOutCards 5 years ago. She had no interest. About a year ago she called and
said she wanted to learn more. We got together and I had her send another card. I sent her ‘Success
From Home’ and she watched the DVD. I’ve probably sent her 12 cards over the past 5 years.
About 2 months ago she told me she was ‘Ready to Go!’ She has been having trouble coming up
with the money. I emailed her from Fiji and haven’t heard back. I can tell you 50 stories like these!
AND I can tell you many stories of people that I have been signing up as a result of doing the exact
same things. You are probably just like me!

Interestingly, I have found that I always find time to fill all the hours in the day. I have also found that
everyone seems to fill all the hours in the day. Business mastery includes learning to create and manage your schedule in such a way that serves you in your life. Life always seems to get in the way when you are a ‘victim’ to it. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. How you use those 24 hours will determine how much time freedom and financial success that you possess. ‘Struggle’ is a mindset that will follow you wherever you go. It will follow you from company to company until you learn to release it. Struggle doesn’t serve you and it will keep you where you are financially. Struggle is a mindset.
Let go of ‘struggle’ and begin to find your lessons in your quest for freedom. We are all ‘busy’ with stuff.
Stuff always seems to be there . . . pick up the mail, do the dishes, pick up the kids, wash the windows,
clean up the clothes that are all over the floor, wash the car, repair the door, play softball, take the grandkids to the movies . . . we all have stuff to do. My question for you is, when . . . at what point do you say, I’m so tired of running so hard that I’m willing to set aside 1-2 hours per day as a priority so I can get back to really living my dreams? I can remember when I had a job at America West and they had
just filed bankruptcy and cut my pay in half. I was working my Network Marketing business at night because I had full time job with employees (although I was laying people off at the time). I was sleeping 4 hours a night. I remember pulling up to a traffic light at 68th St and Thomas in Scottsdale. I closed my eyes and went into a deep sleep at the light. The guy behind me honked the horn and woke me up!! I don’t recommend this, but I do want to demonstrate my level of commitment to get out of the Rat Race. Sometimes this means cutting out 1 1/2 hours of sleep for the next 2 years so you can live your dreams for the rest of your life.

Be careful here . . . just because you are getting up 1 1/2 hours earlier doesn’t mean that you’ll use that time productively unless you are committed to the outcome. Focus and commit to your daily activity and results.It’s easy to begin to fill that time with the same ‘stuff’ that kept creeping in before. So just like me, you may have found it tough to find the time to do the business. Until you figured out that you are not a victim to your circumstances . . . and you realize that everyone has the same 24 hours. We choose how we spend those hours.

5. YOU HAVE HABITS THAT SERVE YOU AND HABITS THAT HURT YOU: We all have habits that consume our time and money that don’t contribute to the overall purpose for our lives. And we have habits that feed us in ways that are immeasurable. Here are a few examples of habits that cost us money or time that don’t serve us; sleeping late, procrastination, drinking alcohol, drinking coffee, cigarette smoking, cigar smoking, dilly dallying, dinking around on the internet, watching television, reading the newspaper, etc. Here are a few examples of habits that can contribute positively to the overall purpose of our lives; Listening to personal development CD’s, Reading personal development books, exercising and eating healthy, dream building, time and activity management, meditating, networking, etc. About 20 years ago I removed the TV’s from my home because I was watching 3-5 hours per day. Interestingly, after I removed them, I found an extra 3-5 hours per day to build my business! And
you know the result! Well about 5 years ago, I bought a place in Phoenix that had a flat screen TV. And guess what happened . . . I fell right back into my old habits. I started watching an hour before bed and an hour when I woke up. I would also tend to squeeze in an hour during the day. I worked out less and it seriously cut into my business building time. So for the past 2 months, now, I have turned off the TV. It’s a waste of time. It’s a crippling habit that won’t serve you or me. The newspaper is also a waste of valuable time. You have only one life. Don’t spend it readingabout how screwed up everyone else is. The world is an amazing place and you deserve to experience it to it’s fullest.

You’ll also inspire many others to do the same . . . but not if you are reading the paper and watching TV every day. Replace thesehabits with things that will feed you and drive your business to the next level! So you are probably just like me . . . you have habits that serve you and habits that hurt you. Work on replacing those that hurt you with those that serve you!

I would venture to guess that if we were to get together and compare notes, we would find that we are way more similar than we are different. In fact it was this realization that got me to where I am today in Network Marketing. When I sat with a group of top leaders in my last company before I had even signed up my first distributor (ever!), I realized that they are just like me! They have the same dreams, challenges, fears, opportunities and doubts that I had. I realized at that moment that ‘I can do this!’ And because of that belief I went out and did it. I want to encourage you to have the same realization and then go out and in the words of ‘Nike’, just do it!

Your friend,

June 1st, 2009- Answering the Toughest Questions You’ll Get TOUGHEST QUESTIONS (it was tough for me to come up with ‘tough’ questions .. . because there really aren’t that many!): HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH SOMEBODY THAT . . . ?
When your vision is big, you’ll typically have the conviction to ‘deal’ with anything. Sometimes it just makes sense to say ‘next’ if your answers aren’t satisfactory. Shift yourself from ‘believing’ to ‘knowing’ is a feeling and its a choice. It’s not something that happens to you. It’s something you take responsibility for.


There is no MONTHLY FEE – You are paying for cards each month. To get the discounted price on gifts and cards (30% off – .31 per point vs .49 per point), you must be on an autoship. If you cancel your autoship, you revert to the RETAIL PRICE of .49 and must remain there for 6 months.

There are no contracts and points roll over. If you send 2 gifts per month, you’ll use all your points at 100 points per month for $31.

If you are in business and you don’t plan to use 100 points per month, I would seriously reconsider. My goal is to have someone get great value and see huge results. This will only happen by sending out a few cards and a few gifts per month.

OR you can save up your points and use them all during the HOLIDAYS at the discounted price. Think of it as a HOLIDAY CLUB!

Lastly, if you want a residual check, you must have at least $30 in PERSONAL VOLUME and 2 customers. The $120 coaching bonus does NOT require this volume, but your residuals do. You can qualify yourself by having $30 in month of points going to your account.

Don’t risk losing a check!

WHAT DO YOU SAY IN THE CARDS YOU SEND? Each card is different.
I say what’s on my mind. Here are some things you can say in cards:

a. Compliment them – “you know what I appreciate about you? . . . ”
b. Congratulate them – “I heard that your business is really doing well!
That says a lot about you . . . ”
c. Acknowledge them – “Thanks for always being there and for being such a good friend to our family . . . ”
d. Inform them – “I wanted to let you know about something cool that I think you’ll enjoy . . . ”
e. Reflect on Experiences – “I have such great memories of the time we . . . ”
f. Put pictures in the cards
g. Entertain them – “I laughed when I saw this picture . . . ”

I look for reasons to celebrate the lives of others. My cards come alive with experiences, photos, energy, people, places, etc.


You don’t. Some companies are around forever. Others aren’t. SendOutCards has been around for 5 years and is debt free. SendOutCards is healthy and growing. Many companies are downsizing today. We are growing in sales and revenues each month.

When you partner with a company, you want to make sure the company is solid. However, as you earn money (in anything you do), you want to look at putting a percentage of your money away and investing for the future.

I used a large percentage of my income to reduce my debt and to buy additional assets that produce income (Real Estate) Educate yourself so that as you earn money, you can have a plan for growth outside of SendOutCards.

I believe SendOutCards will be around for years.


It’s interesting. The average sale at Walmart is $300. Many teenagers with no money buy $300-$400 i-phones and $2000 laptops.

It’s not that people don’t have the money. Many people have the money.

If they are not coming up with the money to join you it’s usually because they don’t see the value in what you are showing them. If they get really excited, they will figure out how to come up with it.

Learn to stack value into your talk with them when you show them SendOutCards. Learn to explain how the system will benefit them as they send a card to a loved one. Tell them stories that you have heard that will make them see the importance of having the system.

Help them to see how many other people around them will want SendOutCards. If they know just 10 people around them that could use SendOutCards, then their $400 start-up just turned to $1200. That’s 300% growth. Most people saw a 50% decrease in their stock portfolio’s over the past year.

Give them examples of how it’s being used.

Right now, is the best time to offer an opportunity to someone to make some extra money. There is fear and anxiety in the job market. What about a way to supplement ones income . . .

Create a car payment or a house payment with your SOC income and really take the pressure off!
Here are some things people spend $400 for:

1. Tires for the car
2. A Cheap Flat Screen
3. A weekend party
4. 2 nights at an ok hote
5. A nice chair
6. 3 pairs of women’s shoes
7. An i-phone
8. A washer and dryer
9. A SendOutCards business that has the potential to earn someone enough money do buy ALL of these things within a few months. It’s all perspective.


SendOutCards just went through a MAJOR upgrade from a 4 year old system to one that has many more bells and whistles. Many of the new features have been requested for years. The migration required a HUGE investment in technology, staff, expertise and time. Millions of bits and bytes of data have been transferred from the old editor to the new editor. We have paid a small price. Kody is committed to always being on the cutting edge. When I joined the company we were sending out 200 cards a day and operating on a $24,000 machine. Today we are sending out 50,000 cards per day (250,000 per day over the Holidays) and running on 4 $600,000 Xerox I-Gen’s (the most

sophisticated machine in the industry today. It has the capability to do things that we are not currently doing)

During the migration, we have seen slowdowns of the site, that required a $200,000 system upgrade to handle the migration of data from the old to the new editor. 95% of it is behind us.

Until you have been to the headquarters and seen the magnitude of what we are doing and how many cards and gifts are going out daily, its hard to appreciate what goes in to making a system like this work. There are robotics putting together boxes and stuffing envelopes. There are conveyor belts running thousands of cards per hour and spools spinning putting stamps on envelopes.

I get 10-20 cards per day and I send about 10 per day. Once in awhile there is a glitch but in most cases things are working perfectly today. There are laser tracking systems that have been installed to increase accuracy.

With all of this going on, there will still be glitches and problems. We will fix them and then there will be new ones as we grow. It’s the price we’ll pay for growth and progress. We can strive for perfection however, we can expect progress.

It’s important to send any glitches that you are experiencing to so our programmers can identify what’s going on and fix it.

Here’s an observation. I am on a plane about once per week. The airline industry is almost 100 years old, employees some of the best IT programmers in business today AND is a multi-billion dollar industry. Even with this, MILLIONS of bags are lost each year (some never to be found again) AND a bag is 50 lbs! Where do they go???

We are not immune from this kind of thing happening. As we grow, there will be challenges and we’ll work to solve them just like the airline industry.

When you are sending 2-3 million cards per year, a 2/10’s of 1% error rate is still affecting a few thousand cards. To the person who’s card is affected, there is no excuse that is good enough.


Here’s how I answer that question. I say, “I will give you all the links so you can go over everything. However, if you have a need to understand it so you can explain it to others, you’ll seriously slow down the growth of your group. Others will feel a need to understand it before they can proceed. It’s kind of like going for a 3rd degree black belt. You must master the ‘kicks and punches’ before getting you first belt. If you walked into a Dojo and asked the Sansei to tell you how to get a 3rd degree black belt, his/her explanation would probably overwhelm you to the point of quitting before ever getting started.

Let’s take it one step at a time. Nothing matters until you have your money back. Step 2 is getting your first promotion. If you insist on learning it, PLEASE don’t try to explain it to anyone unless you want to stunt the growth of your team. Go to your SOC site and click on CUSTOMER SERVICE. Then click on SITE INDEX. Then click on

MARKETING COMPENSATION PLAN. You can print that and read it.

I have found that by going over 3 things, most people get excited:

1. Have them send a card
2.Go over the 3 options to get started.
3. Talk about how to get your money back (Help 3 people get started)


No. SendOutCards is a Network Marketing company. Pyramids usually get shut down by the Attorney Generals within 12 months. We have been around for over 5 years. We are a legitimate business opportunity with real customers who use our service daily. Many famous authors and public speakers use sendoutcards. Our attorneys monitor all of the company activities to insure that we remain compliant with local and national laws governing direct sales.


SendOutCards has a responsibility to protect the data of our customers. Each SendOutCards site is double encrypted.

If SOC sold its customer data to other sales organizations, we would be out of business within about 60 days, not to mention opening ourselves up for big lawsuits. It would be the ‘kiss of death’ to our company. Our site is “Hacker Safe” Double encrypted and we follow the exact same Act that the Banks do. We are required to adhere to the stipulations of the Gramm-Leach-Billey Act which states:

“In accordance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB Act), SendOutCards does

not and will not disclose non-public personal information to any third party

in compliance with Sections 313.13, 313.14, and 313.15 without the express

written permission of the individual involved. SendOutCards does not share

or sell publicly available personal information. SendOutCards does not

provide for the collection of non-public personal information and does not

recommend that such information be keep in a SendOutCards account by an

affiliate institution”



The closest competition we have is the US POST OFFICE, AMERICAN GREETINGS

AND HALLMARK. These companies represent about 95% of the greeting card market. They actually have web-based programs that will allow someone to send a card online. They have spent millions of dollars trying to get people to send cards with no success. SOC is experiencing explosive growth and they are completely stagnant. Can you guess why?

1. Their cards cost $2-$5 EACH and ours are .62 (But this isn’t why we are winning)

2. You can not put your handwriting into their cards (But This is not why we are winning)

Kody learned early on that no Advertisement or Internet Campaign works to get people to send cards. They just don’t do it. He realized that the only people signing up were the ones that were SHOWN how to do it (someone walked them through it – show and tell!) . In other words, Kody would only sign up the ones that were “walked” through sending a card on a gift account! So he had to come up with a way to get THOUSANDS of people to walk others through sending cards. We are the only network marketing company to offer a greeting card service.


Where do I start?

There have been approximately 300,000 gift accounts done to produce about 50,000 active distributors. There are 350 million people in the US alone and we have found that almost no one signs up until they have had a ‘Gift Account’.

2. A city doesn’t really grow until there is ‘Leadership’ there. We probably have 20 STRONG leaders. There are 25,000 towns and cities in the US. You do the math.

According to my calculations, there are over 12,000 towns and cities that don’t have 1 distributor yet. Your business may start in your city/town but most of your income will come from other places as your team grows.

3. I have 42,000 active reps in my group. Broken down, that less than 2 in every town and city in the US. Could you duplicate that in the next few years?


I don’t know of one. ALL of my contacts were people that I met at networking functions and trainings. I meet them, shake their hand, get their business card and then mail them a “nice to meet you” card. I then call them and set them up on a ‘gift account’. All of the people that I know that are having success are doing just what I described.

I walk about 1 person per day through a ‘gift account’ and sign up about 1 per week (I recommend going on a ‘BLITZ’ in your first few months to launch your business, but 1 per week after that is a great maintenance plan for growth!)

If there were an AUTOMATIC way to bring people in, Kody wouldn’t need us.
The US POSTAL SERVICES program would be growing like a weed (but its not!).
Keep it simple.



I stopped in LA the other night to celebrate the birthday of a friend and as I was driving on my way back, I said to myself . . . “Why am I going back when I can spend another day out at Venice Beach and the 3rd St Promenade! So I turned around and came back!I took a walk down the boardwalk to the 3rd St Promenade, grabbed some dinner and watched Star Trek after taking in some AMAZING music by the live street musicians. I am always amazed at the amount of talent there is out there. If you haven’t been there, its about 1 block off the beach just off the Santa Monica Pier by the Ferris Wheel and Roller Coaster. On my way back to the condo, I walked along Main St through Santa Monica. I walked for about 2 miles and casually observed all the various businesses along this route. Just on this one street, there must have been a few hundred businesses. Tanning Salons, Yogurt Shops, Pizza Joints, Yoga Studios, Bars, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Boutique Outlets, Accounting storefronts, Furniture Stores, Convenience Stores, Real Estate Offices . . . and on and on. It really hit me this time. There are a lot of people that can use SendOutCards. This is just one street in one small city. Can you imagine the number of

opportunities there are to show SendOutCards to people? Can you stretch your mind to think about all the hundreds of thousands of Entrepreneurs that don’t have storefronts but own small businesses from their homes or from commercial buildings. Can you imagine how many stay at home moms could use sendoutcards. How may moms are there just in your town. Now think about each one of these people sending out 1 card a day. Think of the positive energy that’s created as each person hits the send button to say something positive to someone in their life. Can you wrap your brain around the magnitude of this? We have the most fun and unique program in the world. Why wouldn’t everyone want to be a part of this movement? Collect a few pennies off each card sent and you have a virtual gold mine.

Most people join SendOutCards because they see some personal benefit to using it. But can you see that as you share it with others and as they become inspired by it that you are expanding your value to humanity and that’s what you get paid for. What happens when you throw bread crumbs into your backyard? The birds come. Keep throwing out breadcrumbs and you’ll get more and more birds. They seem to tell their friends about the bread crumbs. Imagine that the cards you send are like throwing out bread crumbs. The birds get value from the bread and that’s why they keep coming back!

Although initially its all about you, and yes . . . your involvement makes a difference as you send cards and help people to feel good by your kind words, the real magic happens as you share it with others and help them to become card senders. The shortest path to inspiring others with our program is the gift account. A few tips for doing a gift account:

1). Stay with them when they send a card (either over the phone or in person)

2). Have them send the card to someone they know and care about other than themselves.

3). Have them write something meaningful in the card

4). Make sure they know how to get back into their gift account so they can send a 2nd or 3rd card on you

5). Keep giving them points and postage until they either sign up or stop sending cards (usually they

will sign up after sending their second or third card). You can replenish an account from the GIFT

ACCOUNT section at the top of their contact when you open it – Click on EDIT GIFT ACCOUNT DOING SMALL AND LARGE GROUP MEETINGS

These can be really great for leveraging your time and creating fast growth. I can save you a lot of disappointment if you follow along with me.

1. You’ll always get the best results if you have 1 or 2 people in the group that are already signed up and when you get an ‘invitation’ to speak – here’s how it usually goes. You do lots of gift accounts for yourself and for the members of your team. A real estate agent or mortgage broker signs up and then they invite you to speak for a small group. These are always the best because they will talk you up before you arrive.

Cold calling groups are a tough way to go because you don’t have a relationship with any one in the group. When you get an invitation or if you ask someone in your group to pull some people together, you’ll always do much better.

2. Three type of guest meetings (Office, Home, Hotel) –


I had a call from someone that said they knew someone at Russ Lyon Realty in Prescot but no one in the office was signed up. I did get permission to come in and six people were in their conference room. We did the 15 minute presentation and they all seemed to like it. No one was ready to sign up. I sent them each a thank you card and a newspaper insert. I followed up and was asked to come in a second time. I did and we did another presentation.

I followed up again with a card to each. No one in the office ever signed up. Jerry Knight signed up a mortgage broker at a BNI meeting and was then asked to come in to speak at Core Mortgage. They had a large team. Both the father and son that ran the offices signed up. They had lots of influence over the others and gave a real strong testimonial. Within a few weeks about 1/2 the office was using the service. We came back 4 or 5 times to sign up more and more people and make sure that everyone got trained.

James is a friend of mine and he has been cold calling real estate offices for a few months now and has mastered getting an appointment to come in and show the office manager or broker the system. After a few conversations he can get an invitation to come in and speak to their group.He has found that they love his presentation but they almost never sign up. He usually has to follow up multiple times and send multiple cards before they warm up enough to sign up. He is just now starting to sign them up after 3-4 months. He will eventually sign up most of the people in the offices as long as he continues to maintain a good positive relationship with them.


Keep in mind that Hotel Meetings are not duplicatable if they don’t pay for themselves. In my opinion you should never do a meeting that doesn’t at least break even. Otherwise, your team can’t/won’t duplicate it. Collect money at the door ($10) to cover the cost of the room. Each person is responsible for carrying his/her part of the meeting. We are all independent and no one person should have to carry the load. I am not a huge fan of ‘opportuntity’ meetings unless the objective is to get people in front of theircomputer and have them send a card. I have found that most of our strong builders came from people that just wanted to use the system. Many of them would have run the other way if an opportunity was discussed.

You may have as little as 5 minutes or as much as 30 minutes to do your presentation.
An ideal presentation should have the following components:

1. One or two testimonial stories
2. A Gift Account Walk-Through
3. An explanation of what the system will do (PIctureplus, Campaigns and Handwriting)
4. Either 2 or 3 of the package options depending on the situation –

Some office won’t want you presenting the distributor package to their employees.

5. Sample cards to show
6. A close

1). ONE OR TWO TESTIMONIAL STORIES – Share examples of how you have used SendOutCards and specifically what results and feedback you have gotten.

2). A GIFT ACCOUNT WALK-THROUGH – If you have no internet connection, you’ll need to skip this. If you are limited on time but have a wi-fi connection, you can do a quick demo yourself. Ideally, you’llpull someone from the group to send a card to someone they care about while all the others watch.

3). AN EXPLANATION OF WHAT THE SYSTEM WILL DO – I will show a quick PICTUREPLUS example and show some of the cards. I will give 2 or 3 examples of how different professions use pictureplus. I will explain that someone can send multiple cards allwith one click. I tell them that I sent out over 3000 holiday cards in 15 seconds last December.

4). PACKAGE OPTIONS – In some offices, the broker/boss won’t want you to discuss the Entrepreneur Package. In this case, only talk about the $99 retail package and the $298 Wholesale Package. Otherwise, have notepads and pens available and have them each write out the options as you go over them. I find they get a better handle on them when you do it this way.

5). SHOW SOME SAMPLE CARDS – Have LOTS of cards out on the table (or on

a display table). Pick up a couple of them and talk about them. Hold them in your hand.

6). A CLOSE – I like to close with an invitation to sign up and at the very least get a free account (Gift Account). I have them each pull out a business card and write RETAIL, WHOLESALE, ENTREP or FREE on the card. I also want to make sure they have their address on the card and their birthday so I can send them a thank you card and a birthday card. I will send each person the Newspaper insert.

You can also close with the 3 options note pad. Give each person the sign up form and fill it in whether they want to sign up or not. This is just another way of getting their contact info.

If you are in a meeting where lots of guests came with others, simply give your reps some guidance in the close . . . ‘Get with the person that invited you here and make sure they get you started or at the very least give you a free account to try out the system’

REMEMBER, MOST PEOPLE WON’T SIGN UP UNTIL THEY HAVE SENT A CARD ON A GIFT ACCOUNT! THIS NEEDS TO BE YOUR NEXT STEP FOR EACH PERSON IN THE ROOM. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO BUILD A TEAM. Consider having your calendar at the meeting and actually setting follow up appointments to have each person send a card.

In a home meeting and hotel meeting, use lots of stories from the group if possible. If you have many users of SendOutCards in the room, have 3 or 4 of them share a story of how the cards have impacted them or someone they know. This is the most powerful thing you can do. In fact, in many situations, I’ve seen an entire group ready to sign up after hearing 4 or 5 great testimonials.


