May 9th, 2016


When I was a child I had a Children’t Book my mother would read to me called “This Is What Would Happen If Everybody Did!”
It was an illustrated book that showed some type of bad behavior exhibited by a child on the left hand page followed by the consequence of that bad behavior on the right hand page. For example, the left page would say, “Stomp on the Cat” (showing a child stomping on a cat) and the right page, “This is what would happen if everybody did!” (showing a bunch of freaked out stomped on cats all over the page). Then the left page would say, “Leave a mess” (showing a child not picking up his things) and the right page “This is what would happen if everybody did!” (showing a world with clutter and trash everywhere! I think it taught me the meaning of consequences.

Well on this call we will explore WHAT NOT TO DO in your network marketing business. I am going to name this call . . . “Don’t do that!” Or it could be called “Stop it!” Bob Newhart played a psychiatrist in a famous comedy skit where the patient comes in with some complaints and in need of some counseling. Bob Newharts advice to him is STOP IT and then he charges him a ridiculous amount of money for his advice! It’s worth watching. You can Google, Bob Newhart “Stop It!”

Some of these things will be things to be aware of and avoid doing and and other things, if I were with you and observing you doing your business, I might yell at you to STOP IT! Just STOP IT!!


1. DON’T MAKE EXCUSES FOR WHAT WE DO – In other words, never ever ever apologize for it being network marketing. You are better off facing it head on with confidence and conviction than beating around the bush. It’s time to stop avoiding the topic. It’s a real business with real potential and it has benefits that are astoundingly appealing to many business owners once they understand it. Don’t tip toe or tap-dance around this business model. And if they start to give you a hard time, no more cowering or being wimpy. You don’t need to fight, but stand up for what you believe in and don’t back down. It’s one of the best kept secrets in business today. It’s time that we come out of the closet. Stop apologizing!! Stop it!!!

2. DON’T “DINK AROUND” ON THE INTERNET – If you find yourself spending countless hours on social media you may be unconsciously be using your busyness as an excuse to not face your fears. Don’t let your busyness get in the way of your business. Most people could become wildly successful in 3 years if they would cut their social media time from 3 hours a day to 1 hour a day. You may be able to free up 10 hours a week by just spending less time on social media. It’s an addictive black hole and it could keep you from living your dreams. I’m not referring to the time spent putting pictures on cards that you get from Facebook or PMing people to set appointments. What if you set up one appointment for every 2 hours you spent on FB, Instagram or Twitter? No more time allowed until that appointment is set!!

3. DON’T CUT CORNERS ON THE IMPORTANT THINGS – This is a big one. Some days I want to shout, “Ahhhhhhhh!” (with lots of H’s!!). When I learn of someone that buys a ticket to convention and then tries to sell it in the Company FB Group it breaks my heart because I know that if that person would just bite the bullet and go, it could transform his/her life forever. And many times not going is a death sentence in the business. Don’t not not buy and ticket AND don’t buy a ticket and then decide not to go for money reasons. Bad decision! Cut corners when it comes to Starbucks. Cut corners when it comes to eating out. Cut corners when it comes to the cable bill (downgrade to a lower package). Cut corners when it comes to completing the remodeling project. Even cut corners on Christmas gifts . . . but don’t negotiate with your future. Don’t cut corners on your personal development. Don’t cut corners on attending the annual convention. Don’t cut corners on tools. I can honestly say that one of the reasons I am here today is because I NEVER took shortcuts when it came to investing in myself and in my business.

4. DON’T QUIT WHEN THINGS GET TOUGH – One thing I guarantee. Things will get tough. And you will want to quit. You will want to quit many times. And I have seen people quit at all different levels. I know lots of people who quit making no money at all. And I even have a friend that quit that was making $100,000 a month. He got into a fight with the founder of his company and he chose to walk away from a $1.5 million a year business. People quit at all levels. Because many people are quitters! I also know that the #1 reason for failure in the business is throwing in the towel. Most every failed network marketing business happened because someone chose to call it quits. And almost 100% of the time it was when things get too difficult to continue. This is when your most valuable lessons are learned. No one is immune. You will think that your situation is different but it is not. Never look back. Hit the reset button daily if you have to.

5. DON’T GO ALL THE WAY ON THE FIRST DATE! Relationship must come before marriage. Focus on getting to know the other person and understanding a little about what makes them tick. I know you are excited and you want to share it with the world.
You’ll have a better chance of acceptance if you get to know the other person BEFORE you tell them all about the business. Just saying. If you find yourself “presenting” all over the other person and you don’t know anything about them, STOP IT!

6. DON’T SAY, “I JUST GOT INTO THIS NEW LITTLE BUSINESS . . . “ – It’s not a new little business. This statement plants a seed in the mind of your potential distributor that what we have here is not such a big deal. It’s a BIG DEAL. It’s a multi-million enterprise that is transforming a long standing and powerful industry. Heck . . . we have our own US Postage Stamp! We are the #1 purchaser of First Class mail in the world! Do you realize that your “little” business could someday have 1,000,000 users in it. Do that calculation. Conservatively, your checks would be millions of dollars a month. That scenario is conceivable. Someone will do it. “I just got into this new little business . . . “ really doesn’t do it justice!

7. DON’T “TALK” ABOUT THE BUSINESS – Talking about the business can be the kiss of death. First of all, it doesn’t usually work because the person you are talking to hasn’t seen what you have seen. People need to SEE IT. I don’t know about you, but I have caught myself a number of times beginning to tell people about the business and I can see them drifting away as I continue to explain more and more. I try and catch myself when this happens. Instead, I tell them I will get with them soon and then I just drop it. As were are parting, I say, “I may get in touch with you and we’ll set up a time to chat” Then I text them and set up a time to SHOW THEM EVERYTHING from start to finish. Giving people the business in bits and pieces is not effective or professional. Refrain from talking about it. Set up a time to meet and take a full 30 minutes to show all of it to them from start to finish.

8. DON’T DO NOTHING (This is what would happen if everybody did!) – Imagine a business where everyone did nothing. This would be a company with no growth. Your business starts with you. Always. Doing something is always better than doing nothing. So you are better off doing it horribly wrong than not doing it at all . . . Why? Because at least when you are doing it wrong you will get feedback that will teach you what not to do. So rather than waiting around doing nothing. Do something. What I have observed is that most people do nothing. And guess what the result is of the people that do nothing? You guessed right – NOTHING!! So a big don’t in this business is DON’T DO NOTHING! On a day you find yourself doing nothing, catch yourself and go do something. Try and do something that will advance your business. Look through your friend list on FB and send 10 messages asking each person to take a look at what you are doing . . . you could even say, “If I were to send you a video about a way to make money would you watch it?” Now this wouldn’t be my first choice to show the business, but it’s WAAAAAY better than doing nothing!!

9. DON’T STALK OR BUG PEOPLE THAT TELL YOU NO! I was at an event recently that had about 200 business owners. A young professional photographer walked up to me and we talked for a few minutes. She asked me what I did. I told her and I may have well said I was a vampire . . . the cross came out!! She gave me three reasons in about 10 seconds why she would never do my business. I was like . . . “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I have no interest in recruiting you! You just asked me what I did and I told you!” She calmed down and we talked. I asked her a bunch of questions about her business and everyone left happy. But I realized the reason this happened is because she told one person in the group that she was uninterested yet that person kept trying to recruit her! DON’T DO THAT! Stop trying to recruit people that tell you no. They know you want them. Stay in touch. Be kind. Be generous. And look for ways that you can help them grow. They will watch you and it’s possible over time that they will come to you when they are ready if you keep the doors open!

10. DON’T SETTLE – Most people shrink their dreams down to meet income instead building their income up to meet their dreams. This could take work and time. But it will be worth it because you didn’t settle. Settling means giving up on your life. You were born to fly. I was told once that God will not give us dreams that we weren’t meant to fulfill. Sometimes it takes the wind out of me when I watch people stop fighting for what they want and buying in to the small thinking that is all around them. Settling is defeat. Settling is giving up. Winners don’t give up. And most people settle. Most people stop trying. Most people lose heart. And this is why most people don’t make it. But this doesn’t have to be you. Stop selling out. Stop settling. Stop buying in to the negativity. Which sounds better . . . “(insert your name) Steve didn’t settle. He wasn’t a sell out. It was tough but he persevered. And today Steve has his dream life” OR “Steve settled. He decided he didn’t want to work that hard. He didn’t see the job through and his dreams slipped away forever. He’s older now and has lots of regrets. He’ll never have a second chance. Oh well.” Which story is most inspiring?


May 2nd, 2016


About 25 years ago before I had ever received a check in Network Marketing, I had an idea that sounded like a good one once I started making some money. I wanted to start buying Beach Homes in all parts of the world and put them under management as vacation rentals. Then, when I wanted to use one I would just
book it and stay whenever I wanted to. For years, I really couldn’t do much with this idea other than dream a lot. I would look at Real Estate magazines and payed especially close attention to the beach properties. Once I started making a little money I started looking at properties and each time I found one that was interesting, I would
learn that the down payment was in the range of $600,000 to $1 million and getting a loan was beyond my reach. After 10 years, I was getting frustrated and had made no headway at all. I was in San Diego and had just left from looking at a handful of multi-million dollar beach homes. In a moment of let-down, I purchased a magazine called
“The Robb Report” which features high end Real Estates, Automobiles and Watches. I was sitting on the plane flying back to Phoenix from San Diego and I opened up the magazine. At the top of one of the pages was a heading entitled, “Equity Estates”. And right below the title were photos of 30 multi-million dollar homes lined up side by
side an 800# and a website. I checked out the website and the next day made a phone call. These guys had done EXACTLY what I had been dreaming about for years and for the price of a down payment on ONE home, I could own a piece of all of these homes all over the world. It was an equity investment and not a time share.
I met up with their team in Cancun Mexico and about a week later purchased into the fund. It’s a 100% tax write-off because I use it primarily for business. This weekend I am on the Beach at one of the properties with my extended family and friends to witness my cousins wedding in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. The home is a 7000 SF Glass home with
infinity pools. It’s 1/2 mile down the beach from the little beach town of Tamarindo. My cousin had no idea I had this home here and when I found out this was the exact town he and Keeley were planning to tie the knot, I offered the home for the wedding party and reception so here we are.

Tonights all is all about “Wave One Success Stories”.

SendOutCards was invented during the time of dial-up internet and flip phones. Many of our “early adopters’ built large networks of customers and then kind of faded into the sunset. My friend Jana Rengifo has been receiving a significant 4 figure residual check for over 8 years and haven’t sponsored a distributor in 7 years. She has earned in excess of a half a million $$ and she started when she was 20 years old. David Frey worked the business for a few short years and hasn’t signed up a distributor in about 5 years. He has made a few million dollars and continues to receive a six figure annual income from his efforts years ago. While Jimmy Dick was in the hospital with life threatening heart complications he didn’t work his business for 4 years and continued to receive a 5 figure monthly residual check that took care of his family while he was recovering. This was because he got some things started in his first 2 years of working the business. Many of us are in his organization. Kathy Paauw took many months off on a sabbatical to travel with her husband Doug and even today, she collects a high four figure monthly residual check for work she did many years ago. Dawn MacDonald was a school teacher and has been collecting a four figure residual check that supplements her retirement from work she did in 2005-2008. The Packard Boys have done almost nothing in their businesses for 3 years yet continue to receive a significant monthly income for the business they started in the early days of SendOutCards. These stories are there reason people get involved in network marketing. We don’t get paid for what we do, we get paid for what we START. All of the business success stories that I mentioned were built during “Wave One”. Wave one was represented by clunky and wobbly technology, a rapidly evolving infrastructure platform and a comp plan that was trying to find itself. Since then Kody has spent millions of dollars upgrading our technology platform and refining our compensation structure and product offering. The best is yet to come.

I want to talk about why I believe we are getting ready to experience the greatest growth spurt in our history. Also, I believe we may be writing one of the greatest success stories in Network Marketing history. What I’m going to talk to you about is MY OPINION and does not come from the company. I am making some predictions based on some of my observations around what is going on in the marketplace and with technology. Let’s discuss three disruptive trends that will shape our future and then what you can do to prepare yourself to capitalize on all of them.


1. DISRUPTOR #1 – RELATIONSHIP MARKETING Traditional marketing is becoming less effective – Kody’s Relationship Marketing model represents a shift in the way business must be done if a company wants to continue to thrive. The internet has turned most products into a commodity. Competition is fierce and it’s becoming tougher and tougher for companies to differentiate themselves. Cost of production has been driven down to a fraction of what it used to be and accessibility of information at our fingertips rendered paid advertising including print media, TV, Radio, Billboards, etc almost worthless. The volume of marketing messages all around us is brain numbing.
Those companies that embrace relationship marketing have a major advantage over their competition. We own the secret weapon that has the power to transform the way companies do business.

2. DISTRUPTER #2 – NETWORK MARKETING The traditional job to retirement model is tired and becoming obsolete – Network Marketing is one of the few options accessible to the aging baby boomers and millennials. The reason so many millennials find a “Socialist’ interesting as a Presidential candidate is because many have just given up. So many millennials can’t find work and are in financial trouble
after getting college degrees. They have loans that can not be forgiven through bankruptcy and they have no way to pay the loans off. Many baby boomers are faced with a portfolio that won’t allow them to retire and the prospects for work are grim. I just read an article that said when social security was invented, it was never intended to fund retirement. It was intended to be an insurance policy if you happened to live past the age of 65. Back then, Social Security was only paying for 2 and 1/2 years on average after someone hit the age of 65. And the ratio of those contributing to those collecting was 42:1. Well today, the average age of death is late into the 70’s and the ratio of those contributing to those collecting is 3:1. Do you see the problem here. One third of our national debt is now caused by an upside down economy overburdened by significantly fewer and fewer contributors into the system. In fact by the time the Millennials begin to retire, the ratio will be 2:1 and the average retiree will will be living for close to 20 years past retirement age. Add to this that 40 years after it was predicted, technology is finally really starting to replace workers. We live in a whole new world. Have you noticed that kiosks are becoming more and more common at the grocery stores to check out, the airports to check in and even fast food restaurants to order your food. Network Marketing is one of the only options available in the marketplace today for someone looking for a real business that they can start on a shoestring and have real unlimited upside potential with little to no overhead. The reason network marketing is thriving is because of the high number of millennials and baby boomers that are simply out of options.


