June 16, 2014

(One of the biggest launches in Network Marketing History)



SIMPLE SUCCESS SYSTEM (How to build a SendOutCards Business):

Remember when Kody gave us his vision of the future at convention? Well hang on… here is a quote about the future from one of those economic and investment gurus that I follow, John Mauldin. http://www.mauldineconomics.com/frontlinethoughts/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=frontline
“It is a tendency of ours to take our recent past and project it in a linear fashion into the future. That’s the way we are hardwired. And while we all acknowledge that change is happening faster today than it did 20 or 30 years ago, we really don’t expect the pace of change to quicken in the future. The next 20 years, we figure, will more or less unfold as the last 20 years has. Not a chance. That assumption is missing the second derivative of change – the acceleration of the pace of change.
As a thought experiment, let us assume that we were going 40 miles an hour in 1984, and by 2004 we were going 50 miles an hour. But today we’re going 60 miles per hour. It took 20 years to get that additional 10 miles per hour (from 40 to 50) but only 10 years to go from 50 to 60 miles per hour. If we continue to accelerate, we’ll be going 100 miles an hour in another 20 years!
While the impact of the internet and computers is evident, what I’m suggesting is that we are going to see multiple technologies go from deceptively hiding in the background, with the pace of change they promise frustratingly slow, to suddenly taking center stage and becoming disruptive.”

I believe this is a goldmine and that it’s going to get very big very fast.
I’m going to try and explain to you why in 30 minutes.
I’ll talk about how you can participate.
$3 million invested
23 programmers (15 inside and 8 outside)
Just under 2 years in development
Never been done before
No competition

In 2004 I told a handful of my friends that SendOutCards would be big and we went from a $2 million company to a $50 million company. I’m saying the same about this. Only this is a multi-billion dollar idea!

I’ll do my best to prove it to you.

When the wheel was invented EVERYTHING changed.
When the automobile was invented EVERYTHING changed.
When the computer was invented EVERYTHING changed.
When digital technology was invented EVERYTHING changed
When social media was invented EVERYTHING changed.











The internet changed the way we purchase books, music, shoes, videos and many, many other things.

This will require you to stretch the limits of your imagination . . .

Remember when we used to go down to Walgreens or Osco to have our film developed?
Digital photography changed it all. What digital technology did for photography, SendCere will do for SendOutCards.

It breaks us out of the barriers of our company walls and opens up THE WORLD to every distributor in our company.

June 2, 2014 – 

2014 Convention Announcements and Explanations

Our existing system was built on a platform that was rapidly becoming obsolete. Kody explained how our existing technology was built from the ground up on 1998 platform. He explained how over a 10 year life-span we began adding features and how the old technology became overloaded with data and information and was not equipped to handle the expansion into the future. He explained that 700 million file packets had to be migrated onto a new hi-tech server while everything was in motion.
It required millions of dollars of investment, 15 full-time programmers and 8 outside consultants.
The transition was painful but necessary. In the early days, we only required a contact manager, campaigns and some basic images, but to accommodate the ever expanding opportunities of elements, photos, and integrated photo/card sharing, a much more robust technology was required. The migration is nearly complete and we are positioned to take advantage of some crazy opportunities. To make a long story short, over the past few weeks we migrated from servers that would have probably crashed at 1 million customers to one that can comfortably handle up to 60 million customers.

We moved:

624,000 active accounts
128,591,489 contacts
6,200,000 photos
111,400 handwriting fonts
472,500 signatures

107,893,326 cards have been sent.
3,280,930 gifts have been sent.
$104,650,974 in commissions has been paid!


Initially the plans were to roll out the following enhancements at the convention and although they are very close to being ready, Kody made a tough and emotional decision to delay the hard launch in lieu of additional beta testing that should only last a few weeks.

SOC 2.0 – New Modern Look and Functionality

DEVICE APPS – Our Apps will offer a modern interface with ability to have all the basic functionality, including adding points and expense and sending gifts and gift cards. We must go where the people are and they are on their devices! In any group of people at any given time, 1/2 of everyone is on their phones or note pad/ipads. And the younger generation are using their devices to navigate the Internet space so this is an important transition. The apps are weeks away and will launch with SOC 2.0

GLOBAL API – This is a big one! This gives us the ability to INTEGRATE with other contact managers and websites. It’s also the first step towards global expansion. We will be able to interface with printers in other parts of the world and have a seamless communication with other technology. For example, let’s say a company wants to have a button on their website that will allow them to send cards from THEIR contact manager. The Global API will allow them to do it seamlessly.(More to come on this.)

SENDCERE: This is the biggest announcement in our history. With Sendcere, the world is ours. I will explain this in a moment. Sendcere is a social media platform that allows all of our customers and distributors to share their card making talents with each other and the world. If you have been on Pinterest or Instagram you may have a sense as to how big this is.



He explained and my first thought was, “can we really do this?”
If yes, then we will become the only one in the world. The investment was significant and into the millions. We have a shot at transforming the way network marketing is done.











#5 NEED FOR IMMEDIACY!! “I want it now!!

With all the others you can:




I believe Sendcere is the biggest announcement in our history. It will allow us to do in one year what it took us 10 years to do. There are three elements of leverage in our business:

1. THE HEART – You get back what you send out, 10 fold!
2. NETWORK MARKETING – You leverage yourself through the work of others. This is your ticket to freedom. It’s about a lot of people doing a little. You get to benefit from the talents of others.
3. SOCIAL NETWORKING (Sendcere) – This is new ground in business. No company has ever launched a platform like this. It’s uniquely ours. As cliché as it sounds, in our business it’s the equivalent of what the automobile did for transportation or what the computer did for business. Sendcere MAGNIFIES 1 and 2 EXPONENTIALLY.


$400 you get $50 off 3 Splash Paks
Gives you enough to activate one per day.
Triple qualify and your 3 shares will be matched by SOC!
(so if the share value is $100 then you will receive $600!)

2. Super Splash Pak Trio Bonus
(Coding is being paid out on Super Splash Pak Trio’s!)
• Distributor = $80
• Manager = $80
• Senior Manager = $75
• Executive = $5
• Senior Executive = $5
• Eagle = $5

1. Get to Manager and receive one share

2. After promoting to Manager:

a. Activate 10 Accounts (two must be PC’s @ $31/mo) and receive a share
b. Sponsor 3 MD’s and have them activate 2 each and receive a share

My strategy is:

1. Buy a $400 Splash Pak Trio under Purchase Products – 30 accounts (Done!)
2. Activate at least 1 per day and have each person send a card and watch the 3 videos
(I did two of these today!)
3. Teach it!

I sponsored a distributor from Wellington, OH on Thursday night and taught him how to activate a SP Account. He sponsored 3 MD’s who each had their 2 activations by Saturday Night AND he got 2 preferred customers and made Manager in 4 days. He qualified for the June Pool payment AND he bought a SP Trio for $400 and plans to go for a TRIPLE DIP in June for the July payment! He said to me on Saturday (during convention), “I’m going to buy them anyway so why not buy them at a discount?!”

SENDOUTCARDS IS A NEW COMPANY AND WE ARE IN A PRE-LAUNCH. This past weekend we became a real technology company with a heart. Get ready, if you were not there, you have no idea what is coming. It’s like nothing the network marketing profession has ever experienced. We will create a new category of company that up until now didn’t exist. Get ready. In the words of Kody Bateman, “It takes an EVOLUTION to create a REVOLUTION!”

May 12, 2014 – 


I made a simple yet BOLD decision years ago that sent me on a trajectory of personal growth that led me to a lifestyle that is only possible through network marketing. I chose SendOutCards for a few reasons (I got many offers to join other companies. They would pay me and offer me down-lines. I turned them all down including an offer of $1 million. I signed up with SOC and paid my money just like you to be a distributor. Kody offered me no deal and no money. We don’t buy distributors. I joined because it represented the best opportunity for all of these reasons):

1. SendOutCards is a legacy company. Legacy movements are philosophies that can change the world. The cause drives the dream. We have already done the impossible. Many companies have come and gone, yet we are still here innovating and growing. We are written about in many books and have been featured on numerous radio shows. Dr. Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI, has talked about us from the stage and suggested that all networkers consider using SendOutCards. Tom Hopkins, world renowned Sales Trainer loves our service and has recommended us on numerous conference calls to thousands. Harvey McKay, Author of “Swim with the Sharks Without Getting Eaten Alive” and “Dig Your Well Before its Dry” sings our praises regularly.

2. SendOutCards has a leader that has a vision and can communicate it. There is no one better than Kody Bateman at doing this. If you ever question our destiny, just read Kody Bateman’s book, “Promptings” or listen to the music he has produced. We feed the spirit and the soul through the expression of kind words sent out through the mail. We lift others up in a negative world. We are living in a culture of generosity and love.

3. SendOutCards offers a unique product that is very hard to reproduce by other companies due to limited economies of scale. We have almost no competition. Most nutritional and skin care companies have hundreds of competitors. Our uniqueness defines us. Like Amazon, Netflix and I-Tunes, there is only ONE SendOutCards. We are defining and expanding a market.

4. SendOutCards is blazing a trail and transforming an entire industry. The upside is huge. Every day I meet SOC users that would not be sending cards and gifts if it wasn’t for our convenient system. There are millions of others out there that have never heard of us that would be sending cards and gifts if they knew about us. We get to triple or quadruple the size of this already 7.5 Billion $$ industry. How many millions of people are not sending cards and gifts simply because it’s inconvenient? We make it easy and convenient. We bring card sending back to the people.

5. SendOutCards has a proven compensation plan. More millionaires have come from the uni-level coded hybrid breakaway plan that any other comp plan in network marketing.
No one has ever done what we have done in Greeting Cards and Gifts. As I said, Amazon did it with books, I-Tunes did it with music, Netflix did it with movies and SendOutCards is doing it in greeting cards and gifts. Did you notice that there is only ONE recognizable company in each category? We are IT in greeting cards and gifts!

Look at your life. Where are you today and what do you want to create? Does your dream for your life seem somewhat absurdly impossible. If it does, GREAT! Because the absurdly impossible is all around you. There is proof that the absurdly impossible is possible. Flying is absurdly impossible. Flying is for the birds yet millions do it daily.

Entire cities consisting of millions of people have sprouted up in the driest of deserts.
Nature is absurdly impossible. Water evaporates into the invisible, and all of existence is dependent on a fiery ball of light radiating heat from the sky. Our little dot of a planet supports the diversity and experience of millions of years of living and breathing organisms. It’s ABSURD! We have no right to even consider that creating our dreams and changing the world through kindness is absurd. So let’s just do it. Okay? Get with the person that sent you this message and have them activate an account for you and show you how to send a card and gift on the system. They’ll let you try it out. Thanks for listening!

What I’m going to teach you tonight has the potential to make you a fortune and it’s simple. Although most people that join our profession say they desperately want financial success, most don’t do the simple things necessary to attract the right people. This system is ridiculously easy to implement yet 99% of all networks don’t do it. This is what separates the amateurs from the professionals. Decide right now to become a professional and put these actions into play immediately. Do this consistently for 2 years and you’ll never have to work again!

Have you ever noticed that a great salesperson can join any sales organization and seemingly overnight they are once again at the top of their game? People who know how to build businesses can do it anywhere because of 3 things:

1. They have the skills.
2. They have the network.
3. They have the right attitude.

Master the skills (this represents about 10% of the equation). You can learn them fairly quickly. We’ll talk about this on another call. Build the network. I’m not talking about your SOC organization here. I’m referring to your personal network. Build a powerful team of people that you would consider allies to you and you’ll never have to work again. You’ll have every resource at your fingertips. When you need something done, you simply make a phone call and consider it done. This is one of the most powerful exercises you can do. Your attitude can make up for lack of skills and even the lack of a network in some cases. Although your life will become much easier once you have established a solid base of friends and associates. This is not something you do once and then forget about it. It’s an ongoing process of growing your personal power team. You can get anything done when you have the right team! Once you have your network, it will go with you for the rest of your life. If you ask me for THE BEST accountant, I can tell you who to talk to. If you ask me for THE BEST financial planner, I have one of those too. If you ask me for THE BEST personal chef, I’ll have him right at my fingertips and so on. Your power team is an extension of yourself. If you don’t have one it’s not too late. You can start now and in one year have a pretty good one built. Within 2 years you are really rockin’. You’ll be prepared for any situation. Your security is in your relationships, always!

Keep in mind, what’s the first thing someone does when they start a business? They print their business cards and they get a URL. Why do they print business cards? Because they want to give them to you! If you ask anyone that has a business for their business card, they give you 4!! A business card typically costs around a nickel. So how can we take these worthless pieces of cardboard that end up on your desk in a stack, in a shoebox or in a kitchen drawer and turn them into something of real value? The answer is foundational but so few practice it. In fact, if you look at those with huge bank accounts, it’s rare to find one that doesn’t do these things. If you are looking for a closely guarded secret, I’m about to give it to you.

First, you need to figure out the average value of a lifetime customer for you. In our business, we are going to figure out the average lifetime value of a distributor. I’m going to use VERY conservative numbers. If you sponsor 100 people over the course of your career, on the low end your residual check would be around $10,000 a month. Many make as high as $100,000 a month or more after sponsoring 100, but we’ll use $10,000. So if you sponsor 100 and are making $10,000/mo for 10 years (again, it may come in for many years after that but we’ll just say 10 years for calculation purposes). $10,000 X 120 months (10 years) = $1.2 million. And you sponsored 100 people So $1.2 Million divided by 100 = $12,000 per new personally sponsored distributor. Each time you sponsor a distributor, it’s like you just made $12,000 spread out over time. The average lifetime value of a distributor is $12,000 to you. That’s our starting point.

If you have 100 business cards that are worth a nickel each, you have $5 worth of business cards. If you do nothing, you may (by default) sponsor 1 of the 100 and make $12,000 over time which means that each card is really worth $120. You’re off to a good start! Now is where things get really interesting!

What if you could sponsor 30 of the 100 people representing each business card? That’s $360,000 for every 100 business cards that you collect! Now, you are only limited by how many people you meet that hand you a business card! This will all begin to make sense in a moment.

1. Place a call to each person just to say, “Hi, it was nice to meet you and I look forward to staying in touch. Please let me know if I can ever do anything for you . . . ”
(CALL 100 AND SPONSOR 3! You made $36,000!)

2. Send a card to each person. In the card say, “It was really nice to meet you and I hope our paths cross again soon. Let’s stay in touch! It would be fun to collaborate sometime in the future on some business ideas”. Put your picture in the card! (THIS IS IMPORTANT!!)
(SEND A CARD TO 100 AND SPONSOR 5! You made $60,000! )

3. Send a gift to each person. Brownies are a good choice. If they are health conscious choose something less decadent but meaningful like a book!
(SEND A GIFT TO 100 AND SPONSOR 10! You made $120,000!)

4. Remember their birthday! Send a birthday card!
(SEND A BIRTHDAY CARD TO 100 AND SPONSOR 15! You made $180,000!)

5. Personal Meeting – Like coffee or a lunch just to get to know them. Spend 80% of the time learning about them and their business. Ask them how you can help them grow their business.

6. Refer business – Look for people that could do business with them or help them reach some of their business or personal goals.
(REFER BUSINESS TO 100 AND SPONSOR 30! You made $360,000!)

How do I know this works? Because I know LOTS of people that do it and have made millions! Including me! Remember, you are not limited to just 100 business cards. Over time you could do this with 1000 business cards and make $3.6 million. I have 4000 contacts in my contact manager and have made $10 million with SendOutCards doing these 6 things.

I’m not perfect and a lot slips through the cracks. You’ll need to pick and choose who you send to. But, if you do these 6 things every day with most of the people that you meet, you’ll set yourself up for an avalanche of business. I keep notes in the notes section of my contact manager and I put people into groups. I’ll send campaigns, if necessary, to make sure everyone gets a card.

Check this out. If you’ll do this for 100 people and sponsor 30 over time, you’ll make about $360,000 paid out over the lifetime of those distributors. $360,000 divided by 100 = $3600 per business card! Every time you get a business card from someone it is like they just handed you $3600!! Don’t treat this lightly! Take that business card and nurture it by doing the six things we just talked about. Pretty cool!

Of course every chance I get I look for opportunities to set up appointments to show each person what I do but it’s so much easier to meet with people when you do these six things regularly because of the LAW OF RECIPROCITY. People want to associate and collaborate with people that truly care about them and aren’t just after their money. So consider working these six things into your daily activities and expect good things to happen!

April 28, 2014 – 

Tough questions of SOC Leadership:


I have a little dilemma. After a meeting I did the other night I had a guy come over to me and say that he was invited by someone in another state that he doesn’t know well. He said he is looking for a local sponsor and would like me to sponsor him. I’m a little uncomfortable with doing that but shouldn’t he be allowed to choose his own sponsor?

As you grow and become more successful in your business, this scenario will become more and more common to you. When you start feeling uncomfortable there is a reason. I have a saying that I adopted from the Founder and President of a major airline. “When in doubt, always do the right thing”. What would happen if you sent one of your contacts to a meeting in another State and the presenter sponsored your guest? You would never trust that person ever again! The entire system breaks down when we can’t trust each other without the fear of our cross line team mates taking our referred guests. So always do the right thing! Say to that guest, “I can’t sponsor you! I can assist you in getting your business going but you were referred by someone else and that person deserves to have you as part of their organization.” (Personally, I will NEVER sponsor them even if they insist. Once trust is broken it is nearly impossible to rebuild. It’s not worth it!) Imagine a large organization where everyone works together. By doing the right thing, you will have hundreds or even thousands of allies working on your behalf. Let’s all work for each other and not against each other!

I’m having a hard time closing people. Any suggestions?

In my opinion this is an example of asking the wrong question. It’s a good question but the wrong question, if you want to get people going in your program. “Closing” is a term that comes from sales. Closing is about getting someone to sign up. Signing someone up is a very small part of the equation. What if you were to treat people as if they are already in your program even before they pull out their credit card? You begin training them the moment you’ve made contact with them. The transaction of signing them up is just one small logistic in the process of assisting them in getting their business started.

Consider viewing your potential distributor as a partner, not as a “mark” to be closed. My job is to educate them and then partner with them to grow a business. If someone shows interest, I will treat them as if they are already in the business even prior to paying their money. I train them and plug them into our conference calls. They almost always tell me when they want to sign up, so I don’t need to close.
Here are a few tips:

1. Look for signs of interest. If they are leaning towards you, asking questions, etc., ask them to come on board they will usually say “Let’s go!”

2. If they are not engaged and interested and you ask them to come on board, they will perceive it as “pressure”.

3. When people ask questions, it means they are interested.

4. When someone is ready, you can’t keep them from signing up.

5. If no one you have shown it to is interested, then you must show it to more people and keep the others in the loop with relevant product and opportunity info. Ask potential distributors to join you at events and on conference calls.

6. This is a big decision for most people. Be patient with them. Most people won’t sign up on the spot. Keep them informed and plugged in until they are ready. If you don’t stay in touch with them after showing the business, someone else will sign them up when they are ready.

You don’t need to sponsor the masses to be successful. If you can consistently sponsor 2 people per month for 2-4 years, you can be financially free.

It’s ok to ask questions like, “Are you ready to get started?” or “Do you want to be a customer or distributor?”
You can also test the waters by saying,”On a scale of 1-10, where do you see yourself?” This can help you to determine how close they are to signing up. But keep in mind, the “sign-up” is just one little step in the process.

“Closing” is rarely the problem. Following up with relevant info and persistence is usually the issue. Stay connected with people until they are ready to move forward. They will usually tell you verbally or non-verbally when the time is right.

Tell the truth. What does it really take to build a $100,000 a month income?

Four things:
1). Belief.
2). Connections.
3). Massive Action.
4). Timing.
It will be the hardest and most rewarding thing you have ever done in your life. It happens at the moment you take off the gloves and go “all in”. It’s when you shed your concerns about what other people think. It’s when you realize that YOU are the cause of the success of your company and that it’s not a lottery. It’s when you realize that it’s a simple equation that just requires a will to win, backed by massive action. A $100,000+ a month income is reserved for those that can reframe the toughest challenges and find the opportunities in them. If you don’t have connections, realize that neither did anyone else when they started. There is no room for doubt. Doubt kills dreams. Massive action means 3-5 presentations a day for a while. Not forever, just for a while. If that seems like a lot, then $100K per month is not for you right now. That’s just what it takes. Timing is important but it’s not what you think. Timing is created by your vision, your faith in an idea whose time has come. I have over 100 personal friends that have done it and therefore I know you can to. Whether you will do it is up to you. Oh, one more thing. Those that get the big prize are those that would let NOTHING stop them. Quitting is not part of the equation. In other words, there is no stop until the job is done. In the words of billionaire, Kenny Troutt, “See the job through”.

I’m not a big dreamer. In all of these network marketing workshops and books they talk about finding the “why that makes you cry”. I haven’t been able to do this. I want to build a business that will pay me a residual income but I don’t have that driving ambition that everyone talks about.

This is a “what’s wrong with me?” question. Each of us is different. We all have different interests, beliefs, ambitions and dreams. In fact, even the top network marketers in the world aren’t driven all the time. Stop beating yourself up and just have fun building your business. No need to make it such a serious thing! Who cares if you cry over your why! It doesn’t even matter if you have identified a why or not! You wouldn’t be doing it if you didn’t have one. My friend Mark Herdering (author of “Hanging Out for a Living” www.hangingoutforaliving.com) wanted to replace his cell phone bill first, then his car payment then, his rent payment, etc. Today he pays all his bills through his network marketing residual check. I highly doubt if he got teary eyed when he was fantasizing about his Verizon bill being paid for by his residual check. So maybe it’s time to lighten up and just have fun doing your business!

My up-line isn’t working the business anymore. What should I do?

Well I would recommend doing the exact same thing you would do if your up-line were working the business. You don’t get paid off what your up-line does. You get paid as a result of the customer volume you create in your down-line! Most likely if your up-line quit, they wouldn’t have been much use to you anyway! Either way, you’re in good company because most successful people in Network Marketing don’t have active up-lines. It’s YOUR business so I recommend you take FULL responsibility and not use your up-line as your reason to be idle. YOU be the leader. It always starts with you. Time to get to work, fill your calendar and stop using your up-line as a reason to fail.

What do I say to someone when I first meet them?

Focus not on what you will say to them but what you want to learn from them. What to say is about you. What to learn is about them. I recently walked into a Starbucks and I asked the spikey haired dude behind the counter how long he had worked there. He told me he was just doing it for fun and he owned two small “vapor” shops that he hired some other guys to run for him. He then told me his family owns one of the largest nail salon syndicates in the world with over 280 stores. I learned a lot about him in a short conversation. Then I simply said, “We need to get together sometime to kick around some ideas!” When you meet someone new, take your time and really get to know THEM first. Keep your business in your bag as something really special to offer only when the time is right.

If I want to sign up 3-5 distributors per month for the next 24 months, what would be a good strategy?

Well, if your company offers a way that people can try or “sample” the product, I would consider having a month to month strategy introducing it to 5 people per week (approximately one per day). It’s a three step system.
1). Ask someone from your list to try the product.
2). Tell them that you will give the sample to them if they agree to watch the video(s) with you present.
3). Ask them to introduce you to one person that would also allow you to give them product to try and watch the video(s). Do this as many times as possible going as deep as possible through referrals until someone says they want to be a distributor (eventually someone says they are interested from watching the videos). You’ll get some product users along the way as well. When someone says they are interested in a distributorship, go back up the line and ask each person above that watched the videos and tried the product if they want to be the sponsor of the person saying “yes”. Then keep going up. I have put as many as 7 people in in a weekend doing this. So over the course of a month you might introduce your business to 20 people doing this. When one says yes, go back up the line and put in everyone who wants to have an instant organization! Do this and teach this every month and watch your business go BOOM!

Who should I target in my recruiting efforts?

“Targeting” is a term that comes from the traditional business world. There are 2 problems with targeting a certain type of person in network marketing.
A). The people who think will do it won’t and the people you don’t think will do it will.
B). You never know who someone will lead you to. Targeting people in network marketing is generally a bad idea. You’ll discover that people you were pretty sure would do nothing go on to build substantial organizations. I’ve had some really awful business builders lead me to some incredible leaders. Don’t pre- judge. Even people that don’t like people know other people that don’t like people and many of them will love your product! The only thing I look for is someone who is open and a little hungry. But if given a choice I’d prefer to speak with connected, positive and entrepreneurial minded people. Maybe that’s who you should “target”.

Is a six-figure network marketing income really a possibility?

Our income tends to be a reflection of what we believe we are worth. I have over 100 close friends that now have six-figure residual incomes. About 30 make six figures monthly. Up until my early 20’s I had never met anyone that had earned more than $35,000 a year. My highest paying job paid $28,000 a year. In 1995 I sat at a table with a group of high paid network marketers and I began to believe it was possible for me. That’s when everything changed. Think about it. In a world where manned flight was considered impossible Orville and Wilbur Wright risked their lives and worldwide ridicule to prove what they already knew in their hearts. They wouldn’t have done it unless they believed. Network Marketing represents one of the biggest economies in the world and tens of billions of dollars flow through it. Just like the businesses of entertainment and professional athletics, the big names make millions. Network Marketing is no different. And every single six figure earner started as a new distributor at one point with a vision of what they could achieve. My combined total network marketing income in my first 10 years was minus $30,000. Over the past 18 years, my actions have generated almost $20 million through network marketing. And there are many others that have accomplished this and much more. Yes, big money is possible with belief, vision, focus, time and hard work.

If my company lowered the price to get in I could build much faster! Why do network marketing companies charge so much to sign up?

I could write a book on this one! At a recent generic MLM Training I auctioned off a $100 Bill. My goal was to sell it for $10,000. There were 2000 people in attendance. Why would anyone pay $10,000 for a $100 Bill?? It’s all about adding value. You can do the same with your Network Marketing Opportunity. As soon as I added a couple signatures of top networkers it went to $1000 in the bidding. Then, framed it brought $1500. As I continued to expand the offering by making the $100 bill extra special it got bid up to $10,000. I told the crowd it would be a daily reminder of what’s possible and we stopped the bidding at $10K. All in 15 min. Think about what someone gets when they buy your business. Make a list. Present each benefit slowly so your potential distributor really understands what they are getting. $500-$5000 is a small start-up fee for a business that can produce a significant passive residual income. The potential is greater than most traditional businesses that cost $100,000 to over $1 million to start. Plus, it can be started part-time without having to hire employees. No limit to growth. A $500 a month income ($6000) per year is a 600% return on a $1000 start up. Most businesses take years to break even! In Network Marketing you risk little and can potentially be profitable your first month! (See how I’m building value?) Not to mention the FREE business education one receives from leaders that have actually built something significant. True, there are no guarantees but compared to other options the start-up costs weighted against the income potential and possible lifestyle is off the charts. I would challenge you to find any traditional business costing $1,000,000 or more to start that has the potential to throw off a $100,000/mo. residual walk away, Beach Money income! $500 to $5000 is a small price to pay.

As a leader, I make a much smaller amount when someone in my group promotes. This seems counterproductive. Why should I help people promote when I’ll ultimately make LESS money??

I was told early on that I should work to push the big money into the hands of the newer people. In other words give the newer people a reason to keep working. In real terms this means working within the groups of the healthy organizations assisting them with their promotions. I was told I would get wealthy off the leftovers (which is the small difference between the total leadership commission and what they receive). And then teach the team to do the exact same thing! Most people spend so much time chasing the big money that they forget that the big money is in the small money. So they jump around chasing the dollars hoping that someday they’ll get rich not realizing that the big money is really in the dimes!

Going after the dollars is the strategy of a linear thinker. It’s trading time for money. Not bad if you want to continue to have to work hard all your life. The wealthiest people almost always make the smallest percentage of the total revenue collected. Ray Kroc’s family only gets paid a few pennies on each burger sold. But they got wealthy making sure that the franchisees got the bulk of it!

Remember what J. Paul Getty said,
“I would rather have 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own!”

I am growing as a person each week by listening to material and advice that my amazing mentors have given me. They have been my biggest support. My biggest problem is that I am only 20 years old and I feel like I don’t have enough credibility when talking with potential prospects. As a young lady, I often feel like I won’t be taken seriously and feel like people will only see me as a girl sucked into a “pyramid scheme”. Any advice on how I can improve my credibility and posture?

A: Great question! Everyone has their story and the story empowers them, keeps them right where they are or cripples them completely. Your story is true! And as long as you continue to own it, you’ll continue to struggle. The fact is there are many young entrepreneurs in their 20’s that have built very large successful businesses. They each had a different story than yours! The internet revolution was built by kids in their 20’s! Some became billionaires. Use that to your advantage! Most kids don’t want to be like their parents. Today adults are going to the kids for advice on business (first time in history!). So how can you position yourself as a brilliant young entrepreneur with vision for your generation to not be like their parents and work for 40 years to end up broke??

I have been with my company for about 6 months and I’ve only signed up 4 people and nobody is doing anything. I’m not sure I really have what it takes to motivate people. Do you have any suggestions?

First of all, you are in the same boat as every other network marketer that has ever made money on the planet. All of them at one point had sponsored 4 that did nothing. Statistically, most people find that the magic seems to happen between 20 and 30 personally sponsored distributors. You may get lucky and sign up a mover and a shaker early on, but most people don’t. You have to pay your dues. Everyone has the same opportunity to win but few will play the game long enough. Actually, in most cases, your runners won’t be brought in by you. They’ll come in on your 3rd, 4th or 5th level. Don’t get discouraged. In my previous company I didn’t find anyone that wanted to go to work until my 16th distributor on my 20th month. So the plan becomes figuring out how many people you’ll need to show it to. Then sponsor enough people that will go out and do it. I have found that on average, for every 20-30 people you sponsor into your business, you’ll find ONE that is really serious and will go to town with it. So how fast do you want to get there?
Sponsor 4 per month and you’ll find one in 4 to 6 months. Sponsor 1 per month and it may take you 2 years. You decide. Now you’ll make good part time money along the way but the big bucks are reserved for those that can run the course and see the job through. If it were that easy, they wouldn’t pay us the big money when we get there! Oh did you notice that I said nothing about “motivating” your people? That’s because it’s not really a variable of your success. Stick with finding the right people at the right time.

When is enough, enough? In other words, at what point do you throw in the towel and try another company?

Great question! After “trying” 11 companies and 10 years, I finally figured out that I was the common denominator! I had lessons to learn. Until I redefined my focus, and buried my past “stories”, history kept repeating itself! I was done bouncing around from company to company. When is enough, enough? Read 5 biographies written by successful entrepreneurs and you’ll find that they all re-invented themselves and their companies repeatedly until they got it right. If you are looking for a lottery ticket then go buy a lottery ticket! This is business and successful business means persisting through the ups and the downs until you get it right. For example; let’s say you want to get in physical shape but you have a problem with quitting and persisting. So you join a gym and rarely go. Then you get frustrated because you are not getting physically fit. So you quit and join another gym. After 6 years you have joined 3 gyms and you are still weak and flabby. Changing gyms is not the solution. Developing a fresh focus and new habits would be a good start! Trying different companies until you make money is not the answer. Seldom is switching companies the best solution. There are some rare instances that switching companies is the right choice but there are many things to consider. If you have an active team, there is no easy way to exit without causing a lot of trouble for others. You will lose face and you will compromise your integrity in the process. And I have found that there is no way around this. There is a price to pay. I have personally found that choosing to become a partner committed to growing the company or going down with the ship is the best overall strategy for LONG TERM success. You cannot succeed with one foot in and one foot out. A leader is one who holds the vision for the team through the calm seas and the rough storms. Are you up for being a leader?

How can I get it to grow faster?

First understand “it” doesn’t grow. People do! Your group consists of people working because they want to better their lives and customers using your product or service! So when people are inspired to action you’ll experience growth!

Let’s say you have this beautiful tree that is growing a little each week. You want it to grow faster so you try a new type of plant food. That doesn’t make it grow faster so you try digging it up and replanting it in another pot. That flops so you experiment by putting the pot in a new location. The plant loses half its leaves. You try extra water and a little more plant food. Then you replant it again. It loses the rest of its leaves and you begin to wonder why. Were you doing the wrong thing by giving it extra water and plant food? Did u mess up by replanting it twice? The experts told you that you needed it to grow faster! Did they lie to you? No!! Under certain circumstances you did the right thing. However your results would have been much better if you had been patient, stuck to the plan of the fundamentals of plant care.

How do I get my unmotivated reps to go to work?

Wish I had an answer for that one! If you want to make real money in your program, let go of the need to pump your people up. Go find people better than you. 1/3 will do nothing. 1/3 will do very little. 1/3 will do a little more than a little and 1 in 30 will typically lead you to an organization of thousands. Don’t fight this. Work with it! Go sponsor 1-4 people per month for 2 to 3 years. Give everyone a chance. Train them and give them all the tools. You take two steps for every one they take. But if they are not calling you back or doing anything, go sponsor another one! There are thousands of Michael Jordan’s out there that have never picked up a basketball.

How do you handle when someone said they are interested and then they don’t call you back?

Most people have full and busy lives filled with distractions. We really rarely know what is going on in someone’s life. There are 100 possible reasons why they may not be calling you back. Most importantly don’t make it mean anything other than the timing is off. They may have been talked out of it by a friend or relative. They may have recently received some tragic news. They may be on a family trip or feeling excessive financial stress. My advice is to keep them on your list and continue to stay in touch. Don’t badger them. A card or little gift, periodic call, email, etc. just checking in is fine. If there are some special updates or news from your company, keep them in the loop. At one point they may re-engage but for now chalk it up to “not now, maybe later”. For you to have a large and growing networking marketing business, you will have to let go of the attachment to the outcome. It can be frustrating and it takes LOTS of patience. I have had people vaporize for months at a time and then come back with a vengeance!

How do I get my family to see this?

Most importantly, don’t try and get your family to “see it” if they’re not ready. If you force it on them you’ll drive them further away. Don’t push them or argue with them. That will make things much worse. Give them space. It may take time. Have patience. If your spouse is resistant then let him/her open and cash your checks for a while, even if they are small. It can be a challenge if your family is not supportive. But it’s not the end of the road. Ask for what you want but try and understand if they are not supportive. Let them know that your intention is to earn their support and that your intention is to provide a better life for the family.

When someone asks “What do you do?” what should I say?

You can say “I have an internet based greeting card and gifting business and I help people start businesses.”

April 21, 2014 –


Kathy Paauw majored in music in college. After years of letting her passion take a back seat to more pressing priorities, her greatest joy is giving others the tools to live the life they love!  Kathy’s story:

After graduating from Macalester College, Kathy married her husband, Doug.  After spending 13 years in fundraising, Kathy parlayed her experience into creating her own business as a productivity consultant. By 1999, Kathy was certified as a personal and professional coach, leveraging her time by offering her expertise through webinars and workshops.

But Kathy’s life was out of balance. She woke up one day and thought, “I don’t own my own business – it owns me!” It was then that Kathy decided she was no longer willing to keep working “harder” to increase her income. She was tired of trading time for dollars, at the expense of her health and relationships.

In 2005, she found SendOutCards. Today, she owns her life. She is one of SendOutCards top income earners and has the freedom to travel the world and live life on her terms!


1. From FB Today:

“I have a problem… I don’t want to sound negative. It’s time for me to admit it publicly: I know how to follow a system, so far I’ve been able to sponsor customers and distributor. I know the basics for building a massive team… But my problem is that I get distracted very easily. There’s so much information out there with building the business that I get overwhelmed, and I get paralyzed… And soon I stop talking to people. I keep thinking if I could just read another book, learn another prospecting idea…..Anyone here knows about how to maintain focus?”

2. How do I keep track of my contacts and follow up so I don’t drop the ball?

3. How do I stay motivated?

4. I always find myself getting side-tracked by things that have to get done throughout my day and I never quite get to the business. Days and then weeks go by and I look back and I’ve accomplished nothing. Any ideas?

5. I have clutter everywhere and it’s so distracting. Any tips? Things just seem to pile up! (I need help with this one!!)

KATHY’S BOOK: Music of Your Heart:

  • Tap into your own creative genius.
  • Balance nine important areas of your life.
  • Clarify priorities and put first things first.
  • Apply practical methods to be productive.

Music of Your Heart offers a great combination of exercises you can do to find your path to freedom and some amazing processes for organizing and structuring a successful network marketing business plan. For most people it takes many years to find the clarity and balance necessary to build a successful business. Doing the exercises in this book will shave years off your learning curve.

How can they order the book?



Notes from Kathy:


The Pareto Principle (the 80/20 rule) teaches us some valuable lessons:

–20% of your team members will produce 80% of your results – the key is to identify who those 20% are and spend your time with them.  I always say that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.  If your horses aren’t drinking, go find some thirsty horses–the 20%!

–80% of your measurable results will come from 20% of your activities – the key is to identify what activities produce the results, and focus on repeating those activities.  The good news is that SOC leaders have already identified what these activities are, so there is no guessing.

–20% of a 40-hour workweek is only 96 minutes a day.  If you did nothing else worthwhile with your day, what would be the activities you could do in 96 minutes that would yield the best outcome in your work life?  How about for your personal life?  I feel strongly about also looking at my personal life, because 8 hours a day is only 1/3 of my life.  The other two-thirds is for personal time and sleep.  So I ask myself the same question for my personal life: “What do I choose to do 96 minutes a day that will help me honor my intentions in my personal life?”

Three challenges that get in the way of putting your first things first.  Identify which one is tripping you up the most so you can start making changes.

–Being clear about your priorities: who you want to be and what you want to do (goal setting)

–Organizing your time: identifying specific activities that will help you accomplish your goals and stay focused on your priorities (planning and scheduling)

–Executing the plan: following through with your intention and doing what you say you will do (accountability)

The middle section of my book is called The 9 Environments of You, and is provided to help you drill deep into 9 different areas of your life, including health, spiritual, environmental, financial, relationships, your network, and more.  Creating life balance is essential to success in anything that you do.  Who cares if you are wealthy if you are not happy and healthy?  Do an inventory of each of the 9 environments in your life and then identify action steps you can take to upgrade each environment.

To purchase a copy of my book, visit www.TheMusicOfYourHeart.com, or you can buy a copy through the SOC gifts and send it to someone with a card.


1. Remember what your WHY is for doing the business.  You need a compelling enough WHY so you don’t quit on a bad day.

2. When you are feeling down, look outside of yourself and think of all that you are grateful for.  Express that to others.  It will bring you out of your slump much faster than having a pity party for yourself!

Create some kind of a tickler system that helps you to manage and organize your business cards or notes. I like Jules Price’s three-ring binder system that she teaches.  If that does not work for you, try other things until you find what works.  Then use ONE system for reminding yourself of important follow-up. Each time you see that reminder, you need to identify two things:

1. What is the next action I will take?

2. When am I going to do it?

Whether you use electronic or paper, have a system to remind you of what to do and when.  Our Contact Manager has a lot of great tools built into it, and in my book I give tips about how to use our SOC system to manage everything.  Also, check your Card History for the last several months and that may remind you of people you want to follow up with who may have slipped through the cracks.


1. Identify ONE room of the house.  Identify ONE SECTION of that room that, if it were organized, would give you the greatest satisfaction or yield the highest return on your investment of time if you were to organize it.

2. Set aside uninterrupted time to organize that space.  My definition of clutter:  Anything you own, possess or do that does not enhance your life on a regular basis.  If it does not enhance your life, get rid of it.

I teach a process in my “Buried in Paper” webinar so you will know how to make decisions about each item or paper.  You will either toss it, give it away (delegate), do it now, do it later (use a tickler system to identify WHEN), or file/store it away for future reference or use.

To register for my free 90-minute Buried in Paper webinar, visit http://orgcoach.net/teleclasses.html#buriedinpaper .  We need all 90 minutes because I really pack a lot of great value into that time.  I have taught this webinar since 2003 and it continues to teach it because of the high demand and great feedback about how it has changed people’s lives.

Here’s a question that was asked on the call:

Kathy, I have a training/coaching business and I have a list of 4,000+ subscribers to my “members only area”. I’m most interested in how best to introduce my list to SOC. I attract people interested in teamwork. They work in large companies (FedEx, Microsoft, etc.), small businesses, health care, government, education.

I, too, have a list of more than 4000 subscribers to a newsletter I have published online since 1999.  I continue to publish it, even though I am no longer wanting to attract paying clients.  I give away my knowledge, and in doing so, I build relationships.  Some contact me and want to hire me.  I tell them that I am not taking any clients at this time because I have found something else that I am doing that brings me great joy and financially rewards me.  Of course, most want to know what it is, so it is easy to share it.  I also weave SOC into my newsletters (without mentioning the name).  Even if I don’t mention it in the body of the article, I have some “commercials” at the end. To see how I do this, visit my Paauwer Tools Newsletters at http://orgcoach.net/newsletter.html.  The one for May has not been published yet, but the link is already up.  I have all the other articles archived there.

For those who want to subscribe to hear from Kathy through our SOC system, her SOC ID number is 6289.

April 14, 2014

Do something nice for someone and then they pass it on.

(Inspired by Jim Pitman and Jules Price)

1. Allow you to work the network of your network
maximizing your resources.

2. Spread good will.

3. Build a new leg each month in your group adding both
width and depth to your team.

4. Offer a plan for massive and explosive growth in your business.

5. Allow you to easily approach people about the business.

The new SIMPLE SUCCESS system gives you to the tools to introduce this program.
It’s simple, fun and easy to implement.

IMPORTANT: This is a profitable activity but it will require a small investment in your business.
I’ll break down the numbers and then you can decide if you want to invest in your business in this way. This is a strategy that’s consistent with the fundamental principles of networking and building a healthy network marketing business.

INTENTION: Each month activate 10 Splash Pak Codes using the “Pay-It-Forward” Strategy.

“I’m participating in a Pay-It-Forward program and I’m wondering if you would like to help me and participate?”

1. Set up a Splash Code for the person agreeing to participate. Walk them through sending a card and some brownies to someone they love and care about. Have them watch the first 2 videos.

2. Ask them to INTRODUCE YOU to one person that may also like to participate in the Pay-It-Forward campaign.

3. Get together in person with them and tell them “I’m participating in a Pay-It-Forward campaign and ____________, told me you might want to help me and also participate. It would entail sending a card and some brownies to someone you care about. That’s it. Do you want to do it with us?” walk them through sending a box of brownies and a card to someone they care about. Then have them watch the first 2 videos.

4. Ask that person to INTRODUCE you to ONE PERSON that may also like to participate in the Pay-It-Forward Campaign.

5. Do this 10 times in one month working down through the referrals. Ask each person to introduce you to the most generous and entrepreneurial person they know.

6. When you hit someone that starts asking questions and wants to sign up for either a customer or distributor. IMMEDIATELY go back up through the group starting at the bottom.

7. Tell each person: “_______, said they want to sign up. I’m not sure what they are going to do but if they build something significant, it could really benefit you down the road. You’ll receive $50 for activating two customer codes and $140 when they get their 2 customer codes activated. So $190 of your $395 business set up cost will come back to you. Do you want to sign them up or do you want me to?”
(Tell Jim Packard Story)

8. You’ll put 2-5 people in all in one day. If you are a Manager, you’ll make $500-$1000 in one day. If you are a Sr Manager you’ll make $800-$1500 in one day based on the work you did earlier in the month.

9. Do this every month for a year and teach it and your business will be adding 1-3 new distributors per day producing a significant passive income.

I recommend sending a 2 pack of brownies to keep costs down. Each Splash Pak Customer Code has 2 stamps in it and will require an additional $5 in postage. So each month you’ll need to budget for an additional $50 in postage if you plan to pay for the shipping on their brownies (which I recommend). I would hand them a $5 bill and tell them you’ll need to add $5 to their expense account using their credit card (explain to them how it works so they understand). You’ll need to budget 45 minutes for each person. This is a great way to introduce new people to SOC. It’s a natural process of giving and networking at it’s finest. Each person is being trained on how to use their splash pak customer account as you walk them through sending the brownies out.

Have fun with this. Keep it light and easy. It’s a PAY-IT-FORWARD opportunity so it doesn’t need to feel like work or a chore. It should feel comfortable and easy. If you are working with someone who starts to give you hard time, then they are not the right person. Find people that are excited about helping you. Each person only needs to find one that will participate for this to work. Have them pick their easiest person. Someone that has a positive and open attitude. Someone that will “gladly help”. You are not trying to sell them anything. You are simply giving them a free customer account with a $31 value that will allow them to send out kindless to at least one person that they know.

March 24, 2014 

Phebe Trotman and Mark Herdering:

Rather than focusing on promotion level, measure your growth by allowing Send Out Cards residual checks to incrementally pay your bills. Better to be a well paid Senior Manager than a broke Executive!

On June 1, 2005 Send Out Cards made an adjustment to the marketing and compensation plan that propelled the company from less than $3 million in annual revenue to over $50 million in the course of about three years. That adjustment paralyzed many who were “used to things they way were”. Fortunately for me I’d only been in the business a couple of months and was still clueless about how it all worked. I just knew that I didn’t understand the old comp plan, and the new one was super simple (for me) to understand. It was really difficult for those who had become accustomed to the old plan, even though no one understood how it really worked.

We’ve now come full circle. Since 2005 there have been many enhancements to the features of our product, the site platform, the comp plan and our company culture. So many, in fact, that it had become quite complicated and challenging to keep up with constant changes.

There are two things I know to be true.

1 – Changes can be devastating to the growth of a network marketing organization.

2 -When a company pioneers a brand new idea and does something that’s never been done before, complexity and change are inevitable until the trail is blazed. This is why so few businesses ever survive the start-up phase. If it were easy, everyone would be on board. That’s why those who have the vision, strength, belief and persistence to hang in there are the ones positioned for massive success once the pieces come together and it’s easy for everyone.

When a company pioneers a brand new idea (physical, hand written, customized greeting cards sent via the internet), and merges it with a new way to distribute its product (network marketing vs retail outlets), it takes on the challenge of dealing with the unknown and the unexpected. Challenges arise that no one could have anticipated. True pioneers embrace those challenges and overcome them. They focus on the vision of the future while learning from challenges of the past.

I’ll use a metaphor for what happened at the beginning of this month. It’s very much like Columbus crossing the Atlantic. Not an easy trip, but because one person had the vision, a new world was discovered and the trail was blazed for all who would come after. Today people complain that 30 minutes is too long to stand in the security line before the five hour nap or two-movie journey across the Atlantic. They’ve forgotten that that trip once took three months, indescribable hardship and a marginal chance of survival.

Send Out Cards has just crossed the Atlantic. We’re in the new world and it’s an amazing place. We’re no longer on the high seas. We’re on dry land. In fact we didn’t just step on dry land, we’ve walked into a field of diamonds.  It’s much, much easier here. The biggest challenge now will be letting go of the old (and much more difficult) way things have been done. It’s a new world that has yet to be explored and conquered.

If you have an attitude of abundance (because we just landed in a field of diamonds) your Send Out Cards business will be fun, stupid-simple and highly profitable. If you have an attitude of lack you’ll be left on the boat, and it’s out of supplies.

Remember, just have fun!!!!

March 10, 2014

Executives Judy O’Higgins and Kathy Paauw

Kathy Paauw:
Executive, Eagle’s Nest Member since 2006, 2013 Runner-up Distributor of the Year

I spent two weeks in Australia to light a fire under my growing team. Although I have more than 600 distributors in Australia, I have not personally sponsored a single one. I have used the power of leverage to build my team there. The three biggest legs in my organization today are as a result of some significant work I did in my first two years in business. The 3800 distributors on my team today have grown out of this foundation that I consistently worked hard to build in my early days with SendOutCards.

This was my third trip to Australia over the last four years. Each trip has been fully self-funded. In other words, SOC did not pay a dime of my expenses. I believe in supporting my team wherever there is serious growth happening…even if it is halfway around the world and costs me significant time and money! During my visit, my time was spent doing a regional quarterly training event in Melbourne, offering five different workshops to the entire SendOutCards family in Brisbane and Melbourne, and also conducting private coaching sessions with team members who are serious about building a SOC business. Several of them have already reported experiencing “breakthroughs” as a result of our live coaching sessions we just had last month.

Kody, Steve and Vanessa are going to Australia in April, and we’ve created momentum as we build to the next big event there — the Road Tour and Treat ’em Right Seminar on April 11-12 in Sydney. If you are in Australia or New Zealand, I strongly urge you to do whatever you can to attend!

One of the team members I met with while in Melbourne was Amber Kennedy. Amber told me about an email she sent out to a professional woman she knows. (I received her permission to share it with others.) This could be delivered as an email, private FB message, or a phone call or voice message. The key here is that Amber pushed herself beyond her comfort zone to share SOC with a “successful” woman rather than making the decision for her by not saying anything. Great job, Amber!

I’ve found that some of the most successful people in SOC are really busy with other things in their life. That’s often why they are attracted to SOC…because they want to leverage their time through the efforts of others so they won’t be so busy in the future and can have more free time! Important to note is that Amber has already established rapport with this person, so this is not a “cold call” but rather an invitation to someone she has a good relationship with.

Here’s Amber’s message….

Some pretty exciting things are happening with SendOutCards and my business is really starting to take off. It has made me think about who l should be sharing this opportunity with. I would hate to think that by making the assumption that you are busy, financially fine and happy with your work, that l am failing to share a chance for you to earn some residual income.

There are three new short videos on my website at www.sendoutcards.com/yourID. The first video is only 3 minutes long and if you want to learn more, you can click a link to watch the other two short videos (total of 12 minutes when combined). I would love for you to take just that much time to see what it is all about…12 minutes…that’s it!

Afterwards, let me know if you are interested in getting paid to share it with others or simply using our products.

I don’t want to stalk or hassle you. l just feel like this could be something you could benefit from.


There has been a lot of buzz in SendOutCards about international expansion. We are already open for sponsoring DISTRIBUTORS in 7 countries: US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, and Singapore. We can sponsor CUSTOMERS in any country. When we are ready, we will be expanding our business opportunity into additional countries. This is a very expensive legal and technical process for SOC and we’ll also need a staffed support structure in place when we expand. Currently, Paul Gerardis is the Vice President of International Expansion, and we will need more than one staff member in place to support this kind of growth. A special shout-out of appreciation to Paul for all that he is currently managing as part of our executive staff. Although there are no specific dates for WHEN we will expand, we know it will come when the time is right.

Several of my team members are originally from another country and have family and friends back in their country of origin. They can’t wait to share SendOutCards with them and would love to bring them into the business as soon as possible. I’ve been asked several questions about international expansion, both for customers and distributors.

Here’s a Q&A I created to answer the most popular questions:

A: Contact people you know there and share our product with them. Some will become customers and will also want to become distributors once we are open in their country. NOTE: Please do not make any promises about which countries or WHEN we will open. We don’t have information to share about that…only that we will be expanding to many more countries over time! People all over the world can start using a customer account to send cards right now!

A: Although I believe we will eventually have distribution centers in other regions of the world, currently our only one is in Salt Lake City, Utah. If you are mailing cards to Canada, Australia or New Zealand, they are packaged up and express mailed to those countries with a domestic stamp from that country on the envelope. A SOC representative opens the package and places the envelopes into the domestic mail when they arrive in those countries. All other international mail is sent from Salt Lake City as international mail. For example, if you want to send a card to Toronto, Canada, SOC will express mail a box of Canadian-stamped envelopes to Canada and the envelopes will be placed into the Canadian domestic mail as soon as the package arrives. If you want to send a card to the UK, it will receive a US international stamp (current cost is $1.15) and will be sent as US international mail from Salt Lake City. This usually takes 7-10 days to arrive. I’ve found that some regions of the world (like India) can take 2-3 weeks for my card to be delivered. Because we rely on the postal service in these countries, we have no control over how long it takes. I’ve learned to let go of my attachment to WHEN my cards arrive, and I’ve found that they are opened on the date that is most meaningful to the recipient!

A: You build it the same way you would build your business with someone from a different geographic part of your country. I love using Time Zone Converter (http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html) to help me figure out the time difference when scheduling a call. I have set up a free Skype account and if the person I am calling does not have one, I ask them to go to Skype.com and set up a free account. Skype is free, quick and easy to set up. Once you’ve done that, you can share your Skype ID with each other and then have a FREE conversation (even video chat if you like) through your computer Internet connection. You’ll need to have built-in speakers and microphone on whatever computer or device you are using. You can also purchase an inexpensive Skype-ready headset if you prefer that, or get the Skype Mobile app on a smart phone!

A: We currently have an international keyboard for five languages besides English (Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese). When in the Card Editor, click on the little globe with a T (for text) in the lower right corner, next to Insert Name. If you are talking with someone in a country that uses a different keyboard (such as Japanese, Chinese, Russian, or an Arabic language), they can write a message in their language on their computer, use a snipping tool to save the whole message as a graphic image (JPG), and load the JPG image file into Pictures in their SendOutCards account. Then the picture of their written message can be loaded into a card where the message would normally go. Although this is not optimal, it is a work-around until we expand into these countries and create the technology that allows people to type in their own language. (That’s one reason why it is premature to promise that we are ready to expand!)

A: Anyone with a green card or tax ID from a country we are open in can become a distributor and work from anywhere in the world, as long as they have a mailing address and two forms of government ID issued by one of the 7 countries listed. Here’s an example: You are a military wife of someone serving in the Australian army. You and your military spouse are stationed in Germany, which is not an open country with SOC, but you have a tax ID from Australia (one of the 7 countries we are open in). You can sponsor customers anywhere, and you can also sponsor others as distributors, provided that THEY have a tax ID from one of these countries. Military spouses often cannot get work when they move around with their military family member, but they can take their SOC business with them and work it from anywhere in the world! They often know other military spouses who are in the same situation, and these are great people to share the SOC business opportunity with!

I want to emphasize that it is really important that we not make any promises about WHEN or WHERE we will be expanding our business opportunity. We have been told that this is going to happen, but until it does, we need to focus on building our businesses with people who have a tax ID and mailing address in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, and Singapore.

International business may or may not be for you at this time. Wherever you decide to build your business, it’s important that you consistently do the activities that are known to build a business, and follow up regularly. The basic building blocks are no different, regardless of where you are building!

If you are one who has a habit of “getting ready to get ready,” I encourage you to JUST DO IT! I am a “recovering perfectionist,” and I am so grateful that I decided to just JUMP IN and DO IT when I got started 8.5 years ago, without waiting to become “proficient” first! I made lots of mistakes, and people still signed up! You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person at the right time…and you can’t say the right thing to the wrong person at the wrong time. Your job is to share and sort, and then allow your business to grow with the people who are ready to jump on board!

There is no better time in the history of SendOutCards than NOW to build your business! I am super excited about the Simple Success System, the Splash Paks, and the Manager Bonus Pool. Our new offerings make it so easy to share SendOutCards, whether you choose to lead with the product or the opportunity. Our new videos have simplified how we share SOC, and our guests get to decide which parts they want to learn more about. There’s no pushing or selling…just using the tools provided to share our Revolution of Kindness with others, however they want to come on board.


Judy O’ Higgins:

Three things that we all can do to help those we share SOC with to believe
they can do it and be successful:


Jordan is the master of this principle and has been teaching us the same 3 simple activities for 9 years.When you are sharing SOC is NOT the time to “impress” people with everything you know about our products,system, or even your own success. In their minds it’s not about what you can do, it’s about what they believe they can do. Follow the simple system – show the videos, walk them through sending a card.
Teach these 3 simple things and do them yourself:
a) Get splash paks into peoples’ hands every month.
b) Get yourself and your team to Manager.
c) Get in the Pool.


A lot of people you speak with have a fear of “selling” (maybe you have it also) and negative images of what a “salesperson” is. Now we can actually give people a Splash pak to try out. It doesn’t get any better than that. Today we can all go back to our prospects that didn’t think they could be MDs because they “aren’t good at sales” and show them how to participate in our new program sharing SOC and Splash paks.

Often busy people may think they don’t have time for a business on top of their already busy lives. Our job is to show them SOC and also show them how to fit it into pockets of time in their schedules by making a few calls a day once they have their written list.

Examples: * Karen Palmer story – built her business on the phone 1 hour a day while her 3 children were taking their afternoon nap.
* Making calls while watching your kids’ sports games (and connecting with the other parents there)
* Amy story – flight attendant making calls while in hotel on her flight schedules.
* Theresa story – blocking out 1 hour nightly after her job with goal of making 10 calls night.

WARM MARKET: Hi “INSERT PROSPECT’S NAME HERE”, how’s it going? (This is where I build rapport … the key is to not overthink it and keep the conversation flowing … you know this person, you know about their life so you’ve got “stuff” to talk about!). I know you’re really busy with all you have going on your life but I really need your help.”