I have seen many people try and rally a large group together before they have a group. Usually they will run ads, and make lots of phone calls. Typically this ends in disappointment. You can get lots of people that will say they will be there and then few to none show up. Some of you have probably experienced this.

This typically is not the quickest way to get a large group together. The quickest way to get a large group is to start small and grow your team from the ground up. Once you have about 100 on your team you’ll be able to get 5 to 10 of them to each bring 1 or 2 guests and then you can grow it from there. You’ll also have way better results with people joining your team because of the power of the testimonialsof those already on your team.

May 4, 2009- Building Large Networks


Last week I attended a funeral of a close friend from my last company that was a legend in the Network Marketing profession. His name was Chuck Hoover. Chuck was a mentor to thousands and he taught me some valuable lessons about people and network marketing. On the return trip, I was invited to fly on a billionaires Gulfstream 5. His name is Kenny Troutt and he was the founder of my last company. This is a $41 million dollar jet. There were 8 of us on board and I sat directly across from him. On Saturday, Kenny had 3 horses in the Kentucky Derby. This was the first time in 63 years that one guy had 3 horses in the Derby! I was in awe that I had the opportunity considering where I came from. While we were on the jet I asked Kenny the question that many are wondering. I asked, ” what are some of your observations about the current economy and the markets in genera?” I was expecting a really profound ‘billionaire’ type answer. Do you know what he told me? He slanted his hand upward and he said . . . (I leaned in closely hoping to learn a secret). “I’ve noticed that markets tend to go up for awhile and then (he slanted his hand downward) they tend to go down for awhile. “I think it will be leveling off for awhile and then may even go downward”.
Then he stopped. I thought to myself . . . “That’s it?” That’s all he had to say. Here I am in the presence of business greatness and he tells me . . . the market will go up and the market will go down. What did I get from this? There is really nothing all that profound out there and most people (even billionaires) really don’t know. But I did notice that I got inspired being around a group of people that are way more successful in business than I am (ping-pong) . The lifestyle they live is larger than life. Kenny grew up in a rat infested government project in southern Illinois. He was raised by a single mom and had a brother and a sister. The largest apartment they had was 900 square feet and at one point
they had to move into the high school because they needed to come in to remove the rats from their building. In observing Kenny I once again saw a few things about him. For 4 years now he has had horses in the Kentucky Derby and he has never won!

Here’s what I learned from being around Kenny and his entourage:

1. He has always had a positive attitude
2. He doesn’t complain
3. He tells stories (Stories inspire)
4. He doesn’t quit until he wins!
5. He dreams and lives a large unreasonable life
6. Even the billionaires don’t know for sure what’s going to happen.

However, the biggest thing I got from our conversation was that successful
entrepreneurs are able to see opportunity in both up and down markets AND
it’s really inspiring to be around successful people.

I had some personal observations after the BNI Directors Conference in Milwaukee this weekend. Ivan Misner the founder of BNI spoke at the conference and I also had the opportunity to get some personal time with Norm Dominquez the CEO of BNI. In fact this was a really cool week for me. I met with some amazing people that play a huge game in life. I learned some really valuable lessons and I would like to share them with you.

Ivan Misner has built the largest business network in the world. He has 120,000
members in his network and has about 4000 chapters in the US alone. After hearing him speak, I started thinking . . . what if Ivan needed to find another business or project, how would he succeed at it. He probably would rise to the top of his game in weeks and at the very least a few months. How do they do it? How do some people grow so quickly?

1. Ivan has built a LARGE referral network of people that trust him and like him
2. Ivan is likeable and easy to be around
3. Ivan has hundreds of people that he can call and they will listen

Ivan’s situation hasn’t always been this good. He created this for himself. Remember, Robert Kiyosaki says, “Broke people have jobs. The rich build networks!”

Ivan has always looked for ways to help businesses grow. He puts people together. He builds teams and gives people ideas that will help them become better business people. People know that Ivan is 100% committed to their success. Ivan spoke at the conference and at the conference he said:

“Large Referral Networks are not built cold calling”
“Large Referral Networks are not built on the internet”
“Large Referral Networks are not built advertising”

Now he is not saying that these things are bad or wrong. What he is saying
is that there is a fast way and a slow way to creating success in business.
When large teams of people all work together to help each other, things
seem to grow at an exponential rate. The deception is that it takes a long
time to build a large referral network. Its actually the FASTEST way to success
in business. Connected people grow fast! GET CONNECTED!

Think about it . . . if you knew 120,000 people that trusted you and liked you,
how big would your SOC business get and how fast? By the way, Ivan uses
SOC! It would get very big, very fast! The people that have success quickly have spent time developing and nurturing their relationships over time.

Then I had this conversation with Nate Dominguez’s dad, Norm Dominguez.
Norm is the CEO of BNI.
What I found out after talking to him and also talking to a bunch of BNI members and Directors is:

1. There are thousands of chapters that don’t have a SendOutCards person
2. Quite a few chapters have had 1-3 people from SOC as members, but today they don’t have one.

This tells me one thing:


1. Professional Networking Meetings are not about you and what you are going to get.

2. SendOutCards is not about you and what you are going to get.

The reason people join and quit is because they join and when they don’t
GET business or referrals within a few weeks, they quit.

Norm also said to me that in the beginning he received lots of cards of SOC
distributors. Today he gets very few. Why? My guess is because many of us are
sending cards only when there is something to gain by sending a card.


SENDOUTCARDS – “You get back what you send out”
BNI – “Givers Gain”

SendOutCards is not about you. SendOutCards is about the lives you touch
and the lives you can make better through the cards you send. Kody says,
“Let’s celebrate the lives of others, now!”

BNI is not about you. BNI is about what you can do to bring new life and growth
to the businesses that you come in contact with through your association with them. Each week there are opportunities to make new connections in the Networks that you are part of. Meeting new people is important and following up is important . . .but it as not as important as looking for ways that you can make others feel special and important. It’s not as important as putting people together that can really help each other. You can only do this in your network.

Each of you have something really special and important to contribute that only
you can do. By doing your business, you are making the world a better place!


1. Be committed to your cause to make the world a better place
2. Be committed to the success of others (more than your own)
3. Meet new people and make them feel special and important
4. Get committed to becoming friends with those that are already in your network
5. Always serve first

If you are in it solely to ‘get’ business, success will always evade you!
Your number one objective is to help others get business. It will come back
to you so fast that it will make your head spin!


Money is simply a conversation. There are millions of people with money
that are ready to play. When you have a compelling story and you have
something to share that inspires others, people will line up to give you
their money. If its just about what you are going to get, it won’t come your
way because that’s not too inspiring.
You must create and communicate in such a way that others want to
be part of our crusade. It’s really very simple. Create a large, wide, open space
for success to flow into your life. And then have a message that inspires others.
The best way to do this is to have someone send a card and begin to create their own story. Then share with them how sendoutcards is making a difference for you


In most network marketing companies, the presentation (sometimes referred to as the BP)
is the cornerstone to growth. In the old days they used to measure someone’s success by how
many ‘in homes’ they did each week and how many ‘white boards’ were being sold through
their organization. Because the presentation is how you find business partners. Business
Partners typically mean duplication.

In our business, we don’t really have a ‘Business Presentation’. We have the ‘Gift Account Walk-Through’
The Gift Account Walk-Through consists of 3 parts:

1. SEND A CARD – The person you are meeting with sends a card
2. THE TOUR OF THE WEBSITE – You give them a quick tour of the site including picture plus and campaigns
3. 3 OPTIONS TO START – You go over the 3 options to get started.

In today’s economy there are many people concerned about losing their jobs, losing their homes
and making ends meet with paycuts, etc. Therefore, I recommend ALWAYS asking the person
you are meeting with if they are interested in making some money as well. I prefer to do this AFTER
they have sent a card. WHY? Because typically if you say it beforehand, they will start asking all
kinds of questions about the opportunity that will lead you into the valley of death! Many
of you have been there! So, go through the 3 steps above and then ask:

“Are you looking at this simply to use it, or are you possibly interested in making
money as well?”

Another great question to ask is the following:

“On a scale of 1-10, 1 meaning you don’t have any interest at all and you want me
to just go away to 10, you want to sign up and get going now, where do you see yourself?”

If they are a 7-10, you have something to work with. After they answer, you can ask them what’s
keeping them from being a 10 and this can give you the info you need to satisfactorily answer their
questions and possibly get them going!


You are the catalyst for the growth in your group. In other words, you always want to look for opportunities within your group to book the next gift account walk-through. Remember I talked about how some other network marketing companies gauged someone’s success by how many ‘in-homes’ they were doing?

I can very quickly determine why someone is having success or not by looking at their calendar to
see how many appointments they have booked. Look for opportunities to book a GAW from a GAW.
Fill your calendar with Gift Account Walk-Throughs and teach your team to do the same and you’ll
be on your way!

In other words, when I get someone started, I’m going to ask them to set up some appointments for
me to have someone they know send a card on our system. I’m looking to book my next appointment
from my original meeting. I book lots of these with the members of my team regardless of what level
they are on. I keep helping people bring people in until someone starts to go on their own.

For example, I received a referral from someone in another Network Marketing company that uses
sendoutcards, loves it but is not allowed to recruit anyone because of his situation. He asked me to
sponsor someone for him (under me) because he is not allowed to. So I did. I asked the guy to
bring me someone. He did. He brought me Bunny. We did a 3 way call and I went through the 3 steps I outlined above with Bunny. She got excited and we answered some questions. Bunny signed up and did she did the exact same thing with Patricia. After Patricia signed up, the 3 of them asked if we could do
a group call with some of their potential card senders. I said sure! But I asked them to make
sure each person the was on the call with us had already sent a card on the system.

Here are the things I went over with the small group (we’ve done this 3 times now and each time they
have had 3-5 guests on the calls (see how I’m booking a meeting from a meeting and how I’m driving
it down?) So here are the things we cover on the call. It usually lasts for 20-30 minutes and we will answer questions as well. I prefer that each person has already sent a card because we are less likely to get those whiney, nagging cynical questions that we sometimes hear when someone knows nothing about the system.
Always have them send a card first.

1. Tell Kody’s story (about his brother Kris)
2. Tell a personal card story and how YOU use the cards
3. Talk about SOC’s growth from 2004 to present (2004 -$200,000 in sales
2005 – 2.4 million in sales, 2006 – 10 million in sales, 2007 – 24 million in sales,
2008 – 41 million in sales, 2009 projected – 90 million in sales)
4. Go over the 3 options to start (have them write it out)
‘Grab a notepad and a pen . . . I’m going to go over the 3 options with you
and then answer your questions’ Go slow and repeat yourself a lot so they get
5. Answer their questions.

As you are doing this for your team, they will in turn bring in other excited people that you can
then do the same for. You must be the catalyst for growth until you find one or two others that
can do what you are doing. This is simple stuff.

Remember, there is not too much to master. Here are a few things that will help you be
successful. Master these few things. Think about what most professions require to make
a living. We are talking about building a life by mastering a few fun things:

Things to master:

1. Attracting great people into your life
2. Setting a simple appointment
3. Helping someone send a card
4. Going over the 3 options slowly while someone else writes them
5. Appreciating people
6. Cashing your checks
7. Dreaming . . . (do lots of this!)
8. The mechanics of signing someone up
9. Doing a quick 3 way call
10. Sharing Kody’s story
11. Sharing your story
12. Sending pictureplus cards with your handwriting in them
13. Thanking people
14. Celebrating life NOW (don’t wait!)

Don’t these things sound kind of fun? Can you really believe we get paid
to do these things??

I spent years trying to cram to learn the business before I finally realized
that the business is not about learning more . . . its about simplifying.

1. Dream
2. Send heartfelt cards
3. Show others how to send heartfelt cards
4. Teach them to do the same 3 things

Remember we are not so much in the sales business as much as we are
in the business of ‘distribution’. Distribution means ultimately finding the
business builders from within your pool of card senders. Usually they identify

I’ve actually had people ask . . . ‘how can you make money off a .62 card?’
You don’t make much money when someone sends a card. You’ll make .02 to .35
per card that someone sends. However can you imagine getting paid .10 or so
on each card if thousands or ten’s of thousands are being sent out each day?
Today, we have 30,000 to 50,000 cards per day being sent out, but in the future we will
have millions per day. Did you know that netflix customers send out over 1.9 million
DVD’s per day?

Its like having your own vending machines placed all over the country and you don’t
have to stock the machines, collect the money, tabulate the reports or maintain the machines!
You just get paid each time someone hits send. Its like having your own printing press that prints


Actually, this one is 100% up to you. How you feel about it will determine
how fast people join you. I believe that the perceived ‘pain’ caused by
the economic news is the ‘motivator’ for more and more people to get involved.
I have seen 18 year olds with no money figure out how to come up with it once
they really wanted to do it. Money is simply an idea driven by emotion. People get
really resourceful when they see an option that can help them out of a tough

I heard it said recently (my good friend ‘Ja-Life’) that its not whether people have
the money . . . the question is are they going to give it to you! If you share your
excitement and involve them in your heartfelt stories, you’ll see some miracles!

Is your compelling ‘Why’ worthy of their time, energy and money?

People are just starting to come out of denial that things are going to get
better soon. They are beginning to realize that the MUST look at options. There
is no better time to be in network marketing!


What would it take for you to up your game to the next level for the next 90 days?
The fly still fly’s (process of action) but I’m talking about your ‘mental game’
Can you rise to the next level mentally such that others want to play with you?
That’s all I have for tonight!

March 30th, 2009- Creating a Quantum Leap in your Business

Just got off Executive Retreat and Eagle’s Challenge Point Earner Cruise to Cozumel!

Really want you to come next time. It’s worth working hard for these opportunities.

Kody’s Birthday is on April 27th and the TER is in Arizona on April 25th. Come to the
Seminar and let’s surprise Kody with a huge group and make him feel really special on
his birthday. Register under SEMINAR REGISTRATION on your MANAGEMENT TOOLS.

Ben Fitts is from CT didn’t get back on the ship once we were in Cozumel because
he had gotten word that his wife’s sister had been killed in an auto accident. They were very close and she is feeling really bad right now. Ben flew back early to be with his wife. His sister had 2 girls and was a school teacher. Please send cards . . . her name is Jennifer and she needs to hear from us:

Ben and Jennifer Fitts
11 Regina Rd
Vernon, CT 06066

The most valuable time on the ship was the networking with the 200 plus leaders around the pool on the cruise and at dinner. We all sat together and shared stories. The first day we were at sea. We met for dinner and all sat together each night at 6pm. We philosophized and came up with amazing business building insights and even some breakthroughs!

They had a great gym onboard and lots of people were up each morning on the treadmills and weights. They had Yoga, Aerobics classes and massages each day. There is a disco, casino, non-stop pizza, burgers, ice cream and everything else to make you fat. We had lobster for dinner on day 2.

On the second day, we had a really fun cocktail party. Everyone took a million pictures.
The party was held on the ship’s disco. Michael Yanke (our new VP of Marketing support) rolled out a really cool new recognition program which Whitney Bateman designed. You’ll be hearing more about this. The pins are amazing and promotion comes with some nice perks. If you have already been promoted, you can qualify for the new recognition by getting anyone in your coded organization to promote to your level. Then you and them will both get the recognition. The Executive watch is really cool!

On day 3 we were in Cozumel and about 50 of us boarded a catamaran to snorkel
out at sea and then we had a big beach party with drinks lunch sun and sand!
There was lots of dancing on the catamaran and we have lots of video to prove it! The water was perfect. You’ll probably see lots of footage of these trips and picture plus cards are already flying out the door!

Sawyer Bateman (Kody’s son) went deep sea fishing with Executive, Bart Ratliff.
Bart got a 7ft 150 lb marlin that he fought for 2 hours and it eventually got away as he was pulling it into the boat!

On day 4 we had a 2 hour session with Kody Bateman and the corporate staff.
I spoke on making a quantum leap in the business and David Frey showed explained the lesson of the ‘sower’. We talked about the technological capabilities of the new card editor. Kody gave many examples. We also got to see the new DVD in production which should be available any day now. We were introduced to the convention theme in a video ‘United we Send’ and also saw a great new Treat 薦m Right promotional video that will be available on the website.

The new card editor is amazing and has so many technological capabilities that we don’t have with the old editor. We all received samples of cards that have been sent on the new editor. We all received a personal card from Kody showing what the editor will do. All Sr. Managers should be receiving a packet in the mail with sample cards off the new editor. Most of the glitches have been worked out and it sounds like we will be taking the editor out of beta in the next few weeks. Right now we are successfully printing almost 20,000 cards per day on the new editor. They are amazing and I’ve been using it exclusively for about 60 days now. I love it and won’t ever go back!

The Xerox I-Gen is now installed in Australia and is in the final stages of testing. Right now cards sent on the old editor are being delivered locally in Australia, but cards on the new editor still come from the US. As soon as the new machine is 100% tested, cards on the new editor will be coming directly from Australia.

My personal most valuable insights that came from this were spending time with Phillip Wells (exec from Arkansas), Tommy Wyatt and Curtis Lewsey. These guys get what we are doing. It痴 really simple. We send personal heartfelt cards. We also show others how to do the same thing. When I look at what I did when I first got started in Send Out Cards . . . its just that. I do it and I teach others to do it. Phillip says that his quest is to find others that will do this. He says that you’ll burn out trying to get your people to do it. Instead, you’ll be working through your team to find others that will do it with or without you.

Phillip works locally in his area. When he signs up a new distributor he asks that distributor to make his/her list and then sets up appointments to talk to those people together either in person or over the phone. They do GAW’s and walk the contacts of his new distributors through sending a card. Pretty simple. He does this over and over again until someone raises their hand and says . . . I REALLY want to do this as a business!

In the next few days you’ll be hearing about a new DVD that will be included in the new
Info-pak and can also be sent out in cards. Its amazing and does a great job of not just explaining our crusade but also the great opportunity that we have with SendOutCards.

One piece of advise that I have for you. I hear people talk about having multiple streams of income to make ends meet. I understand the importance of having a job if that痴 what it takes to pay the bills. Many people start with a job and they have their business as extra income until it finally exceeds their job income. A mistake that I feel many make is to try and work multiple businesses all at the same time. For example I hear some say ‘I believe in multiple streams of income!’ I do too . . . however I also believe that the quickest way to wealth is to master one and get it really blazing . . . then take your resources into the next and get leverage. Let me explain. I have never seen anyone work multiple businesses at the same time and gain any success worth talking about. Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki both believe in multiple streams of income, but they also say to get one going strong and then invest in other types to businesses that through off additional residual income.

I see it this way. Remember burning leaves as a child with a magnifying glass. If you were cruel, you used to burn insects with the magnifying glass. Now imagine taking the magnifying glass and running it quickly across many leaves attempting to start a fire. It really can’t be done because there is no focus. Now imagine that the leaves are your business and you are trying to get them to burn. It requires laser focus. Get focused on one part of the leaves and start a fire. The rest will catch on fire from the original fire! I recommend powerfully focusing on your business and get it to a point where its producing a substantial income for you and your family. Then fuel other businesses like Real Estate with income from your business. In my opinion this is a much more productive use of your time.

You can apply this same philosophy to your SendOutCards business. The people having the greatest success are not trying to implement many things all at the same time. They have zeroed in on the 1 or 2 things that produce the greatest success (meaning they are focusing on activities that create solid and long lasting growth and retention). It is no mystery the best results come through networking and building relationships with others through heartfelt appreciation. So why convolute and complicate your message by trying to do and teach all those other things all at the same time. Get massive leverage by focusing on the things that will give you the best results now. Let’s say you come up with a really great way to bring people in, but it doesn’t provide the long term retention of distributors. Consider that you’ll create some great short term income but you’ll never get big in the business. Why? Because you will never have the leverage of having LOTS of people continuing to grow the business.

Let’s talk about taking a quantum leap in your business. I recommend getting a book called ‘You2’ by Price Pritchett. He talks about that little fly trying to escape through a window by trying to fly through the glass. 10 feet away, there is a wide open door and all the fly would have to do is think differently and it could effortlessly fly to freedom. That little fly’s strategy is to ‘try harder’. Most people ask questions that give them answers that teach them how to escape by trying harder. But what if that quantum leap comes not from trying harder but from thinking differently. Quantum leaps don’t come in the realm of the ‘How to’. They are a feeling that’s created by thinking differently. That fly still fly’s but it just fly’s in a different direction! Your process of action is your flying. You must still fly, but realize that trying harder and learning more stuff will just lead to burnout and possibly death. Now imagine 18 flies on that window trying to get out . . . one little fly decides to fly in the opposite direction. The others say, ‘You’re stupid! You’ll never escape going in that direction! Its not logical . . . it doesn’t make sense to fly away from the light. But quantum leaps in your business are only possible as soon as you realize that they are not only possible, but actually easier. Flying to freedom is as effortless as that fly flying in the other direction.

Here are a few examples:

1. Riding a Bicycle – Success doesn’t happen in the realm of ‘How to’. Proof –
You can’t learn to ride in the classroom. Success comes through the feeling
of ‘Balance’. It’s a feeling.

2. Kody in Reno – 500 people. 45 minutes of philosophy. 2 minutes of SOC
40 people want to sign up.

3. Story vs Process – David Frey, Jason Isaksen, Michelle Bateman: Everyone
moved to tears. Others trained on process. Which story gets communicated to
others? Process (flying) is essential but the feelings.

These are some things to think about. Again . . . its not logical. It comes down
to feeling vs thinking. It comes down to story vs. strategy. It comes down to
Simplicity vs Complexity. It comes down to knowing vs. believing!

The great deception is that somehow creating new and exciting strategies
will outpace the tried and true time tested skills of networking. Make it grow faster!
Cutting corners only creates a volatile team.

There is nothing wrong with meeting people on the internet. There is nothing wrong with advertising. There is nothing wrong with cold calling. They all work and have all had a place in marketing businesses. And they all are in the head vs. in the heart.
Heart moves mountains. Your team will do what you do and you can make great incremental gains through strategy and technique. In fact, I encourage you to learn great techniques. But I also know that taking it to the next level will require you to go from your head to your heart. Do you want incremental or do you want exponential.

Let’s just look at what Kody has done and how he has done it. He’s moving mountains.
He’s doing the impossible. What if we were to just do what he does? We share his story and help others to touch the hearts of the people in their lives by having them send a special personal card to someone they love. We create stories through sending cards. That’s what inspires people. Systems, processes and strategies are boring and uninspiring. People will lose interest. But a crusade that is meaningful will magically bring large numbers of people to the table . . . very rapidly. I’ve seen it and experienced it. Are you part of the crusade or just part of the deal? This could be the big differentiator for you!

So then you ask . . . ‘How do you get to that place?’ Again . . . it’s not a how to!
It’s a feeling like ‘faith’ is a feeling. It’s a knowing. When you are there, you have no
more questions. AND you still must fly (just fly in a direction that most don’t go)

I’m not talking about creating new systems that mass recruit. I’m actually talking about the opposite of that. Again . . . it’s not about doing more. If anything its about doing less.
Remember, success is effortless. Can you believe that its possible to go from where you are to where you expect to be in a blink of an eye? Attracting lots of people is more about how you feel about what your are doing than the techniques that you use.