Technology integration through apps is rapidly changing the way companies innovate, adapt, evolve and grow. Apple became the powerhouse that it is today because of apps. Independent companies develop apps that work on our phones and give us many more valuable uses and functions. Apple didn’t pay for the development of these apps. Independent app designers create them on their dime and then they are delivered through a phone that we buy from Apple. And Apple splits the revenue with the app developer. The Google Play Store does the same for the Android Phones. I recently attended a 4 day conference for Infusionsoft in Arizona. Infusionsoft is one of the fastest growing campaign builders for business owners in the world. As you walked into the conference at the Phoenix Civic Plaza, you would have noticed about 80 exhibitors set up offering their “Plug-In’s” to attendees of the conference. These venders did not work for infusionsoft. They were independents that had spent their time and money developing applications that would allow their customer base to “plug-in” to Infustionsoft. I don’t fully understand how it works, but I do know that Infusionsoft has a very lean programming staff and the independent app developers create user friendly plug ins so their customer bases have an easier time using Infusionsoft. This is where it began to get interesting.

There was a company at the conference that had developed and “plug-in” for SendOutCards that would allow customers of Infusionsoft to build SendOutCards into their email campaigns. This represents a big development in our business. There are companies putting together “Plug-Ins” (just like Apps) that will make it easy for their customer bases to use SendOutCards. Just use your imagination. It allows us to innovate quickly without the upfront expense of programming and development. This is a huge marketplace disrupter and will open many doors for us. Don’t worry about it if you don’t understand it. You don’t need to.
I’ll explain why in a minute. And I’ll explain how you can capitalize on all of this. By the way, there are already at least 10 plug – in’s developed by independent companies that will make it easier and more appealing for customers that aren’t using SendOutCards to want to. Although I know this may be a little hard to grasp right now, just know that it will be big and that you will get to benefit.

All three of these disrupters, I believe will cause a wave of epic proportion over the next 36 months. Combined, their impact will be explosive and will be like nothing we have seen before. Again, there are some very smart developers out there that are developing new ways that SendOutCards can be used in the Marketplace.

Here is how you get to benefit from all of this. I’ll use an Australia as an example. I have about 5000 distributors in Australia.
How many people do you think I brought in in Australia? ZERO. I knew no one and signed up no one, but because I built a team in the US, some of them knew one or two in Australia and the teams have grown as a result. Today about 30-100 distributors per month sign up on my team in Australia and I have never brought in even one!

So how does this apply to the wave that’s coming and how you get to benefit? You don’t want to be caught with a team of one the day this wave hits. Each customer and distributor you bring on gives you leverage as those three disruptors really take hold. My personal strategy for riding this wave is to continue to set appointments, show the business, sign up new distributors and customers and teach it. There are people that will show up in your downline and customer base that use Infusionsoft,, or any of the hundreds of other companies (just like there were people that showed up that knew people in Australia). These users will grab an app that will make it easy for them to use us daily through there existing customer bases.

I envision a day where our convention has exhibitors that are app developers that have developed plug ins that make SendOutCards better than it even is today. So when Kody goes to a snowmobile convention there are many exhibits set up offering extra technologies that make snowmobiling more fun. And he can buy anything he wants from gear, equipment, etc. Imagine that the same thing is happening for SendOutCards . . . technology developed by others that will make us better.

Build your business today using the simple plans we have put together so that you can benefit from “WAVE TWO”


April 25th, 2016


First and foremost, how well you handle objections will be largely based on how you VIEW objections. Objections are frustrations or fears disguised as reasons to not get started now. You can also see them as questions or concerns. When someone is feeling pressured or isn’t ready to get started right away, they may throw up a reason (that they see as legitimate.) to not get started. IT’S OKAY!

Remember there are three types of people. 1). Skeptics 2). Cynics and 3). Players.
Skeptics and Cynics will have objections but Cynics objections are not overcome-able! So when a skeptic has an objection, you want to view it as a serious question that may need to be answered. Skeptics questions are overcome-able!

The most important thing, BY FAR in handling objections is to LISTEN. Take your time and ask them questions to learn more about what is behind his/her concern. Don’t just jump in and try and rebuttal it. See if you can really get what they don’t like or the question behind the question. Be patient with them and let them vent. Imagine you are one side of the table and they are on the other. You want to be on the same side of the table with them by acknowledging their concern. It’s okay to repeat it back to them. Here are a few examples:

THEM: “I had some friends that were burned in network marketing!”
YOU: “Wow! What happened??” (Then listen!)

THEM: “This sounds like a Pyramid!”
YOU: “Tell me what you know about pyramids . . . “ (Then LISTEN!)

THEM:“I’m not sure I have the time right now to do something like this . . . “
YOU: “Sounds like you have a lot going on and you are really busy with life!” (Then let them talk and LISTEN!)

THEM: “My wife makes all the financial decisions . . . “
YOU: “That’s great . . . so you really couldn’t do anything without your wife fully on-board”

Again, take your time and ask questions to learn more. Really listen to what they are telling you. Sometimes just by listening, their attitude will shift. Don’t feel the need to jump in and “fix” the way they are feeling. Don’t try and correct them or make them wrong. Some of the sales tactics taught in the past are designed to put others down or shame them . . . in the long run these tactics will drive people away. If someone is not ready to get started now, I want them to feel comfortable coming back to me when they are ready. I am not afraid to ask them to get started, but if they give me an objection, I am prepared to walk away from them. It’s okay for you to tell them no first. In other words if they start hitting you with all kinds of reasons why this isn’t a good time for them, it’s okay to say,

“You know this is probably not a good fit for you right now!”

So assuming you are taking your time, asking questions and really listening and acknowledging their concerns, let’s take a look at the most common objections that come up and some ways you can help to inform them:

1. IS THIS A PYRAMID? Pyramids are illegal. We are a network marketing company that follows FTC guidelines and the acceptable standard best practices of the Direct Selling Association (DSA). ASK: Do you want to know the difference? 4 THINGS – 1). Is there a product of service that’s in demand (in other words would someone buy it whether it was offered through network marketing or not 2). Can you make more than the person that brought you in. If yes, then legal. If no, then illegal 3). Do you get paid for the sole act of recruiting? If yes, then illegal. It’s illegal to get paid for recruiting new distributors. 4). Front-end loading – Are you encouraged to purchase products to promote or reach a higher percentage in the comp plan. If yes, then illegal. Buying large packages that are more than would be consumed is considered a questionable practice. Don’t say, “You mean like your job!!” It sounds cute and it has meaning to us, but it tends to put them down.

2. I’M NOT SURE I HAVE THE TIME TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS – You may not have the time! That’s a legitimate concern. Or you may want to look at how you could carve out some time to build something for your future. For example
have you considered how much money you’ll need to retire? If you make $50,000 per year, you’ll need about $2 million. How are you doing on that? OR If I could show you how to turn 5 hours a week of work into 100 hours of week of work without you having to work more, would it be worth looking at? If the answer is no, then just stay in touch with them!

3. I’M NOT INTO SALES – “Neither am I!” Ask . . . “What don’t you like about sales? In other words, you don’t want to pressure your friends into doing something they don’t want to do! Would it be okay if I just SHOWED YOU and then you tell me if you could do the same thing. OK?”

4. I DON’T DO ANYTHING HALF-WAY. IF I’M GOING TO DO THIS, I NEED TO BE ALL IN . . . “I wouldn’t want you to do it any other way! So what exactly are you saying?” Usually they are trying to hold you off for some reason. You want to find out why they are dragging their feet.

5. $450 IS A LOT OF MONEY TO START A BUSINESS – “Really? What are you comparing it to?” Let them talk. Then ask . . . “Can I give you some examples that may help you see it differently?” Talk about how much 1 vending machine costs ($2000). Talk about how much it costs to set up a Subway or 7-Eleven Franchise ($250,000) which offers no residual. You must hire employees. Your potential is restricted and you have geographic limitations. Plus you must buy inventory, pay leases, buy insurance and hire legal counsel. So $450 is a lot compared to what??

6. I’M GOING TO NEED TO THINK ABOUT IT – “That’s fine. Tell me what you are thinking? If you were to get started, and make a little money, how would you spend your first $3000 in income?”


“Anything offering this much potential does require some thought. If I play a 30 minute audio for you do you have time to listen?” (Play a recording about how to achieve any dream).

7. I DON’T HAVE $450 – “That’s okay . . . money is just a logistic. How many Facebook friends do you have?” Wait for an answer . . . “If you had some people that were ready to get started, could you figure out how to come up with the money?” Give them the texts and have them text 20 people in 20 minutes. “Let’s do a test market and see how you are going to do . . . “ Then do some appointments and when they have 1-3 people ready to go, their $450 will miraculously appear. lol

8. HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU MAKE? “Honestly I really can’t answer that question. First of all I am still getting paid for the work I did when I got started. Secondly, what I make has no bearing on what you make. You decide how big of a team and customer base YOU want to build and THAT will determine your income. If you do nothing you will make nothing. If you do a lot, you can make a lot. We have people making millions and people making nothing. Most likely you will fall somewhere in between.”

9. I DONT WANT TO BUG MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY – “I would prefer that you not bug your friends and family. That would be a turnoff! If I could show you a way to build this without annoying your friends and family, would you look?” Then just listen. Nothing we do will annoy anyone if presented effectively. The key is to always preserve the relationship. So anytime someone is feeling pressured, back off and honor their feelings.

10. ONLY THE PEOPLE AT THE TOP MAKE MONEY – “Well I do know that those that build a big team make a lot of money. If I could show you that even you could make money despite just now getting started would you want to take a look? There are many people that sign up after a companies 10th-15th year and still make a lot of money. Do you want to learn about some of those people?”

11. I ALREADY HAVE A GOOD JOB – “That’s great! Your bills are paid! Congrats . . . most people DON’T like their job but it sounds like you do!” I then tell a story or two about people that lost their job in their 50’s and can’t find work. I might say, “Then I think you should KEEP YOUR JOB!!” Just listen . . . do the presentation and show the money. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get someone to see that an additional income stream could make a huge difference or provide a buffer in case something catastrophic happens. I sometimes mention that Harvey MacKay wrote a book called, “Dig your Well Before Your Thirsty!”

12. I TRIED IT ONCE AND IT DIDN’T WORK – “What was your experience? What happened?” then LISTEN! I usually appeal to their common sense on this one. I say, “Can I ask you a personal question?” When they say, “yes”, I ask, “Are you in a relationship?” If they say no then I say “Then you are DONE with relationships forever??” They usually laugh or say, no. If they say “Yes” then I ask them if this is the only relationship they have EVER had? Again they laugh . . . just because one doesn’t work out doesn’t mean you can’t make one work. The same holds true for a job. So that logic doesn’t stack up!

When they lean in and ask positive questions, ask them if they want to get started. If they push back and resist, ask questions, listen and provide information. If you try and get someone started that is resisting, they will feel pressured.
Looking for signs of interest. You can easily get someone started that is interested.

I have found that when someone doesn’t have 2 nickels to rub together, they will make up excuses to not get going. Be patient with those people. Sometimes they just need time to come up with the money. Other times, you need to show so much value that it’s just a no brainer for them to figure out how to find the money. People will jump through hoops to find the money when they see the potential for them! Sometimes people will come up with objections that aren’t the real objections. So sometimes what they tell you is a way to tell you “NO” and also save face. For example, they may not have the money and they don’t want to admit it. So they may say, “I have to check with my wife!” Or they may be getting evicted and the timing may be off and they make say, “I have to think about it!” Or they might have a parent that has cancer and they just don’t want to talk about it so they may say, “I don’t have the time!”

So don’t take it too personal when you can’t overcome their objection. I usually am pretty gentle with people because I want them to come back to me when the time is right. I don’t want to piss them off or scare them away. At the same time, I will be direct and honest with them. I help people see things from a different point of view. Always listen and acknowledge. Put yourself in their shoes. Sometimes just by “understanding” them, they will come around quickly.

Objections are concerns or questions when they come from a skeptic. They may be smokescreens coming from someone that doesn’t want to open up to you. Or they may be hand grenades coming from a cynic. Be patient with people but at the same time after you acknowledge their situation, see if you can help them to view things differently. If they resist then you loosen up. If they lean in, then ask them to get started. :)




April 18th, 2016


At lunch not that long ago, my friend Travis told me that he had shown the business to
88 people in the past 8 months and signed up 8 people. We talked about this.
Of the 88 people he had shown the business to, 86 of them were really positive about
it but only 8 signed up. That meant that 78 people were positive about the
business but have not signed up. I asked Travis to consider that
the 80 people that have not yet signed up are part of his ‘community’
of people that share a common interest. SOC is simply a mechanism
for Acting on Promptings and creating an extra income. By staying in communication
with the 78 that were positive but had not yet signed up and continuing to look for ways to
contribute to those individuals in a positive way, they will eventually see
that SOC is simply a way to do what it is they are out to do in the world.
His job is to continue to ‘grow’ that community of people and continue to
look for ways to provide information and resources that will add value to
each of their lives.

Here’s an example . . . who buys interior design magazines? People who
like interior design. Someone who builds a ‘community’ of people who love
interior design can then bring interior design resources to those people.
If I have a community of 10,000 people who are interior design fanatics
and a new book comes out by the #1 interior designer in North America,
I can sell 500 or more copies to that group in an hour or so. But I need to have the list
of people that are interested in Interior design to make that happen.

This idea is worth a fortune.

You must have 2 things for this idea to work in your favor:

1. You must be aware of it

2. You must have a mechanism to create and foster the list of relationships.

SendOutCards makes the second one possible for you.

We are not selling a card system or a financial opportunity to people! As we grow
our contact managers, we are building a community of people that are all
interconnected by a common interest. Anyone who responds positively
has given us permission to ‘stay in touch’ and provide information that
can be helpful and meaningfull in their lives. If someone tells me that they believe
in ‘The law of attraction’ or ‘sending out to give’, I can then include them
in my ongoing communication. I am building a community of people that
are all interested in acting on promptings AND a financial opportunity.
Some of these individuals have already signed up and some have not.

Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t contact me to tell me that they
are “Ready to go”. I don’t know a networker or business person on the planet that wouldn’t
want that. Who wouldn’t want people call them week after week, month after month and year
after year to say they are ready to do business with them?

It requires almost no work at all because they are READY TO SIGN UP AND GO TO WORK!
No selling. No convincing. No overcoming obstacles. Why? Because they already told me they were
interested and I put them in my list of people to stay in touch with. And then at some point,
they said to themselves . . . “now the time is right!’ And THEY contacted me!

The key to putting this into action is to have an intentional plan for continuing to add people
to your contact manager every day and show them the business. Keep doing this and then just stay in touch
with cards, good news and invitations. I’ll give you a few ideas for this in a moment.

But before I do, I want to talk to you about the difference between wanting a big business and deserving one.
Most people want to have the lifestyle of their dreams. They want to drive a nicer car, live in a nicer home, travel more often and to
more exotic places. Most people want to send their kids to nicer schools and have more free time to do with what they want.
But, wanting and deserving are two different things. Wanting doesn’t make a difference. I wanted to fly helicopters, but wanting doesn’t matter
if I am not prepared and I haven’t paid the price. So I had to invest in myself and put in many many hours of training and practice before I deserved to
be able to live the dream of flying a helicopter on my own.