You know how my husband and I have been looking for a way to (spend more time with our granddaughter, pay off debt, travel more, increase our income, etc) and I believe we have found a way! A way where we actually get paid for being nice to people! If you could just try it and help me out … test it out and let me know what you think. Do you like the concept? Do you like the cost? Do you think it will help your relationships, nurture/grow your business. Can you please let me know what you honestly think? If after a month you’re not satisfied for any reason, we’ll cancel your subscription. Great, when can we get together (THIS COULD BE A GET TOGETHER IN PERSON, OVER THE PHONE FOR VIRTUAL COFFEE, ETC)

COLD MARKET (picked up a magazine off of the free racks … like a bridal magazine):
Hi, my name is Theresa Oschmann and I came across your ad in (INSERT NAME OF PUBLICATION, FLIER, ETC) and I’m thinking it’s there to generate more business. Am I right? (WAIT FOR RESPONSE) I’m a local business owner myself and the company I’m with helps businesses just like yours grow their business. Would you be open to the idea of having a cup of coffee where I can learn about your business and see whether or not what I do would help? Great! What does your calendar look like for (INSERT POSSIBLE DATES/TIMES HERE). Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to meeting you in person at Starbucks next Tuesday at 9:30am.
NOTE: if there is time between this initial call and when we meet I’ll send a card along the lines of looking forward to meeting you.

February 10, 2014


First I would like to personally welcome you to the SendOutCards team. You are working with an amazing group of leaders. My intention on this call is to prepare you for your journey. We could talk about the in’s and out’s of getting qualified, sending cards or the comp plan but the most important thing in preparing you for success is what to expect and how to view and handle it.

REMEMBER, EVERYONE THAT HAS EVER QUIT NETWORK MARKETING, QUIT ON A BAD DAY! When you sign up, your excitement is at an all-time high. For the first time in a while, you feel like you have something great to look forward to. You are motivated and encouraged. Your wildest dreams are going to come true. And then you talk to someone. It happens to everyone. What I want you to understand is that you will have ups and you will have downs. That’s the nature of building a business. If your personal confidence is already low and you talk to the first person on your list (if you even have a list) and they shoot you down, you’re done! I want to reassure you that virtually EVERYONE including the five and six figure monthly earners have experienced times when they felt like it’s not going to work. I don’t mean to be a “Debbie-Downer” here but it’s important to know that you are not alone and that REGARDLESS of what happens when you share your business with someone, it is no indication of
what you are capable of. Learning to navigate the negative world we live in is more than half the battle. Keep in mind that there are millions of people out there that will love this when approached. When you get hit with some negativity, it is not a gage as to whether you can have your dreams or not with this company. We have already proven that there are hundreds of thousands of people that will love this and guess what? There are many, many more. So keep this in mind. EVERYONE THAT HAS EVER QUIT NETWORK MARKETING, QUIT ON A BAD DAY.  If you haven’t had a bad day yet, you will have one! And many, many more over your career! So here’s a philosophy for you to adopt right here and right now. NEVER QUIT ON A BAD DAY! This is one of the most important philosophies for you to adopt in your new business. If you can stay plugged in to the conference calls and events and stay in action, you will have a good day and you’ll feel great about your business!
Success in network marketing is a game of “Stamina”. It’s not hard. It takes time, patience, and yes, work. You will need to adopt the mindset that, “They are not going to pay my bills! I need to be responsible for my success and make my own decisions!” Do you realize that every single person that is living a dream lifestyle today did it because they had stamina, they didn’t quit and they refused to let other people determine whether they were going to continue or not? Remember, most people sign up not because of a polished presentation, but because they saw or heard something that touched or moved them. It is so true that “You can’t do it right to the wrong person and you can’t do it wrong to the right person!”

I sent Todd Falcone cards after meeting him at an event. We really didn’t know each other. I followed up with a phone call and he asked me questions about the SERVICE. The woman that had sent him a card quite a few months prior didn’t follow up with a call. I kept sending Todd cards and he signed up with me. This was in the early days. I followed up and she didn’t. Today Todd has 16,000 people in his down-line.

Demarr sent me DVD’s (5 or so in 2 weeks) and I finally watched one. That’s what got my attention and there was virtually nothing that could stop me from signing up! But I told Demarr, I wouldn’t build it as a business! After I got going sending cards, my vision was expanded. Anyone could have signed me up. It happened to be Demarr because he was persistent.


I wasn’t planning on doing a call about making a list but it’s so relevant to this topic that I thought we should spend a few minutes on it. It’s really not about making a list as it is about your perspective when your list is short vs long. If you have a list of 10 people or even worse, you have no written list when you start, you are doomed. I’ll say it again, you are doomed. Why? Because after a few people tell you that you’ll never succeed, or “no one ever makes money at those things!” you’ll want to quit! I get it! I’ve felt it and so has every single successful person in our field! (Which means you are just like us!) That also means you can do this! So how do you handle this?

Get your list to at least 250 people. How? Go through your FB friend list and your smart phone list. Start WRITING DOWN the names of the people you know. It’s not good enough to have it on your computer. They must be written in a notebook. Why? Because they are easy to get to. Don’t filter your list. You may not contact everyone right away but at least put their names down. Psychologically this will do wonders for you. If your list is 250 people, when 3 or 4 are negative it won’t blow you out of the water. Then, start getting updated contact info. This is a perfect reason for you to reach out and connect with each person. It’s a great first step. Simply email, call or FB inbox each person and tell them, “I’m updating my contact manager and I need to get your current address, phone #, email, etc. Oh, and by the way, I send birthday cards. Can I please have your birthday – month and day?” Do this with each person and fill your contact manager. Probably 90% of all new sign ups n
ever make a long list. So by just doing this, you’ll put yourself in the top 10%. You have a much better chance of success with a long list because your brain won’t perceive that you are about to run out of people. By the way, statistics show that the average 21 year old knows 2000 people by their first name so you should have no problem coming up with a list of 250. By the way, if you’ll show 250 people the business, you’ll most likely have a booming business!


Most new people are so excited and nervous when they start. If you are nervous and excited this may work for you or against you! Some people do great with nervousness. It gives them energy and they channel that energy. Sometimes nervousness can be perceived as enthusiasm! Other people get frozen up with fear. So KEEP IT LIGHT AND EASY! Let the person you are showing SendOutCards to that you are not attached to whether they do it or not. Let them know that you are having fun showing it and your only goal is to show it to them. It’s 100% up to them whether they want to take it to the next step or not. I say, “I think you’ll like this but don’t feel like you have to do it. Only do it if you are as excited about it as I am. It’s okay to say no.” This takes the pressure off them and gives them the space to really look and consider the options. Give them the space to sit back and really evaluate it. Let go of the outcome. Relax and allow the process to unfold. Your only job is to s
how them. Then let them tell you how they want to proceed. It’s okay to ask, “Do you want to do this with us?” after they have watched the presentation and sent a card.

I say to myself, “No big deal”. It’s no big deal if they do it and it’s no big deal if they don’t. (However, I am keenly aware that it could be a big deal if they do it, work it and stay in the game! They could become financially free and that is a BIG DEAL!)

IMPORTANT: Just because I keep it light and easy doesn’t mean I’m not passionate and enthusiastic about the business. I believe our product and our business can change the trajectory of someone’s life. I do let them know that. I’m just not “attached” to the outcome and I like to give people the “space” to make a good decision that is right for them. I am also consistently persistent in my follow up. They will get periodic cards, emails and calls from me throughout the year. I want them to know that I’m still working the business when they are ready to go!


If you have them send a card first and then have them watch the video that’s great! If you have them watch the video and then have them send a card, that’s great too! If you invite them to a business presentation or a home meeting, that works well! The key is to keep track of each person and stay with them until they see it, however they see it. Then stay in touch! And make sure you stay in touch with your customers as well, because many will become distributors over time. I like to send my customers a DVD at least once per year for 2 reasons. a). The DVD has probably changed since the last one they saw b). Their situation has probably changed since the last one they watched! It really doesn’t matter how you do this. Your job is to show them. They might read Beach Money first and then be interested (like the guy from the bank I talked to today – referral from BNI. We’re meeting tomorrow). You might loan them a copy of SOCStars and that might get their attention. Everyone has
a story about how they were introduced and everyone’s story is different. Don’t over think it. Just show it!


If you were to go into a dojo and tell the sensei that you want to know everything you need to know to become a third degree black belt do you think they would tell you? Do you think they would give you all the details? In fact, if they did tell you, you would be so overwhelmed you might even quit! They will give you one step at a time. First you’ll need to master your kicks and your punches. Then you’ll go on to get your first belt, etc. If I had heard all the things I would need to know to get my helicopter pilot’s license I may have gotten pretty overwhelmed! So I take it ONE STEP AT A TIME! I suggest you treat your business the same way. Ask your sponsor, “What’s the very first thing I need to do?”
“Okay, got it done! Now what’s the second thing?”

When I signed up Kory Edwards, I told him to do two things.

1). Watch the videos.
2). Find someone that will try SendOutCards for $31 + $5 in Expense ($43 total with tax).

Then I told him to make his list of 250 and begin to give each person a gift account and show them how to use it. By the way, make sure each person also watches the 11 min video. That’s it. Call me when someone starts asking questions.

Kory and his wife Andrea showed up at the Seattle SCT School with 3 guests!

So, when you train a new person help them to focus on ONE STEP AT A TIME!


Lawrencene and Joe Musico and their daughter Asha signed up with me about 6 years ago. They went to two Treat ‘Em Right Seminars and her husband came down with a serious illness that almost took his life. He received lots of cards from the SendOutCards family. I’m more than happy to say that he is doing great! They had a couple of home parties back then and had very little success. Just recently they came to the Las Vegas Treat ‘Em Right Seminar and then the Phoenix Road Tour. They had 5 guests with them in Phoenix and then did a home party. They have signed up 2 distributors and 4 customers in the past week and one of their new distributors set up a home party and already has 60 confirmations for March 1st. Although I have had many conversations with them over the years, it was all about THEIR TIMING and not mine! They are now ready and in massive action!

As a new person, you will be tempted to try and motivate people and get them moving. You must remember that sometimes it’s not the right time for them (even though they signed up!) I try and create opportunities for them to build like suggest we schedule a get-together at their home or office. I also make sure they know how to navigate the site. Don’t take it too personally if they don’t do much. Remember we all experience the same things! I have sponsored 2-4 people per month since I signed up back in late 2004. I show the business about once per day for myself and for people in my group. I do one on ones, two on ones, small home parties, office meetings and I invite people to the events. I have found that about 3 out of 4 people I sign up don’t do much of anything. And do you know that every single top money earner in every single company deals with the same thing? You are no different! Years ago I gave up on trying to figure people out and trying to make them do the busine
ss. Remember, if they need you to do the business, then you will never have a very large team because you can only work with 3-5 people at a time. Each person must take responsibility for his/her own personal business! I just keep sharing and sponsoring until I find someone that is ready to go to work. I get them started and then get out of the way!

I get that sometimes it’s frustrating and discouraging. That’s a part of building the business. Pat Hinze asked Steve Schulz, “Do you really, really think they are going to pay us $30K, $50K or 100K a month if it was going to be easy?” after he was rejected by his sister in the very early days of his career.

You can learn the ins and outs of the business by watching the training videos and following the 7/30/Q Guide. That’s not the purpose of this call. The purpose of this info is to help you to focus and navigate through the challenges you may face along the way. Anyone can learn the “how-to’s” of the business in a couple of hours. It’s the games we must play with our thinking when things get tough that make the difference. I think the #1 skill you must possess to achieve in this business is “Stamina”. You build your stamina by adopting a “no-tolerance-threshold” mindset. Don’t ever let crisis turn into ruin and don’t ever quit on a bad day. The day you sign up is always a happy day! You will have way more good times than not if you are sending cards and sharing the business. Fortunately we have a product that people love! That gives us a huge head start! By being around winners in the business and listening to the mentors who have gone before you, you can establish a level of e
nergy that will keep you moving through the good times and the tough times.

I can’t tell you it will be easy. But I will tell you it will be worth it!

February 4, 2014

Telling the story-

Each Monday afternoon about 4pm, I sit down at my keyboard with very little idea what I’m going to say on the Monday webcast. I typically have a topic that I randomly selected the night before and sent out to the entire team. So, I know the realm of my subject matter but have no idea of the details. As I sit down, I am faced with lots and lots of decisions. What do I talk about that will be the most meaningful topic for a diverse crowd of SOC distributors for the week? As I’m writing things out, I am consciously aware that my message will stick and people will be more likely to remember the message if it’s told in a story. The reason Beach Money has been such a hit is because it touches people at an emotional level. It’s just a bunch of stories. People connect with stories. The reason Steve Schulz’s book is so good is because it is laced with stories. The reader can relate. There is little specific “how to” training in the book, however it’s a great how-to book because the lessons are in the stories. I try and spin a story that is compelling, fun, relevant, personal, emotional, dramatic, fresh, etc.

One of the things I do is keep a file on my computer called NCC’s. NCC stands for “National Conference Calls”. When a story that is engaging pops up on FB or in a blog or email, I create page and put it in my file called NCC’s to use on a Monday night call. I always give credit for the story.

I’m going to start with an example that you may have seen on FB. I received this message yesterday morning while I was in LA:

Message from Paula Foeller:

“Hey Jordan, I have no idea if you will get this message. I just saw you on FB. I saw you at an event years ago at a Mastermind event. You were on stage and you told the story of how you wrote your story (in your journal). That you had put it (the journal) away because you were frustrated with it. Then years later you pulled it out after moving and read it. That everything you had written had happened in your life. I am sure that was about 5 or 6 years ago now. Well on the flight home I wrote my story. My husband had just left me. I was in an MLM but not making a lot at the time. I had no idea how I was going to support myself. I wrote about what it would feel like to be with a man who treated me right. I wrote about how my kids were. I wrote about what my business was doing. I cried as I wrote it. I wanted you to know that you were the person who set a whole course of events into action in my life. I am with a man who is exactly like I wrote about. My kids are doing amazing and are so happy in life. In the last 3 years I have made over $700,000 in personal income in my current MLM. I want you to know that your story changed my life and you have impacted the lives of my 3 children. Not only that, you have impacted the lives of every generation who will follow after me. Thank you. I only hope that this makes its way to you and not into your spam.
It’s funny a few days ago I wrote a new story. It occurred to me that I had accomplished everything in the original one. Don’t ever stop sharing your story. Every time you impact a person’s life, they in turn will impact others. My prayer for you is that what you gave away to me will be returned back to you 10 fold. I in turn will keep sharing it with others. I look forward to meeting you in person someday.”

I want to share a couple of things about this. Paula was compelled to write out her perfect life because of a STORY I told on stage at the MLM Mastermind Event. IF I HAD JUST TOLD THE GROUP WHAT TO DO, SHE PROBABLY WOULDN’T HAVE DONE IT. Because I shared my personal story and the impact it had on my life, she was moved to take action. The story was meaningful to me and many people in the crowd connected with it. She tried it out and created her own personal story that she shared with me in a post. Now I have shared that story with you.

The story is in Beach Money, Chapter 3. It’s called “It rained on my dreams that day”.
I was at a low point in my life. Nothing was working. I was feeling so depressed, discouraged and broken that I decided to walk the railroad tracks behind my rental on Mill Ave that I was living in. It was raining and cold. I wasn’t going to take any desperate action but was trying to figure things out.
I had remembered reading in some books the importance of writing out your perfect life as if it had already happened. I had never done this. The next day I took the day off work at the airline and I went to the Grand Canyon. I had never been there. The beauty of the canyon inspired me. (You get the idea. You can read the whole story in Beach Money).

When Paula heard me tell this story it moved her to want to do the same thing. The next day, she took the same action that I took. Just over 3 years later, her life and the life of her kids were transformed forever. Do you see how I’m stealing her story here? (With her permission). People remember stories.

Let’s talk about some of the components of a good story. You don’t need all of these things in a story to make it good. 2 or 3 of these components will create a great story.

1. Share the DRAMA.
2. Make it PERSONAL.
3. Stimulate all 5 SENSES.
5. What’s THE POINT?
8. MEANINGFUL to you.
9. RELEVANT to the listener/reader.

I ask questions of myself like;
“Is this relevant?”
“What point am I trying to convey?”
“Can I give an example that will help people see something they may not have seen before?” (Metaphor)
“Am I emotionally moved by the story?”
“Am I stimulating the senses so that the listener/reader can EXPERIENCE what I experienced?”

Let’s quickly go through each one of the components of a good story:


When I first got started in SOC, I sent out 81 cards in 2 days on dial-up phone service (There was no high speed internet in the mountains in AZ) – Can you hear the story in this statement? What components did I use just in this one phrase?

1. A little drama (I sent 81 cards on dial up!!)
2. Its personal.
3. What’s the point? (I took massive action!)
4. 100% Relevant to my audience!

What happened because I sent out so many cards is I CREATED a number of stories that I was able to tell others!

For example (get ready, here comes another story);

I pulled a business card out of a box. I had no idea who the guy was. I know I had met him because I had his business card!
His name was Mick Fetty and it was a pest control business card. I wrote in the card to him:

“Mick, I have no idea who you are but I know we have met because I have your business card! I would love to reconnect with you when you have moment. Please give me a call sometime!
My Phone #.”

I put my picture inside the card on the left panel.

About a week later he called me and said he remembered meeting me. He said I was in the lobby of the Embassy Suites Hotel on Rural Rd and the US60 in AZ. He said I was wearing a suit and talking to another guy. He came over and handed me his business card (over 3 years ago) and said, “Here’s my card. You might need this someday.” He then walked away. Well, we had a nice conversation 3 years later after I sent him a SendOutCards, card and 2 weeks later he became one of my representatives! I have used this story many times. Can you FEEL the leverage you create by creating stories and telling them?

So let’s go over each component and talk about specifics:
1. Share the DRAMA – People are riveted by drama!
“She has never experienced success in network marketing!”
“He was in 11 companies in 10 years and never signed up a single distributor!”
“She took the bus to work for 3 years because she couldn’t afford to fix her car!”

2. Make it PERSONAL
“I didn’t have the money to sign up, so I had a garage sale!”
“I sold my TV which was the best decision I have ever made!”
“I received a check and I knew that it would work!”
“My whole family told me no!” (There is drama in this one too!)
3. Stimulate all 5 SENSES (Venice Beach Story)
When I wrote this, my intention was to stimulate your senses so you could experience the FULL DRAMA of the moment:

If you haven’t been there, Venice Beach is quite a unique and unusual place. Last night at 5:30pm, something happened that had us speechless, moved and in awe. I’m not even sure I can describe it. As the sun was setting an intensely cold wind started wildly blowing the palm trees around. In moments the weather went from warm and calm to cold and windy. The strong, gusty wind was filling the cold air with dust from the beach. The sun was faded and orange as it made contact with the ocean. Two homeless men, one on a grand piano and another on a guitar soulfully and loudly played “Hallelujah.” The air was intense and electric. A crowd of about 500 people gathered around some sort of event on the boardwalk that had attracted four police cars and what seemed like the entire Venice Police Department. And as all of this was occurring, a loud helicopter hovered in a few hundred feet off the ground circling the whole event. We experienced the deepest feeling of life upon us as a mixture of music, weather, machine and humanity converged in a moment of intensity like neither of us had ever witnessed. We stopped and just looked at each other and said, “whoa . . . what was that?” I guess you had to be there!

4. ALIGN and CHALLENGE – I like to align myself with the listener or reader so that they know I am just like them. I have found people to be more engaged and related if they feel like I know them. I also like to challenge the listener/reader with new ideas or concepts.

“I felt discouraged and defeated. None of my friends were supportive of my decision.
Every business I started failed. I bounced 10 checks that week and was wondering if
I was going to lose my job. ”

“I decided that the plan I had been working for over 10 years wasn’t working. The model that
I had been taught in high school and in college was a complete flop. I just began to study those people that had college degrees and had been working jobs for 40 years. Their lives were a financial mess.”

First, ALIGN with the reader/listener then CHALLENGE their way of thinking.

5. What’s the point? Ask yourself, “What message am I trying to convey?”

For example: My story needs to convey that A STORY IS THE BEST WAY TO GET MY MESSAGE ACROSS!

For tonight’s call, I wanted to do 2 things:

1. Convey that a story is the best way to get a message across.
2. Describe what components can help to make up a great story.
6. Use METAPHORS – Metaphors are examples that are similar in meaning.
A metaphor is a figure of speech that describes a subject by asserting that it is, on some point of comparison, the same as another otherwise unrelated object or subject.

“Your business grows like an oak tree grows. It starts as an acorn. And not all acorns germinate. If you sow enough seeds and the ground is fertile, a few will take root. Some will turn into giant oak trees and others will wither and die. With enough sowing, you may end up with a forest. You can count the acorns in a tree but you can’t count the trees in an acorn!”

7. AMAZING but TRUE! This one is similar to drama. When you experience something amazing, share it. People love “amazing but true” stories. The formula Ron Howard uses to determine if he is going to do a movie is an “amazing but true” formula. I heard him in an interview and he said he holds focus groups with young people that don’t know the true story he is thinking about directing.
If they tell him the story sounds too good to be true, then he directs it. If it’s not believable, then he feels like it will be dramatic enough to take on. (For example; Apollo 13 and Rush.) These stories seemed so unrealistic to the young people that didn’t know the real story yet they were true, Ron felt like they would make great movies. Amazing but true always makes for a good story!

8. MEANINGFUL to you!
If a story is meaningful to you then you’ll have passion for it. Passion is always a component of a great story. When something MOVES ME, I share it if it’s relevant to the person or people I want to share it with.

9. RELEVANT to the listener/reader: If I tell a group of young people that SendOutCards is a great vehicle to prepare for retirement, that’s not relevant to them. But if I tell them that SendOutCards is a great way of retiring before they hit the age of 26 years old so they don’t have to be in a rocking chair before they can enjoy life that may be more relevant! Consider your audience when you are telling a story!

I want to finish with a story, SURPRISE!!

I figured out a way to get people to lean forward before I tell a story. Do you want to hear it? Seriously, would you like to hear how to get people to stop what they are doing so they are fully engaged in your story? You will not even believe what I’m going to tell you. It will blow you away. You’ve never heard anything like it. Ready?

Ha ha.

January 27, 2014


Who wouldn’t want to be part of a company that has that mission? Be thoughtful and create miracles. Yesterday someone posted on my Facebook wall a response to a post about our new gift offering, “SOC Gardens”. It said, “yeah, so you can get rich!” Let it be known right here and right now that I have no problem making money from an idea that creates miracles for people and gives them a true mechanism for being thoughtful. And I don’t believe you should have a problem with that for yourself either! Money can be a result of doing good in the world. Especially, when it has to do with network marketing.

From when I was a very young boy, my mother taught me the importance of being generous and thoughtful. I will never be as good as she was, but I try. I had no idea what I was setting up for myself for throughout the many years that I practiced what my mother taught me. Today, I have a miraculous life. Kody suggests that you get back what you send out, 10 fold! I can attest to that! There are days that I question the abundance that comes my way. I observe this all around me every day.

Have you noticed that Kody and the magnificent SOC team keeps coming up with more and more ways for us to reach out in kindness and make a meaningful contribution to another human being? Kody is currently investing millions of dollars into enriching the customer experience.

I was on stage at the TER in Las Vegas on Saturday and it hit me like a freight train. SendOutCards doesn’t just give me a mechanism to be kind. SendOutCards gives me a REASON to be kind! Wow. What a concept!? We are creating meaningful moments for people all over the world!

Bob and Betty Ann met a couple of nice magicians in Las Vegas. One of them introduced them to a retired rock star. Bob inspired this guy and he invited Bob and Betty Ann into his circle of friends. Bob and Betty Ann are back stage at many of the mainstream shows in Vegas now as a result of a couple of meetings and their generous character. If you talked to them they will tell you it’s all about networking and being nice to people. They have brought literally HUNDREDS of people to many Las Vegas shows. They have become connectors of some major talent in the city. You have heard me say when you introduce people to other people, you enrich their lives! So over the past few months, many lives have been enriched as a result of introductions created by Bob and Betty Ann. What do you think the unintended result of all of this was?
Bob and Betty Ann have sponsored 7 people personally over the past 30 days and their team is growing like crazy!
Miracles are happening all around them! Tammy Shaw and Seth Grabel got married on the Grammy’s last night. Bob and Betty Ann took over 100 SOC Distributors to see The Frankie Moreno Show at the Stratosphere and Frankie toasted to their Anniversary from the stage in the middle of the show! Bob and Betty Ann sponsored 2 Grammy Award winning rock stars and also had a part in a rock video that is being distributed by Universal! Bob and Betty Ann are creating miracles and you can too.

Use SOC the way it was intended. Take pictures. Celebrate lives. Send chocolate covered strawberries. Send Flowers. By the way, our flowers aren’t cheap. They are designed for a VERY SPECIAL OCCASION. These are at the level of Nordstom’s or Saks. They are HIGH END. When someone receives them they will FEEL the impact of your generosity.

RIGHT NOW, you can become the person that is known for being kind, generous and giving. By being generous you become attractive. That means you attract nice and appreciative people into your life! There is no other company in the world that has the culture of giving like SOC. Be proud of that!

Will you inspire people with your generosity or will you suffer? It’s your choice. You are growing through giving or dying through withholding. You can succeed and party or fail and ponder.

This is your chance to really make a difference in the world. Focus on what you can’t control and you’ll be pissed and depressed. Focus on what you can control (who you contribute to) and you’ll be alive and inspired! Wallow in it OR rise to a level of spirituality that allows you to help others. Sending cards and gifts magnifies all the beauty in your life. It’s too easy to get focused on the negative, ugly and depressing things. Magnify the beauty of your life.

Let’s talk about your strategy and your story. If strategy was all there was, then everyone would be rich! We all know the strategy. It’s your story that holds us back or propels us forward. We all know HOW to build a business but that usually doesn’t make a difference. Why? Because, our STORY is empowering us or inhibiting us. What’s the solution? Be aware of the story you are telling yourself. If you are not happy with the result of your actions or lack of actions, then examine your story. Strategy works but only if it is fed by the right story! Strategy fed with a disempowering story is useless! A great way to examine your story and develop a more empowering one is to READ STEVE SCHULZ’S NEW BOOK, “Yes, Sometimes it is about the Money!” (www.yessometimesitisaboutthemoney.com)

See, we are all about CREATING A COMPELLING FUTURE. We can take immediate action by sending cards and gifts and then sharing this mechanism with others. But again, the mechanism is MEANINGLESS WITHOUT YOUR HEART. Add heart and meaning to your message and you have everything you need to change the world!

I heard a quote recently that I love and has much of our message in it.

“Every action we take is a cry for help or an expression of love.”

Take a moment to think about this one.

January 20, 2014-

One of the most common complaints I hear from distributors is, “I want to build the business but my up-line quit!” In fact, Steve Schulz talks about the simple instruction added to the 7/30/Q plan that says, “Plug into your up-line” and he suggests that it might be a mistake to have it on there because it gives new distributors a reason to quit. The excuse that so many people give is, “I don’t have an up-line so how can I succeed?”

Let’s start here:

1. Most successful people in network marketing have up-lines that quit the business, so if you want to succeed, you are in good company.

2. Many times, having a strong up-line serves as a detriment because the down-line tends to lean on the up-line for support and is never required to develop the leadership skills necessary to build a strong team.

3. Your up-line’s responsibility ends once they get you started. Their only job is to sign you up and point you in the right direction. If you expect your up-line to build your business for you, then you most likely will flounder in the business.

4. You have EVERYTHING you need to build the business.

I’m going to give you one of the greatest gifts an up-line can give you in the business. I am going to give you the power to build the business without an up-line. I am declaring you self-sufficient and giving you full permission to build the business without a strong up-line. If you have a strong up-line, that’s just great. But, not only do you not need a strong up-line, having one could work to your detriment. It’s time to take 100% responsibility and not blame your up-line for your lack of success. If you wait on your up-line to help you, you could be waiting for a long time. If you don’t need your up-line (which you don’t), then you’ll go to work today to build your business.

If you believe that a strong up-line is essential to building a team, then YOU become the strong up-line to your down-line that you believe you are missing. Rather than blaming your up-line, take responsibility for your down-line! Again, most people that have built large incomes in network marketing, do not have an active up-line.

You are in entrepreneur. Nowhere in the leadership books does it say, “For you to be successful, you must make someone else responsible for your success.” So, I’m giving you permission to take 100% responsibility for your business and your success.

You may be asking;

“Yeah, but who do I do 3 way calls with?”

A: You do 3 way calls with your down-line when they need help introducing the business to new people.

“Yeah but, who will do 3 way calls with me?”

A: If you need a 3 way call, you can pull in a cross line team member or someone further up in your success line, but if there is no one to do it, then get resourceful! For example, try forwarding one of the links for the replays of the Monday Night calls. Tell them its 20 minutes and ask them to listen to it right away. Do anything to build additional credibility. Videos and audio recordings can accomplish the same thing as a 3 way call.

My sponsor in my last company wore polyester leisure suits and white patent leather shoes. He was a great guy but not my idea of instant credibility. I had never signed up a single distributor in any network marketing company in my life. So what I did was attend as many events as possible and I always sat in the front row. I introduced myself and my guests to the speakers as if I knew them. I kept doing this until I had my own credibility built up.

I’m going to say it again, YOU DO NOT NEED AN ACTIVE UPLINE TO BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS. Everyone has access to the same info. There is 10 times more information and resources available to build the business than you could ever need. Please, please, please, stop blaming your up-line for your lack of success. “If it is to be, it’s up to me!!” YOU become a conduit for disseminating the essential information to those you are sharing the business with and those in your down-line.

Kenny Troutt, the billionaire founder of our last company got kicked out of college twice. His 98 lb. mom would grab him by the ear and drag him into the bathroom in front of the mirror. She would then shout, “Say it!!” And he would have to say, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the cause of all my problems??” Then he would say to himself ,”Dear God please don’t let it be me!!”

If you come to me and say, “My up-line quit and I don’t have anyone to help me.” Please be prepared for my answer, you know what it’s going to be! No disrespect intended here, but when you do that I hear,”whaa whah, waaa whaah waaaaa wha!”

My answer to you will be:

1. Are you listening into the training call each week?
2. Are you attending at least 3 Treat ‘Em Right Seminars a year and convention?
3. Are you showing the business every day?
4. Are you reading at least 30 minutes a day from a personal development book?
5. Have you unplugged your TV set or at the very least limited your TV time to 1 hour a week?
6. Are you sending out a minimum of 3 cards a day and one gift a week?
7. Is your calendar FULL of appointments?
8. Are you promoting each event to the people in your circle of influence?

Let’s say for purposes of example that you have the strongest up-line available in the marketplace today. Do you realize that they are so busy working with so many people they probably wouldn’t have much time to help you personally? What does a strong up-line do? They have weekly conference calls for you to plug into and they give you permission to build the business without their help. Now let’s say you have an active up-line that has very little going on in their business. They may not be much help because they have had little to no success! They may be there but they aren’t a great example. An active and successful up-line is doing live events every weekend. They are signing up new distributors and helping them get started. They are promoting the next big event. Rarely, will they have time to work with you individually on a daily basis. Do you see the key here to getting things going is to go to work each day building the business until you have a growing team of distributors?

Here are some things that I do:

1. I’ll say for example; “I really want you to come out to the Treat ‘Em Right Seminar in Vegas this weekend. I would love to introduce you to the guy that brought me into the business and also introduce you to the founder of the company.” Even if it’s simply an opportunity to shake their hands, that can have a huge impact.

2. I’ll say, “I’m going to forward you a replay of a call that I heard last week that was done by one of the top people in our company. At some point I can introduce you to them after you listen to this replay. It’s only 20 minutes and it will answer lots of your questions about where we are going. If I send it to you will you listen to it? ”

3. I’ll say, “I’m going to send you to a website that has a handful of 8-10 minute videos. Each video explains a different aspect of our business. I think you’ll get everything you need to decide if this is for you. If I send over a link will you find time to watch them before the weekend?”

I’ve had people say, “Jordan, if you were my sponsor I would be killing this!” By the way, this is the same as saying, “My sponsor is a loser and if I had a sponsor that helped me I would be doing great in the business!” Here’s the reality, I speak with my personally sponsored distributors about once or twice a month. And when we talk, guess what I tell them?? I tell them what I’m telling you on this call. Set appointments. Fill your calendar. Show the video. Follow up with cards and gifts. Have them send a card on the system. Invite them to listen in on the calls and come to the events. I tell them to take 100% responsibility for their business and then bring them to the Treat ‘Em Right and have them come over and say “hello”!

You may not like what I’m telling you on this call. Most people are “part-timers” or “sometimers” in the business. Most people don’t have the commitment or interest in helping the people they bring in. That’s just the way it is. It has NOTHING to do with SendOutCards or you as their down-line. People are people. I’m just being straight with you. If you want a residual income that will pay you for years, you’ll need to make things happen and not depend on the person or people that brought you in. By the way, this condition exists in all companies with all up-lines. You are not the exception. You are the rule. Most people do not have an active up-line. What I’m saying without saying, “suck it up”, is “suck it up!”

The kiss of death in your business is waiting for someone to help you. The way you get good at the business is by doing it and not by waiting. The more you do it, the better you get. As you grow a team and you have more and more active members, you’ll have opportunities to do three way calls with your down-line but don’t wait for your up-line to help you. Any time you find yourself waiting to build the business because you don’t have anyone to help you, then you might as well just hang it up. Seriously. It’s YOUR business. You are simply a subset of Kody’s team. What if Kody waited for someone to help him? Who anointed him as the only one that could build without an active up-line? Who is Kody’s up-line? Exactly. You are Kody starting your own business. The only difference is that you didn’t have to invest a few million $$ of your own money to start the business. Kody sponsored over 160 people without an active up-line to help him or do three way calls!

Now let’s talk about a plan that can guarantee that you’ll have a large residual income. Do you realize that if everyone got to Manager and then just got 3 distributors that got qualified, EVERYONE would have a residual check of over $27,000/mo? No time limit here. What if we tell each new distributor that signs up that they can’t quit until they at least get to Manager and then sponsors 3 people that get qualified no matter how long it takes? We get that commitment up front AND we commit to helping each new person do this. If we notice a GAP in the system, we go in and assist our down-lines in getting this done. So EVERYONE gets to Manager and EVERYONE gets 3 more who get qualified. What if we made that commitment to each other? Can you see the power in this? The key is to get a commitment UP FRONT. In other words, don’t sign someone up until they commit to doing their part in the plan. Each new person must at least get to Manager and then sponsor 3 that get qualified. That’s it. After that they can choose to continue or to stop. But the minimum requirement is what I just stated. Can you envision what that would mean to your team and to everyone on it? What if we hold each other accountable to this? When someone disappears or loses steam we say, “Now you committed to hanging around long enough to do the basics. I’m going to hold you to that. Why? Because I committed to you to help you get a residual check that will allow you to have your dreams. So are you ready to go back to work?? Let’s do the work no matter how long it takes so that you are in position.” Do you see how simple this really is? With a little bit of effort and commitment, anyone can get to Manager and then find 3 to be qualified.
By the way, if you are reading this and you are the up-line that left (I know many of you still read these emails), there are 2 things I want to say:

1). I wish you the best in your new endeavor. Everyone must find their niche. I personally don’t believe that changing companies is the answer but that is a personal decision. At some point everyone experiences a letdown or leveling off of their income and chasing a residual check by going from company to company rarely results in a happy ending.

2). If you do decide to move on, I would hope that you honor your legal contract with SOC and also have respect for those you called your friends by not attempting to recruit SendOutCards distributors into your new company regardless of how excited you are about it.

3). Consider that when you choose to leave a company there will be people that put their faith in you and feel let down that you left them on their journey. There is a long term impact to this decision. There is more to it than just the impact on your own personal situation. Many people’s lives are affected.

January 13, 2014 – 


I want your permission to tell it like it is. I’m going to speak from the heart here. What I am going to share with you could completely transform your life and your business. We make it way tougher than it is. The growth of your network is a natural thing. Your business is meant to grow. Let’s break it down. The story is the same no matter where you go.
Field research (Russ Devann and the top earners)
A simple formula –

For every 20-30 that you sponsor over time, typically, 10 will do absolutely nothing, 10 will do a little, and 10 will do a little more than a little and ONE will go out and build a BIG business. These numbers seem to hold true across the board and I have never seen anyone able to change the numbers. I have spoken to top earners from over 100 companies and they all seem to have the same numbers.
Here is what I have found about the top earners ($50K-$200K per month)

1. They have sponsored over 100 people.
2. They have been with their company for 3 years or more (up to 25 years).
3. 95% of their income comes from 1-5 legs.

The business is easy. WE make it hard!
These are the things that get in the way of growth:
-We get distracted.
-We add complex tools.
-We let our past get in the way.
-We let what others say get in the way.
-We “re-invent the wheel”.


Word of mouth works!


The Secrets of What Makes a Product Go Viral
by Nadia Goodman

Ten years ago, had you ever heard of the hand sanitizer Purell? It existed, but nobody really used it. Then one day, it was everywhere. Grocery stores placed dispensers at the door, nail salons gave it to clients, and people started carrying travel size bottles in their bags. With little advertising, how did Purell catch on?

Jonah Berger, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, has dedicated his career to answering that question. As he explains in his new book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On (Simon & Schuster, 2013), every viral product has six key features in common — features that can be replicated to make any product go viral.

“People often think that contagious products just get lucky,” Berger says. “But it’s not luck and it’s not random. It’s science.”

According to Berger’s research, specific circumstances and attributes empower consumers to share a given product. Any business can leverage those insights to create a viral hit. “You don’t need a huge advertising budget,” Berger says.

As many as half of consumers’ purchasing decisions are driven by word of mouth marketing — it’s trustworthy and far more targeted than traditional advertising. Plus, the majority of those interactions happen offline, where advertisements can’t reach. “Authenticity is a big reason word of mouth impacts behavior,” Berger says.

To create a viral product that consumers are inspired to share authentically, incorporate these key elements.

1. Social currency. Consumers are more likely to adopt a product if it makes them feel special.

2. Triggers. Products that catch on become part of our everyday lives, so successful products create reasons and reminders to return on a regular basis.

3. Emotional impact. People tend to evangelize a product if it affected them emotionally, whether it solved a stressful problem or brightened a bad day.

4. Visibility. Giving a product a distinctive feature, such as a standout logo or color, helps consumers notice when others are using it. For example, you immediately recognize iPods because Apple made the headphones white when other companies all used black.

5. Practical value. A truly useful product that helps the user become more effective is more likely to be recommended often.

6. Stories. If people are going to share your product, they need to be able to tell its story. That can be as simple as a clear statement about what the product does, or as complicated as a really interesting origin story. For example, people who buy TOMS shoes love telling others how one pair is donated for every pair you buy.

Read more: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226114#ixzz2RCVRobwb

When you lose steam, complain or quit, that impacts the morale of those in your business and out-side your business – Your attitude matters! When others see you as SOLID, they will get solid!

One will turn to 10 will turn to 100 will turn to thousands!


1). Meet them and add them to your list.
2). Set them up and show them.
3). Follow up.
4). Rinse and repeat!!

Use love and generosity as your follow-up!

Your GENUINE-NESS will determine your EFFECTIVENESS (Get real!)
SendOutCards is a business of giving! Sure we all want money but the real power of what we do is that we are a generous community that focuses on contribution and growth. Money is a result of doing the right things. Our paychecks will reflect the value we infuse into the community!

Goals of the company (Kody and staff)
1). Make $$ flow faster.
2). Create a sense of urgency.

There is nothing out there that is easier or better. It’s a simple compelling product with a simple compelling story. We just need to tell it. Because of a lower subscription price and an appealing product that people will use whether they are involved in the opportunity or not, we get the benefit of incredible retention. Here’s the bottom line and here’s the reason why we will attract the biggest earners over time ; very simply, there are millions of people that will use us for the long haul. This equates to revenue and residuals. Period.
The money is there for those who share the story.

December 30, 2013

2014 – Making the most of it!
Here are a few of my goals and plans for 2014

(This is my 10th Year in SendOutCards):

1. Meet 2 new people per day – Be friendly and inquisitive.

2. Sponsor at least 2 new distributors average per month.

3. Double my income ($300,000/mo).

4. Help 5 personally sponsored distributors reach $10,000/mo.

5. Do 4 SOC major/regional events per month.

** This will require adding 200 new distributors per day in 2014


1. $100,000,000 in Sales


1. Speak at four major Network Marketing Professional events.

2. Launch Beach Money Website and Videoblog.

3. Launch Beach Money App.

4. Launch “Making Beach Money” Book 2.

5. 100,000 fans.


1. Obtain private helicopter license.

2. Purchase an estate home.

3. 2 Bikram Yoga classes per week.

4. Lose 15 lbs (please don’t contact me with a weight loss program!).

5. Other (it’s personal!).


1. Connect with nature at least once per month.

2. Four hours of “quiet” once a week for meditation and prayer.

3. Read 30 minutes per day.

10 Years Ago:

1. Beach Money did not even exist as a concept.

2. I would have never in a million years considered doing Bikram Yoga!

(After I found out I had 4 torn meniscuses – 2 in each knee, I had to quit running. I was told I needed surgery. Hot Yoga was my last resort. I’m pain free now and have a new addiction!)

3. Flying Helicopters was something that was considered by me to be something only “cool” people did. (It became a concept when sitting in my living room on the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental watching the Helicopter Tour companies circle the strip.)

4. Living in Vegas was not on my radar.

5. I would have never met Sierra if my accountant hadn’t called and planted the seed about the idea of getting a place in Vegas to save money on my taxes (he warned me that it probably would not be a good idea if I have a problem with gambling and drinking).

After 10 years in Network Marketing my goals were:

1. Buy a fax machine, a suit and cell phone (only rich doctors and attorneys had cell phones back then).

2. Earn $5,000 a month in my business (I had never earned even $100 a month after 10 years in the profession).

A few months ago I attended an Anthony Robbins event and during the event we wrote a short letter to ourselves and then addressed an envelope that would be mailed to us 6 months later. I received mine last week. Here’s what I wrote:
“I’m connected to 100,000 entrepreneurs. I send out messages that inspire. The stories from the Beach continue to pour in. The business is finally gaining massive traction – Not flash in the pan but true momentum. I envision 2 million users within 2 years. I educate – we educate real facts. People choose to be on our team because we’re winners. The team is committed to the highest standards of contribution and generosity. We are attracting some of the greatest entrepreneurs in business. I bring together the strongest entrepreneurs in business today. We have cracked the code of true leadership.







This is the foundation of our growth. We are the very best. We listen and live for feedback.”

Seven Steps to achieving what YOU want in 2014:

I don’t really know if this is true, but I have been referred to as the “Master Manifestor”. I love the moniker but there have been countless things that I have “put out there” that haven’t manifested themselves into my life. I have found a few things that seem to work well for me and I still struggle with a few things. For many years I read about how to achieve anything you want in life in books like “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill (I think it’s time to re-read this book!) but I had never put any of it into action until the mid-80’s when I began to write things down and keep lists. I have always been a dreamer and at the same time I spent countless hours each year feeling frustrated and let down by my results. I had a few mentors that I learned from over the years and some of their philosophies I live by today.

1. DREAM – Most people shrink their dreams down to meet their income. I have learned that“master manifestors” build their income to meet their dreams! Try to catch yourself rationalizing your dreams away. STOP DOING THAT! It always starts with a dream! People will call you crazy. Not a single worthwhile innovation happened until someone dreamt about it! Your life as you envision it to be is a manifestation of your dreams! If you can dream it, you have the ability to achieve it. Dream it! Believe it! Achieve it! Think of something that has occurred in history that seems miraculous to you. Didn’t it always start with a dream! So there you go! You must have a dream.

2. FOCUS – Kody Bateman (Check out www.kodyb.com) in his latest Blog Post talks about “The One Thing” Here’s an excerpt from his post:

” recently watched a four-minute video of Tyler Perry talking about his key to success. Tyler Perry was the highest paid man in entertainment in 2011. He earned an estimated $120 million in one year. As with most highly successful people, Tyler overcame extreme obstacles to get to where he is today.

In this video, Tyler talks about finding your one thing. He says most people are not focused enough — they choose multiple things to be involved with and they change up those things too often. He suggests that we should find one thing and stick to it with everything you have. That is what he did. He wanted to produce plays and movies. He learned everything he could about producing plays and movies and focused on nothing else.

Because he was so focused on one thing, he never lost faith in where he would go with it. He tells the story about booking a 1,200 seat auditorium to debut one of his early productions. He was so excited. He invested everything he had into that event. He promoted it heavily for months. He was sure he would have a standing room only audience. The night came for the big event and 30 people showed up. They were all close family members or friends.

Tyler said this happened on many occasions. He was told “no” thousands of times. He was told that he was crazy to keep pursuing his ridiculous dream. He kept going because he was focused on his one thing.”

There have been entire books written on the power of focus. The sun heats the earth but on the coldest part of the planet during a sunny day, it can instantaneously burn a leaf when focused with a magnifying glass. You have the ability to do that with your mind. Your thoughts create the energy of focus.

3. LET GO – This was a lesson I learned years ago at the lowest point in my life after I wrote down my life story in a journal. It was the future that I wrote, not the past. After a year of reading from my journal as instructed to do, NOTHING had come to fruition. I felt defeated and let down. I threw the journal in a box in the closet. A number of years later I was unloading a vehicle as I moved into my first dream home in the mountains of Arizona. I opened the box and sitting on top was that journal. As I opened it and turned each page, I was overtaken with emotion because every last detail in the book had come to pass. Expect big things but be attached to nothing. The skill (emotion) of letting go (allowing) will bring you great riches. Holding on tight to what you want will actually drive it further and further away. Get clear about what you want and then let the forces of the universe work their wonders. More often than not, the manifestation of your dreams will occur in a way that you least expect it. Frustration and struggle are forms of holding on too tight. Letting go and allowing things to happen exactly the way they are supposed to, is an essential element of success. It usually doesn’t happen as fast as you like but it also usually doesn’t take as long as you think it could.

4. SEE THE JOB THROUGH – This means never give up on your dreams. Finish what you started. The reason most people never achieve what they are looking for is because they let their emotions get in the way of completion. I did that for years! They get excited. They get discouraged. They are weak and then they get enticed by someone to jump for greener pastures. I know hundreds of people that have been jumping around like fleas and most of the time they end up desperate with anemic bank accounts. Listen to those that have done it. The result of jumping around is usually dismal. It’s a habit that wealthy and successful people do not possess. Pick your home. Focus and see the job through. Learn the lessons you need to learn in a place that feels like home so you don’t have to keep repeating the past over and over again. I’m speaking from experience here!

5. WRITE IT DOWN AND SCHEDULE IT! You may have heard me talk about this before. Write it all down and put it on your calendar. For 10 years I said I was going to the Virgin Islands but I never went! Then someone said, “consider that it doesn’t exist until it’s scheduled on your calendar”. At least schedule the first step! Right then and there, I wrote down a date that I would be going. That sets the ball in motion. Your actions and thoughts transform once something is written down and scheduled. That October, I went to the Virgin Islands and I have been there 5 times since then! I know a Mom with 3 kids that ran 12 marathons in one year (the last one she ran pregnant with her 4th child!) She’s in SendOutCards and it was this one thing that inspired her to do it! Write it down and schedule it! I like making lists. For 25 years now I have kept running lists of all the things I want to accomplish in my life. I’m constantly adding to them. I’ll pick 3 and schedule them. I work on achieving them and then once I have accomplished my goal, I schedule more. This is a powerful exercise! :)

6. TAKE BOLD ACTION – Do I need to say more? What is “Bold Action”? Do the things you have been afraid of doing that YOU KNOW are keeping you from growing in the business. BOLD action.

7. WORK HARD – How long have you been thinking about doing it or talking about doing it? Finally now, in 2014. “Git Er Done!” Just Do it! Isn’t it funny how these little cliché sayings seem to stick! Why?Because they are true! It will be hard but it’s worth it! Once in for all, there is nothing you still need to learn.

Imagine a plank suspended between two buildings in downtown NYC. (you’ll have to listen to the recording to get the rest!)

Happy 2014! Let’s do this!

December 16, 2013- Jordan’s 3 secret weapons

Tonight I’ve decided to share my three secret weapons that have consistently allowed me to bring on an average of 3-4 distributors per month. You must do all three. Leaving one or more out is like trying to call a phone number and leaving out one or two numbers and expecting the number to go through. If I give you my phone number: 602 850 484 and ask you to call me, the number won’t go through because I left one out and switched a couple of them around. You must dial ALL the numbers and the sequence is pretty important too! There IS a formula to building the business. Most people only do the things they like to do or the things they are comfortable with. Everything is important. So here we go. What are my 3 secret weapons? I’m going to explain each one and then talk to you about how I apply them.

Secret Weapon #1: GENEROSITY – You must develop the HABIT of being generous every day. What goes around – comes around. Be generous without the intention of getting something back, (in other words you give with the sole intention to give. No agenda. You must be generous with your time, your money and your words. The law of reciprocity says that if you give without the intention of getting, then people will want to give back. As I said, this must become a habit. People will begin to view you as a generous person that truly cares.

Secret Weapon #2: CURIOSITY – Be curious. Ask questions. Say, “I’m just curious . . . ?

Be inquisitive and sincerely interested. I probably say “I’m just curious” at least 20 times a day.

So here are some examples:

“So, I’m just curious, do you keep your options open for other ways to make money?”

“I’m curious, do you like what you do?”

“I was just wondering, what are your ultimate goals working here?”

“I’m curious, do you like money?”

“I’m curious, how would you like to get paid for being nice to people?”

“I was wondering if this is your career or if you have something else in the works?”

“I’m curious, what do you do for fun?”

You get the idea. Be inquisitive and curious all the time. Really listen to the responses you get. This is the most powerful secret weapon for building rapport.

Practice doing this 5 times a day and then increase it as you go.

Secret Weapon #3 – INCLUSIVITY The easiest way to get people interested in what we do is to INCLUDE them in things that we do together as a team. INCLUDE everyone. For example, invite people you meet to a conference call where others will be present. Invite them to a dinner or party or for a night out. Invite them to a meeting or to get together for coffee. The more you involve them, the more likely they will be to want to work with you and the team. If there is not much of a team at this point, start small. Your team of three can quickly turn to a team of ten if you can get people together either on a conference call that is already scheduled or a get together. It doesn’t even have to be SOC related. Any event that brings people together creates a relationship that anchors the possibilities of working together.

Let me give you some examples how to use generosity, curiosity and inclusivity in building a team.

1). I sent a thank you card to my auto detailer with pictures of my 2 cars on the front of the card along with a $5 Starbucks card. (Generosity)

2). I had a holiday get together with the members of my BNI group. (I chose to host the party – if money is an issue, make it a potluck!) It was fun and I got to meet many of the extended family members of each person at the party. We talked no business. It was just conversation and networking. I had a guest logbook that asked for NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, EMAIL AND BIRTHDAY. I took LOTS of pictures and put together a COLLAGE BIG CARD. I sent it to all that attended (about 20). They LOVED the card (GENEROSITY AND INCLUSIVITY).

3). I set up appointments with people I meet for a one-to-one over coffee. I ask “I’m just curious, why did you choose to do what you do? Were you hoping it would give you freedom by working for yourself? How is that working out??” I did this with the auto detailer and he said that the business owns him and there is really no exit strategy yet he started in to own his own life and his own time! I then said, “I would love to show you something that might help to relieve some of the pressure of a maxed out schedule!” (CURIOSITY)

4). I Invited him and his wife to an opportunity meeting we had in Vegas last week. I said, “I would love for you to come out to learn more about what we do and how you might be able to free up some time.” He showed up with his wife and they are now planning on signing up. I personally introduced them to Steve Schulz and Bob and Betty Ann Golden. (INCLUSIVITY)

I do this over and over again, every day. It’s a formula that works most of the time. Generosity, curiosity and inclusivity. Giving without the expectation of getting anything in return. Being curious, inquisitive and genuinely interested in others. Including others and bringing people together. It’s like a phone number. When you do all 3 of these things in this order and you do a lot of it, then you’ll get a positive result that leads to more business.

These 3 secret weapons anchor the relationship and make it really easy to invite someone to take a look at the business. The reason it’s so difficult for most people to ask is because there is no basis for relationship so it becomes very uncomfortable.

So let’s say you call someone that you don’t know so well. How can you work in the three secret weapons?

“The reason I’m calling is I would like to send you something to thank you for . . .   What’s the best address to mail it to?” (Generosity)

“The reason I’m calling is because I was CURIOUS about something I wanted to ask you. Are you possibly looking for ways to diversify your income?” (CURIOSITY)

“The reason I’m calling is I am having a little get together at The Perfect Cup coffee house to go over an idea that will help you get more business (or make more money) and I wanted to invite you out. Are you available on Tuesday evening for about an hour?” (INCLUSIVITY)


Really? That’s like saying there is no money in anything that costs a dollar. No money in fast food? No money in Q-Tips? No money in Macaroni and Cheese? No money in anything sold in the dollar store?

Anything that sells millions that has a profit margin has the potential to make big money.

Harvey McKay made hundreds of millions of dollars selling envelopes!

Actually, Kody Bateman paid out $350,000 yesterday. And about $250,000 today and about $300,000 the day before yesterday. That’s a lot of money! How much of it do you want? It’s yours when you build it. We’re just getting started. There is tons of profit in paper and ink the last time I checked!  I have friends that have made millions in this company that sells greeting cards and gifts.

How do you put a price tag on love and appreciation? Will it run out? Or can we create more of it? Will people pay $1 to express it and touch another human being in a way that makes a difference for them? How often? How many people are out there who deserve to receive this? How many are out there who crave to express it? Are we limited to just a few or is there an abundant opportunity? Do you believe there exists the opportunity for people to express love and appreciation to the tune of millions of cards per day? I do. I can see an opportunity here. Can you?

This business is not a lottery. As an entrepreneur, we are given the opportunity to see something that others don’t yet see. We cast a vision so others may see what we see. That’s what it means to build a business.  Mark Zuckerburg built Facebook for years before he ever monetized it. Today it is worth billions. You get to make money out of the gate in SOC. Can you look out beyond your bank account and your immediate circle of friends and envision attracting many thousands of people to a good idea that serves people?

When I was introduced to SOC, virtually everyone I knew that were considered the “experts” told me there was no money in SendOutCards. But I saw it differently and I set up to prove them wrong. They have all apologized to me since then.

When someone tells me there is no money in SendOutCards they have told me something important about themselves.  Vision is a quality of a leader. VISION. What is vision? It’s the ability to see something that others cannot yet see. It’s easy to get excited about something that has already happened. But after it has a happened it is not nearly as good as of an opportunity! The key is to be the creator of the movement. Are you up for it?

December 9, 2013-What’s the cost of playing small?

The Business Simple!

Just do these three things every day!

(I go over these 3 things with every new prospective distributor before they sign up. Their response is always . . . “I can do that!!”)

1. Send out at least 1 personal card a day.

2. Send out at least 1 DVD each day (365 a year).

3. Show the business once a day! (Show video and have them send a card WITH YOU PRESENT!

Lead with Product or Lead with the Opportunity??

Jeff Roberti has made $80 million in his network marketing company over the past 25 years. Kody met him on Thursday night in Las Vegas. He has 1 million people on autoship paying $40 a month! He leads with the product! However, he also said that he has people in his downline that lead with the opportunity! There are many people that lead with the opportunity that have significant incomes in network marketing as well. Whatever you do, show the opportunity DVD to each person that takes a look. DETACH YOURSELF FROM THE OUTCOME AND JUST SHOW IT! Let the system do the work. Look at it like “adult show and tell.” Have them send a card and watch the video OR have them watch the video and send a card.

Everyone you meet has a rolodex (or contact manager) that consists of a minimum of 250 names and numbers. If they have a cell phone or FB account, you can be assured that they know a bunch of people. It doesn’t matter whether THEY are a good prospect for the business. Become friends and they will introduce you to the people they know. I recently went to the office of a dentist that I know. He had an open house and his office was filled with patients and friends. I got a personal introduction from him. If you know 10 people that own businesses, you are once removed from a group of 10,000 people (1000 each). Simply get to know them and let them introduce you to the people they know.

In its simplest form –

I share something I love with people and I find others that would want to do the same thing. That’s it.

I am personally challenging myself to ask 2 people a day if they  keep their options open. “Do you keep your options open to look at opportunities that come along? Are you opposed to getting paid for being nice to people?”  2 per day is 700 a year. A minimum of 350 people will say yes and an average of 2 a month will sign up. This will set you on a pace to become financially free in 2 years. Do it. Just do it (I didn’t make this up).

Simon Sinek – “Start with Why” (Check out his TED talk on YouTube).

People who drive Harley’s would NEVER drive Hondas.

People who use a Mac would NEVER use a PC!!

People who snowboard would NEVER ski!

People who buy Mercedez would NEVER drive a BMW!