Get to your heart and out of your head. Questions come from the head. Inspiration comes from the heart.

March 16, 2009-LIVING YOUR DREAM

When you get a chance, give our customer service staff a quick call just to tell them how much you appreciate them. We are all on the same team and they work for us every day. Customer Service can be a thankless job on some days. Send them a card when they do something great for you or just call in to tell them that you like them and appreciate what they do for us.

Those of you that have been on past calls remember me talking about those 4 simple words that can transform your life . . . “Be Generous Every Day” Being generous is not just about being generous to others but also being generous to yourself. Living your dream life starts now . . . not just when you have the money or the time. Those that wait to live their dream life until they have all the time and the money live a boring and unfulfilling life. Your dream life will never arrive. Dreams start with a declaration followed by consistent action. I heard it said recently that dreams meet reality when the feeling of owning your dream becomes so real that you really can’t tell difference between what’s real and what’s not. Your dream life is created in your mind first. Its a feeling. This is why your ‘I am’ statements are so important.

Megan Joy was not a singer until 4 years ago. She created her ‘I am’ statements and 4 years later she is a famous finalist on American Idol. I asked the question the other night to a group of our Sr Managers at the Sr Managers and VIP Event in Chicago . . . “How many of you believe in your ‘I am’ statements?’ Everyone raised their hands. It then dawned on me that if you really believe in your ‘I am’ statements to the point of KNOWING, wouldn’t all your ‘I am’ statements come true? An ‘I am’ statement is a declaration in the present tense . . . as if it has already happened. To the extent that you believe them they will become a reality in your life. My book, beach money is an example. For 10 years one of my dreams was to write a book. I talked about it and joked about it. I tried to write it over and over. About 2 years ago I wrote the ‘I am’ statement . . . “I am a best-selling author!” I declared it as if it were already true. I had the book cover created and some content that was fun and meaningful . . . I now had a book and then I just had to finalize it. The declaration came first and it became real FIRST, BEFORE IT WAS AN ACTUAL BOOK. Today its a national best-seller.

Here are some of my more recent ‘I am’ statements:

“I instill confidence in others”
“I am playing a world-wide game”
“I have 20 personally sponsored distributors earning over 10K per month”
“One million sendoutcards users are sending cards daily in my organization”
“Beach Money is a worldwide brand inspiring leaders around the globe”
“I am contributing $10,000/mo to my inspiration fund”
“I control and own many exotic vacation properties all over the world. I entertain my friends and distributors at benefit functions at these properties”

All of these ‘I am’ statements support my dream. What’s your dream? When your dream involves yourself and others, it will continue to fuel you. I see so many people get caught up in the daily activities of working that they forget why they are doing the business. You will get tired (even burned out) if you forget why you are doing your business. If your dream is only about you, you will most likely get de-railed at some point. It must include others. Dreams that only involve you are typically going to carry less positive energy than dreams that involve many others. Think about it . . . consider that when you share your dream with others it will gain power and momentum. Think about what Kody has done. He continues to share his dream with many others on a daily basis and look at the momentum that has been created. It continues to grow day by day.


1. Have a compelling dream
2. Declare it (your ‘I am’ statements)
3. Enroll others in it (your family, your friends, your associates)
4. Take Action (The daily 8)


We all think that once we have the money and the time, then we will be able to live our dreams. Have you heard about professional athletes that had all the money they would ever need that retired and then lost it all? Have you heard about those that have won the lottery only to squander it away in 2-3 years? What about the child actors and actresses that made millions and then got addicted to hard drugs. When you get money and time prior to being really ready for it, it will go away or it can even destroy your life. Kenny Troutt, the billionaire that started my last company told me one time that if he had become a billionaire sometime within his first five years in business, he would have gone broke. He said he wasn’t ready to take on that level of responsibility. The daily challenges that came with the growth of his company and his estate trained him to be a good steward of his
time and his money.

Okay . . . so let’s take this one step at a time.

1. Practice dreaming. Exercise your dream muscles. Most people shrink their dreams down to meet their bank account. Instead, work on expanding your bank account to meet the size of your dreams. Really practice dreaming big. Read ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David Schwartz. Visualization is one of the most powerful techniques for bringing your dreams into reality.

2. Educate yourself on what you will do with your money when you have it (this conditions your brain to accept large amounts in your life). You can read books on investing and meet with people that have successfully made money, kept it and grown it. Condition your brain to be ready for as much as you plan to create.

3. Be very clear about what you will be doing with your time (declare this in the present tense) – ‘I am’ statements work well. ‘I am entertaining guests every month at my lakefront estate’. ‘I am traveling to the Dominican Republic 2 times per year volunteering my time to help children learn the English Language’ If you have lots of time on your hands and you are not sure what to do with it, you’ll most likely go crazy. You can only play so much golf!

4. Start where you are – I can’t over-emphasize this one. You must begin to fuel your dreams and make them real TODAY. Don’t wait until some time in the future. Do it now. Today is your future. Look for ways to take your dreams come true today.

For example. Let’s say your dream is to own a second home in the mountains in the woods. Start by booking yourself a vacation to stay in a home just like the one you will own for a few nights so you can begin to feel what it feels like to be there. Go to and find the home of your dreams and stay there!

Let’s say you want to take your parents on a cruise. Start shopping for it today. Get prices and brochures. Put it on the calendar and begin to plan for it. Even if you have to put away $200 per month until it happens, you can begin to put that dream into action today.

Let’s say you want to play golf once a week on amazing courses around the country?
What do you need to be able to do it? Again, book one trip to start with and then do it. Just the act of booking it and doing it once will do more for fueling your long term dream than anything else you can do.

Maybe your dream is to throw parties for you closest friends and use them to raise money for a special cause. I have a very close friend that had no money and no time but committed over a year ago to hold a giant New Years eve party that would cost over $40,000 to set up. She and her boyfriend got many people to donate money and time. They hired live entertainment and sold tickets. They booked a luxurious event venue and had faith that things would come together. They got some amazing press and in the eleventh hour everything came together and their dream became a reality.

Kody has a saying that ‘The stories in your mind become the stories of your life!’

What if you were to start tonight and write a quick short story about one of your dreams in the present tense as if it had already happened. Create some ‘I am’ statements and share the story and your ‘I am’ statements with some others. Ask them if they would support you in your dream and then do something first thing tomorrow to move you one step closer to your dream.

“The money and the time necessary to make your dreams a reality will show up when your dreams become so real that you wake up in the morning and you can’t tell that you aren’t already living your dreams”

Okay . . . so let’s make this real now. If you had all the time and all the money that you could ever want, what would you be doing tomorrow morning. Q and A it to me.

Now write that down and put it somewhere where you will see it daily. Next . . . what is something you can do tomorrow that will move you a little closer to that dream? Q and A it to me.

March 2nd, 2009- Be Generous Every day

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Tonight’s message will be short and to the point. I was walking on the Venice Beach
Boardwalk last week with Megan and Casey sand a beautiful young girl with lots of piercing was playing guitar. I had heard her before and I asked if she would play a song for Casey and Megan. She had a very unique and intriguing style. I reached in my pocket, pulled out a five dollar bill and gave it to her.

As we continued down the beach I really got the experience of what we do and how it makes a difference. We get inspired and we become generous with our time, our money, our words and our relationships.

Here is one secret to real fulfillment. Four simple words . . . “Be Generous Every Day” Be generous with yourself and be generous with others. Many of us feel guilty if we treat ourselves special because we feel we don’t deserve it. When we are generous, we feel good and others feel good. Those that are most successful in all areas of life are those that get this. Just be generous. Money, compliments, gifts, etc are like water. They turn stagnant when they sit for too long. Don’t let money, compliments, gifts or sit and get stagnant. Hand them out as if your life depended on it. Overtip. Always do and give just a little more than what’s expected.

Jay Smith (the #1 distributor in Excel at the time) wrote me a little note and tapped me on the shoulder before I had even my first distributor. I looked up to
Jay. The note said, “Nothing would make me happier than to see you get your Executive Promotion”. Jay passed away and I still have that little note to this day. I dedicated my book to Jay. Jay was generous with his words and it made me a better person.

SendOutCards is a ‘Stand On Your Feet and Cheer Each Other On” kind of company.
Kody says this all the time. We are generous with our applause and our appreciation. In fact when we were in Australia we went to see the musical “Billy Elliott” It was one of the most fantastic productions we had ever seen. Spectacular . . . yet at the end, everyone applauded but no one stood. But guess what? We did! And we started a standing ovation. We started something that caused that amazing group of performers to feel just a little more appreciated.

When you become generous with your money, your words, your time, your relationships, you can’t help but succeed in a big way. Bigger than you can even imagine. It’s so easy to become self absorbed in the problems of every day life. We all do it. I have found out one thing. 1/2 the people I share my problems with don’t care and the other half are glad!

Success in our business is directly connected to how generous we are and how many people we touch in a positive way.

I especially don’t want to overlook the importance of being generous to yourself. This is as important, or possibly even more important, than being generous to others. You must appreciate yourself and begin to really love life in a way that inspires others to want to have what you have. Give to yourself all of the love and appreciation you wish for those you love the most and you’ll attract the most amazing people into your life. This means taking the time to do things that inspire you and feed your soul.

Remember the in-flight safety announcement? ‘Secure your mask first and then secure the masks of those around you” This principle applies in life as well.


Stop for just a moment to take in the true miracle of what we do and who we are. We inspire people to be their best. We send love into the world and offer others a way to feed the number human craving. . . ‘The Desire to Love and be Loved”

A single card has the potential to really change the world. How many families have been reunited because of a card that was sent to say ‘I’m sorry’ Of course the business applications are obvious but think about what one heartfelt card has the potential to do. Now imagine 1,000,000 people sending out at least one card a day. Each card carries with it a charge that can lift someone up just a little or a lot.

Now add the power of technology. Do you realize the just a few months ago, we didn’t have the tools to do what we do today. Finally there is a business that can take us anywhere in the world. With wireless internet, Skype or a telephone, we can virtually be almost anywhere in the world and we can send cards, meet people through the social networks and build a successful business. Today with our growth in Australia, do you realize that you can a business that never sleeps.

You are getting paid while you are sleeping because people are sending cards around the clock. Before tonight, many of you thought residual was a ring in your bathtub!

Did you know that David Frey and Sara and Bobby Basloe have spent months building their businesses from the beach in Costa Rica? That’s what I’m talking about! When it’s Midnight in the US, its 5pm in Australia and people are buying points and sending cards. There will be a day when the sun never sets on your business!

Many companies say they have a ‘Home Based Business’ but they really are not. We are one of the first truly home based businesses. Many of us build exclusively from home! I signed up my first 38 distributors from my home in the mountains in Arizona!

I have sent cards from all over the world. I have sent cards from Costa Rica, Australia, Ireland, the west coast and the east coast. I love sitting by the pool on the rooftop of my condo in Arizona and sending cards to my friends all over the place!

How big can it get? Well . . . if Netflix is sending out 1.9 million DVD’s per day,
I can certainly see a day when we are sending 5 million cards a day. How much of it do you want?

This is just a glimpse of the miracle of SendOutCards!

February 2nd, 2009-HOW TO MAKE SURE YOUR CARDS GET THROWN AWAY (you read that right!):

I always ask myself how the other person will feel when they receive my card. Do you ever get those cards in the mail from retail establishments making you an offer you can’t refuse. For example, it might be a card from your insurance agent letting you know how much they value your referrals. Of course they have put their business card in the greeting card. Maybe you got a card from the local tire shop asking you to come in for 20% off your next tire rotation. Honestly, what do you do with these cards? Do you cherish them? Do you display them proudly on your fireplace mantel? Of course not.

Now let’s say you got a card from the same insurance guy with a picture of himself and his family on the front of the card. He has a voice bubble over his head saying . . . “YOUR NAME is the BEST!” Inside the card is a personal note from him thanking you and telling you he would enjoy just getting together for lunch or coffee sometime just to get caught up. There is no business card in the card . . . simply his phone number typed in under his signature. If you received a card like this, what would you do with it? Most likely you would save it and probably NEVER throw it away! Do you see the difference.

What we do is leaps and bounds more effective than what the experts teach people to do in their expensive seminars! “Appreciation will win over self-promotion every time!”

June 23, 2008





I am a general contractor in the Detroit metro area. Two years ago I remodeled a kitchen, and that lady’s neighbor recently approached me to quote the remodeling of her own kitchen. After I met with her I sent her a SOC and thanked her for her time. I then again sent another card telling her I would be in touch soon. When I gave her the price of

$30,000, I was told I was $11,000 higher than the other guy. She said, “He said all that he quoted would be done.” I then said, “You did not only get a good price, but a great price.” I then went on to say, “I am putting down my sales hat. My material cost is more than what he is charging for a 5 week project. Please get another quote.” Weeks later she called to tell me that the third contractor came out and my bid was still $1,000.00 higher than the third contractor’s bid. Last week I signed the agreement for my asking price and Tomorrow June 24, 2008 I tear out her kitchen to remodel. I asked her why she selected my company and she told me she liked the cards I sent her. All of the cards were two-panel cards from the SendOutCards standard catalog, and I did not add any pictures to them. Thank you for not only a great product to keep in touch with people you care about, but also a great sales tool.


Ken Kowalski

Upstairs Downstairs Remodeling

Westland, Michigan


One beautiful thing about the team we are building is that we have professionals from virtually all walks of life joining our team. We have pro athletes, Financial Planners, Accountants, Producers and Directors in Hollywood, Famous Authors and Speakers as well as Educators and every other type of Entrepreneur that you can imagine. Well, when I sent my e-mail around telling everyone about the call tonight, I got a handful of concerns from Certified Financial Planners that I may be giving financial advise that could get me in some trouble.

First of all, I want everyone to know that I am not a professional financial advisor and I do not give financial advise. I am an independent distributor for SendOutCards just like you. I don’t work for the company and all the info that I provide on these calls are my personal opinion.

Here’s my official disclosure:

“Please remember that I am not qualified to provide professional investment or financial advice and that this information is provided as a guide only. It may not be suitable for everyone. Should you have any specific questions about your situation, please consult a qualified tax or investment adviser.”

All of this being said, I have no intention of providing any financial advise on these calls. I simply will offer fundamental principles for successfully building a SendOutCards business. Once in awhile I will offer my opinions regarding opportunities that exist in the marketplace and how those opportunities may impact your business building activities within your SOC organization.


Freedom is the cause not the effect. In other words, to achieve financial freedom, you must first perceive yourself as ‘free’ and not the other way around. The reason so many people struggle with financial freedom is because they believe that once they have the money, then they will be free. It doesn’t work that way. Freedom is a value that will attract the money you are looking for. I can remember being in my job at America West Airlines when my paycheck was about $20,000 per year. I had a revelation one day and walked in to my office and told my boss . . . “I’m officially retiring!” She laughed and said . . . ‘You can’t retire! You only make $20,000 per year!’ I told her that I thought retirement is a state of mind first. She thought I was crazy and so did everyone else.

You become free first and then the outcome of time with some work results in a lifestyle that supports what you believe to be true. The formula for wealth is not what most people think. Until you have Wealth and Abundance you won’t have the money. There are people that had hundreds of millions of dollars that committed suicide because they were so unhappy. There are also people that have jobs making $40,000 per year that are ‘Wealthy’. Wealth is not a function of how much money is in your bank account. Money is energy and to attract it you MUST have the feeling of abundance first. Some of you have experienced this first hand. Your bank account is the cause of your feelings of wealth and abundance. Wealth and abundance aren’t caused by the size of your bank account!


I had a personal breakthrough this weekend at Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery event. One of the speakers said . . . ‘It’s not the product or the widget that will make you successful. It’s your entrepreneurial and networking skills that will determine your success’ Its sad to see how many people will switch from company to company trying to find the right product or deal. In other words they look for the ‘widget’ that will make them successful. And for years and years they search unsuccessfully. This is what I did for 10 years and 11 companies. I would make the product the main thing. I would get excited about the idea and then share it. Others weren’t as excited as I was and so I would lose my excitement. The fact is, there are a few people making lots of money in many different things and there are many people making little to nothing. There are even multi-billion dollar companies with bad products that create many millionaires. For example, cigarettes make you die, they smell up your house and for the most part they are today socially unacceptable in most public places. Yet many people make millions off the advertising and sales of this product.

Most people would agree that McDonald’s doesn’t have the highest quality burgers in the world. In fact most of you probably could make a better hamburger if put to the test. Yet McDonald’s sells more burgers than any other restaurant in the world! Its not how good the product is that determines their success. So you see, its not the product that ltimately will determine your success (even in SendOutCards). You will make money off your entrepreneurial and networking skills. Your ingenuity, creativity, ideas, resourcefulness and leadership will ultimately determine how well you do. The proof of this is, with the exact same product and same marketplace, some make LOTS of money and create a huge passive residual income and others don’t. Why? If it were our company or the product, wouldn’t it make sense that EVERYONE would make money? It doesn’t work that way in any business. And again, in most industries, there are people making millions and others

making nothing. So as Jim Rohn always says, work harder on yourself than you do on your business. My second breakthrough came as a result of listening to a conversation about how to increase your income in ANYTHING that you do. One of the speakers said . . . its simple, “Add More Value!” When you add more value, you make more money. Period! In SendOutCards, the people that are great at adding value and impacting more people in a positive way, ultimately make more money. How does this look in SendOutCards. Ideas add value. Creativity adds value. Touching more people in a way that is meaningful adds value. Helping a business grow, get referrals or retain their customers adds value. When you are able to leverage yourself through the work of other people and get others involved in our opportunity, you are touching more and more people which brings more revenue to the company. The value you have created

results in bigger checks! So here was my big breakthrough. When I joined our company, the first thing that I saw and continue to see is the amazing power that SendOutCards has to impact someone’s life when used effectively. So my mission has always been to get the word out and show people how SOC will benefit them in their lives. Pretty simple. When there is a true benefit to someone that makes a difference, they want to share it. Here’s the problem I see emerging in a few of our smaller teams. When someone gets in to SendOutCards with the sole purpose of making money (some people even try and recruit this way), if their recruits don’t make money in the first 90 days, they drop off their autoship and quit. Or if someone from another company makes them an offer that sounds better (whether its true or not), they quit. I have some teams that have been recruiting based solely on the money coming to me wondering why all their people are

quitting. Its very simple. Teams with strong growth AND retention (which is your true

residual income) focus almost exclusively on the value that SendOutCards can bring in to someone’s life. They share it and teach others to share it. Those that don’t make money are still VERY excited about the value it is bringing to their life, so they continue to use the service even if they are not making money. Does this make sense?? We are not in the greeting card business. We are entrepreneurs showing others how they can be more successful in life by being part of our company and using our service.


I don’t know how to build a car or really how it works. I couldn’t take one apart or put it back together, but I do know how to drive one. This is how I look at my SendOutCards business. I am not sure why or how it works, but I do know how to drive it. Answering all the ‘How’ questions that I get in emails every day would keep me in front of my computer 20 hours per day. Most of the answers to these questions really don’t matter. I’m not trying to be funny here, but knowing all this stuff just makes you smarter but it won’t make you any more money! Simply do the basic steps outlined in the Daily 8 ( and you’ll be driving the car just like Adam Packard, Judy O’Higgins and Chuck and Nicki Pousson!


I met a realtor named Vanessa that saw my book and asked how she could become a more successful realtor. She asked, “What should I be doing?” and “How do I leverage myself?”

Here’s what I suggested she have a do:

1. A Vehicle with Leverage
2. A strong work ethic (discipline and time)
3. A Network With Quality Relationships
4. A winning attitude (its 80% psychology and 20% mechanics)

THIS IS THE SAME ADVISE I WOULD GIVE SOMEONE WANTING TO BUILD A SUCCESSFUL NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS. This is why I love SendOutCards so much. It gives us the leverage and tools necessary to exercise our resourcefulness and creativity in growing any business or relationship.

November 10, 2007


This past weekend I was at a reunion in Texas with a group of friends, most of which I had not seen in over 7 years. It was the first time we were all together at one time since 2000. I didn’t go there to talk about SendOutCards . . In fact I left my business cards at home! I made a decision to not say a word. There were about 3 out of 20 people that were already using the service in our group. As we reminisced and shared stories of the past around a campfire, the topic of the cards came up. I kept my mouth shut. Although each of those at the retreat, had received a few cards from me, I chose not to discuss SendOutCards or bring up the topic. Guess what happened. One person said . . . “Jordan, I love those cards you have been sending!” Another said, “Yeah, they are awesome!, you are doing such a great job of staying in touch with everyone!” Then someone asked . . . “How do they work?” Another asked, “How long has the company been around?”. Then someone said, “I would love to see those, do you have any with you??”

Within a few minutes, there was a ‘buzz’ about SendOutCards going around the entire ranch. Lots of questions were being asked and a handful of people that had no interest at all began to get interested. How did this happen?? I have been sending this group cards for the past 3 years. Although we have not spoken or seen each other, there was a familiarity and an interest that had been created and then the flames were fanned by those that began to talk about it. I didn’t have to say a word. Others brought up the topic! Why?? Because I had sent heartfelt, interesting cards to the individuals in attendance. While I was sending them, I had no idea we would all be getting together, but once we did . . . It was over!

The cards I had been sending were unexpected cards . . . Cards to say ‘Hi’ and to bring them up to date on what’s going on in my life. I also sent a card introducing my first book which I’m fumbling through but should be ready in March in time for my birthday. Virtually none of the cards I sent this group were cards to ‘recruit’ them. When you send cards in to a network of people that all know each other, they talk and with SOC, that’s a good thing. You really don’t need to say much . . . Just let them do the selling for you!


This afternoon, I asked myself . . . If I only had 15 minutes to teach someone the business, what would I teach them? In fact, in many cases, you only have 15 minutes to teach someone the business. If my time is limited, I will give a new distributor a short assignment prior to us having a full length training. The fundamentals are so important. In fact, if you were to only focus on the fundamentals, your business would grow faster and there would be much less confusion about what to do. When you offer the basics to

someone who is motivated, they figure out all the details necessary to proceed. How much is too much?

1. If you give someone more than they can remember

2. If you teach them something they can’t explain to someone else

3. If you teach them things that are not relevant. In other words, focus on a few short things that are easily remembered and explained to someone else. When someone asks me about the Compensation Plan, I have a problem.

1. They won’t remember it due to its complexity

2. They can’t explain it to someone else without confusing them

3. It’s not relevant (Its only relevant to teach them the next step). How much someone gets paid as an Eagle is not relevant if someone has not even gotten their first promotion. Nothing matters until we get someone’s money back.