You must pay the price in training, learning, doing and creating prior to deserving what you want.
So by adding people to your list and then staying in touch with cards, good news and invitations, you
are paying the price necessary to prepare you for deserving.

You’ll hear about some people that seem to sign others up in the business effortlessly. And you wonder how they can do this.
It almost seems like they are some sort of magician!

These are the people that have tapped into a hidden secret (well it is not so secret). The secret is, they reap before they sow.
They don’t look back. They just keep sowing and sowing and sowing. The crop comes later.

This takes us back to the topic of your list. Your list is not a strategy. It’s not a technique. Your list is THE STRATEGY.
Each day that you add someone to your list (and your contact manager) you are sowing. Each time you send them a card,
you are sowing. Each time you show someone the business you are sowing. Each time you follow up with an invitation to an event or conference
call you are sowing. And the sower never looks back. They just keep sowing!

As your list grows bigger so does your opportunity. But if you are the one that jumps from company to company or if you are the one that contacts someone one
time and then vaporizes never to be seen again, then you you will keep on wanting and your time for reaping will never come.

I promised a few ideas for adding people to your list because your list is everything. Your list is not something you will try if you want success. Your list isn’t something that you do once in awhile. Your list is the lifeblood of your business. Again, your list is EVERYTHING. New people are the fuel that fires your engine!

Remember, if you are building any enterprise, you must find those people that are interested in what you are doing and then keep in communication with them in a meaningful way (SendOutCards) until they are ready.

I sponsor about 1/2 of all the people I show the business to (over time) because I have mastered this simple idea. My list is not a strategy. My list is THE strategy!

I stay in touch with the people in my contact manager with cards, good news and invitations.

When someone tells me they are interested, but they don’t sign up, they have given me permission to stay in touch. So I continue to invite them to calls and events. I continue to send them 2-4 cards a year. AND I call them or text them whenever there is some good news on the horizon!

Pretty simple formula!

My job is to do 3 things:

1. Grow my community (My contact manager and relationships)
2. Provide ongoing information and resources that support
our two-fold mission
3. Show others how SOC can help to facilitate the overall two-fold mission
(Act on Promptings and Provide a Financial Vehicle)

As time goes on, my community grows (you are part of that community!)
I have an online and an offline community. My ‘online’ community is already
involved in SOC. They are sending cards and sharing the opportunity.
My ‘offline’ community are those that are not yet involved in our business.
Again, I feed my online and offline community with information that can
be helpful to them on an ongoing basis. I am a catalyst for personal growth.

What are some ways we can do this:

1. Send out personal development books like Promptings, Beach Money,
2. E-mail out helpful tips and articles to your community OR have a blog
3. MAIL OUT (in cards) useful ideas that can bring value to those in your
3. Set up ‘Free’ Gift Accounts and let people use them for awhile
4. Keep people in your community (your contact manager) in the loop on helpful conference calls
5. Invite people in your community to Promptings Academy’s in their area
6. Be creative and think of other ways you can assist and support your community

Usually products that are an ‘overnight success’ are just that because a community
exists of people that all share a common interest . . . let’s consider Apple computers.
It’s no secret that a community exists of people that are all fanatics about
having personal control over their lives. “I” this and “I” that!! Apple has built
a community of crazy, fanatical people that are all connected through this common
bond. In fact, when two strangers see each other that both have an iphone 6+,
they are instant friends. The same holds true for 2 people that both have
Harley . . . When I see someone on a plane that has a helicopter on his/her bag, we
are going to be talking the whole flight! If I see someone driving a Fisker Karma, we are buddies

So when Apple launches a product, (ie; the i-pad) it sells
millions in a few hours because their is a community of fanatics that are waiting
to give Apple their money! The same people that say they don’t have the money to
sign up for SOC are also the people that go to the Mac Store and buy an IPad for
$800! Why . . . because they are part of that community and they share a personal
interest in having 100% control over their personal and business life regardless of the

People that are part of this community don’t need to be ‘sold’. They are ready to buy.

You have an opportunity to build a community using the tools that have been offered
to you as part of our business. You can begin to create your community TODAY! Start with 5
people and go from there. There is no limit to the size of the community you can build. NO LIMIT!
I’ll say it again . . . you have an UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY. That means you can continue to “want”
OR you can go out today and start to build a monster list!

Become a resource for your community and have them look to you as someone who they
trust to give them information and resources that will make their lives better. Just like
Mac, they will be glad to give you their money for anything we come up with as long
as it’s consistent with who they see themselves to be within our community. SOC is a
mechanism for people to Act on Promptings and Create Financial Freedom (our two – fold
mission). There is nothing like it and people will freely and willingly sign up for it (without
being sold) as long as it’s consistent with who they are and what they are up to in life).
It’s our job to attract those people and build our ‘offline’ community that will grow into
our ‘online’ community.

So be someone that deserves the business of your dreams by investing in your business in dramatic
ways. If you want a dramatic, astounding, exploding business, you must make dramatic moves. That means
investing the time, money and energy to prepare yourself for the windfall coming your way. How? By
growing and cultivating your list. Your contact manager must be rich and vibrant. You must communicate with the
in your community. Add them on FB. Regularly send them cards. Invite them to the events. Make a dramatic, earth shifting move
with your most important asset. Most importantly, be sure they have seen your business. They must know what you do and how we get paid. Remember wanting something is not the same as deserving it. You will never have the life of your dreams by just wanting it. You must deserve it. And preparing for it is how you deserve it. Orville and Wilber WANTED to fly. They could have wanted it so badly that they went and ran off a mountain without first preparing. Whoops. Bad idea. They had to pay their dues before they deserved to fly. And preparing meant creating, learning, practicing by doing, failing. Then and only then did they deserve the gift of fight.

It’s a different way of thinking. It’s a small shift that can drastically transform your business.
A shift in thinking (just like the hummingbird can mean the difference between a violent death (on the window sill) or
a smooth flight to freedom (an open door). See you soon!



April 11th, 2016

NCC – Your Struggle is Your Story

As I look back on my network marketing career it becomes crystal clear to me that my story would not be inspiring if I hadn’t gone through the fire to get to where I am today. In fact most inspiring stories stem from obstacles, setbacks and comebacks. When we hear about the convicted felon that turns his life around and becomes a championship boxer, were inspired. When we learn about a boy that was born with no arms and no legs and yet grows up to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and then become a famous public speaker it gives us hope. When a scientist discovers the cure for a disease that has killed millions of people we hold him or her up in high regard. When we watched passionate southerners rebuild New Orleans after hurricane Katrina turned it into a bathtub it makes us feel proud. Those that rise from the ashes go on to inspire hundreds, thousands or even millions of others.

I get asked often, “Would you do anything differently if you had to do it again . . . “ And I understand why the question is being asked. In that answer, someone may find a shortcut or a lesson that could shave off some time on the journey, but the truth is, as difficult as it was at times, I wouldn’t change anything at all. The last 17 years have been out of this world, but the first 11 years on my journey were really tough. Although I have fond memories of friends and experiences, financially and emotionally I was a train wreck! Virtually every week I was dealing with a personal financial crisis and it seemed to just snowball year after year. And most of it stemmed from small thinking.

You won’t believe what I’m about to tell you but I was working as a salesman at a gym in the 80’s and making less than $10,000 a year. My rent was $200 a month. They had this young annuity guy come into the gym named “Wayne Stutzer”. It was so long ago and I still remember his name. I remember he was very smart. I wanted to learn from him so I set up an appointment to go into his office. We sat down and he asked me my goals and dreams. I can remember my answer and today it just seems just so outrageous to me but this was my level of thinking at the time. I told him that my goal was to have a paid off mobile home and 2 years of canned food. I was a small thinker and I settled for mediocrity for so many years. I had to learn to think bigger. The result that I kept getting was pathetic because my level of thinking was so small. At the same time, I had a steady diet of macaroni and cheese sometimes mixed with some tuna fish. For years I ate this as my staple.

Today I look back and its hard to believe that I am the same person.

One drizzly evening in Arizona I was so depressed that I walked out to the railroad tracks and walked with my head hanging low for a few miles contemplating my life. I had been reading personal development books and I was so down on myself because after years of this, I was making no progress at all. The cold wind was blowing sideways and I cried as I walked along the tracks. I was trying to figure things out. Later on I realized that walking the tracks is probably not the best environment to find inspiration! Actually this was a turning point in my life. And although it was painful, it changed the trajectory of my life. Its in these moments that we completely give up on ourselves OR we find a new path. Thank God I found a different path.

I had been driving a 1979 Jeep Wrangler in the early 90’s. It was called a “Golden Eagle” and I remember that “Doo” (Doolittle), Loretta Lynn’s husband drove one. It had a smashed front end and a broken windshield from an accident that I had been in with an uninsured motorist. I kept getting pulled over for having shattered windshield that was nearly impossible to see through by me or the police officer. The top had been stolen at a swap meet and it was about $1000 to replace it. So I had a little bikini top for it and drove around topless. In the summer in Arizona it can typically be 115-120 degrees and the wind is like a blast furnace. More than once I was driving to an appointment soaking wet from sweat. One time I had an appointment about 30 miles from town and I was driving back. My gas was on empty it was 112 degrees and I was so dehydrated I started to have heat stroke. I had no money in my bank account and there wasn’t a gas station or business within site. I really thought I was going to die that day. And more than once, I walked out to the jeep and the bikini top was filled with water from a storm the night before. I owned one suit and I would attempt to push from the bottom of the bikini top to force the gallons of water that had accumulated in it. As I would do this the water would inevitably end up all over me and my suit.

And then it wouldn’t quite want to leave the jeep. It would pour from the bikini top into the footwells. Trying to drive like this meant being ankle deep water that sloshed around as I turned every corner. I never did find a solution to this except to cut the top out of a plastic gallon water container and proceed to bail the water from the footwells of my jeep so that my shoes and socks didn’t get soaked when I went to drive off. Every time I ended up soaked from head to toe.

At one point, the water pump went out. I bought a rebuilt one at Pep Boys and somehow installed it backwards and blew the engine when I tried to drive it. It sat in the street for 2 years and I had no vehicle.

I was bouncing 5-10 checks a month at First Interstate Bank on Mill Avenue and my income was less than $15,000 a year. One time I walked from my office at America West Airlines to the ATM and put in my card to get $20. My card never came out of the machine and I didn’t get my $20. So I walked around the corner and into the bank. Brent Pasnoe was working in the bank and I had become a familiar customer. I went up to him and told him the machine ate my card and I needed it back. He told me I’m bouncing too many checks and he can’t give it to me. I said, “Brent, you don’t understand, I need my bank card.” He again told me he can’t give it to me and he kind of laughed when he said it. He told me I was bouncing way too many checks! We went back and forth as I got more and more angry. He never did give me back my card. Two weeks later after clearing up the mess, I got it back.

In the early 90’s I finally got a group growing under the 6th or 7th distributor I sponsored into the business. It was under a friend in Phoenix. She had a friend in Peabody Mass. He and his friend were excited and were able to grow their team to 40 distributors. They asked if I would come visit. I had maxed out 22 credit cards but had enough accessibility on one card to make the trip. It was mid winter and they were predicting a massive blizzard on the day of my trip. I boarded the flight and when I landed, the storm hit full force. It was a white out. I rented the car and hit the road. I landed at 5pm and the meeting was scheduled for 7pm. This was before I owned a cell phone. Cars were flying off the road into the ditches and I could barely see the road in front of me. I drove like a grandma and arrived at their home at exactly 7pm. The lights were out. I checked and double checked the address. Correct address . . . no one home. I stood on the doorstep after traveling 2000 miles on borrowed money. I made my way to an outdoor payphone at a gas station. I was cold, wet and tired. The wind was blowing and the snow was coming down in full force. The entire city was getting ready to shut down. I made the call and the answering machine came on. It was my only quarter and I had no cash.
I found a budget motel and found a warm bed for the night. The next morning, I flew standby to head back to Arizona. I never talked to those guys again. The entire team of 40 had quit the business, but no one had told me about it. They got upset over a technical issue that our company was having.

I remember having a serious conversation with myself that night. Again . . . this was a defining moment. There were people making money in this company. I thought I had finally found my runaway leg . . . but it fizzled as fast as it started. I had quit 11 companies prior to this one. Do I quit again or do I persist and rebuild? I chose to stay in this time. I chose to fight. I refused to give up this time around. Quitting hadn’t served me for over 10 years. I was so tired of struggling. I wasn’t going to let this beat me. I went home and hit my business hard. Over the next 10 years I made $8 million with that company. And they wrote this story in a book. I don’t know if Tom Alderink (that was his name) ever read what happened as I stood on his doorstep in that snowstorm. But I did send him a copy of the book with his name in it and a note saying, “You’re famous!”. He never contacted me and we never talked again. I really believe that if I had quit that day, I wouldn’t be a top money earner in network marketing.

For many of you, the first half of your story has already been written. Your story of struggle is as important, if not more important than your success. But it doesn’t have much impact until you can get on the other side of it. It will take enormous fight. Your obstacles will seem insurmountable. Many times you will question whether they are even possible to overcome. And you will either persist or settle. Settling will never lead you to your dreams. Don’t ever give up on your dreams. And think about it. In 100% of the cases . . . the greater the struggle the sweeter the reward. There is no triumph without struggle. A story without a struggle is un-inspiring. To move people your story must have a difficult beginning. Entire books have been written and entire movies have been produced because the underdog came out on top after many hours of hardship, turmoil and fight. If you are struggling, fighting or facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles, congratulations, you are on track to becoming a top performer in this profession . . . as long as you continue to move forward and not quit.



April 4th, 2016


If you were going to take a trip across the country, you could choose from any one of a variety of transportation methods. You could drive a car.
You could take a train or a bus. You could book a flight. It may take awhile but you could even walk. The goal is to get to your destination, but there
are many vehicles that could get you there.

The same holds true with showing your business. Sometimes you just need to be flexible based on the circumstances that you find yourself in.
Sometimes you are showing the business to someone that is in your town. Sometimes they live in another state. Sometimes you have 30 minutes with them . . . sometimes only 5 (although I recommend getting a commitment for 30 minutes). Sometimes you have access to the internet and sometimes you don’t. As an entrepreneur, you’ll need to sometimes think on your feet and come up with the best possible option for showing the business.

Let’s say your desired destination is to show the business to a new potential customer or distributor. You have built up some rapport and told them how and why you got involved in the business. You have demo’d the app (you put a selfie on a card and sent it to them with a nice note and some brownies and they watched you do it!). You have gone over the options including the packages with them. Now it comes time to show the money and they tell you they want to see how we get paid. The internet is being flakey so you can’t show a video and you forgot your mobile pocket presentation. Remember you have already demo’d the app and gone over the subscription and the packages.