WHY? Because they are attracted to a culture and that culture is in perfect alignment with who they are!

We represent a culture of giving and kindness in SendOutCards. Do you see that Harley and Apple have NO COMPETITION?? We have no competition when we seek to find people that are perfectly aligned with our culture. There is a fortune to be made by simple finding those that resonate with who we are. You only have competition if you are not in complete alignment with our mission.

Have you considered what will happen if you didn’t build SendOutCards? What will it cost you? What’s the impact of not sending cards of appreciation and gratitude? What will your life be like if SendOutCards doesn’t work for you?

There are 36 inches on a yardstick, let’s assume each inch represents 2 years of your life. That means a yardstick is a typical life of 72 years. How old are you now? Where would you be on the yardstick? If you are 40 years old, you have already hit the 20 inch mark on the yardstick. If you are 50 you are at 25 inches. How much more of your life do you have to live? What if we could show you how to invest the next 2 inches (4 years) on the yardstick being nice to people so that you can live the rest of your life on YOUR TERMS? How has what you have been doing worked for the first 20-30 inches of the yardstick? Maybe it’s time to engage and plug in and really go to work? Are your fears keeping you from having the life of your dreams? Let’s talk about what will happen if you don’t engage now verses what your life could look like if you really get busy for the next 2 inches of your life. It’s YOUR LIFE. What do you want to do with it that is really meaningful to you?

Tonight I wore a shirt that was a little snug around the middle. I complained about the shirt as I was eating at a buffet in Vegas with some friends tonight. It occurred to me that it might not be the shirt that is the problem! Yet when I sat down I was blaming my shirt for the uncomfortable feeling around my middle section! Actually the problem is not even the extra few pounds. The problem is what I have been consuming over the past few weeks. If we are going to blame, let’s place the blame with the person that’s actually causing the problem. So, if you are not where you want to be after the time, energy and attention you have given to your business maybe it’s time to put the blame where it belongs. The formula is quite simple. What will it cost you to not do this business and what do you need to do NOW to significantly cause a breakthrough in your life?

What’s it costing you to play small –

Your health? Are you stressing about money every day? Are you stressing about not doing what you say you are going to do every day? Is it wearing away at your soul that you go day in and day out, week after week, month after month not getting the results that you want because you are not doing what you say you are going to do? This is a stressful way to live and one that will ultimately affect your health and your vitality.

How do your kids view you? I’m going to be fairly direct here? Just consider that your kids are watching you. When they ask for something and you have to say “no” because you don’t have the time or the money, what does that cost you? What if you were finally willing to pay the price and do the work so you and your family can have the life that you deserve? Or the promises you have made to your family that you haven’t fulfilled on, what impact does that have on the way they view you? Ouch.

Your life is NOW. You have an opportunity to pay a small price now so that you can live your dreams and not just think about them. The cost of not doing the business can be easily summed up in the reasons you signed up in the first place (for most of you!) Take a look at the yardstick. You will have NO REGRETS if you do it now but you may have many regrets if you don’t. Most people give up on their dreams and they spend their entire lives rationalizing that it was really not that important to them. They lie to themselves and to others. It’s time to tell the truth and then live into your greatness. The business is simple. You love it. You use it. You share it. You help find others that want to use it and share it. That’s it.

So what is it really costing you NOT to do this?

Your self-esteem?

Your pride?

Your health?

Your well-being?

How you are viewed by your family and friends?

Your dreams?

Your integrity? (you said you would do it and you are not doing it!)

Imagine the lifestyle you want. Exotic Travel? Walking the beaches of the world? Time with your family? Freedom from struggle? No more credit card bills? Friends all over the world? No more alarm clock! Raise your own kids!

Now imagine your life if you don’t get these things. Everything will be fine. It’s not the end of the world. But if you are telling the truth, things would be much better if you were living your dreams.

Isn’t it time to make your dreams come true? 2015 is coming whether you do this or not. 24 months from now your life could be completely transformed. It’s up to you.

Action neutralizes negative emotions. When you are in action, you will be making progress and those self-defeating thoughts will go away. Progress is the key to growth. Fill your calendar. Schedule your business. No more excuses. Run your day or your day runs you!

Here’s the deal. Two contacts a day, ask the question:

“Do you keep your options open to look at opportunities that come along? Are you opposed to getting paid for being nice to people?”

Keep track. Do this EVERY DAY. It takes seconds per day. Don’t filter. Be friendly. Be personable. Connect with people and DETACH YOURSELF from the outcome. Two years for financial freedom. You will get better and better as you go. Remember what Travis told me when he was teaching me to “hover” in the helicopter? “I can’t teach you how to do it, you just have to do it until you get it!” Richard Brooke says that all the training you get won’t mean a thing until you weigh it against the work you do out there in the world.  Do the work and the training will become invaluable.

I keep a supply of “The Four Year Career” by Richard Brooke on hand. You don’t need the book to do the business, but I like it as a prospecting tool. I have my label on them with my phone number and email address. If someone says “yes”, I give them that book and a DVD. I get their contact info (email and phone number at the very least). I do 2 per day and I ask for the book back after they are done. I get a commitment from them to read it and watch the DVD. It works! If your budget won’t allow you to give them anything, then just get their contact info and call them to invite them onto a call with you to view the video. Recognize that about 1/2 the people you contact won’t follow through at all. Again, detach yourself from the outcome. Stay grounded in your dream and the success of others that went before you. Really internalize the significant impact not doing this will have on your life. Think about all the people that will miss out because you didn’t do this. Think about all the fun and freedom that you’ll miss out on if you don’t follow through with this. Think about the acknowledgement and appreciation that goes out through a team of thousands. Do you realize that the energy of gratitude will not happen unless you build the business? You have a lot of power in what you have in your hands.

Why put yourself through all the stress and the pain of not making this happen now?Thinking about doing it is painful. Have you ever sat on a fence? It hurts until you get off the fence. If you are living in doubt, you are on the fence. If you are stressed out, you are on the fence. If you are talking about it and not doing it, you are on the fence. ACTION WILL TAKE YOU OUT OF DOUBT. Its time to make your dreams come true.

December 2, 2013 – CLEANING UP THE MESSES:

You drive home and pull up the driveway. You open the garage door with full intention to park your car in the garage. When the door opens you realize that the garage is full of stuff. Lots and lots of stuff that you have collected over the years is piled up and leaving no room for a car. So, you park your car in the driveway. The next day you pull up into the driveway and open the garage once again only to find the same mess. Rather than trying to tackle the clutter, you close the garage door and park in the driveway. For the next 12 months, the thought of cleaning up the garage consumes you. Every day you pull into the driveway you are stressed out about not being able to pull into the garage. You think about it incessantly. In fact, it almost speaks to you each day, “I need to handle the mess in the garage!” Ugh. Day after day, week after week, you are not able to pull your car into the garage because of the mess you have created. A simple solution would be to clean out the garage and that would give you the FREEDOM to pull into it. Until it gets cleaned up, you will not be able to experience that freedom.

For the past 9 years, I have been carrying around something that has been bothering me. I’ve been lying to myself that it really didn’t matter much. I’ve swept it under the rug. To tell the truth, it has consumed me and made me bitter and angry. (I’m baring my soul here.) In November of 2004, my best friend, Russell Johnson and I decided to go our separate ways. Well actually, I chose to go my separate way. He chose one path and I chose another. We used to work the business together. He got mad at me and I was really mad at him for not excepting my decision. We had a blowout and exchanged some nasty emails. We used to talk daily and from then on out, I pretended that his friendship didn’t matter that much. I would think about him all the time and ask about him whenever I ran into someone that knew him. He has since moved to the East Coast and had a child. We have not been in each other’s lives for 9 years.

I didn’t realize how much stress this was causing me and how much my pride was costing me. In all honesty, it was devastating. I would pretend that it really didn’t matter that much. I would tell myself that I was numb to it all. But in reality, it was eating away at my soul.

As I continued to look deeper I began to realize that I had other messes I had created that were costing me peace of mind and freedom. Not accepting my dad’s girlfriend, holding on to anger about people that had left our company, etc. In fact, everywhere I looked I was expressing dissatisfaction with things that had gone wrong. I could blame them for doing something that I didn’t agree with and completely avoid responsibility for the situation OR I could choose to clean up the messes that were keeping me from being free of the constraints of the past. I could take full responsibility and once and for all make them whole.

All the messes we create in our lives affect ALL areas of our lives. Personal conflicts we carry around with us affect our relationships and our business.

I’m committed to you experiencing a new sense of power and freedom around your relationships and your business. In a minute I’m going to ask you to reflect on the people in your life. For some of you this will be easy. For others, it may be difficult and represent a blind spot (an area that may be invisible or challenging for you to see). It takes courage to admit when we have messed some things up. I had to dig deep to begin to see where I had screwed up. This is not about who’s right and who’s wrong. Everyone has a reason for their story. We always think that we are right and they are wrong. In fact, they feel the same way as you do! As long as these messes are in your life don’t expect things to work too well.

I’m no expert when it comes to the dynamics of the human condition. I’m just asking you to consider this conversation as an opportunity to clear out some of the clutter that may be keeping you from experiencing your life to the fullest without the constraints of the past.

In a program that I recently attended, the leader said, “It’s like we are born and begin to grow up and we are moving through this beautiful warm clear liquid as we go through life. And then we poop in the water. No big deal. A little while later we poop in the water again. The water becomes a little murky. Then we poop in it again, and again and again, you get the idea. After a while we just kind of live with it all cloudy, smelly and murky. We begin to say to ourselves that’s just the way it is.”

Actually it’s not the way it is and it’s not the way it’s meant to be! The water is murky because we pooped in it!!

It takes some real courage to see the messes we have created in our lives. So the garage is a mess and it talks to you every day (well IT really doesn’t talk to you, YOU talk to you). And then you go into the kitchen and notice a huge stack of stuff that has been piling up. You say to yourself, “Oh man, I really need to get to that. It’s been driving me crazy!!” Again YOU are talking to YOU! You open your emails and notice you have 250 unread emails and again you beat yourself up. This goes on and on, day after day. Beating yourself up for unfinished business.

These all represent messes that we have created keeping us from being fully present and free. Do you think that if you felt free and unrestrained that things might work a little better?

I made a list last week of people that I had made messes with over the years and began to clean them up. I’m not done but I can tell you that I have a renewed sense of freedom. The neck and shoulder pain that I thought was physical and has persisted for years has completely dissipated. I haven’t been pre-occupied with all the self-chatter that has been keeping me from being present with the people important to me in my life.


Grab a notepad and a pen. I’m going to begin asking some questions and I would like you to write the names of the people who come to mind. Try not to filter this list. Please write the names as they come to you. Again, it may take some courage to be 100% honest with yourself here. It doesn’t matter if you think you are right or wrong here. The question is, where do you see that you are experiencing a loss of power or freedom over a person or a situation. So here we go:

Who has wronged you?

Who have you wronged?

Who hurt you?

Who have you hurt?

Who are you out of communication with?

Who have you lied to?

Who have you lied to over and over again?

Who bugs you?

Who are you constantly in disagreement with?

Who are you pissed at?

Who do you obsess about because of a messed up situation?

Now here is where the rubber hits the road. Are you ready to have a cathartic experience that will set you free and allow you to move forward removing the restraints from your life and from your business? Are you ready to zap the negative energy from your life? It’s time to clean out the garage so you can park there again. It’s time to remove the poop from the water.

I’m going to ask you to send a card to the people on this list of people. You’ll feel a feeling of freedom the moment you hit the send button. I want to hear your stories. We’re going to end this call early so you can take the next 10 minutes and send 2 cards to people on your list. This will take courage for some of you. It will be freeing in a way that you may have never experienced before. I want to hear your stories after the people you send to receive your cards. Be bold with this exercise. I did this last week and have experienced a sense of freedom like I haven’t felt in years. This is your chance to really say you are sorry and to clean up messes that have been around for years.

Here are some people to think about sending cards to:

One or both of your parents?

A former or current close relative?

A former or current close friend?

An estranged brother or sister?

A former or current co-worker?

A former or current boss?

Who are you mad at?

Who are you carrying a grudge for?

Who used to be in your life that is no longer in your life?

So circle the names of 2 people you are going to send your cards to.

You may want to start by saying:

“I’m really, really sorry. . . ”

“I owe you an apology. . . ”

“I’ve been lying to you . . . ”

“I’ve been an idiot . . . ”

“I’ve been holding you accountable for my being upset with you . . . ”

“I’ve been pretending that your friendship is not important to me . . . ”

There is probably no better gift that you can give yourself, your friends and your family than healing some of those troubled relationships. It’s as simple as an apology. This is your chance to clean up something that may have been haunting you for years.

Let’s hear your stories. You can send them to www.emailjordan.com.

November 11, 2013


1. To study intensely over a short period of time.

This is the first “Cram Class” that I will be teaching on our Monday night training call.

If these were my last 30 minutes with you and you wanted to build a successful SendOutCards business, what would I teach you? I’m calling this a “Cram Class” because I will attempt to cram everything you need to know and do into the next 30 minutes.

So, you want to build a successful SendOutCards business? You want to make a difference in the world and create a residual income that can pay you monthly for the customer volume you create?
There are a few beliefs that are essential to quickly building a business:

You must believe:

1. That there are millions of people in the world that can, and will use SendOutCards if they know about it.

2. That you have what it takes to learn a simple system for sharing SendOutCards with others in a way that the right people will “get it.”

3. That we are being guided by a source bigger than ourselves. That means that you are being guided by a source bigger than yourself.

4. That something good is going to happen for you as long as you stay in the flow of positive action and don’t quit.

5. That complaining to your up line, down line or cross line in person, email or on Facebook is counterproductive to the results you desire.

6. You only need a few who get a few to create massive results. The key is finding the right few.

7. That if thousands of others can do it, you can do it to.

8. That what others say or do has no bearing on your success. That you and only you are responsible of your success.

9. That your SendOutCards business is designed to grow. People will tell other people about a good thing that can make a difference in their lives.

10. That you, in fact will get back what you send out. When you consistently send out positives to the world, positives will come back to you at a rate that is almost inconceivable.

Beliefs are arbitrary. You either choose to believe or not. You don’t need evidence or proof. You must be 110% in to have the success you say you want. The action required to create success in your business must be consistent with the belief that this is going to happen for you. If you doubt or question the possibility of success, your journey will be disappointing at the least and painful at the most. If you base your belief on the opinions of others, you will never make it. I only have 30 minutes so I’m going to be brutally honest. You must have full resolve and you must act with confidence. Or you may simply get lucky and sponsor the right person at the right time. That can happen too.

The mechanics of building the business are quite simple. You’ve heard them over and over again (and you’ll continue to hear them).

1. WRITE DOWN YOUR DREAMS – (have you really done this???). Forget about what you think is possible at this point. Make a list of everything you would like to see happen in your life. It may seem painful at times because you don’t currently see how you will get them, but put your trust in your higher power and just write them down.

2. MAKE A LIST – (have you done THIS??) If you haven’t done it, do it now. Go through your Facebook friends and your phone list and write down the names of everyone that you know on a really long list.

3. INVITE PEOPLE TO TAKE A LOOK – Get a YES or a NO. YES, I want to take a look for NO, I don’t want to take a look. At any given moment, some people are looking and most are not. When someone is looking they will jump at the chance to learn more. Go into it with the attitude of “I don’t care whether I get a yes or a no. I just want an answer one way or another.” Ask the question, “If I could show you a way to make money for being nice to people would you like to learn more?” Get a YES or a NO. YES IS GOOD AND NO IS GOOD. Just collect answers.

4. SHOW A SIMPLE PRESENTATION – Validate with real stories and real people. I came in because I watched the DVD and it got me excited enough to email my sponsor. Have someone watch the DVD and send a card on the system. I don’t know of how many more ways I can tell someone how to do this. OR you can have them send a card on the system and then have them watch the Video. Which video? Any video! Go to www.sendoutcards.com/YOURID#. Have them click on WATCH THE VIDEO. Get them to an event or create an event. A one-on-one presentation counts as an event. Demarr showed me over the phone and then I flew to Corporate from Arizona.

5. FOLLOW UP – Be unreasonably patient with people! Your top leaders will probably come from people that said no in the beginning. Embrace this. Stay in touch with calls, emails, CARDS, GIFTS and phone calls. Make sure the people on your list know that you are still engaged and working the business. This is the step that most people drop the ball. Todd Falcone was contacted by a woman that fell off the face of the earth and then I sponsored him when he was ready. Today he has over 15,000 distributors on his team.

6. SIGN THEM UP AND TEACH THE 7/30/Q – It’s important to know that it’s not about going to GET customers and distributors. Yes, we talk about GETTING your 7/30/Q and GETTING your promotions. However, SendOutCards is a philosophy of GIVING. If what Kody Bateman teaches is true, then we must be focused on giving without the expectation of getting. The getting will take care of itself. Give abundantly and you will receive abundance. GIVE PEOPLE THE GIFT OF ACTING ON PROMPTINGS. GIVE PEOPLE THE GIFT OF OPPORTUNITY. When I show someone SendOutCards, I am offering them the gift of financial freedom if they choose to embrace it. We all have the same opportunity. It’s what WE choose to do with it that will determine where it takes us. Put yourself in the mindset of giving abundantly. GIVE out DVDs. GIVE out gift accounts. GIVE gifts. GIVE people a chance to break out of a rut.


Okay let’s now assume that you only have 30 minutes a day to do all of this. That’s okay!
Some days you might find you can work 2-3 hours and other days not at all. What can you do in 30 minutes per day to get things going?

First of all you must know that you CAN do the business successfully on 30 minutes a day.
You’ll need to massively leverage the tools and stay laser focused and consistent because 30 minutes is not a lot of time.

First of all you must be 100% committed to productivity. You have no time to read emails and dilly-dally around on the internet. The FB and TV are your enemies if you have limited time. I cannot over-emphasize this.

If I had 30 minutes a day, my target activities would be:

1. Send 1 personal card every day. (5 min)
2. Send 1 card a day with a DVD in it. Set up as a campaign so you can send it in seconds vs. having to type everything out. (2 min)
3. Introduce 2 people per day, 3 days a week to SOC. (10 minutes each)
4. Follow up for 20 minutes a day twice a week (call, email and send cards to people that have looked at the business).

It’s okay to let people know you only have 10 minutes. They will respect the fact that you are really busy building a business.

Throughout your week connect with people as you are out and about. Be inquisitive and interested in others. Ask the question, “If I could show you a way to make money by being nice to people would you be interested in learning more?” Get contact info (Name, email address and phone number). Email them and ask for their mailing address. Mail a card and a DVD. Email the new business presentation: http://vimeo.com/79142748

You can also just ask people what they are up to and what some of their goals are. In other words, ask people what they want. When they tell you say, “If I could show you how to get that would you be interested in taking a look?” If they say,”yes”, then get their name, email address and phone number. Email them and ask for their mailing address(tell them you want to mail them something). Send them a “nice to meet you” card with a DVD and then email them the new business presentation.

So here would be a typical schedule on 30 minutes per day:

Monday: Send 1 personal card, Send 1 card with a DVD. Email out 3 links with Video to people on your list.

Tuesday: Send 1 personal card. Send 1 card with a DVD. Follow up with those that you have sent videos and DVDs.

Wednesday: Send 1 personal card. Send 1 card with a DVD. Email out 3 links with Video to people on your list.

Thursday: Send 1 personal card. Send 1 card with a DVD. Follow up with those that you have sent videos and DVDs.

Friday: Send 1 personal card. Send 1 card with a DVD. Email out 3 links with video to people on your list.

Saturday: Listen to recording of training call from the past week (30 minutes).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Answering questions, signing someone up as a customer or distributor, or training someone on the 7/30/Q always takes priority over other business building activities. When someone signs up, use your 30 minutes that day to train them using the 7/30/Q Fast Start Guide. Spend the next day teaching them to do EXACTLY what you are doing.

This is a very condensed schedule and requires extreme focus and belief. You can build it on a limited schedule but you must be VERY efficient and deliberate. Let people know that your time is very limited and valuable. They will appreciate it. Some will take the ball and run with it knowing that you are somewhat unavailable. After someone gets started and has others to show it to, make yourself available to do QUICK 3 way calls. Let the potential distributor know that you only have 10 minutes to chat. 3-way calls with potential distributors should always take precedent over any other scheduled activities.

Here is how to prioritize your activities on a 30 minute schedule (from highest priority to lowest priority):

1. Signing up a new distributor. (10 minutes)
2. Group conference call with guests. (20 minutes)
3. 3-way call with a guest. (10 minutes)
4. Teaching the 7/30/Q to a brand new distributor. (10 minutes)
5. Signing up a customer. (10 minutes)
6. Sending out a DVD with a card. (2 minutes)
7. Sending out personal cards. (5 minutes)
8. Attending a training event with new distributors. (30 minutes)
9. Listening in on training conference calls. (30 minutes)
10. Reading emails. (Limit to 5 minutes a day – focus on important emails that have to do with building the business.)
11. Facebook (only on your free time)

If you only have 30 minutes a day, you’ll want to spend most of your time doing things at the top of this list. If you find yourself doing things at the bottom of the list, you will never have the success you want.

November 4, 2013

10 Steps to Mastering the Business of Network Marketing

The mechanics of network marketing are quite simple. They can be learned in a matter of a few short hours. Most people that have been around the business for even a few months can spout off the simple steps to building a network marketing business. Then why do so few make it? You must pass through failure to find success. There are no short cuts. Building the business is less about the skills and more about a way of thinking. If I were to line 30 top money earners from 30 different companies side by side on the stage and asked each one of them how they built their businesses, the mechanics would have similarities but there would be differences in their approaches and techniques.

At SendOutCards we have a very simple system for building the business that is laid out for us:

Establish your why.
Build your list.
Make contact and invite.
Show the business.
Follow up.
Train your new distributor.
Repeat the process.

So why is it that most people have trouble doing these simple things?
If every person that signed up in the business did these 7 things every day, we would become a billion dollar company overnight! And many residual entrepreneurs would be born!

The key to our future success is to inspire EVERYONE to do these 7 simple things every day! There is BIG money in SendOutCards. If the money isn’t flowing, it’s because you and your team are not doing these 7 things every day. If you know them and you are not doing them, you are burning daylight! It’s time to light a fire and get to work so you can have the life that you say you want.

Let’s talk about 10 STEPS that can break you loose on your journey and help you begin the cycle of momentum in your business. You already know the mechanics of building. Now it’s time to unlock the steps to mastery and speed.

STEP #1 – Make your excuses for not doing the business your REASONS for doing the business!
What is it for you? Are you working too many hours at your job? Are you tired and grumpy at night? Do you have financial troubles that are stressing you out? Do you live in a remote area? Are you too young, too old? Are you afraid of public speaking? Is your car broken down? All of these can be excuses for not doing the business OR they can become your reasons for doing the business. It’s up to you! In fact, you might find that your very excuse is the catalyst for you to inspire others like you to join the team and grow.

STEP #2 – Commit to doing the business as you go rather than going out to do the business. People that make it in the network marketing profession adopt the business as part of their lives. You don’t need to be one of those crazy people that talks about it all the time, but you do want to be on the lookout for people that have “life-force”. Become acutely aware of the people around you throughout your day. Be curious, fascinated and interested in others. Be prepared if someone starts asking lots of questions. I always have sample cards, my laptop, some DVD’s and some Beach Money books with me at all times just in case someone wants to see the business right then and there. If you only do the business when you have time to do the business, you will probably never get to it. The world is my “Opportunityland” (like the various lands in Disneyland).

STEP #3 – Become partners with Kody in his mission to make the world a better place instead of just a rep trying to do the business. The only difference between you and Kody is that he is more committed to the dream than you are. Everything will change for you the moment you become a partner on this mission of personal growth. Find out who you are and give yourself away. You have something that the world needs that only you can do. Send out your gifts to the world. Become a catalyst for positive change. Set off a chain of events that will make the world a better place. Pay it forward. Mr Simonett gave this assignment to his 5th grade class, “Think of something to change the world and then put it into action.” 10 year old Trevor took on the assignment and started the pay it forward movement. He died in a school yard gang fight and never saw his “Pay it Forward” come to fruition. But this little boy changed the world. A few simple acts of kindness today has become one of the greatest movements in human history. What could you do with your SendOutCards account and an opportunity to create financial freedom?

STEP #4 – FIND OUT WHAT PEOPLE WANT and then show them how they can have it by being part of our program. This is simple and profound. Find out what people want!! Simply ask them. What do you want in your life that you don’t currently have? If I can show you something that could help you get it, would you be willing to look? Keep an open mind.

STEP #5 – Master the art of telling a story. Keep your story simple and clear. Every successful business without exception has a story attached to it. You can tell your story or someone else’s. “Do you have 2 minutes to hear a quick story?” According to Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, “stories are like crack to the human brain”. When you offer a story, people lean forward. Why do you think the tabloids are so successful? Simply say, “I have a story to tell you, ” and people lean forward. What a great way to get people to lean in and say “Tell me more!”

STEP #6 – Become the creator of MOVEMENT in your business. Your list should be changing daily. Your calendar is the pre-curser to growth. A full calendar means growth is coming. An empty calendar means don’t expect much. As a leader, you are the catalyst for creating opportunities for you and your team to expose the business to more people. You must show your team progress. Otherwise why should they bother? You are responsible for the progress you want to see on your team. EVERYONE must take on this responsibility. Book get-togethers for you and the people you know. Start small and grow from there. Host one get together with another person each day. Teach your team to do exactly the same thing. Tell your new personally sponsored distributors that you would like to be in on their get-togethers. Movement is always the key to growth. What do you do if you want a muscle to grow? Did you know that money doesn’t grow unless it moves? Money sitting around gets stagnant. People sitting around get stagnant. Create life in your business by moving things along. Find the others that want to move with you.

STEP #7 – Learn to work your list and the list of others that you sponsor. If you have 100 friends and they each have 100 friends, you have access to 10,000 people through simple introductions. It’s okay to ask. Your pay becomes effective when you do. Remember this is not a lottery. It’s a business. Business growth involves people. I once had someone say to me, “is this one of those businesses that you have to deal with people?” Ha ha ha! I answered, “being in business is probably not for you!”

STEP #8 – Do what you can. But do SOMETHING to build your business EVERY DAY! There are many people in our profession that joined and built big businesses because of watching a DVD. I am one of them. If you are working a job 12 hours a day and have a family, a). Make THAT your reason for doing the business and not your excuse. b). Give out 3 DVD’s per day with your name and number on them. Ask each person to watch it and give you feedback.

STEP #9 – Create “Sliding Doors” moments in your life. Do you remember the movie Sliding Doors? It is two movies in one. Gweneth Paltrow is running in the city to catch a train. In one scenario she gets sidetracked for a few seconds and the train doors close in front of her. In the second scenario she makes the train. The two movies show how radically different her life becomes because of a split second decision.

STEP #10 – Step into your intention. In other words, HOW you get there doesn’t matter as much as that you get there. The closer you can align yourself with your intention the easier everything becomes. If you are struggling, you have inserted all kinds of imaginary obstacles between you and your goal. The act of DOING the business is simple. Managing what you say to yourself will be as hard as you make it. You must pass through struggle to get to success. Art Jonak says, “If they only knew how great it is they would walk through broken glass to get it”. To put it bluntly, you are always the one CREATING the obstacles standing between you and your dreams. Go through them, around them, eliminate them or let them fuel you. Make them your reason to win. Stop using them as an excuse to fail.

Quitting is a solution to a temporary problem. Chris Brady told a memorable story at the MLM Mastermind this weekend in Orlando. He talked about a guy who was changing his new baby boy’s diaper and in the middle of it all decided to pick his nose. Well about five minutes later he goes into the kitchen and says to himself, “it smells like poop in here!” Later that night he walks into the bedroom and notices that the bedroom smells like poop too! What’s the point? Where ever he goes, it still smells like poop! Everywhere you go, there you are! People who quit never achieve mastery. Usually when you are challenged with something it means there is something you need to master that is holding you back. So here are three things you can do to keep from quitting:

a. Don’t quit on a bad day. If you are having a bad day, week or month, stay in the game until things turn around (and they always do). You won’t want to quit.

b. Make decisions based on your commitments and never on your emotions. Emotions are like waves in the ocean. They ebb and flow. True commitments are rock solid and unwavering. Commit to the cause and to your dream. Let nothing stop you from accomplishing your dream. You are 100% responsible for achieving it or not.

c. When you are feeling down, take action. For example if you are feeling tired and lethargic, the best cure is to go for a run or take a walk. Don’t wallow in your misery. The only people that will want to be around you are other miserable people.

When you feel yourself beginning to doubt, turn up the volume! Doubt needs to be right! Doubt wants to justify quitting! Doubt seeks company! Shift your energy of doubt to energy of hope. Doubt and hope cannot live in the same space. By the way, doubt has little to do with what is really going on. Doubt is simply the absence of hope. For every person that is doubting there are many that are hopeful. You just need to choose which will serve you best. Doubt has never resulted in a successful growing business. Choose hope over doubt.

If you learned something here, teach it to the others on your team, especially to your brand new distributors.

October 28, 2013


Regardless of where you are in your business (as a brand new distributor or as an Executive wanting to take your business to a whole new level), the next 24 months can find you in a whole new place. I had been in my company for 3 years and was making less than $2000 a month after I had quit my job prematurely. There were already 60,000 distributors in the company. 24 months later I was earning in excess of $34,000 a month and went on to make $8 million.

I believe that the greatest skill you will need to adopt if you are to make it as an entrepreneur is the ability to look forward and not back. After our last company (which was a billion $$ company) went away as a result of a major shift in technology, many people got stuck blaming our founder. Ten years later, I still have to listen to some of them whine and complain about the way they had been slighted and cheated and mistreated. Many of them are financially destitute. These are people that were earning $500,000 to $1,000,000 per year. They got stuck and jaded. Some people continue to look back and not forward. In fact, I have a friend that had 450,000 people in his organization in another company and for 10 years he has been stuck and jaded. He continues to blame the leader of that company for his troubles. He can’t let go of the past and his bank account shows it.

Today -right now, decide that you will only look forward. Let go of the past. The past DOES NOT EQUAL THE FUTURE! The proof of this is that every major breakthrough that has ever occurred in business was a result of a shift that occurred, a revolution that changed everything. I have seen this repeated over and over again in business. Simple changes are implemented and, usually without warning, something clicks. There is a breakthrough. In the beginning you are told, “it can’t be done.” Then, once things begin to happen, you are told you are “lucky”. After you have had success for a while people begin to classify you as a “genius”. There is not a single billion dollar company on the planet that hasn’t gone through multiple significant transitions over time. Most people are not true entrepreneurs and the blaming begins. A true entrepreneur has an ability to see the invisible. They are creators. They are not victims of their circumstances. Read Tony Hseis book, Delivering Happiness – This is the story of Zappos. Zappos is one of the most admired billion $$ companies in the world. Many people lost faith that they could do it. They went through years of transition. Lots of people left because they doubted Tony’s ability to lead. Today they are sought out as an industry leader. SendOutCards’ story is very similar. Read it! The past does not equal the future. Look forward and not back. As companies evolve, in many cases, the players change. Some people move on and others stay the course. This is normal and healthy.

In Puerto Rico, Jodi Bateman said from the stage as she held Kody’s hand with tears in her eyes, “I feel like this is a new beginning for SendOutCards”.

I see myself as a partner with Kody. I share his vision. I want to challenge you to do the same. Most people jump around and eventually quit the business of network marketing. AND most people never make money in network marketing. Most people consider themselves “reps” that are going to “try” things out for a while. Most people spend their entire career doubting and questioning. They are never fully engaged as a partner in the mission. I have seen this attitude at ALL levels of leadership. One’s title and income make little difference. I’m on a mission to see the job through. We have come a long way and we have LOTS of ground to cover. We are good and getting better. There are some ground breaking innovations going on at headquarters right now. Be patient. Keep being generous by sending cards and then share this gift with others.


Regardless of where you are, take a look at what you have at your fingertips. If you are a Manager, Senior Manager, Executive or above, you have a position that has significant value regardless of whether your business is currently growing. You have a “coded” starting point. If you are not there yet, get there. Kody has invested millions and millions of dollars putting the infrastructure in place. You get to benefit from that. When you paid your money to start your SendOutCards business, you gain access to that infrastructure. You get the technology for sending cards and gifts. You get the warehousing. You get a customer service team. You get a payroll, accounting and HR department. You get a meeting and training infrastructure that supports and pays you for simply plugging your people in. In traditional franchising you would pay $100,000-$1.5 million to gain the same infrastructure and support system.

Take stock of what you have at your fingertips. You have THE MOST POWERFUL RELATIONSHIP BUILDING TOOL ON THE PLANET! Plus, you didn’t have to pay to get it set up! Whether you want to increase sales, be happier, add more value, be more popular, get more referrals, or just be a better friend, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, parent, child, etc., SendOutCards is for you. And it was all set up in advance to the tune of millions of dollars for you to take full advantage of.

Let’s look forward and not back.


I have heard people say this about networking groups, “They won’t let me talk about the opportunity so I only get customers. It’s a waste of my time. I spend more money than I make because I only make $1.55 per customer per month.” I could do a four hour seminar on this statement. The person that says this has a lot of growing to do as it relates to networking. First of all, the big money is in the small money. A $100,000 a month or more check in almost all cases in our profession comes from thousands of $1.55 per month checks. J. Paul Getty said, “I would rather have 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own.” Do only what’s worth duplicating. If you want thousands of $1.55/month checks being deposited into your bank account each month, then sign up customers and be the best example to your team that you can be! What do you want your down-line to do? Do that!

There is a bigger lesson I learned years ago; I wasn’t born with it. In a networking environment you must always look beyond the people you meet. When someone says, “I don’t get referrals from my networking group and I never get any distributors because I’m not allowed to talk about my opportunity,” they are missing a key principle of networking. You see, everyone in your group knows at least 2000 people on a first name basis. The people THEY know are the ones that could introduce you to the right people in the right setting. From my first networking group of 12 people in Scottsdale, AZ back in 2005, I make about $21,000 a month or more. Sure, I got a few customers out of the group and once in a while I got a customer referral from a member. But the real value came in the form of introductions to the people they know. Here’s a real life example: I am part of a networking organization in Las Vegas. There are 40 members in the group and 18 of them have signed up as customers in the past 60 days. I have also received referrals for about 10 more that I’m working on getting to. I have gotten to know each member of the group and have sent cards and gifts to everyone in the group. They do unsolicited testimonials for me at the meetings each week (because they love the brownies). I recently found out that the group is considering doing a holiday party. Well, I know that each one of my members knows at least 1000 others. So that means there are in excess of 40,000 people that my group could introduce to me. I have a feeling that at least 5000 of them are open to making some money by being nice to people. I’m not going to jump the gun! I offered to “host” the holiday party. I’ll suggest everyone bring a friend or two if they like. I won’t be talking business, but I’ll be asking a lot of questions and listening intently. Some will directly and indirectly tell me that they are looking for something. I’ll take note and get their contact info. These are all personal introductions. I can work down very deep into a network like this and build a team of thousands over time. Do you see how a small group of people can lead you to a big group of people? It’s like mining for gold. You’ll find that in network marketing you are either growing like crazy or your group is pretty stagnant. That’s normal. Did you know that the vast majority of people that came to California during the gold rush went home empty handed? Most miners quit before they found the gold. Many died broke. Others persisted and weathered the harshest of environments and circumstances and became wealthy beyond belief. Look at networking as mining for gold. You paid $395 for a pick, a shovel and a wheel barrel. But you can’t go for the throat. You must enter into your relationships with a spirit of giving. The more you give the more you get, as long as your giving is genuine. Create opportunities to meet others that they know. For example, you might consider planning a lunch for salespeople where you each share tips. Invite the members of your networking organization that are involved in sales and ask them to bring 2 others that aren’t part of the group that are also involved in sales. You’ll get 20-30 personal quality introductions that could turn into possible business builders. The ideas are endless. Network the Network.

October 14, 2013

I was recently contacted by a gentleman from Russia that has purchased a few hundred copies of Beach Money. He asked me if I would contribute to his blog. Here are the answers to some of the questions he asked me:

Residual income in network marketing – It is possible or is it a myth?

A: It’s very real. I have hundreds of friends that receive a residual check from their network marketing businesses each month. Many of them have not worked the business in years. I have received a residual check that exceeds $1,000,000 per year for the past four years. I started from scratch as a distributor. But it’s important to know that Network Marketing is not a lottery. You don’t just sign up and then wait for the money to roll in. The volume flowing through your organization will determine the size of your residual check. I have traveled the world with friends that have very large residual checks from their network marketing businesses. I suggest reading, “The Greatest Networkers in the World” by John Milton Fogg. (21 stories of real people that have become millionaires in network marketing).
To do the work once and then receive money over and over – this is the dream of many distributors. What do you think about this?

A: Putting action and belief behind the dream is the formula for success in network marketing. I am a dream broker. Most people stop dreaming at a fairly young age. I help people recapture their dreams and especially the belief in those dreams and then show them how they can achieve them through belief and hard work.

What is your greatest achievement in network marketing ?

A: I have helped thousands of people create residual checks of $200-$40,000 per month. In fact, right now, my team is paid over $1,000,000 per month in residual income. I’m proud of that. But most of all, helping my family (I bought a new car for my father and I have taken my family on many trips together). 100% of the profits from Beach Money™ go to charity (www.kiva.org). To date, I have contributed almost $300,000 to this organization and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs in developing countries launch businesses through the program.

What is the most important secret to success in network marketing?

A: I get asked this question all the time. Unfortunately it’s different for everyone. There is no ONE most important thing. But I do believe the answer is simple for everyone. It’s just finding out what will drive you to run the course. There are 4 steps to achieving any dream:
1). Determine what you want – YOUR DREAM. 2). SCHEDULE the first steps on your calendar. 3). Trust the process – Others have done it before you. 4). See the job through – Don’t stop until you achieve your dream.

Skills? Grow leaders? Duplication? Discipline? Or something else?
What do you think about this?

A: Yes! All of the above. Skills are the least important in my opinion. If you are hungry enough, you’ll figure out what to do with almost no training at all. 50% Hunger. 40% Belief. 8% Skills. 2% other. Duplication is a result of teaching the same thing over and over throughout your organization. Apply the 8 year old test. “If an 8 year old and do it and an 8 year old can teach it NOW, then do it. Otherwise don’t do it.” Only do what’s worth duplicating. People get confused because many times their up-line do things that may work for them but are very difficult to replicate. That’s like a plugged garden hose. It doesn’t matter if the water is running.

Apparently your working day lasts 1 or 2 hours a day. It is a reality or a myth? What do you usually do? How is your day?

A: I probably average 4 hours a day of actual work. In the beginning I worked 14 hours per day for about 6 months. Today I have thousands of people on my team and each put in 1-2 hours a day, so I benefit from the work of thousands of hours. But in the beginning I needed to put the work in myself to get it going. Today I still show the business 3-4 times a week and I sponsor 1 person every 2 weeks. I also do team training and opportunity meetings each week. I take way too many vacations as well. One of my goals was to take one week of vacation per month and I have been doing that for years!

What qualities do you look for in a candidate?

A: Hunger is #1. How bad can they taste success? It’s impossible to measure the size of someone’s heart so I will give anyone a shot with one exception; I don’t have time to take on whiners, complainers or defeatists. We are all independent entrepreneurs. My job is to give someone the tools they need to succeed. But in the end, it’s up to them. I’ll be a support anchor but I don’t need to hear excuses about why it won’t work.

What do you say to the candidate?

A: Let’s go! And then I see what they actually do. If they don’t do anything, then I’m off to the next person. I don’t spend a minute trying to get them to go to work. They have to find that within themselves. I like my free time. One of the reasons they got involved in network marketing is to create some free time. So I must set a good example. If I find myself babysitting, then I am not setting a good example.

What are the commitments you take from candidates for start?

A: Every leader has their own style. I have never been one to ask for a commitment from someone. They need to be accountable to themselves first. I’m looking for SELF starters.

What are the commitments you give him? (If you sponsor).

A: I will take 3 steps for every one that they take. If they are not moving, then I am off working with someone who is.

What books would you recommend distributor?

A: Check out the back few pages of Beach Money™. I have some recommendation there.
I also love the book I recommended earlier in this interview “The Greatest Networkers in the World”. Here are a few of my favorites:

You2 by Price Pritchett
The 45 Second Presentation by Don Failla
Big Al Tells All by Tom Shreiter
The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz
Go Pro by Eric Worre
The Go Giver by Bob Burg
Delivering Happiness by Tony Hseih
Before Happiness by Shawn Achor
Start with Why by Simon Sinek
Your First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell
The Four Year Career by Richard Brooke

Do you like pizza? You are meeting in a coffee shop or at home? Office? Is it possible to do an interview with the candidate and presentation at the beach?

A: All of the above. I meet at all the places you have mentioned including the beach. I also do meetings in office conference rooms, hotel meeting rooms, garden courtyards, airplanes, etc. I set up appointments to meet with people.

Many distributors are asking, “Do I need to be sociable, active and influential in order to achieve success in network marketing?”

A: If you are not sociable you will need to find people that are. Ultimately someone needs to talk to someone else. But I have friends that are somewhat anti-social, one lady even dislikes people! But she found a few that are good networkers and the rest is history. A friend of mine Philip Echart is a six figure monthly earner for years. He does not speak in front of groups and is very nervous around people. But one-on-one he can communicate his plan and he sponsors like crazy. He has a group of thousands. But most successful network marketers are social and love people.

Many distributors are asking “Do I work better with friends or with strangers?” Which method is more efficient? Why?

A: A friend is just a stranger that you got to know. You’ll always work better with friends. If you can figure out how to sponsor a stranger, don’t expect them to stick around long. People continue to work with people they like. Network Marketing is built on relationships. Period.

What do you say to people who won’t make a decision to do it or not.

A: I tell them to think about it and then let me know when they’ve decided what they want to do. In the meantime I continue to stay in touch. They are in my contact manager and I stay in touch with them with periodic calls, emails, cards, etc. I don’t bug them but they know I still think about them from time to time. They will let me know what they are ready or not. I don’t try and convince someone to do it if they are not ready. I want people that lean towards me, not away from me.

What are the main 2 – 3 benefits in network marketing?

Time Freedom. Forge Great Friendships. Travel the World. Dream again.

How long does it take to train a new distributor in your system? Days, weeks, or months?

A: I give them 1 hour of personal training up front and then see what they do. I give them 2 or 3 simple assignments and see if they follow through. I also invite them to a team training and see if they show up. I apply little “tests” to see if they are really ready to get going. I will give someone as much training as they need as long as they are doing something to advance the business (i.e.; inviting people to take a look, using the product, signing up customers, etc).

How you are using the internet to sponsor or to sell products? Or for training people?

A: I use the internet to share our presentation, but almost 95% of the time, I am with them over the phone or in person when I do it. I also use the internet to share my life on Facebook. I don’t do any internet marketing or lead programs. I have observed that most people who build their network marketing businesses over the internet are constantly having to rebuild. Relationships are the glue that hold an organization together. Without those, there is no long term organization.

What can you wish to beginners who came into the business and start? And in the end, what can you wish the readers of my blog and distributors (Oriflame, Amway, Agel, NSP, Vision, Herbalife and other companies). What would you wish MLM-distributors in Russia, Ukraine?

A: Most of the population of the world has never heard of network marketing. We are in a very elite and small community of entrepreneurs. As a network marketing profession we need to support each other on our quest to bring opportunity to the world. Most traditional avenues for financial growth are not within the reach of the average working person. We offer a vehicle that can change someone’s life for the better in many ways. Investing money takes money. Succeeding in a traditional business takes lots of money and specialized knowledge and skill. A college degree or advanced degree will rarely provide a vehicle for financial freedom. Network Marketing offers a way to learn business from the ground up and produce an income stream that almost no other opportunity can offer. The only way you lose is if you quit. Become a real student of this profession and then PRACTICE what you learn. You’ll get paid while you work. You’ll get paid while you play. You’ll get paid while you learn. You’ll get paid what you’re worth AND you’ll get paid while you sleep.

Jordan Adler
Network Marketing Millionaire
Author of Beach Money™

September 9, 2013


You may have heard me say in the past that “The long way is the short way”. Sometimes on the surface, what would appear to be a shortcut is actually the long hard road and in most cases it leads to ultimate failure. On the other hand, what appears to take a long time, can actually create explosive growth.

Dr. Ivan Misner (the founder of BNI) trademarked a formula for massive success in networking. It’s called the VCP Formula.

V stands for VISIBILITY (people need to know who you are).

C stands for CREDIBILITY (people need to trust and respect you and your business enough to want to do business with you).

P stands for PROFITABILITY V+C = Profitability.

If you find that most people know who you are and what you do but few people get involved with you, you may have a credibility issue. Or it may be possible that most of the people in your contact manager don’t have a clue what you do. You may have a VISIBILITY issue.

We create visibility by sending cards and introducing people to our program. Let’s talk about how we can improve our credibility with people so that over time they are more likely to work with us.

A table with 3 legs won’t stand. You must have all 4 legs. So here is the “L.E.G.S. System”.

How to QUICKLY build an organization:






Here are some things that can help you accelerate the growth of your team.

a.Three way calls.

b.conference calling.



e.conference calls.

f.audio postcards.

I was told in the mid-90s that if I would master 3-way calling, I would increase my annual pay by $80,000 a year. At the time I was making $14,000 a year at my job, so this was significant. I can remember my first 3- way call. It was with my rep Lisa Kneller and we did a 3-way call with a woman named Annette Dizino. I remember exactly where I was sitting at my home in the mountains. I was nervous and I had written out some notes on a little index card. I got through it and have since done HUNDREDS of them. Your new rep has the trust and you bring the credibility. I ask each person I do a three-way call with to have already sent a card on the system and watched the BRICK AND MORTAR DVD. After that, I can then simply answer questions and expand their vision. Two people are better than one person. 3-way calling and conference calling are simply a way to bring more and more people together. Four people are better than two people. Ten people are better than four people. Synergy and growth are typically a result of more and more people coming together and sharing a common vision. This can be done in person or over the phone. You can become the catalyst for bringing people together. More meetings mean more money. Technology is simply another way to bring more people together. The business is built around live, personal conversations and stories. So allow more and more people to experience the story using technology. The conference call is just an example of this (keep in mind you must have something to say). Campaigns are another way to reach people quickly and powerfully. Send at least 2 or 3 campaigns per year. Campaigns are less personal but they do allow you to connect with more people in less time. Do your best to make your campaigns meaningful and fun.

2. EDUCATE – I have a friend who is a Culligan water man. He set me up with water. I’ve noticed that he “SELLS” water. It dawned on me that

I have an idea that may help him exponentially grow his water business. Water is probably the #1 preventer of disease. There is so much written on this subject. He could sell 10 x as much water if he focused on the diseases that occur when someone is dehydrated because they don’t drink enough water each day. Then he could show people studies that prove that water will prevent those diseases. Why don’t people drink enough clean and fresh water? Because it’s not readily available to them. He needs to become an expert on how water can help someone’s health and what happens when you don’t drink enough water. Now this isn’t directly related to my SendOutCards business, but it builds CREDIBILITY with him and he is 100X more likely to want to hear what I have if I have made a sincere effort to contribute value. Teach and educate people vs. trying to “sell” them. We must do the same thing. You’ll accelerate your growth curve if you educate people vs. sell them. Offer them information that will be valuable to them in their lives.

3. GENEROSITY – Be generous with your time, words and money – Give gifts without expecting anything in return (small gifts are fine – it’s the thought that counts). Pay sincere compliments to people. Over-tip. When you find a book that you love, order 2 copies and give one away. When someone is in need, make a donation. It doesn’t have to be big, just do what you can. Become a generous person. Look for ways to escalate your generosity to a new level all the time. Become the most generous person you know. How can you rally others to do the same. Be the catalyst for the expansion of generosity and kindness.

4. SIMPLICITY – Here is the simplicity of what we do. You get A FEW loyal customers. (In your lifetime you really only need 2 customer points although, I recommend getting about 10). Then, we show others how to do the same. We teach people to get in the habit of reaching out in kindness at least once a day by sending cards and gifts. That’s pretty much it. It’s a pretty simple formula. We tend to overcomplicate it. We can then show people what is possible by just duplicating this same thing over and over again. The numbers get pretty crazy. Even when we scale them back they can be quite significant. If you’ll keep it this simple and strive to EDUCATE vs. SELL, the rest will fall into place. The BRICK AND MORTAR TO CLICK AND ORDER REVOLUTION is a pretty simple concept. We are taking an OFFLINE PRODUCT and bringing it ONLINE to make it accessible to everyone (and less expensive) thus EXPANDING the market!

2 questions: “Can you find a few people to try and use SendOutCards? Can you find a few others that want to make some extra money doing the same thing?” If the answers to these two questions is YES, then we want to welcome you to the SendOutCards team!







a. Give away free accounts and show people how to use them.

“I want to give you a free account and show you how to use it”.

(You can set it up by 1). Pulling up contact 2). Clicking on VIEW CONTACT 3). Clicking on ENABLE GIFT ACCOUNT

You’ll be able to assign, points, expense, a user name and password that will allow someone to log in and try it out.

b. Make your cards cool. Drag a picture into the center of the card (right between the fold) and click the SPAN button on the editor. Your picture will span both panels. Consider adding ELEMENTS. For example, you can drag a piece of notebook paper and pen from the DESK section of the ELEMENTS and then place your message on the paper in your handwriting font. Be creative and have fun!!

c. If you have never made a campaign, watch the 3-minute campaign tutorial and just do it. Make one. I have over 200 campaigns now after doing this for 8 years. This represents massive leverage.

d. Did you know you can send a campaign card to a bunch of people all at the same time and then go back and modify individual cards before they have been printed? The cards get printed at midnight Mountain Time. Up until that time, you can click on card history, pull up all the cards that you sent that day in the campaign and then go in a edit/modify the cards and gifts in each campaign. For example let’s say you sent a campaign to 25 people and you wanted 3 of them to receive gifts. Send the campaign, pull up the cards that are in queue to go out (under card history) and then EDIT the cards you want to add gifts to.

e. Almost 100% of those that attend a Treat ‘Em Right Seminar sign up as distributors. Start small if you need to. Take a look at the seminars coming up and then send a card to those that are in the surrounding area that are in your contact manager. For example, Hartford is coming up. Today I created an invitation card and sent it to everyone in ME, NY, CT, MA, NH, RI. I simply put the state code into the STATE box and hit FIND CONTACT.

All the contacts from that State come up in my Contact Manager and then I sent them my HARTFORD TER 2013 card (that I just created). – Australians, you can apply the same principle to any event you have coming up in any city.

f. TIP FROM DEMARR: 1). Put a blank white CD label over the BRICK AND MORTAR DVD and write on it in a black magic marker $100,000. 2). Then when you give it to someone say “This DVD could be worth $100,000 to you”.

g. ANOTHER TIP FROM DEMARR: Say “My company will pay me $100,000 if I can get 1000 people to watch this DVD. Would you please watch it for me?” You could also say, “If after you watch it, you want to do the same thing I am doing, let me know!”

h. Compress Time frames – If you would normally do it in a month, do it in a week. If you would normally do it in a week, do it in a day. If you would normally do it in a day, do it in an hour. I did this when I came in from my last company and started doing in a day what I would normally do in a week and my business EXPLODED in my 5th month instead of taking 3 – 4 years.

i. When you become frustrated or discouraged, send a card of encouragement to someone else.

j. Multipliers: Read a personal development book per month x10. Show the business every day regardless of how you are feeling X10. Be involved in an industry revolutionizing trend x10. Attend and promote at least 4 major events a year X10.

How many distributors do you have?? Apply the formula.

Think about the story of the fly. One direction leads to death and the other to freedom. Success is effortless when you focus on the right thing. If you are struggling you are most likely focusing on something that is leading you towards your ultimate death. It’s time to SHIFT your focus. Come up with a better mental strategy that will give you power vs. take it away.

The most valuable skill of the entrepreneur is the skill to TRANSFORM your perspective to be able to find power vs. weakness in times of challenge.

August 26, 2013


40 hrs/wk X 50 wks/year = 2000 hours per year
X 40 years = 80,000 hours

Compare this to:

20 hrs/wk X 50 wks/year = 1000 hours per year
x 5 years = 5000 hours
(Open “Outlets”)

Ray Kroc was the founder of McDonalds. McDonalds sold burgers, fries, cokes and shakes.
His “experts” came to him and said “Ray! We need to starting selling chicken and fish! Burger King is doing it!”Ray said, “Noooooooo! We need to focus on OUTLETS. We must sell more franchises! When we have more franchises than all the other fast food restaurants combined, THEN and only then will we sell chicken and fish. They waited and continued to open up OUTLETS. Once they had enough franchise restaurants, they launched chicken and fish and became #1 in the world!

We are in the DISTRIBUTION business. We are in the business of opening OUTLETS. The more OUTLETS (distributors) you have, the more customers you’ll have and the more cards and gifts will be sent!

Have someone send a free card to get a customer.
Have someone watch the DVD to get a distributor.
Have someone do both to get both!

“The internet is the best way to build the business because you can get to thousands of people at the click of a mouse!”

“Simply attend networking meetings as the most effective way to build solid relationships and then call people and set up appointments”

“Invite people to the opportunity meeting and let the top people close them from the front of the room!”

“Give us $600 and you can be part of our advertising co-op and well split the leads with you.”

“For $200 per month, we will give you 300 fresh leads per month. Simply load them in to the auto-responder and let the work be done for you. Why waste your valuable time calling uninterested people!”

How do you sift through all the noise and how do you determine who is telling you the truth and who is lying to you?

There are even people out there telling you that your upline is lying to you and that what they do and what they teach you to do are two different things!

Here’s the bottom line.

A. Your upline will usually tell you the best they know because they want you to be successful. The more successful you become, the more successful they will become. The problem is, sometimes THEY don’t know what’s best for long term sustainable growth.

B. Be careful you to take advice from. There are many people out there that are trying to cause you to doubt your system so you will buy support systems and leads from them. Many times they are not looking out for your best interests. Usually, they are not making money at the business they are trying to “help” you build. Ask yourself ,”where’s the fruit on the tree”?

Today I had a great conversation with a young entrepreneur from another company that is having great success but is looking for more growth than he is already having.

He asked me what I thought of “co-op” advertising. There is nothing wrong with co-op advertising campaigns. However, they don’t pass my test for building a long term sustainable self-generating residual income.

Ask yourself:

1. Can an 8 year do it and can an 8 year old teach it? If “no”, it’s not duplicable.

2. If I disappear will it continue to grow? If no, don’t do it.

Many systems are great for bringing people in quickly, but unless they are simple and duplicable, they won’t be long lasting.

All of this being said, realize that as your team grows and gets very large, you will be getting paid from the efforts of people doing all the things that work well and the things that don’t work so well. In other words, I am not an internet marketer and I would have no idea where to start if I were to put a campaign together. However, I get paid off the work of hundreds of internet marketers.

I won’t teach or promote advertising campaigns or co-ops because they don’t pass my test. When I go to the beach for a month, I want my business to continue to grow. I have found out that without personal contact with other human beings, the system slows down.

Imagine that you have 1000 people on your team and imagine them all connected to each other like the branches on a tree. Now, imagine that each one did a presentation today and each one sent out brownies and a card to someone that didn’t know anything about SOC. Now imagine that 2 out of 10 wanted to sign up. You did very little today but your team of a thousand sprouted 200 new seeds waiting to drop to the ground. Also, do you realize the 1000 boxes of brownies went out in your group today to people that know nothing about SOC? Do see how much more effective this is than you coordinating and running an advertising campaign which depends on YOU to run it?


You must master a few simple things to become a great success in Network Marketing. I can remember getting started thinking to myself, “Self, if I can simply learn a quick 20 minute presentation and then find others to show it to, I can be a huge success! I was only partially right. I also needed to teach my team to be able to do the same thing! It’s really a pretty simple formula!

In order to do this on a consistent basis, you must consistently create an audience for yourself to do your presentations and you must learn to ask them to “take a look!” There are many ways to create an audience. I recommend looking for ways to add 2-6 contacts a day to your contact manager each day. It’s even better if you meet them in person. You must now learn how to contact and invite them to take a look. I say, “I would like you to take a look at something that I think you will find interesting and pretty unique. When can I have 30 minutes with you in front of your computer over the phone?”

So, is your upline lying to you? The answer is no, but many people are grasping for the right way to build it. They really don’t know how to build it but they want to help so they make stuff up. It’s not so much that what is being taught is bad. It’s just that it’s not simple and it’s not duplicable.