When someone asks me about the Compensation Plan, I direct them to the Website and have them watch a short movie about it and read about it if they want to. Taking time to explain something that will confuse them and they won’t remember is a waste of your time and theirs. In fact, with the limited time people have to build a business, you’ll want to be as efficient as possible!

Here’s my 15 minute training on THE FUNDAMENTALS:

1. Grab a pen and write this down . . .

A. Send Out at Least 1 Unexpected Card Every Day (No selling – Just to make that persons day a little better)

B. Send Out at Least 1 DVD every day (Send a card describing the Business and include a DVD in it. Share a story and your excitement)

C. MOST IMPORTANT: Walk at least 1 person per day through sending a card on a ‘Gift Account’

2. Get familiar with the Eagle’s Flight Pattern: Check out 3. Go through the ‘Quick Start Set up’ at (under ‘DUPLICATE’)

4. Be on our Monday Night Team Call each week . . . If you can’t be on it, than listen to the replays at the top of www.thecoolbuzzcom

5. Schedule yourself for a Treat ‘em Right Seminar as soon as possible

I will then take 5 minutes to show someone how to use their SOC Walk-Through Banner Account (this is important for duplicatability)

A. Log in

B. Click on Management Tools

C. Click on AUTOMATIC GIFT ACCOUNT and create and save your settings

D. Under Management Tools, go back and Click on BANNER OPTIONS and set up your banner

E. You can now have someone go to and turn up their speakers. Have them click on ‘CLICK HERE TO SEND YOUR FREE CARD’
Get your sponsor to help you with this if you are not sure what to do!

IMPORTANT: Instruct your new people to be with their card sender while going through the SOC Walk-Through if you want them to complete it.


The teaching begins when you have them send their first card. Taking the time to train your new distributors will pay you back many times over. If you sign them up and don’t train them, they won’t use the system and they probably won’t do much. Make sure you train them! That’s what you are getting paid the $120 for!


Jeffrey Davidson – 400 Distributors


> Brigitte Ades

> Heidi Tesdahl

> Nina Ten

> Donna McGill

> Colleen Killpatrick

> Andrew Sommervile

> Stephen and Paula Todd

> Sarah Berry

> Tom LaGalbo

> Elayne Lieberman

> Thomas Burt

> Candy Brandon

> Michael Sees

> Nadia Capone

> Troy Warren


> Barbara Starley

> Tammy Delorme & Joel Marcoux

> Patti Glick



I encourage you to check out the gifts you can now send with your cards. I sent two today. The company has added a whole line of gift items. When sending a card, drop down the ADD AN INSERT and click on GIFT. In addition to the Avenue Sweets which SOC has been offering, there are now gourmet coffees and teas, as well as nuts and cookies….You can now send a gift to someone with a card inside without leaving your computer! And there is more good news…especially if you have accumulated a lot of points in your account. You can now pay for these gifts with points, not with money in your expense account. You pay for the shipping from your expense account, but not for the gifts themselves. Think about what that means:

1. If you have accumulated points, you can use them for the gifts without having to pay more money for them;

2. If you have an organization that you are building, commissions are paid on points purchased, but not on money from your expense account. Thus, when the gifts are purchased, more points will be used and more in commissions will be paid;

3. If you have a retail account and are going to be sending gifts, you might want to consider upgrading to a wholesale or entrepreneur account. Retail points are $.49 each while the points in the other two accounts are only $.31. Thus, for example, on a 50 point item, you will save $9.00 (50 x $.18).


As you know, when you purchased your Entrepreneur Package, you received the DVD Program which allows you to send out unlimited DVD’s to recipients of your cards. In virtually all other companies, you are required to PAY for your DVD’s (up to $7 per DVD). With SOC, you never pay for a DVD. The new DVD is really good. You simply drop down the ADD AN INSERT and click on the DVD option. It will be out in the next few days, but in the meantime, you can view it on line. Demarr got me interested in SOC with a DVD. I watched the 2nd one he sent me and that caused me to call him. I didn’t even know him! The DVD’s will work if someone is looking for something to do!

– Go and watch the new DVD presentation! – From the Home Page, click on Watch our DVD.

– You will be able to add the new DVD to your greeting cards in the next several weeks. Until that time, use the one that is currently available!

2008 TREATEMRIGHT SEMINARS (Tentative Dates) The Treat ‘em Right Seminar is a one-day Personal Development Seminar offered as part of the Entrep Package. In an interactive way it teaches the principles of the “Law of Attraction” and how to have success come to you easily and effortlessly in life and in business. There will be more, but this is the preliminary schedule:

> 01/12 Houston Texas- KODY

> 01/19 Sacramento California- JORDAN

> 01/26 Connecticut- KODY

02/02 Phoenix Arizona- JORDAN

> 02/09 Denver Colorado-KODY

> 02/09 LA California- JORDAN

> 02/16 Detroit Michigan-KODY

03/01 Atlanta Georgia-JORDAN

> 03/08 SLC Utah- KODY

> 03/29 Ontario CANADA- JORDAN

04/05 Providence Rhode Island- KODY

> 04/12 Chicago Illinois- JORDAN

> 04/19 San Francisco California- KODY

05/03 British Columbia CANADA- KODY

> 05/17 Dallas Texas- JORDAN

> 05/17 Pittsburgh PA- KODY

06/07 Las Vegas Nevada- KODY

09/06 Fort Lauderdale Florida- KODY

> 09/20 Charlotte NC- JORDAN

10/04 Kansas City Missouri- KODY

> 10/18 Portland Oregon- JORDAN

11/08 New York City New York- KODY

> 11/22 Scottsdale Arizona- KODY


Don’t forget to let people know how to order Chicken Soup for the Network Marketers soul at a discount. Special pricing for you from us on the new Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul To order Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer’s Soul invites you to be the first to order this groundbreaking book. The book is complete, ready to order and is shipping NOW!

> Regular price is $19.95. Our gift to you is a 15% discount no matter how many books you would like to order. That means you are able to buy this book as low as $11 depending on the volume you order. What a great Holiday gift for your leaders and loved ones.

November 30th the promotional discount stops. Please DO NOT wait.

ENTER the code SOC to get the discount.


The TBN’s are an opportunity for Distributors in a Region to come together to Network, Share Ideas, Train and Inspire Each other. Check out for a full schedule:

Upcoming Cities include. Typically they are $10 per person

Tues Nov 20th Bethel Park, PA

Sheboygan, WI

Troy, MI

Tues Nov 27th

Coer d’ Alene, ID

Thurs Nov 29th

Tucson, AZ

I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be thankful for this year. I am grateful for you in my life . . . My number 1 goal is for you to get everything you want from your SendOutCards business and I will work tirelessly to see that that happens. I’ll take 2 steps for every one that you take. We have thousands of people on our team and I would like to challenge each of you to go a

little out of your way this week to do at least one nice thing for someone that is not as fortunate as you or I. Find someone in need and send them something or do something for them that will lift their spirits. The world will be a better place and you’ll have made a difference. You guys have a Happy Thanksgiving.

September 10, 2007

Tonights call is being recorded.
TIME URGENCY – Read Below:

Hi everyone,

I’ve been in Chicago for the past 5 days and really enjoying my time here in the Lincoln Park area. I spent some time with my family yesterday as well. I have an observation that I’ve shared on past calls. My personal activity tends to come in waves. I’ll personally sign up a few people and then I’ll go a few weeks without signing anyone up. I typically average about 1 per week. What I have noticed, is that when I am putting myself in the flow of new people and staying in touch with the ones that are already in my network, I tend to sign up new people. When I get ‘out of touch’, I tend to not sign up new people. Your business growth will be directly related to signing up new people until you have a big team. If I could give one piece of advice to those of you that are having trouble signing up new people, it would be , “put yourself in situations where you can meet new people on a regular basis. . . Especially people that are in small business”


For those of you that spend a lot of time at home or live in a small town, you may wonder . . . “Where do I find new people??” Some of you may feel like you have tapped out your ‘warm’ market or in the past you have been in other programs and the people in your life really don’t trust you any more.

Many of you have heard of ‘Linkedin’ (an online networking tool) Some of you have subscribed to this ‘Free’ service. They have millions of subscribers, but about 95% of them don’t have any idea how to use it to their advantage. They know it has great value, but they just aren’t sure what that value is. I was one of those people.


You each have a market of thousands of people that are just one generation removed from you . . . Many of which would love sendoutcards. Wouldn’t it be great to get an invitation to meet them? These are people that know people that YOU KNOW! The problem is, you have no way to get to them because you don’t know them personally.


Jeffery Combs
President & CEO of Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc.
Jeffery Combs is an Internationally recognized trainer, speaker, and author in the Network Marketing & Direct Sales Industry. Jeff specializes in Prospecting, Leadership, Teleconference Presentations, Personal Breakthroughs, Prosperity Consciousness, Scripts, Mindset Training, and all levels of effective marketing. 800 595 6632

Please go to to listen to a replay of this call!

How can SOC be applied to a health product via network marketing?

It applies to any Network Marketing person that wants to make sure the people in their network feel appreciated regardless of the industry . . . for thank you’s, congrats, birthdays, nice to meet you’s, etc.

Alan Duke-Birmingham, Al.
I really like the program and the cards but I don’t want to bother friends and family with signing up as a distributor or even a customer. How can this best be marketed on the internet or in other ways to be successful without marketing to family and friends? Thanks

A: Please attend one of the ‘Linkedin’ webinars listed at the top of this e-mail and you’ll have all kinds of people to talk to outside of your immediate circle of family and friends!

What happens to my business if and when I die? Will it pass to heirs, beneficaries,etc.?

A: Your business is willable and saleable. Its a business asset

Lin Rimple-Coeur d’ Alene
Hi Jordan from Idaho

A: Hi Lin!!

Ruth Graham-Chandler, AZ
When will it be possible to center our signatures when using our personal signature on a card?

A: This is one of the over 1000 suggestions on SendOutCards ‘Punch List’ I don’t know when it will happen, but their are enhancements happening weekly.

Harley-Williamsburg, VA
I realize showing the system sells itself, but any tips on how to find prospective distributors easier?

A: Learn to ‘Network’. Read ‘A referral of a Lifetime’ by Tim Templeton.

Harley-Williamsburg Was that

A: No, its

Mike Gulitz-San Diego
How much time – percentage – between working with downline and prospecting?

A: Unless you have 4,000 plus people on your team, I would spend 70% of my time prospecting and doing Gift Account Walk-Throughs and 30% of my time working with my downline. The people that will do this really don’t need your help and the ones that need your help, usually don’t do much.

August 6, 2007

2 THINGS THAT INCREASED MY PAY BY $150,000 PER YEAR (By the way, these can help you increase your pay in ANY BUSIENSS!):


BONUS TIP: Send Cards to GIVE vs to GET
BONUS TIP: Make your decisions based on your Commitment vs on how you feel

Back in the Early 90’s, I was told by a successful Network Marketer that if I mastered the 3 WAY CALL, it would increase my income by no less than $80,000 per year. At the time, I was already having some success in Network Marketing – My income was about $1500 per month and I had just left my job to pursue my last company ‘Full Time’. I was skeptical, but also excited that it might be true. I had never done a 3 way call. I can remember where I was sitting, who I was calling and how I felt at the exact moment I made my first call. Most phone services today include 3 way calling. Annette Dizino was a brand new Distributor in my group and she was excited about building her new business. I took down some basic notes that would help me through my first call. We were going to call Lisa Kneller. Here was the basic structure of the call:

1. I would call Annette and coach her on what we would be doing and how to introduce me to her friend
2. I would ‘flash’ over and call Lisa (Annette’s friend)
3. Annette would briefly introduce me
4. I would conduct the call
5. We would ask Lisa if she has any questions or if she was ready to get started
6. We would end the call

When I coached Annette on how to introduce me, I just had her say the following:

1. Say ‘Hi’ and ask your friend if he/she has a few minutes

2. Tell your friend my name. Tell them I’m on the phone and tell them
How we know each other.

3. Then say, “Jordan is a little more experienced than me and will take you through a few things and then answer your questions.

Again, I was told that this could increase my income by $80,000 per year. Although I was very nervous, my fear was worth overcoming if it were true! I figured I would just go for it (Larry King wrote in one of his first books, “Whenever I found myself nervous about meeting with a guest on my show, I would say to myself . . . ‘no matter what, I’m not going to die and it will be over in one hour!’)

We made the call and got through it. Lisa was very interested, signed up and brought in over 400 distributors over the next 2 years!
I started doing 3 way calls every day and continue to do them today!

Here’s why 3 way calls are so powerful:

1. It gives your new distributor instant credibility when you are on the phone with them on their first few calls.
2. It protects them from undue rejection in their first few days/weeks of the business – people they know are less likely to be disrespectful if a third party is on the phone with them.
3. Even though you may be relatively new in the business, you have been in longer and have more knowledge and credibility
4. It prevents you from having to do cold calls, because you can get a warm market ‘introduction’ to someone you don’t know from someone you do know.
5. There is power in numbers and whenever 2 of you are working together, your successes will be multiplied many times over.

Usually these calls are set up IN ADVANCE so the person on the receiving end isn’t surprised that someone else is on the phone with their friend/associate


This minor shift in my thinking allowed me to do in 10 months what it took me 4 years to do in my last company. I learned this in a course that I took on Business Networking. In other words, in my last company it took me 4 years to hit $10,000 per month in income. I did this in 10 months with my current company using this distinction. A prospect is someone you have to sell. Most companies and Networkers focus on Prospects and Prospecting. I spent many years prospecting and selling to grow my businesses. This is the most difficult way to build a business, because it involves convincing uninterested people that they need to join you in your program. In 2004, I learned the concept of ‘a referral source’. A referral source is someone that does business with people that would do business with you if they knew about you!. What’s the difference? A referral source already has relationships in place with people that do business with them. If they begin to like our service, they will begin to refer it to people in their network. Very little selling needs to occur here. The credibility and trust are already in place, its simply a matter of educating their network and getting them started. This compresses timelines dramatically.

About 2 years ago, we created a relationship with BNI (Business Network International). This is the largest network of independent business owners in the world. Ivan Misner has written many best selling books and is known worldwide as one of the premier experts in the field of Networking. Ivan has written about us in his new best selling book “Truth or Delusion” He uses SendOutCards and speaks about us from the stage. We currently have about 400 SOC distributors in chapters across the US. There are over 3600 chapters without SOC distributors in them. This is one of the most powerful referral sources available today! Consider PROMOTIONG BNI within your group and getting as many of your team involved as possible.

When I joined my first chapter about 2 1/2 years ago, I was blown away when 8 out of the 12 members expressed interest and eventually signed up. In fact I began to envision having one of our distributors in every chapter in the US. Can you imagine if you had 100 distributors in chapters and each chapter just produced 2 new users per month through referrals?? That’s 200 new users per month! That’s all I did and now I just promote BNI as a great referral source.

There are THOUSANDS of possible referral sources. Simply pick a few and then give a free Gift Account to that person in charge and show them how to use it!

If you want more info about BNI, go to and click on the BNI link on the bottom right.

You can connect with many other great referral sources at as well.

BONUS TIP: Send Out to GIVE – This morning I met with a guy that sells promotional products from Mark Herderings Organization. He lives in Portland. He had his picture taken in Beverly Hills Dr when he was in LA. He’s holding a coffee. He sends people that he meets a picture plus card with him standing in front of the sign holding a coffee. He puts a $5 Starbucks card in it and says “Let’s meet for Coffee” Then he comments about Beverly Hills being a little too far to go for coffee, but how about meeting in Portland instead.

He says he would like to learn more about their business and possibly become a referral source for them. They always get around to asking him about his business as well! This is a simple Send Out to GIVE strategy that can expand your network in anything that you do!


July 30, 2007


DAILY (Jordan – Why do you keep repeating these?):
1. Send at least 1 unexpected card per day
2. Send at least 1 DVD out every day
3. Walk at least one person per day through sending a card on a gift account every day
“I have heard these over and over again! Why do you keep repeating them??”

A: If you are doing them, you have brand new people and they need to hear them exactly the same way that you have. And they need to teach these 3 things to their people the same way. I had someone say to me recently . . . “Jordan, you are like a magician . . .how is it that you have 13,000 + people in a couple of years and others that have done the same as you only have 1000?” I am not a magician. But I am consistently preaching the same simple message. Most people change their message every month or two. Geometric Progression will happen in your group ONLY IF YOUR MESSAGE STAYS CONSISTENT over a long period of time. The interruption of growth that occurs in your group is magnified over months or years and the impact is huge. When a group stops working for a week or two and everyone tries to figure out a new plan or strategy it seems like not much of a big deal. The magnified effect of this happening over time is the critical difference. In fact it can mean the difference between 1,000 and 10,000 distributors in the same amount of time.
Some examples of this disruption are:
a. Introducing another product, service or opportunity into your group
b. A lead purchase program (a waste of time and money in my opinion)
c. Teaching anything other than 3 simple steps over and over again
d. A creative manipulation of the promotional structure to get
people promoted quick
e. ‘COLD MARKET’ Techniques (can kill a group)

Some of the ideas can be really good and really creative. Here’s the problem with most of them:

1. They can’t be done by others, so the group doesn’t duplicate

2. A good idea on the surface will disrupt the ACCELERATION
of the growth of the group. They send confusing messages that will
create hesitation and doubt
Acceleration of a plan is really important for FAST GROWTH. But acceleration takes time and patience. You must speak the SAME MESSAGE
over and over again. It takes vision and a long term perspective to see this. I can hear some of you saying . . . “Yes but, I tried the 3 step approach and I felt I needed to introduce something to accelerate the process”
Here are some things to look at:

A. Anything that takes more than a few minutes to learn won’t duplicate and therefore won’t grow. Keep your message simple and repeat it
over and over again. You are dealing with lots of people that are all very busy.

B. Cold Market Techniques can slow down or kill a group for the following reasons:
a. New people try them, get beat down and then quit because it feels just too hard to do
b. You must talk to 100-150 people to find one that will listen – this takes WAY
too much time. Multiply this out and its the difference between 1,000 distributors
and 10,000 distributors in the same amount of time. CASE FOR DEVELOPING RELATIONSHIPS AND STICKING WITH THE SIMPLE SYSTEM –
$1000 per month vs $20,000 per month


– Focus on cold market
– Teach your people to sell
– Try and get your people to go to work
– Develop websites and training programs
– 8 rep hours to get 1 distributor
800 rep hours to get 100 distributors (20 weeks) – 5 months
8000 rep hours to get 1000 distributors (200 weeks) – 4 years
1000 distributors increase by 20 % = 200 new distributors


– Focus on Relationships and Networks
– Focus on Referrral Sources
– Meet with people and get to know them
– Repeat the same simple message OVER AND OVER again
– 8 rep hours to get 4 distributors (because the trust is already there!)
– 800 rep hours to get 400 distributors (20 weeks) – 5 months
– 8000 rep hours to get 4000 distributors – 4 years
4000 new distributors increase by 20% = 1000 new distributors


1. Focus on people that have great networks already in place – Relationship builders. Build relationships with these people.
2. Take the time to go to lunch, coffee or just have a great phone conversation followed by a card.
3. Use Basic People Skills:
a. Use their name
b. Listen
c. Ask questions to get to know them
d. Focus on the relationship first – Get to know them (FORM)
e. Find out what’s important to them.
4. Treat your contact manager as a way to funnel good out into the world

1. Send Out at least one unexpected card per day
2. SendOut at least one DVD every day
3. Walk one person per day through sending a card on a Gift Account
Why use the Automatic Gift Account Walk-Through –
A: It gives new people a QUICK way to get started.
The learning curve is almost eliminated when you can
get someone going right away.
B. New distributors won’t get quite so discouraged
because they have a tool to do it for them in the beginning
Go to and click on DUPLICATE to
get started.


What approaches are the best way to find people who are interested in SOC as a business? i work full time, so I am trying to make sure I utilize my time efficiently. For example, the way that I am and plan to seek my downline right now is in a number of ways:

1. Attend tradeshows and briefly chat with presenters explaining that you have an easy way for them to keep in contact with prospects they gain from the show. Get their card, give yours, and contact them in a couple days to help them organize their prospects in Send Out Cards.
2. Rent a booth at a tradeshow. Which types of tradeshows do you pay to present at?
3. Send cards to people that you are a customer at thanking them for their service, and then hope that they ask how you made the card.
4. Send cards to realtors, business owners, etc that you haven\’t met, but saw their ad, explain Send Out Cards in the card, and tell them you\’ll call them in a few days to answer any questions they might have.

Do you feel that any of these are not good ways to approach people with SOC? Which ways work best for you?

Anne Berry


I have a large list, and continue to add to the list, of all the businesses that could be potential users of SOC. Most of them I have not had contact with before, and would like to approach them with this business tool. I want to get a better idea of a simple phone approach that I might use to make the first contact to set up an appointment.
I am also debating on which is better, to expose this to, let\’s say a loan officer of a company, or go directly to the VP in charge of customer services for the whole company.
I am excited about this business and the tools it provides for people in and out of the busy business world.

Thank you,
Loren Jennings
Walla Walla, WA

July 16, 2007

Way to go!

Some people are great at Recruiting, Growing their bank accounts, Selling or asking others to get started. Others seem to just struggle with it. What’s the difference?

We are going to tackle this question.

There is a condition in nature called a ‘Thermal’. A thermal is a hot bubble of air that rises from the ground. The sun heats the ground and when it becomes so warm a ‘bubble’ of hot air breaks away from the ground and rises (the same principle that causes a hot air balloon to rise when the air inside it is heated)

In the sport of Hang-Gliding, non motorized crafts seek out ‘Thermals’ for ‘lift’. Once a pilot finds this lift, they bank their glider into the center of it and can fly up to 10,000 or more feet and fly for hours!

A big Cumulus Cloud appears to be flat on the bottom. Actually its not. It is simply a column of hot air that is rising up and at a certain altitude it condenses and appears ‘flat’ on the bottom. As the air continues to rise, the cloud gets more saturated and eventually has to release all of that moisture. The cloud then unloads all the water and you have a rainstorm.
Many times Hang-Glider Pilots will fly directly underneath Cumulus clouds, because they are a direct source of rising air!

Have you ever looked into a glass of soda water and noticed the little bubbles forming at the bottom of the glass, breaking off and rising to the top? This is exactly what happens with thermals. They form on the ground, fill with warm air, break off and rise up.

Now, think about each bubble of air being a card sent or a Gift Account Walk-Through. Each time you do one of these things, a new bubble of air breaks free from the ground. The clouds build up and when they get saturated, it pours down rain. The rain is money pouring into your bank account. Each bubble is a card or a Gift Account. Your job is to create lots of HEAT and many bubbles of hot rising air by sending cards and setting up gift accounts. This will create the saturation necessary for your business to produce a consistent flow on income into your bank account.


What would happen if you offered Sheryl Crow a chance to earn $40,000 per month? She would laugh at you! Why? Because $40,000 per month would not even pay for her Mortgage Payment!