At this point you need to think fast! So you grab couple of cocktail napkins from the table you are both sitting at and pull out your pen. At the top you write,
PACKAGES. Then right below that you put PERSONAL BUNDLE $195 – $70 comm MARKETING BUNDLE $395 – $140 comm BUSINESS BUNDLE $795 – $280 Comm
Then you write SUBSCRIPTIONS AND POINTS 20% and explain that they make 20% of all points purchased including subscription points.

Then you go to a second cocktail napkin.

Here is where we are going to give a very simple comp plan example.

I start by asking, “HOW MANY FB FRIENDS DO YOU HAVE?” Then I have them google on their phone, “Average # of FB Friends” and
have them tell me what the average # of FB friends a person has. The # is approximately 330. WRITE THE NUMBER 300 AT THE TOP
I tell them that we have a very simple 2 step texting strategy where we can private inbox people with 2 simple texts that work.

I show them the texts.

TEXT #1: ________, I want to set up a time to show you something really cool that I think has big potential.
(If they ask, “What is it?” send TEXT #2)

TEXT #2: It’s a new technology I need to show you on your computer or on your phone. When can I catch you uninterrupted
for 30 minutes so I can show you?

(This is not spam. You are personally inviting people to take a look one by one)

And I ask them this important question . . .

If we sent these texts to 300 people and showed them what I have shown you, how many of the 300 do you think would do this?

They will usually say ’10’.

I then say . . . “Let’s use 5).



And then say, “Now each person has an average of 300 fb friends so let’s assume each of the five also have 300 and that
5 of the 300 that receive our texts get started.” Write 25 on level 2. Then write 125 on level 3. Let’s carry this down through 7 levels.
Write 625 on level 4 and 3,125 on level 5. Then write 15,625 on level 6 and 78,125 on level 7.

At this point I say, “If we add all of these distributors up, we come up with about 100,000 distributors. Just to be real conservative,
let’s just assume that 90% of this doesn’t work out. DRAW A LINE UNDERNEATH THE 100,000 TOTAL AND WRITE 10,000 DIST

Then I write under the 10,000 x3 to represent 3 customers per distributor. So it looks like this:


1 – 5
2 – 25
3 – 125
4 – 625
5 – 3125
6 – 15625
7 – 78125

100,000 (CROSS THIS OUT!)

10,000 (10% OF 100,000)

So the total distributor (10,000) and customer (30,000) count
is 40,000 users (write this)
I now tell them that most people do the $39/mo subscription so they can lock in the
lowest retail price but to be ultra conservative let’s say the average customer spends
$10 a month on cards a gifts.

Underneath the 40,000 users , write $10/mo

The total volume produced by the 40,000 users spending
$10 a month is $400,000/mo.

Our residuals range from 2% (lowest amount we pay) to 25% (Highest amount we pay).
Let’s use 2%. Tell them this.

Ask them, “How much is 2% of $400,000?”

When they say $8000/mo

Tell them . . . this is a residual check that comes in month after month, year after year.
We are assuming that 5 of each persons 300 FB friends get involved and that
only 10% of that actually happens. We are also using the lowest percentage that SendOutCards
pays out (2%). You can run your own numbers but this is just an example.

This is a quick and easy way to show someone how the upfront commissions and residuals work.
If you want to sketch something out, this is just an example. If you don’t have a mobile pocket presentation
handy or if your internet is giving you troubles. you can try this.

I wanted to remind you that I built my SendOutCards business to 40,000 distributors without ever talking about
the compensation. I built it solely on the power of our product and the excitement of our distributors wanting to share
it with others. The compensation was the bi-product of doing this. The comp plan was available to learn about
on the DVD, but I didn’t teach it or talk about it in my presentations. Ever. And we still grew!

We have so many great tools today to show the program and the money. And they work.

I was having a conversation with Kody last week and he suggested that he believes are packages
are strong enough now that we may not even need to show the money AND PEOPLE WILL STILL SIGN
UP FOR A PACKAGE AND FOR THE DISTRIBUTOR OPTION. I tend to agree with him. But they might
get even more excited if we show them how they can make some money.

Follow the steps of the APA (Ask-Present-Ask) to make sure all of your bases are covered. When you get to
“Show the Money” you can use this as an option to explain how we get paid.

Don’t ever let an obstacle get in the way of what you are trying to do. Be an entrepreneur. Know your outcome
and do the best you can. For example, let’s say you get half way through your presentation and the person gets a phone
call with something that has to be taken care of right away. But they tell you they are very interested. What will you do?
If they are truly interested they will follow through when you reconnect with them. I probably would send them a video or
audio from and ask them to listen to it. Or I’ll invite them to the conference call on Monday night and three
way them in. Keep in mind they have a card and a gift that will arrive in the next few days. The follow up is in place!

Now you have a very simple way to show the money with just a pen and a couple of cocktail napkins. Nothing can stop you!




March 28th, 2016


Because many of you are on this call to learn why people don’t sign up!
When I phrase the title like I did, more people show up! If I had phrased the title of the call, Why people sign up, about 30% fewer people show up. And therein lies the problem!

I’m going to get kind of philosophical with you tonight. Most people spend most of their time trying to figure out why things don’t work? Why won’t my business grow? What’s wrong with me? What am I saying wrong? Why people don’t sign up?

Asking this question (it’s all the same question) is what most people do and this is why most people have trouble with the business. It causes your brain to FOCUS on all the things that don’t matter.

The few that make it, have a different focus. They focus on, “What has to happen for more people to see this and sign up?” Do you see that the answer to the second question will lead you to a result that you want vs one that you don’t.

Let’s use a metaphor to drill a little deeper. You’ve heard me talk about the hummingbird over and over again. I won’t bore you with that story once again but I will say that no amount of coaching, motivating or training will help the hummingbird fly through the glass window. Having a bigger why won’t make a difference. Trying harder won’t make a difference. Being more positive or enthusiastic will only cause the hummingbird to have a good attitude as it slams into the glass. “Ouch! That hurt, but I can handle it!! Because I’m a tough little hummingbird!” None of it matters. The only thing that will help the little hummingbird is if he can shift his attention towards the open door! Until then, all the other stuff doesn’t matter.

So most people are focused on asking the questions that disempower them and cause them to focus on the window . . . “Why won’t this work for me!” “Why don’t people sign up??” “What am I doing wrong?” THIS REPRESENTS A FOCUS THAT WILL CAUSE YOU TO FAIL OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It’s much like slamming yourself into the glass over and over again expecting to get a different result!

And how do I know most of you are thinking this way? Because this call is 30% bigger when I ask the question, “Why don’t people sign up?”


You must catch yourself when you are flying towards the glass. Shift your focus from “Why don’t people sign up?” to “I’m in search of people that are ready to get started.”

OK, I tricked you. Enough philosophy. Now let’s get into the call . . .


I read an article this weekend in an airline magazine that had an interesting insight. The topic was on “Pitching People”. The phrase “Pitching” is being used to describe presenting something to someone. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Over the years, I’ve met and worked with many of the world’s most prominent investors. Asked what draws them into a particular investment, their answer is always, “The People”. When I reflect on businesses I’ve invested in, the answer is the same – and often (as many have) I’ve invested in the weaker’ idea because of the people, and dismissed the ‘better’ idea for the same reason.”

Do you think this applies to our business? Let me ask you this . . . if you were to be presented a business idea by someone that you question their integrity or they are just not that nice to be around, will you do business with them? Are you more likely to do business with someone that you enjoy being around? Of course, if it’s just a bad idea, you probably won’t do the business, but if it’s a good idea and you have a choice between working with someone you really like to be around vs someone that you don’t enjoy all that much, where will you go? You get the picture.

The fact is, there are certain people I would much rather do business with than others and some people I would rather just not be around. I’m sure you probably feel the same.

So what can we do to be one of the people that other people just want to be around and possibly do business with?

1. Ask questions and listen. Be interested in them.
2. Pay sincere compliments
3. Look for something in common
4. Be a giver without expecting anything in return (but don’t overdo it!)
5. Pay attention to personal grooming.
6. Become a connector of people
7. Be patient and not pushy

FOR THOSE WHO MUST KNOW – There are four main reasons why people don’t sign up.

1. BELIEFS ABOUT YOU (Be likable)


3. BELIEFS ABOUT THE COMPANY OR COMP PLAN (Show third party tools)


BUT – This is a trap. If you find yourself analyzing too much why people aren’t signing up, or if you seem to be “stuck” in this loop of “What’s wrong with me?” “Why can’t I do it?” “Why is no one interested?” the only way out, is to STOP!! STOP trying to figure out why. Everyone is different and everyone is on a different timeline. Some will NEVER want to do it. Some will want to do it later and some will be ready to do it now!

For the most part you can’t control others beliefs about you, the profession, the company or themselves. Sometimes these run pretty deep.

Your job is to FIND the ones that are ready to do it now, and stay in touch with those that might want to do it later.

Spending an inordinate amount of timed trying to figure out why some people take action now and and others don’t is not a winning strategy.

Your winning strategy is to be likable and keep your calendar full with appointments to show the business for you and for others on your team. Then become a master at following up with cards, good news and invitations.


Feb 29th, 2016


My good friends Donna Johnson and her husband Thomas own a catamaran in the British Virgin Islands. I had never been there and they had invited me to spend a couple of weeks in the islands on the sailboat. There were 5 couples. Our “Captain” and his wife cooked exotic tropical meals for us each day on the boat. We snorkeled in crystal clear water and went island hopping each day. The waters were calm and the sun shined daily. The sand is white and each island is covered in thick green foliage.

One perfect evening we had just completed dinner out on the deck and we were sitting around laughing and listening to island music enjoying the night air over a glass of wine. Actually I think I was drinking a Red Stripe beer. In casual conversation, I asked our captain how long he had been sailing? He told me that he and his wife had been sailing in the Virgin Islands for 28 years. At one point, we got into a conversation about their training. I asked them where they had learned to sail and if they were still in touch with their instructor. I believe they had been trained in Portland Maine and hadn’t communicated with their trainer in 26 years. Yet they still continue to sail . . . with no help from the person that trained them!

Then as I was looking out on the horizon as the sun was setting and turning the seascape a deep orange, I noticed hundreds of sailboats within eyesight. And it dawned on my that I was viewing just a small visual slice of the sea. There were thousands of sailboats in the British Virgin Islands and millions around the world. And as each sailboat set to sea, not even a fraction of them had an instructor present. Yet they all could sail the seas and experience the joys of sailing.

Later that evening as we were settling in I began to review the lessons of the day. I thought about how many sailors get trained to sail and then never even take their first trip.
Some sail for a month and find out it really isn’t what they want to do. Some sail for a year and then run out of money. A few run into a reef and damage their sailboats never to sail again. Some sail for 5 years and then get side-tracked with other hobbies and activities. A handful of sailors decide they love it so much that they want to share the gift of sailing with others so they become instructors. And about one in a thousand sailors will sail every day for 30 years like our captain and his wife.

Millions of sailors take to the sea yet few have ongoing communication with their instructors. I see myself as an instructor of sailors. I teach people to sail and then I set them out to sail and enjoy the freedom of the sea and the wind. I don’t need to check in with them other than a periodic call to give a friendly hello. I don’t need to tether them to my boat. I don’t need to bug them if they haven’t been out for awhile. My goal is to have people sailing all over the world and the only way I can do that is to continue to train new sailors month in and month out. I get rewarded as I sit in my boat and sail the seas of the world noticing the thousands of other sailors that I have trained to do what I do and experience the joys of the freedom of the wind and the open sea.

All the time and attention we place on to trying to manage and control our distributors after they are trained is wasted energy. We need to communicate with our team members to keep them plugged in and up to date. This can be done through our electronic social media groups and email distribution. Of course including our team members in functions and events is an important aspect to the business. But recognize that you are not responsible for those on your team. They are independent entrepreneurs just like you. You are not their boss and you are no more responsible for the growth of their business as Kody is responsible for the growth of yours. We all create a healthy environment to work in through the training programs we offer, but it is ultimately the choice of our distributor to step into the tools and resources available. In fact if I feel a need to keep someone tethered to my boat, they will never be able to experience true freedom. I see myself as a catalyst for growth. So I do create opportunities for all of us to grow together. For example I set up small group meetings in cafes and put together groups of distributors and encourage them to invite guests. I attend and promote events. I invite my team members to participate and bring guests for THEIR benefit. BUT I am not responsible for them. I am responsible for my business and you are responsible for your business. AND TOGETHER WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EACH OTHERS’ BUSINESSES. We work together to create a healthy environment for growth. Just like keeping the seas clean and free of litter. Our job is to insure that the seas remain beautiful.

In a nutshell, I am encouraging you to let go of your need to control the members of your team. Untether them from your boat! Even if you do attempt to control what your distributors do and don’t do, you will more often fail than not. . Much like a sail boat instructor, your job is to prepare your new distributor for what to expect and the basics of how to build and that’s it. And after you get them started, you will spend your time doing the same thing for someone else. And so on and so forth. Help each new person to get into the social media groups, the weekly conference calls and the resource center. Show them how to find info on the upcoming events. Make sure they know how to use the SendOutCards system and how to show the business. Tell them where to find the call replays on Help them do their first few presentations and THEN SET THEM OUT TO SEA. Once in awhile it’s fun to sail together so get your sailing team together once a week or once a month to introduce new prospective sailors to the joys of sailing.

The only way to build a big team is to continue to get new people started in your business at all levels. So look for members of your team that are excited and introducing the business to new people and offer to do meetings with them. But don’t get attached to any one group. If you find yourself working with the same group over and over again especially if no one is bringing new people to the table, then it’s time to find some new people! This is good for you AND for them. Stop throwing wood on a fire that isn’t burning!

Let’s talk about the level of activity necessary to grow a BIG team. I’m not talking about a small part time income here. That can be accomplished showing the business a few times a month. You have probably heard that if you treat it like a hoppy, you’ll get hobby results. But to grow a big team and a big income, here’s what I know:

Most people with very large organizations have worked the business for a few years and have shown the business 1000-3000 times. This is why they are good at it. They do it over and over and over again for individuals and groups. Here’s how my numbers break down. I have been in the business for 10 years +. I have shown the business approximately an average of six times a week for 10 years. That’s 300 times a year for 10 years. 3000 presentations in 10 years. So the result of this is 370 personally sponsored distributors and over a million $$ a month in revenue. If over a period of 10 years, you showed the business 3000 times, you will most likely have in the range of 200-300 personally sponsored distributors. You most likely will have 3 legs that have 10,000 + distributors in them. You most likely will have another 6-10 legs with 1000-3000 distributors in them. AND you will be a top earner not just in our company, but in our profession. You will have a residual income that will pay you many years into the future. And unlike many other business, you don’t need to wait to make money. On your journey to stardom, you will enjoy a level of freedom and income that few experience in their lifetimes.