Let’s say you have this beautiful tree that is growing each week. You want it to grow faster so you try a new type of plant food. The food doesn’t make it grow faster so you try digging it up and replanting it in another pot. That doesn’t seem to work so you try moving the pot to a new location. The plant loses half its leaves. You try extra water and a little more plant food. Then you replant it again. It loses all of its leaves and you wonder why. Were you doing the wrong thing by giving it extra food and water? Did you mess up by replanting it twice? The experts told you that’s what you needed to do to get it to grow faster! Did they lie to you? No!! Under certain circumstances, you did the right thing. However, your results would have been much better if you had been patient and stuck with the fundamentals of plant care.
Someone recently handed me an entrepreneurial newsletter. In it I read a short article called “The Truth about Corporate America”.
This is directly from the article:

“You’ve dreamed about your first paycheck, your cushy office and being on your own. Your game plan is to wow the top execs and move your way up the ladder at warp speed. Armed with your degree, sense of self-worth and optimism you can’t wait to join the ranks of Corporate America.

But what if it isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be? Is there a reason the business world is often referred to as the “Rat Race” or the “Grind”? Yes. In the face of layoffs, low pay and stingy raises, the reality of Corporate America, well . . . might be different than what you pictured.”

According to Parade Magazine in April of 2007, Workers only saw a 1.1% raise in the past year. The average paycheck in Corporate America stayed flat between 1990 and 2004 at $27,000. Wages are falling but layoff fears keep employees working more hours for the same pay. More people than ever are worried about being laid off. Job security is quickly becoming an urban legend. Between 70,000 and 80,000 corporate employees are laid off each month . . . about 30,000 more than just six years ago according to CNNMoney.com.

As I pick up the local paper today, page after page paints a dismal picture of the real estate, mortgage and financial markets. For years, the average American watched their home value sky-rocket and many borrowed thousands out of their homes to finance an ever expanding appetite for living the good life. Kim Butler, on one of our past calls, described a stalled economy that stops spending money out of fear. Each newspaper and news station paints a picture that instills fear and doubt. More layoffs, tight lending practices, plummeting real estate prices, failing banks, company losses, a stagnant stock market all contributed to the fear. The tendency is to want to give in to this fear and really pull in the reigns. I understand!

How do successful entrepreneurs respond to these conditions?

First, I want to say that being an entrepreneur starts with your identity, not your bank account. Most all entrepreneurs started off with no money. Being an entrepreneur is a state of mind. Entrepreneurs see opportunity while others see doom and gloom. Entrepreneurs are resourceful. Entrepreneurs create opportunity. Let’s look at the human body as a system. What happens if we, as human beings, stop moving our bodies? We begin to decay. Movement keeps us healthy. By walking, running, biking, swimming, etc. our system stays healthy because we are moving the lymph and blood through our system and keep our muscles in tune. By breathing we get oxygen into our bloodstream and then to our brain and organ tissues. What happens when we get too sedentary? We begin to die. The same is true for an economy. A stagnant economy dies. Your personal economy is just like the human body. When you are green, you grow and when you are ripe, you rot. You must keep your system alive, vibrant and in motion.

What does this mean in real terms?

Keeping your economic system alive means sending cards each day. Investing money in yourself and your business and being in action. As an entrepreneur in this environment, the challenge becomes staying abundant and not getting sucked in to the scarcity mindset that is all around us. We must learn to recognize the amazing opportunities being presented to us in this environment. The tendency is to want to pull in tight and wait it out. In my opinion this is a big mistake. The biggest opportunity to grow a monster business since we began is occurring right now. I see two different types of people. I see the person that cancels their subscription because money is tight. I see another type that increases their subscription and starts sending 5-10 cards a day because they know that more people are looking for ways to make money than ever before in the history of our country. The small business revolution is on and more and more people have been trained to recognize network marketing as the best way to break in to entrepreneurship than ever before.


Again I want to emphasize that most entrepreneurs started off dead-flat broke. Many struggled to pay bills and many have actually filed for bankruptcy more than once. I’m not advising bankruptcy, but I am saying that if you are struggling, you are in good company. It’s hard to find successful entrepreneurs that haven’t struggled for months, and sometimes years, before breaking out.

All of this being said, as an entrepreneur you must look at your business as a combination of ideas, money and people. Great entrepreneurs look for ways to creatively put ideas, money and people together to create opportunity for others. The absolute worst decision you can make for your business is to shut down any one of these three. You must continuously generate ideas, infuse your business with money and build your team.

Yes, there is always an element of risk when you invest in your business. However, we need to look for ways to minimize the risk and increase our chances for success. Fortunately we have a team of people that have already done it.

If I were to give you steps to succeed in a tough financial environment, here’s what I would say:

1. If your ship is sinking, plug the leaks right away! Find a source of income right now that will allow you to pay your basic expenses and meet your basic needs.
2. If you have to have a job, look for something that will allow you to meet lots of great positive and successful people.
3. Network Marketing is designed as a part time business. If you want to build a successful business, work your business part time until you can do it full time. Don’t wait to do it full time. I’ve seen people try to get themselves in position before doing anything. You are already in position. Each day that goes by costs you money. Organizations take time to mature. You’ll make more money on the 24th month of a mature organization than in the first 18 months combined. Don’t wait!
4. Your $31 per month pays for cards and gifts each month. When sent out in the form of cards and gifts, each $31 you spend can pay you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time when used effectively. Remember that you ultimately get paid for adding value to the lives of others. Your points are simply workers that have the potential to add tons of value to the lives of others.
“Do nice things for others with your points and nice things will come back to you partially in the form of money.”
5. If you have to cut back, cut back on things that you really don’t need or care about first. If you are serious about being a successful entrepreneur, don’t cut back on the resources necessary to build your business. $1000 wisely invested in your business today can produce returns that can’t be measured over time.

A. You must have your basic living needs covered for you and your family (food, shelter, clothing, reliable transportation).
B. You must have a working computer.
C. You must have a high speed internet connection.
D. You must have a phone.
E. You must have some points and postage each month.
F. You must be able to meet people daily either offline or online.

Talk is cheap. Everyone says they want to be an entrepreneur, but few are willing to do what’s necessary. In traditional business start-ups you must come up with between $25,000 and 1 million to open a business. Most businesses won’t even break even for 3-5 years. We offer a business that allows you to start-up with a few hundred dollars and break even in your first few days, weeks or months. We offer a business that you can start without giving up what you are currently doing. Our business gives you a true chance for residual income. Most traditional businesses have conventions and trade-shows that cost thousands to attend. It’s usually not an option to not attend if you want to stay on the cutting edge. The best thing about our business is it’s so inexpensive to get in to and run. The worst thing about our business is it’s so inexpensive to get in to and run.

There has never been a better time to build a networking marketing business. More and more people are coming to the realization that they won’t be able to retire on their current investments and savings. Most people are beginning to see that the equity in their home isn’t going to provide the financial buffer they once thought. Options are limited without large amounts of capital required to start a traditional business. We provide the business model, company infrastructure and leadership support necessary for anyone with ambition to succeed.


Your business starts with your imagination. In fact, all successful manifestations start with the imagination. Imagine what your life will be like. In “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, Willy sings, the song “Pure Imagination”. He sings, “If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it, anything you want to do it. You can change the world there’s nothing to it!”

There is “nothing to it”, as long as you are able to imagine a compelling future, believe it and put some action behind it. When it’s so real that you can’t tell the difference between your imagination and your reality, your life transforms seemingly overnight. I know this because I have done it many times. Many of you have experienced the same thing and brought your dreams to fruition.

For example, maybe you dreamt about taking your family on a great vacation. 6 months later, you are on the trip. Maybe the trip involved hammocks and palm trees in the winter. Possibly, you spotted your dream car on the road and visited the dealership. You may have looked it up on the internet or checked out some cool photos in a car magazine. 1 year later, the dream car may be yours. You started by imagining what it would be like to drive that car.

At one point in your life, you may have envisioned a dream job or business for yourself. You researched it, met the right people, prepared yourself and, “BANG”! The job was yours! It all started with your IMAGINATION.

Almost every modern convenience we enjoy today started with one person’s imagination. Someone sat there and said, “imagine what it would be like if…”

From the time Orville and Wilbur flew in the first manned aircraft until the time we put someone on the moon was only 60 years. All because of imagination!

As a child, I used to have visions that were so real, I couldn’t tell the difference between my dreams and my reality. I used to dream that I could fly. In fact, I can remember going into my backyard and closing my eyes. With the right thoughts, I could lift myself off the ground and float for a few seconds. This may sound crazy to you, but as I child, it was as real as actually flying. With some practice (I used to exercise my mind), I could stay in the air for 30 seconds to a minute. Over the next few years, I was able to go into my backyard and lift myself off the ground almost effortlessly. I can remember the feel and smell of the grass below my feet and the feel of the air on my face. I would float above the houses in my neighborhood. Everyone thought I was crazy when I told them my stories of flying. I practiced flying for years.

25 years later, I found myself camping with some close friends on Mingus Mountain in Central
Arizona. We took a short hike to the top of the mountain and as we walked out of the forest up to an opening in the woods, we looked in awe at 150 or so colorful hang gliders all assembled and spread out adjacent to tents and pickup trucks. As the wind picked up, one by one each hang glider pilot positioned himself up on the top of the ramp leading off the mountain. A short dirt ramp tilted slightly downward was a launching pad for a magical flying carpet ride into the clouds. As each pilot stepped off the ramp into the air, I was instantly brought back to my childhood. They were being lifted off the mountain in much the same way as I was lifted off my lawn as a child. This was it. This was my real chance to fly. One by one, each pilot was lifted into the air until a gaggle of triangles floated in sky above me. It took my breath away.

On Monday, I started doing my research and made a few phone calls. I found out that a glider costs about $5000 and you need to take lessons and also have good reliable transportation. I had none of the above. No truck and no money. But I did have my imagination. And I continued to imagine, believe and I took action. For me it seemed impossible, but I’m not opposed to doing the impossible.

Over the next 6 months, I saved up $500 to take my first 3 lessons. I was the least likely candidate to fly hang gliders. From the day that I saw the gliders flying off that mountain to the day I had my first 3 hour flight, was 2 years. I paid for 1 lesson at a time and bought a used glider for $500. I picked up and old jeep and rigged it to handle the glider and I met some of the wives of the other pilots that could drive for me. I took 6 months of grueling lessons out in the desert and eventually on a cloudy day in September of 1995, I stepped off Mingus Mountain for my first mountain flight. Although it was only about 20 minutes long and the weather was less than perfect, it was a day that changed my life. I went on to fly hundreds of times all over the US and Mexico. My imagination led me to experience what it felt like to be an eagle, to soar above the mountain and feel the wind in my face, to lose myself in the experience of flying.

Let’s talk about doubt. There was no place for doubt in my journey to flying. Dreams and doubt really don’t live in the same place for those that succeed. Doubt would have killed my dream. Doubt is like a cancer that limits what’s possible. Doubt kills. Dreams send out positive energy and doubt sends out negative energy. Imagine what path my journey would have taken if I had begun to doubt? A doubting person doesn’t continue to take the necessary actions. A doubting person puts their bright future at risk. Doubt is a disease that kills growth.

Can you see that flying and doubt don’t work well together?? What if flying represented your success in business? Flying without doubt is easy. Flying with doubt is scary!!!!

Our business is painless and fun, when doubt is not present. Our business is painful when doubt is present.

As I said on a previous message, people will doubt at different stages of growth. As doubt creeps in, I can see the impact it has on their business. Do you see that there is no space for doubt in Kody Bateman’s life? We are simply a microcosm of Kody’s business.

Let’s talk real life now. Back in late 2004, when I was considering doing SendOutCards as a business, I had people tell me that they had heard of SendOutCards and that there were already people doing it. There were 2000 people in the company at the time. They were doubtful and I was not. I went on to build a group of 35,000 distributors. They didn’t. When no one has done it, many people doubt if it can be done. Once in a while someone comes along and they have no doubt. They just have a dream. Once it’s been done, then doubters will ask, “yes, but can it be done again?” Usually the people that ask this question, as a skeptic, won’t do it. The one that will do it is the one that had the dream. In my last company, there were 18 or so people that had more distributors in their group than I do today. I plan on building my group to over 1,000,000 people. Do you know that daily I have people ask me if I think it’s possible for others to do what I have done? These questions usually come from doubters. The dreamers are actually already doing it! They are on their way!

Many people get to a certain point and begin to doubt. I know who they are because typically their incomes will plateau. Sometimes they plateau at $1000 per month. Sometimes they plateau at $8000 per month. I’ve even seen some plateau at $50,000 per month. And then I get a call with all the questions. Usually I want to get off the phone because that energy conflicts with my energy as a dreamer. It hurts me. I want them to see what I see, but all they see is doubt and fear. Will the company be around? What will Kody do with the company? Is the market saturated? How big can this actually get? Is there still room for me? What about this and what about that? Do you see that unfulfilled, unrealistic dreams don’t live in the same space as these questions?

When no one has done it, the big question is “can it be done?” Once someone has done it, the question becomes, “is there room for someone else to do it?” There are those that see it and those that don’t.

Here’s where I am with all of this. No one believed it was possible to earn money in greeting cards. All the experts in Network Marketing said, “It sounds like a great idea but there’s no money in it.” Today, some of our leaders are earning $10,000-$50,000 per month. My income this month in a company that virtually everyone said “there’s no money” is about $170,000 (for the month). If you have a dream, you might see an opportunity for you to do the same thing if you go out and build a team of 35,000 people. Is it possible?
I know it is, but not for someone who doubts. Doubting will not get you off the mountain! Dreaming will.

You must dream.
You must prepare.
You must act.

“Imagine what my life will be like if…. ”

What if our company grows to 5 million users in many countries around the world?

What if I just had 1 distributor in every town in the US?

What if 20,000 or 30,000 of them are in my downline?

What if I get checks each month totaling $5000/mo.? $10,000/mo.? $30,000/mo.?

Where will I be living?

Who will I spend time with?

What charitable causes will I be supporting?

Where will I travel to?

What will I do with all my free time?

What will I drive?

Where will my kids go to school?

Where will I invest my money?

What will my mornings be like?

How will I spend my evenings?

Imagine what your life will be like!


Just the title conjures up power. Keep this in your mind and it can empower you daily to take meaningful action. Meaningful action leads to results. Sometimes it’s just getting started. Have you ever noticed that when you get in motion, you tend to stay in motion? Have you also noticed that when you get stuck you tend to stay stuck? Your success in business may require you to consciously break that cycle of inertia by doing something positive even when you don’t feel like it. There are many days that I don’t feel like working. All I need to do is, get started. Once I start I’m off to the races! There may be tougher weeks that require daily jumpstarts just to keep going. Other times you’ll just be on a roll!

I have a friend named Alistair Humphreys. He’s from the UK and when he was 24 years old he decided to ride his bicycle around the world www.roundtheworldbybike.com. Alastair rode from England to South Africa, crossed the Atlantic by yacht and then cycled from Patagonia to Alaska. Crossing the Pacific by freighter, Alastair completed his expedition by cycling back to England from eastern Siberia. He traveled through 60 countries, on 5 continents and covered 46,000 miles in 4 years! His trip was self-funded and 100% of the donations went to “Hope and Homes for Children”.

When Alistair was riding through Arizona up from Mexico, the local news station picked up the story that his bicycle was falling apart and he needed a new one to continue his trip. I believe he went through 5 bicycles on his journey. My good friend Casandra Smith saw the news story and called me. I got in touch with Alistair and met with him at the AJ’s on Camelback and Central Ave in Phoenix. The special cycle he needed cost $2000 and I decided to buy one for him so he could continue his journey. We have been in touch with each other ever since then.

As we sat at the coffee bar at AJ’s that morning, Alistair shared with me some details about his journey through the jungles of Africa. He said that there were many times that the ground was so soft that he couldn’t ride on it and had to walk for miles in the scalding heat. He also shared about times at higher elevations that he could coast down the mountain roads for hours.

Your business is much the same way. The question is, how bad do you want to complete the journey and is your commitment to the crusade worthy of the time you are spending on it? Think about your life, your family, the lives you will touch and the fun of it all. There were many days that Alistair had to wake up in the morning and re-start his journey. Other times he could coast for hours. Sometimes starting is all you need to get you through the day.

This leads me to the topic of “Promptings”. Your promptings are your inner voice. I have noticed, that when I am out of practice listening to my promptings, I begin to question myself. My promptings guide me on my journey. Your promptings will keep you safe and when you truly act on them out of love and not fear, they will always lead you in the right direction. Other people cannot give you your promptings. In other words, when you doubt yourself and ask others for advice, you’ll typically be lead in a different direction. Kody says, “If you act on YOUR promptings it will lead you to your genius!” It’s so true. Everyone told me not to go with SendOutCards as a business. They told me that there is no money in it! I consulted what many of you would consider to be industry experts. They ALL said that there is not a long term future here. That was 4 1/2 years ago and man, were they wrong! I followed my promptings to go for it. It felt right and I knew that if it felt this right for me it would probably feel this right for millions of others! And were just getting started! I can easily see us going from a $50 million dollar company to $100 million, $500 million and then a billion. It’s in the cards!

I have seen many people from other companies recruit on the basis of “fear of loss”. Recruiting on the basis of scarcity, never leads to long term success. Success is short-lived when the basis of it is about what you’ll lose if you don’t get in now. It usually sounds like this; “Get in early if you want to make a lot of money! You’ll miss out if you don’t sign up now!” You always get what you focus on. I choose to focus on abundance. I can indefinitely attract hundreds of thousands of people in a world of abundance.
Abundance is forever and is based in love. Scarcity is about fear of losing out and the result is short lived. Your team will be on to something else that offers a better promise when you recruit this way. If you find yourself being lured by “fear of loss”, I suggest your re-evaluate your values and motivation.

I was offered $1 million dollars to join another company 4 1/2 years ago after having success in my last company. I was told that if I didn’t sign up right away, I would LOSE OUT on the opportunity to recruit thousands of people that were looking for a home from my last company. I was patient and looked inward for the answer. I listened to that voice that told me the right thing to do. I turned down that $1 million dollar offer. I joined SendOutCards. No one in SendOutCards had made 10K in a month. There was no track record for success in this company when I joined. I followed my promptings.

You’ll have many questions on your journey. These are questions that only YOU can answer. Write them down and sleep on them. LISTEN for the answers. You’ll know if you listen. In fact, you already know the answers. They just need to come to you. Here are some of the questions you may ask yourself on your journey. Again, don’t look for someone else to give you the answers, because you’ll end up on a journey that is not yours. LET GO of having to KNOW everything now. Simply stay in action, ask and listen to your inner promptings.

Usually if you are struggling, it’s because you are holding on too tight and trying too hard. You must define your life (who you are) through your “I am” statements, stay in action and let go of the result. Listen to your inner promptings and they will guide you. Here are some of the questions you may be seeking answers too. It’s great to ask the questions, but let go of having to know the answers now.
Write the questions down and listen for the answers. They will come to you:

What do I say in the card?
What do I say to someone when I call them?
How long do I wait to follow up?
Should I jump in full time?
Should I send a card first or should I call them first?
How much money can I make?
How many people should I contact each day?

There are hundreds of questions that could be asked here. You’ll have your own. Let the answers come to you and most importantly, LISTEN. The reason I emphasize this is because most of us have stopped listening and that’s what causes us to doubt. ACT on your promptings. I am in the habit of sending cards daily. I jump on my computer,look in my contact manager and listen for that voice that tells me who to send cards to today. I KNOW what to say in the cards to the people that are important to me. No one else can do that for me. Those are my relationships and mine only!

Here are a few key points from tonight’s call
(Turning stagnation into powerful action):

1. Meaningful daily action leads to positive results. Take action each day even when you don’t feel like it. Let your commitments and your promptings guide you.

2. Your “I am” statements will define who you are.

3. RE-START as many times as you need to. Sometimes you’ll need to re-start daily until things get moving. This is not unusual even for the top producers in our profession (or any profession!).

4. ALLOW your promptings to guide you on your journey. Advice from others can be helpful, but make sure and listen to what your gut is telling you. Doubt happens when you stop listening to your own promptings.

5. Make your choices out of love and not fear. Choices based in scarcity almost always lead to ruin. If you are deciding to do something because of what you will lose if you don’t, your success will be short lived. Choose your life path from a place of abundance. There is no urgency or fear on this path. It’s a path of a never-ending flow of goodness. You’ll attract what you focus on.

August 19, 2013 –


Q: I’m busy, can I make this work with a family and another career or do I need to do this full time to make money?

A: It is a total myth that one needs to put 100% of their time in to their network marketing business if they want to be successful. Believing that you need to do this is the first obstacle you must overcome. In my last company, I had a full time job and I built an organization that ultimately paid me millions of dollars over time. I also have many friends that work only a few hours per week (under 10) and have what most people would consider “full time” income. The real value of Network Marketing is that it provides leverage. I have met people with families and jobs that consistently spend 2-4 hours per day in front of the television. The AVERAGE family spends 30-40 hours PER WEEK in front of the TV. Someone could build a business that replaces their current income by simply scaling back their TV time to 10 hours per week and using the remaining 20 hours per week to introduce SendOutCards to 10 people per week. Leveraging time and people can give you the power to invest limi
ted time and money in your business and produce extraordinary results. You’ve heard me say that if you can invest 5 hours per week and find 4 other people that can invest 5 hours per week, you now get to benefit from 20 hours worth of work a week, but you are only putting in 5! Imagine getting paid for thousands of hours worth of work a week and you’re only putting in a few! You can build a successful enterprise on just a few hours a week.

Without being blunt, even if you are busy, please don’t use that as an excuse. If you are busy, you need the business more than ever. You need passive residual income. You need to free yourself from the shackles of linear income.

Most people that earn great money in our business were already busy when they joined us. For most of them, that’s why they did it! In fact, I have found that busy people are well connected and they get things done. I look for busy people to sponsor in to the business. So if you are busy, congratulations! You’ll do great!

Q: How do you actually make money on a $0.62 greeting card?

A: Actually, it is difficult to see the money in SendOutCards for most people. I do know that when millions of people use a service that generates a revenue of $50 per person, even if someone only makes a few cents per use, lots of revenue is created. Imagine getting paid every time someone drinks a can of coke. It’s hard to believe you can make lots of money unless LOTS of people are drinking a few sodas each. Many products generate millions of dollars for their respective companies yet we only spend a few pennies a day on them. Tooth paste, Q-Tips, chewing gum, etc. We spend PENNIES per day generating MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. There is a lot of PROFIT in a 62 cent card! It is paper and ink. The average person using SOC spends 5 times more on our greeting cards than they did using the other companies yet our cards are 1/5th the price! How is this possible? We have made it so much easier.  One card with Hallmark is $4 and that average person spends $3 per month. Our customers aver
age $40 per month (over the entire year). I don’t care how you slice it, any product that attracts millions of users at $40 a month will be big! In fact Netflix is a $10 billion company with the bulk of their customers spending $10 a month! In most businesses, you must become an expert at marketing to attract a large amount of business. In network marketing, you must get good enough to attract just a few people and teach others to do the same. Over time, you can have thousands of users. It’s more about keeping it simple than learning complex systems and processes designed to get lots and lots of people. In all network marketing companies there are many people that make great residual income on just a few pennies per use. I have many close friends that make enough money to cover their house and car payments with their residuals and many others that earn in one month what many make in a year at their traditional jobs.

Q: What ‘Markets’ should I focus on and which areas are least saturated?

A: I get this question regularly. Generally, there are 4 groups of people that I would consider to be the ‘low hanging fruit’. These groups are:

1. Entrepreneurs.
2. Small Business Owners.
3. Independent Salespeople.
4. Network Marketers.

But, here’s the problem: traditional demographic strategy doesn’t work in network marketing. Can you figure out why? Let’s say that your small town has LOTS of SendOutCards distributors in it but all the surrounding towns have few. Does this mean that you can’t succeed in your town? Absolutely not. If 1% of your town is signed up, there are 99% that are not. If you sign up a few in the 99%, there is a good chance that they know some people in the adjacent towns!

Also, you may not approach someone because they don’t fit your ‘mold’ for a good distributor. However they may know someone that is perfect. That person may become the next big player in SOC and you would have never connected with them because you limited yourself only to those in your limited range of vision.


Most problems can be solved using the same simple 2 step plan. Take a break. Clear your mind. Breathe. Free yourself of the burden of your draining circumstances. Then, reframe (refocus) on the great things that will come from your problem.


I don’t watch much TV, but 2 nights ago I saw a commercial for a cable company. Their slogan was “Get connected”. I love this because it has so many great interpretations.


1. Get connected with your source.
2. Get connected with yourself.
3. Get connected with others.

We all have a need to get connected. SendOutCards is a perfect mechanism for getting connected on all levels. Kody says, “Act on your promptings and it will lead you to your genius.” Listening to promptings is listening to your source. It’s connecting with your higher power. Sending cards is connecting with your heart. The receiving of a card connects you with others on a spiritual level (not religious, but the need to feel and be connected).

Refresh and Refocus.


Refresh and refocus. Do you feel the draining energy in this? You are focusing on the problem which creates more of a problem. By trying to fix it you actually cause more pain for yourself because you are sending the message that ‘something is wrong!’ Refresh and refocus. You’re attached to the outcome so much so that when it doesn’t happen the way you expect it to, you get really frustrated. You get stuck. Let go and refocus on something that inspires you to take positive action. Refresh: Take a break. Refocus: Find 3 of the people in your group that are inspired and form a team with them. Go to the convention together and plan to turn your power team of 3 into thousands. That’s refocusing.


This is one that I never get because I just don’t attract it. I love network marketing and I’m proud of it. I have zero concerns about the type of business it is because I believe it offers the best opportunity in the marketplace today for someone who has little money but has the desire to grow a large residual income. So with no concerns, I don’t attract that concern. If you are concerned about it, you’ll probably attract it. You might try reading my book, Beach Money (www.beachmoney.com) or ‘The New Professionals’ by Dr. Charles King. Also, Paul Zane Pilzers book, ‘The Next Millionaires’ does a great job of explaining why Network Marketing is so powerful.

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book together called, “So you want to be
Rich?” They are really hot on Network marketing as well.

If it comes up, you can ask:

“What do you know about Network Marketing?” Let them tell you. Usually they really don’t know what it is and many times they are just asking and really don’t have any concerns around it.

Back in the 80s, 90% of the population was very skeptical of it but today, it has become a well- accepted way of doing business. There are hundreds of thousands of successful entrepreneurs in our field making money selling over 35 billion $$ worth of product world-wide.

Just for your information, there are laws that govern our profession. We are monitored quite closely by a few regulatory agencies including the FTC and the Attorney Generals.

The laws are similar to the laws that govern the franchise industry.

Here are the basic regulatory guidelines that determine whether a company is legal or not:

1. MAKING AN INCOME CLAIM IS TYPICALLY ILLEGAL ” It’s illegal to talk to people about how much money they will make as a lure to get them to sign up. The regulators call this “enticement”. You can certainly show them our compensation plan but make no claims about how much money they will make. Companies that make it a practice to show checks usually end up in trouble down the road. Lifestyle claims are also illegal. Most MLM attorneys discourage companies to show checks even with an income disclosure. We have a policy prohibiting our distributors from using checks or income to recruit new distributors.

In other words, people would buy it whether it was sold through network marketing or not. You cannot have a product that has little or no value to the end user in the marketplace.

MORE THAN THE PEOPLE ABOVE THEM IN THE PLAN – If not, it’s a pyramid and is illegal. I make more money than my sponsor. Demarr makes more money than his sponsor. Legally you must be able to pass your sponsor in the marketing plan.

4. FRONT END LOADING IS ILLEGAL – Front end loading is the purchase of product just to make more money or to get a promotion. This is where the phrase “Garage Qualified” comes from. If members of the organization are encouraged to buy more product than they can sell just to get promoted or qualify for a higher bonus level, the organization may be exposed to possible regulatory risks.

5. GETTING PAID TO RECRUIT IS ILLEGAL – An individual can get paid for customer acquisition or training a new distributor but getting paid for the sole act of recruiting is frowned upon by the regulators. This is why it’s essential that each new person gets trained on how to use the system. We do not get paid until our new distributor gets 1 preferred customer or 2 retail customers.

A THIRD PARTY TOOL OR SHOW THEM A VIDEO. I love “The Four Year Career” by
Richard Brooke (You can get it through the SOC System. Most people are usually just skeptical and need just a little more validation.


There are exactly 4 months left in the year, about 120 days. The next 120 days can be just like the last 120 days or they can launch you in to 2014 with so much momentum that your life will never be the same. In my last company, my income grew from $2800 per month to over $34,000 between my 33rd month and my 40th month.

Truthfully, this will not happen for you if you simply treat the next 120 days the way you treated the last 120 days. You must become the person that deserves and expects this kind of growth to attract it. You must change. Money will not make you the person you need to become. We teach the importance of ‘I am’ statements in the Treat ‘Em Right Seminars. Your ‘I am’ statements will transform you into the person you’ll need to be to create the massive shift we are talking about here.

If you are fearful, doubtful, apprehensive, unsure, impatient, desperate, anxious, greedy or distracted, you will probably not get the momentum you are looking for. You must re-invent yourself tonight. You must immediately become the person that is worthy of attracting success and being a leader. These are all feelings that we move in and out of all the time. The key is to be aware of these feelings and then reframe them. Flip them around and turn them into empowering feelings that will serve you over the next 120 days.

You must start here. When you go into massive action before creating yourself as a person that deserves success, you’ll get frustrated because you will be spinning your wheels. Remember, affirmation first – then action. Affirmation without action leads to delusion. Action without affirmation leads to frustration. How many of you know someone that says their affirmations daily, but they never DO anything??!! They are delusional. How many of you know someone that works, and works and works and works, but gets poor results. They may be in action with no empowering affirmations! This is frustrating! Action without affirmation leads to frustration!

So who are you that deserve and expect success? Are you confident? Are you empowered? Are you empowering? Are you a leader of leaders? Are you lucky? Are you blessed? Are you loving? Are you charismatic? Are you friendly? Are you fun to be around? Are you healthy?

Do not skip this step! Keep it simple, write down three things that you ARE that will empower you. Put them where you can see them every day. Read them daily. When you find yourself going ‘South’, immediately re-invent yourself by reading your 3 ‘I am’ Statements.

Breaking loose will require a little extra time and a little extra effort. There is a misnomer that to make twice as much money you must work twice as hard. Actually the difference between being #1 and being #2 is just a little bit of extra effort. Tonight will be about a personal challenge to do just a little more. It’s crystal clear to me and others that are winning in the game of life. We say to ourselves, “If they only knew, they would just do a little more”.  It’s not that tough, actually it’s really tough if you are not being the person you need to be to find and lead people. It’s easy once you become that person. You become that person in an instant. Once you become that person, success flows to you quickly and easily at whatever you put your mind to!

In my last company, I had just purchased my first dream home in the mountains of Arizona. It was a beautiful mountain home in the forest with tall cathedral ceilings and huge picture windows that framed the valley below. The sky and the mountains were like a beautiful painting. The pine trees came right up through the decks and when the wind blew, they sounded just like the ocean. My network marketing income allows me to come and go as I please. Every day is Saturday in my world.

One Sunday night in October, I was cruising up to Pine in my convertible. The top was down and the night breeze was cool. The sun had set and the mountain roads snaked up through the pine forests. What I noticed that night taught me a valuable lesson. As I drove up the mountain, I noticed a chain of car lights that went on for 50 miles on the southbound road that led back down to Phoenix. I was the only one going UP the mountain that night and thousands of cars were coming down the mountain. The mountains were a weekend vacation retreat for the masses, but I LIVED there!

I was driving UP on Sunday night while everyone else was driving down. You see what happened on Saturday night, was, the boss started to rattle the chain that was attached to the ankles of all those that had to go to work on Mondaymorning. “Time to pack it up!” I guarantee that if that chain didn’t get rattled, the majority of them would have stayed on vacation!

Winning as an entrepreneur means THINKING DIFFERENTLY. It means going against the grain. It means driving in the other direction. It means standing up for what you believe in. Here’s how I see it; We are not average. We will do what average people won’t do.

So tonight we are talking about busting loose in 2014. That means doing more of the right activities than the average distributor does. We are not going to talk about doing more than the average couch potato, this would just get you better than average results. We are going to talk about the extra 5% that will make the difference as to whether you plod along or whether you have a banner, kick-some-butt 2014! But we are not talking about burning yourself out or being a work-a-holic. Remember the difference is simply doing a little extra.

What does this mean?

If the average distributor is sending about 1 card per day, send out 3 heartfelt cards per day.

If the average distributor never makes it to a Treat ’em right Seminar, go to 4 per year.

If the average distributor meets one new person per day, meet 3 new people per day.

If the average distributor does one gift account walk-through per week, do one per day. Do 2-5 per day to break-loose quickly!

If the average distributor usually doesn’t make it to the Monday night call, be on all of them!

If the average distributor is afraid to share Sendoutcards, make sure everyone you know at least knows what you are up to.

If the average distributor does SendOutCards ‘on the side’, consider doing SendOutCards as a major positive force in your life.

If the average distributor doesn’t follow up, make sure you follow up with everyone you meet with cards, e-mails, phone calls. Become a valuable resource to the people you meet. Following up to me means making friends with everyone I like and keeping them friends over my lifetime by nurturing our relationship.

If the average distributor gives up easily, never give up.

Very simply, stand out as a leader of leaders. Become great at what you do. The rewards will astound you.

I have heard it said that the difference between water boiling or not is just 1 degree! Just 1 degree more heat makes a huge difference. Have you ever wondered what would happen if on take-off in a Boeing 757, the pilot was just 1 knot short of take-off speed? What would happen? That 1 extra knot makes the difference as to whether an airplane takes off or crashes. Do you get the point? It’s not a huge shift! It’s just doing a little more that makes a huge difference!

My challenge to you beginning tonight is to define yourself as someone who wins. Not just someone who gets by or makes a living, but someone who wins in a big way. Starting tonight, own your power. Recognize that your actions today can potentially impact many thousands of people as your team grows. You have the opportunity to change many lives and impact thousands or even 10’s of thousands of people by who you introduce SendOutCards to. My challenge to you is to do just a little more each day, for the next 120 days. Make SendOutCards a top priority in your life for the next 120 days. Instead of trying to work SendOutCards into your life as a side business, make your life about the crusade to change lives and make a difference for many others for the next 4 months.


For many reasons, SendOutCards has the best opportunity in the marketplace today. About 95% of startup network marketing companies fail due to mis-management, poor leadership, product fulfillment issues, legal problems or growing pains. Managing growth is a huge challenge in a company’s first 2-5 years. We now have a performance model and track record that has gotten us through the toughest phase of growth. We are now poised for explosive expansion. We have a compensation plan that is outpacing the top companies in our profession without the risk of front end loading (this is a practice that is involving purchasing large quantities of product up front – it drives big checks but has some huge legal, ethical ramifications). We have a product that is unique and has virtually no competition, we are the only company of its kind in network marketing. This is important because we don’t have the challenges that many of the nutritional companies face due to increased competition in th
eir market class. We have a product that people love regardless of what profession they are in and anyone can find a use for it. We are in the early phases of movement that will transform relationships and bring out the best in people. SendOutCards is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t wait around. This is the time to establish your base to prepare for the wave that’s coming! By the way, there are only 10 companies that are $100 million + companies that have been around for 10 years or more. THOUSANDS have come and gone. We are on our way.

July 23, 2013 – The Mountain Doesn’t Care

Back my early days of flying hang gliders I adopted a saying, “The mountain doesn’t care”, after a friend of mine crashed his glider and almost died. He had been flying for years and was beginning to feel invincible. He tried to launch off the mountain with a tailwind, which is nearly impossible. He went into an immediate stall and crashed on the side of the mountain. He had to be airlifted off the mountain and fortunately he survived, at the cost of sustaining severe injuries.
“The mountain doesn’t care.” It’s a mountain and there are certain laws you must follow to fly safely. Each pilot gets treated equally by the mountain.

One of the things I love about network marketing is that everyone gets treated equally. We all play by the same set of rules and in our case, “The computer doesn’t care.” Each week a virtual “snapshot” is taken and a check is sent to the address attached to the ID# that coincides with that account activity. The check amount is based the activity of your account. The computer doesn’t look at the color of your skin, your muscle tone, your age, how much hair you have (or don’t have) or whether you have a college degree. It’s a level playing field! In fact, the only difference between $1,000 a month and $10,000 a month is one zero. It’s simply numbers. Network Marketing is the great equalizer!

I had someone with 5,000 distributors on his team come to me upset because he wasn’t earning what I’m earning in the business. If I had 5,000 distributors, I would be making what he is making. The numbers are the numbers. If I want to earn 10 times as much as I’m earning now, I’ll need to increase my volume by 10X (which means I’ll need to increase my distributor count to reflect my desire). It’s a very simple formula.

You can stand on the mountain all day long and yell, “It’s not fair”. The mountain doesn’t care.
There are laws to follow. If you can crack the simple code, then you’ll get to play in the game at whatever level you choose. If you break the laws on the mountain, you can die or get seriously injured. At the least, you won’t have an enjoyable flight at all. In our business, you won’t die but your excuses won’t pay the bills! For example, saying “I don’t know anyone” is implying that somehow the people that make money have some magical advantage over you. Like they miraculously were born knowing a lot of people!

The people making a significant residual check don’t have a magic wand or pixie dust that they wave over others. They are just like you! In fact, their stories and backgrounds are so varied that it’s nearly impossible to say that one type of person is more likely to succeed than another. The computer system is simply a measuring device that evaluates a bunch of data to determine how much money your faceless ID# is to receive.

So, how do you get a bigger check? Find people that will get a few customers and teach them to do the same. Each person only needs a few to qualify. We find people by sorting. Make a list. Ask people to watch the video and send a free card on us. Look for the ones that want to join us, then train them to get their 7/30/Q qualification met. Do this over and over.

ALL of us are playing in the same sandbox. In fact, if you will replicate what I have done, our company will send YOU checks of over $100,000 a month. I have not been ordained to receive big checks. I have many friends in many other companies that have done the same thing. We are all very different! Sarah Robbins is a pretty, young, married woman in her 20’s that had never done network marketing. Donna Johnson was a single mom when she reached the pinnacle of her success making six figures a month. I’m about as different from Randy Gage as they come. We are great friends, we both understand the fundamental rules to the game but, our lifestyles are nothing alike. Phillip Eckart and Simon Aboud are both six figure earners and I don’t have much in common with either of them other than we all love network marketing. These people are not extra lucky. We have all paid dues.

So here are some things that I hear people say that keep them from having what they say they want in the business:

“I don’t have what it takes to do this.” – THE MOUNTAIN DOESN’T CARE!
“I don’t know anyone.” – THE MOUNTAIN DOESN’T CARE!
“I’m too young.” – THE MOUNTAIN DOESN’T CARE!
“You need money to make money.” – THE MOUNTAIN DOESN’T CARE!
“The people in my town are different!” – THE MOUNTAIN DOESN’T CARE!


“I don’t have to wonder if I’m being paid less or being held back from a promotion simply because I’m female. Nor am I worried about being laid off or not taken seriously because I need flextime to take care of my family. The computer doesn’t care!!” Thank goodness!!


It doesn’t matter where in the world we go. People are people. People need appreciation and love.
People crave freedom and lifestyle. People want more money to do the things they are passionate about.
We offer all of these things! There is no better gift.

Here’s an example of someone that doesn’t get it. I received a Facebook message yesterday from a guy that I haven’t heard from in 3 years. I can’t even remember the last time I received a phone call, card or message from this guy. Then out of the blue, I get a message in my FB inbox asking me to take a look at something that he is doing. This is an example of someone that wants something from me but at the same time has not made effort, even once, to contribute to my life in any way. How can he expect me to want to consider his proposal if he hasn’t reached out to me in 3 years? There are takers and there are givers. Givers have the world at their fingertips. Become a giver in all aspects of your life and you will be blessed with an abundance of people that want to hear what you have going on in your life!

SendOutCards is the ultimate giving machine!

Here are just a few things you can do to align yourself with the rules to play this game successfully:

1. Be likable and agreeable. People love to be around likable and agreeable people.
2. Don’t push. If someone is not interested, then keep the doors open for them to join you sometime in the future.
3. Get permission to show someone the business first. Ask, “Would it be okay if I showed you something that you may like?”
4. Get passionate about our mission. Become a true warrior for kindness and appreciation.
5. Give to give.
6. Love people.
7. Dream big and help others to dream big.
8. Push yourself to do a little more.
9. Get a little competitive.
10. Grow and keep a LONG list.
11. Meet new people every day.
12. Freely compliment others.
13. Stay in touch; place a call, send a card, send a message, etc. regularly so that others know you are still around and that you care.
14. Schedule time to get together with your friends and connections on a regular basis.
15. Get personal with the members of your team.
16. Stop chasing people. Work with the few that are working.
17. Be friendly.
18. Send personal cards daily.
19. Schedule appointments/meetings on your calendar, (phone appointments, in-person appointments, individual and group).
20. Present your business daily.
21. Read your “I am” statements daily. (I have mine on a white board.)

Remember, “The Mountain Doesn’t Care”. Any excuse you give to not do these things is just a reason why you probably won’t get what you want out of the business. When you find yourself rationalizing and coming up with reasons not to do these things say to yourself, “The Mountain Doesn’t Care!

July 15, 2013 – Mindset and Mechanics


I want to start with a story. Back in about 2000, the founder of my last company made an announcement on a live videocast that was piped into theaters across the US. I was sitting in a theater on the East Coast after doing an event with about 500 people. The company had just announced a new position (Ambassador) and laid out the requirements to get there. As I sat in the theater hearing the announcement for the first time, I immediately thought to myself, “there is absolutely no way I can get this done”. It would require me to get 5 people promoted to the equivalent to of Senior Manager (called Regional Director) in 90 days. I decided in that moment that I would NOT go for it because it was impossible. I had a completely full schedule and the commitment was way bigger than I could see myself taking on. Well, about 30 days later, Jimmy Dick and Brian McClue were in Arizona and they sat me down. They told me that Kenny Troutt had created this “window” that I needed to step through. This one meeting changed my life forever. They said, “Jordan, you don’t have a choice. You have to get this done. You MUST get promoted to Ambassador!” In other words, they gave me an attitude adjustment!

I was scared and unsure about how I could make it happen but that night I got on the phone and started clearing my schedule. I needed to find 5 people in my highest coded group that wanted to go for it. I had 2 (one was a female attorney and the other was a stay-at-home mom). I called them both and got them excited about the prospect of getting all the way to Regional Director in the next 60 days. I also needed to find 3 others that would want to do the same thing. Each person would need a minimum of 24 new distributors in their groups to get the promotion. Our convention was now 60 days away and I needed to add about 100 new distributors, in all the right places, to get this promotion done. I needed to help 5 people each build a group of 24 to get promoted to Regional Director for me to get my Ambassador promotion. The next day I bought an airline ticket to Chicago and literally camped out there for the next 60 days. I ran newspaper ads, talked to people in restaurants and grocery stores and scheduled appointments morning, noon and night. Our group had breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings 6 days a week. Some meetings had 5 or 10 people and some had none. I ate pizza at Giordina’s Pizza on State Street in Chicago for lunch and dinner 6 days a week for 2 months (we offered free pizza to anyone that would attend). We found the other 3 people in the groups of the two women that agreed to help us make this happen. They each got their Regional Director promotions and I got my Ambassador promotion the day of our convention. In fact, I became the first one (because my last name started with “A”). It also kicked my income up to over $50,000 a month. This one promotion put me on the radar screen and changed my life (thank you, Jimmy Dick!) I became friends with a billionaire because of this one promotion. I got to fly on private jets all over the world because I went for it! I was even invited to many private meetings at the billionaires home! This one move got me on the “inside”. To think, initially I wrote the whole thing off and almost didn’t go for it!

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I know what you are capable of if you will just decide. It’s so easy to say “Oh, I could never do that”. Or, “There are so many people better than me!” NOOOOOO!! You can do it if you will just decide and commit. That little voice that convinces you that you can’t do something is a lie. It is THE THING that is holding you back. The carrot that Kody Bateman put out there, (“the heat is on” promotion) is an opportunity to make yourself known and have some fun. The thoughts that run through your head that are keeping you from going for it are the very REASONS why you must go for it! This is the thing that is holding you back in the business. Now is the time for you to break through to the next level. The worst thing that will happen is that you will be much further along than you are now. Just think about the best thing that could happen!

This is all about MINDSET and MECHANICS. (What you focus on and what you do). Jimmy and Brian helped me to change my focus. Then I went to work!

I’m going to do my best to describe the mindset and mechanics necessary to create your legacy business. But before I do, I must clarify a few things. Listening to me rant each week won’t do this for you. Trying to “get” what I share week in and week out is simply an excuse not to do it. This has little to do with your abilities. Most of you RIGHT NOW have all the skills and tools necessary to build a successful business. I was the person that tried to figure it out for years and then once I decided, (it happened in a moment) everything changed. Save yourself many years of stress and just make the decision! You have everything you need. SendOutCards is a recognized jewel in the network marketing profession. There is no other company that has a product like ours and our compensation plan is proven many times over. It all comes down to mindset and mechanics. The mechanics of the business are the easy part! Most of you know exactly what to do. Meet new people online and offline. Keep adding people to your list. Invite people to take a look. Follow up with them. Sign them up. Train them and teach them to do exactly the same thing! We all know exactly what to do to build a business.

Mindset is the biggest obstacle to success! This is true and we all know it to be true! Any great endeavor is met with HUGE opposition. There is opposition on the outside and on the inside (yes, even on the inside of our company)! Think about the biggest accomplishments of our time and then simply research what went into making them happen. The greater the challenge – the greater the opportunity! Knowing it and saying it doesn’t make it any easier when you are in it, does it? That’s the opportunity. You’ll earn your check many times over! Re-read “Think and Grow Rich” and then read “The War of Art” by Pressfield. HERE’S A KEY SECRET: Your biggest opposition is not on the outside. It has to do with you and your thinking. I know this because once I got my mind right, things took off! The reason SOC is even here today as a company is because a couple of people joined at a time when everything was flat. These people BELIEVED that SOC had a mission worth sharing with the world. I was one of those people. I (along with others) began to SPEAK this truth into the world and we attracted others. We can either speak hope and optimism into the world or we can speak fear and doubt into the world. One attracts and the other repels. We hold the future in our hands (I know I didn’t make up this phase).

I was listening to “The War of Art” today on Audible and once again reminding myself of the greatness of SOC and what it will take to make SOC a billion $$$ company. Do you want to be part of the celebration that will come with doing impossible things? Walt Disney’s famous quote, “It feels good to do the impossible!” says it all. How would you like to be there when we achieve the impossible? Since I joined SOC in 2004 I’ve been hearing over and over again how “It can’t be done”. And you know what? We are doing it!

If you know that giving out and picking up 5 DVDs a day will help to build your business and you are not doing it, then it must mean one thing. Your mindset is off.
Knowing your mindset is off and trying to figure things out is just an excuse for not doing it! Doubt will take you out of action and action will take you out of doubt!! Okay, so your mindset is off. Do you know the best way to get your mindset right? Do something! Start sharing the business every day and you’ll notice your mindset will get 300% better! As soon as you get off of Facebook and out sharing this with BRAND NEW PEOPLE, you’ll begin to experience a brand new lease on life. What if the Oak tree sat around and tried to convince the leaves that have fallen off the tree that they were wrong? The Oak tree drops new acorns, that’s how it grows.

Let’s get real. What is the mindset of a winner? Ask yourself, do you currently have this mindset?

A winner has vision.
A winner has a positive attitude.
A winner feels hope.
A winner sees a solution.
A winner views challenge as an opportunity to prove something to others.
A winner is optimistic.
A winner is in DAILY action.
A winner is personally growing.
A winner spreads good will.
A winner embraces life.
A winner is a dreamer.
A winner is surrounded by POSITIVE people.

Doing a call like this is somewhat cliché because most of the things I talk about are things you already know.
I know it helps me to refocus and be reminded of the attributes of a winner once again. However, it really doesn’t make much of a difference to be made aware of it unless that awareness leads to positive action. Action is the key to changing your state of mind. A positive result always comes from positive action. A positive result will always take you out of doubt.

Here’s an example that you may be able to relate to. You wake up on Saturday morning with the intention to go to the gym and get a good workout. You wake up at the crack of dawn and it is cloudy and drizzly outside. Your soft pillow and 1000 thread count sheets feel so good on your skin and quite frankly, it’s cold outside. Your comfort begins to overshadow your commitment at that moment in time. Then you start beating yourself up with your thoughts. You know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s that argument that you have with yourself. Back and forth you go and usually the concept of “an object at rest tends to remain at rest” wins out! However, if you can get yourself to just GO, after your one-hour workout, you feel great! You feel accomplished. Action is the key. Nike coined the phrase, “Just do it!” This is probably one of the greatest phrases of all times for those that begin to question or doubt themselves.

So what should you do?

1. Refresh your list.
2. If you don’t have a list, TOMORROW go somewhere where you will meet 10 new people (do something!).
3. Set up 3 appointments!
4. Follow up with 10 people.
5. Send a campaign with the new DVD to 10 people that looked at SOC that haven’t gotten started yet.
6. Send 3 heartfelt cards.
7. Show the business to at least one person.

Do all of this with the intention of helping a couple of people get involved with us. I promise you that this will calm any doubt or apprehension you have. It really is that simple. The enemy is in you. Remember, you don’t need proof or outside validation. Nothing great has ever occurred on that plane. If something is happening on the outside that you don’t like then it’s time to take action and change your reality. This is EXACTLY what I did 8 years ago.

That’s pretty much it. There is not one person on this call that cannot do at least a few of the things we’ve talked about.
I would love to see your name at the top of the list! :)

June 25, 2013 – The Power of Connecting


There is no question that SendOutCards is, by far, the best tool for building relationships and connecting on a personal level available in the marketplace today. There is nothing that beats going to the mailbox and getting the gift of a personalized card that expresses appreciation or gratitude. We’ve all experienced the feeling of a kind word expressed in a card. Most of us have cards we have saved that are especially important to us.

The permeation of technology into our lives makes SendOutCards even more valuable. Everything is being digitized so a card has more impact than ever before. Anyone that has ever received a gift with a photo or a card, and a personal message knows the power of what we have at our fingertips.

Tonight’s call is about “The Power of Connecting”. I want to start with a story.

Story of Joel Bez (Listen to recording).


Every time you add a dot, it exponentially increases the number of positive connections. Every time you add a positive connection with another human being in your network it exponentially increases the number of possible opportunities. Miracles happen. This explains a lot. It explains why people with large networks seem to get all the breaks. It explains why people with large networks seem to have all the luck. It explains why people with large networks get more done in less time. It explains why people with large networks make more money!

1. Freely offer sincere compliments.

2. Focus on quality over quantity. Large numbers of quality relationships is even better.

3. Seek out opportunities to praise and appreciate (make it a conscious thing).

4. Give to give – Seek nothing in return.

5. Be a “Connector”. You become more valuable when you help others get value in their relationships with each other. INTRODUCE PEOPLE, then get out of the way.

6. Stay in touch over a lifetime! Each time you break off positive communication and then re-connect, the relationship becomes stronger (Law of familiarity). TELL POST OFFICE STORY. “We’re like old friends..”, “it’s been 10 years but it seems like yesterday that . . . “, etc.

7. Put it in writing, in a card. This anchors the relationship and MAGNIFIES it!

You are making deposits in your social bank account with others when:

1). Others know you were thinking about them in a positive way.
2). You help to make others feel great about themselves.
3). You seek ways to make others look good in the eyes of their peers.
4). You seek out ways to help others be more valuable to those they serve.


1. GROUP COMPLIMENT AND EDIFICATION (Example of handyman in BNI Chapter). People will talk to each other!!

2. PARTY/SPORTING EVENT CARDS, GIFTS WITH PHOTOS – Take lots of pictures at a party or sporting event and send everyone from the event a card with all the pictures (learn to use your campaigns for this). OR use SOC playing cards in the Photostore to send decks of cards to those that attended the party or event. They will appreciate and remember this!

3. SEND AT LEAST ONE PERSONAL CARD DAILY – Send a sincere gratitude card each day. There is little that is more powerful than the 30 day gratitude challenge.
a. Explain what you are grateful for.
b. Explain why your thankful (what does it mean to you).


“Neil, you were by far the most influential teacher I had growing up. You didn’t just teach me, you made me think. The thing I appreciate most about you is that you were willing to challenge authority and you were a non-conformist. I believe that my career choice was partly because you caused me to challenge the norm and choose my own path. Thanks for being the best 6th grade teacher a guy ever dream of. ”
(I have stayed in touch with my 6th grade teacher for 44 years. He is my SendOutCards customer. I was with him yesterday in Chicago for my sister’s 50th birthday party. This was an actual card I sent him).

4. SEND TRAINING TIPS AND IDEAS – When you are inspired by an idea, tip or strategy, create a campaign card and send it to your team or customers (you should have a group created with your distributors and customers.)

EXAMPLES: “The Bicycle”, “Hovering”, “Acorns”

You can find MANY examples in the conference call summaries that I send out.

5. SEND ACCOLADES FROM FACEBOOK – If someone gets a promotion or award, has a new baby or any life changing event, grab a picture and write a nice message and send it in a card!

EXAMPLE: Whitney Bateman successfully produced the most successful convention in our history. I sent her a card with photos congratulating her. When Max Fleisher received his Gratitude Award I sent a picture of Kody handing him the award along with a message congratulating him and letting him know how proud I am of him.

6. CREATE A “POTENTIAL DISTRIBUTOR” GROUP – Groups are a powerful relationship building tool. I have a group of all the people that I have ever introduced the business to that didn’t get involved. Then whenever there is a new tool that comes out (i.e.; ASEND Magazine, the new DVD, etc.), I send it with a card to those in the group. I have a long term perspective and I don’t send it hoping that everyone will call me back when they get it. Most don’t. In fact some will let it sit for weeks or months. I just got a call from a guy I sent a birthday card to 2 weeks ago that I haven’t heard from in 3 years. I met him on an airplane. He gets 2 or 3 cards from me each year because he is in my POTENTIAL DISTRIBUTOR group. He said, “I’m interested in talking about becoming a distributor.

These are the things that differentiate the dabblers from the pros. Often times the dabblers complain that it’s not going fast enough or they don’t know who to talk to about the business. The pros create opportunities to connect with others. Networks run deep. People will build you up and talk about you in a positive light amongst their peers when you look for ways to elevate them.

I never seek recognition but I have found that when I send compliments and gifts to others they tend to tell others about it. When you do it they will show off the cards you send and spread positivity about you. They will tell everyone what a nice guy/girl you are. They will know that you are still in the business. They will consider you a friend.

SendOutCards is bigger than any one of us. There is a flurry of activity at corporate right now and our staff and programmers are developing and working on things that will be launched in the coming months that will blow your mind. There will be people that have lost faith that I believe will regret it. I also know that those of you that stay focused on our mission will be richly rewarded.

There will be an upgraded contact manager and card editor (it’s in the works). The phone app will be integrated with it and will take us fully into the future (100% device friendly on ALL devices). You’ll see “SendSation” come to fruition over the coming months. We are a small company that has gone through a monumental evolution. I was on a call with Kody and your Eagles earlier today. I got to hear about the strategic rollout plans for the SendOutCards of the future. We will continue to focus on getting better and being innovative. Our programmers are young, innovative and world-class. Remember, there is no other company like SendOutCards in the world. Our goals include becoming so unique and so special that all the right people want to be part of our crusade. We already have the culture. Never forget that the money is the result, not the goal. The money will be significant when you focus on the right things.

June 17, 2013 – Q & A with Jordan

Q and A with Jordan:

Dan – entityfs@sympatico.ca – Toronto (Incoming)

7h 17m 23s – Hi from Dan in Toronto.. What is a good first message to put into a card that you want to send to someone that you feel could use the send out card system? Would you include a DVD with that or would you wait and perhaps do a 2nd mailing with a DVD in there… Also does the cool buzz site have some suggestions for things to put into a 1st, 2nd 3rd mailing etc to someone you are prospecting… thanks!

A: There really is no good first message. It’s about authenticity. What would you say to someone if you wanted them to take a look at something that you really like? Say THAT in the card. I would personally say “I have come across something that I think you will like that would probably make a significant difference in your life. But I don’t know that for sure. Would you mind watching this 16 minute DVD and telling me what you think? I believe it’s the best relationship building tool in the marketplace today but I would like you to be the judge of that. Please let me know!” (make sure and put your number in the card!)


Andy Cohen – andyscardsandgifts@gmail.com – Los Angeles (Incoming)

7h 40m 15s – There have been lots of changes to the site, videos and training. If you were getting someone started TODAY, what are the action steps you would take with them?