In fact, if you offered the same deal to Tiger Woods, Bill Gates or Tom Cruise, they would have no interest at all! But if you went to the Manager at the local grocery store, they would laugh and say . . . “It sounds too good to be true!”

You see, its all perspective. One group would have no interest, because they already make much more and the other group would be skeptical because they don’t think its possible to make that much money!

So what’s the truth?

Would it be possible to go from Phoenix to NY on a Moped in the winter? It would be very uncomfortable, but it could be done. It would not be much fun! But you could jump into the back of a high performance gulf-stream jet and get there in a few short hours. The person choosing the ‘vehicle’ is no smarter . . . its just that they chose a better vehicle!

In the business of Entertainment and Pro Sports, the top people make millions AND in the business of Network Marketing the top people make MILLIONS. That is a fact. Our business throws off a substantial passive residual income when you are successful.

Some vehicles are poor vehicles for producing financial freedom. A job is one of those poor vehicles. A job produces a ‘linear’ income meaning that you must continue to go to work if you want to continue to get paid. Choose a vehicle that gives you the ability to ‘leverage’ your time through the work of others.


I am going to give you a summary of the auction we had tonight and what it means.

I called someone and said . . . “What if I ‘auction off’ a $100 bill on our conference call tonight?”

She replied, “Why would someone want to pay more than $100 for a $100 bill?”

Good question? What is the value of a $100 bill?
Is it $100? What does $100 mean? Is it possible to get others to pay more that $100 for a $100 bill?

I believed that I could get $1000 for the $100 bill in 15 minutes.

I started the auction at 7:15pm. The auction would be over at 7:30pm.

Megan my assistant had her cell phone and internet ready. I started by telling everyone that they could text or email Megan with their bid and their name and we would call off the bids as they came in.

There was a bid for $105 right away.

I would now begin to teach the following concepts and how you can increase what someone is willing to pay for a service or product.


What if I added something to the $100 bill that cost me nothing but gave the person bidding something of value? What if I simply ‘reframed’ the meaning of the bill? What if I helped someone to ‘see’ the $100 bill diffently? What if someone could feel REALLY GOOD about getting it?

Is it possible to get $1000 for a $100 bill in 15 minutes?? Is it really possible?

We did this with NO SET UP. No one other than my assistant knew we were going to do this exercise!

I proceeded to add each of the following to the $100 bill offer over the next 10 minutes. Each time, more and more bids came in. We had over 60 bids!

1. I will add my signature to the bill –

A Big Mac and $10!

2. I will get Kody (Founder) and Erik (Co Founder) to sign the bill (ADDING VALUE)


3. I told everyone that this is a LUCKY $100 BILL and that I am the #1 money earner in the company. As the #1 Earner, I told them that I believed that they could carry this bill with them and look at it for 30 seconds per day and it might begin to increase their luck. They may become more successful and money might begin to flow into their account due to a higher money consciousness (REFRAMING)


4. I then told a story – Years ago it was suggested that I keep a $100 bill in my pocket at all times. I was also told to periodically give it to someone that I thought could use it more than I. So I did this and I would give it away and then replace it. Today I carry a pocketfull of Hundreds and give them away as tips and to those in need. Remember ‘You get back what you send out!’ (REFRAMING)

After telling this story, here are some of the next bids that came in to Megan:


5. I then said, “Based on my current income, my value is over $1000 per hour and going up each day. I don’t sell my coaching services, but I will offer the winner of the $100 bill, 1 hour of personal coaching by phone. We will come up with a plan that will grow your business and help you meet your goals. I did one of these earlier today with a gentleman in the business and in 15 minutes, we came up with a plan that will increase his income by $250,000 in the next 18 months if he puts it in to action”. How much was that 15 minutes worth? (ADDING VALUE)


The winner of the $100 bidding auction was Linda Thomas. Congratulations, Linda! You will find that this was one of the best $1000 dollar investments that you will ever make!

But here’s the question? How much is that $100 bill worth? How much is a $398 Entrepreneur Package worth?

What if someone spends $398, sends out 50 cards and gets a $33,000 project as a result of it? How much was the package worth?

How does Jim Packard get 70% of the people he talks to to sign up for the $398 package?? How is it that some people have a hard time getting people on the $99 Retail Package while EVERYONE that Jim signs up wants to go with the Entrep. Package for $398? What’s the value tha Jim conveys?

How does he ‘reframe’ his offer after having them send a card?

Listen to the conversations that you had with yourself about money as we went through this exercise. What were you saying to yourself?

“Why would anyone pay for a signature on a $100 Bill?”
“This is not fair . . . I don’t know how to send a text message and I’m not near my computer!”
“Its not fair that others have the money to bid and I don’t”
“Jordan doesn’t need any more money! He has all he needs!”
“Its not right that he’s taking $1000 of someone elses money for a bill!”

All of these conversations effect ones ability to receive money.

“I am a money magnet. Money is easily and readily available to me at all times. It flows freely into my bank account. With money I can do good in the world and help to enrich others lives. Money is fun! I am lucky and lucky people get lots of money. I get back what I send out. Money is good and when I send out money I am sending out goodness!”

What are you saying about money?

NOTE: As I was thinking up this exercise, I had a real fear. What if NO ONE bid on the $100 bill? The whole exercise would backfire in my face and I would look like a complete fool!
My exercise would be pointless.

I could have not done it in the face of this fear. I took a risk and did it anyway with confidence that $1000 was the VALUE OF THIS $100 BILL. I believed I could get $1000 and I did. I built in the value and offered more and more for the money being bid.

Do you think its possible to get $10,000 for a $100 bill? Of course it is!
Did you doubt that anyone would bid on the $100 when we started?
So when offering the packages, how can you:

1. Add Value
2. Reframe
3. Raise your money consiousness
4. Raise your self esteem

Best to you!


July 2nd, 2007

4 types of Cards:


Tips for each type –

1. UNEXPECTED CARDS – No expectation to get anything in return. Send Cards just to make a positive connection with another human being. Cards to say “I appreciate you” or “Thank you very much” or “I’m thinking of you”

2. INFORMATIONAL CARDS – Cards to let others know about something of interest, an event or a new product Launch. Cards that inform. Upcoming Seminars, Baby Showers, Parties, Conference Calls or a amusing story, fact or Announcement. May include tips and ideas for helping a business owner be more successful.

3. RECRUITING CARDS – Cards to let someone know about SOC. Include a DVD. Explain a little about the business. Tell a story or explain the benefits . . . .why you like SOC. What SOC can do for them. How it will help them attract more business or keep their existing customer base happy. Do this in the spirit of contribution. Take 100% of your focus off of what you are going to get. Be forthright. Do not MIX unexpected cards with Recruiting Cards.

4. MOTIVATIONAL CARDS – Designed to keep your distributors focused on the Big Picture and the Future. Messages of Hope and Encouragement. Success Stories. Examples of triumph over struggle. Send something to your team at least once every 2 months. Be creative. Get them excited about what they have their hands on and how it can make a difference for them.


(front of card – “You can count the acorns in a tree, but you can’t count the trees in an acorn!”)

“How’s it going? I’ve been thinking about you lately.

You know, when you talk to one person and they are not interested or you sponsor a few and no one does anything, its easy to get discouraged. Sometimes acorns lie dormant and then miraculously sprout and grow into a mighty oak.

Please just remember, that it only takes one to build a team of thousands. The challenge we all have is that we ‘know’ but can’t ‘see’ the potential in an acorn.

Remember, when you bring someone on board and plant a seed by showing someone how to send a card on a Gift Account, you have set in motion the forces of the universe to grow a forest that will provide shade for a lifetime. Just some things to think about!”


(front of card – Jessie, “Will they remember you??”)

“A little while ago, I was invited to a networking event. There were 40 people there and a guy walked over to me and shook my hand. He acted as if he knew me. I could not remember who he was or where I had met him in the past. He looked vaguely familiar.

As they went around the room and had each of us introduce ourselves, I realized who he was. About 1 year ago, he called me to show me his incentives program. I put him in my contact manager and over the course of the past year, I had sent him 3 cards (cost me $3) with pictures of me in them.

As soon as he saw me he IMMEDIATELY remembered me and my name. He treated me like a long lost friend. Well . . . I couldn’t remember him at all. One year ago, I had no need for his services. Today, I possible could use him.

The bottom line is, if I had not run into him at this event, I would never even think to call him in need. For about $3-$4 per year, he could be almost 100% sure that I would call him when ready to do business . . . but I didn’t remember him, because he didn’t stay in touch! Instead, he will go continue wasting valuable time meeting new people and losing touch with them over the course of his career. I know . . . I did this for many years. How many thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars has he lost because he failed to maintain those LONG TERM relationships with the people that he has met along his path?

I’m just one of many that he had completely lost touch with.

I’m convinced that I could get involved in any company and within a matter of months, become the top guy using sendoutcards to build relationships.”

(On the Right)

“Hi Firstname,

I hope we can get caught up sometime soon. I was inspired to send you this.

I see most people in Business miss some really great opportunities to double or triple their sales with some pretty simple steps.

Please let me know if I may be of assistance to you as you grow your business.

Best to you”


A. Sending out cards each day (use pictures and handwriting)
B. Setting up a gift account and walking someone through sending a card
C. Signing someone up

These are the foundational elements to the SendOutCards business. If you are flying a plane you need
To learn to:

A. Take off
B. Land
C. Fly

If you are an Architect, you need to:

A. Assess Clients Needs
B. Create Designs
C. Communicate Specs so Designs can be built.

In most things, there are fundamentals that need to be mastered. Once they are mastered its possible for
virtually anything within that discipline to be achieved. However, the fundamentals are only a part of the equation.

In fact by just mastering the fundamentals, you may or may not achieve success. I have seen countless
people that have mastered the fundamentals only to struggle with their results. What’s missing??

You must also be in the right state of mind to attract the success you are looking for. Here are some
things to consider.

1). You must be able to see your outcome as if it were already in existence (present tense).
2). You must be determined to see the job through
3). You must take responsibility for your results.
4). You must STAY IN ACTION. Starting and stopping in a business makes momentum a tough thing to achieve.
5). You must EXPECT AND ALLOW good things to happen to you each day (this is the most important one)
6). You must focus on simplicity and continually strive to remove the complexities of innovation.
Innovation is good as long as it doesn’t make things non-duplicatable.

Remember, duplication is the key to big income. Anything hard to figure out or ‘Do’ will slow down
or stop growth. If it can’t be explained by a 8 year old, don’t explain it.

Remember, DOING the fundamentals is important, but also will become boring, uninspiring, discouraging
and frustrating without a crusade. If you are focused on DOING vs who you are becoming and where you are
going, you can get disouraged and want to quit. If your days become a ‘Checklist’, watch out. You are probably
going down. What’s your ‘Intention’? What are you building? Are you inspired by something BIGGER than
just a day in and day our ‘grind’?


Now for a Reality check. Simple concepts that will motivate you and also give you a short term path to run on. Long term plans are great, but if they are too lofty or too far out into the future, they are harder to envision and stay focused on. If you can master a 90 day plan and achieve SOMETHING WORTHWHILE TO YOU, during those 90 days, you can keep resetting 90 day plans until you reach your ultimate goal. The magic, is that you get to enjoy it along the way!

STEP 1: Right now, write down 3 THINGS you want to buy or do in the next 90 days (this is the most important STEP:

Register your kids in a private school
Go back to school yourself
Make some repairs on your home (things that have been bugging you!)
Buy front row seats to a concert of play that you have always wanted to see
Hire a housekeeper
Give away $500 to your church or a family in need
Drive up the California Coast and stay in Beach lodges along the way
Take a hot air balloon ride with your honey
Take a weekend getaway in the woods
Take a wild trip to Las Vegas
Rent a condo on the beach
Open a College fund for your kids
Upgrade the Sound System in your car
Buy a swingset for the kids
Attend a 4 day Tony Robbins event

Buy a second car
Put a down payment on a house
Buy a new Bedroom Set
Get some new Appliances


1. It must get your really excited
2. You must be able to do it or schedule it within in 90 days
3. Don’t be practical
4. Permission to Splurge

STEP 2: Answer the following Question:

What actions will you take right away to begin to move you towards these things you will be getting in the next 90 days??

1). Send Out UNEXPECTED Cards every day

2). Send Out FIRST LOOK Cards every day (with a DVD in them)

3). Do at least ONE GIFT ACCOUNT WALKTHROUGH every day

If you just take action around these things, you may or may not get the results you are looking for. There is a difference between asking What do I do? OR How do I do it? AND having an INTENTION then stepping into it.

The actions (The how to) are things you must know, but the spark that ignites the results you want are found in your INTENTION!

You act around your Intention REGARDLESS of what others think or say. Your INTENTION is rooted in your WHY. You know where you are going and nothing will stop you. You see obstacles as an opportunity to learn but not as something that will stop you.


This weekend, I was asked the question . . . When there is no more ground in front of you what has you keep going?

18 months ago, I was backed up against a cliff. My overhead was as much as most people make in 1 year and my income went away. I went through $80,000 in savings in 4 months. I then refi-ed a home, and borrowed money against a credit card to get me through the toughest 9 months of my financial life. I was backed up against a cliff with a big drop off . . . when I heard the news of what was going down, I experienced the GASP. Gripping fear. It was the fear of uncertainty and do I really have what it takes to do it again?

I was asked . . . What has you keep going under these circumstances?

Here’s my answer (It may be different for you): I stepped way back and took a birdseye view. . . . just like an eagle. I wrote out my intentions, values and priorities. I specifically described what I needed to be inspired again . . . and then I stepped into that future. So I went from be gripped with fear to excited about my new direction.


Panic Confidence
Chaos Relief
Fear Excitement
Doubt Certainty
Will this work? I am now the recipient
Of all the good that
I am doing in the world


You have now begun to create a context for your actions. So although the 3 action steps are simple, you must approach them with an empowering context. You must send your cards in an empowering context. You must call people an talk with them from an empowering context.

This is a very simple exercise. What words move you? What words. deplete you. Step into the words the Inspire and Motivate you. What words bring you energy and life? What words drain your spirit?

Each day I am reborn. Each day I re-invent myself so that I can fly to new heights in my life and in my business.

This TALK is more important than the how to do it. Get aligned with what MOVES you and brings you life and others will follow.

STEP THREE: Take Action

Do something every day and track your results.
Begin to SCHEDULE the 3 things you wrote down (What you plan to accomplish in the next 90 days) When you schedule things (put them on your calendar) they become real. Consider that they don’t exist until they are scheduled. Put them in writing on a specific date. You will discover the resources necessary to fufill on your dreams when you put them in writing and put them in front of you.


Happy 4th of July!

June 25, 2007


I was climbing Squaw Peak tonight and just thinking about what is actually happening when things are really working in my business. I broke it down like this:

1. INSIGHT NUMBER 1- Technology does not build your business . . . Your business is built by people! When you make a connection with another human being in person, in a card or by phone and then you show them a simple way to make their relationships better, they will pay $400 to be able to do that.
Become a meeter of people, a collector of business cards and a sender of greeting cards. Become a ‘Connector’. Bring people together that can benefit from each other.
You can become the ‘Go-To’ person when someone needs a connection with someone else that can help them. Be the greatest example of how to use SendOutCards to build a business!

I had a conversation with someone today that has recently broken some records with his new company. He has been showcased as an up and coming superstar. He attributes it almost 100% to his relationships and connections created through sending cards . . . The people in his network are solid. They trust him. He appreciates them and they know it. They listen to him when he calls. SendOutCards is the best Sales Training Program and Tool you can be part of.

2. INSIGHT NUMBER 2 – LET GO, GO, GROW and LET GO – Release all the chatter that is holding you back. Let go of your fears, doubts and apprehensions about what you are capable of. Simply let it go right now. Keep letting it go when you feel it come back. Trying is holding on. Stress is holding on. Fear is holding on. Doubt is holding on. Let it all go today. And keep releasing it as much as you need to! All the conversations that you have with yourself about what you need to do is just holding on tight. Letting go is not something you do. Holding on tight is something you do. Releasing is the opposite.

‘I AM NOT CUT OUT FOR THIS’ – BS let it go!

What is something that is holding you back? Write it down. Now let go of it!

GO – Take action NOW. What can you do right now that would immediately transform your business? Write it down and do it! Don’t let your brain get in the way of doing it. If it does . . . LET GO!

GROW – Allow your business and spirit to expand into the space you have created for it. Growing will happen if you LET GO AND GO. You will grow. Your relationships will grow. Your business will grow. By taking these three steps, you are being the cause in the growth of your business. REPEAT THIS EVERY DAY OVER AND OVER AGAIN . . . IN EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO. This is not something you do one time. Its a process that can occur many times in one day!


Tommy Wyatt and Curtis Lewsy – from CT
These guys are Networkers. It doesn’t matter what they get involved in, because they have a network that they have cultivated over the years, they do well. I want to tell you about Tommy. I began sending him cards about 2 1/2 years ago. Tommy called me and wanted to sign up to use SendOutCards . . . That’s it. He signed up just to use it and made it very clear that he wouldn’t be building the business.
I”ll let him tell you the rest of the story, but before I share these numbers with you, I want you to know a few things.
1. These guys work very hard.
2. There are two of them.
3. They came in to SendOutCards with a Network (A network is a group of people that know them, like them and trust them!)
They began working the business on April 15th.
They have over 100 people on their team.
They made $7000 on their 2nd month in the business
This month they are on track to make $10,000
They are #5 on the point earners list!

1. Anything you would like to add to my introduction?
2. If someone doesn’t have a Network, where should they start?
3. What are some of your keys to growing your business?
4. When I talk to you guys each week, you seem really excited . . . Why?
5. How would you coach someone that has been in the business for a few months and really wants to get this going?
6. Do you feel its getting saturated?

Hey Jordan,

I did a fun little thing at BNI this week. In this week’s Life & Style magazine, on the last page, they listed some bit of triva. One of the trivia bits said, Forget mass emailing, people send an average of 55 greeting cards a year. So for BNI, I took that number and calculated what it would cost to buy those cards at an average of $2.50 plus tax, the gas to run to the store and post office (I said both were in a 3 mile radius) and the time it took to go to the store and write up the card. In my calculation I generalized and said it took about 30 minutes of someone’s time and that each time they purchased 2 cards. I also said I based it on a person’s time being worth about $15.00 /hour so $7.50 each trip. I hope that make sense but look at these numbers (postage is not included in any of this)

55 cards @ 2.50 = $137.50 plsu tax .08% = $148.50 Gas @ $3.00/gal (avg 20 miles a gal) for 27 trips (2 cards each trip) with a 6 mile round trip = $24.30) 30 minutes each trip (27) to get card and prepare card at $7.50 (based on someone’s time being worth $15.00/hr) = $202.50 Total = $375.30

Using SOC
55 cards @ .98 = $53.90
Avg of 1 minute to send a card based on someone’s time being worth $15.00/hr = $13.75 Total = $67.65


Have a great weekend

June 18, 2007

Here’s my response to a distributor requesting training on the comp plan.

“Question for you this girl and I have an appt at 9am in the morning to go over the comp plan. She really wants to understand it well, so she can make a good decision about starting the business. I am going to go over the Eagles Flight Pattern workbook with her that she got in her kit, the page in there about building teams, and how much you get paid. My question for you is I noticed the numbers for the coaching bonuses don’t reflect the $120, $170, etc. Are these numbers in here accurate, or are they just not including the picture plus bonus?”

Hey _________!
When you get a second, log in to your account and click on CUSTOMER SERVICE on the top (it’s a smaller link)
then click on COMPENSATION PLAN on the left side bar.
You’ll see a chart there that you can print.
When someone asks me about compensation, I simply have them watch the movie. In 2 ½ years I have never gone over comp plan with a new person. It messes people up. They will typically become paralyzed until the understand it which is months if ever. It’s confusing even for the experienced distributors.
You are better off just pointing her in the right direction rather than trying to explain it. When people think that they need to explain it and they figure out they cant, they get stuck (does that make sense?) I have sponsored 106 people and built a team of over 13,000 without ever explaining the comp plan. One reason it has gone fast, is because I don’t get in to it.
Good luck!


DO: Put Pictures in most all of your cards. People have a hard time throwing cards with pictures away. They will remember you when you put a picture of yourself in a card.

DON’T: Use pictures with a Resolution less than 250 dpi. It makes the cards look cheap when the resolution is bad. Use a digital camera with at least 2.0 mega pixels. They have come down in price to about $100

DO: Look for opportunities to thank someone every day in a card. This will go a long way in growing your network

DON’T: Put anything in your thank you cards about the business or service, unless you are thanking them for taking the time to do a walk through

DO: Look for opportunities to meet new people each week. Usually when I see things slowing down for me personally, it’s because I have removed myself from a constant flow of new people to meet. Where do you find people? Here are some ideas:

a. – create your own meeting or
special interest group or join one in your area that
is already on the calendar

b. Ask the people that you know to each introduce you to one
person that they know that is self employed.

c. Look in the Local Business Paper (in Phoenix
it’s the ‘business journal’ for upcoming events and
networking opportunities)

d. Attend Tradeshows in your area and meet the
Exhibitors. They all have businesses that are looking to

e. Join a Real Estate or Investment club. These
people will all want to know what you do and you can
also learn how to invest all the money you are going
to make!

f. Take Entrepreneur and Sales Classes at the Community
college – you’ll hone your skills AND meet people that are
perfect for us!

There are many other ideas for meeting people . . . These are just a few! Remember, you can count the seeds in an apple, but you can’t count the apples in a seed. One good contact can turn to thousands of new SendOutCards users. Demarr sent me a few cards and I happen to watch the 2nd DVD he sent me. As a result of me getting started, SendOutCards has 13,800 new distributors and even thousands more customers! Just ONE person can change your life forever!

DON’T: Wait for your team to go to work. If you wait, you are being a poor example of leadership. People will do what you do . . . Not what you say you are going to do! Always keep growing. When you are green you grow and when you are ripe you rot. Keep moving if you want a big expanding team.

DO: Make Relationships and Networking your primary business. It will serve you in anything that you do. Spend 95% of your time on your relationships and 5% of your time on your business. People typically want to sign up with people they LIKE and people they TRUST. My relationships go with me throughout my whole life. Build Momentum in your Network, and you’ll find momentum in your business (any business)

DON’T: Go in for the Kill . . . Not unless you are trying to scare people away. Your job is to show them the system. Let them feel what if feels like to send a card and then make sure they know how to access it until they are ready to sign up! Give them points and postage.

DO: Pick one of your groups each week to send an unexpected card to. Surprise them with something that will make them smile or feel good. These people will remember you positively forever if you do this once awhile!

DO NOT: Leave points sitting in your account to gather dust. They don’t do much good in there. Get them out where they can go to work for you!

DO: Pull up your Inactive Gift Account group once in awhile and send out a ‘thinking of you’ card or a Card with a DVD once every 4-6 months. I have found that if you stay in touch with these people over time, they will eventually call and want to get signed up.