This is the ONLY WAY TO BUILD A BIG BUSINESS. Everything else I have seen in our profession is fleeting. Some of the marketing rhetoric is designed to get you to buy expensive programs. Stay focused on what works and keep moving forward. We all have the same opportunity and we are all playing in the same sandbox.

I believe that if someone showed the business six times a week AND sent a card and a card and a gift to each of those people followed by promoting the events, they would within a few short years have a BOOMING business. The formula is really quite simple.


Feb 22nd, 2016


The good news is that anyone can do this and anyone can do it now. It’s really more about putting it on your radar and making it happen vs having any specific strong skill. Although you can definitely develop a skill in this area. It can be a somewhat invisible skill if someone didn’t call your attention to it. It’s teachable and easily measurable. It is at the very top of my list in terms of business building activities. This is the #1 thing I do to grow my business. And you can describe it in 3 simple words. GET PEOPLE TOGETHER.

The better you become at getting people together the stronger your business will be. This way more about getting people together than it is about sales. If you think about it,
your network marketing business is a business of getting people together. We are all connected by relationships and a computer tracking system and it’s all a result of getting people together. We can hope, wish and pray that the right people will come together to create the business of our dreams, or we can orchestrate it. I see myself as a catalyst for bringing the right people together. Sometimes we have a business agenda and other times it’s just social. But even in social settings, it often results in some exciting business getting done.

Sr Manager, Annie Trajlinek was having trouble getting motivated to build her business. Executive and Distributor of the Year, Casey Eberhart suggested that Annie take 60 people to coffee with no business agenda. She did just that and guess what happened? Before she even got through 30, she had personally sponsored 3 distributors! That’s just how it works when people get together.

Take a look at your calendar. Is it filled with events where you are getting people together? If not, this is a key accelerator to your growth. In fact, it is the #1 skill that will result in the growth of your group. Your group will grow to the extent that you bring people together and the members of your team do the same. Take a look at what Melissa Barlock does well. What is Callie Fields doing every day? The growth that you see on Gary Allen’s and Bryan Perez’s team comes from getting people together. It’s all a result of getting good at getting people together! Our company exists today because of individuals in the business that are bringing people together . . . two people at a time to hundreds or even thousands at a time. Get good at this and you have it pegged. A business builder that is good at signing people up will not be nearly as successful as someone who is good at getting people together. If there is a one thing, this is it. If you are looking for the key differentiator . . . the thing that will make the biggest difference in terms of business growth you now know.

Getting people together allows you to maximize the synergy within the members of your community. Getting people together fosters the collective creativity of many individuals working together. It’s the difference between one lit match and a burning woodpile. The burning woodpile will create much more heat. Your goal is to create “heat” in your team. Getting people together will create energy and growth. The more people the better. And the better you get at it, the better you will do!

Here are a few ideas that can help to accelerate the growth of your business:

1. At least once a month, host a casual lunch for the members of your team and their friends. You don’t need to make it about business. Trust me, the conversation of the business will come up. But let everyone know it is just social.

2. At least once a month, host a Friday Night training at your home with Veggies or Pizza (more people want to come if there is pizza unless you are Darla DiGrande!) You can always do veggies and pizza! Thoroughly train everyone on the entire system and how to build the business. Guests are welcome! Customers can learn the in’s and out’s of the system.

3. Charter a van or bus to larger events within a 5 hour drive of your city. Make a fun day/night of it. Split the costs (make sure a pre-sell tickets so you don’t get caught holding the bag!)

4. Have a generic conference call and invite a guest speaker to talk on an interesting business topic. Make SendOutCards the sponsor of the talk. Give a 3 minute commercial but keep it focused on the business topic at hand. Make it related to appreciation or creating a residual income business, but keep it generic enough that others would want to listen in.

5. Have a card sending party. Invite guests to bring their laptops, smartphones and tablets. Make it hands on!

6. Do the conference call after the conference call. I love this one. Darla DiGrande gave me this idea and I think it’s brilliant on so many levels. Use and conference your team into the Monday Training Call each week. Then afterwards, disconnect and have a second call (15-20 min) with just your team. Talk about what was covered on the call with your team. Discuss how you plan to implement what was talked about.

7. Host weekly meetings in your area. This can be a tricky one as some of you have found out. A weekly meeting works well when you have at least 10-20 people that are in your area that are committed to building a strong business. Each person must be committed to working on having guests at the meeting each week. This only happens if there are LOTS of one on ones and two on ones going on every day. If you find yourself with the same 3 people showing up week after week with no guests, then it’s time to regroup. This servers no purpose. I like to see a team of 100-200 people in an area before starting a regular weekly meeting. Otherwise you seem to come up short each week. Instead, focus on doing 5-10 one on ones and two on ones per week and 1-2 monthly trainings for the entire team and new customers/guests until the team is strong enough to support a weekly meeting. But the idea of getting people together still holds true.

Be creative! YOU create reasons to get people together both inside and outside of your team! I like to think about it as new buds on the tree. A new bud is someone that hasn’t seen SendOutCards before. I need to get them around SendOutCards distributors that are already excited about the business. It’s all about “Who’s next?” Who is the next person today that you can invite? My objective is two-fold 1). Show them SendOutCards 2). Introduce them to other excited members of the team.

Here is a list of possible get-togethers:
1. Lunches
2. Coffees
3. Regional Events
4. National and International Events
5. Conference Calls
6. Three way calls
7. Introductions
8. Parties
9. Barbecues

I would like to give you a proposed game-plan for making “Getting People Together” a key part of your business building. If I were to recommend a plan to you here is what it would be:

1. Host at least 1 team SOCIAL get together per month for your team and friends. Schedule a Mexican lunch or a Pizza Party.

2. Host at least 1 team training per month for your team, their customers and guests.

3. Make sure your calendar is FULL with appointments (3-10 per week) to show the business for you and for the members of your team. If it’s empty right now, start where you are. AND look for opportunities to get your team together with the newer members of the team regularly. Invite them to the cafe to meet your prospects and or new distributors and customers.

4. Plan to be at at least one Promptings Academy and one Boot Camp per year AND The International Convention. Work it into your business plan AND as part of your plan to “Get people together” make sure you go on a rampage to have members of your team there. Work your networks. Become a “Getting People Together” Machine.

This is what it will take to build a vibrant business. Our business is a business of getting people together. The glue that holds the business together is the relationships, and that will not happen unless we all meet each other. That means our distributors, customers and the guests.
CREATE REASONS TO BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER. It’s the #1 skill for growing the business.



Feb 8th, 2016


Before we begin let me say that your new distributor will learn everything they need to learn. But in the beginning, the objectives are simple. When you sign up a new distributor you want them to focus on things that will bring them great results immediately. You want them to get positive feedback on the cards they send AND you want them to get some appointments on their calendar so that the two of you can show the business together to a handful of people right away.

We want to minimize overwhelm and give them just enough to get them going but not so much that they get brain freeze. Your new distributor may have already spent hours on the computer researching everything and may already be in overload . . . so then our job becomes to help them strip away that which is unimportant and focus on what is.

There are only really two things that must happen right away:

1). Start the habit of sending out at least one personal heartfelt card a day and one gift a week.

2). Use their FB Friend List and the contacts in their phone to set up some appointments for the two of you to show the business together.

It is so easy for someone to look for reasons not to connect with people to show them the business. But the business we are in is the business of sharing an idea that will make their life better. It’s easy to come up excuses not to do the uncomfortable part. There is so much busy work that can be created to keep us from setting up times to share the business with others. BUT the real excitement will come when someone starts to believe this is going to work for them! The only way that can happen is if they start to advance their new business and get some great results.

So let’s first talk about the two things we expect someone to do when getting started:

1). Start the habit of sending out at least one personal card a day and one gift a week – My belief is that if someone wants to
really LAUNCH the business right, they will need to send more than one a day. I sent 3 this morning and I make it a habit to send 3-10 every single day. This is one of the habits of a successful Sendoutcards Distributor. I say thank you in a card when someone does something nice for me. I say “nice to meet you!” in a card with a gift when I meet someone new. I look for ways to celebrate the lives of others with pictures and gifts. When I launched my business I sent out 81 cards in my first 2 days on dial-up! You want to create a wave of positivity in your community. You do that by sending out positivity every single day. You can do this on your computer or on your app. Take lots of pictures throughout your day on your phone and then cards from those pictures. If I am at a loss, sometimes I will scroll through my news feed on FB and look for pictures that I think my friends find inspiring based on what they have posted. I then message them and ask them to send me their address so I can mail them something. They usually respond within 2 minutes. I send them a card with a the picture, compliment and sometimes a gift. This is a habit that you want to create immediately. But this is not building the business. This is using the product the way it was designed to be used. It’s the first part of the equation.

2). Use their FB Friend List and the contacts in their phone to set up some appointments for the two of you to show the business together – This is where the rubber hits the road. This is what is going to get your new distributor their first checks. AND that is your #1 GOAL in helping them launch a SendOutCards business. Let’s create some IMMEDIATE GROWTH IN THE BUSINESS! You must be the catalyst for this growth. Yes, you will always have those people that come into your business and figure it out on their own, but most won’t. You’ll need to hold their hand for the first part of their journey. My suggestion is to sit with them over the phone or in person for during their first 24 hours and have them send 20 texts in 20 minutes. They can cut and paste. They send the texts to those on their FB Friend List and to the contacts in their phone. The main objective is to get 3-10 appointments on their calendar within their first week of doing the business. And you can be the catalyst for making this happen.

Tell them up front that when they get started you are only going to have them do two things. 1). Start sending cards 2). Set up some appointments using a simple texting script that you provide. Let them know that they don’t need to pick up the phone and call anyone (in fact you prefer that they don’t!) Let them know that they don’t need to figure out what to say to their friends or how to respond to people. That’s it in the beginning. So when I get someone started, these are the two things I focus on.

Everything I’ve talked about so far happens up front. There is no need to prepare for anything. Most people can send a card after a few minutes of being shown how it works. There are tutorials for everything and the learning curve is very short. Anyone can send out 2 texts right now without having to learn anything if we provide the texts! So there you go. Nothing to prepare for, nothing to set up, nothing to learn. A new person has everything they need to get going right now . . . within their first 24 hours.


Within a short period of time, your new distributor will be showing the business, signing up new customers and distributors and helping their new distributors to get launched so let’s talk about what they will need to do to be completely prepared to do this. First we will be going over the SendOutCards Products, then we will discuss the process for setting up appointments and showing the business. Finally we will go over signing someone up and setting everything up. We will be going over a lot of info here quickly but understand that this is what someone will learn over the course of their first month in the business.

1. The SendOutCards Products ID# CLICK GREEN JOIN BUTTON

PC = 1pt
GC = 3pts
3-Panel = 4pts
Gifts 7pts-700pts
$39/mo = 100pts/mo (.39/pt)

Personal Bundle: $195 100 Bonus Points, 4 Signatures, Custom Branding, Basic Memory
Marketing Bundle: $395 200 Bonus Points, Handwriting and 4 Signatures, Custom Branding and the MRM Training Portal, Upgraded memory vault
Business Bundle: $795 400 Bonus Points, Handwriting and 4 Signatures, Custom Branding, MRM Training Portal for 3 people, Multi-User Accounts, Unlimited Memory Vault

Each of these come with a small annual renewal


Add $50 to any bundle and become a distributor to make money. Includes all your back office support.

Once you or someone on your team has someone in the schedule to show the business to, you’ll be doing the APA (APA stands for Ask – Present – Ask) It’s really very simple:

B. DEMO THE APP USING YOUR SMART PHONE (I recommend doing a selfie with them OR taking a picture of their business card)
Send them a card and have them watch you do it. VOICE OR TYPE IN a message to them. Send them a card on the spot as they watch you do it.
C. GO OVER THE OPTIONS WITH THEM id # Click the green JOIN button and review the subscription and bundles.
E. ASK THE 4 PART NOW QUESTION – Are you a 1,2,3 or 4.
1 = Customer
2 = Referral Partner
3 = Part Time
4 = Full Time

This is how we show the business. There are tools to help you do it over the phone. You will learn all of this over your next few weeks in the business. In the beginning, your sponsor will do it for you unless you are a player and want to hit the ground running on your own. The fast learners just get going. It’s up to you. There will be many tools and resources to help you in your new business.

3. Signing someone up and helping them get set up – Signing someone up is no more difficult than ordering a book on Amazon. Go to ID# and click JOIN. You can take their info and sign them up or have them do it. I recommend being with them over the phone or in person so that they select the options they are really looking for. You can save a lot of headache cleaning up a mess if you are with them in the process of signing up.

ONE HOUR ORIENTATION: Sometime in their first 2 weeks I set up a 1 hour orientation to complete the following:
(This does not happen in their first day or two! Remember there are only 2 things they need to be doing right away)

a. Join Official SendOutCards FB Group
b. Join Gone Mobile FB Group
c. Subscribe to the Official SendOutCards Blog
d. Schedule a Promptings Academy or Bootcamp
e. Watch the Simple Success Training in the Resource Center
f. Complete and mail in Handwriting Font Form
g. Create one or two personal brands
h. Review weekly company leadership call and Jordan’s weekly training call (Where to find info and archives)
i. Do a basic review of the website and how to use it

Remember this is a business that has huge potential to create extra income and even lifestyle freedom. There are some things to learn, but they are not out of reach for even the busiest person. My belief is that if you have to master something, why not master something that will pay you over and over again for years into the future. SendOutCards is a special opportunity that has virtually no competition and is easy to show. We also enjoy the highest customer retention in the profession which helps to feed your residuals. Have fun with your new business!



Jan 25th, 2016

When you read the title to this call it probably conjured up an image of a life of freedom, fun and travel. And although that is absolutely
a real possibility for you and your family, there is another side to it. Did you ever see the photo of the iceberg protruding out of the water
where below the water line is a a giant mass of ice and that part above the water is about 1/10th the size? Well this is as it is as an entrepreneur. There is an enormous amount of work, creativity, resourcefulness, ingenuity, relationship building and networking required BEFORE the financial rewards and freedom come. You will do a ton of work up front for little to no pay to get paid handsomely for years doing little to no work (although you will probably choose to continue working because it is so rewarding). As you look back you’ll realize you would do it all over again because its worth it, but as you are going through it, you may question your own judgement. And your family and friends will probably question your sanity. They may even mock you. And you must believe so strongly in your heart that you are doing the right thing for you and your family that the comments of others don’t matter all that much. You must know to your core that you are doing something that is good in the world for you to throw in the towel over the opinions of others.