A: Hey Andy . . . it really hasn’t changed a thing for me:

1). I build rapport (ask them questions: i.e.; Background? What are they looking for? How their current business will set them up for life, etc)

2). I tell them how I was introduced to SOC (2 min or less)

3). I tell them what we are going to do – i.e.; I will be having you test drive the system first and then if you like it I’m going to have you watch a short video. OR you can do it the other way around . . . I’ve going to have you watch a short video and then if you like it I’m going to have you test-drive the system.

4). I ask, “can you see yourself using a system like this?” “Do you know others that you think would use a system like this?”

5). I go over the 3 options and I have them write them down

6). I sign them up and train them OR I put them in the system for ongoing follow-up

THIS IS EXACTLY THE SAME WAY I HAVE BEEN DOING IT FOR 8 YEARS AND IT STILL WORKS. I signed up 3 distributors (personally) in the last 45 days

Mike Bass – Winter Springs, FL (Incoming)

8h 32m 2s – Jordan, Given some of the changes in the videos we have, what is your sequence in doing a GAW? Send a card first, what video or videos do you show someone and in what sequence.? I have always felt it important to introduce the product & the opportunity in every GAW, but they deleted the 4 minute opportunity video. The new Brick & Mortar video seems a bit long to use in a GAW. Just like to hear your thoughts.

A: I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask someone for 30-45 min to present something to them that can drastically change their life for the better. Schedule time on their calendar. Ask for 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted time and have them watch the 16 min video and send a card. After that they will know whether they want to proceed or not. Everyone makes decisions differently and everyone works at a different pace. Have patience with people. They will do it on their schedule and not yours. Make sure they have all the info and then stay in touch with them.

Donna Burst – donnacbi@att.net – St Louis (Incoming)

8h 58m 7s – Jordan, I have been doing SOC for 3 or 4 years now and have gotten 17 distributors. I have not gotten anyone in over 2 years now:( I have tried calling wedding and event planners as well as seen some of them. I was in BNI and never got a referral for anyone, but I signed up a ton of users myself. I want to be an Executive by 2015 and in order for that to happen I need to make it to Sr. Manger by the end of this year. I do not know what I am not doing or maybe what I am doing incorrectly if there is an incorrectly. I read inspirational books as if I was a bee on honey. I have been doing that for 5 years now as part of my morning routine. How do I find distributors please. Is it where I live :( in archaic St Louis? Thanks Jordan, any help would be appreciated. Donna

A: Donna . . . it’s not your area. You MUST get that out of your head right now. You’ll never build it if you think there is something wrong in your area. I have seen areas go completely stagnant for YEARS until the right person came in and built it. In my last email I talked about exactly this topic regarding Sacramento. EVERYONE said it was saturated until a group of 3 guys started working like crazy and built 40,000 distributors in 3 years. People are people. There are people in St Louis that can’t wait to hear about SOC and WILL build it as a business once you show it to them. It’s all about leadership. You must become a leader in your area before people will follow. OR you must pursue a leader. You started by saying you have been DOING SOC for 3-4 years. If you were honest with me and told me how many hours per week you actually spent doing productive activities and you compressed it down into the weeks or months your were actually working the business, you would probably find out that you have actually WORKED the business for 6 months or less. If you’ll re-read Beach Money you’ll read that most people don’t find their first really runner until after they have personally sponsored 20-30 people. You’ve sponsored 17 (or I suspect you may have 17 in your group). My advice would be this:

1). Come up with a plan where you are SHOWING THE BUSINESS (That means scheduling appointments to go all the way through it) at least 2-4 times per week.

2). Expand your vision: Begin to see yourself as the leader in your state. Share things with others to help them see what they don’t currently see. Explain it to others as if Kody was explaining it. Do you think the people in St Louis would listen to Kody? By the way, this is the EXACT same conversation Jay Smith had with me in 1993 when I had signed up 14 distributors and no one was doing anything. I blamed it on Phoenix. Phoenix was the problem

3). Focus on sponsoring 100 people in the next 3 years. That’s 33 per year. You income will explode. You can do this if you put your mind to it.

Perry – prestigemarketingetc@comcast.net – Nashville (Incoming)

11h 43m 25s – Is it okay to use send out cards as a fund raiser vehicle for non-profit causes, schools-churches etc

A: Of course it’s okay. The organization may be concerned with their 503B status but that is between them and their attorneys. Personally I stay away from them because they look good on paper but rarely make money and they will almost always want you to do all the work. Here’s what I tell people.

1). Fund Raisers are GREAT if you want to help the organization and you have a lot of free time on your hands. Most likely you will do most to all of the work regardless of what they tell you. Once you have committed there is no turning back. They are very time consuming and you make little money because there is no duplication.

2). They always “pencil out” but in reality they don’t work on paper they way they do in real life.

The only time I would commit to doing a fund raising project is if I was doing it 100% because I wanted to help the organization and I had no interest in making money from it.

Kerry Pomponio – kerry@pomponio.ca – Victoria BC (Incoming)

14h 2m 1s – I want to help 5 managers get to Senior Manager a year from now. How can I motivate them? I am re- reading Beach Money chapter 10. I am working 3-4 hours per day.

A: That is very doable with some hard work and a little bit of luck (just to be honest here). The problem is you will never get there if you have to motivate them. Your quest must be do find people that want to get their on their own and they are willing to work hard to do it. By becoming a Sr Manager they will be getting recognition for their promotion and they will be positioning themselves for higher earners.
And if you are working closely with them, sometimes they will even do it because they know it will help you get promoted as well. The biggest obstacle to fast growth is the need to motivate people to go to work. Your job is to find people that are ready to do it now that don’t need to be motivated. You won’t get there trying to do it with people that need motivation.

Megan – soc.kiwicards@gmail.com – Lower Hutt, New Zealand (Incoming)

16h 54m 19s – I’m in a women’s business networking group; how can I make the transition from promoting the product to use in their business, to the opportunity?

A: Schedule appointments to meet with each woman from the group individually over coffee or tea. Get to know them and ask them how you can help them in their business. All of my distributors that came through networking groups were a result of one on one meetings.
Don’t go with the intention to show the business but have your computer handy just in case they ask. Mostly learn as much as you can about them. If they start asking you questions, ask if you can show them a short video. The video explains it all. Most of the people that I signed up through networking were people that wanted to work SOC on the side . . . here’s how I would position it.

“You may want to be a distributor just in case you run across others that want to do it. It could become a little side income stream. I know that your (current) business is your primary focus but I know that you know many others that could benefit from this. For $400 I could set you up as a distributor so that you can refer it as those opportunities come along. Do you think you might want to do this?”

Many people want to take advantage of this opportunity. Most businesses will sign up their business on a Distributor Preferred Account and then set up their wife, husband or home on a preferred account ($31) just to keep in separate. This gets them their $50 check and promotes them to Sr Distributor right out of the gate!

Ray – rayjnap@gmail.com – Bloomfield (Incoming)

23h 17m 35s – 1-How can a newbie get to earning $4,000 per month within 9 months-a suggested plan?

A: You’ll need to sponsor 2 people per week for at least 6 months to LAUNCH your business. This is not easy. It’s A LOT of work but it will be worth it. Most likely your income will be significantly better than $4000 a month. To do this you’ll need to show the business to 1-3 people per day. That’s the plan. There are no short cuts. The presentations can be for you or for people on your team but you’ll need to FILL YOUR CALENDAR. Learn a simple 45 minute presentation like the one I described a few minutes ago (see above) and then become a master networker. “I have something I have to show you. When can we set up a time to talk?”

Bob Harris – Robertbharris@frontier.com – Kennewick, WA (Incoming)

23h 25m 15s – I have Preferred customers at ($31.00) and they have accumulated to many points so they end up canceling their subscription. How can I encourage them to use more points by send more cards and gifts. Should I have them go to the $9.80 subscription. Thank you, Bob

A: Even we have people that cancel their subscriptions. That’s just part of business. After 8 years I still haven’t found anything that will keep some people from canceling. People cancel magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, Netflix subscriptions and some even stop making their payments on their homes and cars. However from what I can see we have the highest retention in the network marketing profession. Even people that cancel don’t go away. Their accounts stay active . . . many will use their points over the holidays and even buy more! Most nutritional companies lose their customers when a distributor leaves. Overall, we don’t. Most of our distributors continue to send cards and gifts even after they leave. Let people do what they want to do and then go get 3 more customers.

Carollyn – cdmuir@tpg.com.au – Hervey Bay Qld (Incoming)

1d 31m 56s – What tips can you give that will help an introvert personality type be successful at network marketing.

A: That is really the beauty of network marketing. I have a good friend from another network marketing company that is very shy and quiet. In fact for many, many years he never spoke in front of a group. He would sit in the back row of every meeting but his team was always in the front of the room doing the presentations! He has been a $100,000/mo earner in his last 2 companies. He looks for people that are better than him and he lets them know that he is shy and introverted. He lets them know that he is looking for people that are outgoing that would be willing to do what he is not able to do. Carollyn, you probably have some strengths that an extrovert doesn’t have. You’ll be able to relate to others like you. Most people are not charismatic “front of the room” type personalities. You’ll be able to speak to those people at a level they can relate to. The beauty of our business model is that we get to benefit from the strengths of others and they get to benefit from our qualities as well. My friend Jana doesn’t ever speak with anyone about our business any more yet she has 11,000 people on her team because she sponsored a few early on. Use the tools . . . let them work for you so you don’t have to talk much. Acknowledge to others that you are shy and quiet. It’s even okay to say that you have a low self-confidence (if you do) because most people have a pretty low level of self-confidence and others will relate to that!

May 6, 2013


INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION – I know many of you are wondering when it will happen. We have a new executive staff member at corporate, you’ll hear more about this at convention. However, let’s discuss leverage and why you want it to come later vs. sooner. Leverage is a funny thing. Here’s my question: When we officially open Spain would you rather have 10 people in your group or

1000? Why? Well, if you have 1000 people and you don’t know anyone in Spain there is a good likelihood that someone in your group will. The longer it takes for international expansion, the better it is for all of us. I currently have about 4000 distributors in Australia. Guess how many I have signed up there? ZERO! That’s right, because I have a substantial team, members of my group had contacts over there and the result is a down line down under!

The way I view it, we are already open all over the world! Why? Because we live in a country (same applies to Australia, Singapore and Canada) that represents many cultures and languages. If you really want to prepare for international expansion, build a healthy team where you live! If you don’t already have an active group of 1000+ people, you are really not ready for international expansion!


I highly recommend going back to read Beach Money. People are people! I have found that despite the speed of technology and the overall pace of life, the only thing that has changed is the impatience of people. Everyone wants it faster. This is generally how things are being served up to us. We have become more and more intolerant to taking the time to practice the fundamental principles of building a solid business. What’s interesting is that most people are broker than ever! In our quest for “faster” we have forgotten what it means to nurture relationships! The numbers have not changed. If you begin to notice this, you can really stack the deck in your favor. So few people understand the value of time as it relates to communication and business building. People crave to be listened to, understood and “gotten”. Just like in everything else, most people do little to nothing when starting a business of their own. Why? Most people are impatient and have a LOW TOLERANCE THRESHOLD. There are so many companies flashing big checks now and making outrageous income claims that people are treating network marketing like a lottery rather than a legitimate business. Sure there is big money to be made in network marketing, but there are many things that go into becoming a top earner in this profession. Thousands don’t make money in network marketing (by the way, this has little to do with the company or our profession). Thousands don’t make money in Real Estate. Thousands don’t make money in movies. Thousands don’t make money in music. Thousands don’t make money in pro sports. This does not make these professions bad. The top slots are reserved for those willing to pay the price! What’s the price of a $1 million per year income? Ask ANYONE who has done it. When it comes too easy, it’s usually gone in a heartbeat.


As cliché as it sounds, you will not pay the price until you have belief at a level of knowing. You won’t risk the time, money or ridicule until you no longer have doubt. In the early 1900’s if you asked 1000 people, “Is it possible to fly?” how many would say, “yes!” Probably two and they would be hauled off in straight-jackets! Today, if you asked 1000 people “is it possible to fly?” only about two would say it’s not possible and THEY would be considered crazy! Yet between 1900 and 1903, Orville and Wilbur decided it was possible. If you have seen the films, you know that they risked DEATH and WORLD-WIDE RIDICULE! But because they knew it was possible, they were willing to take the chances. If they did not believe it, they would not have done the work!

When I ask the question, “Why don’t more people make $100,000 per month in network marketing?”, (you could also ask the question, “Why don’t more people make $100,000 a month in SendOuCards?”) the answer is simple and clear. Most people don’t believe it’s possible so they don’t do the work. It’s not as simple as just trying it for a couple of years. Look what the Wright brothers went through! Interestingly, millions of people have made $100,000 a month in our modern society (it’s only $1.2 million per year). Yet, if you ask 1000 people “Is it possible to make $100,000 a month?” only about 20 or 30 will say yes. Then if followed up with the question, “Is it possible for YOU to make $100,000 a month?”, only about 2 out of 1000 will say yes. Therein lies the problem. This is the #1 reason why more people don’t do it. How can you attract others when you don’t believe it yourself?

29 years ago, I wrote down that I would make $100,000 a month. It took me 25 years and I have not had a month under $100,000 in almost 5 years. Why? Because I believed it (actually I KNEW IT!) and therefore I did the work. I believed I could do it in SendOutCards. By the way, I also know that many others can do it in SendOutCards as well. Here’s why:


The Las Vegas strip is filled with thousands of people from all over the world. There are successful business owners and people that live in manufactured homes. I am probably the highest profile distributor in SendOutCards, due to Beach Money and speaking on stages all over North America and Australia. I can go walking on the strip for 3 or 4 hours with my girlfriend Sierra and I won’t get recognized once! What does that tell me? The strip is a cross section of the world. We haven’t even scratched the surface. The only way people will know about us is through distributors (you!). The new video www.socinterview.com has not been seen by many. This and the new DVD coming out is our ticket to mass exposure. “CLICK AND ORDER” is the revolution that everyone understands when they hear the story. They get that there is a major trend in the world that is shaping the way we do business. They have all witnessed the phenomenon of i-Tunes and the disappearance of bookstores and video rental stores. Everyone gets it! We just need to show them the opportunity to create wealth by plugging into this trend! We have already proven that it works! It’s not up for debate. We have the golden ticket! There is no limit to what you can do with this business. Remember, the past does not equal the future. That’s why you are here! If the past was equal to the future, then you may as well just lay down your sword now! You are here because you believe that you can do something significant with your life that hasn’t happened before!


The reality is; not everyone will see it now.
Remember this:
Technology Adoption Life Cycles:
The demographic and psychological (or “psychographic”) profiles of each adoption group were originally specified by the North Central Rural Sociology Committee, Subcommittee for the Study of the Diffusion of Farm Practices (as cited by Beal and Bohlen in their study above).

The report summarized the categories as:

  • Innovators – are risk-oriented. Came up with and developed the ideas (Kody Bateman and the Orig SOC Team).
  • Early adopters
  • – Demarr Zimmerman, Diane Walker and 8 others that are no longer around represented the top 10 in the first few years of SOC’s growth. Then the wave of people that came in from 2005-2013. We were all part of the early adopters.
  • Early majority – We are at the very beginning stages of this phase (this represents 30% of our growth). This stage has never happened in our company.
  • Late majority – This group needs proof and must see LOTS of people doing it before they participate. This group represents the other 68% (early majority and late majority represent 98% of our growth).
  • Laggards – Too little too late.

By the way, companies go through cycles that represent all five of these stages. After completing a full cycle, a company can re-invent itself and start all over at the “Innovation Phase”.

People are people. The numbers don’t change. You’ll find that most people that you show our business to will not be interested. Stay in touch with them! Some will come around later! People will quit and people will leave! Have you noticed that people leave sports teams all the time? New people replace those that become distracted or tired. It’s the cycle of life and it occurs in our business as well! Some will run the course and some will share our vision and be willing to see the job through.

I’m looking for the “Michael Jordan’s” that have never picked up a basketball! There are thousands of them out there. My quest is to find them!


Did you realize that once you hit Manager (3 personally sponsored MD’s that promote to SD and being “Q” qualified), anyone you personally get started pays you $240? That’s $24 an hour if it takes you 10 full hours of work to find, sponsor and train that new distributor. With focused energy that’s more than achievable! When you make Sr. Manager, you now receive $290 when you get a new distributor started. That means $29 an hour if it takes you 10 full hours to find, sponsor and train a new distributor! But it even gets better. Some of those distributors will find others that get their customer requirement met over time. It’s not inconceivable to get $100 – $300 per hour for the work you do in this business. Most attorneys that bill $100-$300 per hour must go to law schools for many years and spend in excess of $100,000 to get their degree. We don’t have a bad gig here! Oh, and we haven’t even talked about the ongoing residual income!

Network marketing is a business. People must treat it like a business and not a lottery. On a side note – those companies that promote flashing checks and all the hype really cheapen our profession. Besides being blatantly illegal and frowned upon by the regulators, it gives our profession a bad name. I get sick to my stomach when I see posts like “My friend made $24,000 last week!” or “We do the work for you! You do nothing and you’ll collect checks of $20,000 a month!” If you are looking for a real business and not a “scheme”, then make your choices carefully! Becoming successful requires leadership, patience, diplomacy, masterful communication, relationship building and even a little luck. It takes time to establish a solid base and like any other business, there are a few things to master. Network marketing is one of the most rewarding and challenging professions out there. The uniqueness is that it offers a level of freedom and potential that most other professions don’t.


A couple of weeks ago I did a call on GIVING and the impact that giving can have on your business. Right now I’m reading GIVE AND TAKE “A revolutionary approach to success”:

“There is something distinctive that happens when givers succeed. It spreads and cascades. When takers win, there’s usually someone else who loses. Research shows that people tend to envy successful takers and look for ways to knock them down a notch. In contrast, when givers win, people are rooting for them and supporting them rather than gunning for them.”

We are going to begin to see the cascading of the years of giving that our distributors and customers at SendOutCards have been sending out to the world. It’s inevitable. I pray that you are here to experience it. Our game has just begun. There will be people that will doubt and lose faith. There will be many others that have the vision and character to see the job through with us.

There are technological innovations in the works that will position us for an avalanche of success. So much of embracing the future is letting go of the past. Whatever is holding you back, now is the time to let go of it and step into your new future with SendOutCards.

April 30, 2013

You can’t count the apples in a seed.
We are all looking for quick results. We live in a fast-food, microwave society and business is moving at the speed of thought. With our hand-held devices, we can now do in 5 minutes what used to take weeks to do (literally). I can get a message to the other side of the world in less than a second! Meals are served up in 2 minutes or less and the expectation for immediate results is becoming the norm. In the past, if I wanted to meet with someone face to face, I had to get in a car or get in an airplane. Today we just open our computer! Have you noticed that the more connected we become, the less connected we become? It’s the great paradox of technology. It conjures up visions of the family of 5 sitting around the dinner table all on their “smart” devices texting. We have a greater need for human interaction than ever before. Kody Bateman says that our #1 human need is the need to love and be loved and I don’t think anyone would dispute that!

I find it interesting that most people that have the desperate mindset of wanting or needing it now, are also the same ones that struggle financially year after year. If it’s not going fast enough they change companies, then they do it over and over and over again. Most of them never attain what they are looking for. I learned some fundamental lessons in business years ago that I believe still apply today. In fact, I would wager that these principles will withstand the test of time regardless of how fast things go. I would even go so far to say that the faster things move because of technology, the greater the need for human interaction and relationships.

DR IVAN MISNER, “The Father of Modern Networking” and author of multiple New York Times Best-Selling books. Ivan is the Founder of BNI. He is the leading expert on networking:

When asked why so many people resist taking the time to network one reason given is:

“You’re impatient for results.
Often people don’t network because they expect immediate results. They deny the fact that networking works because they personally don’t follow up with the people they connect with and get no results. They are impatient and don’t understand the value of taking the time to build fruitful relationships. It hasn’t worked for them in the past, because they go for the “close” as opposed to establishing trust and the relationship first.”
We live in such a rushed society these days, expecting – even demanding – immediate results for our efforts. Networking is not a “get-rich-quick” scheme. As I’ve often said, a successful networking effort is much more like farming than hunting. We have to cultivate good relationships that pay us back over the long term, year after year.

Most movements (things that go viral) are a result of people telling people about something they like to people they like. Who do you listen to? Who do you trust? Who are you most likely to follow through with? When you find something that you love, who do you want to immediately share it with?

In a few minutes I’m going to reveal six things that cause ideas and businesses to go viral. But before I do, let’s talk about networking and networks.

I tell you, then you tell a few others, then they tell a few others and so on and so on. That’s how networks are built. Some people are more connected than others. We don’t always know who will resonate with our idea and who will not. A good idea can travel fast when it enters the right network of people.

I know of and have experienced many circumstances of interactions and relationships that resulted in huge networks of people and business that would not have developed if the person or people introducing the idea were impatient and desperate. Most importantly, when business becomes #1 and the relationship becomes #2, most of the time the business never happens. You’ve heard the phrase, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!”

When I hear the phrase, “Why should I take the time to sign up a preferred customer when I only make $1.55 per month?”, this tells me that the person doesn’t get networking at all. This is the phrase that comes from a salesperson, not a network marketer. If you want to be a salesperson, then Network Marketing is probably not for you! There are many things you can go sell and make money. You’ll probably never walk away with a large residual income, but you can make money. It’s the difference between buying liter bottles of soda for 25 cents each knowing you can resell them for $1.25 vs. placing vending machines that sell soda in multiple locations around your town. One provides massive leverage and the other doesn’t. It shouldn’t matter whether you sign someone up on a FREE GIFT ACCOUNT, a retail customer account, a preferred customer account or as a distributor. YOU CAN’T COUNT THE APPLES IN A SEED! I didn’t know if Jim Packard would be interested in being a customer or a distributor. I could have said, “why should I even meet with him?! He doesn’t even know how to use a computer!!” I could have viewed it as a waste of my time! Networking is about building personal connections with people. Getting to know them. Understanding their needs. Listening. Offering them something that will make their life better. It doesn’t even matter to me whether someone knows how to use a computer. Jim had a big network of people that already trusted him! I am looking for 1). People that have a network of people that trust them. 2). People that are looking for an opportunity to improve their lives in some way.

There is a woman in another network marketing company that had an event planned for her company in another city that was 2 hours away. At the last minute, the person in her downline that planned the event cancelled, but one of the guests that was planning on coming still wanted to meet. The upline was trying to decide whether she should take this 2 hour trip just to meet with one woman. She decided to go. The woman went on to become her top performer with thousands of distributors in her organization. YOU CAN’T COUNT THE APPLES IN A SEED!

Here are a few things you can do that can help you in mining the gold in your network:

  • FOCUS ON THE RELATIONSHIP FIRST – Make people, not business, your priority. We are a “People First” company! It’s what sets our culture apart from the rest.
    They typically already have a network of people that they are connected with that would be good potential business builders.
  • ONCE YOU GET DOWN TO BUSINESS, GIVE PEOPLE ALL THE OPTIONS BUT SIGN THEM UP FOR THE OPTION THAT IS BEST FOR THEM – Be more concerned about serving them vs. what you are going to get. These are the people that will be with you for the long haul.
  • PEOPLE WILL DO THIS ON THEIR SCHEDULE AND NOT YOURS – People will sign up when they are ready and not when you want them to.
  • BUILD A LIFETIME NETWORK – When you serve people, your network will be with you for life!
  • SEND PERSONAL CARDS – It’s one of the best ways to build lasting relationships.
  • PLAY YOUR BEST GAME – Learn the business of networking inside and out and always play at your highest level. Over the long haul, no one will ever be able to compete with that.
  • USE TECHNOLOGY TO YOUR BENEFIT ” Also recognize when you are hiding behind technology to avoid doing the fundamentals of relationship building. Technology gives us the tools to get to the relationship quicker but understand that trust is built over time and destroyed in seconds. By giving, staying in touch, being more interested in the person than getting their business, etc. you build trust. The technology simply helps you to connect with more people sooner. How do you like to be treated? Would you prefer to business with people who treat you like a number and a prospect or with people that treat you like a valued human being?
  • FOLLOWING UP, CARING ABOUT PEOPLE AND STAYING IN TOUCH ARE KEY – In ALL cases a successful business is built on the foundation of these principles.

When an individual joins any network marketing business and their income explodes, it is because of one of two reasons:

a. They joined and they already had a LARGE network of people that trusted them (a large list) and they approached that group about the business.

b. They quickly sponsored someone that already had a LARGE network of people (a large list) that trusted them and they approached that group about the business

This seems to be true in ALL cases.

The fundamentals of networking will never change. People connected to people through a common bond will outperform any technological scheme over time. Imagine muscles that are injected with steroids. In the short run the muscles will appear to outperform those that follow a stringent fitness regime however, the healthy person will always win over the chemically induced performer in the long run. Some technology schemes create massive growth but in the long-run they fall apart because they aren’t built on the basis of relationships.

Think about you and your friends. When a trusted friend asks you to check something out, are you more or less likely to consider it (if it’s a good idea) than if a stranger approaches you on the internet?

(As we go through these, ask yourself if we are well positioned to go viral?)

by Nadia Goodman

Ten years ago, had you ever heard of the hand sanitizer Purell? It existed, but nobody really used it. Then one day, it was everywhere. Grocery stores placed dispensers at the door, nail salons gave it to clients, and people started carrying travel size bottles in their bags. With little advertising, how did Purell catch on?

Jonah Berger, an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, has dedicated his career to answering that question. As he explains in his new book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On (Simon & Schuster, 2013), every viral product has six key features in common — features that can be replicated to make any product go viral.

“People often think that contagious products just get lucky,” Berger says. “But it’s not luck and it’s not random. It’s science.”

According to Berger’s research, specific circumstances and attributes empower consumers to share a given product. Any business can leverage those insights to create a viral hit. “You don’t need a huge advertising budget,” Berger says.

Related: Creative Problem-Solving Strategies to Test Your Business Idea

As many as half of consumers’ purchasing decisions are driven by word of mouth marketing — it’s trustworthy and far more targeted than traditional advertising. Plus, the majority of those interactions happen offline, where advertisements can’t reach. “Authenticity is a big reason word of mouth impacts behavior,” Berger says.

To create a viral product that consumers are inspired to share authentically, incorporate these key elements.

  • Social currency. Consumers are more likely to adopt a product if it makes them feel special or ahead of the curve. For example, Gilt’s exclusive sales helped it become one of the hottest online shopping sites.
  • Triggers. Products that catch on become part of our everyday lives, so successful products create reasons and reminders to return on a regular basis. For example, Facebook and Twitter drive you back to their sites every time they email you to say you have a new message or mention.
  • Emotional impact. People tend to evangelize a product if it affected them emotionally, whether it solved a stressful problem or brightened a bad day. For example, if a Buzzfeed article makes you laugh, you’ll likely share it with friends who need a lift.
  • Visibility. Giving a product a distinctive feature, such as a standout logo or color, helps consumers notice when others are using it. For example, you immediately recognize iPods because Apple made the headphones white when other companies all used black.
  • Practical value. A truly useful product that helps the user become more effective is more likely to be recommended often. For example, Evernote is very good at helping users remember and organize information, so it’s often recommended for research.
  • Stories. If people are going to share your product, they need to be able to tell its story. That can be as simple as a clear statement about what the product does, or as complicated as a really interesting origin story. For example, people who buy TOMS shoes love telling others how one pair is donated for every pair you buy.

Read more: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/226114#ixzz2RCVRobwb

January 21, 2013

The $50 Refundable Deposit-

This program exists to satisfy the regulators. It does not include training by a certified trainer and it does not include any points. Most importantly, I would never sign someone up at this level because I want them to get the full benefit of the program. We are asking someone to start a business that has unlimited potential and a residual benefit that can far exceed any traditional business. This is a business that has no boundaries and can be worked from virtually anywhere. I tell people to save their $50. Sign up as a customer and use SendOutCards until they have the $395. If $395 is a challenge, they NEED us more than they even know!


Demarr signed me up without ever going over a compensation plan. I signed up my first 100+ distributors without ever sharing a compensation plan. After the comp plan training in Anaheim (Demarr did a great job), I had a handful of newer representatives come up to me afterwards and tell me how confused they were. In fact, two of them felt like they needed to figure it all out before they could really get things going. To give Demarr the benefit of the doubt, this training was an SCT (Senior Certified Trainer) Training and was designed for seasoned business builders. All distributors (including the newer ones) were invited to attend. It’s important to know the BENEFITS of the comp plan however, if you attempt to learn the comp plan in order to teach it, I believe you will seriously paralyze the growth of your group. Each new person you teach the comp plan to will attempt to tell their closest friends and family members about it. A confused mind is a paralyzed mind. Keep this in mind as I go over all of this.

I recommend using the tools provided by corporate (The Opportunity Video, The Compensation Plan Description and The Compensation Plan Chart – you’ll find these under DOWNLOADS on your MAIN MENU) to explain these things. When someone asks me about the comp plan, I give them THE BASICS and then I send them the “Compensation Plan Chart” and “Compensation Plan Details” which I pull from my DOWNLOADS. Usually this is more than enough to satisfy them if they need the details.

NOTE: I do not pass along the details unless they INSIST. I show the Opportunity Video and that satisfies most people.

Here are the things about the Compensation Plan that are IMPORTANT TO KNOW:

When a new Marketing Distributor gets one $31 subscription customer signed up or 2 $9.80 subscription customers signed up, they get promoted to Senior Distributor (SD). When they do it within their first 7 days, they get an additional $50.

When that new Marketing Distributor gets 3 others to do the same AND they get their “Q”, they get promoted to MANAGER.

When they do this within their first 30 days they get a Certified Trainer position and they are eligible to be trained as a Certified Trainer.

Getting the “Q” means turning your dashboard GREEN. When you have $31 in PCV (Personal Customer Volume), the circle on the upper left of your dashboard turns green. This means you are qualified for levels 0 and 1 (Zero level is YOU and first level are the DISTRIBUTORS you sign up personally). In other words, to get paid on levels zero and one, you’ll need at least $31 in Personal Customer Volume, which can be yours (monthly auto order).

To turn the big circle on the left of your dashboard green, you’ll need 2 subscription customers. A $31 subscription customer counts as 2. Once this big circle is green, you are now qualified to get paid on levels 2-7. Levels are like “families” or generations. Your first level are your kids. Your second level are your grandkids. Your third level are your great-grandkids, etc. By turning the big circle on the left green, you are qualified through 7 generations (think family tree).

To turn the big circle on the right of your dashboard green, you’ll need $93 in total Personal Customer Volume (PCV). This includes your customer volume and the customer volume of those you have signed up. So if you are short, you can go in and buy more points or purchase products from the photo store.

*Expense account (postage and shipping) does not count towards your volume (it’s not commissionable).

Once you have the one small circle on the upper left turned green and the two big circles turned green, you have your “Q”. With focus, you should be able to do this in 1 hour. The small circle on the upper right is to get YOUR FREE POINTS (100) each month. When you have $93 in Customer Subscription Volume (CSV), your

points are FREE! This means that your customers (not including you) are paying at least $93 per month in subscriptions.

You receive $100 for each new PERSONALLY SPONSORED distributor when they get their customers.


You’ll receive an additional $40 for each new Marketing Distributor that enters your Senior Distributor Code, when they get started by getting their customers. This is potentially paid to unlimited levels.


The company pays a certified trainer $40 for each new Marketing Distributor that joins SendOutCards. The Certified Trainers (CT’s) that do this training are entitled to this $40. You are not limited to just those in your organization or to those you personally sponsor. As a certified trainer, you are certified to train any new Marketing Distributor regardless of where they are in the business. Typically, you will be training those in your organization. However, you may get referrals from other MD’s that are not certified as CTs. This fosters an environment of cooperation and teamwork.


You’ll receive an additional $140 for each new Marketing Distributor that enters your Manager Code when they get started by getting their customers. This is potentially paid to unlimited levels.

You’ll also receive an additional 5% (on top of the percentages in the distributor group of 2-5%). This 5% is potentially paid to unlimited levels.

Here are the things about the Compensation Plan that are NICE TO KNOW:

The compensation plan rewards both width and depth. In other words, you are encouraged to find motivated people in your organization and help them to get started, regardless of what level they are on. You’ll be rewarded with increased residuals and bonuses as you grow your business.

You have 20 different ways you can get paid in the SendOutCards Compensation Plan.

-Customer Acquisition Bonus ($100)
-Leadership Bonuses – $40 to $235 (SD, M, SM, E, SE, EAGLE). These are 6 different groups that grow independently of each other!
-Unilevel Residual Commissions 2%-5% (7 levels)
-Residuals 5% – 25% (SD, M, SM, E, SE, EAGLE) %’s. These are 6 different groups that grow independently of each other!
-CT Training Fees ($40 per MD).
-SCT Training Fees ($80 per CT).
-ECT Training Fees ($100 per CT).
-ECT Training Over-rides ($20 for each SCT that gets certified).

You also get commissions off recertification fees when a Certified Trainer gets re-certified.

When you become a Senior Manager, you can then get certified as a Senior Certified Trainer (SCT). The SCT Schools are held the day before each Treat ‘Em Right Seminar. Anyone can attend however you must be a Senior Manager to officially be paid as a Senior Certified Trainer. SCT’s get paid $80 to certify Certified Trainers.

Once you become an Executive, you can then get certified as an Executive Certified Trainer (ECT). The ECT Schools are held during convention. Anyone can attend however you must be an Executive to officially be paid as an Executive Certified Trainer. ECT’s get paid $100 to train Certified Trainers.


One of my original mentors had no financial interest in me. I thought I had “figured out” the compensation plan. I had never made a penny in any program I had ever been in. I told him that I wanted to “hold” my best people until I got promoted. He laughed out loud and said, “Jordan, what I’m going to tell you next will determine what you do in this business. You’ve been in 11 different companies and you’ve never made a penny! So listen very carefully to what I’m going to say. Only do what you want your downline to do after you get promoted! If you had 1,000 people in your group and everyone said they had figured out the comp plan and they decided to hold their best people until after getting promoted, what would happen??”

I said, “Well I suppose everything would come to a dead stop”. He said, “Yes! And you would have a dead, lifeless, group.”

He then asked, “What would happen if you had 1,000 people in your business and they all decided to put their best people in first?”

I said, “It would explode??”

He said, “Exactly and so what you want to do is; only do what is worth duplicating! In other words, do what you want your downline to do. Put your best people in first and teach everyone to do the same. This is the formula for an exploding group!”

So, that’s what I did. I started showing the business 3 times a week and signing people up when THEY were ready to sign up. I didn’t try and outsmart the compensation plan.

As a result of consistently bringing in new people, my business grew and I became #11 out of 2.5 million distributors. By the way, I did the same thing in SendOutCards although, I upped the numbers. I started showing my business 3-5 times a day and signing up people each week. Within a matter of months I was #1 in the company. There were already over 2,000 people signed up in the company.

Here’s the bottom line: all of this detail is nice to know and you can see how confusing it could be to a new person. The good news is; you don’t need to know it and you don’t need to be able to explain it.

There are 3 things that will determine how big your business gets and how fast:

  • How much you show SendOutCards. The linchpin is the Gift Account Walk-Through. If you want people to be excited about the business, have them send a card on the system. Have THEM do it and you sit with them while they send it.
  • Whether they believe it’s true. (Use the videos and the daily call to show them that it’s legit).
  • Whether they believe THEY can do it. (Keep it simple. Follow the 3 steps).

Become an expert SORTER. In other words, if you are chasing people or trying to convince them to do it, you are burning daylight. Your job is to find the ones that light up when you have them send a card. If they are not excited, move on and send them a card. Just be sure and stay in touch because many of them will become your distributors later as long as you are still engaged! Pat Hinz used to repeat a phrase that his father used to use. “Only kiss the girls that lean towards you!” I know, I know, but you get the point! If they are being unresponsive or despondent, move on! Find the ones that LIGHT UP!!

Here’s a tip from virtually everyone that has ever achieved greatness in our profession:

  • Get obsessed with your cause. How important is this to you? I’m not talking about building a SendOutCards business, I’m talking about having your dreams. Are you ready to really make them come true?
  • Stop planning to do it and start doing it! The only way you’ll learn to do it is by DOING IT! The way to overcome your fears is to face them. Make your dreams more important than your fears. What is the cost of not doing it?

Honestly, we have done a terrible job of sharing SendOutCards with the world. I’m grateful for where we are but we haven’t even scratched the surface. We’ve come a long way, but I’m almost embarrassed by where we are as compared to where we could be. I’m looking for those of you that want to help me take SOC to a whole new level. We’re perfectly positioned for worldwide growth and expansion. Let’s do this!

January 14, 2013


  1. CREATE SOME “MOTION” IN YOUR BUSINESS: If your life is stagnant, your business will be stagnant. Think of it as water. Water in motion creates life. Water that’s stagnant begins to decay and smell. You are like water. You are a source of life. You can feed others by offering appreciation and encouragement. You can bring new life to people by offering them value through the SendOutCards system and business. The more movement you create the more your business and your life will grow. Think “conversations, stories and exposures”. Exposures are like “show-and-tell”.
  2. DO IT NOW! Many of you have been waiting for some magical moment. Now, is the magical moment. You’re here for a reason. The world needs you. Some of you have been coming back to this call each week for months and you really haven’t done much. But you know why you are here and you know why you are in SendOutCards. It’s time to stop thinking about doing it. It’s time to stop planning to do it. This is your time. This is your year. 18 months from now you could be sitting on a healthy residual income. There is nothing more to figure out. You can’t learn to ride a bicycle by studying it. You have to get on the bike! You can’t learn network marketing by just going to trainings and being on calls. You must do it.
  3. MOST IMPORTANT STRATEGY: REPLACE YOURSELF! If I could identify just one thing that will make or break you in the business, it’s this: the faster you replace yourself, the faster your income will grow. Network Marketing is all about duplication. In our business model we make money by 1). getting a few customers, in order to get qualified. 2). Building a team of “customer gathers”. You can make a little money getting customers, but you can make a lot of money by building a team of customer gatherers. My boss’s boss at America West Airlines taught me one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned, “Each time you replace yourself, you become more valuable”. This concept is almost counterintuitive in conventional business. You might think that if you do such a great job training others, someday you won’t be needed any more. In actuality, you will become more valuable and in greater demand. In real life terms, you must begin to train people about the business even before they are part of the organization. I like to treat people as if they are already in. I have found that when someone feels like they are already part of our cause, they end up joining it. Replacing yourself is probably the most critical skill for making money that I know.
  4. LEVERAGE THE TOOLS, TECHNOLOGY and EVENTS: If you want to have the strength of 100 people TODAY, use the tools that are at your fingertips TODAY. At your immediate disposal, you have access to (for almost nothing) a resource that is worth thousands, if not 10’s of thousands of dollars. Each day you don’t do something for your business, you are flushing money down the toilet. By using your three-way calling (you all have it on your phone), you can three-way someone into a LIVE daily opportunity call. Your top leaders have committed to being on these calls each week for your benefit. This represents pure leverage. By leveraging the tools and technology that is available to you, you can accomplish in one day what you couldn’t possibly do in a month. I would not be where I am today if I had not leveraged the tools, technology and events. I rarely talk about the business. I use the tools, technology and events to SHOW people the business. Here are some examples:

a. After someone has sent a card on a gift account, three-way them into the daily call. Nothing is more powerful to moving someone to action.

b. If someone is on the fence, copy a link from one of the weekly training calls and send it over to them. Tell them it’s only 20 minutes and that it will help to instill confidence in them regarding our company and the business.

c. Do a calling and mailing campaign to invite 100 people to an event when you know it’s coming to town (you don’t have to wait until an event comes to your town). You can pick any event! Let people know that you have an inside track and will arrange to have a free ticket waiting for them at the door. Do your best to be at the event and sit with your group. There is little that is more powerful to building a team than having people at an event and being with them to experience it.

Here’s what I say, “Were having an event next weekend that I really think will help you with xyz. You’ll get so much out of it. I would like to invite YOU to be my guest. The seminar is worth at least $300 in my eyes but because I’m a distributor, I can get you a complimentary ticket. Would you want to come with me?” Did you notice that I don’t invite them as part of a group? When I invite someone to an event, I invite them as if they are the only one coming as my guest. I want them to feel really special, which they are. Also, I let them know that I want to sit with them.

Always think about ways you can maximize the exposure of the business to your community. Most importantly, do it in a way that will add value. Speak to them about how the business or service will be of benefit to them.

Here’s an example: “Julie, as a Realtor, when someone buys a home from you, can you imagine how they will feel when you send them a personalized card with their picture on the front standing in front of their new home? They’ll save that card forever. If you really want them to talk about you, include a $5 Starbucks gift card or a box of brownies! Oh and by the way, you probably know at least 50 others that could use a service like this. Just by referring it, you could create a nice residual income that could become quite substantial over time!”

  1. YOU CAN MAKE BIG MONEY IN SENDOUTCARDS: Yes, there is big money in SendOutCards if you have big volume going through your organization. How do you create that? The formula is simple.

a). Get yourself qualified! That means getting at least 2 subscription customers and $93 in personal customer volume. I think it’s a good idea to continue to sign up customers. I have 25 subscription customers.

b). Show the business to others and find a few others that want to do the same. Sponsor 1-4 people per month for 2-4 years. Your income will gradually grow into something worth talking about. Most of all, you’ll have a residual income (something that 99% of the population will never experience). Don’t take this lightly. Residual income is a gift that is indescribable. When you offer this business to someone, you are offering them something that is priceless. Ask anyone who gets a residual check each month. Yes, it will take work and time, but there is nothing else like it.

  1. PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE: You are a promoter. You’ll need to promote the dream. You’ll need to promote the product. You’ll need to promote the process. You’ll need to promote the system. This includes promoting the 7/30/Q plan and the events. I don’t push, I promote. I don’t tell people they have to do something. I highly recommend that they do for their own good. I don’t chase people, I lead people.

Now, I want to speak from the heart here. I’m going to talk to you as a close friend. Many of you are my close friends. If you want to make money, you’ll need to hold yourself accountable at a higher level. If you were your boss, would you get promoted or fired for your level of activity? Conceptually, the business is ridiculously simple. If everyone did it, the opportunity wouldn’t be as great as it is. I want to see each of you live your dreams. Each day I have people coming to me wanting to know what they are doing wrong. There are a few key indicators that will determine whether you are going to make it. Here are some of them:

  1. Are you meeting new people each week? If not, figure out something (this is YOUR job as an entrepreneur) that you can do each week to meet new people. Focus on making friends and CONNECTING with those you meet.
  2. Are you sending out PERSONAL cards each day? You get back what you send out. Make sure your cards touch others in a meaningful way.
  3. Are you FILLING YOUR CALENDAR with APPOINTMENTS? It’s not enough to just talk to people. If you are talking to people on the run, most of those you talk to are making a decision before getting all the info they need. Set aside time on the calendar where both of you will be 100% focused on looking at everything – Be honest with yourself here. Take a look at your calendar right now. Is it FULL of appointments to meet with new people over the next 2-3 weeks?
  4. Are you scheduling yourself to attend at least 3 Treat ‘Em Right Seminars per year in addition to the Convention? I’m going to be honest here. I know this is possibly a real stretch for you. I’ve been there. I was the person staying at budget motels sharing with 6 other people in the early days. I had $36,000 in debt on 22 credit cards. I took the bus to work for 2 years. The reality is, LEADERS ATTEND THE EVENTS. If you don’t attend how can you ever expect the members of your team to attend? And if your team is not there, you don’t have a business. I stepped out in faith and I believed. In light of MANY HUGE SETBACKS, I didn’t quit. I’m the same guy that had my bank card confiscated for bouncing checks. I’m the same guy that never made more than $28,000 in a year at my job for 17 years. This MONTH my SendOutCards residual check was almost $200,000. I had a goal to make $100,000 a month for 25 years before I got there. I haven’t had a check under $100,000 a month in 4 years. I don’t take this lightly. I recognize that it’s because of many great people (most that have become my closest friends) that this is possible. It would be no fun if I couldn’t take others with me. I lose sleep trying to figure out ways to communicate all of this so that you may someday experience the same thing.
  5. Are you on MOST of the LIVE DAILY OPPORTUNITY CALLS? Set a goal to have a guest on all of the daily calls. Do everything you can to fill your week with new people looking at the business. This is one of the greatest catalysts to growth that we have available today.

As a friend I would like to tell you that any doubt you have about whether this is possible for you or whether you can do this is unfounded. There are thousands that have done it. Most people think that there is some secret formula. Yes, there are skills to learn and some phrases that work better than others. But in the end, nothing will ever replace being sincerely excited about what you have in your hands. When you share your excitement like a kid that just opened an Wii or X-Box for the first time, others will sense that and some will want to be part of it. We have one of the coolest products in the entire profession. I have seen companies with really weak products sign up 50,000 people in 60 days because their distributors were excited.


a). Sign up a few customers and get yourself qualified.

b). Use the tools, technology and events to share SendOutCards with others. Be excited about what you have in your hands and most importantly embrace the gift that only network marketing and SendOutCards can offer.






My business is what it is today because of the things I have talked about in this call. I live this stuff. Try and let go of the past. Much of success has to do with unlearning the way we are used to doing things and embracing a NEW MINDSET. This business requires a shift in focus, attitude and language.

We (as a company) are not victim to any set of circumstances regarding our size or growth. We create our future. The ENERGY of this team will determine who comes in and how fast we grow. Please take this to heart. WE will determine our future. We will determine our growth. We will determine who joins us from here on out. SendOutCards is unique and special. It’s not for everyone. But there are millions that will resonate with our cause and want to be part of growing with us. Our job is to find them and let them experience who we are.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY with SOC in 2013

Review of email I sent out-


Here’s a very simple strategy that I am using to build my business. It’s almost identical to what I have been doing for years but makes it even simpler and easier using the DAILY OPPORTUNITY CALL.

  1. Send out AT LEAST one personal card daily (no sales agenda, just reach out in kindness).
  2. Walk AT LEAST one person each day through sending a card to someone they care about and then show them the OPPORTUNITY VIDEO (on the right side of your .biz site (i.e.: www.sendoutcards.biz/YOURID#). This is the 3 minute video that has the penciled hand drawing out the plan.
  3. Three-way someone into the DAILY OPPORTUNITY CALL (At least one per day!)


This is the daily strategy-


Make a list of 100 names and do the above in your first 30 days with each of the 100 people on your list. You’ll earn all the qualifications, bonuses, promotions, etc. and you’ll make more than your money back. That means you are profitable!! You’ll be qualified. You’ll make the 7/30/Q club. You’ll be a certified trainer and you’ll get recognized! Simply call each person and say, “I found something I want to show you. It’s really cool and I think you’ll like it. It may not be for you but I at least want to show you”. Then follow the 3 steps above.

December 30, 2012

Have you ever noticed that when you are in trouble financially, you have to take desperate measures?
Unless you are ready, (which usually you are not), decision making can get clouded. Also, when you are desperate and in trouble, you tend to make choices that are much more “expensive”.

For example, if you go to the bank to get a loan when you are dead flat broke, the bank will most likely reject the request. The only place you can go to get money when you are broke are places that will cost you dearly in the long run (title loan places, borrow money from friends, etc.).
But, if you go to the bank for a loan when you don’t need one (because you are financially stable and you have lots of savings), they can’t wait to give you one! The better your credit, the lower your interest rate.

Who typically goes into check cashing centers? Typically someone using a check cashing
center is someone who is desperate for money. They get charged up to 30% of their check just to cash it! Why? Because, they are desperate.

In network marketing when someone is struggling, they tend to take desperate measures that
can ultimately lead to “ruin”. People have been known to compromise their values, make rash and
destructive decisions and abuse their relationships in the interest of quick money. Most network marketing companies that tell you that you will make quick money are doing one of the following:

  1. Front-End Loading: (encouraging people to buy or “front load” $1500-$5000 in product so that they can qualify for a higher bonus level or promotion). This practice is frowned upon by the regulatory agencies and can get a company shut down. Many companies have been investigated and shut down for the practice of front-end loading.
  2. Using enticement: Grossly exaggerating income possibilities or using “smoke and mirrors” tactics to entice you to come on board with them.

In the long run, these desperate measures almost always lead to financial ruin.

Your business will suffer and you’ll most likely struggle if you are emotionally or financially desperate. Desperation is a tough place to be when you are trying to build a business. Most of us have found ourselves in a place of desperation from time to time in our lives. I equate a state of desperation a state of EMERGENCY. You must act quickly and decisively. You’re going to drown. Your ship is sinking. If you find yourself broke or desperate, here are a few things you can do to prevent a crisis:

  1. QUICKLY get yourself out of the emotional state of desperation. Your state of mind has little to do with the physicality of your situation. We have all felt desperate fear only to learn that our fear was completely unwarranted. Fear and desperation are both “states of mind” and not connected to the actual situation. They are our physical response to a surprise event. As entrepreneurs we must learn to adjust our “state” to remain calm when things are out of whack. Have you ever heard the phase, “Don’t ever let them see you sweat”? Adjust your focus and language and reclaim your power. This is the only state of mind that will serve you in a situation like this. Breathe.
  2. QUICKLY stabilize your financially situation. It’s okay to temporarily get a job that can help you pay the bills while you are building your network marketing business. I have had to take many steps back over my career to ultimately get to where I am today. At one point I had to rent out my primary residence, sell both my cars and take out a second mortgage. I even took the bus to work for 2 years because I couldn’t come up with the money to fix the alternator on my car.
  3. PEDAL TO THE METAL – There is not time to waste. Put on your blinders, turn off the TV and work your tail off. Steps one and two will help you to survive. Step three will get you out of this mess you have created for yourself. Follow the plan. Be vigilant in your mission. FILL your calendar with appointments. Plug in. Be creative and resourceful. Expand your list. Be passionate.

Network marketing is DESIGNED as a part-time business. OVER TIME you can create a substantial residual income that will replace or even exceed a job income. Even great wealth is possible. However it takes time, patience, work, vision, faith, commitment and resourcefulness. Be cautious of the promise of quick money. It typically won’t happen as fast as you want it
to and as long as you are in action, it won’t take as long as you think it might.

As I learn to fly helicopters, I must master the autorotation. An autorotation is a maneuver that is required if there is ever an engine or drive failure while in flight. If the “LOW ROTOR RPM” warning siren sounds (not good!), I must IMMEDIATELY take EMERGENCY measures. There is not time for thought. It’s a desperate situation! A crash is imminent unless I follow the steps to “glide” the helicopter down. I must take immediate measures if I am to land safely.

Here’s the good news; you have a vehicle that can fix the problem. Your situation can be completely solved within the next 18 months if you will commit, focus and work.

December 17, 2012

What would Jim and Jordan do?
“Jordan Adler and Jim Packard get dropped off in a city where they know no one. They are asked by Kody, “Get the city going”. They are going to train you on this call what they would do to create a SendOutCards MOVEMENT in their “new town.” Who would they talk to? What would they say? How would they get people started? Let’s get into their heads tonight and talk about building a team in a place where you know no one.


Start pulling out business cards, calling people I know and asking, “Who do you know in _________?” Then tell them why you are asking.

  1. GOAL: QUICKLY build relationships with some of the most well connected people in the city – Who do I need to meet?
    Networking Groups?
    Business Journal – List of Networking Opportunities in the back of the Journal. Find at local bookstore or online. LOOK FOR PEOPLE WHO KNOW PEOPLE THAT WOULD DO BUSINESS WITH US.
    The quickest way to a large network is to get INTRODUCTIONS to the right people. I need to go places where I can get those introductions. Also, I need to go places where there are people that want to meet me right away and that will willingly give me their contact info. Mostly you’ll find these people at business networking functions. They ALL have business cards and they can’t wait to give them to me!
  2. 2-4 Trade Shows per month as an attendee. Look at local Chamber, Civic Center or online. Why? It’s a great place to meet people.
  3. Ask my existing network for business referrals in the city. Ask for 3-way call introductions. I’m not looking for business, as much as I am looking for connections to local groups and meetings.
  4. Goal is to meet 30-50 new people per week. (Add to Contact Manager and send a card WITH MY PICTURE. – “Nice to meet you!”).
  5. Set appointments: “We’re bringing a new service to town and were asking for people to “test drive” it and give us feedback”. Do three appointments per day.
  6. Dial at least ONE PERSON PER DAY into the NEW LIVE DAILY CALL!

How to show someone:

  1. Have them send a card to SOMEONE THEY CARE ABOUT. (I usually have them watch the 3 minute video first at www.sendoutcards.com/YOURID#).
  2. Have them watch the 4 videos on the www.sendoutcards.biz/YOURID# website (in person is best if possible).
  3. Sign them up or follow up with 2 cards (An SOC promotion card AND a “THANKS FOR TAKING A LOOK AND OFFERING YOUR FEEDBACK” card). In the “SOC promotion card”, I talk about our service and what it will do for them. I also include some photo images of the site or a list of features. You can find some of these cards under MY CARDS/SendOutCards in the CARD CATALOG.

“Dear __________,
I enjoyed talking with you and showing you the SendOutCards system. I have a feeling you’ll love the system once you start using it. Either way, I would love to stay in touch. (Add something personal like a photo, a quote or an invitation to a future event or conference call).



-Mindset-must have the correct attitude.
-Not looking for 300 people, just 3.
-You attract people like yourself, “like attract like”.
-Take an inventory of yourself, (ie., businessman, salesperson, personal growth junkie, U Maine graduate, Dale Carnegie).
-Seek out where the above hang out, go after your target market.
-Go to seminars, fundraisers, service clubs, networking events, chamber functions.
-Develop the skill of asking and giving referrals.

Keep in mind; people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
Ask open ended questions.
“How’s the economy affecting you?”
“What’s the biggest challenge that you’re facing?”
“How would I know if I’m talking to someone who is a good referral for you?”
“How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?”
At some point, they will ask you what you do?

WELL, WHAT I DO IS HELP YOU KEEP THEM”. (Sorry about the caps).
They tell me what they do, “I sell Real Estate.” Then I say, “Really? We should talk some time.”
Getting people started- I pretend that they are my best friend. This approach takes on a whole new demeanor.

Need to develop BELIEF.

In product: Send 10 cards in 48 hours (make me the 10th).
In company: Get on the new opportunity calls and attend any event.
In industry: Start reading a book(MLM or business), if only a page a day.
In your sponsor/leadership: Make a commitment to connect every day.
In yourself: Find a book (personal development), read a page a day.

December 3, 2012


I like to use December as a launching pad for the new year. Besides sending out my Holiday Cards (and I send a lot), I refresh my list and introduce as many people as possible to our program. Remember, I signed up on December 26th (the day after Christmas). Demarr was communicating with me all throughout the holidays and I saw SendOutCards as a way to start the New Year out right! There is someone out there praying for an opportunity right now. You could be their angel.


Todd Falcone called me a few weeks ago and said, “We have such amazing leaders in our company. Many are making six-figures a year and we are all pretty much out there doing our own thing. Can you imagine what would happen if we all worked together?” He painted a picture of live, daily calls that would introduce the SendOutCards opportunity to potential distributors. He said, “Imagine hundreds and hundreds of people calling in each day to hear the story of SendOutCards (live), followed by 4 or 5 testimonials by those who had already achieved impressive incomes and lifestyles.

What if there was a field-run program that would build the real excitement of our program on a daily basis, kind of like a team 3-way call?”

Can you imagine if you had Todd Falcone, Jim Packard, Jeff Packard, Adam Packard, Bob and Betty Ann Golden, Tommy Wyatt, Curtis Lewsey, Jules Price, Jackie Ulmer, Kathy Paauw, Demarr Zimmerman, Jimmy Dick and many, many others all working for you to help bring people into the business each day!? Well it’s happening, beginning on Thursday! Stay tuned for details! The call will help you to sponsor new distributors into the business. You’ll simply 3-way people into the call. I highly recommend having them send a card first so they have an idea how the system works and then simply dial them in! Imagine what will happen as they hear hundreds of others calling in to learn about our amazing opportunity?

Also, instead of having many different team calls, what if all the team calls offered a weekly format that promoted all of our leadership teams together? TEAM stands for TOGETHER EVERYONE ACHIEVES MORE! Stay tuned for the schedule. This program will help you to end the year strong and take you into the new year with some forward momentum.


Back in 2004, I signed up 7 days before the end of the year. I think I sent out 35 cards that year. I committed to sending a card to EVERYONE in my contact manager each year. So, my list has grown and this year I will be sending out over 4000 holiday cards! This week I’m completing my card and sending out my campaign. I’m also setting appointments with a few of my newer customers and distributors to assist them in getting their cards out. If you have never done it, I recommend keeping it simple. A simple card is better than no card!