DON’T: Put ‘sales’ messages into your unexpected cards. Keep unexpected cards and business sales/recruiting cards COMPLETELY separate. In other words, don’t say “Happy New Year! By the way, if you want to send a card like this one, go to . . . DON’T DO THIS!

DO: Relax and Allow
DON’T: Force and Stress Out

When you find yourself getting stressed out about SendOutCards because its not going fast enough or your last 5 gift account walkthroughs didn’t result in any new users, its time to ‘let go’ and allow the essence of sendoutcards to just do its work. Stressing out will BLOCK the process. Letting Go and Allowing is the most powerful thing you can do (actually it’s not a ‘do’) Allowing is not ‘doing’ anything. Allowing is a way of being. SendOutCards is about sending out positive feelings and giving other the chance to do the same. Forcing and Stressing Out is not a part of that equation.

It’s good to be in action and it’s good to be passionate. It’s good to work hard towards the accomplishment of a mission that you have created for yourself and your family. Your energy will get blocked if you find yourself going to that place of “It’s not going fast enough!” Where you are is where you are. We must all be in a constant state of ‘Creation’ to grow. Wherever you are is your starting point. Now begin to create your future and fulfill on what you have invented by Sending out POSITIVE energy that will ATTRACT what you want. Focus on Creation, not Competition.

CREATION: Having someone send a card to someone they care about
COMPETITION: Telling someone they have to come in under you because you talked to them first
CREATION: Forming a group of Entrepreneurs that can all benefit from each others services
COMPETITION: Getting nervous that if you don’t sign up people quickly you’ll miss the big wave because everyone else will get your people (Let go!)

QUICK STORY – When Excel went away, there were THOUSANDS of people looking for a home. At one point, Excel was the 2nd largest MLM in the US. All the top leaders were saying.”You have to sign up now! If you don’t, you’ll lose all of your people, because they will go to other groups! Hurry! Hurry! You don’t want to miss out! Get in on the ground floor or you will lose! I chose not to make my decisions based on fear of loss (competition). My team scattered in many different directions. Hundreds went to another telecom mlm. A bunch went to a health and wellness company. A couple of companies offered me big bonus packages to come over (one offered 1 million dollars) A bunch waited for me to make my move. Some quit all together. As a result, most of my entire team went to other companies or quit altogether. On the surface it appeared that I lost out! Most all the top earners made money in the transition but me. No one followed me, because I didn’t ‘make my move’!
Instead I chose to “Create” vs “Compete. I wrote out my success plan. I wrote out my criteria. I came from a place of abundance. I refused to act out of fear. My philosophy was always . . .” If the masses are going one way, go the other way”. “There are enough new people and opportunities being created for everyone to benefit” Instead, I went to a company that had virtually no one from my old company. Never make your choices from a place of fear. You always get more of what you focus on. If you are afraid of losing . . . You will lose. If you focus on creation, you will create.

CREATION: Finding people that have never done MLM in the past (the majority of the population)
COMPETITION: Trying to steal people away from other MLM’s (honor what others are doing already)
DO: Send Cards if you aren’t having a great day (it will ALWAYS make you feel better)
DON’T : Stop because things aren’t going that great.

One of the main things that separates a true Entrepreneur from an average struggling person is their ability to stay in action even when they don’t feel that great. It really has to do with their commitment to their mission. They are playing such a BIG game that nothing will take them off track. . . Even a bad day or a bad month.

DO: One nice thing for yourself each time you get a check ($20?, $50?, $100?, $1000?, $5000?) Health Club, Dinner, Outfit, Movie Tickets, Vacation, Car, Computer, I-Pod
DO: Give away some money each time you get a check (Over tip, Tithe, give to charity) This will feed your spirit.
DO: Invest in your business each time you get a check (Growth)
DO: Save some for investing each time you get a check (10% regardless of how much you make)
DO: Invest some in your Education (A CD set, A class, A book, TER, The Convention)

DON’T: Put it all in one place. Don’t save it all. Don’t spend it all on yourself. INSPIRE yourself with the money you make so you’ll attract more of it!

June 11, 2007

TONIGHT – ‘THE MONEY CALL’ – (once per month):

A. Be sure you have $31 per month in Volume – If you don’t, you are not qualified for residuals
or downline coaching bonuses. This can be your own volume or the volume of your Customers. Anyone with a business (SOC or otherwise, should be sending at least 2 cards per day ($31/mo). If you are not, you are probably not really in business! If you were to send out 1 DVD per day and one unexpected card per day, you’ll use up your points.

B. Be sure you have at least 2 CUSTOMERS – If you don’t, you are not qualified residuals or downline coaching bonuses. A customer is:
1). A $99 Retail Customer on Autoship
2). A $298 Wholesale Customer on Autoship
3). A $25 prepaid card with an account that has been ‘logged in to’ (this counts as 1 customer for 1 year)

C. You will ALWAYS get your $100 Bonus for Coaching a new distributor or Wholesale customer. You do not need to be qualified, but you must train them on how to use the system.

As I was driving home tonight, I looked up at many different franchises along the road. I thought to myself, if I owned a franchise and I wanted to get rich, what would I do? I could try and get my franchise to sell more Burgers and Shakes. OR, I could open more franchises!

Which would be more lucrative? The key to growing your SendOutCards business is to get more “franchises”. The equivalent of a franchise is a distributor that purchases the Entrepreneur Package and wants to build a business (duplicate). For example, let’s say my franchise does 1 million dollars in revenue per year and by doing some advertising, I could get it to do 1.1 million dollars per year. My profit margin is 10% which means I have just increased my profits from $100,000 to $110,000. This is a $10,000 increase, minus my advertising expenses. By opening another franchise, I just increased my profits by $100,000! This is oversimplified, but imagine what happens when you focus your attention on growing a team rather than getting customers. Getting customers is an automatic process, because some people will just want to be customers, but typically, customers don’t duplicate and the BIG money is in duplication!

I hear about people trying to get their customers to send more cards -This in my opinion is a waste of your time. Instead focus on getting more business builders! Business Builders duplicate and card senders typically don’t. In other words, don’t try and get more milk out of the Milk-Cow. Get more Milk-Cows!


1. Get a second job –
a. Time away from your family and friends
b. Start over every month!
c. Low pay

2. Win the Lottery –
a. Better off taking out an insurance policy on a rich
uncle and wait until they get struck by lightening twice.
3. Traditional Business –
a. $25,000 min Start Up
b. 3-5 years to break even
c. Expensive ‘job’ – No time freedom
d. 95% failure rate
e. Employees, Equipment, Inventory, Utilities, Lease,
Franchise Fee, etc
(My business coach owns a ‘Chic-Filet’ Franchise that is doing 3.5 million per year in Revenue. It cost him over 1,000,000 to set it up and it took him a few years to break even. He has to hire and train teenagers constantly with high turnover and has over 50 employees. This sounds good on the surface, but he told me this afternoon, that for him to increase his income, he has to hire 50 more employees, pay to open another store, deal with the headaches, etc. – His plan is to build it up and sell it so he can have free time! The more he grows, the more it ‘owns’ him! He told me this afternoon – “I am somewhat envious of what you have done in the past 2 years. You have in 2 years what I have been working for all my life and still don’t have!”)

4. Network Marketing (by far the best option!)-
a. No Capital Investment
b. Low Start-up Fee which is easily recoverable within the 1st month
c. Work from Home
d. No employees
e. Unlimited Potential
f. No Inventory or Collections
g. Host Company Provides all the support
h. Affiliates Nationwide – Protection from Natural Disasters
i. Ability to leverage time producing residuals


When I share SOC with someone, I start by telling them my 2 – 3 minute story. Everyone has a story. You have a story. Stories inspire. It makes a difference when you tell a story about how you heard about this and why you are doing it.
1. Tell how you heard about it
2. Tell why you are doing it.

Here’s my story:

“I got a card in the mail from a friend in Texas. It was a couple and They put a picture of their dog in the card and did it in their handwriting. The next day I got a card from a guy that I didn’t know named Demarr. There was a DVD in the card and I didn’t watch it. The next day I got ANOTHER card in the mail from the same guy and I watched the 2nd DVD he sent me. I used to pay $5 for a DVD from my last company, so when I got 2 I figured I probably should watch one. As soon as I watched, I called him and he had me send a card to my mother in Chicago. I immediately knew that I needed to have this system. I wished I had seen it years ago. I signed up and told a few people about it. Almost everyone I talked to got excited and wanted to know more, and I wasn’t even doing it yet.”

What’s your story? How did you sign up and what do you like about it? People relate to stories and stories inspire action.

Tommy Wyatt called me today and we were talking. He told me that a few months ago, he was wondering what I was up to and how things were going? He had been questioning his business direction and beginning to look to see what was out there in the marketplace. He shared his story with me. He said, he goes to the bookstore every month and buys a copy of Networking Times. The day he was thinking about me, he bought his monthly copy and saw me in it and called. He knew there was a reason why he saw me in the magazine that day. There is a little more to it, but I’ll let him tell you when you meet him.

Tell your “Story” to people. In many cases, it will inspire them to take action!


Sometimes people say, “Jordan, you work so hard at SendOutCards” And actually, I work very little at SendOutCards. From their perspective, I spend 95% of my day doing SendOutCards. From my perspective I spend 5% of my day doing SendOutCards. This is an important distinction that will QUICKLY take you to your goals regardless of whether you want $3,000 per month or $30,000 per month.

I don’t do SendOutCards. I have fun, make friends, build relationships, brainstorm ideas, share resources, give referrals, socialize, throw parties, attend parties, travel, etc. SendOutCards is just a vehicle for people to get what they want. My friends, family and network go with me everywhere, all the time, forever. In other words, I “Do” my life. I don’t “Do” SendOutCards.

People that “Do” SendOutCards get tired, because its work. Instead of trying to put your network into SendOutCards, try putting SendOutCards into your Network. Make your relationships your highest priority – but not to ‘get them in!’ In other words, if you are building relationships to build your Business, you’ll get tired, because you are ‘Giving to Get’ Vs Giving to Give. Build relationships because you want to make connections with people and add value to their lives. And you also know that by making friends, it adds richness to your life as well. Carry this throughout your whole life and you’ll be successful at whatever you do!


For those of you that are just having trouble signing People up. Simply start giving away FREE GIFT ACCOUNTS. My suggestion is to really TRY NOT TO SIGN SOMEONE UP. Your job is to simply GIVE AWAY FREE ACCOUNTS. Tell people that you are not allowed to sign anyone up
Until they have used a FREE ACCOUNT for at least 1 week. You job is to just GIVE IT TO THEM FOR FREE AND SHOW THEM HOW TO USE IT. Try giving away 2 – 3 free accounts per day.
Again, DON’T SIGN THEM UP! Just give away the accounts. I am not going to tell you your results. Just do this for 90 days And then report back to me.

May 21, 2007


For YEARS I had been TALKING ABOUT doing a cruise to the Virgin Islands. About one year ago, I just decided to ‘put it on the calendar’.
When you take something that you have been talking about and you SCHEDULE IT, you make it real and put it into existence. I heard it once said, That if you don’t SCHEDULE IT, it doesn’t exist. Scheduling it, puts it into existence.

So I SCHEDULED a Cruise to the Virgin Islands and I went. Everything changed on this cruise. There was really no amount of money that could define the rich experience of being on this cruise and making many new friends. In fact, it became very clear on this trip that I needed to do a cruise for our team. Megan did some research and we SCHEDULED IT! Then we put together a simple website and some qualifications.

The cruise cost me over $35,000. I took a risk and put the money down not really knowing what the result would be. I offered to buy Kody and Jodi Batemans Cruise and Leann and her Husband, Micheal’s Cruise as well.

I began to talk about it on the call on Monday night and MANY PEOPLE WENT TO WORK! In about 3 months about 100 people qualified and we began to book each person on the cruise and make all the arrangements. I knew it would be fun, but I had no idea the impact that this would have on our team.

Last year, I wasn’t in a position to have a cruise so I did a little training just prior to the conf in August and I invited anyone who promoted themselves. We had and amazing turnout for the convention . In fact, this promotion caused our group to grow by about 40% per month between June and August of last year. Today we have an amazing event coming up the day before the conference in August that will have turbo-charge your business in many ways if you use it!

Many of you will be spinning the wheel to win prizes, and MONEY! Go to and click on ADLER TEAM PROMOTION at the top. This is a real chance to exponentially grow your business.

Each person that qualified got a big fat lanyard that said SENDOUTCARDS CRUISE WINNER and a Gold Star Pin that said CRUISE WINNER.

Here’s what happened on the Cruise. There were 2400 others on the cruise that were not with our group. During the entire cruise, other passengers on board would ask our winners . . . “How did you win the cruise?” I had no idea that this would happen but it created a ton of conversation about our team.

We became WELL KNOWN on the ship! Also, these were bright red lanyards and so it became very easy to spot other winners. So many of us became close friends in 3 short days. We would see other winners, approach them and ask, “Where are you from??” So we created a bond of leadership that will last a lifetime. Each night we had dinner together from 6 to 7:30pm. Kody and Jodi were with us each night. We saw a couple of shows – Vegas Style in a 2 floor balconied Theatre. We danced and partied each night til we dropped. We ate at midnight Pizza Buffets, exchanged business ideas and laughed til it hurt.

Some of us went to the full service salon and spa for a massage. A few of us lifted weights and ran on the treadmills each day.

Yesterday afternoon, we were out on the pool deck with about 1000 others sipping margaritas and corona’s and dancing to calipso music. Burgers and Hotdogs were on the BBQ and a few of us jumped into the HotTub with a bunch of our new friends. The experience of this is difficult to describe.

On the second day, Ines said to me . . . We are just creating PERFECT MOMENTS. As I thought about this, I realized that what we do in SOC is simply create “Perfect Momemts” . Memories that can last a lifetime. I had many PERFECT MOMENTS on this cruise. If we simply build a team and then
Help to create “Perfect Moments” for ourselves and our team, the rest will fall into place.

As I was on the Treadmill Yesterday morning on the Observation deck, I was playing Norah Jones and looking out over a stunning 180 degrees view of the panoramic ocean. A man in the gym pointed to a group of whales off in the distance and then lots of dolfins dancing out at sea. A perfect moment.

Later in the day, as I was walking up to the outdoor bar to get a drink, I was pulled out on the dancefloor to dance to some ‘live’ Raggae Music” As I was dancing to the music and taking in the fresh ocean air, music and friends, I realized I was having ANOTHER PERFECT MOMENT.

On Saturday Night just prior to dinner we had a formal networking reception/welcome aboard party for the team. We had hors d’oeuvres and everyone officially had a chance to meet each other. Another perfect moment.

Can you remember that time when you held someone in your arms, looked at them and felt that intense closeness to them . . . Do you remember what it felt like to create that perfect moment with another person? Maybe it was your child, your spouse or a new girlfriend or boyfriend.

Each time we send a card or someone receives one, we have created ANOTHER PERFECT MOMENT. What if that’s all we did was to build our team and then continue to create more PERFECT MOMENTS. Sending a card creates a perfect moment. Receiving a card creates a perfect moment. Whenever you bring your team together on a call or in a group, you have the potential to create new perfect moments. What if you ran your life creating perfect moments? What if you ran your
BUSINESS creating perfect moments?

How many times have you had something go wrong in your life or your business? What if your BELIEF was that your job was to created perfect moments for the people in your life and in your business REGARDLESS of the circumstances. Imagine that everyone agreed that this is the objective. So now if things go wrong, which they sometimes, do, you can ask them, “What can we do to turn this into a PERFECT MOMENT? Imagine driving to your vacation with your family and finding out that after arriving to your destination, you had no reservations and everything was sold out! You of course get upset. But what if at that time you all decide and ask the question . . . What can we do to turn this into a PERFECT MOMENT?? You have the ability to create perfect moments and also take any situation and turn it into a perfect moment. .

Again, we are creating PERFECT MOMENTS for ourselves and others. Isn’t that why most of us want Passive Residual income once we believe its possible. We can create PERFECT MOMENTS FOR OURSELVES AND OUR FAMILIES when we are free! Right now, I am doing this call from the beach in Venice California after returning from 4 days out at sea. Without residual income I could not do this.

Now imagine this. . . We embarrassed the Japanese tourists by how many pictures we were taking! What a fun time! So now as we leave the ship, we have HUNDREDS of photos to send out to other members on our team to inspire them to be part of the next big promotion . . . I am so excited to turn some of these pictures into fun cards and to send them out to the team.

I found out that so many of our team members really just focus on Sending Out fun cards with photos, captions and borders just to make people smile, laugh and sometime even cry. When you make an emotional impact on someone and they LOVE what you are doing, many times, they want to be able to do the same. We even have people on the team that are really great at creating picture plus cards that are so creative, they almost never have to go out and call people . . . But these people are sending 5 to 10 really creative cards each day. If you want to see examples, you can go to the SOC site and look at the Picture Plus Contest Winners.

A really great idea that came out of the cruise was from D’vorah. She suggested, when getting ready to do a group presentation for some mortgage or Real Estate People, do your best to do a GAW with someone from the office like an assistant or Manager that may be able to do a testimonial at the meeting. This will triple your credibility when doing these meetings. Go to and click on TRAINING. Then click on ‘Trade Shows and Small Group Presentations’ The password is ‘thecoolbuzz’


Each week I get the question, “How do I get someone started right after bringing them on board?”

What I am doing now is have someone go to and click on STEP 1 – Quick Start and go through the Steps. The steps take someone through EXACTLY what they need to get started.

My final thought for the night is:

How many people do you believe will use SendOutCards in the US and Canada? How about the rest of the world. Right now, we have less than 100 distributors in most states. I believe there is a market for at least a few hundred thousand in most states and provinces. In the past, the average consumer sends about 1 card a month. Creating a 7 billion dollar industry. Our customers and distributors average 30 cards a month! Can you imagine what can happen as we CREATE a whole new industry?? Kody believes (and I agree with him) that we can take the INDUSTRY to a 20-30 billion dollar industry and WE will lead the way.

April 30, 2007 The information I am going to share with you tonight may sound really esoterical and unimportant. It may be confusing for some of you. Sometimes it’s confusing for me as well. It may sound theoretical and you might ask “what does this have to do with building the business?” Sometimes a minor shift in focus can completely alter your view of life and that shift can be the difference between making it or not.
For example. . . Tell Jeep story (when I focus on the broken windshield I can’t
See the road ahead – I shifted my focus)

I was hiking in the woods with a really good friend, and she said . . . “You are really lucky” and I replied. I AM Lucky. I AM LUCKY. For those of you that have taken Kody’s TreatEmRight Seminar, you know that a portion of the training is focused on “I am” statements and how Kody turned around the company using his “I am” statements. When you focus on GIVING TO GIVE, you are sending out that abundance. When you are GIVING TO GET, you are sending out scarcity. When you send out abundance, you get back abundance. When you send out scarcity, you get back scarcity. When you give to give you imply “I already am/I already have” When you send out scarcity you imply, “I don’t have/I need” Have you ever heard someone say “I am just unlucky”. What do they attract? They attract EXACTLY what they send out!
What would your life be like if you were lucky? What if you were lucky in love? What if you were lucky in business? Some people attract luck just like a magnet. Some people attract problems just like a magnet. Your IDENTITY or who you are will either attract or repel. Someone who is lucky tends to attract luck. Someone who is unlucky tends to attract problems. When you are a lucky person and something good happens to you, you say, “See, I’m just lucky!”. When you are an unlucky person and something bad happens to you, you say See, I’m just unlucky!”

How do you attract luck?? FIRST, you BECOME a lucky person. You are a MAGNET for luck when you are a lucky person. Lucky people get all the breaks. Lucky people are in the right place at the right time. Lucky people meet all the right people. Lucky people don’t get very many problems. Lucky people have all the resources they need to solve the few problems they have. Lucky people DECLARE that they are lucky. And like a miracle, luck just comes their way!

So, quite a few years ago, I decided that I am a lucky person. How did this happen? In the 80’s, I was sitting behind a drafting table and my boss came over . . . He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Jordan . . . You have a star following you!” What I heard, is “Jordan, you have a LUCKY star following you”
So what happens to people that have a LUCKY STAR following them?? They have ALL the luck! Ever since then, I have been living in the light of luck! I believed what he said and just accepted that label. Do you really think some people are just born lucky and others have all the hard luck? Do you think
That some people just get the short end of the stick all of the time?? Great things happen to me EVERY DAY! Some people are baffled by this! Some people get really green with envy. I AM one of the lucky few.

“How can he be so lucky” “He gets ALL the luck”
What would happen if you woke up tomorrow and declared yourself lucky?
What if all the good people started coming your way the first thing tomorrow morning?
What if any time something good happened to someone in SOC, it positively impacted you?
What if you GOT ALL THE LUCK?
Because I am a lucky person, I have this giant space in my life for lucky things to happen to me. If I was UNLUCKY, I wouldn’t even SEE the opportunities to be lucky. When I am lucky, I ONLY SEE the amazing opportunities that present themselves to me.

By the way, this principle can be applied to any area of your life. Luck is easy to attract when you are a lucky person!!
Write On your I AM cards “I am Lucky” and say it every day! Say it until you start believing it and you don’t question it any more! Luck can be interpreted as a random force by some people. Luck IS NOT just a random coincidence. My message to you is that luck just represents a belief in yourself and that you are one with exactly what you want and you attract it by who you declare yourself to be.

If sendoutcards is a CHORE for you or if it’s WORK for you, don’t expect Great results. SendOutCards is DESIGNED to be easy, fun and low stress. SendOutCards makes you feel good and it makes others feel good. If you are struggling to get things going, consider that the struggle is stopping You from building a successful business. Struggle is a strategy that will drive people and things away from you. Why? Because with struggle comes ‘trying to get’. When you try to get, it means you don’t have. When you don’t have, you get what you focus on . . . You get more of “don’t have”. Why is it that when you have money the bank wants to give you more? When you don’t have money, the bank won’t give you any! That doesn’t make any sense . . .
The people that don’t need it can get it and the people that need it can’t get it! ‘Don’t have” is negative energy and it attracts more of the same. “I am/I have” Is positive energy. SendOutCards is fun, easy and effortless. It adds to life. It causes new growth. Struggle takes life away. . . Ease and simplicity adds to life. Struggle is hard. How “hard” is it for a plant to grow? How much struggle is there in it? Growth is easy and natural. Struggle is contrived. “Struggle is the drama that is made up by us to explain why something is not working for us”. What would happen if you let go of the struggle and allowed success to flow to you as a lucky person. What if sending cards was fun, easy and effortless? So what does this mean to you? Again, consider that struggle is just a contrived concept that is getting in the way of your growth. Your ship will not come to port in a rough sea. What does it mean to let go of struggle and embrace ease? Let’s take an example:

Kody calls this “loosening the grip”. Let’s say you are writing a 10 page paper.
If you are tense and stressed, how do you hold the pencil? What happens if you hold the pencil this way for the next few hours. How does your hand, elbow and arm start to feel? Now . . . What if you were to relax your grip? Do you see the difference? The energy flows in a more positive direction when you relax.