As an entrepreneur, you will experience a roller coaster of emotion. Get ready for the highest highs and the lowest lows. As an entrepreneur, you will have to make some of the toughest decisions of your life. And you’ll have some of the most rewarding times of your life as well. You may go from depressed to ecstatic in the same day. You may be encouraged and discouraged in the same hour. You might be surprised by a break through and let down by a setback in the same week. It’s just as it goes in the life of an entrepreneur!

As we enter into this conversation, I want to read a couple of pages from a book I’m reading now. It’s called “Clay, Water, Brick” and it’s written by Jessica Jackley. Jessica has one of the most inspiring TED talks ever done. (

As you listen to this, I want you to ask yourself what excuses you may have been making about why you are not successful and what are the reasons you are being held back or not rising to your full potential. Is it because of time or money? Is it because you don’t possess the financial resources or the environment you grew up in? What is holding you back from achieving your dreams? Are you too old or too young? Is it the people you know or don’t know that are keeping you from moving forward? Your past? Or your current circumstances? What are the obstacles in your way?

(Read two pages from Jessica’s Book)

Being an entrepreneur means taking what you have . . . (or don’t have!) and working with it. As soon as you label yourself as an entrepreneur, you have identified yourself as a resourceful person. That means you figure it out! You find the necessary resources, support, people and money to get the job done. You learn to believe in yourself and take calculated chances. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone, but for those people that refuse to give up on their dreams, it’s the best and only option. For those people not willing to settle, being an entrepreneur offers hope.

Again, I must emphasize that CHALLENGE comes with the territory. Challenge exposes the problems and issues that need to be solved. Entrepreneurs are not quitters. They take each new challenge as an opportunity to grow. Here’s one for you . . . the more successful you are as an entrepreneur, the more challenges will emerge on your journey. In other words, if you are not experiencing challenges, you are not growing . . . YOU are not growing and neither is your business. A lack of challenges means a lack of growth. Challenges are your benchmarks. If you have chosen to become an entrepreneur to get rid of your challenges, you have chosen the wrong profession! Your greatest vulnerabilities, character flaws and weaknesses will be revealed. And when they are, you’ll be called to figure out how to handle them. It may mean personally transforming yourself or finding someone else that can do what you need to get done better than you. As an entrepreneur, you only lose if you stop because each setback is a chance to learn and to grow. Quitting is not in the vocabulary of the true entrepreneur. And you willingly go through all of this because you know that you are doing something worthwhile that can make the world a better place.
Sometimes you see it before most of the others in your life. And when those closest to you reject your ideas, that can hurt. But it doesn’t dissuade you because you are committed to your cause and to see the job through.

Being an entrepreneur means taking 100% responsibility. That means not blaming anyone else for your shortcomings or problems. “If it is to be, it’s up to me!”
Remember Michael Jackson’s song, “Man in the Mirror”? As an entrepreneur, no longer can you blame it on your company, your comp plan, your upline or downline . . . you’ll need to transform it, go through it, go over it or go around it. OR accept it. And then come up with a solution that makes the situation better.
You’ll never hear a true entrepreneur blame other people for their lack of success. So the comment, “I don’t have an upline!” doesn’t work any more. YOU be the upline! Or if you are distraught because there are no meetings in your area, YOU start the meetings. OR if no one on you team or in your business is doing anything, you find out how to find the right people, infuse inspiration into your group and create growth! Taking 100% responsibility means if something is not working, you find the resources to make it work OR you accept it and come up with another solution.
Now this call was titled, “LIFE AS AN ENTREPRENEUR”. You probably expected me to talk about flying around the world on private jets and renting expensive yachts for parties on the bay. Well, that can be part of your journey if you choose as you create your future. Really the life of an entrepreneur is about you designing your life the way you want it to be and then having the freedom to create it through the development of your business. You don’t have to answer to anyone because YOU call the shots! You live where you want to live. You work as little or as much as you want to wherever you want to. You pick who you choose to work with and what you’ll be doing with them. YOU get to DESIGN YOUR personal and professional life! The life of an entrepreneur entails being bold enough to dream bigger and having the courage to step into those dreams.

There is not a successful entrepreneur on the planet that hasn’t experienced the ups and downs on his/her journey. We all have dreams but most give up on them fairly early and many don’t have the fortitude to continue on despite setbacks and obstacles. This is why only a few get to experience the rewards of the big money and free time. When I reflect back on my early 30’s, I remember how distraught I used to feel every 2 weeks when I would get my paycheck after 15 years of work and a college degree. It was a pit in my stomach. I had anxiety every time I went to work. I hated Sunday’s, Monday’s and Thursdays (Friday were okay because tomorrow was Saturday!). But then I never had enough money to do the things I wanted to do. I wanted to experience the world and much of my working life was gone just scrapping by. I was inspired by many entrepreneurs and I wanted to live like them. I wanted to make a difference and serve people on a larger scale. The job plan just wasn’t cutting it for me. I felt like I was burning daylight. I had to get better as an entrepreneur and take responsibility as a producer and not just a consumer.

So life as an entrepreneur means being in charge of your destiny. . . designing your own life. . . . . declaring your future. . . . being responsible for your results and the results of your business. You work when you want to. You choose your own team and play as big as you choose to play. You accept your wins AND your losses. You know that your losses represent your opportunity to learn. You take responsibility and step into your future even though sometimes you’re afraid and don’t know what lies ahead. You seek adventure and uncertainty. You choose to live life on your terms without the boundaries imposed by others.

Here are some I AM statements that can support you as an entrepreneur:

1. I am an entrepreneur
2. I design my own life
3. I create my future
4. I am a creator of value
5. I take responsibility for my future
6. If there is something I don’t like that is in the way of my growth, I eliminate it, go around
it or transform it.
7. I am resourceful
8. I am a problem solver
9. I accept challenges as a way to learn and grow
10. I expect to win
11. I attract great people into my business
12. I am a producer
13. I am living my highest purpose
14. I am making a difference in the world
15. I am living my dreams today
16. I am getting better every day
17. I own this
18. I am a dream broker
19. I am courageous and bold
20. I am an entrepreneur


Jan 18th, 2016


In the course of my career, I have noticed that as a make little seemingly inconsequential changes, monumental shifts can occur
in the growth of my business. But this condition really exists in life. I have read about entrepreneurs that claim that simply by getting up
one hour earlier each day that 300 hours a year of extra daylight led to a massive shift in success. Flossing daily allows you to keep your teeth
for many more years than would be if you hadn’t. In my business, an awareness of a few simple things acted upon have changed everything.
For example, attending and promoting events offers a degree of leverage that is exponential. I could never come close to creating these kinds of results on my own. Each person from my team that attends an event adds a level of energy to the whole group magnified by ten. It’s not just applying pressure . . . it’s knowing WHERE to apply pressure.

Again this reminds me of the hummingbird that slipped through the doorway of my home in the mountains . . . he would have died trying to fly out through the big picture window. Flying in that direction leads to death and represents massive struggle. A simple shift in direction towards the door leads to a flight to freedom and is effortless. A simple shift in focus. What simple shift in focus could you make that would move your from struggle and death to freedom?

We live this phenomenon each day in our regular lives. Going from the outside to the inside can take us from being cold to being warm. Water at 33 degrees is still liquid. Water at 32 degrees is solid ice. One degree makes all the difference.

I want to explore one simple action tonight that anyone can do right away that I believe could transform any network marketing business. Before we do, I would like to share some simple observations regarding the way people communicate today:

1. When you are in a group of people, observe how many are talking on the phone vs how many are glued to their screens texting and messaging. Most are
messaging vs talking.

2. When we call someone, there is a very low likelihood that they will answer.

3. 93% of text messages are answered within 2 minutes

Observations about business building:

1. Most people have a fear of making phone calls to set appointments

2. The weakest link in the chain of business building activities for most people is setting the appointment

3. Appointments drive business growth. They lead to new customers and new distributors. Without appointments,
you have no business.


The simple action that anyone can do that can transform any business is:


TEXT #1: ___________, I would like to set up a time to show you something that’s really cool that I think has big potential

TEXT #2: It’s a new technology I need to show you on your phone or computer. When can I catch you for 30 minutes uninterrupted?

Many of you already use this technique for setting appointments and you have experienced how it streamlines, simplifies and expedites
the process of filling your calendar.

As a business builder, you are a CATALYST for the growth of your team. Many people KNOW what they need to do, but don’t do it because knowing is just not enough. So whether you are working with one person or 100 people, let’s talk about something you can do right now that takes no special skill to get LOTS of appointments on the calendar for you and your team.


In 2016, I am committed to holding 24 appointment setting sessions (2 per month) and teaching my team to do the same.
Start where you are. If you have 2 people working do it with 2. If you have 20 people working, do it with 20.

1. Get your team together 2 times per month – Invite new distributors each month

2. Plan for 1-2 hours

3. Order Pizza (for some reason people show up when there is pizza involved)

4. Have the texting script available either on a handout or on a whiteboard

5. Tell everyone that you are having an appointment setting contest.

6. You can have a couple of $5 Starbucks Cards and a couple of $20 American Express
Cards for the winners. (or get creative).

7. Instruct everyone to use their FB Private Messaging and texting to do 20 texts in 20 minutes.
Cutting and pasting is ok.

8. No phone calls allowed. If someone calls you after receiving a text, hit “ignore” and then
text them to say you are in a meeting and send text #2.

9. Recognize each new appointment as they happen and keep track on a whiteboard
for all to see

10. Award the winners with their prizes. You’ll now have lots of 3 way calls and 2 on ones to conduct the following week.

SPECIAL NOTE: I have heard of people taping $1, $5 and $20 bills across a whiteboard (2- $20, 5 – $5 and 10-$1)
and then as each person gets an appointment (on the calendar!! It must be SCHEDULED!) they get to go up
and write their name and take the next bill going from left to right.

THIS IS A SIMPLE ACTION THAT TAKES NO SKILL AT ALL – You can start right now getting a few people from SendOutCards in your area together to start having the appointment setting sessions. Appointment setting represents the most profitable action you can take now to grow your business. It usually represents the weakest link in the process. You become the catalyst for making it happen. Schedule a date and time. You can do it in your home or in an apartment or office building conference room. It only takes 1 to 2 hours and it’s fun. Filling the calendar is one of the toughest things for distributors to do but this will help you and your team do it efficiently. In the past, making phone
calls caused an enormous amount of anxiety and stress. It’s the one thing that most everyone is afraid to do in the beginning. This completely eliminates that condition.

I’m looking forward to hearing your reports of how many appointments you set using this process.

Jan 4th, 2016


Q: You went 10 years in Network Marketing before signing up your first distributor. And since you seem to have figured it out, you have sponsored over 500 people personally. How do you explain the change?

Jordan: First of all, in all fairness (to me), I really didn’t do much in my first 10 years. I would sign up with a company, invite 2 friends to meet me at an opportunity meeting and neither would show up. I would then decide that there was something wrong with me or that the company was no good and I would quit. I did this over and over again for 10 years. My longevity in a company was 2-3 months. Then about 7-10 months later, I would find another company and do the same thing all over again. I was involved in Amway for about a year (twice!). Both times, I went to a couple of events, bought some product and enrolled in their “tape of the week and book of the month” programs. If there was anything I did right, it was to listen to audios and read books produced by successful network marketers. I also read personal development incessantly.

Besides learning the in’s and out’s of business building, my focus shifted. There were a few radical defining moments that changed everything for me:

1. I stopped making my decision to continue or not based on other people’s opinions – When someone gave me negative feedback I started believing that “they just don’t get it!” instead of “Maybe they are right!”. I adopted the philosophy, “They aren’t going to pay my bills so why should I listen to them!”

2. I started to understand the #’s game – Around my 10th year, I began to understand that IT’S NORMAL for most people not to see it. Most people are average. I’m not looking for average people. I’m looking for people that have a dream for their lives. And I’m looking for people that want to build a business. Only about 1 in 10 people will fit the bill. But the problem is, lots of times, I won’t know which ones are the right ones until I show it to them! Jim Rohn taught me that I can make up in #’s what others have in skill. So if my numbers aren’t as good as yours, but I show it more than you do, I can do better than you!

3. I learned that quitting is the worst strategy for success – I tried the quitting plan for 10 years and it wasn’t working! There has never been a book written called “How to quit your way to success!” We are all playing in the same sandbox. Same people. Same attitudes towards network marketing. Same financial struggles. I figured out that my mindset about quitting was killing my chances for success. So I simply STOPPED QUITTING! Instead, when I had a rough day or a tough situation come up, I would regroup, step back and THEN GO BACK TO WORK!
This one thing is probably the reason I’m where I am today. Our emotions go up and our emotions go down. I adopted the philosophy, “Don’t quit on a bad day!” and “I make my decisions based on my commitment and not on how I am feeling. Our feelings will deceive us into thinking that the business is not right for us . . . and really the feedback they are giving us is . . . you have to grow up here! Instead, I ask, what do I need to learn to do better?

4. I realized that the top earners in the profession were just like me! In 1993, I was invited to have dinner with a group of the top earners in my new company and to this point, I had never signed up a single distributor. This group of 5 distributors were all exploding their organizations and their checks were going through the roof! All of them were making over $10,000 a month, and one was in the range of $70,000 a month! I knew that this kind of income existed, but I had never sat with anyone that was making this kind of money. So I kept my mouth shut and just listened. And I guess in that 2 hour dinner, I realized that these 5 people were just like me! Their personalities were all very different from each other, but they had the same challenges and issues that I had experienced. I wanted to become friends with them and be recognized on the same stage with them. But I knew for that to happen, I would need to shift my thinking and PLAY A BIGGER GAME. 3 years later, I was on the stage getting recognized as a top money earner AND ALL OF THEM BECOME SOME OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS (even today!).
That dinner changed my life!

Q: What percent of the people you’ve signed up did you know before you join your company?

Jordan: I have personally signed up about almost 500 people in network marketing since I signed up my first distributor in 1993. In SendOutCards I have signed up about 370 (in 11 years – 132 months). That comes out to just under 3 per month. Of the 370, I personally knew about 30 of them. So 90% of the people that I personally brought into the business, I did not know when I joined.

Q: How do you deal with running out of people?

Jordan: To answer this question, we must deal with the mindset of it. Believing that you will run out of people is a mindset. It is not a fact. Running out of people is a philosophy rooted in “scarcity”. Having an unlimited resource of people is a philosophy rooted in “abundance”. With a philosophy of scarcity, you will run out of people. You must realize that your thinking on this issue creates the fact. The fact does not create the thinking! You do not have a “scarcity of people” problem. You have a “resourcefulness” problem. You must start asking the right questions and DROP THE PHILOSOPHY THAT YOU ARE GOING TO RUN OUT OF PEOPLE! Otherwise you will not make it. The answer is simple: Figure out where to meet and connect with more people. You don’t need a lot. Two per day will do it. So to answer the question, I DON’T DEAL WITH RUNNING OUT OF PEOPLE because that is not how my brain works!