Here are some tips:

  1. 1. If you are unsure what to do, start by watching this HOW TO CREATE AND SEND A CAMPAIGN tutorial. It’s VERY short.
  2. Create your card. Add photos and elements. A simple card can be created in 5-10 minutes. A more complex card may take up to an hour.
  3. Add everyone you want to send a card to into your contact manager (CM).
  4. Pull up all of your CONTACTS from your “CONTACTS” tab, on the red bar of your MAIN MENU. Everyone who is CHECKED will receive your card.
  5. Select the CAMPAIGN card that you want to send (the one you created) in the “SELECT CAMPAIGN” drop down menu and hit the button that says,
    “SEND CAMPAIGN TO ALL”. Confirm it and you are done!
  6. If you need to add funds, you can do that by clicking on PURCHASE POINTS AND EXPENSE on the left side of your MAIN MENU. A postcard will cost 1 point, a greeting card will cost 2 points and a greeting card with photos will cost 3 points. You can add another “panel” to your card for a 4th point. Your stamps come from your EXPENSE ACCOUNT so make sure you have enough in there to send all of your cards. A simple 2 panel card costs $0 .45 in postage to send.
  7. Cards may be printed multiple times per day during the busy days of the Holidays. Remember that if you send a group of cards and you want to go in and add a gift to a few of them or modify some of the ones you sent, you can do that as long as the cards haven’t been printed. Simply pull up the card under your CARD HISTORY tab and hit “EDIT”. You’ll be able to modify any of the cards that are waiting to go out as long as they haven’t been printed.

YOU ARE WELL POSITIONED. (Better than ever before!!)

Here are seven reasons why network marketing is the place to be in 2013. YOU have never been better positioned for the biggest year of your career, than right now. Are you ready to make your DREAMS more important than your fears? Are you tired of talking about it but not doing it? This call is for you.

  1. THE BIGGER THE PROBLEM, THE BIGGER THE OPPORTUNITY. – Graduating college students have few options for work. There are more job seekers than there are jobs to fill them. Most graduate with $50,000 to $100,000 in debt and no plan or vehicle to pay it off.
  2. MORE PEOPLE ARE STRESSED OUT BECAUSE OF MONEY. – Home values have not significantly increased since the mortgage crisis and most people continue to be uncertain and fearful about their financial futures. We are faced with a looming “financial cliff” that could potentially put millions of more people out of work. Network Marketing may become one of the only viable options. Now is the time to get ahead of the curve.
  3. NETWORK MARKETING GIVES ONE CONTROL OVER HIS OR HER FUTURE. – Options for financial growth are limited. Successful investing is a skill and requires money. A traditional business or franchise opportunity is financially prohibitive for most people and has a very high failure rate. Network Marketing gives someone a real chance to succeed by investing time and sweat equity.
  4. THE GRATITUDE REVOLUTION IS A MOVEMENT THAT EVERYONE CAN GET BEHIND. – Because of the mainstream authors and speakers that have written and spoken about the virtues and principles of “giving”, most people understand the concept of “you can get anything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want”. This is the premise of building a successful network marketing business.
  5. THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF SUCCESS STORIES. – In the 80’s and 90’s, it was tough to find people that had built successful careers in network marketing. Today there are many people that have had lucrative careers in our field. Our profession is no longer up for debate.
  6. THE TRAINING AND EDUCATION IN NETWORK MARKETING IS THE BEST IT HAS EVER BEEN. – Many successful network marketing entrepreneurs have written books on how to build a business. There are seminars and proven curriculums to teach you how to build a thriving business. Never before in our history, have there been better resources and training to get someone started.
  7. YOUNG PEOPLE UNDERSTAND NETWORKING BECAUSE OF THE SOCIAL MEDIA AND INTERNET REVOLUTION. – They typically don’t want to be like their parents and actually are now giving their parents advice about business because the traditional job model is failing miserably and many of the “fast company” organizations have been built by a younger generation of entrepreneurs.


1. Set aside 1-3 hours to work on your plan.

2. Your business plan should include:

This does not need to be sophisticated or fancy. In fact, it should be very simple. It should be short and easy to quickly digest. It should inspire you to take immediate action. It should be written on paper and also on a white board or somewhere where you know you will see it every day (this is important).

I think that if you can do this as a team exercise it will even be more powerful.

I will give ideas on this call, but you’ll need to develop your own business plan that inspires you.

1. Develop your LIST OF DREAMS. Keep them in front of you at all times. You might consider having some “realistic” dreams and some OUTRAGEOUS dreams. I mix mine all together because I now realize that “realistic” is a relative term and sometimes the outrageous dreams are easier to achieve because they are WAY more inspiring.

I will be reviewing my dream list from last year and refreshing it for the new year.


  1. Tour Europe with Sierra.
  2. Buy an Electric Sports Car (Fisker Karma).
  3. Become the #1 contributor within the Kiva Organization.
  4. Fly on a private jet once per quarter and bring members of my team.
  5. Learn to fly a helicopter.
  6. Hire someone to organize the walk-in closet in the master bedroom in Vegas
    (it was a disaster).
  7. Participate in Tony Robbins’ Basket Brigade.

There were many, many more that I didn’t accomplish. Here are some additional dreams that are on my list that I will be carrying forth into 2013:

  1. Live a “front row” life – Buy tickets in the front row when I attend sporting events, theatre and concerts.
  2. Attend Carnival in Rio.
  3. Smoke a cigar in Cuba.
  4. Become friends with Steven Tyler.
  5. Remodel my Jerome home.
  6. Get “ripped” physically.

These are some of my own personal examples. Establish your own. Make sure they are clear, simple and most importantly they INSPIRE YOU! Start where you are, most importantly, START!


When I list my goals, they are more about accomplishments and achievements vs. lifestyle. There is no right or wrong answer. Don’t worry about whether what you are writing is right or wrong. Again, start where you are. At the very least, if you are working the business, one of your 2013 goals should be to ACHIEVE THE RANK OF EXECUTIVE. To reach many of your dreams, it will help to be at least an EXECUTIVE. A goal could be to help 10 people a month in your organization earn the rank of CERTIFIED TRAINER. Another example could be, $5000 a month in income. Here are a list of possible goals:

  1. Achieve Senior Manager by Feb 1st. Achieve Executive by May 1st.
  2. Break $10,000 a month in income.
  3. Personally sponsor 1 person per week.
  4. Increase my income by $500 a month for the entire year.
  5. Attend one Treat ‘Em Right Seminar, per quarter.
  6. Quit my job by July 31st.
  7. Attend Convention.

Make sure you write your dreams and goals on a board where you can see them EVERY DAY. This is really important. Don’t miss this step. Your subconscious mind will go to work if you position yourself by putting your dreams and goals out in front of you.
Your subconscious mind is designed to find answers and solutions while you are sleeping but YOU must give it something to work on.
By putting these things out in front of you, you are giving it a job to do. And it will do the job!!


Your list is your inventory. You MUST have a written list that grows EVERY DAY!! I am going to describe for you a SIMPLE SYSTEM that anyone can do NOW. Apply the 8 year old test. “If an 8 year old can do it and an 8 year old can teach it NOW, then it’s worth doing”. This is, by far the most simple and valuable system for building a business that I have ever seen:

1. THE BLACK BOOK – Your “list” book.
2. THE GREEN BOOK – Your “money” book.

For $2 each you can buy “composition” books at the drug store in a variety of colors.
Keep your list in ONE PLACE in these books. EVERYONE goes in your BLACK BOOK.


Use this book to set your appointments. Also keep people in your contact manager and send them cards. I use my LIST BOOK, my CONTACT MANAGER and MY iCal (Calendar) to manage my business.

When someone is INTERESTED BUT, DOESN’T SIGN UP they get transferred into my MONEY BOOK (Green). I keep the same info in my MONEY BOOK.


This is BY FAR, MY MOST VALUABLE BOOK!! I follow up with CARDS, GIFTS, CALLS, EMAILS, ETC from this book. When someone signs up as a customer, I highlight them in yellow. When someone signs up as a distributor, I highlight them in red. It’s simple and it keeps everyone in one place. I’ve gone through about 20 sets of books in my career.

RIGHT NOW, REFRESH YOUR LIST! You should hit the ground running with a REFRESHED LIST.

STRATEGY (What is your overall business building strategy?):

Here is mine:

  1. Meet people every day.
  2. Send cards and set appointments to show the business.
  3. Focus on sponsoring 1 per week for 2-3 years.
  4. Look for “Hot Spots” and help them do presentations, calls and meetings.
  5. Teach fundamentals.
  6. Drive depth in active groups.
  7. Relationships before business.


PT – Sponsor 1-2 per month
FT – Sponsor 1 per week

Have fun
Build depth by teaching and promoting the system.

SYSTEM (Plug people in!):

Do it – Promote it!

  1. THE SENDOUTCARDS SYSTEM (SendOut positives every day).
  4. SOC TV.
  9. 3-WAY CALLS.



November 19, 2012- Jackie Ulmer

The Harvest Can’t Be Prevented – Defining Moments in Your Business.

Recently, Jordan and I were speakers at the Real Savvy Success Event, and we shared the stage with a very dynamic, motivational speaker – Tiffany Peterson. In her encouraging talk, she shared this statement – The Harvest Can’t Be Prevented. She was not referring specifically to network marketing, but to anything we pursue in life, if we keep at it.

It struck a chord with me, Jordan and most everyone in the room! So, tonight, I want to share a little about how this statement, and this philosophy fits into your business

My story – listen in to some details on my story and see how it plays into the topic!

So, back to tonight’s topic –
What does it mean – the harvest can’t be prevented? Think about a farm and the crops in the field. If the seeds are planted, tended to, watered and given TIME, the harvest ALWAYS comes, right?

A farmer doesn’t stop watering, tending, pulling the weeds and so on just because he doesn’t see any small shoots coming up in the first few days or weeks. He continues on because he trusts, he knows, he believes.

Trust, know and believe in the process in your business, too.

There are 4 keys to an ongoing harvest in your business, so if you have a pen, write these down.

The Dream

The System

The Action Steps or Daily, Weekly, Monthly Business Plan

The Defining Moments

Key# 1
Dream – define your why, create dream/vision boards ; take pictures, collect magazines. A billionaire I know once shared with me that he has a dream book and flips through it daily and adds to it.
Surround yourself with things that expand your vision – this includes people, magazines, books, CDs, DVDs and events. Especially EVENTS! They build belief, culture, and defining moments. More on events in a minute.

Jordan’s Helicopter Lessons

My Home at the Beach

So, what is on your list? What things do you WANT, that may stretch you a little now? Get them written down and into your psyche. Feel within your soul what it will be like when you achieve that.

Key # 2

System – its so simple – it’s the daily process and the tools/events we have in place with SOC.
Never lose sight of how simple it is.
Pick your 3 tools that you use most often.
Pick your tools for follow up.
Tools include the cards themselves, the GAW, DVDs, Asend Magazine, our 4 websites.
Anything except your mouth, ha ha! Remember, the more you say, the less you make!
Launch or re-launch your business with an in home Gratitude party. Or do one at a local coffee shop where you can have some seclusion but also create some possible interest with cards, photo store products, brownies and laptops set up!
Plug into calls and events. Plan to travel/attend events 3-4 times a year in your business.
Convention – non negotiable
Regional events and TERs
Super Saturdays

Key #3
Action – do productive activity every day. Income producing activities.
These are the income producing action steps you must be doing consistently.

Contacting new people daily. I share my commitments

Follow up – my own story shares the power in this.

GAW – this is a showing business, not a TELLING business.

Sponsor, train and duplicate – prepare for this.

Gratitude and business launch parties – leverage your time by getting your message out to groups of people at once.

Events – events change lives, get people inspired and grow your business. I’m going to share some ideas for how to REALLY make events count. Listen up!

What is the next event you have on your calendar?

Speaking of the calendar, how does yours look? Do you know what the first thing is I ask my team when they come to me, sharing their struggles? Listen in and I’m going to share!

Another activity that must be done daily is sending cards. The second thing I ask those who are struggling is…how many cards did you send in the last 30 days?

There are a few indisputable facts about Network Marketing that will lead you to a bountiful harvest that you simply can’t prevent! Sending cards and engaging in the product itself is a BIG part of that.

If you want to test this, pick out 5 people within SOC who have the success you want. Ask them how long they have been in the business and how many cards they have sent. You will find a similar story with them all.

Finally, let’s talk about the 4th key Defining moments Who you become as you grow, and you WILL grow.

Success in this business comes down to defining moments. And, there usually are more than one. Jordan calls it – the day you get your swagger.

I’m going to share a few of my defining moments.

So, here are some final thoughts.

For 2013, get to a TER early in the upcoming year. Meet the people who live the lifestyle you want.

Leadership in this business is about learning to generate and manage your own emotions. I was just sharing with my daughter that happiness is a choice, allowing other people to affect your belief is a choice.

Develop an unlimited tolerance threshold.

Belief + thoughts + feelings + actions = RESULTS – if you aren’t getting the results you want but you are taking action steps, weigh in on your beliefs and see if something is holding you back!

Let’s finish the holiday season STRONG and let’s make 2013 a time of amazing growth, abundance and gratitude for us all, and reach out and touch the lives of others.

Thanks for your time.
EXPECT Success!

November 12, 2012


Tonight I would like to talk about things that you can do to position yourself for rapid growth in the upcoming year. I don’t know much, but I do know how to create massive LEVERAGE in a Network Marketing Business. There are some very simple things you can do that may not seem like a big deal, but when you apply them WITH ENERGY, they can dramatically expand the reach of your business. Did you ever stop to think that Subway has 37,000 locations in 98 countries? They do $16 billion in $5 foot longs! Do you see why it’s so tough for a sub shop on the corner to compete? Subway has LEVERAGE. Yet to own a Subway franchise, you must come up with $150,000-$180,000. According to the investment package, you’ll break even in 3-5 years. Most of the franchises average $50,000 to $75,000 in profit after expenses. And if you own a franchise with Subway, you must do it their way or you are out of business.

I have figured out a few things over the years that work to INCREASE your leverage. In concept, these are not negotiable if you want to have a large business and possibly even get rich:

  1. YOU MUST LEVERAGE TOOLS – I rarely try and explain things. I use the available tools to gain maximum reach in my business building efforts. One thing that I do is MAIL tools to people that I want to expose the business. The tools will do a much better job of explaining it than I will. A conversation is over the minute were done talking, but a magazine, book or CD will be around for months or years. I always have ASEND MAGAZINES with me. I ordered the CUSTOMIZABLE ones with my photo and contact info on them. You can add your own sticker with your phone number and email address. I leave them in places that people will pick them up and read them. I do at least 2 per day. I also hand them to people and engage in conversation. This is ONE example of a tool. There are many tools available.Recently, I have been showing people how I send a postcard with a photo from my iPhone. This is a great conversation starter. The Droid app should be available in the upgraded format within 2 weeks. The current iPhone app is undergoing another facelift, but it works great for simply showing someone how to send a postcard with an on-the-fly photo. Even if you don’t have an iPhone, you are around people all day long that have their noses pressed up against them. This represents one of the biggest on the run opportunities you have to show SOC.If you are in Canada or Australia, keep doing it the way you have been doing it and there will be good news in the relatively near future!Again, these are simply tools that you can use to LEVERAGE the exposure that you get with the people you cross paths with every day.My goal is to leave or give away 2 ASEND magazines per day, and send 4 photo postcards a day (with a gratitude message). It takes me about 2 minutes per card.I also send out 2-10 greeting cards from my computer every day and set up at least ONE GIFT ACCOUNT DAILY. My point is, I USE THE TOOLS AND DON’T TRY AND EXPLAIN IT.
  2. YOU MUST LEVERAGE THE NETWORK – When I got started with SendOutCards, I was invited to attend a small networking event in Scottsdale, Arizona. There were 12 people in attendance. This was 8 years ago. The name of the organization was BNI (Business Network International). I got to know all 12 over the next few weeks. I gave a quick 60 second commercial each week and got to understand the philosophy of “Giver’s Gain”. I looked for ways to SERVE the group using my contacts and SendOutCards. Within a few weeks, all members of the group became a customer and for the next few years I received many referrals from the group. I set up to PROMOTE BNI to other members of the community and I met HUNDREDS of small business owners that wanted to hear about our company. Over the next few years, we had distributors in about 800 chapters (out of over 4000). Today there are almost 7000 chapters and we are in less than 500. This represents PURE LEVERAGE. It’s not for everyone. You must commit to join ONE CHAPTER and ATTEND WEEKLY. This is a great way to learn the business of networking and to have a constant flow of new people to introduce SOC to. It’s not the only thing you should be doing but it provides a supplemental avenue to growth. My good friend, Nate Dominguez is on the phone with me right now. He is an Area Director for BNI Southwest and he and his wife run 55 BNI Chapters. His father is Norm Dominguez the CEO of BNI. BNI is the largest private networking organization in the world.
  3. YOU MUST LEVERAGE THE EVENTS – You can accomplish more in 1-2 days by having people on your team at events than you can trying to motivate them on your own all year long. Please take what I’m saying seriously here. Each time an event comes to your area that your team misses, you are missing the biggest opportunity to leverage your group into the thousands. An event will do more for you than anything I can ever do for you. I was told this piece of advice years ago by my mentor, Jay Smith. Jay told me that I can multiply my group by 100 each time I got someone on my team to a major event. I believed him and then started promoting as if my life depended on it! I was tired of “plodding” along. I would send invitations and MAKE CALLS to people to invite them. I arrange to meet people in advance and take them with me. If I don’t go to the event, there is a good chance my team won’t go. If I am a leader and I don’t lead by example, why should I expect them to!? The Phoenix Treat ‘Em Right seminar is coming up. This is a lost opportunity if it comes and goes and you don’t have your people there. One can turn to thousands! It’s a “make or break” event for some people. You must become a MASTER PROMOTER in order to get rich in network marketing. Even if you have 5 people in your group and none of them have been active in a while, see if you can get one or more of them there. It can restart your group and turn things around. This represents MASSIVE LEVERAGE!
  4. YOU MUST LEVERAGE THE TIMING – This one is interesting because about 20% of our business builders get it and about 80% don’t. The last quarter of the year (which we are 1/2 into) most network marketers stop working. They say, “people are too busy and stressed out to worry about a business”. In reality, SendOutCards is a program that supports the holidays better than any other program in our profession. We DOUBLE between October and January! Think about why people join a network marketing opportunity. STRESS, due to lack of time and money. We solve both of those problems while making it easy for them to fulfill on their desire to be giving during the holidays. You miss out on the greatest time to build the business, if you take a break during this season. I signed up on Dec 26th, 2004. What if Demarr had said that he was too busy and not sent me cards or called me? That would have been the WORST FINANCIAL DECISION of his life!! NOW is the time to be introducing SendOutCards to new people and TRAINING THEM ON HOW TO USE THE SYSTEM. The more training you do this time of year, the more customers and distributors you will get.Last week I signed up 2 new personally sponsored business partners. Marc (I invited him to be my guest at the MLM Mastermind – LEVERAGING EVENTS) and my good friend James. We’ve been friends for years and he just now decided to sign up after watching me for over 7 years! My goal is to sign up 2 new business partners per month (sometimes I sign up 4 and sometimes I sign up 1). I would never ask someone to do something that I’m not willing to do.
  5. YOU MUST LEVERAGE THE SYSTEM – The SendOutCards system offers ways to send many cards with one click. It also offers a way to send gifts and gift cards with the cards that you send. You can add your own photos and handwriting to a card. These are features that must be used DAILY to gain maximum benefit from your network. People will do what you do. By maximizing the use of the system, you can get exponentially more exposure. People that you send cards to will show the cards to others if they are cool and feature rich! Make your cards dynamic! Use the campaign feature and at least once a month, send a creative campaign card to a group of people. Have fun doing this, others will sense that you are enjoying the process and will be much more likely to want to join you. Give people something to talk about! When you send brownies, people talk about the brownies. When you put your handwriting into the cards they want to know how you did it. Personally, if you want to grow a large residual income, you should be sending 3-10 cards per day. Boring cards get thrown away. Cards with photos get talked about and shown!

I can’t guarantee that you’ll get rich. If someone does promise you big money, run for the hills because that company won’t be around long. We offer an opportunity to grow something substantial over time. We have a SYSTEM. There are a few simple things that you can do to EXPONENTIALLY increase your LEVERAGE. Compounded over time, your results can be staggering. These are just a few things that you can do NOW to start growing a large and expanding business.

November 5, 2012


In every successful network marketer’s life there is a defining moment that changes everything. It’s the day you get your “swagger”. Swagger is your strut, your confidence, your “knowing”. It’s the day that your life goes into overdrive and NOTHING can stop you. Others see a transformation in you that they can’t exactly put their finger on. They are not sure if they like the change, but they know that something is very different about you. You know from that point on, life will never be the same.

I noticed that regardless of who you talk to; network marketers, authors, business owners, athletes, professional entertainers, those that have reached the top of their game have all experienced struggle in the process. It’s part of the equation. DREAM, STRUGGLE, VICTORY was the name of the MLM Mastermind 8 this year. It wasn’t called DREAM, VICTORY! Struggle is a key component in achieving greatness in virtually all disciplines! Yet for some reason people think they are going to sign up in Network Marketing and all of a sudden they are going to win the lottery. It’s not like that! Winning in our business is possible but it’s going to take some time and it’s going to take some work!

In most cases, when someone achieves success without the struggle part, they are not prepared to handle it. Struggle is a key competent in not just making money but keeping it. Think about all of the child actors and actresses that self-destructed after hitting it big in their younger years. Most professional athletes that make millions in their 20’s have lost all of their money within 5 years of retiring. I have a friend who went on to become a billionaire. He told me that if he hadn’t gone through 15 years of intense struggle, he would have lost all his money. He said there were many lessons he had to learn about success before he was ready to take on the responsibility of being a billionaire.

Most of you don’t want to be billionaires. You just want to make $500, $5000 or $10,000 a month. A few of you are going for the big time! That’s great! The amazing thing about our profession is that you have an opportunity to achieve any level of success you desire! There is a team of people that will encourage you. The best part of all is that, as you achieve your goals and dreams you are lifting others up and helping them do the same. You are truly making a difference and significantly influencing the lives of others. Orrin Woodward, who is a Network Marketing Millionaire, said it best: “People say all the time, ‘Yeah, only those at the top make money!’ Isn’t that how it is in everything? Those that win the championships in athletics, make the money. Those that fly big jets, make the big money. Those attorneys that win big cases, make the big money. Those that get the blockbuster movies, make the big money. Those that run big companies, make the big money. Those that sell lots of “tickets”, make the big money AND those that build large organizations, make the big money!”

Isn’t this how it is in everything? We are no different in that respect.

The difference is, in network marketing you have a chance. Unless you are a world class entertainer, a great writer or star athlete, you probably won’t ever have a chance at creating a large residual income. As a team working together, we all get to benefit from the will, energy, work, time and money of others. It’s called leverage! And it will be tough. You can have a lot of fun, make great friends, produce some nice income, etc. but the big money will take, time, work and YES, STRUGGLE at times!

I’m not exactly sure when I got my “swagger”. When did it hit? How did I get here? When did Richard Brooke get his swagger? Was it when he was cutting up chickens at the chicken plant, coming home each night smelling like chicken with chicken parts stuck to all parts of his body? I’m not sure.

When did Demarr get his swagger? Who knows? Maybe it was when his wife, Evelyn gave him a hard time about doing network marketing. How about David Frey or Todd Falcone? How about Tommy Wyatt? Was Tommy Wyatt born with swagger?

I know for me, when I was working for America West airlines, I walked down to the ATM and the machine ate my card. I went into the bank and Brent Pasloe (the teller) took my bank card! He was a friend of mine (because I used to go into that bank each week to deposit my $400 America West check). He laughed at me. I said, “Seriously Brent, I need my card back”. He laughed again and said he can’t give it back! Maybe this is when my swagger struck! I don’t know! About 3 years later my business had taken off and in 7 months my checks went from just over $2500 a month to $34,000 a month. I was at my PO Box and pulled out the check. I had never seen a check anywhere near this big in my life. I walked down to the bank to deposit it and guess who my teller was?? Yep! Brent Pasloe! Maybe this is when I got my swagger! I’m not even sure!

It could have been when I was down at a credit union applying for a car loan. The application asked for my monthly income. I wrote it in. When I met with the loan officer she tried to correct me. She said, “This is asking for your monthly income not your annual income.” I said, “That IS my monthly income!!” Boom! Maybe that’s when I got my swagger! I’m not sure.

It could have been back in 1989 when my Pontiac Sunbird broke down and I tried to replace the alternator myself. I apparently put it in backwards and blew up a bunch of electronics in the car. Well I didn’t have the money to buy a new car or fix the one I had for over 2 years. I took the bus to work and met a lot of interesting bus people! I was a bus person!

It’s possible that my swagger came as a result of my father taking our family to Denny’s for Thanksgiving. Denny’s is my Dad’s favorite restaurant and we ate there A LOT growing up! Today I’m thankful that I had those experiences because there is a part of me that thinks that may this is what gave me my “swagger”. Like a bolt of lightning, BOOM! I GOT MY SWAGGER!

Or possibly, it could have been when I was back in Chicago about 2 years ago and my father’s old Buick had failing brakes. His car had 175,000 miles. He was 79 years old at the time and I visited him in the dead of winter. I couldn’t bear to watch him continue to drive this car, so when I was back in AZ, I bought him a brand new Buick Lucerne. I had it delivered to his home in Park Forest, IL. I wasn’t able to be there but when the big truck brought his new car to the front door of his home and the delivery guy handed him the keys. But, he called to thank me and he said, “I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to tip the guy so I gave him 5 bucks!!” Maybe this is what gave me my swagger? I don’t know!!

It’s possible that none of these things really caused me to have “swagger. I think maybe it was when I threw a party at my place in Vegas and invited some friends in the building. About 1/2 way through the night, Michael Jackson’s dad walked in the door! Seriously, Michael Jackson’s dad (Joe Jackson) was standing in my condo! I looked in disbelief like “How did I get here??” Under what set of circumstances did I go from eating at Denny’s for Thanksgiving to having Joe Jackson in my condo?? I spoke with him for about an hour. Crazy. Boom! Swagger.

Is it possible that after living the life of a rock star, when it all goes away and you find yourself wondering where your next dollar is going to come from, maybe that’s when the swagger hits? Does your swagger happen on the way up or on the way down? When my last company vaporized in the shadow of an analog industry converting to a digital industry, I found myself without a residual check. I went from making over $50,000 a month to zero. Unfortunately, my overhead was still there. I went through $80,000 in savings in four months. I rented out my primary residence. I sold 2 cars and bought a little Mini Cooper to save money on gas. I felt the gripping fear of not knowing where I would be living or how I would be making money from that point on. I know you may have felt the same at some point in your life. I was bleeding fast.

I joined SendOutCards in 2004. They already had about 2000 distributors and no one was making money. The top earner was making 1/2 of what I needed to pay my bills. But I loved Kody’s vision and I knew that SOC would grow to become a major company in the network marketing profession. I worked 8-10 hours a day in my first 6 months of working the business. I showed the program to 3-5 people per day. I sent 5-10 cards and day and followed up with people all day long. I joined networking groups and pulled out all the stops. Within a year my income was back to a level that allowed me to pay my bills. To date, I have made almost $9 million with SendOutCards. Maybe now I have my swagger??

I don’t know where or when you’ll get yours. You won’t know it either. You will be faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges that will test you. Everyone is faced with these tests. Most people fail. I would never fault you if you quit. At times it’s really tough. But, the reward that awaits you on the other side of this struggle is the greatest reward of all. I have found that I would not be in a position to serve people the way I do if I hadn’t stretched beyond limits of what I believed I was capable of. When you are faced with a difficult situation, ask yourself, “is this the day I earn my swagger?” Chris Brady said it best when he said, “You’ll either; sign up a distributor, sign up a customer or come away with a really good story”. Each time you have a setback, that creates a break-through, you’ll be creating a story that will inspire someone else to break through their obstacles. The stories are more valuable than the income. It may be hard to see it now but on the other side of your struggle is VICTORY. There is nothing sweeter. You will earn the respect of your peers, your family and your associates when you can prove that what you have been saying all along is true. At first you’ll be ridiculed. Then others may get mad at you for breaking out of the status quo. Be prepared because after this you’ll be called “lucky”. Then, after a while, others will hold you up as a role model and a mentor. I’m not sure when your swagger will hit, but you’ll have it and everyone will want to take a picture with you and want your autograph.

October 29, 2012

Getting Going or Getting Unstuck:

You’ve been talking about getting your business going for some time now. You love network marketing and you love SendOutCards. You say you are doing the business but when it really comes down to it, you’re not doing much of anything.

Or, you are doing something, but not much seems to be happening. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotion. You’re up and you’re down. You question yourself. You wonder if you really have what it takes. You’ve been hearing the stories, but you also know a lot of people that have done network marketing that have never made any money. And to top matters off, you’ve been knocked off track as a result of all the changes and promotions recently. Your upline is doing little to nothing and you have no support. Where to start? What to do? What is it really going to take to move the needle in your favor and begin a rapid growth curve in the business.

Before we get too far here, I want to say that I have been where you are. Without even knowing where you are, I know I have been there. I have shown the business to 28 people consecutively without signing up a single person. I have lost faith and then regained it more times than I can even count. I have put together plans that have bombed. I have found momentum and then lost it over and over again. One of the biggest differences between you and me is that I have had way more people quit my business than you have. Why? I have a bigger team. I’ve had more cancellations, more no-shows, more rejection than you because I have shown it to more people. That’s the biggest difference between you and me.

Getting going or getting unstuck starts with shifting your focus and daily pattern of behavior. Were used to doing things a certain way. If you are not getting the results you are looking for and you keep doing the same thing over and over again, don’t expect much difference in your results. For example, you probably have a certain daily routine and if that routine is not producing the growth you are looking for in your business, you’ll probably need to change it. I can’t motivate you to take action. I can draw your attention to certain things that may help you to have a more productive focus but your motivation to do the work must come from within you.

Let’s go over some simple things you can do NOW to get off balance again and into productive action. You’ll notice that I said “off balance”. You’ll need to start falling forward to gain some momentum in your life and in your business. Being balanced isn’t the key. Being off-balance means creating a vacuum between where you are and where you want to be. This is where the growth comes from. Business growth follows personal growth. Flying helicopters to me is uncomfortable but I know I am growing. Each time that I do it, I get a little better. But I can’t get better unless I place myself in those situations that make me uncomfortable. That vacuum will pull you into productive action. Most people will work for weeks, months and even years to find balance before they feel like they can go to work in a business. These are the people that wait for everything to be just right before they can start building. NEWS FLASH! Things will never be just right. In fact, there will never be a better time to get going than now. If you wait to find balance, you’ll be waiting forever because it doesn’t exist. I’m suggesting here that it’s being off balance that will give you the drive and energy to find the success you are looking for. So some of the things I’ll be suggesting here are about CREATING the GAP between where you are and where you want to go RIGHT NOW so that you can be called into action today. The reason you joined SendOutCards was because you saw something that it could provide that you don’t currently have. So, let’s maximize the impact of that feeling and use it to grow a successful business. Pick 5 of these things and do them all this week. Make a list and just get going.

  1. Restart the Gratitude Challenge, only multiply it times 3. Start sending 3 Gratitude Cards per day.
  2. Refresh your dream list. Grab a journal or notepad and write/re-write at least 25 things you would like to accomplish in your life in the next 24 months. Do this in the next 24 hours. This along with a belief that SendOutCards is a great vehicle is the KEY to motivation.
  3. Refresh your list. If your list is a little lean, go online and find a networking group in your community tonight. Schedule yourself to attend a couple within the next 7 days. I know I have hashed over this time and time again. One of the greatest sources energy will come from meeting new people. It doesn’t matter if some of the members of the group have heard of SendOutCards. 70-80% in even the most “saturated” groups don’t really know who we are. If they did, they would be sending cards or building the business. Your goal is to have fun and make friends. Get business cards and add new people to your list and then to your contact manager.
  4. Schedule a Treat ‘Em Right Seminar. Start making the arrangements. I have found that the seminar begins to work on people the day they begin to put into action the plans to go. There is something magical about making a commitment to go to a personal development seminar. Make your plans now. Just the awareness that you are going will have a positive impact on your business. Even if you don’t see the money available to go now, schedule it and plan on the money showing up. Make plans first . “Boldly go in the direction of your dreams and unseen forces will come to your aid”.
  5. Schedule 20 minutes per day and listen to one of the archived conference calls on www.thecoolbuzz.com (PASSWORD: thecoolbuzz).
  6. Write or re-write 10 “I am” statements. Remember, “I am” statements don’t start with “I plan to” or “I am going to” or “I don’t want to”. They start with, “I am. “”I am meeting and signing up motivated, well connected business builders each week”. “I am living the life of my dreams.” “I am healthy and strong”. This is a very important part of success.
  7. Call 3 people per day that are not in your business just to say “hi” and check in
  8. Send out 3 tools per day to potential distributors (ASEND MAGAZINE, THE FOUR YEAR CAREER, BEACH MONEY, ETC).
  9. Schedule 1-2 Gift account walk-throughs per day (Have them send a card to someone they care about and then watch one or two of the videos on .biz).
  10. Go through this list each day and make sure you are doing at least 5 of these things per week.

If you’ll:

  1. Block time on your calendar to do 5 of these things each week REGARDLESS of whether you are ready or not. You will never be completely ready. Life has its twists and turns. You’ll find that once your residual income increases to a point where it replaces your living expenses, things will get quite a bit easier for you. Until that time, just be okay with things feeling a little (or a lot) out of balance. Use that feeling of imbalance to DRIVE YOU to take action now. Don’t wait. Each day you wait costs you months or years of freedom because in network marketing, your efforts are multiplied by the work of others.
  2. Stay in action regardless of how you feel or whether you are seeing immediate results. Your friends and associates are watching you. They are testing you to see how serious you are. Most people miss out on huge opportunities because they are somewhat flakey (start and stop, switching companies over and over, quitting) and others don’t take them so seriously. The longer you do it and the more consistent you are the more others will take you seriously.
  3. Make a drastic move NOW. You are on this call because you said you are tired of being stuck. You want to get results and you want to make a shift. If this is really the case then it’s time to prove it. Prove it to your wife and kids. Prove it to your business associates. Prove it to your friends. Stop piddling around with the business. No successful entrepreneur has done it “piddling”. One of my pet peeves is when people that tell me they are “plugging away”. Can you imagine Steve Jobs “plugging away” at the business? Would Kody ever “plug away”? That’s not an energy that attracts people. You’ll need to create some massive action. You’ll need to do it with energy. You can do this starting now by simple doing 5 of the things listed above each week. It’s really pretty simple.

Get off balance. Start falling forward. Eliminate time wasting activities. Make your dreams more important than your fears. Take massive daily action. Prove it. Stop whining and blaming. Network Marketing is the greatest financial opportunity available today in this marketplace. SendOutCards is unique, special and lucrative.

You’ve heard the phrase, “Doubt will take you out of action and action will take you out of doubt.” There is a reason this phrase is cliché. Clichés are cliché because they are true. Take this to heart. If you will start DOING the business every day, your doubt, if you have any, will begin to dissipate.


  1. Turn off or unplug the TV. If you must keep a TV, ration your TV time and give yourself no more than 2 hours of TV a WEEK.
  2. Ration your FB Time. Limit FB to one hour a day late at night. I know this is tough to do, but you MUST do it if you want to be successful. Successful entrepreneurs are not spending 2-3 hours a day on Facebook.
  3. Don’t check your emails in the morning. Spend no more than one hour on your emails late at night after everyone is in bed.

Make your financial future more important than watching TV, checking FB and clearing your inbox. These are the 3 things that are most destructive to a building a successful business in today’s environment. Because we are a virtual business and so much of it is done online, there is a tendency to get sucked in to social media. This is an income reducer and a time killer. Not to mention, it’s typically a portal for negative information.

THE MAIN REASON MOST PEOPLE ARE STRUGGLING WITH THEIR BUSINESSES IS BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT DOING THE PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITIES DAILY. THE AVERAGE PERSON IN OUR BUSINESS SPENDS 1-2 HOURS A DAY ON FB, 3-5 HOURS A DAY IN FRONT OF THE TV AND 1-2 HOURS A DAY CHECKING AND ANSWERING EMAILS. At the very least, do these things late at night when everyone else is sleeping. I suggest cutting the time you spend online and on TV to 20% of what you are currently doing. This will give you more than enough time to create financial freedom in 2-3 years. I sometimes think that FB, TV and emails become a good excuse for not doing the things that make us uncomfortable. And it’s these things we are avoiding that will ultimately give us the time freedom we are looking for! What are you avoiding by spending all your time in front of the TV set and on FB?? Do those things you are avoiding so you can begin to fly in your life and experience true freedom. If I am going to fly helicopters, I must face my fears and do the things that I want to avoid. The things that are uncomfortable are the things I must do and get comfortable with before they will give me a license to fly. The same holds true in your business. Until you can get comfortable with the things that make you uncomfortable, you have not yet earned the ticket to gain full entry to a life of financial freedom. Do the things on this call and you’ll be on your way.

October 22, 2012


Have you had a tough time scheduling Gift Account Walk-Throughs or a business

presentation? Does it seem like everyone is so busy that they won’t commit to a set time? Do you have cancellations and no shows? Do you find that people are just not that dependable. Are you strapped for time and the little time you do have gets sucked up by inconsiderate people?

No shows, cancellations, flakey people, inconsiderate people, leaving voice mails, and what to say.

There is a direct correlation between how rock solid your relationship is with someone and their reaction to your request to take a look at something. Think about it. If someone approaches you that you trust implicitly, are you going to honor their request to take a look at a business idea? Of course you will! Now on the other hand, if someone comes to you that has a new deal every other month or seems to care more about their own interest than the interest of others, how will you respond when they approach you with an opportunity? When I get no shows, cancellations or “flakey” people, I see it one of two ways;

1). Certain people must just be flakey.

2). What could I have done to earn their trust better or build up my social capital with them, such that they would have been more likely to take me seriously?


There is a percentage of the population that is just plain flakey. They have bad habits for being true to their commitments. Either they keep their calendar in their head (lol) or their lives are so disorganized and chaotic that most everything falls through the cracks. For some people it’s normal for them to miss appointments and not let others know. A good friend of mine in Chicago put a post on Facebook last week that she had two no shows at her salon (she’s a Aesthetician). She’s a single mom and she was so frustrated because she wouldn’t have come to work if she had known they were both not going to show up! It was time that could have been spent with her two girls. You or I will never change these type of people. It’s in their DNA to be flakey.


When someone cancels or postpones an appointment I am grateful because at least they respected me enough to let me know. I always have 10 other things to do on my list. If I get a break in my schedule due to a cancellation, I always have calls that I can make and others that I can slot in. If you are not in a position like this, I recommend adding new people to your list each week.

I want to talk with you once again about my friend Ray. Ray lives back east and I signed him up in the business a few years back. I was leaving on a 2 week trip outside the country, so I gave Ray a simple assignment. I said, “Ray, while I’m gone what I want you to do is make a list of 100 people that know you. That’s all I want you to do is send each of them a card expressing gratitude or appreciation or simply a message to say, ‘Let’s get caught up sometime soon. I was just thinking about you’. Also, I would like you to place a quick call to each one just to say ‘hi’ and to get caught up”.

Ray said to me, “That seems a little odd”. I’ve been doing this for 30 years. I always have a list of 10-40 people that pop into my mind. This is my prompting to call them just to say “hi” and see how they are doing. I also look for ways that I can serve them as friends or associates. I find out what they are up to and get caught up on their families and activities. I am truly interested in them as friends. Most of the time when someone calls you it’s because they need something. After 2 or 3 calls like this, you’ll tend to want to avoid their calls! By checking in regularly without an agenda, you will earn their trust over time.


When I meet someone new, I spend a few minutes really getting to know them. I ask them questions and listen. I am genuinely curious and interested. I then IMMEDIATELY go back to my computer and send them a card saying, “Nice to meet you!” I also reference something in our conversation and many times I’ll send them a box of brownies or a Starbucks card. I have found that when I am genuinely interested, kind of generous, it’s rare that someone no-shows or cancels on me. In fact Dr. Ivan Misner, the CEO of BNI explains the law of reciprocity. When we do nice things for others, there is an unspoken obligation for them to want to do nice things for us.


Kim Klaver also taught me to “say no first”. If you suspect someone is wavering in any way in the process, simply “say no first”. I will say, “I’m not even sure this is something you would like or be interested in so maybe we can re-address it at another time”, and then leave it at that. See if they move towards you at all with a comment like, “No, no, no, I do want to hear about it!” Most of my calls I will say something like, “This may or may not be for you, but I really think you’ll like it.”

So, cancellations happen because of unforeseen circumstances and events. Sometimes people are just overwhelmed with their lives and need to cancel, for now. We have the benefit of being able to immediately send them a card thanking them for letting us know and offering an opportunity to reschedule when the timing is better.

No-shows are typically because of bad habits or we haven’t done a great job of building trust. When someone feels socially connected to you in a positive way, they rarely, if ever, will no-show. If you get a lot of no shows, please don’t let it discourage you. Simply use it as feedback to improve your relationship building skills. Once you get good at this, you can look forward to a no-show free schedule! Let me ask you a question, who are some people that most people would never no show?

Donald Trump?
Kody Bateman?
Mark Cuban?
Judy O’Higgins?

Why wouldn’t you ever consider no-showing them? What can we learn from this? They have each earned social capital with us. In some way, we trust and respect them for who they are and we would never ever want to waste their time or let them down! By the way, this has little to do with how much money they have. It has everything to do with how we VIEW them. How can we posture ourselves in such a way that people are more likely to respect us when we call them? These are EXTREME examples but not any less important to observe. Oprah, The Donald, Kody, Mark and Judy have all contributed something to us in advance and didn’t ask for anything in return. Or at least at some level they have earned our respect. So, if one of them were to call, most likely we would choose to listen. We would be willing to give them each at least a sliver of our time to see what they wanted.

Back when I was just getting my SendOutCards business going, I was going through $20,000 a month in savings and had almost no cash flow at all. But, I had earned the trust of many hundreds of people over the years. Because of this, I could pick up the phone and say, “Judy I want to show you something when you have 30 minutes. You may or may not be interested but I think you’ll like what I want to talk to you about. When can I catch you uninterrupted in front of your computer for a little while?”

Here’s something you can say that can help to minimize no-shows and cancellations:

“____________, like you I’m very busy and I’m juggling multiple things. I want to respect your time. I’ll just assume that if something comes up you’ll let me know. And of course I’ll do the same out of respect for you. I’ll talk to you ________ at _______”


I always confirm my appointments or ask them to confirm with me with a text or quick call the night before of the morning of the appointment. I want to have an opportunity to slot someone else in if for some reason they can’t make it.


I personally like to leave the sales pitches out of my scheduling calls. Instead I’ll tease people with curiosity. I’ll say things like,”I think you’ll be blown away” Or “You’ve never seen anything like this” OR “I really think you’ll like what you see” OR “Don’t be surprised if you think this is one of the coolest things you’ve ever seen”.

But again, no matter what you SAY, if you are weak in your relatedness with someone, you could get skunked.


Disappointment is typically caused by an unfulfilled expectation. If you expect 100% of the people you call to follow through on their commitments, you are destined to be disappointed. You’ll need to be OK with reschedules, postponements, and no-shows.

It’s just part of the game. As long as people are involved we’ll have to deal with this and just go with the flow. Some days it will seem like EVERYONE is against you. I have had weeks where it seemed that I couldn’t get anyone to meet with me. There were even times that I questioned whether I had what it takes. Other times, 100% of the people I called were rock solid on their commitments.


Sometimes I leave voice mails and sometimes I don’t. If I leave a voicemail it’s very general. I typically do not give any details. I want to have a quick call to schedule appointment. If I know they will recognize my number, many times I don’t leave a VM and I see if they call back just because they saw me pop up on the phone. If I do leave a message it’s going to sound something like this, “Hey ______! Hope you are doing well! I want to run an idea by you when you get a second. Give me a call when you can. You have my number!!” OR “I’ve wanted to call you for a while about a project I’m working on and I’d like your input. When you have a free moment would you mind giving me a quick call? Thanks, _____. Hope to hear from you!”


My suggestion is to always set appointments to discuss business. Don’t try and do it on the run. I usually tell the person I’m scheduling a call or meeting with that I only have a minute because I’m in the middle of a lot of things but I’d like to get something on the calendar as soon as possible”. Even when I’m meeting with them, I tell them I only have 30 minutes or 45minutes. I let them know that I want to respect their time.

October 15, 2012

Birds’ Eye View (Eagles’ View):

Seeing things through birds’ eye-view means seeing the big picture. I speak at industry events as an unpaid, outside speaker. I do this at least 3-4 times per year. In the past 12 months I’ve spoken at the MLM Mastermind event with over 1000 people, the MLM Cruise and the SavVy Success Seminar which is an event featuring top female network marketers from around the world. In addition to that, I am regularly asked to speak at other company conventions and leadership retreats. Most of them I turn down because my primary focus is building a SendOutCards business. I have never accepted fees for speaking at these events.

I get to see things that most network marketers don’t see. Being on the inside, I am exposed to the challenges that other network marketers and company leaders experience. Many of them share, from the heart, expressing their concerns and issues with me. Interestingly, the challenge of entrepreneurship is the same regardless of the company one is with. Everyone wants it to go faster (even those in companies that are experiencing so-called momentum). I have noticed that regardless of the company, the questions are always the same.

So, I would like to share a bird’s eye perspective on the BUSINESS of network marketing. As a growing leader, it’s your job to help others SEE THE BIG PICTURE so that they don’t get sucked into the black hole of negativity. As Kody says, “We live in a negative world. 87% of what we are exposed to is negative”. Facebook tends to feed the “drama”. I don’t really get it, but for some reason when one person complains, a bunch of others chime in. The next thing you know, there is a bitch-fest going on. This just gets everyone down and has no productive outcome. Here are 3 things you can do to insulate yourself from the negativity:

  1. Limit your Facebook time to 30 minutes a day – I know this is difficult with SmartPhones, but there is a pattern here. Facebook is addicting! You’ll rarely see people that are making money spending lots of time on Facebook or chatrooms.
    It’s so easy to get sucked in. It’s happened to me many times. I have found that my productivity is in the toilet when I’m spending too much time on Facebook. I’m only productive when I’m presenting SendOutCards to people, following up, sending cards, signing people up and training them, etc. As a general rule 99% of the people bantering back and forth on Facebook are doing nothing in their businesses.
  2. When you do see a conversation go negative, it’s your job to attempt to turn it around. Don’t feed the flames of negativity. It serves no good purpose for building a thriving successful business. “There will always be crows”, said Jim Rohn. Do your best to avoid getting sucked in.
  3. Block or unfriend those that suck your energy. I have found that when I remove negative people from my line of sight my day seems to go better. I do my best to love everyone, but for my own sanity, sometimes it’s better if I distance myself from those that always want to rain on everyone else’s parade.

Let’s talk about business from a bird’s eye perspective. These are the negative comments I hear from distributors from
ALL companies:

  1. “The sign-up fee is too expensive, it’s hard to sell people on a $________ package.”So, a business that costs under $1000 to start and has the potential to earn you $5000, $10,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 a month is too expensive? Really? My perspective is if someone understands the true value of SendOutCards, $395 is a ridiculously low price. Besides the fact that you get 50 cards, the DVD program, a Treat ‘Em Right Seminar, 3 websites and the full support of a multi-million $$ company, what about the OPPORTUNITY to own a business that has the potential to throw off unlimited income potential. We don’t think anything of spending $50,000-$100,000 on a college education with no guarantee of anything but a piece of pater called a diploma (and that’s if you graduate!) If you don’t graduate, you DON’T get your money back! $395 is a great value. Oh, and did I mention that you’ll have mentors that will train you for free? These are people that have built 5 and 6 figure residual incomes! So how is it too expensive??
    Traditional business cost 100X as much to start with a 95% failure rate. And did I mention that most of these businesses don’t have near the potential that we do with our business. (Do you see the bird’s eye view here??)
  2. “Why do our distributors need to get customers for us to get paid?”I once had someone that was considering the business say to me, “Is this one of those businesses where you need to get customers?” Think about that one for a minute. If someone offers you a business that requires no customers you might consider running for the hills! Yes we are required to get customers. For years it cost anywhere from $99 to $395 to be a customer. When Kody removed the barrier to entry (this is what the market demanded) and took away the sign-up fee to be a customer, we signed up more customers in 8 months than we did in our 8 year history! He made it so easy to get customers. And yes, unlike traditional businesses that require you to go out and get many customers month after month, you only need a few to qualify for everything. When the announcement was made to pay a new distributor $50 and give them a quick promote to Senior Distributor if they get their first 2 Retail Customers or one preferred customer in their first 7 days, everything changed. There is now no reason for someone to not get at least their first couple of customers. And by the way, the regulations regarding network marketing compensation plans are getting tough. We have high paid attorneys that help to keep us in compliance with the laws governing our profession. In network marketing, it is illegal to get paid to recruit. However it is okay to get paid when someone gathers customers. So we get paid when our new distributors gather his or her first couple of customers (or one preferred customer).
  3. “No one is making any money.”This is exactly what I was told back when I signed up in 2004. It didn’t matter to me whether other people were making money or not. I get paid on the volume I create based on my team and their customers’ volume. So, if a company pays $100 million dollars in commissions, is it true that no one is making money? Our residual payouts are among the top in the industry based on the size of our company. This one really triggers me. It’s a line that is used by other companies to try and weaken the belief of our people to get them to leave. The truth is, based on our revenues of about $55 million our percentage of payout is probably the highest in the profession. This is why I always go back to our mission to help millions of people act on their promptings. If you stay true to your dreams, your dreams will stay true to you! Focus on the right thing. There are over 1000 companies in our profession. There is money in ALL of them for the people that build them. Let’s create the greatest company of all time and those that help build it will be well compensated.
  4. “I’ve been working the business for 3 years and I’m only making $1000 a month in residual income.”Usually when I ask a few questions, I find out that the person that “worked” the business for 3 years really only worked it for a few months. It’s not about how many hours or years you put in. It’s about what you START! So $1000 a month in residual income is more residual than 100% of those working in Corp America for 10-40 years. $1000 a month is NICE car payment. $1000 a month is a mortgage payment for many people. $1000 a month is $12,000 a year. This would pay for a really nice family vacation.
    $1000 a month represents an interest payment (at 5%) off a principle amount of $240,0000. How long did it take you to save your last $240,000? Less than 1/2 of 1% of the US population has this much saved. The average retiree has $3700 saved. And their debt far exceeds this. So don’t ever discount a $1000 residual check! (Do you see the bird’s eye view here??)

Now, you may choose to disagree with me. I’ve been hearing these things since I signed up in network marketing back in 1981. I actually used to say some of them myself! I’ve listened to many of our distributors say these things since I signed up with SendOutCards back in 2004. Here’s the reality. Some people see it and some people don’t. Most people have settled into mediocrity and given up on their dreams. Most people are complainers. Most people want to put other people down for wanting a better life for themselves and their families. I chose to do the opposite of the status quo. I took a look at what the average folks were doing and I chose to do the opposite. Most people don’t read personal development books, so I chose to read. Most people watch TV every night so I threw away my TV for 25 years. Most people are lazy. I chose to work. Most people focus on the money. So I chose to focus on the relationship. Most people don’t believe residual income is possible for them. I chose to believe it is. Most people gave up on their dreams long ago. I chose to continue to dream. Most people won’t make calls. I chose to make 10-20 calls a day. Most people show the business to 3 or 4 people and quit. I chose to show the business to 2000 people before I judged my progress. Most people can’t imagine making $20,000 to $100,000 a month. I chose to keep going until I got there. Most people quit everything. I chose to persist no matter what.

I have always found that the best way to maintain my power around business is to take a look at things from a much broader perspective (Vision). In my hang gliding days
I used to notice that when I left the mountain and looked down on the earth, my problems seemed much less important and I could much more easily see the big picture. (“Eagle’s Fly Higher – They have a much bigger perspective than the rest”).

Here are a few examples of looking at things from a broader perspective:

Thousands of network marketing companies have come and gone since the 4 year landmark court battle between Amway and the Federal Government in 1975. http://www.mlmlegal.com/landmark.html Amway prevailed and had it not been for their victory, MLM may not even exist today. A company like SendOutCards that has survived and thrived through its first decade of business is something to be relished. No one has ever done what we are doing. In many ways we are pioneers in our industry. Since I have been full time in Network Marketing, over 10,000 companies have come and gone. Only a few survive. It takes money, ingenuity, a viable consumable product, a compelling vision, leadership and a little luck to navigate the sea of change and growth in any business today. During arguably the 2nd most challenging time in American business we have grown from a $200,000 startup to a $55 million company with a potential market of $3-4 Billion. And we did this with no existing model for growing a greeting card and gifting network marketing company. We have paid out to our distributors over $100 Million in commissions over the past 8 years.

Currently there are over 1000 network marketing companies in the world. Although we are small, believe it or not, in comparison to the others, we are one of the larger network marketing companies! There are many start-ups. Most of them deal with product and inventory that you either consume by mouth or you have to rub on your skin. And 98% of them will not make it past their 5th year for a variety of reasons. Usually $250-$5000 worth of product must be purchased up front to have ‘on hand’ to sell to people in their homes. Most of the time the distributors in these companies are delivering product to their friends’ homes (most people don’t want to wait for a drop-ship). There is nothing wrong with product based companies. The example I have described works as evidenced by the thousands of companies that operate within this business model. Fortunes have been made. But we are ONE OF A KIND!! When I chose to make SendOutCards my home,

I considered the following attributes of our company: 

No inventory to stock.
No products to purchase.
Unlimited income potential.
No deliveries.
A truly work-from-home “virtual” business.

These things set us apart from almost all other programs out there today. Most distributors in product based companies are loading up boxes of product into their trunk to set up meetings and shows. They have inventory in their garages and closets that has been purchased to qualify for their monthly checks. SendOutCards on the other hand is truly a “virtual” business. You can work your business from ANYWHERE, including the beach! There is no limit to your income!

Probably the #1 most influential book in business is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. As you know, you can send that book with a card to anyone you choose. This was the 2nd personal development book I read and many of the most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that it has impacted their business lives more than any other book that they have read. I love this!! There are millions of young people that have never even heard of this book. You can change someone’s life by sending them a card and this book.

I did some simple calculations this weekend and discovered this: 

If you had just ONE stadium full of people in your down-line (60,000) that each agreed to send out one book and one card per month (12 books a year with a card), your monthly residual income would be approximately $45,000 a month (assuming 5% blended residual off of volume). If this seems beyond your reach, please reread the short chapter in BEACH MONEY on Filling a Stadium.

I’m not even including birthday cards, sympathy cards, gratitude, thank you’s, etc). You must have a big vision for this business to have big success. At the SavVy Success Seminar in Salt Lake City this weekend Tiffany Peterson quoted: “The harvest cannot be prevented, be true to your dreams and they will be true to you”.

October 9, 2012

Billions in the Desert
I can remember being at an event at a network marketing convention in Texas in 1987. I was in my late 20’s. This was my 5th network marketing company and I had never sponsored a single distributor in any of them. I had paid for an upgrade that allowed me to become a National Training Director with that company ($1000). I was working in the airline industry at the time and my pay was approximately $21,000 a year. I flew to Dallas to attend a 4 day intensive “NTD” training. On the last day of the training I got cold feet and asked for my money back. I was embarrassed and mentally exhausted and once again I had quit without ever getting started. I flew home discouraged and disappointed in myself.

I remember the roller-coaster experience of going from being really excited about my future to fearful that I will never make it in the business, and then back up again. I never questioned whether my upline had my best interest in mind. I devoured the personal development books and I listened to audio tapes every day. I was a sponge for training. I was never offered a guarantee. Over the years many thousands of people that joined the companies I was part of, quit and never went on to achieve the lifestyle that they once dreamed of. Although I questioned myself hundreds of times, I had a laser focus, a commitment, a willingness to work, and a drive to see the job through. I never ever gave up on my dreams for any length of time. I quit many times and kept restarting (sometimes in the same company and sometimes with another). I learned many lessons along the way and I wish there was a shortcut that I could somehow convey. I do think you can learn from those that went before you but some of the lessons you must learn on your own.

I lose sleep trying to figure out ways to communicate and train the things that will really make a difference in your success. There is nothing I want more than to see you live your dreams. This is the REASON I do the business.

I wish there was a magic formula or a “switch” that would allow me to give you everything you need to be successful. Unfortunately it doesn’t work this way. Like my helicopter pilot instructor said to me, “I can’t teach you how to do it. You just need to do it until you get it!” You must find your own path because the true route to financial freedom is different for each person. I can teach the principles, values and skills but you must practice it until it all comes together for you.