Sending cards as a chore is a sacrifice.
Sending cards as a fun activity to make others feel good is an opportunity! Sacrifice equals struggle.
Opportunity equals ease.

If you are STRUGGLING to get this, most likely you are struggling in your SOC business or other areas of your life.
When you receive the summary of this call, read it over and think about how this might apply to you.

Bottom Line –

1.Think of Sending out Cards not as a sacrifice but as an opportunity
2. LET GO of the expectation of getting something in return for sending your cards
3. FOCUS on your INTENTION not on your ACTIVITIES (But be aware of your activities)
Call this week from a Rep “I’m doing my GAW every day, I’ve been tracking it and my business is just not taking off” – What does Kody FOCUS ON? Our business is a subset of Kody’s. He focuses on his INTENTION not on his stats!

April 16, 2007


My Dad called me a ‘Genious’ last week. My Dad has NEVER called ME a Genious. When I was in Chicago a few weeks ago, he told me about a lady that wasn’t returning his calls. He had ran a Shopping Center Promotion for her and she had mentioned that she wanted to use his company again. He needs a couple of months to set things up and he was getting nervous after not receiving a return call from her. He had called her numerous times and felt like he was ‘chasing’ her.

I said, “Dad, why don’t we send her a card!” We took a picture of him in the kitchen of his home on the phone and put a little voice bubble saying “Hey, Mara . . . Why don’t you call me when you get a chance!?”
Inside the card, we wrote . . . “Dear Mara, I really enjoyed working with you. I hope we have a chance to do business together again sometime in the future”

We enclosed a $5 Starbucks card. She called right back and said that she LOVED the card. She asked my Dad right away to schedule a time to come in and finalize the promotion with her!

Heartfelt cards expressing gratitude will differentiate you from your competition. Very few people send personal mail and so when cards are received, you are appreciated and remembered.
Mara called because she felt like my Dad really cared about her and her business . . . He took a little extra time for her and made her feel special and important. People want to do business with people that do this.


I was sitting in San Diego at a Starbucks right on the Harbor today preparing for tonights call. As I walked to Starbucks, I stopped to really appreciate my life and what SendOutCards as a business means to me. The air in San Diego right by the water was fresh and cool today. Most people woke up this morning and had to go to a job.Lots of people love their jobs, but most don’t. Most people dread waking up to an alarm clock each day, but its required of them to keep their jobs. For many years now, I have been waking up on my schedule. I rarely set an alarm clock, but when I do, its almost always because I scheduled.something. My office is whereever I am. My business tools are my cell phone, bluetooth and computer. Anywhere I can get an internet signal, I can do business . . . Even by the pool. The rooftop of my luxury Condo in Phoenix at 24th St and Camelback has amazing views of all of the Biltmore Golf Course and mountains. There is an incredible negative edge pool on the roof as well as really comfortable pool lounge chairs. I can see downtown phoenix and I look down on the bustle of people at the Scottsdale Biltmore shopping mall. The warm breezes blow in from the west.

One of my favorite places to send cards and do Gift Account Walkthroughs is from my rooftop pool. Let’s do a little comparison . . .

People will ask me why I work soooo hard. Actually to them, it probably appears that I work really hard. . . If working hard is sitting on the rooftop by the pool sending cards . . . Or flying to hawaii for a TreatemRight Seminar and then going out into the ocean on a sailboat with my team. If checking e-mails at Starbucks next to the Harbor in San Diego is working hard, then I work hard. If going out to a meditaranian restaurant to watch belly dancers and have exotic food with my group is working hard, then I work hard! If taking a Mexican Royal Caribbean Cruise with 110 of my closest friends that have all built groups of 24 or more is working hard, then I work hard! If working hard is leaning over my 3rd floor deck looking out over the Sedona landscape while I do my Walk Throughs is working hard, then I work really, really hard!

Here’s a little comparison that I love . . .


40 hours per week 10 hours per week
50 weeks per year for 50 weeks per year for40 years = 80,000 hours 3 years = 1500 hours

No Residual Residual

Make your boss Make yourself and
happy the recipient of your
cards happy!

Linear Income Non-Linear Income

Work from a desk Work from anywhere

Limited potential Unlimited Potential

The more you work The less you work,
the less you get paid the more you get
paid per hour.


I’m ‘sending out to give’ and I keep sending out to give, but I’m not getting anything in return?? I’m frustrated, because I give and give and give and never get anything in return. It doesn’t seem fair! What’s up?

At the TER Seminars Kody says, if you send out to get, the universe ‘keeps’ or ‘withholds’. If you send out to give, the universe ‘gives’ or provides in abundance. You get back what you send out. If you are sending out to positive energy in abundance you get back abundance. If you are sending out to get, but pretending you are sending out to give, you will be perceived and manipulative and people will run from you! This is a tough shift for some. You will let go of the EXPECTATION of getting something in return when you are truly sending out to give.

I had a call recently from someone that told me she had a specific plan for how many calls to make to get 5 walkthroughs per week and to sign up one distributor per week. She knew she needed to meet about 20 people per week to get those walkthroughs scheduled. She had only brought in a couple of people since December and was really discouraged. People werent returning her calls. Kody talks about learning to ‘loosen the grip’ . You must provide the space for people to sign up with you. If they feel like you are chasing them, they will run from you. SOC is about creating lifetime relationships and getting to know the people in your Network. Your group is a subset of Kody’s group. Think about what Kody’s day is like and what he focuses on regarding his Network . . . His objective is to help millions of people become senders of cards. A strategy that involves ‘Tracking’ your stats too closely is a ‘give to get’ strategy. I think its okay to have these stats and be aware of them, but don’t run your business by them. Run your business by ‘your intention’. Your intention is to help others to experience the FEELING of sending a card to another human being and then show them how to get started if they want to. If you make YOUR STATS your objective, you’ve just taken your attention off of your true INTENTION. Whether you say it to them or not, they just become another number in your game and you will lose them quickly.

Is your intention about what you are going to give that day or what you are going to GET that day, week or month?. I find myself constantly having to re-align my intention. That’s why I read law of attraction books and go to the treatemright seminars.

What do I say in the cards to get people to sign up??
See the answer to the question above.
What groups of people are most likely to sign up with sendoutcards quickly?

I typically like to focus on the ‘cottage industries’ like small business owners, entrepreneurs, network marketers and independent salespeople. They usually carry their own credit cards and can make a quick decision. The more successful they are, the quicker they usually sign up. Successful people typical see sendoutcards as a valuable tool very quickly.

I get lots of people that are ‘right there’ and they say they are going to do it and then they don’t. Then they won’t return my calls. What should I do?

First LET GO OF them doing something right now. Make them a friend of your network. Build a LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP with them.
Here are some reasons why they don’t sign up . . .

1). They get scared cause you were chasing them
2). They don’t trust you
3). They feel smothered and feel like they will
be smothered if they sign up. They don’t
have time for this.
4). They don’t like you.
5). They are distracted with other priorities.
6). They don’t feel they have the time or money to proceed
so they don’t think its worth it

Here are some things you can do that will help:

Tell one or two inspiring stories (ie; Kody’s story about his brother Cris, my Dad, etc)
Give them a couple of ideas on how to use the system Always follow up with a couple of cards – Picture Plus and use your Handwriting Font if possible. They will keep the cards.
Make sure they know how to log back in to their gift account and send another card Call them in a few days just to check in and see if they have any questions or want to sign up for an account Send another card if they don’t call you back – Put something fun in it or enclose a gift card if you want to.
Tell them, “It only takes 5 minutes to set you up and then I can train you on the whole system in about 1 hour – Let them know how simple it is and easy to learn.

Focus on helping them use it and get value from it.

Where else can I find people to show this to?

Consider joining volunteer organizations that have business owners in them
Send an e-mail to everyone in your e-mail distribution list asking for their updated contact info.

Join linkden (
Create some networks on Get into a national network in a specific industry that you can relate to (there are thousands of associations that focus on a specific industry)
Read the paper . . . Look for ‘small business owners on the move’ send them a card that they can relate to and congratulate them on their success . . . Go to their website and put a picture of THEM in the card. Call them and ask if you can set up a time to meet them over lunch or coffee. Get to know them. Take your time. These people are well connected. Sometimes hard to get to, but worth getting to know.

Go through your photos on and off line. You will think of many people That you need to reconnect with. Get their addresses and send them Cards.

Constantly work to expand your network, create and maintain and expand existing relationships.

Have a great week!


April 9, 2007


Why do famous movie stars, musicians or pro athletes make a lot of money??
ANSWER: Because they sell tickets! The more tickets they can sell, the more money they are paid. You are no different. You will get paid based on the number of people on your team that get trained and are sending cards. The larger your team and the more cards they send, the bigger your paycheck.

The secret to success in our business is ‘Distribution: People that come from a Sales background typically are used to getting paid for their efforts so they will work very hard signing people up and they will make good money. But the big money is in having a team of hundreds or thousands of others that each do a little each and every month.
An example of this is McDonalds . . . Does McDonalds have the best Hamburger in the world? Many of you could probably make a better one. But who sells the most burgers in the world? You would never get rich on one McDonalds store, but if you owned a bunch and made just a few cents on each product sold, you could get rich. The name of the game is “Opening Outlets”. The more outlets you have the more you sell. Did you know that McDonald’s sells more processed fish than any other company in the world? It’s all about Distribution. More Outlets = More Sales.

I had been involved with 11 companies in 10 years and never signed up one person . . . Not one! I met a guy that told me that if I were to recruit 20-30 people, I would never have to work again! He also said that if I were to bring on 30 new people, 10 of them would do nothing, 10 of them would do a little, 9 of them would consistently build and ONE would be a BIG HITTER and bring THOUSANDS into my group. I didn’t know if this were true or not, but I believed him, so on my lunches, I proceeded to do 3 presentations per week, expecting to sign up one out of 12 (I was pretty bad). I fell short of my projections and after 24 months, I had sponsored 19 people. My 16th person sponsored a lady in New Mexico that brought in 15 people or so and from those 15 came over 12,000 distributors and 40,000 customers and made me my first million.

So finally I GOT IT! Now I went on to continuously bring on about 1 person per month (129 people in 144 months) for the next 13 years. I had 5 legs that totaled many thousands of people. And 124 lets that had less than 1000 combined.


Kody told me that the company was 2 years old, had 2000 distributors (I was #1988) and was doing $200,000 per month in revenue (2.4 million per year). I knew that Kody and Erik just started with a few and it “grew” to 2000 by word of mouth. The Sr Manager position paid 10% to unlimited levels. So I envisioned doing EXACTLY what Kody and Erik did and putting in just a few people . . .getting them started and having it ‘grow’ to 2000 doing $200,000 per month in 2 years. If I was at the 10% unlimited depth level, that would be $20,000 per month in income. I believed I could do that!

So I started showing this to people the way I was shown it. Demarr sent me some cards and a DVD. He then had me send a card to my mom. He then sent me a couple more cards. I signed up and started doing EXACTLY what he did. My results were that in 14 months I had over 2000 distributors and my income was over $25,000 per month. I just keep doing the same thing.

I have personally sponsored 108 people in 110 weeks. I have 10,900 distributors in my group and my income exceeds $65,000 per month. Your results may not be the same as mine. This information is NEVER to be used for recruiting purposes. It’s for training purposes only. In fact if you use it to recruit, you will turn people off and most will be skeptical and run from you. Most people never believe they will make this kind of money so it sounds like ‘hype’
How are these kinds of numbers possible?? This leads me to . . .


Let’s say you bring in 3 people and they each get three through 7 generations (that’s 3X3X3X3X3X3X3) If it worked out perfectly you would have 2187 distributors on the 7th generation.

But what if you just put in 1 more . . . So 4 people each get 4 for 7 generations (4X4X4X4X4X4X4) if it worked out perfectly, you would have over 16,000 distributors on the 7th generation. In the job world the difference between 3 and 4 is 1. But in our world . . . The world of geometric progression, the difference is over 15,000!
If everyone just got 1 more so each person got 5, on the 7th generation, you would have over 78,000 distributors! Do you see the power of leverage?

How is it that some people can work 4 hours per day and make $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 per month? Because they have harnessed the power of geometric progression!
Its not about how hard you work . . . It’s about what you get started! So let’s say that instead of bringing in just 5, you stacked the deck in your favor and signed up 2 per month for 3 years . . .that’s 72 people . . . Not 5. What kind of results might you get? It’s all about distribution! How do you get your 72 people?? How about doing 1 GAW per day 5 days per week? You’ll sign up 1 per week or 1 every 2 weeks if you are really bad. That means in 1-2 years you will have your 72 people.

For example, let’s say you have 10,000 people in your group (you should be able to see this with the above example). Let’s say they each have 2 customers (10,000 distributors + 20,000 customers = 30,000 users) Remember you get paid for selling tickets. Tickets are CARDS in our business. 30,000 users spending $30 per month is $900,000 per month. If you are just at the 5% level, your residual check will be $45,000 per month. Would the company really send you $45,000 per month? They will if you get that . . .


Your ID# is just a number in the company computer. The system doesn’t know your background. It doesn’t know your failures or successes. It doesn’t know who you know or who likes you or hates you. It doesn’t know how much money you have made it the past or what kind of family you grew up in. It doesn’t know what color you are or what language you speak. It just reads how many cards are being purchased by your team and their customers and it spits out a check. You get the check if your Name is attached to that ID number. Period. It’s the ultimate equalizer.

SENDOUTCARDS COMP PLAN (How to position yourself):

Here’s an explanation of the comp plan in a nutshell.
Basic Money Making Principles in Network Marketing:

1. The people who you think will, won’t and the people who you think won’t, will – Don’t strategize as to where to put people. It always backfires.
2. It doesn’t really matter who you know. You don’t know the people that will make you the most money . . . They will come in to your organization on your 3rd, 4th and 5th generation
3. The worst thing you can do with your time is to try and ‘help’ the people that need this but don’t want it.
4. Things that grow too fast die young – You want a healthy balance of width and depth. Width that is too fast dies young. Depth is finding the most excited newest people in your group and helping them get their first few people signed up. Fly populations grow really fast and die really fast. They might only live for a few days. In the animal kingdom animals that grow fast die young – i.e. a Great Dane. The Eucalyptus tree grows really fast, has a very shallow root system, is VERY brittle and dies young. An oak tree takes a long time to grow up. The root system is anchored hundreds of feet into the ground and they live forever. You must find a healthy balance of width and depth. We will talk about this more later.
5. TV will kill your growth.
6. Your team will do what you do, not what you say. We can have a 1 day training just on this. If you don’t want your team to do it, don’t do it.




Beginning in May of this Year, the US Post Office will be slightly raising its postal rates. This has nothing to do with SendOutCards. SendOutCards is not raising its rates. We will be subject to these price increases just like all other consumers. A regular greeting card will cost .42 per stamp instead of .41 per stamp once this change goes in to affect.

New first class letter rate 42cents for one oz second oz is holding steady at 17cents.
New first class postcard rate: 27 cents
You may want to increase your Expense Accounts in your Automatic Gift Accounts to reflect this change.
BEACH MONEY BOOK – Creating your dream life through network marketing Launch on my 50th Birthday, March 9th.

If you buy it on Sunday between 12noon and 5pm CST, you will get some nice perks. If you buy 30 books on that day between those times, you will be invited to a private party on the Beach at a multi-million $$ mansion with me and our team.

All profits go to Charity!

Just mark your calendar and put in


1. Affirmations and Action

Affirmations keep you mentally aligned with what you want and who you are.

Action keeps you learning and growing on your journey.

SendOutCards gives you the best of both worlds. You get to pronounce your affirmations to yourself and others in cards and you get to take action towards your dreams on a daily basis.

When there is affirmation (I am’s) with no action, you have delusion and when you have action with no affirmation you have frustration.

I had a meeting with a multi-millionaire author this week that says she sees new business owners trying to go from step 1 to step 4 and expecting to get great results. What she meant is that many people try and take action (step 1) and expect a successful business (step 4) without having the purpose, beliefs, conviction, values, etc (steps 2 and 3).

If you aren’t aligned with your purpose as you take action towards your dreams, you will typically get stuck right where you are. If you are a great steward of money and you believe you deserve it as a mechanism for doing good in the world, you are much more likely to attract it and keep it for good.

Last night I went to see the 80’s Band ‘Styx’ with Bob and Betty Ann Golden in Vegas (remember I am turning 50!). One of the original band members, Tommy Shaw got up and said ‘The next song is a song that I wrote before I met this band. I was playing the song that I wrote one afternoon and as I was playing it I was thinking about being in a band and becoming famous. My phone rang and it was James Young and Styx was born.” He then got choked up and said, “You need to dream. And if you are going to dream you might as well dream big!”

Tommy was taking action AND in his own way, he was practicing his affirmations. “I am a member of a famous rock band” He then attracted the ‘Luck’ necessary for all his dreams to come true.

Luck is simply being in action AND mentally being aligned with the right energy. Your ‘I am’ statements position you to attract all of the resources necessary to make your dreams come true.


1. Take action every day (the daily 8) Get 8 points per day.

2. Write out your ‘I am’ statements in the present tense:

Here are some of mine:

a. ‘I am lucky’
b. ‘I attract all the resources I need to serve others’
c. ‘I am a famous author’
d. ‘My monthly checks exceed $250,000 per month
e. ‘I have new people breaking $10,000 per month each month
f. ‘I am intelligent, creative and intuitive’
g. ‘I am attracting ALL of the right people’
h. ‘I am in top physical shape and inspire others to take care of themselves.

3. Expect and allow success to flow to you easily and without effort.

Building from a ‘place’ of desperation is nearly impossible. You must shift your state of being from desperation to peace and from need to opportunity. Building your business in a place of fear will only serve to drive away all of the success you seek.

I am receiving 5 e-mails per week from people saying . . . “I need to make money now. I’m desperate. What should I say to people to get them to sign up!!!?”

I really don’t know how to answer this question. Again, this is like going from step 1 to step 4 without doing steps 2 and 3. Even if I could tell this person EXACTLY what to say to get someone in, most likely, it wouldn’t work for them. But for purposes of example, let’s say it did work for them . . . if they were able to figure out exactly what to say to get people in, most likely their success would be short lived. Why?? Because they are coming from a place of desperation and fear. This state of being will drive people away from you. You are not an attractor when you are desperate!

Think about it . . . what happens if you go to a bank to borrow money when you need it most?? They will tell you ‘NO!’ Remember, the people that usually get the money are the people that don’t need it! Money will flow towards opportunity, not need.

This applies to all areas of life. The people that need the money can’t get it because the energy they are sending out is fear based (desperation) Money runs from desperation and is attracted to value creation.

We always get what we focus on! When we focus on the abundance in our lives in all areas, we tend to attract more abundance! When we focus on what we don’t have (our lack of abundance) we tend to get more of that. This is why a journal that affirms (affirmations) our alignment with who we are as a creation is so important. It gets us to focus our attention to everything we love and appreciate in our lives and everything we love and appreciate that is on its way.



Actually that’s the problem! When you are mentally aligned with your purpose, you don’t need to know what to say . . . you’ll know what to say! It will no longer be a question for you. Answering the question, “What do I do and what do I say?” is actually the source of the problem. Actually the person that asks this question, really needs to know the answer to the question, “What’s my purpose and who am I?” Did you notice that the answer to the first question is externally focused. The answer to the second question is internally focused.

Success is created by a feeling that comes from knowing who you are and what you are doing here.


I can hear some of you saying, “My purpose is not to be a greeting card salesperson!”

You know what??? If that were my purpose, I wouldn’t be here. I am doing this call from Bob and Betty Ann Golden’s beautiful home in Las Vegas. As look around, the house is filled with AMAZING colorful photos of people from all over North America. The countertop is lined with images of their friends and family celebrating life. New Babies, Speedboats, Vacations, Holiday Parties, Convention Promotions, Family Gatherings, Talking Dogs, Creative Expressions. SendOutCards gives people a chance to really celebrate life and send it out to those they care about most. It’s not about cards any more than it’s about paper and ink. SendOutCards is an expression of life in a way that magnifies it by allowing us to share it with others.

Those people that use sendoutcards to creatively express themselves in a powerful heartfelt way on a daily basis seem to attract others that want to join their teams? I would guess that Bob and Betty Ann could invite 100 people with no knowledge of SendOutCards to their home and simply socialize with them. My guess is that 25 of those people would want to sign up by the end of the night. Why? Because they would see an expression of life like none they have seen before. The wall is covered with 200 cards of friends celebrating each other. They have a tree of cards on a table that is bursting with color and life much like a vibrant, radiant fireworks display.

When you get around Bob and Betty Ann, you immediately know that they are excited about the richness that SendOutCards offers to those that use it as a celebration of life.

Contrast this with those people that are focused on making a quick buck by getting people in! Those that are asking . . . “What do I say to convince them to buy the package so I can get my $120 because I need it!”

Do you see the difference in purpose, belief and values?

Conference call summary 1-1-07

First I would like to congratulate you on an amazing year. Over 75% of you joined the business in the last 12 months, so most of what I am going to share with you tonight was accomplished with 25% of our existing team. Imagine what will happen as our newest team members get up and running. Kodys vision to become the largest greeting card company in the world is well on its way! This year will be the year we grow up and go from a small company to a big company. You are all on board at the right time.

I want to publicly thank our company employees that did an amazing and accurate job of making sure over 60,000 cards per day were delivered on time over the Holidays (all cards were sent within 24 hours of us hitting send). Make sure you send them a card to thank them . . . and especially let them know when you talk to them!

Basic Team Stats and State of our Organization:

I believe there is a potential market for at least 2-3 million SOC distributors in the US. With Canada and the rest of the world we could potentially have 10 million or more distributors in SOC. SOC currently has less than 15,000 distributors. This is based on my previous experience with other Network Marketing Companies

One year ago our team had 1565 Distributors and as of yesterday, we now have 8568 Distributors. We are still by far the fastest growing and largest team in the company. Your groups represent over half of the entire company.

One year ago our monthly volume of cards was $97,000 for Dec. December of 2006 was $458,000. That represents over a 400% growth from last year to this year. Our team is responsible for over 6 million in revenue to SOC over the past year.

Kodys goal for the company is to become a 30 million $$$ company. My team is a subset of his team
and your team is a subset of my team . . . so for me to grow, we both need to grow. My number 1 priority in this business is to offer you the tools, training and support system to expand your income and your business.

Hear are some of my plans and goals for the New Year The reason I share these with you, is for me to meet my goals, you must meet yours!

1.Offer at least one earned incentive program that will allow a whole bunch of us to take a fun trip together for a few days and give you a chance to network with the top leaders on our team . . . maybe out at sea!