Q: Most people are negative and skeptical. Any strategies for that?

Jordan: Do you think I have a strategy for that? Of course I do! First recognize what is going on here.
There are two things at play . . . there is what you think and then there is reality. Are most people really negative and skeptical OR are most people tired of being hyped and lied to? I agree we live in a pretty cynical world today. Lots of people are asking the question . . . “What’s the catch?”. And with shows like American Greed and 60 minutes it’s no wonder people have been programmed to respond by raising an eyebrow. It’s ok. It’s ok! Let them be skeptical. Listen to their concerns. Ask them why they are the way they are? “What happened?” “Tell me more?” My #1 way to defuse skepticism is to LISTEN. Just listen. Then get permission to continue. Ask them if it’s okay if you show them anyway? If they say yes, then show them. If they say no, then don’t! Instead just send them a card. I have had people that were borderline negative turn completely around after I sent them a card and a gift. I have also had people turn around when I show them the APP or give them a chance to send a card. Be patient with people. Try and put yourself in their shoes for a minute.


1. CYNICS – Negative and not recoverable. End the conversation QUICKLY.
They have one goal . . . to put you and your dream down. You kill them before they
kill you (figuratively, not literally!)

2. SKEPTICS – Skeptics are recoverable. Listen to them. Skeptics will become your strongest
business buildings. There story becomes . . . “I was skeptical, but you know what I learned . . . ?”
The way to turn a skeptic around is to OFFER PROOF. Demo the App. Show some of the testimonials.
Show them some cards. Send them a card with a gift. Introduce them to someone that is having success.
I love skeptics!

3. PLAYERS – They have their credit card out before you even finish your presentation! Sign them up and train them. Teach the APA (Ask-Present-Ask). A player will typically train themselves before you can even get to them. They are sending cards because they watched the tutorials. They will even sign people up and get promoted without any encouragement at all. This is a good thing! Many of you on this call were players when you signed up. Lots of you don’t even have active sponsors. You figured it out. It’s not that tough. Someone with entrepreneurial qualities will hit the group running no matter what!

SPECIAL NOTE: Many times the reason you experience a skeptic or cynic is because you are “presenting on the fly”. Don’t present the business on the fly. SET UP A SPECIFIC TIME TO SHOW THE BUSINESS FROM START TO FINISH. REQUEST 30 MINUTES UNINTERRUPTED! If you do this, you will rarely experience negativity. When someone goes south, take it away from them quickly. Don’t answer questions until you meet with them to show them the whole thing from start to finish. If they demand answers before seeing the business, ask for a mailing address and tell them you will mail them something. Then send a nice card with pictures and a 2 pack of brownies. Your goal is to set up a time to meet in person or over the phone. This is a business and you need to set up a business meeting to explain what we do and how we do it. It cheapens your business when you try and explain it on the run. Let them know you will take all the time necessary to answer all of their questions AFTER you show it to them from start to finish.

Q: How do you stay motivated and keep going?

Jordan: Haha . . . in reality I don’t. I restart every day. Some days I’m just not motivated. But I don’t work based on whether I’m motivated. About 60% of the time, I’m not motivated to do this call on Monday night. But I do it anyway. And usually by doing it I get motivated . . . just like some of you get motivated by listening to it!

The key to motivation is looking forward to a brighter future. Let’s say you have a job and you have a very exciting vacation planned. You are really looking forward to it! Three days before your vacation, you get news that your boss has a critical project that has to be completed and your vacation get’s indefinitely postponed. Your motivation went way down, didn’t it!? People that have no hope are severely depressed. People that have something to look forward to are motivated. As an entrepreneur, we design our future. We inspire a better life for ourselves and for others. This is why dream-building is so important. This is why going to events and meeting others that are succeeding in the business is key! You must know what you are working for and you must believe it’s possible for you. Then you will be motivated. But motivation is like a hot cup of coffee. Sometimes the coffee cools off and you need to heat it back up! DON’T EXPECT TO BE MOTIVATED ALL THE TIME! You won’t be. Don’t decide to work or not based on whether you are motivated. That is a formula for failure. Sometimes you’ll need to work whether you are motivated or not. And that is not always easy. Realize that some days you will be off the charts excited and other days you will be depressed. That’s just normal. But you already know this because you are a person. And as a person, your emotions go up and down.

Q: What is your most important recruiting tip for the new year?

Jordan: Easy one . . . fill your calendar. Look at your schedule right now and ask yourself, if this was your first week back at work after being gone on vacation would you get a raise? Or would you be fired based on how productive your week will be? REFRESH YOU LIST AND START USING YOUR TEXTING AND PRIVATE INBOX MESSAGING STRATEGY TO FILL YOUR WEEK! Start taking selfies with others and send them out on cards using the app. DO AT LEAST ONE PER DAY. If you have a local team, book a meeting/training and invite guests. Do that tonight! Get your calendar full with appointments for you and for your team. As a network marketing professional, it’s your role (and mine) to be a catalyst for growth in the business. That means creating the opportunities to show the business to new people each day. Do it yourself. Do it for them. Do it with them . . . then have them do it. Then you do it yourself again.

Dec 29th, 2015

FAITH 2016

Each week when I send my message out and post it on FB, I ask myself . . . what do I and others need to hear about this coming week? And many times, what I need and what I perceive others to need i don’t have a great handle on in the moment. I may need some clarity myself! So I ask the question. I just ask it and have FAITH that the answer will come to me. So about 2 hours before my call, I sit at my computer and I start to journal on the topic I’ve identified. Sometimes it becomes crystal clear and other times it’s muddled. Sometimes I just need to sort it all out. And my computer journaling helps me do that. AND it becomes our Monday Night Training Call. This week, I needed “Faith”. And if you would have asked me last night . . . “What do you know about faith?” I would have told you . . . “not much!” But I do know that I have practiced faith many times in my life. And sometimes I really need it and other times, I’m like, “I got this!” But things always seem to work better when you have Faith (I feel a George Michael song coming on!)

So each and every week it’s a clean slate. I know WHAT I want to talk about and I have faith that I will benefit and so will others.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Fear and Faith are at two ends of the spectrum. We all tend to move back and forth between the two. The key is to keep yourself in faith more often than you are in fear. When you find yourself slipping into fear, notice it and make a shift back to faith. In fear, we are over-controlling and desperate. In faith we are loving and trusting. If fear is 10 points below the line and faith is 10 points above the line, where do you spend most of your time as it relates to life and your business. See if you can shift yourself on the scale. How do you know? Fear is a feeling and faith is a feeling. If you feel desperate and out of control, you are probably spending lots of time in fear. If you are at peace and you just know, you are probably spending lots of time in faith.

Faith is much easier than fear. Faith is letting go and allowing things to happen exactly the way they are supposed to. This includes the lessons that you must learn as a result of failing and faltering. Fear keeps you bound up and in prisoned. Faith keeps you free. So let it go. And letting it go is a process. Catch yourself and then let it go (wasn’t this a song in “Frozen”?) Faith is trusting in the face of no proof. There is no evidence. The skeptical and cynical mind wants proof. They ask the question . . . “How do you know?” And in real faith, you believe in the invisible. You just trust in miracles. It can’t be seen or touched. The evidence comes later. The reason I can describe this is because I have experienced it so many times in my life. Although I had LOTS of proof that I was no good at network marketing, I kept moving myself back to faith. Why? Because I know that it is THE ONLY WAY it will work. I had lots of proof that I couldn’t fly helicopters but I kept moving myself back to faith. It was my only option IF I wanted to learn to fly them! So faith is the key to having what you want for yourself and others. AND its not always easy. You may be deceived into thinking that you can’t do something because of the proof all around you. This just means there are lessons to learn. As soon as you lose faith, you are defeated. Do you see the power in this? If you feel the need to control every move, you may be living in fear and you are sure to fail. It’s okay to fail but in faith, you will learn. In fear, you will quit.

Here’s the good news. You know what faith is . . . even if you can’t feel it in this instant. Every time you get into an automobile or an airplane you are putting your faith in other people. Every time you eat food at a restaurant you are living in a place of faith . . . you’re trusting that the food you are eating is safe and won’t harm you. Each and every time you go to bed at night and you pull the covers up over you, you are practicing faith. Do you really think those covers will protect you? You are trusting just by being out in the world and living your life. I’m not an expert at this . . . I’m just sharing my observations and experiences. So why is it so hard to have faith and trust that everything will work out EXACTLY the way it is supposed to? When you plant a seed in the ground and water it, how do you know that it is going to grow? In reality you don’t. But you have faith that it will. So you keep watering. And you have patience. But if you get scared that it won’t, you might kill it by over-watering it or digging it up! How do you know that when you breath there will be oxygen to keep you alive? How do you know that gravity will keep you in your shoes? We already live a faith based life!

Faith IS NOT hoping and waiting. In other words, if you are a dreamer (which is a good thing) and you commit your dreams to paper . . . then you sit on the couch waiting for all your dreams to come true, you are delusional. Faith is not hocus-pocus. Faith is not like fairy dust. But faith is essential to being happy and living life to the fullest. Faith will fuel your dreams and lack of faith is a guaranteed death sentence.

With faith, the fundamentals will work for you. Practice the fundamentals and with faith,
you can live the most fulfilling, rewarding and uplifting life possible. Things work when you have faith.
Your life is easier when you have faith. You’ll be happier when you have faith. And in this state,
your business will grow and thrive as well.

So what are the fundamentals?

1. Have an idea of what you want. Write out a few dreams for the new year.
2. Believe in people . . . there are people that are ready and those that are not. Seek out the ones that are
and continue to believe that some are capable of great things because we arrived at exactly the right time and
they were looking for us.
3. Be kind – Be kind with your words and be kind with your deeds
4. Be generous – Be generous with your words, be generous with your deeds and be generous with you money
5. Get better – Look for ways that you can continue to grow and be better in all areas
6. Do the work (focus on education and not sales) – In other words seek out ways to contribute to others by showing them a better way to foster good will, get referrals and develop a network.
7. Do what you say you are going to do . . . if you have committed to goals, DO the goals . . . don’t make excuses. Making excuses and blaming others chisels away at your foundation. Follow through on your commitments. This is the definition of integrity.
8. Live by your calendar – Related to #7. Your calendar becomes your boss. Fill it with the work necessary to grow personally and in your business.
9. Don’t let crisis turn into ruin. If you have a crisis learn from it and then get back to it. A crisis doesn’t ever have to be the end. If you make it the end, that’s on you! A crisis is just a crisis . . . not the end!
10. Be extra patient (with your business, with others and with yourself!). Tony Robbins says, “People always over-estimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in five.” It’s tough to be patient with people and yourself if you are desperate and fearful. It’s easy to be patient with people and yourself when you are living in faith.

AND if you have lost a loved one and you are feeling hopeless and blue, or if the love of your life left you and you are feeling alone, faith is what will get you through. This might be your first holiday without your parents. That empty feeling that comes with loss of any kind . . . the Holidays can be especially tough. I’ll say a prayer for you. Faith is what we all need to get us through. Faith that everything will be okay. And in the moment it may not feel that way. We have all had the feeling of not wanting to do anything . . . of being paralyzed by fear and desperation. Sleeping and eating become senseless. All motivation is gone. We have all had the experience of being numb to life due to the loss of someone or something important to us. After grieving, faith is what will bring you back to life. Have faith. Let go. Be present. It really is the only way to finding peace during the tougher times.

I needed this message tonight.

Dec 14th, 2015 –


I ASKED YOU FOR SUGGESTIONS HERE ON FB AND YOU TOLD ME THIS IS WHAT YOU WOULD LiKE TO TALK ABOUT! Thank you . . . so many great ideas and it was tough to choose! So I picked 3 topics and here they are!

1). “They loved my card . . . now what?”
2). How to show the business from afar?
3). How to train a new distributor from afar?


You send cards to reach out in kindness AND you schedule appointments to show the business. They are distinct and separate. Personally I don’t think it’s too productive to send cards to show the business. It comes off as disingenuous to send a card of appreciation to get them to look at the business. So as a general rule, I wouldn’t mix up the two. You are in the business of helping people set up businesses on the internet that will allow them to send cards and gifts and impact the world in a positive way. That IS the business that you are in. So as a network marketing professional, you’ll want to make time each week to set up appointments to meet with people. I’d like to help identify a few different REASONS for setting up appointments. AND you send cards out to touch others in a meaningful way. Sometimes you’ll be setting up a time to meet with someone to talk about the business and they have gotten a card from you.

SPECIAL NOTE: I regularly see posts of Facebook from frustrated distributors that have sent cards to people and have received no response. First of all, the intention of sending a card is not to get a response. You are not trying to get others to do anything. You are simply sending a card without expecting ANYTHING in return! Just because they didn’t call you or email you doesn’t mean your card wasn’t appreciated by them! I run into people a full year after sending them something and they will thank me out of the blue. Sending cards to get a response is much like posting an ad on your Facebook wall. You’ll get very few likes. I have found that when I posted the picture of the ceramic animals on my deck in the snow with little animal footprints all around I get 400 likes. When I post anything about my business, I get 3 likes. Keep your cards PERSONAL and people will “like” them more!

At the same time, we are in the business of network marketing and building a business. So showing the business is an essential part of what we do. This involves setting up times to meet with people. Just to reiterate, this is not related to sending your cards. It’s 100% about contacting someone to talk about how they can increase their income, have a business of their own, free up some time, etc.

Meeting with people is key. Here are a few REASONS to meet with people:

1). To show them a cool app that has some big potential
2). To have coffee and talk
3). To show them how to make money in the business
4). To find out what they are looking for and how we may be able to help them achieve their goals

So to answer the question . . . “They loved my card . . . now what?” They answer is . . . there is no “Now what?”!
The answer you should give them is “Thank you!” That’s it! Just thank you. If you try and get them to meet with you after they thank you for the card, then you will negate the positive impact of the card.

BUT (The big BUT) . . . if they are on your list and you want to show them the business, then send them a text using the
2 step texting strategy script. The REASON you are texting them is clear and well defined . . . TEXT #1 “I want to show them something really cool that has some big potential.” TEXT #2: “It’s a new technology that you need to show them on their phone . . . when can I catch you uninterrupted for 30 minutes to show you?”

So to summarize . . . we send cards without the expectation of getting anything in return AND we set up times to show the business to people. These are distinct and separate activities from each other. Typically keep your card sending activities personal. The personal cards are the ones that will have the biggest impact as long as they are not manipulative in any way.