SendOutCards is the “quiet giant”. We don’t scream it from the rooftops, but SendOutCards is a program that everyone can use and quite frankly EVERYONE needs. Millions of people around the world will be using us to share kindness and appreciation. You don’t ever need to tell anyone how much money you are going to make or how they are going to get rich. Just show them the system and sign them up. I was sold two $6,000 flat screen TV’s because a salesman said, “Come here I want to show you something”. We do the same thing over and over again. Let them know that they can make some extra money too if they want to. No big deal. As we continue to sign up hundreds of customers per day, over time (but not too long) your checks will grow. You may receive $1,000 a month for years OR maybe much, much more. That’s up to you. You will create a ROCK SOLID income stream that grows a little bit each month. Just like a stately Oak that grows slowly into a giant and lives forever, you’ll have something you can count on that has sustainability. Avon is an example of a company like this. They do $14 BILLION in sales each year. (Billion with a ‘B’) and they did it quietly without all the hype!

In the 1950’s MILLIONS of people drove through Las Vegas and said “Let’s keep going. There is no money here!”

A few people had the vision to see its potential long before the evidence was there to back it up. Now, some 60 years later, millions of people from around the world plan trips to Vegas and each one leave an average of $500 in the desert that was once considered to be a waste of time by the masses. The challenge of leadership is to see what others don’t long before there is evidence to back it up. Entrepreneurship means being willing to take on a challenge has the potential to yield huge personal and financial benefits.

FROM SENIOR MANAGER, INES KINCHEN – Ines has been receiving a consistent residual check for years even though she took 2 years off raising her little boy:

If you are a new distributor, what to do in the next 30 Days:

  • Make lots calls and schedule appointments
  • Walk people through sending a free card
  • Show people the “Vision” video on the .biz website
  • Get people on a 3-way call with your upline to answer questions
  • Free your schedule of unnecessary things and multiply your efforts
  • Have fun and trust the process!

What NOT to do:

  • Do not tense up (if you tense up, you cramp up)
  • Do not pressure people to sign up; let them come toward you!
  • Do not try to “get” people… focus on how SendOutCards will HELP them.

Remember, the new MD’s being sponsored into our business deserve an amazing start and full support. If you know somebody well and can do it without stress or making things totally uncomfortable for them, you may ask them (if they are wanting to sign up anyway) something along the lines of “Hey, I want you to know there is no pressure here, but just in case you would be up for doing me a favor, we can get you started before NOV 7th.” – But again, only if it feels right. If somebody is not ready, they are not ready. My personal opinion is that it is absolutely not worth losing a potential future business partner by pressuring them.


  1. The activity created by striving to complete and win any incentive pays off for years into the future. You have exposed so many people to SendOutCards and the majority of them will sign up, whether it be this week, next week, or months from now.
  2. Striving to win an incentive is a great opportunity for us to stay mindful of our disposition with others. Trying to GET people into our business creates stress and the wrong focus. People can feel that and move away from your rather than toward you. We can check in with ourselves. If we feel any tension whatsoever, it is an indication that we are no longer focused on GIVING and helping the other person. Great practice!

So… stay relaxed. Have deep trust and confidence in the success of your SendOutCards business, short-term and long-term, and you will become like a magnet for the right and ready partners.

Remember, we are in the process of finding life-long partners to help with our global cause. It’s a very big picture! Over the course of your life-long SendOutCards career, you will have the chance to participate in hundreds of incentives. Choose to participate and SEE THEM THROUGH UNTIL THE END and you will reap major rewards every time, winning them or not. And part of that is just KNOWING that you have done your best and never quit.

Now go GIVE!

September 30, 2012

First of all . . . this statement is just not true! LOTS of people are doing something. In fact Network Marketing is
exploding right now. Our company is signing up hundreds of new distributors per week and thousands of new
customers per week! It may be true that no one is doing anything in your group. This is the strongest economy in
history for our profession! Why? Because there are more people looking for an opportunity today than ever before.
Here are some reasons why it’s the best time to be building a network marketing business:

  1. People are no longer in denial: Things are financially bad for many people and it doesn’t seem to be getting much better!
  2. It’s no longer cool to have a job: For 50 years, thanks to the industrial revolution, if you had a secure job you were cool. Today, a job is considered to be the lower road if you are seeking success. The general population accepts the premise that if you want financial success you must have your own business.
  3. Network Marketing has come of age: In the 80’s, Network Marketing was considered taboo. 90% of the population believed it was a scam. Today, 90% believe it’s legit and only about 10% think it’s a scam. The 10% are now looked at as ignorant by the 90%. Today most people know at least a handful of people that make a great living at Network Marketing and Economists and successful entrepreneurs write positively about our profession. Paul Zane Pilzer, Zig Zigler, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump all sing the praises of network marketing.
  4. Network Marketing is attracting more professionals than ever before
  5. Network Marketing provides a lifestyle that can never be attained through a traditional business or high paid corporate position: Residual income buys someone the freedom that traditional business can not.

And regarding the economy in general. People typically come up with the money for the things they are interested in doing. As you may know, I have a place in Vegas and there are LINES of people standing at the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ slot machines to put their $100 bill into. The Cirque Du Solei shows that cost $100-$200 per ticket are sold out in 8 casinos almost every night of the week! The average customer spends $175 PER MONTH at Walmart. People have money to spend. They just need to believe that spending it with us is a good move.

I did a coaching call about a week ago with some of our newer Executives. I almost always know the way the call is going to go . . . “I’ve sponsored 50 people and no one is doing anything! What can we do to get them to go to work!?”

I’m going to share with you what was taught to me 20 years ago that turned everything around for me. The problem is, most people hear this but then forget it after sponsoring 5-10 people that do little to nothing. What I’m going to say here is probably the most important ‘perspective’ you can have for building a successful business in network marketing yet most people either never adopt this perspective or they get discouraged and quit because they forget. I have personally met HUNDREDS of people that make a FULL TIME LIVING ON PART TIME WORK. They all have the same story. They have sponsored 50-200 people and 95% of their incomes are coming from 1-5 ‘legs’. Donna Johnson is the #1 earner with her company. She has personally sponsored 200+ people in 23 years. 99% of her income comes from 3 legs. That means 197 people quit or became customers. Nathan Goldberg makes about $300,000 a month. He has sponsored about 80 people in 5 years. 99% of his income comes from ONE leg! I have personally sponsored 258 people. 251 of them have either quit or become customers (a few are still working the business and on the road to growing a large business. 7 of my 258 result in 95% of my income. Bob and Betty Ann Golden, Jim Packard, Jeff Packard, Adam Packard, Demarr Zimmerman, Jimmy Dick, Todd Falcone, Kathy Pauuw, Judy O’Higgins and many many others have the same story. This story is the same story you will hear if you talk to the top earners of every company. I’m now seeking my #8 and my #9!

In my last company i personally sponsored 122 people in 13 years. That’s less than one per month. I had 5 that were responsible for 99% of my income. the other 117 either went away or became customers. And this has little to do with you. I’ve had 245+ people fade into the sunset and I offered to train, coach and work with all of them! Did you know that 95% of everyone that pays a monthly gym membership never works out? Does this have anything to do with the gym? In over 100 years, the fitness profession has still never figured out how to get more people to work out. It’s the nature of people to quit.

Something else you will learn is that those that took the business seriously and built it big in most cases did it WITHOUT the help of their upline! WE SPEND SO MUCH TIME TOILING OVER THE PEOPLE THAT AREN’T WORKING THAT WE STOP WORKING TO LOOK FOR THOSE THAT WILL BUILD THE BUSINESS DESPITE US!

So the big question everyone is always asking . . . “What am I doing wrong?’ OR ‘What can a I do to get more people to go to work?’ OR ‘What can I do to motivate my people?’

STOP ASKING THESE QUESTIONS! They are not serving you. You can’t babysit your team. You can (at best) be with each of them a few minutes a week. YOUR JOB IS TO CONTINUE TO SPONSOR NEW PEOPLE UNTIL YOU FIND ONE THAT WANTS TO GO TO WORK. The system works. EVERYTHING is in place to help each new distributor have success. We all have access to the same system, the same people and the same training.

Here’s the question you want to ask . . . ‘What will it take for me to find the person/people that will work this business without my help using the resources that are available to them?’

Stop training and motivating your dead reps trying to get them to go to work. You’ll fail at this! Have you ever heard about the person that tried to get a pig to dance? He only succeeded at pissing off the pig! Encourage the reps that are showing signs of life to plug in to the team calls, go conferences and events. Do calls, meetings and events with the few that ARE working and then spend 50% of your time looking for your next distributor.

Spending time trying to motivate your dead reps and being discouraged because no one is doing anything is a LOSING GAME!

Shift your focus to the few that are doing something. You only need A FEW! Five growing teams in your lifetime will make you rich! If you are coming up short and still don’t have anyone working, it’s most likely not something you are doing wrong. You just haven’t found a runner yet. There are thousands of them out there. Many have never ever heard of network marketing and they are waiting for you to sponsor them! You just need to figure out how to get to them! Consider that you are in search of the next
Michael Jordan that has never picked up a basketball!

The same holds true when you are working to sponsor new distributors. If you find yourself chasing people, then it’s time to move on! You have something extremely valuable that can add endless personal and financial riches to someone’s life. Would you ever run around with a wad of cash chasing people as they run away from you, yelling ‘I want to give this to you . . . WAIT! STOP! I want to give you this money. Stop running from me!!’ That’s what you are doing when you chase people with this opportunity. Look for those that express some interest. If they begin to move away from you, send them a card and keep in touch. That’s it! Don’t chase!

As difficult as it is to do, we must realize 2 things:

  1. The reason we have such a great opportunity is because only a few people get it. If everyone got it, then the opportunity would become saturated and short lived. The very thing that frustrates us is the thing that makes this a great opportunity
  2. 2. Consider that the longer it takes for other people to figure it out, the better it is for you and for me. It buys us time! In other words, Would you rather have 10 people in your group when everyone figures out what a great program we have or 1000 people in your group? Do you see the leverage of ‘timing’. I personally don’t get why EVERYONE doesn’t sign up with us!

But it’s okay because it buys me time. At some point, we’ll hit critical mass and a WAVE of people will be joining us. I want to have a large team when that happens! :)


Is there any way the company can look into adding AT&T Worldwide phone cards to the gift card section. Being the mother of a military member I love SOC for sending him cards, but when it comes to the gifts he wants a phone card most of all so he can call home. This would be wonderful for our military families.

A: Great suggestion! Love it. Please send to wishlist@sendoutcards.com

i’m sorry to ask this question… but what does it actually mean to sponsor someone into SOC? Does that mean we pay their $395 entry?

A: It’s against policy to buy people in. When we ‘sponsor’ someone we sign them up as a Marketing Distributor for $395 and we assist them in getting their business started. They pay for their own business. We don’t pay for them.

How long does it generally take to become a eagle?

A: In most companies it takes many years to achieve the top position in the pay plan. We only have 4 Eagle positions so we don’t have a baseline set yet however, it took myself and the Golden’s about 5 years to achieve this rank. Tommy and Curtis did it a little faster. It’s probably 5-10 years to Eagle. But only the most focused and committed builders will get there.

What are the benefits of becoming Manager?

A: You get paid more money for doing the same thing. And it’s a stepping stone to the next leadership position.
Manager’s get $290 for each new MD they sponsor that gets 2 subs customers or one $31 preferred customer and $190 to unlimited levels for each person in your Manager Group that does the same thing. You also get 5% off all volume to unlimited levels (each month) in your Manager group. It’s a huge raise.

What happens if you don’t get your first 3 MDs before October 7?

A: Then you’ll miss out on the opportunity to be a trainer and you’ll need to get to Manager the way most everyone else has done it over the past 8 years. Three and 12 gets you to Manager (as long as you have your ‘Q’)

September 24, 2012

This is a question that has been debated in Network Marketing since the beginning of time. There are billion dollar companies whose leader’s lead with the product and there are billions dollar companies whose leaders lead with the opportunity. One is not better than the other. You’ll notice that ‘Beach Money’ is 100% about opportunity yet I ‘lead’ with the product. I choose to believe that if someone LOVES our product they will be more interested in the opportunity. Don’t get me wrong. EACH AND EVERY person that I meet with leaves knowing that there is an income opportunity available with SendOutCards. I just choose to show them our product first. My feelings are that if they like the product, they will use it whether they participate in the business or not. Many (like me) become so obsessed with the product, we want to share it with others and make money doing it. My experience with our product led me to the believe that many others will love it as well. In fact I could envision MILLIONS of people using SendOutCards to support their lives. We have thousands of distributors that signed up because they used SendOutCards, loved it and decided that they would like to refer it to others. At the same time, network marketing is a financial vehicle. As I talk about throughout ‘Beach Money’, financial freedom is a compelling proposition. In network marketing, 80% of successful business builders lead with the financial opportunity. Which are you most comfortable with? Do the one that fits best with your personality. Ultimately we are looking for business builders. How you get there is up to you.

It’s not wrong to lead with the product or lead with the opportunity. I spent 13 years leading with the opportunity because we had a product that was sooooo boring. No one wanted to talk about long distance phone service when there were 600 companies (literally) trying to sell it to you through telemarketing, direct mail, television and radio ads. So we lead with the financial opportunity. On the other hand SendOutCards has a product that is really easy to talk about and share. It opens doors and creates instant rapport. Why not use that to your advantage? That’s my take.

If you talk to Tommy Wyatt (I personally sponsored Tommy) he will give you another story!!! Tommy believes in leading 100% with the opportunity! I like that about him because it works for him and he’s in my downline!! We can both agree to be right and I get to benefit from what he does! We don’t need to agree on it. It works for both of us.

I received an email today saying that “The rug has been pulled out from under me because the opportunity video is being updated”. As an entrepreneur, its your job to be RESOURCEFUL and share your excitement about a product that has the potential to go viral and become a worldwide movement. You don’t need any specific video to do this. Without any of the videos you see today we built SendOutCards to a $35 million company! There are 25 or so tools you can use. You don’t need to be dependent on any one tool.

Let’s break it down.

1. Show the 3 minute video (Couch Video) on www.sendoutcards.com/YOURID#
2. Have them send a free card (IMPORTANT: Stay with them all the way until they hit SEND!)
3. Have them go to the www.socgratitude.com/YOURID# website and watch the TAKE IT (3 min) AND TEACH IT (1 min) videos
4. Have them WRITE OUT the 3 options to get started.

CUSTOMER – $9.80/mo (Explain what they get)
PREFERRED CUSTOMER – $31/mo (Explain what they get)
MARKETING DISTRIBUTOR – $395 ($59 RENEWAL) – (Explain what they get)

The first promotion and the first raise comes when you achieve the rank of Sr Distributor (SD). You can personally sponsor 3 MD’s ($395) OR you can gather 2 subscription customers ($9.80) OR 1 preferred customer ($31) in your first 7 days. If you do this you will be awarded a fast track promotion to SD AND receive $50.

CERTIFIED TRAINER – Must be earned. Sign up 3 MD’s in first 30 days and earn this position. You’ll get certified to
train new distributors and make $40. The only way to attain this position is to earn it – potentially worth thousands of dollars in training commissions. Worth working for!

SPECIAL NOTE: Existing distributors that signed up prior to Oct announcements can earn it by sponsoring 3 MD’s by
Oct 7th OR purchase it for $345 (This is only available to distributors that were signed up prior to announcements in Oct). You must still get certified by a Sr Certified Trainer or an Executive Certified Trainer to be eligible
to receive training commissions.


1. Gather 2 Subscription Customers (or 1 preferred customer) in first 7 days –
sponsor 3 MD’s to promote to Sr Distributor).

2. Sponsor 3 Marketing Distributors in your first 30 days –
This promotion can only be earned in your first 30 days. All SendOutCards distributors that pay the $395 are entitled to a training by a certified trainer. The only people that will be eligible to train these people will be the certified trainers. Once you earn an EXECUTIVE position you are eligible to get trained as a certified trainer.

APPS: Just another way to allow someone to experience SendOutCards!! Your videos are all downloadable to your mobile device through REVOLUTION (Free in the APP STORE) On Oct 5th, you’ll be able to update the SendOutCards APP onto your iPhone or iPad (and then Droid shortly thereafter).

If this is all confusing to you just relax. It will all come together. Remember this. We do two things:

1. We gather a few customers.
2. We help a few other people get started doing the same thing.

I feel the same way I did 7 1/2 years ago when I signed up. I really don’t care what that comp plan is.
Comp plans get me all stressed out. I will focus on the fundamentals and the rest will take care of it self.
I have always believed this and I have always come out on top. When you focus on what YOU are going to get
you end up sending out the wrong energy. You must focus on helping others get what they want.

Let’s help each new person set up the account that is right for them. Let’s then help them each either
1). Send cards and gifts 2). Get $50 and an SD promotion 3). Get a Certified Trainer position

I stood in a sea of high rises in NYC last week. As I looked around it dawned on me that any ONE building
has enough potential to set someone free financially through our program. It’s really just about sponsoring the right person.


When I joined Amway in 1985 they were a $3 billion company and EVERYONE said they were saturated. I never signed up a distributor. There was a 19 year old kid named Len Ledbetter that went on to make millions of dollars with that company. Today they do just under $1 billion A MONTH!! We are a $50 million company. We are small and just getting going. No one has ever built a company like ours. We are pioneers in the greeting card business and we have successfully beat the odds by surpassing the $50 million per year mark AND surviving our first 5 years. Thousands of companies don’t make it past their 3rd year . . . most don’t. We have rock solid revenues that have
thrown off almost $100 million in commissions. And the best is yet to come!!


I personally have been involved in a company that had hundreds of competitors (Excel). And we were successful! We had 600 other companies that offered the same product we did. It’s hard work to constantly be comparing yourself to the competition. In fact it wears you down! We really have no competition with SendOutCards. It’s a rare situation. I decided a long time ago that if you have to stock it, swallow it or rub it on your skin, I’m not doing it! In fact anyone in the health, nutrition or skin care industry is going to have to stock tons of product and compete with the hundreds of other companies offering a similar product. There are over 500 supplement and shake companies in MLM and many more advertised through traditional means. I’ve been there and done that. It’s not fun!! I choose to work with something that is UNIQUE, has little to no competition and has an upside like no other company in the marketplace.

September 3, 2012

Q and A with Jordan

Dee Spraker – VA (Incoming)

After you get their info and send a card to them do a follow-up and if they show no interest do you continue to send cards etc?

A: Yes! They get at least 3 cards a year from me. A personal card, A Birthday Card and a Holiday Card!

Marilyn Kauffmann – Palm Springs, CA (Incoming)

Every time you send a card, do you send the opportunity CD?

A: No! I only send a DVD when I’m sending them info about the business. Personal cards NEVER should have a DVD with them. Keep your personal cards and your business cards separate always.

Nic Brits – Brisbane, Australia (Incoming)

Jordan, Just on business cards, would you suggest a using a generic business card promoting “You”, or a SendOutCards specific business card?

A: I don’t think it really matters. Most people throw them on their desk and never do anything with them anyway. We are one of the only companies that have a plan for what to do with a business card.

Annie – Danvers (Incoming)

Jordan, how did you consistently keep your belief in yourself and your success before you experienced duplication and great success?

A: My belief in myself has always wavered. It is normal to doubt. The key is to never quit on a bad day. AND stay in action . . . even when you are not believing your yourself.

Maria Johnson – Cave City, KY (Incoming)

What is the best way to communicate to others not on my team that I am a Certified Trainer?

A: Attend events and network at the events. Exchange business cards with other SOC trainers. Let them know that you are available to do training if they need it. Mostly, as you grow your team, those opportunities will become more and more available to you.

Chris – Northville, MI (Incoming)

How does one access the announcement Friday night? Will it be on SOC tv?

A: It will be on SOC TV. Watch for corp announcements.

Henry Griner – Elk River, MN (Incoming)

From an income standpoint, which retail product is the best for me to sell; $9.80 or $31 package? Which makes me the most money?

A: From an income standpoint the best product to sell ALWAYS is the one that is best for the customer you are talking to. If they are going to send 1-2 cards a week then $9.80 a month is best. If they are going to send 7-10 cards a week or more (or if they plan on sending 4-6 gifts a month) then the $31 per month plan is best.

John Oliver – j Phoenix (Incoming)

Is it better to recruit 12 front line to promote or find one and help him get his 12 to promote both of you? Or does it just depend on how keen the MD is?

A: Don’t wait for your team to get you promoted. If no one is working then keep sponsoring until you find someone to go to work. I sponsored 38 people before anyone started to work. Today, 2 of those 38 people have over 3000 people each on their teams. But it took a while!

Donna – Aurora (Incoming)

When you are out and about–restaurants, airports, grocery stores etc–do you create conversations with the intent of getting a prospect?

A: Typically no. I create conversations to have fun and make friends. If they start to lead to business then that’s just a plus!

Dave Waugh – Litchfield, IL (Incoming)

I collect business cards. Have several hundred. How do I contact them?

A: I send them a “nice to meet you card” with photos and then I call them, say hi and get down to business. “The reason I’m calling you is that I have some cool ideas I would like to run by you that I think you might like. Do you have about 15-20 minutes or should we schedule something?”

I then tell them I am going to have them “test-drive” the system and then we can brainstorm some ideas. I talk with them about different ways they can use the program to foster growth in their business. I also talk about referring the system to get it for free.

Megan – Wellington, New Zealand (Incoming)

What is the best way to share SendOutCards with friends, without seeming like a salesperson? I find it easier to share with people I don’t know as well.

A: Talk to them as a friend. In other words don’t use sales language. How would you tell your friend about a movie or restaurant that you liked. I say. “come here, I want to show you something cool”, “go to www.sendoutcards.com and tell me what you think of this.” The more scripted it is, the more you will sound like a salesperson.

Luc – Riverview (Incoming)

What are values I should focus on as a new entrepreneur?

A: Personal Growth. Daily Action. Productivity. Simplicity. Confidence,

Excitement and passion. Consistency. Resolve. Commitment.

Willox Perez – Jersey City (Incoming)

What is the difference between the 295 signup package and $50 package for a distributor? Thanks!

A: The $50 deposit is there to satisfy a governmental requirement. You don’t get the tools necessary to launch your business. It’s like opening a hair salon with no blow dryers, clippers or beautician stations. You have a business but no equipment. I personally tell people to save up their money and come in right. I prefer for people to be a MD/CT but I will allow them to sign up as an MD only with a commitment to upgrade to CT later.

EJ Griffin: How do I get a meeting going?

A: Start with one on ones and then when you have a group of at least 100 people on your team, start doing a monthly training at an office or coffee shop. When you have 100, you’ll typically have 10-20 that will show up.

I started doing coffee meetings and when I had enough people we would do lunch at a little steakhouse. Later it grew to a few hundred people and we would meet once a month at a restaurant in their private room.

Eventually we were doing hotel meetings (after about 18 months).

Moose: What is your intro of SOC to someone you just met?

A: I’m very transparent. I just tell them what we do any how it works. Explain to them why you signed up and what you like about it.

Don – Singapore (Incoming)

Let’s say you meet someone at the supermarket who is open to hearing about generating an extra stream of income. What would your follow up strategy be like? I personally feel it’s best to take them to the bridge video and show them how the opportunity works. (As opposed to doing a GAW). Would like your thoughts on it. Also when it comes to the presentation, (either the .com or .biz videos) do you think it’s best never to give out any links? But only give it to them when they are in front of their computer and ready to watch them now. Would this help in “closing” people and creating urgency? Thank you very much!

A: I really don’t think it matters. Show them any video and have them send a card. I like people to be excited about our product and the best way to do that is to have them send a card first. Then show them the .biz videos. I will never send someone home with ‘links’ without walking them through sending a card first.

Are you leading with the couch video or the Gratitude Video?

A: Usually the couch video but I don’ think it really matters.

Thelma – University Heights – How many different types of business cards do you have?

A: I have a generic card and an SOC card but I RARELY hand them out. I usually try and get their card with a mailing address and birthday.


Every billion dollar company had a defining moment- the thing that changed EVERYTHING. Jim Packard called it the 212 degree effect. That 1 degree is the difference between water and boiling water. And 33 degree water does not freeze but 32 degrees does. For Ford, it was the Mustang. I believe that Sept 7th is that thing.

It will seem small but the difference is huge, just like 1 degree. If an airplane is 1 degree off course it could end up in a different state.

I can name five $200 million dollar to multi-billion dollar companies that made a change that resulted in meteoric growth. Companies that were once stagnant that went on to become worldwide household names. Thousands left and a few stuck around. Many stopped believing and few moved forward and became multi-millionaires. Some of the greatest success stories in MLM today were those that held their ground and stayed true to their declared beliefs. Jeff Roberti, Dexter Yeager, Bill Britt, Tom Alkazin, Ruth Elliott and many others. There are a couple ways to get to the top of the oak tree. You can climb the tree OR you can sit on an acorn.

I believe that SOC is the acorn. Who we are, is growth. Who we are, is momentum. Who we are, is the culmination of all the good in the world. We represent the seed of kindness and appreciation. We were born out of honoring people. See, in reality, there are millions of people that already believe in what we do. They just haven’t found us yet. As long as you stay true to why you were attracted to SOC in the first place, you can’t lose. If you get blinded by the promise of big money, you’ll lose your way. There IS big money as long as you don’t lose sight of why you are here.

Here are just a few reasons why we are on the road to being a household name:

  1. We are unique – No one else in the world has this story and this mission.
  2. We are about doing good and making a positive difference in the lives of millions. People are hurting. We are an emotionally bankrupt society. The #1 human craving is the craving to love and be loved. We fulfill that craving.
  3. We offer a product that COSTS LESS than what you can get in the stores – This is unusual in network marketing.
  4. Our subscription is significantly lower than almost all other network marketing companies. A $31 subscription fosters a higher retention than most other companies. Can you imagine trying to retain customers on a $150 to $250 a month autoship?
  5. Someone can start a business that has UNLIMITED POTENTIAL for under $1000.
  6. We are the only network marketing company promoting appreciation.
  7. All other companies charge for their websites and for their DVD’s. This can cost you $100 a month or more. We don’t charge for any of those tools.
  8. We have a compensation plan that is proven to create more millionaires than any other comp plan in MLM history (“Unilevel Stairstep Breakaway”).
  9. We are sleeping giant. The upside is HUGE for those that choose to run the race with us.
  10. We have a leader that won’t sleep until the job is done. Many leaders running some of the newer fast growing companies out there have a history of bailing on their people when things get tough.
  11. At least 1000 companies have come and gone since SOC started in late 2002. Kody Bateman and SOC is still here and we are rock solid.
  12. We have a vision that is much larger than just making money. We have a vision to change the world.

August 20, 2012

Did you know that franchising was almost outlawed in the early 60’s for being a pyramid scheme? Ray Kroc (the founder of MacDonald’s went to bat and fought the government. Franchising was considered a “scam and a scheme”! He won. Today we don’t think anything of it! Thousands of people each year risk their life savings to start a traditional franchise. Buying a franchise can range between $20,000 and over $1 million. And that’s just the beginning. That doesn’t include the overhead (leases, product, utilities, legal, employee salaries, FICA, OSHA, licensing, franchise fees, etc). Most good franchising organizations will tell you that you’ll need to run your business for 3-5 years just to break even. Many don’t make it! At many events I ask those that invested $100,000 or more into a business to raise their hands. 95% of them lost their money! We don’t ask people to risk everything. We ask them to risk less than $1000 and a little bit of time. Most people start part-time with the potential to earn substantially more than the potential of a franchise.

In 90% of the franchise opportunities, there is no residual component. We have the best marketing model available today. SendOutCards has, by far, the most exciting and value-added product available in the marketplace. Gratitude is a product that everyone can buy into and it’s more valuable than any other product in the marketplace today. Gratitude fuels the human spirit. It lifts people up! It makes people happier and more productive. It feeds the soul.

Why Network Marketing?

Let’s explore a few options for creating additional income. Before we do, I want you to realize that MOST people are looking for ways to increase their income. 70% plus of our population have never done network marketing. 95% are living paycheck to paycheck. Each month they are a little behind. This is why credit card debt is so high. Bankruptcies and forecloses are at an all-time high. Most people have given up! But we show them a viable option. Without changing much, they can start a business with all the tax benefits of a traditional business. We offer an option that has all the upsides and none of the downside. In general, business success requires contacts, creativity, resourcefulness, leadership, patience, integrity, resiliency and teamwork. We are no different. The main difference is the level of risk is eliminated, the ability to start PT AND a residual component that is unmatched in traditional business.

When we explore the other options for creating additional income we can quickly see that network marketing offers the best solution:

  1. Get a second job-adds time to your schedule vs freeing up your time. Childcare can quickly eat up any additional income you make. No residual.
  2. Start a traditional business-$20,000-$250,000 to start. Years to break even. High failure rate. No residual. Your business owns you!
  3. Open a franchise-$20,000-$1 million to start. Years to break even. No residual. Your business owns you!
  4. Go back to school-$10,000-$50,000. No guarantee, but a diploma. Worst financial investment you can make in terms of ROI. Look at the results of employees that have worked for 30 years with a degree. It’s grim.
  5. Win the lottery-How many people do you know that have become financially independent winning the lottery. Maybe you should first try and get struck by lightning.
  6. Invest-To earn $1000 a month in residual – assuming you can get 5% on your principle, you will need to save $240,000. Morel likely 2% return if you want to keep your principle and not risk it – Need to save $480,000 . . .

how long will that take you?
How many years have you been working? Have you saved that much to date?

NETWORK MARKETING: Work PART TIME for 3-5 years. Gain the leverage of time and people. Increase your residual by at least $1000 a month per year. That’s the equivalence of saving $240,000-$480,000 per year in savings. No employees to manage. No products to purchase. No overhead. No major capital investment. Tax benefits of a big business.


We live in a microwave society where everyone wants it now. Fast money is rarely stable money. A promise of easy money is almost always an empty shell. It always looks good up front. Do you want to be a eucalyptus tree or an oak tree. Oak trees live forever. Eucalyptus trees die young. You are with SOC during the “sweet spot” of development. We have the freshness of a startup but the stability of a well-established company. There are big things in the works. When you sign someone up and they don’t do anything, that doesn’t mean much. In network marketing, sometimes your “dormant” organizations come to life with new growth. Sometimes that can take years. Every week we have people that signed up years ago that did nothing and now they are going to work. What if one of these people that did nothing for 2 years goes to work and brings in the next Jim Packard, Judy O’Higgins or Tommy Wyatt. I’ve had this happen a few times! Most people don’t have the patience and that’s why most people don’t make money.

Let’s talk about quick money to the extreme. Check Cashing Stores, quick money. “I want my money NOW!!” Go ahead and cash your check there! You’ll pay up to 20% fees to do it. And then look at the financial situation of those that use those “quick money” outlets? Most are financially destitute! Do you think financially successful people use check cashing stores to get their money? Of course not. Yet when we make our decisions based on getting our money NOW, (even in network marketing) we are positioned just like that destitute person that is living paycheck to paycheck.

Who does the bank want to give a loan to? Will someone with $200,000 in cash have an easier time getting a loan than someone with $50,000 in credit card debt?
Of course! Why? Because “broke” people aren’t typically as dependable to pay the money back.

How does all of this apply to your business. Whether you have money or not (I was $36,000 in debt on my credit cards when I finally started making money in Network Marketing), you can position yourself for a solid, long-term residual income as long as you don’t become emotionally desperate. Desperation causes people to lose patience and make rash decisions that will hurt them financially in the long run. When a quick buck is involved, run the other way. THE REASON THE MASSES ARE ALWAYS CHASING THE MONEY AND NEVER SEEM TO GET IT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE MAKING DECISIONS BASED ON A SCARCITY MENTALITY. If you want to spend the rest of your life broke, keep going after the easy money. That’s what broke people do over and over again.

Instead, invest your time into social capital. Build solid and long term relationships. Don’t succumb to “hype”. Be patient and stick with the fundamentals. Don’t quit on your team (and your team consists of EVERYONE. Not just those in your downline). Be rock solid in your resolve to see the job through. Keep your eyes focused on the sun and don’t chase the fireflies.

August 13, 2012

I don’t accept paid consulting assignments, however because of Beach Money I get asked all the time to consult to other companies. Here is an example of a recent event where I recently spoke.

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT COMPANY (Leadership event at Estate Retreat in Scottsdale)
ENERGY DRINK COMPANY (Company Convention)

Here’s what they all want to know:

  1. How can I get it to go faster?
  2. How can I keep people from quitting?
  3. Not enough people are making money, how do we get more people to make money?

The answers:

  1. It will feel like molasses until someone comes into your group that wants it as much (if not more) than you do, that is willing to go to work and put massive action behind his/her dreams (everyone experiences this).
  2. You can’t keep people from quitting. You’ll burn yourself out trying. People quit things.
    Some will stick around for the long haul and see the job through. People quit sports, school, jobs, businesses and everything else. In all endeavors and professions, only a few see the job through.
  3. You only need 1-5 people to experience financial independence. Musical artists make a lot of money when they have 1 hit. 5 hits will make them rich. In the meantime, they spend years, playing colleges, bars, picnics, festivals and writing music until someone discovers them. One best-selling book will make you some money. 5 best-sellers will make you fairly wealthy. It’s the same in every profession.
  4. In ALL companies, most people make little to no money. In ALL companies most people quit after talking to 1-5 people that say no (Just like I did for 10 years).

$1000 A MONTH WILL CHANGE SOMEONES LIFE. Where else can someone make $1000 a month or more in RESIDUAL INCOME without investing an arm and a leg? If you were to poll 1000 people in your city and if they gave you an honest answer, you would find that all 1000 would want to make $1000 a month. Why? Because it will make a difference in their lives. $1000 a month ($12,000/yr) will allow you to:

Remodel a room in your home.
Take an extravagant vacation each year with the family.
Send a to college.
Buy 2 nice new cars (payment covered each month).
Increase the size of your home.
Have peace of mind.
Eat out once a week at the nicest restaurant in town for the entire family.
Fill your home with gifts for the whole family over the holidays.
Learn to fly an airplane or helicopter.
Go back to school.

You don’t have to give up what you are doing to establish a $1000/mo residual income. You can do it on a part time basis. $1000 a month is just a start. The important thing to know is that the opportunity is there.

Millions of people in the world make $100,000 a month ($1.2 million per years) yet few do it in any one profession. In the movie business, only a few thousand ever go on to make over $1 million per year, yet millions of people go for it. In professional sports, only a couple thousand people ever go on to make over $1 million per year, yet millions go after the big money in pro sports. This is how it is in all professions. The thing to understand is, in network marketing you have a chance. Just like in anything else, you must be exceptional if you want to create an exceptional lifestyle in our profession. But I would never become a professional athlete or musician. I was willing to learn the simple business of Network Marketing. I believe that ANYONE can learn it.

So what is the life of a professional networker?

Imagine, calling Am Express Travel- telling them you want to book first class tickets to Telluride. Let them know to book it and then email you with the confirmation. Price doesn’t matter.

Writing a check for $10,000 to your favorite charity each month

Your mother needs a new car and she’s on a fixed budget. You drive up in her new car that you bought for cash that day and hand her the keys on her birthday.

You are on vacation in Cancun and you are having such a great time after 10 days that you and your family decide to stay for another week, because you can (and your business is virtual so you can work from anywhere).

Renting a 12,000 square foot mansion on the water in Ft Lauderdale and inviting 10 of your top leaders to come spend 3-4 nights with you to celebrate their success over the past year.

Taking 30 days off to tour the British Virgin Islands in a leased catamaran. Your captain and first mate are also chefs and they cook every meal for you on your journey.

Leasing a private Cessna Citation once a quarter to fly to the coast with a few of your team members, just to build their dreams.

Helicopter skiing in the alps. (You got to the top of the mountain in a helicopter).

Taking 2 weeks in Africa to help build a school with your family.

Spending your entire summer at your summer cabin on Lake Tahoe.

Moving to Costa Rica and living off your residual income.

Learning to fly an airplane.

Living off your residual check so you can pursue a career in acting.

Going out to dinner with 25 of your teammates and pulling out your credit card, telling them, “it’s on you”.

Taking a group of people to see the Beatles show “Love” in Las Vegas and paying for everyone’s ticket.

Remodeling your entire home. Those old dingy rooms are no longer bothering you.

Repaving the driveway.

Putting new tires on the car so you don’t have to worry about blowing out a tire!

Buying the brand new Porche that was just released.

Giving away all your old clothes and spending the whole weekend refreshing your
ENTIRE wardrobe!

MOST OF THESE THINGS HAVE BEEN DONE BY SENDOUTCARDS DISTRIBUTORS with SENDOUTCARDS income. In fact, SendOutCards (Kody Bateman) has paid out almost $80 million in commissions.

Now if I had come to you back in 2005 and said, “SendOutCards is a $2.5 million company and in the next 7 1/2 years Kody Bateman will pay out $80 Million in commissions to you and others that join us over the next few years, you may have laughed. Yet, he did it. Today I am suggesting that I believe that in the next 7 1/2 years, Kody will pay to us over $250 million in commissions, you may or may not believe me. But I believe that there will be 3-4 times as much paid in commission over the next 7.5 years than the past 7.5 years.

August 6, 2012- SOC for Professionals

I have always felt that business professionals are our “low hanging fruit”. The more successful someone is,the faster they seem to see the opportunity SendOutCards. Although they won’t ever show it on the surface, in any group of professionals, a very high percent are;
a). Looking for way so get more business.
b). Looking for ways to keep customers from leaving.
c). Dissatisfied with their situation
d). Looking for a back-up plan or escape route because they have “golden handcuffs”.
e). Overworked and underpaid.

I get asked, “how do I ‘show’ the business to this very successful business person”? I show them EXACTLY the same way I show anyone else.

  1. I tell them why I love SendOutCards and how I got involved (2 min).
  2. I have the watch the 3 min ‘Couch’ Video www.sendoutcards.com/YOURID#.
  3. I have them send a card on the system.
    They get to test drive it. I stay on the phone with them. Usually I have them click ‘NO” when asked if they want to have Kody walk them through. Then I tell them step by step how to do it as if I were sending a card. Keep it simple. Tell them what the system will do but you don’t have to get real fancy here. Have them send a card to someone they care about and have them write a heartfelt message to that person.
  4. Afterwards I go over the 2 customer options (CUSTOMER AND PREFERRED CUSTOMER)
  5. I ask them if they want to take a look at the income opportunity side of the business.

If they say ‘Yes’ then I take them to the www.sendoutcards.biz/YOUR ID# and I have them watch one of the 4 five min videos (it doesn’t matter which one).

At this point let them begin asking questions or sign them up if they are ready to go.

Last weekend I was at the America West Airlines Reunion. It’s been 30 years since the airline was formed. In 1983 in a newly deregulated environment, Ed Beauvais started America West with some borrowed money, 3 leased planes and an idea to offer full service at a low fare. We launched the “MORE CARE LESS FARE” campaign. Our cost structure was low to be able to undercut the prices of the majors. The major airlines did not want us to compete with them. The fare wars were on. This was in the day when you could still smoke on the planes! We did on-board ticketing. We were fully cross-utilized (meaning all the customer service employees worked Ramp, Flight Attendant, Gates and Reservations). We doubled in size every year going from 200 employees to 15,000. Most of the jobs still exist today. The employees LOVED their jobs and it was fun to work at America West! In fact every customer service employee got paid $12,600 a year! Our management made $22,000 a year. Ed Beauvais the founder spoke and he talked about how proud he was that our team of personnel built a billion dollar airline in one of the toughest environments in aviation history. Most of the employees were in their 20’s and had never worked for an airline!

What was the key? We were out to prove something to the world. We were the underdogs and we knew we could win with a better idea. Our founder spoke that vision into our workforce. I learned a lot about entrepreneurship the 10 years I worked for America West.

While I was there I met a pilot. As most of you know, I’m working to get my helicopter license. I was actually out flying today. I have been struggling with talking to the tower while flying. (Think walking and chewing gum at the same time, only much more dangerous!) So I asked the pilot, “What’s the secret?” He said, “you just need to relax and talk to them”. “Tell them what you want to do and they will tell you what they need you to do”.
So, today I did just that, I relaxed. I told them what I wanted to do and then they told me what they wanted me to do. Then I just repeated back to them what they had just told me. I found it to be much easier after talking to this pilot.

This is EXACTLY what you need to do when you share Sendoutcards with someone. RELAX. Tell them what you want them to do. Then have them do it and you give them feedback. Be clear and take your time. Keep it short and simple.

If you want your business to grow:

  1. Stop listening to the naysayers. (It’s like listening to the news. It will get you down and depressed and it serves no purpose other than distracting you from getting your dreams).
  2. Stay in daily action!!
  3. 3 Put yourself in situations where you will meet new people each week.
  4. Add to your to-do list (written down!) and send gratitude cards daily.
    Do you have a written list that is within reach at all times? If not, start doing that today!!)
  5. Block 1 hour a day to call people and invite them to take a look.
  6. Show the business the way we just described above.

Signing someone up is just one step in the process. It’s not the “goal”. You start training someone the moment you introduce them to SOC, long before they are even signed up. I’m not a helicopter pilot but I’m being trained as one. Getting my license is just a step in the process. The journey started with my dream and the ACTION to go on a discovery flight. I’m not done once I have my license. That’s just when the fun begins! Don’t make it a big deal. It’s an ongoing dialog that may end in a large vibrant growing organization or simply a friendship.



15-year-old Mikaela Shapiro (Daughter of Jeff Shapiro) – Jeff tied for 1st place in the $1000 a day promotion on July 13th. When I called him to congratulate him he told me that his daughter Mikaela got 7 of his customers! So I asked if Mikaela would be a guest on our call tonight.

What year are you in High School?
How did you end up helping your Dad on this promotion?
Who did you sign up as customers?
How did you ask them?


Realtor, Jim McCord . . . Jim contacted me about 3 weeks ago and said, “I don’t care where you are let me know a good time and I’ll buy an airline ticket to come out to see you.” He said he wanted to run some SOC business building ideas past me. We scheduled for him to come out to Vegas on Saturday morning.
He asked if he could bring one of his new distributors with him. Andrew Robinson has had huge success in the furniture business – He has built multi-million dollar businesses over the past 25 years.

Jim’s story of how he got started with us was amazing and I wanted you all to hear it from him. Jim?


Hopefully the person that invited you on this call had you send a card on our system. If not, please BEG the person that told you about this to show you how to send a card. I have found that most questions are answered simply by sending a card.

Although I could spend a full day telling you why SendOutCards is something that everyone needs, I have about 10 minutes. So here we go.

You know how we think about people throughout our day that are important to us? We even have times where we want to reach out to others in gratitude but we don’t because we are all running in so many different directions. About 25 years ago our founder ignored a prompting to hug his older brother and tell him he loved him. A few months later his mother delivered the news to him that his brother had been killed in a work accident. He realized that he would never have an opportunity to say goodbye. 8 years ago he formed SendOutCards as a tribute to his brother. Today we have over a million cards a month going out in gratitude to people that are important to us. We have gone from a little startup in a garage to a major player in the greeting card business. We send out between 40,000 and 100,000 cards a day. Each card goes in the mail with a real stamp. The stories come in daily.

I have sat down more times than I can count to thank you for the amazingly sweet card and adorable frog….each time I broke out in tears and couldn’t manage to finish it. I hope you will accept this very belated thank you as I am finally able to get through this without crying….too much!

Your package arrived in the mail on a day that I had probably hit rock bottom with being unemployed. I don\’t know how you do it, psychic abilities or something, but you always manage to be the bright spot for me when I am feeling very down. Your kind words and constant encouragement have meant so much to me over the years and I cannot thank you enough for that.

Your card sits on my dresser in the “changing room” so I see it every day….and it still makes me cry:) Not only is the picture beautiful but I see “I love you” popping out of the card each time I look at it! The frog sits prominently on the window sill in the bedroom, surrounded by one of the plants I have managed not to kill – I have a bit of a brown thumb:) Seeing them reminds me of the people and things in life that are important to me and helps draw me out of the dark spots I have found myself in lately.
I don\’t know how to express to you how much this has meant to me…I don\’t think I even know the proper words to say thank you for something this big. As best I can, and with utter appreciation and gratitude, THANK YOU!!!
Anna Gengler

Some people say, “But I don’t send cards”. Well that is the very reason why we exist today. Because most people don’t do it any more. Most of our card senders will tell you that before SendOutCards, they would only send out 1 or 2 cards a year. Today they send out their holiday cards, birthday cards, sympathy cards, get well cards, graduation cards, etc. to the tune of 20 or 30 a month! Because it only takes a couple of minutes, people send cards every day.

I want you to imagine going to your mailbox and pulling out a stack of junk mail. In the stack is a personalized greeting card from a friend or someone you had recently done business with. What will you do with the junk mail? What will you do with the greeting card? If it’s personal and it’s not a promotion, you’ll probably save it.

But it gets even better.

Most people are being held hostage by a paycheck or even worse, no paycheck. I was one of those people. If you can carve out an hour a day for the next 1-3 years, you can begin to establish a rock solid residual income based on the idea that everyone loves to send cards and gifts and everyone loves to receive cards and gifts. The greeting card and gifting business is a $100 billion business, but I believe it has the potential to be four times that big. Most people aren’t practicing the tired “old-school” card sending habit they used to, but they will do it if it’s easy and inexpensive. For 1/4th the cost someone can send a real card in the mail, customized with pictures for under $1. This is a model that has legs. We will be a worldwide phenomenon. We would like you to consider coming along with us.

Why can we do it better for less? Each card is “print-on-demand” and sent the next morning. Who do you think pays for the excess inventory in the card stores, the overhead, utilities, employees, layers of management, etc? This is the reason you pay $4 a card at Hallmark or Walgreens. They aren’t even coming close to selling enough cards to pay for their overhead. Our cards are $0.62 to $0.93 each and 100% of our cards (on recycled paper) are sent! Not to mention that they are beautiful photographic quality images that you can customize and personalize!

Here’s why I do SendOutCards:

  1. It is fun and relatively easy.
  2. I do the work one time and I get paid over and over again for years.
  3. I can build up an income stream that has the potential to far exceed any job income.
  4. Over time I can create a full time income on a part time basis.
  5. I don’t have to stock or buy any inventory.
  6. SendOutCards does most everything for me. I just bring people who want to try it and help build it.
  7. I can work as fast or as slow as I want to.
  8. I can work from anywhere in the world that there is a high speed internet connection. Even on the Beach.
  9. The computer doesn’t discriminate. I get paid for what I start regardless of my background or history.
  10. I don’t need any special degree or education to make money.
  11. There are people that have already done it that are there to train me for free.
  12. I can duplicate myself and my income can actually grow without me once I get it going.
  13. I can live a life of gratitude and appreciation and get paid for it!
  14. There is no ceiling on my income.
  15. There are no geographic limitations. In fact, if I live in a town of 500, I can get paid off the card and gift sending of people all over the world!
  16. My income is protected from natural disasters and local occurrences that can severely impact the revenues of a traditional business.
  17. For under $1000 I own a business (and you can too) that has more potential than traditional businesses costing $50,000-$500,000 to start without the risk.
  18. I have tax benefits that only come with owning a business. I subtract my expenses and only pay tax on what’s left vs paying taxes first off my income and then subtracting my expenses from what’s left.

July 23, 2012

When I got started the situation was much different. I simply observed what Demarr did to get my attention and I replicated the same things. I broke it down into 3 simple daily actions. I did those things each day and I taught those things each day. There were not gifts or gift cards. There was no photo store. It cost $745 to be a distributor and you didn’t get paid for training. You made $25 on each $745 distributor for your first 10. Then it went up to $125. Our cards were simple and there was no photo editing software.

I broke the business down into 3 simple daily actions. I still do these 3 things today:

a. Send out at least 1 personal card a day (GRATITUDE CARD).
b. Send out at least 1 DVD each day in a card.
c. Walk someone else through sending a card each day (GAW – Gift Account Walk-Through).

Each week I scheduled one 2-hour training in a conference room to train my new customers and
distributors. We would convert customers each week once they saw the capabilities of the system.
We did this each and every week and taught the team to do the same thing.


from the time they log on to the time they send a card. Then explain the capabilities of the
system (campaigns, gifts, video cards, etc) and look for ideas that will make their life easier.

IMPORTANT: Sending them a link or just signing them up will typically lead you nowhere.

The 30-DAY GRATITUDE CHALLENGE makes it even easier to do what I’ve just described.
You must get people on the computer (either in person or over the phone) and walk them through
sending a card on the system. Do this every day (one a day). This is key!!

To get POOR BUSINESS RESULTS – Do SendOutCards only when you feel like it. Send a card once in a while. Talk about all the things that you wish SendOutCards would do that they currently aren’t doing and all the things you don’t like about the system or the company.

To get MEDIOCRE BUSINESS RESULTS – Do the Gratitude Challenge. Mention the business only when others bring it up or ask you about it. Send out the “couch video” link, (www.sendoutcards.com/YOUR ID#) and see who logs on a sends a card.

To get GOOD BUSINESS RESULTS – Do the Gratitude Challenge. Join and attend networking groups. Have a specific plan. Continually add people to your list and show the business each day. Attend one Treat ‘Em Right seminar. Proactively explain SendOutCards to the people you meet. Be generous with your cards and gifts. Go for the contests andbe on Kody Bateman’s ‘Q’ coaching call each week.

To get OUTSTANDING RESULTS – Define yourself as a self-actualized leader. Be responsible for your success and the success of those around you. Become a contribution to the organization as a whole. Do the Gratitude Challenge times 5. Send out at least 5 to 10 gratitude cards per day. Send out Sendoutcards tools to potential customers and distributors each day. Set 1-5 appointments per day to WALK SOMEONE THROUGH SENDING A CARD and training new card senders and distributors. Become known in your community as a “connector of people”. Do the 3 daily actions X 5. Be so consistent that your team views you as a ROCK in your organization. Go for all the challenges and win them. MOST IMPORTANTLY – Take time to get someone in front of their computer and walk them through sending a card, then have them watch the videos. Become the person that everyone knows is the person (you) who stays in touch and always remembers. Do the napkin presentation or at the very least show the 4 videos on your .biz site (www.sendoutcards.biz/YOUR ID#).

  1. Focus on ideas will add value, look for ways to make someone’s life easier. What do they want? Show them how SendOutCards can help them get it. (Today ; a doctor that wants more patients).
  2. Distinguish between “reactive gratitude” and “generated gratitude” – abundance comes from generating gratitude each day by choice vs waiting for someone to do something nice for you and being grateful for that.
  3. Be excessively generous.
  4. DO GIFT ACCOUNT WALK THROUGHS – Jerry Knight story.
  5. Know the numbers, the computer doesn’t care! (1 out of 20-30 will do it big).
  6. Plug people into the system, become a cheerleader and promote the Treat ‘Em Rights,
    major events, conference call, etc.

If I were to do it again, I would do it exactly the same. I would do 3-5 GAW’s a day (in person or over the phone. I stay with them all the way through).
Daily I look for ways to expand my list with new people.
I send 3-5 cards per day! I’ve send 55,000 cards to date!
I send at least 1 DVD (on average every day).
I attend most of the Treat ‘Em Right events and all of the big events.
I promote everything!
I network like crazy. I joined one group in AZ and got to know everyone in that group very well. I then went to their events and was introduced to many others.
I taught (and continue to teach) all of these principles to others both on and off my team.
I dream big and encourage others to do the same!


  1. Refresh you list.
  2. Call each person. Be intentional, personable and friendly. In a forthright way (with confidence)
    let them know that you would like to show them something that you really think that will love.
  3. Show them the videos and ask them if they would like to take the 30 day gratitude challenge.
    If they say yes, then ask them if they would like to make money helping us promote it.
  4. Tell them how they can help 3 other people take it and get their points for free and tell them how they can help 3 other people teach it and get their money back. That’s it.

Here’s what I know: SendOutCards is WAY better than it was 7 years ago when I got started. The cards look 10 times better. The photo editing capabilities are second to none. We have gifts and gift cards which didn’t exist 7 years ago. We have the PHOTOSTORE which vastly expands our gifting options.

There is a huge pent up demand for our service. People that use it love it and many can’t live without it once they try it.

The “Gratitude Challenge” is an idea that makes the world a better place. How can anyone argue that sending out a card a day to express appreciation doesn’t work?

SendOutCards, IS worthy of a worldwide movement. Millions of people will be using SendOutCards over the next few years. There is no logical reason for it not to go viral. Re-read “The tipping point” by Malcolm Gladwell. Many worldwide movements took years to catch on.

Ask yourself if you would be using the product if there were no compensation plan attached to it. If the answer is no, then at some point you will become miserable. You must love it so much that you would refer it regardless of the compensation attached to it.

All the indicators point up. We are perfectly positioned. People will doubt and many will quit because of impatience. Quitting is a characteristic of the common man. Most people quit everything they do. Leaders persist and see the job through. ‘Anyone can steer the ship when the sea is calm’.

I also have seen THIS compensation plan produce more millionaires in network marketing than any other compensation plan in our profession BUT IT’S NOT THE PLAN THAT WILL MAKE YOU A LOT OF MONEY!

Kody Bateman has done the impossible virtually everyone told him it couldn’t be done and we are doing it. And he’s not done. I have been told countless times by industry experts that there is no money in SendOutCards AS I’M CASHING SIX FIGURE MONTHLY CHECKS. I also know that it’s just numbers, anyone can go and do what I have done by simply replicating what I and others have done.

I can give you all the reasons why I think your business isn’t growing. But it really only comes down to a couple of simple things. I have a simple process that consistently allows me to sponsor 1-4 new distributors per month. I can teach you how to do the same thing. And you can teach it too.

I know that it works because it has allowed US to put over 140,000 distributors into our company.
I also know that if you do it differently, your results may or may not be all that good.

It’s a SIMPLE formula that works. I watch as others get frustrated, doubtful and complacent and they wonder why it’s not working for them, it’s crystal clear. Let’s get down to the real truth and talk about what it takes to build and duplicate. There is no short cut. There is BIG MONEY in SendOutCards if you focus on the right activities and keep it simple. Getting desperate and trying to go fast actually slows down the process. Slow IS fast.

July 16, 2012


JAKE CAGLE WON THE $1000 DAILY PRIZE 3 TIMES IN OUR FIRST WEEK – In other words he earned $3000 in 3 days. Here’s a short interview with him talking about how he did it.


July 9 – Jake Cagle – $1000
July 10 – Jake Cagle – $1000
July 11 – Jake Cagle – $1000
July 12 – Devon and Joan Hansen – $500 TIE
July 12 – Katherine Sumrall and Orlando Griego – $500 TIE
July 13 – Jeff Shapiro – $500 TIE
July 13 – Bonnie Larson – $500 TIE


Kody is adding some money to our $1000 a day summer promotion! Retro to the 9th of July! First Place $1000 Second Place $300 Third Place $200!!
You DO NOT need to win the $1000 a day challenge to be in the drawing for the PRIVATE JET TRIP TO THE BEACH with me. You simply need to sign up 10 subscriptions (remember MD’s with a subscription count and you get an extra point for CT’s as well!)

2. Kody’s ‘Q’ Call!! – When you get qualified (Dashboard Green!), you’ll get a special invite to be on Kody Bateman’s Private Coaching call immediately following my Monday Night Strategy Call. You’ll want to get your “Q” and be on this each week!

3. LAS VEGAS GRATITUDE CHALLENGE PARTY – Thursday July 19th! – It will be at the Golden’s beautiful mansion in Las Vegas. I’ll be there as well. YOU MUST BE “Q” qualified to attend or be a distributor that has signed up within 7 days of the event. Bring your guests! Please email Megan at socmegan@gmail.com and she will email you with details!

4. SPECIAL CALL ON TUESDAY NIGHT 8PM CST – “How to become a person of influence!”
I’ll be hosting a special call with Sr Exec and my good friend Adam Packard. We will have special guest Chris Widener with us. Chris has authored over 450 articles and 9 books on leadership, motivation and success. He will be our keynote speaker at the event in Chicago on August 9th. Be with us on Tuesday!

5. CHICAGO EVENT – August 9th! ! I’ll be in Chicago with Sr Executive, Adam Packard and Chris Widener
For details and to register:

6. Seattle and/or Yakima Gratitude Challenge Party Events:
(The Seattle event only has 75 seats left, reserve yours today) – Eagle, Jordan Adler will be present at both events.

* Thursday, August 16 – 30 Day Gratitude Challenge Party in Seattle with Jordan Adler
Hosted by Executives: Cyndi & Curtis Dady and Dennis Brink

* Friday, August 17 – 30 Day Gratitude Challenge Party in Yakima with Jordan Adler
Hosted by Executives: Cyndi & Curtis Dady and Dennis Brink, along with Managers Ed and Nancy Euken

Thru the month of July you can sponsor new MD/CT’s and they will receive $100 off of their CT Package AND also receive an additional check for $100 when they gather their first 2 customers in their first 7 days.
Oh, a $31 Preferred Customer counts as two! Think about having your new distributor just find one person to TAKE the 30 day Gratitude Challenge in their first 7 days and they have a $100 check coming to them!
(as long as they signed up as an MD/CT. So instead of an MD/CT paying $640 they pay only $540 upon sign up).