2.With the support of our top leadership establish a network of monthly leadership gatherings for
training and networking. As we grow there are many opportunities for us to help each other across North America and eventually the world.

3.Offer another special leadership training for Senior Managers and above just prior to our Annual Convention in Salt Lake City.


1. Monthly Card Volume per month by Dec of 2007 1. 6 million
2. Total Team Distributor Count by Dec of 2007 – 30,000
3. Number of Distributors joining per month 1500
4. Number of Distributors earning $10,000/mo 30
5. Number of Distributors earning $30,000/mo 5

This means that if you are in the Top 20 Eagles Nest, you should be earning more than $10,000/mo


Lets talk about what its going to take for you to meet your goals . . .
Today is Day One of 2007. What story will you write for yourself and your family this year??

The problem with New Years Resolutions is that people dont keep them. They write them down and then after 2 or 3 weeks they see they are not following through so they quit them all together.

I saw the new Rocky Balboa movie today and during a very emotional scene with his son (his son was blaming Rocky for his failures) Rocky says Life is not fair and its tough and it will knock your feet out from under you over and over again. Your success doesnt have to do with avoiding getting knocked down . . . life will knock you down. The Heros are the ones that keep getting back up to fight again.

I have a personal experience of this. When my last company went away, many of my peers didnt have the heart in them to do it again. As a top earner and having been with my company for 13 years, I had established a pretty amazing lifestyle. My overhead was over $20,000/mo and in one month, my cash flow was gone. It completely disappeared. I was devastated and despondent for weeks. A few of you saw me in this state. I got knocked on my ass and so did many others. Many lost everything. At these times, you need to trust and follow your promptings.

I did . . . I chose to go in the opposite direction of my peers. It was tough, because the masses were going in one direction and I chose to go all by myself in the other direction. I saw that FEAR was driving the decisions of most . . . I needed to act on faith, not fear. I needed to go after what I wanted vs running from what I was afraid of. This was one of the toughest times of my life, because at the time there was no one that saw what I saw except Kody and my sponsor.

I’m talking about a fairly BIG situation in my life, but we are all faced with little jabs and punches daily that take us to our knees. Most people eventually cave in and give up. That’s why most people live lives of mediocrity. It takes and true winner to get up stronger each time they get knocked down. One hit wonders are dime a dozen. I really respect those people that can find the heart in them to do it again and again until they get what they are after.

You get what you focus on consistently. Have you ever noticed that right after you buy a new car, it seems that there are more of them on the road than the day before! That’s because you begin to notice what you are FOCUSING your mind on.

So all of this being said, I think it’s important to WRITE OUT WHAT YOU WANT to accomplish in 2007. Write out what your life will look like 12 months from now in the present tense. Who will be in it? What will you be doing with it? How will you be spending your time?

To make it easy just for this call, I’m going to have you do an exercise that will help you to get started. Some of you may have already begun to put this together.

Right now, write out 5 things you must do this year and 5 things you want to do this year . . .

Now pick 3 things that will absolutely be done within the next 3 months. Month 1, Month 2, Month 3.

You may not currently have the resources to do them . . . that’s okay. Write them anyway. Miracles will begin to happen and you’ll see opportunities (they will actually emerge and become visible right before your eyes when you right these things down!)

You ALWAYS get what you focus on consistently even if you focus on NOT getting it. For example . . . DON’T think of Pink Elephants. Try really HARD NOT TO THINK OF PINK ELEPHANTS. Pink Elephants become vivid clear and real in your mind even though you are trying not to think of them.

The same is true for your life and business dreams and goals . . . most people focus on what they DON’T want . . . like, “I don’t want to be broke in 2007” . . . guess what you keep getting more of?? So when you are doing this, do not write out what you don’t want, write what you do want.

We did this exercise a few months ago on one of our calls and I’ve been getting e-mails ever since from people that have accomplished what they wrote down in their 3 month simple plan.


We all strive for balance because we have a need for certainty in our lives. Balance gives us certainty. So we spend a lot of time worrying and stressing because our lives are out of balance. So we work and work and work trying to get balance . . . then once we have true balance one of two things happens.

Something changes and our lives are out of balance again We get bored and we seek to do something that will put our lives out of balance

The quest for balance is healthy. Balance is not healthy. There is no growth in balance. Growth happens when we are out of balance. Striving for balance will keep us fulfilled. Trying to keep balance will actually cause us to lose what we want, because it is motivated by the fear of losing it.

So we are all working to reach a certain level of success which is defined by our arbitrary rules of what success looks like. When we ARE successful, then our lives will be in balance. And once we get there, something changes or we get bored.

I realized recently that my quest for balance is an awesome adventure but achieving balance is actually impossible to do . . . so if I have an EXPECTATION that to be HAPPY I need to have BALANCE, I will never be happy, because balance doesn’t really exist.


You get back what you send out . . . If you send out forgiveness, you get forgiveness. If you send out Love, you get Love. If you send out Money, you get Money. If you invest in others, they will have the confidence to invest in you. If you give friendship, you’ll get friendship. . . do you get the picture?? SendOutCards is a mechanism to do everything and anything you want to do. When you give support, you get support. You get back what you send out. MOST PEOPLE SAY TO THE FIREPLACE OF LIFE . . . YOU GIVE ME HEAT AND ILL GIVE YOU FIREWOOD It doesn’t work that way.

You can become the catalyst for quantum leaps in fulfillment in your life if you become proactive and Send Out What You Want!

HERES THE KEY: What do you want? (HINT: Look at your New Years Resolutions) Send it out! If you are not sure how this translates, look at it more carefully and figure out how you can send it out into the world. You get back what you send out . . . 10 fold. If you want a new House . . .how can you send that out? Ask yourself WHY you want a new house. Get to the real reason behind your wants and SEND THAT OUT.

You cant give to get . . . you must give to make a difference and then allow the universe to do its work.


SendOutCards is not a mass mailing company
SendOutCards is not a promotional company
SendOutCards is not a marketing company
SendOutCards is not a greeting card company
SendOutCards is not a printing company

SendOutCards can be used to do all of these things, but its really not about our mission. Yes you can mass mail, promote, market and send greeting cards but that is not what it is designed for . . .

SendOutCards is a way to quickly act on your promptings and make a difference in the life of one other person today. I encourage you to watch the DVD with Kody one more time if you are not sure why you are doing this.

The decisions Kody makes are designed to help you send a card out today to someone that will make them smile or cry a little out of happiness for getting your card. The cards are designed to make someone feel good . . to motivate someone . . . to help them feel wanted and appreciated . . . to empathize.


We have more distributors coming in daily than any full week in January of last year! And the promotions are accelerating at a rate that we have never seen . . . 10 managers in 1 week is the most ever!

Lots of you are running to be on the cruise . . . .and Im really proud of that! We are going to have so much fun!


1. I don’t have anyone to help me!
2. I can’t get anyone in!
3. I’m just not a Salesperson!
4. What do I do to get started?

Philosophy of Charles Schultz

Name the top 5 wealthiest people in the world . . .
Name the top 5 winners of Miss America . . .
Name the top 5 Academy Award Winners . . .

These are no second rate achievers . . . most of us cant complete this list.


Name a few of your teachers that aided in your journey through life . . .
Name 3 friends that have helped you through difficult times
Think of a few people that have helped you feel appreciated and special
Think of 5 people that you enjoy spending time with

The lesson: The people who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. They are the ones that care. Send cards to those you care about and let them know you care.

Use this tool to help your new distributors learn how to do a gift account walk through!

COMPLAINT #1 . . . I dont have anyone to help me OR my sponsor is a loser and is worthless!

Welcome to the club. Most people have worthless sponsors . . . in fact, your group
may be saying the same thing about you! I love my sponsor, Demarr, but if I had depended on him to build my business, I would still be waiting! Your sponsor will not build your business for you. Almost all of the top earners and almost zero upline support. It is not your uplines responsibility to build your business. Its up to you. You can either BLAME the company or your upline or you can TAKE RESPONSIBILITY and USE THE TOOLS that are available to build your business! You become the Dream Upline that your sponsor was not to you!

Complaining about your upline or Sponsor will never allow you to have success. You must take full responsibility for your business if you would like to succeed. True, you may have a worthless sponsor . . .but so what!? Even if they were great, its not his/her job to build your business. Its YOUR JOB!

You have EVERYTHING you need to be a great sponsor and to build a huge business if that’s what you choose to do! It all starts with taking ownership of the incredible vehicle you have for making a difference in the lives of others.



2. I can’t get anyone in!

3. I’m just not a Salesperson!

4. What do I do to get started?


3X3X3X3X3x3X3 = 2187 distributors (its simple why doesnt everyone get 3??)

MOST PEOPLE DONT WANT TO BE A SALEPERSON and THEY DONT WANT TO BE SOLD!!! (#1 Problem) They dont want rejection!! Presentations CREATE objections!
Most people quit before they even start! Most people dont want to be told NOOOO!!!!
Fear of Rejection #1 Reason people Quit!!
But 48% buy after the 2nd NO!
12% buy after the 3rd NO!

This is the #1 Problem and this is why we dont always get 3X3X3X3X3!

For $10,000 per month Would you do 3 things? NO REJECTION!!

1. Send 100 DVDs in the first 30 days – Its easy to do this! (Do me a favor and give me your opinion on this DVD!) No rejection with this! SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Don’t talk about SOC!! Put 100 people in your contact Manager and send out 100 DVDs with the following message in it:

Hi FirstName,

I hope you are doing well. I was thinking about you and wanted to send you this DVD to check out. You may want to forget the business opportunity part of this, but I was most interested in your thoughts on this as a business tool to build your existing business. Im using this as well to expand my Network and I thought you may like to use it to expand yours . . .

If you are not interested, please just give it to someone else or throw it away. Otherwise, lets talk about it if you like. By the way, its a little cheesy, but it gets the job done. Id love to get your opinion on this idea. Check out this DVD.

Either way, give me a call sometime and lets get caught up!


Your Name
Your Phone #
Email Address


2. Follow Up ! How to avoid rejection . . . (only follow up on VM, E-mail or with a Card!!)
3. GIVE AWAY 30 Gift Accounts in the first 30 days! NO REJECTION! Dont ask them to buy anything . . . simply say (I am going to GIVE YOU A FREE ACCOUNT TO TRY OUT ON ME) Then show them how to send their 1st card.

This is the quickest way to get on the cruise, to get promoted and to help a bunch of people become senders of cards!!

Whats the one thing missing in this formula?? BE IN THE HABIT OF SENDING OUT AT LEAST ONE UNEXPECTED CARD PER DAY!

People do not like salespeople and they dont want to be sold!
If you have 100 DVDs out there, you are going to get busy and you are not going to have time to waste with anyone!

As soon as someone gets REJECTION, they are done!

3-4 Per day . . . 21 days to form a success habit!! This will explode your group!


Let me tell you a story. When I lived in Tempe and worked for America West Airlines, I drove a 1987 Jeep Wrangler. At the time my income at the airline was about $16,000 per year and the Jeep was constantly breaking down. At the time, in the summer of 1987, it was over 110 degrees F and the air conditioner in the Jeep had gone out. A 17 year old with no insurance had hit me and the front end of the Jeep was smashed in.

After the accident, I was driving down the freeway and didn’t know that the hood latch had been broken in the accident. The wind caught the hood and it flipped up at about 70 mph and slammed into my windshield shattering it. The deductible on my insurance was $75 and I didn’t have that to fix the windshield.

About 4 days later a policeman drove up behind me and I could see him squinting to try and see through to the front of my Jeep through the windshield. He figured that if he couldn’t see through the spider vein cracks in my window that neither could I.

He pulled me over and gave me a ticket.

One thing that I learned in this experience is that if I focused on the windshield, I could not see where I was going. If I focused on the road ahead, the cracks would blur out and I could see the road. This was not the safest situation, but it was a strategy that got me through the tough times.

And believe it or not, this strategy got me through the tough times in my Businesses as well. When I keep my eye on the horizon the problems right in front of my face don’t seem quite a significant.

About 25 months ago I was faced with a situation that turned out to be financially devastating for some of my peers. Some of them went completely broke. In the moment the future looked really bleak. I was bleeding to the tune of about $20,000 per month after my last company went away. No one in SOC had ever made any serious money (not even $10,000 per month).

I learned to change my focus to change my state. I need to be in an empowering state to be resourceful, productive and efficient. My jeep taught me to focus beyond the problems that are in my face daily. Focus on the future. Focus on the horizon. Look beyond the day to day challenges that tend to get in the way and hold you back.

This minor shift in focus has helped me through two financially devastating situation . . . Eventually I was able to fix the windshield and eventually go on to purchase nicer luxury automobiles.

Successful people can ‘view’ a brighter future on the horizon even when it’s still out of their line of sight. Vision is the sign of a great leader and it’s a skill that can be developed. Just consider changing your focus.


Years ago, I was in a consistent habit of working out daily. I used to stretch, sweat and eat healthy almost every day. As time went on, I got busier and busier and the workouts became less and less. I stopped stretching and started traveling. I would go out with friends and eat foods at restaurants that ‘clog’ the body. My workouts went for 90 minutes per day to less than 20 minutes 3 times per week. I felt myself slowing down.

This morning I was ‘Running Stairs’ in the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas prior to a trade show sponsored by some of our team. As I was working out, I started to think about what it takes to be in shape and stay in shape and how to get there. It really comes down to 3 simple things:

I started to wonder . . . Do we get old and slow down OR do we slow down and get old??

So let’s say there is someone who has never paid much attention to his shape or fitness. At the age of 40 he decides to get fit. He goes to two fitness trainers. One gives him 10 textbooks on fitness and tells him to start out by reading them. The other fitness trainer has him follow these three simple steps . . .

1. Sweat Every Day
2. Stretch Every Day
3. Eat clean water rich food that isn’t packaged
4. Start NOW.

After a few months, who will know more? Obviously the person that read the books! But who will be in better shape. The person that DID the 4 steps without knowing much.

There is MOUNTAINS of information on the internet, in the bookstores and at the library on health and fitness. One could get lost in all of the information. There are classes and programs on fitness. There are college degrees on fitness and nutrition. How do you pick what to focus on? Where do you start? What’s really important?

Let’s talk about GETTING RESULTS. All of the things that can be learned are important, but in terms of getting and staying fit, there are really only 4 things:

1. Sweat Every Day
2. Stretch Every Day
3. Eat Clean water rich food that isn’t packaged
4. Start NOW.

Within each step, there are an unlimited number of possibilities, in terms of GETTING GREAT RESULTS, the key is to start now. There is lots to learn on the journey that can help someone grow and excel. But most importantly, let’s focus on the 4 basic things that need to be done.

If someone did these 4 things, how would they look and feel after 1 year??

We really need to keep the business we are in as simple as this to succeed quickly. I want to share with you a conversation I had this week with one of our industry leaders that has recently started with us. This guy had 165,000 people under him in his last company and he was known as someone that kept it very simple. He was from a small town and is a man of few words. After reading a bunch of the e-mails and going through all of the training he said:

“Jordan, doesn’t it really come down to 4 things? Someone needs to learn to:

1. Send at least 1 card every day
2. Set up a gift account and show someone else how to send a card at least once per day
3. Sign up Distributors and Customers
4. Teach 3 to do the same.”

He then said, “Is there really anything else someone needs to know??” Hearing him say this was like getting hit between the eyes with a brick . . . Duh!!

Now just like in health and fitness, you can expand on each of these things, but half the challenge is keeping it so simple that it can be easily done and taught quickly.

$$ So easy that a 7 year old can do it, teach it and won’t lose interest
$$ In a job we get paid to create manuals, policies and procedures, etc – In SOC we get paid to get new card senders started
$$ People don’t have time to learn or start a new project. People are busy and already have full lives. Too much info and they will quit before they start!



Last night I received a text message from a friend that said:
“Is it possible to hit the do-over button on my life?”

I responded: “I think so. I have hit the do-over button many times over the course of my lifetime.
I still use it quite a bit today. I found that I usually have to hit it 4 to 10 times for it to work once . . . So I have to push it a lot”

I think that we all have a do-over button but we don’t use it enough. There are weeks that I use it every day. Its the button that allows you to start off fresh and new. Its like taking the etch-a-sketch of your life . . . Turning it upside down and SHAKING IT! We all need to do this when things aren’t going our way. The problem is not that you have challenges and problems . . . The problem is when you stop pushing your ‘do-over’ button. Each time I push ‘do-over’, my starting point is a little higher on the scale. Push it a lot!


You should be getting almost daily acknowledgement from the cards you send to people. People should be telling you the LOVED the cards you sent them . . . Or at the very least, thank you for the cards you have sent. If they are not, consider the following:

A. Are you putting pictures with PERSONALITY in your cards?
B. Are you ACKNOWLEDGING and COMPLIMENTING others for who they are to you?
C. Are you remembering important dates?
D. Are you using your Handwriting and Signatures?

Ask yourself . . . What do people say to me that makes my day go a little better? Do that same thing for others at least once per day.


Its September 1992. I just returned from Wells Fargo Bank. I’m angry and Frustrated. I just went in to check on 8 checks that bounced. $20 X 8. $160 that I don’t have. I’m frantic. They keep my bank card. America West’s CFO just announced last week that we have less money in the bank than all the change in the pockets of the employees in my department. America West may be closing its doors. 10 more of my closest friends stop into my office to say goodbye. You can see the fear in their eyes . . . Mortgage payments, Car Loans and Kids to raise. They might lose everything. I’ve just received 2 pay cutst and I’ve been given the responsibilities of the employees I just laid off. I’ve been working my company now for about 4 months. My father has been begging me to quit. He says he won’t be my customer. I’m in San Diego reading a letter from my aunt addressed to my cousin Eddie. It says that my Dad told my Mom in Chicago that my company is a ‘House of Cards’. My mom wrote my aunt in Las Vegas who wrote cousin Eddie and told him that my parents are against this and Eddie should get out now. The whole family is against me. And its spreading across the nation.

Last night, I just received my second $75 ticket for driving around in my 1987 Jeep Wrangler with a Shattered wind sheild. The second ticket was for not paying the 1st ticket. I just don’t have the money.

I finally decided to quit my job and just go for it . . . This month (1993) my checks totalled $1500. They are pretty small but going up. I’m scared but optimistic. If I had only known that the next month and the month after, I wouldn’t even get a check. It seems that my company lost my entire group in the company computer. No report, no ID#, no checks for 3 months! I am now $36,000 in debt and on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. The bill collectors are calling.

My group was getting paid, but I was no where to be found in the company computer. There was no ‘Distributor Support’ to call. Everything needed to be faxed in on a special form and then you just waited for a response. I waited for 3 months before I got my next check.

I have my first growing group in Peabody Mass. We are having serious problems getting 800#’s hooked up. My two strongest guys get frustrated and decide to quit. They were the ones holding the team together. They haven’t told me they quit, so I flew out to MA in a Blizzard to help them and not one of them show up! I’m another $1,000 in debt! They couldn’t come because of the blizzard. I came 2000 miles and made it on time.

At this point, I pushed the DO-OVER BUTTON once again. I stood on the doorstep in the blizzard in early 1993 and said to myself . . .” If anyone has EVER done this, I am going to do it. I no I am not very good at it, but I know there are people out there that are. I am going to find them”

This was a MOMENT OF TRUTH for me. One of many. People haven’t changed. Technology has gotten better, but the nature of people is still pretty much the same. I formed an UNLIMITED TOLERANCE THRESHOLD. Most people have a defined limit on what they are willing to ‘take’ before they give up. The greatest success stories are written by those who have no defined limit . . . They just keep working until the job is done.

These are all tests and until I realized that each test was just an opportunity to learn something and then press the DO-OVER button again and again and again my bank account would remain empty.


Here’s something I read in a book recently . . . About motivating people:

If they are the right person, you won’t need to:

1). Motivate them
2). Manage them
3). Discipline them

You can save yourself a lot of headaches if you will stop trying to motivate your people and stop managing your group! Your job is simply to:
Show it to them, sign them up and point them in the right direction.

When the right people appear in your group, their level of activity will blow your mind . . . And you won’t know what hit you!

It always cracks me up when someone calls in a panic . . . “What should I do with ___________? I haven’t even trained him and he’s already bringing in people . . . What should I do?!!!”

Get out of his way. This is a good thing!


Your goal is to QUICKLY replace yourself. I had a great boss when I worked for America West Airlines in the 80’s. His name is Jack Birnbaum and he became one of my first SOC distributors many years later. He gave me some advice that impacted my life in a profound way. He said, “If you want to become successful in Management, you need to find ways to quickly replace yourself” Now many
Managers are afraid that if their people become better than them, in some way, they will lose their power. In reality, the better you become training others to do your job, the quicker you promote in whatever you do. You become more valuable by training others to do what you do!

He taught me this lesson when I was in my 20’s. I took this powerful message right into my Network Marketing Career and still use it today.

Always ask yourself the question, “How can I become better at replacing myself quickly?”

If you hold on to your people too tight, they will never learn, and you will always be doing everything. Your group will only grow at arm’s length. You won’t duplicate at the rate you are capable of. You must hold someone’s hand in the beginning but not for too long. You must cut them loose pretty quickly if you want to grow. Your job is to get someone started, train them and cut them loose. Here’s the key for
doing this. When signing someone up, help them immediately put 25 people into their contact manager. Ask them if they know 20-25 Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners or Network Marketers that they can put into their contact Manager. When you sit down with them, do 4 things:

1. Have them send out 1 or 2 unexpected cards.
2. Send Out a campaign card to all 25 of those in the Contact Manager with a DVD in it briefly explaining the business.
3. Get on the phone WITH them and call each of the 20 people one at a time. Set up appointments with them and walk each of them through
Sending a card on a gift account until you have their 1st 3 card senders set up.
4. Cut them loose to continue to do the same thing you have done with their people.

Again, your job is to train them and cut them loose. Each person is an INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER and the only way they will grow is to do the same thing. Get them started and then look for opportunities to work with some of their people and help them do the same thing



1. When you meet someone new, put them into your contact manager and use our SYSTEM to develop a long term, ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship.

Instead of thinking of each person as someone you need to ‘get’, consider thinking of each person as someone you need to ‘get to know’.


a. Look for opportunities to send business their way.
b. Stay in contact with them using cards, calls and e-mails. Make sure they know how much you appreciate them. Have some type of contact with them each month.
c. Let them know that you will always be on the lookout for business for them and ask them to do the same for you.
d. Send them small gifts (like Starbucks Cards) once in awhile for no reason.
e. Get together with them just to catch up once in awhile.
f. Consider having get-togethers with the people in your network that may be able to benefit from meeting each other.
g. Give people the space to say ‘no’ (“Its okay if its not for you”) but give them REASONS to say ‘yes’ (“I have one or two ideas for you that could really help to grow your business”)

I heard recently that the most powerful word in the English language is ‘because’ . . . when explaining why someone should do send out cards, use ‘because’ and explain ‘why’. Here’s why . . . because . . .

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