8. THE LAST TOM HOPKINS BOOT CAMP – This program changed my life when I took it in 1989! Tom’s book ‘How to Master the Art of Selling’ was one of the first personal development books I had ever read!
Please click this link to learn more or to register . . .

Tom Hopkins was one of my very first mentors many years before I met him. I read his book in the mid-80’s ‘How to Master the Art of Selling’. It’s as relevant today as it was back then. I attended his Boot Camp in 1989 while I was still at the airline making $20,000 per year. I had been told at a fitness center by James Wyatt (one of the owners)
that I was too quiet to be successful in sales – He owned 20 health clubs. Tom trained me and many years later here I am with Tom Hopkins on my conference call. Tom is the World’s #1 Sales Trainer. What more needs to be said?

Adam Packard is one of SendOutCards Top Leaders and a very close friend. He grew his team into the thousands and has a residual check that exceeds what most people make at their jobs. Adam used to work for Tom. I’ll let him tell you the story and bring Tom on . . .

MAN OH MAN OH MAN . . . If you just play the 1st 10 minutes of this call with Tom Hopkins to ANY BUSINESS PERSON, they are CRAZY not to sign up with us!! :)

Here’s the Link to the Replay Page:

July 9, 2012

Funded by Jordan Adler and SendOutCards.

After reading this summary and listening to the replay, please send any questions regarding this promotion to marketing@sendoutcards.com.

Summer is typically a little slower with summer vacations and holidays.

Despite the summer slow-down, our volume is up over 20% year, over year. (Traditionally, June, July and August slumps just a little).

I thought I would throw some fuel on the fire and have a little fun! I called Kody and ran some ideas by him. He liked my ideas and then he said he would like to add some $$ to the promotion as well!

I am committing $40,000 from my personal bank account to fund the majority of this promotion, not just for my team, but FOR THE ENTIRE COMPANY! This promotion is something we should all be excited about for several reasons.

1. This promotion supports the current SendOutCards mission.

2. It is simple.

3. EVERYONE can participate, even new reps! It doesn’t matter if you are already a distributor or if you sign up on the 25th day. Each day is a new promotion!

Here is the goal:
The #1 gratitude challenge promoter for that day, wins the $1,000.

To be the #1 gratitude challenge promoter, you must win the daily point race. Become the top point-earner for the day and $1,000 is yours!
-Points are awarded and recorded by corporate when you sponsor ANY type of subscription and/or CT program.

There are two parts to this promotion:

Marketing Distributors, Senior Distributors, Managers and Senior Managers are the only ones eligible to participate in the daily race to get the most points and win $1,000!

There is a leadership incentive for Executives and above. These leaders can win $500 by helping their team members win the daily point races.

Grand Prize- Private Jet Trip!!!!!
-For every 10 points earned, your name will be entered into a drawing that will take place at the end of the promotion. One name will be drawn. The winner, along with one guest, will win a private jet trip to San Diego to have lunch with Jordan on the beach!

These are the full details and rules from corporate: https://www.sendoutcards.com/grandadayrules/

Let’s review:

The #1 gratitude challenge promoter for that day, wins the $1,000.

Any subscription counts ($9.80/mo OR $31/mo)! An MD with a subscription counts! Anyone on a pay-as-you-go account that upgrades to subscription counts! A CT or CT up-grade counts (you can only do this once for each MD if they are not already a CT). If one of your personally sponsored MD’s adds a subscription, that doesn’t already have one, it counts!

Each day, the #1 promoter will win $1,000!! The promotion starts TODAY (July 9th)!!! The #1 promoter for today, Monday July 9, will receive $1,000.



This promotion is for EVERYONE in SendOutCards. All positions and all organizations. Those that collect 10 people on the gratitude challenge (any subscription or MD with a subscription) will be entered into a drawing for a private jet trip with Jordan Adler from Las Vegas to San Diego AND you can bring one person with you! You will have lunch on the Beach with Jordan and return to Las Vegas the same day!


Kody has thrown some money into the ring as well! If you are the coded Executive to the person that wins the $1,000, you get $500!

Once again:

  1. The $1,000 a day promotion is for Distributors, Senior Distributors, Managers and Senior Managers only.
  2. You can win the $1,000 a day as many times as you qualify.
  3. The person that gets the most people on the 30 day gratitude challenge for that day wins $1,000. Ties will split the money (i.e.; 2 winners each get $500). $9.80/mo and $31/mo subscriptions count. MD’s with a subscription count. Also, you can add an extra point by getting personally sponsored distributors to upgrade to CT (keep in mind, new CT’s get the 100/100 promotion as well!) These checks and the private jet trip will be coming from Jordan’s personal checking account.
  4. Each day is a new challenge. The person with the most challenge sign ups (subscriptions) for the day is the winner for that day. Names of the winners will be posted on the SOC website daily.
  5. New distributors that sign up during the 30 day promotion are also eligible to win each day.
  6. Anyone (ALL SendOutCards Distributor positions) that gets 10 people on a 30 day challenge subscription OR $9.80/mo subscription during the promotional period will be in a drawing for a private jet trip with Jordan from Las Vegas to San Diego for lunch on the beach.

You’ll be entered into the drawing for each 10 points you get during the promotional period. Transportation to and from Las Vegas will be at the expense of the winner. The drawing will be held approximately 1 week after the end of the promotion on SOCTV.


  1. I believe that some days just 3-5 subscriptions will win you $1000.
  2. Make a list of 30-50 people or renew your existing list. Go back to all the people that you have shown SOC to that were interested but didn’t sign up.
  3. Get into Massive Action.
  4. Show the TAKE IT/TEACH IT videos and have each person send a card on the system (www.socgratitude.com/YOU ID#).
  5. ASK, “Would you be willing to take the challenge??”
  6. Sign them up (JOIN NOW BUTTON).
  7. If they are interested in helping us TEACH the challenge, get them signed up on the MD Package ($295).
  8. Present the 100/100 Certified Trainer plan – YOU CAN SAY THIS:

“Right now there is a promotion running through the end of July. If you want to upgrade to be a Certified Trainer ($345), the company will knock $100 off the price so instead of $640 it’s $540 AND when you get your first 2 subscriptions within your first 7 days (or just 1 person to take the 30 day challenge) you’ll get another $100.”



-Contribution -Strategy
-Passion -Focus on winning
-Raise level of conversation -Hoarding
about gratitude -Focus on you
-Serve Others -Gaming

SOC will be randomly auditing customers. You must sign up only REAL customers that want to take the challenge. It is against company policy to “buy” customers. Do the right thing. Sign people up in the spirit of gratitude and contribution and you’ll always win. Don’t cut corners. Gaming will always come back to bite you. If you are caught manipulating or gaming you can be disqualified from this promotion, not to mention reviewed by compliance.

Go out and change some lives! Give lots of people the gift of daily gratitude!

July 2, 2012
On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 1:01 PM, A DISTRIBUTOR, ERIC WROTE:
How does Jordan, get people interested in being distributors. Most of the people I have been talking to so far I feel like I will have to work on over time. I really want to figure out how to accelerate the process.
I have the ability to build and approach the best business minds in a number of industries. I’m trying to figure out what the best and most efficient way is to get in front of serious prospects for distributorships.

Tap, Tap, The podium is yours …

Hey Eric,

Be sure you listen to Jordan’s call from last Monday with Ivan Misner (your question sounds like you missed the call).

Jordan sends cards, sends cards with DVDs and shows people how to send a card. For 7 1/2 years I’ve watched him do it. The only difference between him and anyone else is he does it “massively” (read his numbers from the original e-mail).

The slow way is the fast way. You have to show them the system first. Let them know, with conviction, that you believe it’s going to be huge. Remember, the timing has to be right for them. But if you stay in touch (sending cards), the timing will eventually be right for everyone your list.

It’s a lot like growing a garden and asking how do you get the seeds to grow faster? They grow on their own their schedule. The BIG results happen months and years later. But those results depend on what you do now. It’s a little deceiving because it looks like nothing’s happening. If you’re doing the work, things are happening. Just because the seed hasn’t sprouted doesn’t mean it’s not growing.



From: “Jordan Adler”
Date: September 14, 2005 7:19:07 PM PDT

I deliberated before sending this out.

This will give you an idea of the activity necessary to create growth and momentum.

Understand that if you want an extra $200-$1000 per month, you can be consistent and plod along.

If you want staggering growth here’s what it takes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The numbers I am going to share with you are MY SPECIFIC RESULTS and yours may be better or worse. Your results will depend on your ability to Allow Success to flow into your life and the quality of the relationships you have built to date. You will be Networking, Supporting your team, Promoting events and Conference Calls, etc.

I was asked today if its true the company is paying me extra to build and if its true that the company gives me leads?


Also, the numbers I am quoting you do not include the Tom Hopkins event results. That event occurred 2 weeks ago and has not yet appeared on my checks.

That being said, here are some stats for you to contemplate.

  1. I signed up on Dec 26th and started my business on January 2nd, 2005 (8 MONTHS AGO).
  2. As of today 9/10, I have sent 4205 cards.
  3. Of the 4205 cards, about 2000 of them had DVD’s in them.
  4. I have set up gift accounts for about 200 people and have walked about 160 of them through sending a card (in 8 months, that would be about 20 per month or less than 1 per day)
  5. I have enrolled 68 distributors personally
  6. I have 599 distributors as of today in my group.
  7. It took 90 days to hit 100 distributors
  8. I hit 200 distributors in my 1st 5 months
  9. 60 days ago I had 400 distributors.
  10. 199 distributors have joined in the past 3 weeks.
  11. 60 days ago, the group volume was growing by $300 per day
  12. 30 days ago the group volume was growing by $800 per day
  13. Yesterday we grew by $2200 (for the day!)
  14. Of the 68 personally enrolled Distributors, about 30 of them I knew from my previous company.
  15. 90% of my group, had no experience with my previous company (Excel).
  16. 60 days ago my group was adding 3 new distributors per day.
  17. 30 days ago, my group was adding 8 new distributors per day.
  18. Yesterday we added 11 new distributors (for the day).
  19. Income:January – $500
    February – $6800
    March – $4100
    April – $2300
    May – $3200
    June – $3100
    July – $3500
    August – $8400
    September (run rate based on 1st 10 days)$16,000

My volume was $11,700 in July and $24,600 in August. So far, with our current run rate, we’ll hit over $40,000 for September (were already at $13,000 and its only the 10th).

P.S. Remember that it takes time for a forest to mature. You plant the seeds and nurture them . . . you don’t get the shade for a few years. 70% of my group has joined in the past 90 days! The true results will take 2-3 years to manifest themselves!

The leaders of the future have not even joined the company yet!

FINAL THOUGHT – The distance between 1 and 100 is miles uphill . . . the distance between 100 and 500 is miles on flat ground . . .the distance between 500 and 1000 is a short flat walk . . . the distance between 1000 and 4000 is coasting downhill on a 10 speed. 4000 to 10,000 is a Rocket Ship.

I know, because I have EXPERIENCED IT BEFORE!
I want you to experience the same thing. Its a thrill.


I held a Gratitude Party in my Condo on the strip in Las Vegas last Thursday night. We had 40 people in
attendance and 10 guests. I don’t know exactly how many have signed up but I believe that most of them
became either a customer, MD or MD/CT. All agreed to at least take the 30 day gratitude challenge and I
know that Bob and Betty Ann (Eagles from Vegas) signed at least one MD/CT. It was a huge success.

Here was the format that we used (1 hour):

7:30p – 7:35p Welcome . . . Jordan tells HOW AND WHY
he got involved with SendOutCards

7:35p-7:38p Jordan shows 3 minute ‘couch’ video (www.sendoutcards.com/YOURID#)

7:38p-7:45p Bob and Betty Ann share 2 testimonials about
how people are benefiting from the Gratitude Challenge

7:45p-8:00p Jordan tells Kody Bateman’s story and has each person
write down the names of 5 people they are grateful for. He then has each
person pick one person on their list and write a card to that person telling them
why they are grateful. Jordan has 3 people read their cards to the group.
(Lots of tears)

8:00p-8:05p Jordan cues up and plays the TAKE THE CHALLENGE
video from www.socgratitude.com/YOUR ID#.

8:05-8:06 Jordan cues up and plays the TEACH THE CHALLENGE
video from www.socgratitutde.com/YOURID#

8:06-8:15p Jordan shows examples of cards and gifts from the display
table (the dining room table!) He shows greeting cards, canvas prints,
a calendar and an iPhone cover.

8:15p-8:25p Jordan reviews the ways to get started:
How to become a customer
How to become a preferred customer and TAKE THE CHALLENGE
How to become a marketing distributor for $295 and what you get for that
How to become a certified trainer for $345 and what you get for that
The special ‘From the Nest’ Promotion

8:25p-8:30p Closing story (if you don’t have one, borrow one!)



“I started to take the challenge to meet my goal of rekindling relationships. I never would have suspected that on Day 7 one word of Gratitude would be life changing. My 2.5 year old son has life threatening food allergies. At daycare he took a bite of someone else’s peanut butter sandwich. Within 3 minutes he went into full anaphylatic shock and was not breathing. Thankfully, the director used his Epi-pen on him immediately and the medicine saved his life. He was hospitalized and it took a full week to recover. My husband and I had every reason to get angry or upset over the situation and the potential loss of our son’s life. However, that very evening of the accident, I sat in front of my computer and realized I had yet to send out my one card of gratitude that day. I decided to send a heartfelt card of gratitude to the woman who acted quickly to save my son’s life. The overwhelming stress and pain from that day was magically lifted f
rom me. To be able to pour my heart out to this woman, but not for her actions, my son would not be with us today. We made a choice to be grateful for what went RIGHT on that day, instead of what went wrong and to send out a card of GRATITUDE. This challenge has affected us very deeply and I’m LIVING IT! Don’t hesitate, TAKE the challenge NOW!” -Deena Cannistraci

June 12, 2012

Author of, “The Four Year Career” AND “Mach II with you Hair on Fire”.
He is also a network marketing company owner. He says:

“The 30 days of Gratitude Challenge is possibly the best business idea in the past decade”

3 minute video:

Jeff Packard combined 3 great concepts:

1. A 30 day challenge
2. Gratitude
3. SendOutCards

TAKE THE CHALLENGE (As a preferred customer).

For $1 a day someone can send out a card a day expressing gratitude to those that they are grateful for. This is a program for the masses. Everyone needs to take the challenge.

To those that I ask to take the challenge, I am offering their $30 back if they try it for 30 days and don’t see dramatic results. That is one gratitude card a day for 30 days.

If someone wants to make money, they can TEACH THE CHALLENGE. Become an MD for $295, start by getting 3 others to TAKE THE CHALLENGE and your dashboard is green. You are also invited to Kody Bateman’s “Q” call because you have earner your “Q” and you’ll be receiving 100 free points each month!!

Much of success in Network Marketing involves creating a story. By taking the
30 day Gratitude Challenge, each new person is creating a list of personal stories that will inspire others to do the same. In fact, we will be launching a program in the near future, (thanks to an idea from Curtis Lewsey) that will allow people to post videos of their inspiring stories to win i-pads and possible trips based on which stories get “liked” the most. This will encourage entrants to pass their stories along to others so that they get more “likes”. We’re going viral! Stay tuned!

Richard Brooke also said, “You are sitting on a goldmine with SendOutCards!”.

He sat down with 3 of our SM’s at the Skybar at Mandarin Oriental. He was asked, “What does it take to Blow it Up”?

He told them:

“If you’ll sponsor 100-150 people in the next 2 years (50-75 per year) and then let time take its course you’ll have a huge SOC income. Because we’re in Vegas, I’ll bet you $1000 that you won’t do it. If you do it, I’ll pay you $1000. If you don’t do it, you pay me $1000!!”

Here are the reasons why Richard believes that SendOutCards is the next
Billion $$$ Giant:

  1. SendOutCards was founded on a vision of love.
  2. SendOutCards has a visionary and committed leader whose actions match his story.
  3. SendOutCards is a company over the hump, in the clear with nothing but upside. Most companies don’t survive their first 5 years.
  4. SendOutCards has a product that makes everyone feel their deepest positive emotions just thinking about it.
  5. SendOutCards has a comp plan that has proven to produce run rates of a billion dollars a year or more.
  6. SendOutCards has the finest field leadership that any company owner could ever hope for.
  7. The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge – “The Best Viral Idea in Decades”.

Johnny Cash wrote a thousand songs yet 3-5 made him an icon.
The same holds true with most every business. In our business, 1-5 legs will make you an icon in our profession.

Here are some stats and company announcements:

  1. In the Network Marketing Profession, retention rates are typically 10% every 5 years (autoship). Our retention rate is 60% (subscription) after 5 years.
  2. We’ve paid out $70 million in commissions to our distributors.
  3. 25% more distributors are receiving commissions this year over last year.
  4. We send approximately 1.5 cards per second.
  5. Due to a four year process with the post office, in the very near future we will be able to track every single card from our facility to the recipient.
  6. We are exploring the possibility of customizable stamps and themed envelopes.
  7. Customer Service wait times are down to less than 3 minutes.


Handwriting Font Full Package (Handwriting and 4 signatures) is now just $25!!

  1. Print form from downloads (you need a color printer).
  2. Purchase Font from “Purchase Products” on the left side of your MAIN MENU.
  3. Complete form and mail flat to the address on the form.

Signatures $5 each!!
(Follow same process as above!)

PROJECTS IN QUE (Soon to come)

  1. International Expansion
  2. Premium Paper Cards (Invitations/Announcments)
  3. Multiple gifts with one card
  4. Mobile Device Apps (ability to send gift cards and gifts right from your phone, droid or i-pad! And ability to load photos from Facebook or Instagram!!)
  5. Tighter integration with Social Networks
  6. Third Party contact assimilation


  1. 1. Hard customizable i-pad cases!! ($29.99)
  2. Soft customizable i-pad cases (leather)
  3. Premium i-phone case (rubber with interchangeable photo blades!)
  4. Customizable mousepads!
  5. Customizable address labels!


New Product Announcement that will:

  1. 1Have business owners begging to sign up
  2. Produce hundreds of customers overnight
  3. Assist you in upgrading business owners to distributors
  4. Dramatically increase residuals

Pre-written campaigns for Professionals
Super High Quality
No Marketing – All Gratitude
Mortgage/Chiropractor/Realtors/Insurance Agents/Dentists/Accountants/Attorneys/Carpet Cleaners and more
Generic – 12-card follow up campaigns for SOC Distributors

Retail Recruiting Campaigns
Upgrade Retail to Distributor Campaigns

a. Separate Website
b. All Functionality
c. $0.49 a point
d. If you are ‘Q’ Qualified you will receive a full 30% commission
e. Volume paid


1. On the Eagle’s Panel hosted by SM, Jackie Ulmer, she asked, “Which tools are the most important to you (the Eagles) for building the business?”
Almost unanimously the Eagles said “The Gift Account Walk-Through – The ability for someone to send a card for free.”


1. Have each person watch the 3 minute video.
2. Have each person send a card.
3. Show each person the 30 day Gratitude Challenge and ask them each to TAKE IT.
4. Ask them if they may be interested in helping you TEACH IT.

“I teach the 30 day gratitude challenge.”


  1. Have them watch the 3 min video.
  2. Have each person send a card.
  3. Show each person how the 30 day Gratitude Challenge works and ask them to take it.
  4. Ask them if they may be interested in helping you and TEACHING IT!

In closing:

“A man from Philadelphia told me that all his life he had tried to lose weight: resistance. In other words, he was against the weight. And he simply could not lose it. Then, his little girl’s kidneys quit working. As his family conducted an extensive search, looking everywhere for a perfect kidney match, they found one, the little girl’s father, this overweight man. However, the doctor told him that the he would not remove the father’s kidney to transplant into his daughter until the man lost weight. In six months he lost 101 pounds. His stance shifted; his thinking changed from one of resistance, against losing weight, to one of non-resistance, for his health, and even more so, for his daughter’s health. Again, whatever you are for makes you strong; whatever you are against makes you weak.”

May 28, 2012

Tonight I want to talk about what it really takes to make $100,000 a month, or more, in Network Marketing. Hundreds of people do it, but very few compared to the number of people that sign up. It is not a lottery. There is an element of luck, which I will talk about, but luck wouldn’t explain why some do it more than once. I’m going to be real tonight. NO SUGAR COATING, if that’s okay with you.

Making six-figures per month is the “big leagues” in our business. There is a price to pay. Everyone who has ever done it says, “If they only knew how good it is, they would all pay the price!” To reach the top levels you will most likely have to give something up. I gave up 30 hours of television per week. You may have to give up some sleep.

Six-figure monthly earners don’t come up with reasons why it won’t work for them. They use the excuses why most would say it won’t work as their reasons for doing it (and doing it BIG).

To become a six-figure monthly earner, you will need to become a teacher and a trainer. The fastest way to learn to do something, is to teach others.

The six-figure monthly earners realize that the big money, is in the small money. All meetings count. It doesn’t matter if you are meeting with 1 person or 1,000 people. We know that one can turn into thousands. More meetings mean more money.

When some of you saw the title of this webcast, you thought to yourself, “Yeah, right”. Others said, “Well I know it’s possible, but I know that I could never do it”. A few of you said to yourselves, “Tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it!”

I never said these things. I always believed that it was possible for me, even when my job was paying me $14,000 a year AND I had never made any money in network marketing over a 10 year time frame. I still knew it was possible.

Here are some observations I have made about the people that have created six-figure monthly incomes:

***First of all we are going to be talking about those that created it from scratch. I’m not referring to those few that were given a downline or a top position with their company (master distributor).***

  1. We don’t need to be told what to do. We don’t have all the answers, but we are willing to go into massive action and trust the process. If you find yourself using the excuse that you don’t have an active upline in your area or that you don’t know what to do, you are crippled and you will never make money.
  2. Most of us failed for many years before we found the zone that took us to the top.
  3. ALL of us did not question whether it was possible to make a lot of money in Network Marketing.It didn’t just happen. We continued to believe it was possible and we went into massive action.
  4. We fill our calendars daily with productive activity.Our calendar consists of:Appointments to show our product
    Appointments to show our business
    Appointments to follow up
    Networking meetings
    Fun activities with our teams
    Coffees, lunches and dinners
    Home meetings
    Office meetingsUntil your team is growing without you, it’s up to you to be the catalyst for growth. You must conduct the orchestra of growth and lead your team.
  5. We attend all major events and we promote all major events.

Here’s the formula we all use:

  1. Discover your dream.
  2. Choose your mechanism for fulfilling your dream.
  3. Take massive action and schedule your time on a calendar!
  4. Trust the process.

If you have never made money in Network Marketing or if your checks have been small, start with $500 a month. Then up it to $5,000 a month. Remember that every single six-figure monthly earner passed through $500 a month and $5,000 per month. Once you hit $10,000 it will be easier for you to believe you can achieve $100,000 a month. It’s simply numbers and commas. There are millions of people per year turning 19 years old, it’s an untapped market.

Here are some other observations about six-figure monthly earners:

  1. FB does not determine whether we are going to build or not that day or that week. We LEAD! If someone is sucking our energy, we distance ourselves from that individual. Our FB friends represent a fraction, of a fraction, of the people in the world.We learn to manage our emotions – It’s by far the greatest skill you will adopt in building a six-figure monthly income. If you are not effectively managing your emotions, you will never have a big income.The bigger your team becomes, the more necessary it becomes to keep a check on your emotional state. People do not follow others that are in a state of doubt and fear.
  2. We hang around with other successful people. This anchors and feeds our personal belief and it expands our vision. In the beginning, we may not know any other successful people. We must look for ways to meet them and get to know them. You might start off setting appointments to just get a simple introduction and then grow your relationships from there. In my 20’s I always looked for opportunities to meet and get to know these people. Introductions are always the best. Look for people that you know that know other people that you may want to meet.
  3. We focus(ed) on building our networks and making connections. This is one of the top three things you must do. Make new friends, add people to your contact manager and manage your relationships by making sure that the people you know are well cared for by you. They need to know that you are 100% on their side for life. Every single six-figure monthly earner has a LARGE network of friends and business associates. It’s what we do. There is no way around this. Some of the greatest rewards you will receive will come from the friendships you build in your business on your journey. Think “LARGE NETWORK-QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS”. People are your social capital.
  4. We have a FULL calendar (personal and business).
  5. We spend almost no time in front of the TV. We read constantly.
  6. We have a vision much larger than what we see in reality. Reality is what’s happening now. We CREATE our own reality. Many companies have become what they are today because the leaders went out and BUILT it! If Jim Packard, Diane Walker, Todd Falcone, Bob and Betty Ann Golden, Demarr, etc didn’t build their businesses, there would be no SendOutCards!
  7. We don’t whine or complain.
  8. We are extremely focused, determined and hungry. We realize that these qualities are not inherited, they are generated and practiced.
  9. We work harder when things get tough and we don’t talk about our problems with our downline or cross line. Problems only go up.
  10. We understand that business is cyclical (it always has been and it always will be). We also see ourselves as the catalyst for the next big cycle of growth.
  11. 1We place little attention on whether we get recognized or not. We are more concerned with whether the members of our team are getting recognized.
  12. 1We attend events and promote events.
  13. 1We don’t judge what’s possible based on the past. We write our own future. The past does not equal the future.

How do I make this kind of money in a small town?? Remember, it’s about what you start and not what you do. Your income will almost never come from where you live. It will grow to other places. You’ll be doing 3-way calls and conference calls with those that are looking at the business in other towns and cities. Most of you are in my organization, but don’t live where I live. You may need to travel, do 3-way calls, conference calls, small meetings, big meetings. Although, we had a guy in my last company making over $100,000 a month and he never spoke in front of groups. He had others on his team that liked to do that and he just put them in the front of the room.

Whatever excuse or reason you have that the business will not work for you, you must use that as a reason to do it big. There are many others just like you and they will relate to your situation.

$100,000 a month + is not for everyone. Not everyone will be willing to do what it takes to achieve this level of success. Here are the variables that go into success at a $100K/mo level:

  1. The right attitude (read personal development and get around others that have achieved the level of success you are looking for).
  2. A big and expanding vision (same as above).
  3. Taking 100% responsibility (no more blaming the company, your upline or your lack of (fill in the blank) for not succeeding.
  4. The power of a LARGE network (this is a big one).
  5. Attending and promoting events.
  6. Luck (yep, there is some luck involved).
  7. A calendar FULL calendar of productive activities.
  8. Time (many people quit right when they are on the verge of massive success).
  9. Consistent daily action (this doesn’t mean reading your FB once a day).
  10. 1Patience (learn to manage your emotions).
  11. 1Working the numbers (there is power in large numbers).
  12. Generate the emotions you desire (you are not a victim to how you are feeling – create the excitement, determination and courage necessary to win).

You’ll need to sponsor between 100 and 200 people and have an organization of 30,000-100,000 people. This is not hard, but it takes the things I talked about above.

If you will break it down and realize focusing on building for 2-5 years with a consistent plan of sponsoring 2-4 people per month, you’ll see that it’s achievable. A six-figure monthly earner does not get emotionally drained when someone signs up and doesn’t do anything. They know that this is just the nature of people. Most people quit everything they do. I’ve sponsored 237 people and 95% of my income comes from 8 legs. That means that 229 of the 237 became customers, did very little or quit. Only one out of 20-30 will do anything worth talking about.

Todd Falcone

Jim Packard (The Packard Boys)

Bob and Betty Ann Golden (Janalea Rengifo)

Tommy Wyatt and Curtis Lewsey,
Jerry Knight,
Judy O’Higgins,
Mark Herdering,
Eric Worre

You’ll do a lot of work up front for very little income to get paid a whole lot of money later for doing nothing at all. At $100,000+ per month, you can pretty much do anything you want financially. You’ll be able to stay in the nicest hotels. Vacation anywhere in the world. Drive 2 or three of your favorite cars. Give lots of money away to charities. Save money for retirement. Invest. Charter a jet or helicopter from time to time. Take your reps or your kids to Disneyland. Order off the menu without looking at the prices and eat wherever you want to, as much as you want to!
And to answer your question about whether I believe it’s possible for anyone else to do it:

There are 37 million people in California and we have 150,000 distributors IN THE WHOLE COMPANY!! Anyone who builds a team of 30,000-100,000 distributors will earn a six figure monthly income. There is opportunity for everyone that chooses to go get it. I plan on growing my income to $1 million per month with SOC and I will need to find at least 10 that are willing to do the work to get to $100,000/mo.

April 30, 2012


I’ve been THINKING about doing another customer training workshop for the
past few weeks but until I put it on the calendar, nothing happened.

I had been PLANNING a trip to the Virgin Islands for 10 years but until I scheduled it, I never went. It turned out to be one of the greatest experiences of my life.

I have been WISHING I could fly a helicopter since I was a kid but until I called and set up an appointment, it remained a wish.

Jim Packard and the Packard Boys have 14,000 people on their team. I set up an appointment with Jim back in 2005 and put it on the calendar. We met and the rest is history.

I get asked all the time, “Jordan if there is one thing, one piece of advice you could give me, what would it be?” I’ve been thinking about the best answer to this questions for a long time. I finally figured it out. This one thing will completely transform your life and your business. It’s the key to having the “Success Factory” you are looking for.

Leave nothing to chance. Don’t wing it. Be deliberate about setting up a time for the things you want to “make real” in your life. If you are serious about building a successful business, this is the #1 key thing that will do it. In fact, I can specifically look back and see when everything changed for me in 1992. I started scheduling things ON MY CALENDAR. Of course things get moved and changed and you’ll even have cancellations and no shows from time to time, but an appointment is a commitment between you and another person. It advances your relationship. Appointments make things happen. CONSIDER THAT ITS NOT EVEN REAL UNTIL IT’S SCHEDULED!

Here are the things you want to schedule consistently:

CONVENTION – Schedule it!

  1. Schedule when you are going to book your flights.
  2. Schedule when you are going to buy your tickets.
  3. Schedule when you are going to book your hotel room.

TREAT’EM RIGHT Seminar – Schedule it!!

  1. Schedule when you are going to book your flights.
  2. Schedule when you are going to reserve your tickets.
  3. Schedule when you are going to book your room.
  4. Encourage your team to do the same thing.

DREAMS – Schedule them! (example)

  1. When (exact date) are you going to take that dream trip?
  2. Schedule the date.
  3. Schedule when you are going to make your air reservations.
  4. Schedule when you are going to book the package.

Once you put it on the calendar, miracles begin to happen. You will find the resources for things to happen once you commit to it.

YOUR BUSINESS – Schedule Appointments and Meetings.

  1. Schedule one-on-ones.
  2. Schedule two-on-ones (with your distributors).
  3. Schedule home parties (for yourself and your team).
  4. Schedule business presentations.

Put it on the calendar and miracles will begin to happen!

I look for opportunities to book phone calls and meetings with my distributors
on a regular basis and I PUT THEM ON MY CALENDAR. (One of the reasons why my calendar is so full!) This is a critical behavior for having the “Success Factory” you desire.


  1. Make appointments with people that can help you get your dreams.
  2. Ask yourself “Who do I need to meet to make this happen?”
  3. Call them and get an appointment on the calendar to meet with them.

Dreams will never come true if you just wish for them. A wish is just a puff of smoke until you schedule it. Put it down in writing on your calendar.

Scheduling appointments is the most powerful, destiny fulfilling action you can take to achieve all that you are looking for.

Remember, nothing happens until it is scheduled. Here are some feelings you may have before scheduling things:

Fear that you won’t come up with the money.
Fear that they might not be interested.
Fear that you may not know what to say.
Fear that something may get in the way of the commitment.

REALITY CHECK: You will not get the things you want until you schedule them on your calendar.

I’m not real confident at this point that I can learn to fly a helicopter. Fear was keeping me from scheduling the lessons. I started coming up with all kinds of reasons why I shouldn’t commit. My schedule is to busy. What if I can’t do it? There are other things more important to spend the money on. Blah. Blah. Blah.

However, one thing I know for sure. NOTHING HAPPENS UNTIL IT GOES ON MY CALENDAR. Tomorrow at 10am I am heading down to the helicopter school to get going. (I’m dropping $15,000 to pay for all the lessons up front). I’m making a major commitment here. Last night it was still just a wish. This morning it is real because its now booked!!

So, what’s more important? Are you going to let your DREAMS win or are you going to let your FEARS win? Do you want to live your dreams or wallow in your fears for the rest of your life. You have all the power to make things happen. Set the appointment on your calendar.

THE SOLUTION IS RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE. Put it on your calendar. Schedule the appointment.

All your dreams will begin to come true once you start scheduling the basic simple daily activities that move you closer to your dreams.

Start using phrases like:

“Let’s get you on the calendar.”
“I’d like to set up a time for us to talk.”
“When can we set aside 30 minutes to go through this.”
“We need to block out a few minutes to go over some things.”

What I am talking about is a small thing that will yield HUGE results. It’s a minor shift that will change everything for you. If you already do it and it’s not going fast enough, then do more of it and do it WITH your team. Get them to commit by SCHEDULING PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITIES WITH THEM.

Schedule a workshop.
Schedule a walk through.
Schedule a tour of something you have been dreaming about.
Book a trip.
Schedule a time to test drive the car.
Set up a 3 way call at a specific time.
Set up an opportunity meeting with your team.

When you talk to someone say, “let’s set something up. When can we get together to visit for a few minutes?”

This has been, by far, the most powerful skill for manifesting my dreams than anything else. It’s within your reach to do the same thing. If you already do it and you are not happy with your results, then you must do more of it (or start doing it again if you have stopped) and you must involve your team. You commit with them and work with them AS A TEAM to make things happen.

Stop thinking about it and start scheduling it! Put it in writing on your calendar and then follow through on your commitments to yourself.

April 24, 2012


Why would someone become a distributor with SendOutCards vs all the other companies out there?

I want you to know that when signing up with SOC 7 years ago, the first thing that went through my mind is that EVERYONE needs SendOutCards. If you are a stay at home mom, an entrepreneur, a salesperson, a 9-to-5er, someone who owns a company or a network marketer, you need to reach out in kindness to others. It will make your life work better if you remember people’s birthdays, if you send thank you cards, if you express gratitude. Everyone needs encouragement. The law of attraction suggests, “you get back what you send out” and “you’ll get more of what you focus on”. However if you focus 100% on the opportunity of SendOutCards and forget about our true mission as a company, then you cut out much of the success available to you. Again, EVERYONE should and can use us. But as soon as you make our business only about the money, then someone is faced with a choice. “Do I do SOC or do I do xyz company?”. Someone shouldn’t have to choose. I can sign up to get my vitamins or leg
al service from a network marketing company without having to choose one over the other.

I have found that many of my best distributors came from people that initially signed up, just to use our service. I don’t look at this as someone having to choose. I show them how being part of our company will benefit them. How will this make them a better human being? By the way, I have also found that when I train my CUSTOMERS on how to use SOC (really train them), many become distributors over time. I teach them how to use the system. I also give them ideas for using SOC and of course I let them know that they can refer others if they choose to.

All of this being said, I believe that we have the strongest compensation plan in the profession. We don’t talk about incomes because this is one of the top 3 reasons why MLM companies get in trouble with the regulators. We can show people the money by having them watch our opportunity presentation (which has been approved by the attorneys). When someone asks me why they should choose SOC over another company they are looking at, I’ll tell them exactly this: I say “don’t choose. You need SOC regardless of what you do”! I also tell them why I think we have the best opportunity in the profession. Millions of people that haven’t heard of us, need us. Our customer retention is the highest in our profession. That tells me that we have a rock solid opportunity. I’m not talking about “flash money”. I am not talking about hype or a quick buck. I’m referring to consistent growth which represents a long term residual income.

Why did Jordan Adler, Jimmy Dick, Jackie Ulmer, Eric Worre and Todd Falcone (all multimillion dollar producers in the profession of network marketing), choose SOC over the other options out there
despite being offered lucrative incentives to join other companies?

First of all, these individuals can’t be bought. I personally couldn’t justify going to work with a company that I wasn’t interested in because they offered me a guaranteed income, a signing bonus or an immediate downline. Once you have built a big downline, everyone wants you on their team. Company owners will offer to fly you and and many will offer you deals to come over and bring your people. A major company offered me $1 million to join them when Excel went away and I said no, because I wasn’t interested in building that company! It says a lot about your leaders that they chose SOC without taking a deal.

Here are some specific reasons why these individuals (including me) chose SOC over the hundreds of other options available to them:

  1. Our retention is the highest in the industry – With a $10 or $31 a month subscription, it’s less likely someone will cancel their subscription (autoship). Most people that are spending $100-$350 a month, cancel their autoships in 105 days, on average. That’s an erosion of residuals. Those people need to be replaced or your income plummets.
  2. We have a truly unlimited depth residual plan. That means your residuals grow over time. In many companies the bulk of your income comes from bonuses. If recruiting slows (which it always does – there are cycles of growth), then the majority of your income goes away. We are insulated from that.
  3. Most companies struggle for YEARS attempting to find a culture and a mission. SendOutCards is rich in culture. Kody Bateman founded us for a reason and it far transcends making money. In fact, one of the litmus tests to determine the long term viability of a company, is whether someone will stay around whether they are making money or not. A company with a strong mission and a significant culture will foster retention. Amway has hundreds of thousands of distributors paying $150-$250/mo that have been with them for 20-30 years without making any money. That’s why they are an $12 billion company. Mary Kay is the same way. When it becomes ALL about the money, as soon as a better opportunity comes along, your reps are gone. We are rich in culture.
  4. An untapped market of MILLIONS of people. The potential market is not limited by cost and our product has broad appeal. There is a huge upside.

What determines the long term viability of a company and the sustainability of an on-going RESIDUAL income?

I’ve already mentioned a few things about this, however the long term sustainability has to do with:

  1. A solid culture and mission.
  2. A product that’s got broad appeal.
  3. A strict adherence to the guidelines and policies set forth by the regulators.
  4. A lower monthly commitment (especially in this economy).
  5. Visionary leadership.
  6. A track record of constant improvement and navigating the seas of change and challenge.

What is the real difference between an illegal pyramid and a legitimate network marketing operation?
How do you know if your opportunity is sustainable or a bottle rocket?

  1. PRODUCT OR SERVICE THAT’S IN DEMAND – If someone wouldn’t use your service with an opportunity or if a product is put in place just to disguise a money game, it’s illegal.
  2. MAKE MORE THAN YOUR UPLINE – To be a legal Network Marketing Co, the design of the compensation plan must offer the opportunity for you to pass your sponsor or upline in rank and/or income. If it’s not possible, then it’s illegal.
  3. RECRUITING IS NOT A COMMISSIONABLE EVENT – It’s illegal to get paid for the sole act of recruiting.
  4. FRONT END LOADING – It’s illegal to encourage distributors to purchase a package of product (more than they will use themselves) for the purpose of making more money or getting a promotion. (For example: “I suggest you buy $2000 worth of product and I teach you to do the same thing, because you’ll make more money – yet, all of us have thousands of dollars worth of product that is not being
    sold or used and we all get huge checks.”)


Using checks to Recruit
Deception – Knowingly presenting to someone something that it’s not to achieve a certain result. If someone were to know the truth they wouldn’t make the same decision. To mislead by a false appearance or statement.

Encouraging large product purchases for the purpose of getting a promotion or making more money.
Many companies are no longer around because of FTC intervention resulting in an investigation or a “cease and desist”. Most of the written policies are against flashing checks, deception and lifestyle claims. Most companies have strict policies against these things for a reason.

Can someone really make money in SendOutCards given all of the “competition out there?

The competition has nothing to do with whether someone can make money or not. The team you build
has everything to do with your income. In fact, keep in mind that there are 600 network marketing companies and about 60 million people doing network marketing in the US alone. At any given time, at least 30 million of them are not happy with their companies. AND there are at least 100 million people that have never done network marketing in the US alone. Australian and Canadian numbers are similar. Keep in mind, as your business grows, it will cross-pollenate from country to country so all the stats apply to you whether you are in the country or not. Do you see why the competition has nothing to do with anything, as long as you keep building. Our opportunity far transcends the competition.

How does someone get to the money in SendOutCards?

  1. Compulsory requirement: get your “Q”.
  2. Give to give DAILY! Be grateful and send out the gratefulness with your cards and gifts. Celebrate life!
  3. Have fun and show others how you are funding your fun.
  4. Get promoted. Be an example worth duplicating.
  5. Set a goal to personally sponsor 1-4 new distributors per month for two to 4 years. Track your progress. This happens as a result of gift accounts.
  6. Meet new people and add them to your contact manager daily.
  7. Plug in to the training and events that SOC offers – you’ll get what you need.


  1. List
  2. Share
  3. Sponsor

I’m very clear that my business is not for everyone . . . But as I travel around and meet the thousands of new people that are joining us each week I’m more excited about our future than when I got signed up 7 years ago. It keeps getting better. In the 80s, 90% were skeptical. Today 90% are interested. Not everyone will do it but I’m convinced that between 100 and 200 million ppl in North America that have never considered Network Marketing are on the verge. Their options are limited. We provide ‘lifestyle’ choices that traditional business doesn’t at any price. The future has never been brighter. This is not hype. It’s fact.

April 10, 2012

FRANCHISING (Quick Review from my last email):

In this turbulent economy, one option to diversify would be to start a franchise. I personally think network marketing is a better option, however just in case you’re interested, here’s some startup info. Keep in mind, it may take you 3-5 years to break even and you’ll never experience residual income. You’ll have to manage employees and do your own payroll and accounting. Don’t forget,
you’ll have to sign leases and pay lawyers & franchise fees. Before you sign up for one of these programs, you may want to consider that having a network marketing business requires none of this, has a residual component AND costs under $1,000 to start.

So here are some options for you:

  1. Snap On Tools $135,390 # of locations 3,392
  2. 7-Eleven $393,800 # of location 6,142
  3. Aaron’s $420,725 # of locations 1,749
  4. Panera Bread $1,447,770 # of locations 1, 379
  5. Servpro $156,250 # 1,571
  6. McDonald’s $1,480,625 # of locations 14,016
  7. Liberty Tax Service $63,350 # of locations 3,592
  8. Merry Maids $66,600 # of locations 943
  9. The Maids Interntional $106,420 # of locations 1,053
  10. Jimmy John’s $395,500 # of locations 1,130

By the way, they are legally not allowed to tell you how much money you can make, but they have to tell you that you may lose all your money and that you probably won’t break even for 3-5 years.


Hi Jordan,
Your point on franchises is right on. I’ve owned and operated a franchise for 22 years. It cost about 300K to get off the ground in 1991. Our monthly overhead is about 90K. My husband works at least 80 hours per week (it’s no wonder many people I meet don’t even know I’m married!) Sad, but true. My Dad was one of the first franchisees in the US in the early 60’s (KFC). Everyone thought he had lost his mind. Back then franchises were considered a
questionable way of doing business. He always said it was our “golden goose”!
I equate Network Marketing to franchising. I was ready for another business, but my time is precious to me. I love your philosophy and I am on a 5 year plan. I’m putting one foot in front of the other, I’m building relationships, and I’m the last person to tell my prospect that they can “retire” in a year. I’m so over that. Anything worth having takes time, patience, and love. Like the
perfect recipe! Thanks for always nailing it! You’re a great inspiration.

(Make your plans accordingly!)

Tues(June 5th): Registration
Wed (June 6th) : 2pm-4pm Exec Leadership Meeting
6pm-11pm VIP (Top 50 Eagle’s Challenge Point Winners)
Challenge will run to May 10th (points will go live shortly)

Thu (June 7th): TER
Fri (June 8th): General Session, Training 9am-9pm
Sat (June 9th): General Session, Keynotes 9am-5pm
Closing Party 8:30pm-11pm


Hey future Eagles! As a leader to your group, one of the best things you can do to build other leaders is to promote events; build to events. Even if you can’t be there. If you have extra convention tickets that you received as part of recruiting mastery, or won through a Q call challenge, use those to build and incentivize your team, even if you can’t be there. Run contests and challenges of your own; or at very least give them away to someone in your group who can attend. Your return on investment will be a whole lot higher by getting someone on your team there than selling them at face value or “highly discounted” to someone else. Every single convention ticket available has a potential worth of millions to you! Maximize it for your own success!

I’m so surprised that people are trying to sell tickets that they didn’t buy. Kody gave out all those free tickets for us to build our business, not to hawk them. They are like gold. Sponsor new people and offer them those tickets to get them engaged in the business quickly, or do a contest with team members. If you have no one to give them to on your team, you should be giving them away as a gift, not selling them. We are a give-to-give culture. It will all come back around that way. If people are abusing it for their own gain, Kody will never give out this many free tickets again, and we will have helped no one. I urge people to think of those tickets like, “Who can I help today by giving them this?”

As a leader I am constantly asked what it takes to become a top earner with a large organization. You are all leaders and every little thing you do has an impact on your team regardless of how big or small it is. You will NEVER see a leader posting convention tickets for sale. They are like GOLD (not to mention the impression it leaves to post them). Each ticket is like Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket! Up until the day of the convention, I am looking for people to fill the seats. Even last minute, because I know that the convention is by far THE MOST VALUABLE EVENT WE HAVE ALL YEAR! There is story after story of convention being the catalyst for a team of thousands. It only takes one! I have had many people over the years decide to attend at the very last minute! Also, when you post a ticket on FB, others follow suit and do the same. It then appears that everyone is selling their tickets (although it’s only a minute fraction of the tickets out there). It’s not a strong leadership message to sell your tickets. Even up to the last minute, do your very best to find someone from your team to claim those tickets that you earned!


I have found that when I do CUSTOMER training events, I ALWAYS sign up distributors because they truly see the VALUE of how everything works. Consider doing at least one customer training per month (and do them weekly if you can)! Even if it’s at a Starbucks or in your living room. Not only will your customers be grateful, but some of them will voluntarily want to upgrade (because there will be reps there expressing their excitement)!

I was doing a customer training for Sandy Zalanka and her daughter Christine two weeks ago. After Christine listened to 15 minutes of it she wanted to upgrade to distributor.

You can also ask your new distributors to invite their customers over for system training:
1. So they can be trained.
2. So they get to see the big picture of SOC.
Some will upgrade!

You’ll also have LOTS of guests at customer training because customers (that are not distributors) will be there. It’s the best and easiest opportunity to get distributors and even Certified Trainers.

By the way, I call our new Certified Trainers (CT’s) “Legacy” Certified Trainers. They truly are the first of thousands that will be signing up over the next few years. Ask people if they want to be considered as a “Legacy Trainer” with us. Ask if they want to help blaze the trail.


1. Consider just signing up $9.80 customers. No set up fee. $15 to get going. Easy. Get one in the am and one in the pm every day (5 days a week). After one year, you’ll have 600+ customers spending almost $10 a month. 30% of $6000 is $2,000 a month. For most people, that’s a house payment and a car payment! But it gets better because as you are training your customers, some of them will want to become distributors! You’ll probably end up a SM by the end of the year!

It’s true, the big money is in building an organization and showing the opportunity. Would you rather have milk or would you rather have milk cows?? Ray Kroc could have never gotten rich on one McDonald’s franchise selling burgers, fries, cokes and shakes. However he made a fortune by setting up people into business and have LOTS of store units, all over the world. He just wanted to collect a few pennies off each product sold from each store.

But keep in mind, if someone just wanted to “retail” our product working VERY part time, they could develop a substantial residual income doing that! And, they couldn’t help but build a business over time!


Tell Steve Smith story-(you may want to listen to the replay of this call)
I explain how to get people to work and not quit.

1. Be the strongest example of a builder in your organization.
You set the pace. Your people will do what you do.

2. You really will never get your people to work. You’ll want to find
the right people, get them started and then see them at the events! If they are your friends, call them once in awhile and of course send them cards!!

3. Events are the only thing I have ever seen that will keep people from quitting the business. If you are not there, there is a good chance your team will not be there. Be there and encourage your team to be there. It’s your best shot at success.

To this day, I have NEVER met a leader in MLM that can get their people to work and not quit. I have seen people at all levels quit for a variety of reasons. People quit things and a few see the job through.


Don’t forget to check out the Random Acts of Kindness page and send a card to someone in need: www.thecoolbuzz.com/random-acts-of-kindness.html

April 2, 2012- Stop Being NormalTONIGHT – Money Call (Green Means Go)

Here’s a quick network marketing review:

3X3 4X4 5X5

7th level 2,187 16,000 ??? (78,000!!!)

The difference between 5 and 3 is not 2. The difference between 5 and 3 is almost 76,000!

Today I had a good friend in Reno tell me that his friend didn’t see the money
in SendOutCards. I asked if his friend had ever done network marketing in the past. He said, “no”. His friend does not understand business as it relates to
network marketing or distribution. There are many products that, on the surface, don’t appear to be very lucrative. For example; how can you make money on a .62 greeting card? Well, if you sell one or two cards, it’s true, you can’t make much money.

Let’s use our geometric progression example from earlier. Let’s say we focus just on the 4X4 equation through 7 generations (levels). Let’s say each person on the 7th generation does $93 a month in revenue (to stay qualified), your volume would be $1.6 million/mo (16,000 X $93 which, by the way, is what my monthly volume is today). At minimum, you would receive 5% (and in actuality, you would receive more because we are just talking about the 7th level here in your DISTRIBUTOR group!)

Distribution is very powerful. Remember J. Paul Getty’s quote, “I would rather have 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own!” Our goal is to collect a small percentage off the work of many. There are many things we consume today that cost a fraction of a dollar and produce millions of dollars in sales. Ray Kroc could have never gotten rich on one McDonald’s franchise. However, by selling hundreds of them for $250,000+ he was able to create a distribution channel that would allow him to collect a few pennies off each of the millions of burgers, fries, shakes and cokes sold each day. There is even money in Q-tips and they sell for a fraction of a penny. It’s all about distribution.

The greeting card industry (now a $7.5 billion industry) was built on people buying $4 cards. Most people don’t buy cards and when they do, they buy one or two at the time. When you have thousands of outlets all selling a few, the money on the back-end can get huge.

So, we have a product that is in huge demand that is 1/5 the price of what someone can get it through traditional channels.

Plus,we have an opportunity that is second to none (we can go head-to-head with any other company out there with our compensation plan).

And, we do it without deceptive practices or manipulation. There are companies out there that use smoke and mirrors to recruit. This is almost always a time bomb. With SendOutCards, what you see is what you get. AND it protects our company for the long haul.


1. MECHANICAL: Turn your dashboard green and teach a few others to do the same thing. It’s very simple. Do it and teach it. Green means go! Turning your dashboard green simply means to get at least 2 subscription customers, be on a $31 a month subscription yourself AND find $93 in total monthly volume (if need be, go out and purchase some samples for yourself from the Photostore or give away some gifts until you have enough subscriptions to cover your own qualification each month. Turn yours green and then help others turn their green. Do it and teach it. If you don’t know how to turn your dashboard green, simply go to your main menu and let your dashboard load. If it’s not green, click on the little “?” on the upper right hand corner and read the description. It’s very simple! Do it and teach it!

2. FINANCIAL: The numbers don’t lie. The equation is simple. Remember 3X3, 4X4, 5X5. If you’ll put together your SIMPLE plan to sponsor 24-48 people personally in the next 12-24 months with the goal of achieving the equivalent of a 3×3 (2187), you’ll be making bank. 2187 X $93 in volume = approx $200,000/mo. You’ll get 5% – 25% of this each month (and this is just your 7th level)!

3. ENERGETIC: Send Out at least 1 personal card a day and teach your team to do the same thing. Put your heart onto your cards. Send out daily love into the world each day. You get back what you send out. Give the gift of walking one person each day through sending a card on a “Gift Account” and then watching the videos. 100 people each day doing a gift account walk-through will typically yield a minimum of 20 new distributors per day and you will become a rockstar! Now imagine if you had 1,000 people each day doing that.

The reason you are here is because you are DONE being normal. Normal is boring. Normal people are broke. Normal gets you poor results in terms of financial growth and personal satisfaction. Normal people struggle to pay their bills. Normal people have lots of debt that burdens them throughout their entire lifetime. Normal people are un-inspired and are living weekend to weekend. Normal people dread Mondays and live for Fridays. Normal people complain about their lives. We (in Network Marketing) get to live extraordinary lives. We are striving to make a difference in the world. We are on a journey of personal growth. We have a chance to travel to all the corners of the earth and bring a message of hope to people of many cultures and backgrounds. We can get excited about being part of a business model that offers unlimited possibilities for financial success.
Let’s take a look at what normal people do. Normal people watch 4-6 hours of TV per day. Most people say, “Oh, I don’t watch that much TV”. Well, someone is watching TV because the advertisers are still advertising and paying 10’s of thousands of dollars per minute. Normal people spend 1-2 hours PER DAY in rush-hour traffic. It has been suggested that network marketing is a cult. Network marketing is no more a cult than a job is a cult. If I have a choice to be brainwashed to offer something to people that will make their lives better or be brainwashed to; get up at 5:30am to an alarm clock (that un-naturally and violently jerks you out of bed) then, with glazed-over eyes, jump into my car with my coffee to creep along in 2 mph rush-hour traffic for an hour, for 40 hours of my week for 40 years with people that I typically don’t want to be around, causing me to complain about it year in a year out, all so I can scrape by with no prospect of every really getting ahead, I’ll join the network marketing cult!

When I was in my early 20’s I decided that normal wasn’t for me. When I got ridiculed or mocked, I said to myself, “it’s okay. You’re normal. I don’t want to be like you”. I watched the people around me at work (at the State of AZ, The City of Phoenix and then America West Airlines) and I said to myself, “If I don’t get out of this prison, I will die a slow death”. My co-workers (most of them) were numb to the agony they had been experiencing for years. It’s a slow lobotomy that very quietly eats away at your spirit. In most cases it kills whatever drive you had to grow and contribute. Now I know, this doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s interesting to notice how many people complain about how much they hate their boss or their job. I also find it interesting how many people complain about not having enough money or not enough time to spend doing the the things they want to do. The negativity that permeates a typical working environment destroys the human spirit over time.

I don’t get mocked too much any more, although I know there are some people that do. Most of the people that mock me are people that are stuck, looking for someone else to blame. Network Marketing simply offers an opportunity. I do know this; if one person can do it, then many more can do it too. That’s the premise of our business. If one can do it, then others can do it too. I know that if I can achieve this level of success, the opportunity exists for you to do it as well. This is the REASON I was able to “break-out” in my last company. I saw others that had done it and I said to myself, “If they can do it, I can do it”. That’s how it all starts. I have never met a single person that made it big and said. “Yeah, that’s good for him, but I could never do the same thing!” There are MILLIONS of people that have never heard of SendOutCards and it is the perfect thing they need! Our job is to get to them and show them what we are doing.

Stop being normal. Step out of the status quo. It’s okay to buck the system and be different. We are different. We are not normal. Our chosen line of work challenges the status quo. It’s a better way of doing business. It’s more fun. It’s more rewarding. It has unlimited potential for growth. It doesn’t require expensive degrees. Yes, it’s non-conventional and as a result, MOST people don’t get it. That’s built in. It’s okay. Don’t fight that. Do your best to educate and find the ones that are ready. The REASON for our opportunity is because MOST people don’t see it. As soon as everyone sees it the opportunity is over. Be thankful that only a few get it. It buys us time. Would you rather have 5,000 people on your team once everyone else figures it out, or would you rather have 10 people on your team. Do you see why it’s better that most people don’t see it right away. Be thankful that we are in a line of work that is not normal (most people don’t get what we do). That’s a good thing! You must be bold and step out to FIND those that see it the way we do. Get really good at sorting for the right ones. If you don’t find them, someone else will. (I would rather it be you!)


-We currently have about 2,000 distributors and 10,000 customers per month joining SendOutCards.

-The last Treat ‘Em Right Seminar was the largest, non-convention, local event in our history (approx 1,000 people).

-We have paid out over $60 million in commissions total and over $1 million per month in commissions are currently being paid to our distributors.

-Plans are in the works to expand SendOutCards around the world.

-Our monthly volume is up significantly over last year at this time and we are currently experiencing the largest revenue months in our history.

-Residual checks for the 1st quarter of 2012 are the largest monthly residual checks for this time of year in our history (22% higher than last year at this time).

This is just the beginning. SendOutCards is positioned for rapid growth over the next 3-5 years. My question for you is, “Are you positioned for rapid growth”?

I recommend stepping it up. If you were planning on doing it in a year, get it done in a month. If you were planning on getting it done in a month, get it done in a week. If you were striving to achieve it in a week, do it in a day. You’ll find it’s actually EASIER if you get it done quickly. Get excited and share your excitement. Energy is what attracts others to you and to our business.

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