SPECIAL NOTE: There are times that you will send cards for business purposes as well. Many times they will be a “Campaign Card”. But be aware of the purpose of these cards. It may be to advertise a new program or product. It may be to share a business perspective. About one out of 5 cards I send someone is designed for the purpose of educating or getting someone to think. I have some of my cards posted in my PERSONAL COLLECTION on Sendcere. Feel free to follow me. Here are a few examples:

1. NETWORK MARKETING CARD: I have a campaign card that I’ll send people that says, “Why would anyone do network marketing?” And then I go over the benefits of doing network marketing over other traditional types of business activities.

2. GOING OUT OF BUSINESS CARD: I have a campaign card that compares our business model to that of the video rental business and the book business. It shows a video rental store going out of business being replaced by Netflix and a book store going out of business being replaced by Amazon. Of course it also shows the greeting cards store going out of business being replaced by SendOutCards. I did searches and pulled the images off of Google Images.

3. LET’S DO THE IMPOSSIBLE TOGETHER CARD: I have a campaign card that shows a crowd of people and a “Let’s do the impossible together” imbedded in the image.

So there are personal related cards and business related cards. There are personal related meetings (like “let’s get together for coffee and just get caught up!”) and business related meetings. If you keep them all distinct and separate from each other, you’ll rarely have problems and you’ll always have people to meet with.


All 3 attended our BNI meeting as guest. Andrew and Geoff joined our chapter. Brent did not. I sent each a “Nice
to meet you card” with some pictures of our group. I also included a $5 Starbucks card. About a week later I texted all
3 of them (using the texting script) and set appointments to meet with all 3 individually. We met at the Starbucks on Eastern and the 215.
I did the 5 step APA with each one of them. Brent has been saying he wants to sign up for the past 2 months. Geoff signed up the day
after I showed him and Andrew signed up on the spot. All 3 of them have received multiple cards from me including some of the ones listed above. They
have all received my Holiday Card and the card with the selfie we did during the APA (which included 2 brownies).


Three things:

1). It’s always better to show it in person, but if they are in another state/country then you must show it using
2). It’s a little awkward . . . and that’s okay. The process is not perfect, but it works.
3). You can’t do it wrong.

Sign up for a screen sharing website like or Both work great and are free for the basic service. There are others that charge. or They are all VERY simple to use. You can also use google hangout, FaceTime or Skype for free.
So there are MANY free and paid options. Just pick one and try it. I prefer because I can show my screen or I can use the camera so they can see me and the MPP (the deck of cards) that I do on a flat surface.

I have done lots of these that have gone well and a bunch that have flopped. Usually the ones that flop are because of a poor internet connection on one end or the other. Assuming the internet is working well, I’ll just follow the 5 steps:

1). Tell them how and why you got involved in SendOutCards (2 minutes)
Don’t start selling it to them . . . just tell YOUR story.
2). Demo the App . . . if you are on video, you can just pretend they are sitting in front of you.
Turn your phone to the camera on your computer as you do each step so they can see what you are
doing. This works well.
3). Go over the options. Have them take out a notepad and have them WRITE out the options (they take notes)
as you tell them. .39 per point PC=1pt, GC-3pts, 3-panel=4pts, Gifts: 7pts-700pts. No contract. Points Rollover.
Standard 2 panel card with pictures, $1.17. Basic program 100pts/mo-$39/mo. OPTION: Silver Package
$345 Upgrade. Custom Branding, Handwriting Font and Signatures, 200 Bonus Points, MRM Training Portal,
20% discount (.31 per point)
4). Do the MPP – Find a clear flat surface and go through it as if they are sitting in front of you.
5). Ask the “NOW” Question . . . Are you are 1,2,3 or 4?

IT’S OKAY TO IMPROVISE!! If something goes wrong, then go for plan B! You can’t do it wrong. The right ones
will “see” it if it’s the right time. So I have had the internet go bad about 1/2 way through the presentation. If this happens
then say, “I will send you a video to watch”. Or “I will send you a link of a conference call to listen to”. Then I go into the videos section
of the sendoutcards site and send them the compensation plan opportunity video or I’ll go to and send them
a call that will expand their vision. There are so many good ones to choose from! We don’t give people enough credit. They will get what they
need as long as you feed them information. Only start sending them links as a LAST RESORT!

Step #1 and #3 require no technology, so always do those two live over the phone.


Kathy Paauw has built her business all over the world. She has put together a great PowerPoint
that you are free to use in your presentations. Thank you Kathy! You can find it here:

Bob Bunch pdf: Bob has put together a really great PDF that can be used on a screen sharing
website if you are really not comfortable doing the live demo. The slides are not as effective but
are a good alternative . . . If you go to the Gone Mobile FB group, and search for
pdf you’ll see a pdf from Bob Bunch. You can download it. This will pull up the card editor on your computer.
once it comes up, grab the bottom right corner of the website and drag it to the left (reshape the entire
website to be the shape of your phone (it will look exactly like the app). You can then demo the app using
your screen sharing without your actual smart phone. This is a GREAT option


I’m going to keep this brief and simple.

1). Text the following message to your new distributor
2). Have them listen and take notes on both conference calls in the text.
This will train them on the new programs and how to show the business.
It will also teach them the 2 step texting strategy
3). THEN have them text you back once they have listened to both recordings
4). Schedule a half hour with them to go over the what to do next.

20 texts in 20 minutes . . . then do the first 2-3 presentations together.


I’m really looking forward to working with you. When you get a chance, listen to these two 25 minute calls, and take notes if you can.


TEXT 1: I want to set up a time to show you something that’s really cool that I think has big potential.

TEXT 2: it’s a new technology I need to show you on your phone or on your computer. When can I catch you for 30 minutes uninterrupted?


HOW TO SHOW IT (25 min):


1. Order mobile pocket presentation under Gifts (Business Building Tools)

2. Listen to both conference calls and take notes

3. Practice sending cards with pictures from your iPhone

4. Start inviting people to take a look using that two-step texting script

Everyone has at least 300 FB Friends and an additional 300 contacts in their phone – They can set appts for a year with those- referrals will take them into their first 3 years

Nov 30th, 2015


Most importantly during this holiday time it’s important to understand that you have a business that thrives during this time of year. It would be absurd
to think that a store that caters to card and gift giving would be closed during this time of year. Sooooo . . . .with that in mind, make sure you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS! You do realize YOU HAVE A BUSINESS! There is no more productive time of year than NOW to show the business. Have your phone in your hand and DEMO LIKE CRAZY! Then tell people how easy it is to get a high quality cards out to all their friends and family in seconds right from the computer!

Let’s go over the 3 things I mentioned in my announcement for this call. Three things will propel you into 2016 with energy:

1. The cards you send in the next 30 days (Send Out Gratitude and Love)
2. The meetings you do in December and your meeting plan for
the new year
3. Your strategic plan for 2016

Before we do, I want to say that it’s just A FEW LITTLE THINGS that make the BIG DIFFERENCE. It’s the little things that are often overlooked. But then I see the questions on Facebook that insinuate . . . “What am I doing wrong?” And although they are somewhat obvious, sometimes they are the things that are the toughest to do because most everyone else doesn’t do them. Usually the reason most don’t do them is because they are inconvenient or a little out of most peoples’ comfort zones. For example . . . it’s certainly easier not to work the business through the holidays because people (including you!) are BUSY!! BUT its those that dig deep and make time for it that end up with the fantastic lifestyles that you read about in the network marketing books. It’s lonely at the top!! There is a ton of room on the stage because few are willing to really do what it takes! It’s easy to close up shop during the busiest time of year!! BUT doesn’t it make logical sense that this is the best time to turn up the heat (literally and figuratively!)
A few other examples of the LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE . . . Send a card to EVERYONE in your contact manager. Not just any card . . . a card that will make them say . . . he/she really cares! This takes some time and some money! But throughout the year, you added a bunch of people to your contact manager! If they don’t get a holiday card from you a). They now know you weren’t that serious b). They are just a couple of months away from forgetting you are in the business.

It really doesn’t take that much to succeed, but the little things that most people don’t do are the things that make or break SendOutCards business. THE LITTLE THINGS ARE THE BIG THINGS! Each year my contact manager gets bigger and bigger! The first year I was in the business, I signed up right after Christmas so I was unable to get my traditional holiday cards out. BUT I frantically sent out hundreds of messages asking people for their addresses so I could “put them into my contact manager”. I filled my CM with 350 contacts and sent out 350 New Years cards. Each year now, my contact manager has been growing. In fact, I showed the business to about 8 people per week for the past 52 weeks. That means I’ve added approximately 400 new people to my contact manager just from those I’ve shown it to! So if I don’t send a holiday card to EVERYONE in my contact manager (4400 contacts) then many people won’t remember that I am actively working the business and using the system! It’s a little things BUT IT’S A BIG THING! So this year, I will send out almost 5000 cards (you do the math!!) It’s the best second best investment I can make in my business (the first is convention) and it’s a really nice thing to do! YOU REALLY DO GET BACK WHAT YOU SEND OUT!! So I highly recommend sending a card to EVERYONE in your contact manager! If it’s a stretch, please just sell something in your home that you don’t use and make this investment in your business and your future!

Hopefully this isn’t overkill but you remember me saying . . . that we are open for business during the busiest time of year?? lol. Well our business is all about leverage. When your customers send cards, and gifts you make money. When your distributors sign up customers that send cards and gifts, you make money! When your distributors find other distributors that get customers that send cards and gifts, you make money! That’s why we do the business! It gives us the leverage that offers the freedom we are all striving for! So this is the time to work on your pipeline. Now let me be real for a moment . . . this is a CRAZY BUSY TIME OF YEAR! I get it! I had one of those days today! I won’t bore you with the drama, because I know you are probably experiencing the same thing! But remember, as a business owner in the greeting card and gifting industry, we can’t let that stop us or use it as an excuse! We must BE PROACTIVE in our efforts otherwise time will slip away from us! My calendar is my boss . . . every day, I have appointments on it to SHOW THE BUSINESS TO NEW PEOPLE. I look for opportunities to book my calendar with appointments. As a business owner in the greeting card and gifting industry is it too much to ask of yourself to book at least 3-5 appointments per week during the busiest time of year for our profession? Actually if you are not doing one a day, I would question your commitment to your business.

I promised I would tell you what it would take to launch your business into the new year with real energy. So far we’ve talked about 1). Making sure everyone in your contact manager gets a meaningful Christmas, Holiday or New Years card from you. 2). Filling your calendar with appointments between now and the end of the year! Again, it’s about doing what most others won’t do! If you really want to know the differentiators, those are two of them! Don’t do it for me. Don’t do it for your upline. Don’t do it for Steve, Vanessa or Kody. DO IT FOR YOUR DREAMS AND THE DREAMS OF YOUR FAMILY. Do it so you can have the life you have always wanted!

That takes us to the 3rd thing on the list . . . Your strategic plan for 2016.

We had a call on this a few weeks ago. As a quick review, here’s what we talked about:

This doesn’t need to be a big long complicated process. You can do it on your bathroom mirror, in a journal
or on a whiteboard. But DON’T PUT IT IN YOUR COMPUTER. Things in the computer seem to melt into
cyber oblivion. It needs to be somewhere that you will see it almost every day. I have mine on whiteboards.
Most importantly, know what you are working for. Come up with 3-4 things that make you
REALLY EXCITED for your life! Last year, I decided that I would 1). FINALLY get my helicopter license 2).
Sign up for the civilian space program and begin to train 3). Get a home in the forest with a fireplace.
I also wanted to make a bigger impact in the world of giving . . . wasn’t sure how that one was going to happen,
but I figured it out from the stage at the Mirage Hotel and Casino when I auctioned off a $100 bill for $3.2 million!

Now my dreams didn’t start off at this level. The year I started in network marketing, I wrote down
1). A suit
2). A fax machine
3). A cell phone

At one point, I even had a goal to move out of the garage and buy a car with air conditioning that ran!

It’s so important to write down at least 3 things that you want to make happen as a result of your business
in the next 12 months! Your business will help to fund it! It’s okay to be a little outrageous. Don’t be afraid to STRETCH
a little. It must get you excited about your new year! Each time you schedule an appointment, think about WHY YOU
ARE DOING IT! You don’t even really need to believe it at this point. Just write it and put it somewhere that you will see it!

In fact, I’m going to recommend that the second we hang up tonight, you grab a notepad and write down 3 things for the new year.
What do you want to see happen as a result of growing your business in the new year?

Here are a few examples:

1. Visit the islands with the family
2. Take a LONG road trip
3. Enroll the kids in private school
4. Give a significant donation to a meaningful charity
5. Remodel the kitchen
6. Buy a brand new automobile
7. Take flying lessons
8. Take the family to a fine dining restaurant
9. Buy a new wardrobe
10. Hire a fashion consultant
11. Hire a house keeper once a week
12. Hire a nanny
13. Go to Vegas and have fun
14. See a broadway show on broadway
15. Visit Europe for the first time
16. Get a lake house
17. ?????

I know it can be a little scary for some of you to do this. I’ve been there. You may question your ability. Do it anyway and then when you
set your appointments, think about your dreams and why you are doing it! Remember, your dreams should be fun and exciting!
Again, you don’t need to believe it at this point . . . you don’t even need to know specifically how you will get there. That part comes later.
For now, just write them down and TRUST. I didn’t have a clue how I would get my helicopter license or finish Beach Money when I wrote down
those goals. I had to trust the process. You can do the same.

This can be your best year ever. All of the resources are at your fingertips. Do the three things we talked about on this call tonight and
let the fun begin! You may need to dig deep. That’s what winners do. Don’t be like all the rest of them. Remember it’s the little things that make
the big difference. This is within your reach. It’s up to you to take the steps. See you at the top . . . (but I’ll see you at the promptings academy in houston
on January 23rd before I see you at the top!)

Sept 14th, 2015

Why? Upfront and residual commissions
(DISCLAIMER) I haven’t seen all of them!)

1. New Customer Packages (Addition to the $39/mo Plan)
$345 Silver Package $100 Commission + CAB’S
$450 Gold Package $140 Commission + CAB’S

2. Immediate Pay on all Packages (Silver, Gold, Platinum and MD)!

Marketing Distributor Package:
$140 (Sponsor)
$100 (Manager) Must be qualified!
$50 (Sr Manager) Must be qualified!
$30 (Executive) Must be qualified!
$10 (Sr Executive) Must be qualified!

3. Tools to help you grow!
A. Android App in the Google Play Store! BETA
B. MPP: Mobile Pocket Presentation (now available through SendOutCards under
“Business Building Tools!) To show the $$ You can now send it with a card! $19.95
C. SendOutCards Application (has all options on it) $13.50 for 50

4. New Qualifiers will increase your residuals:
These go into effect in Jan 1, 2016 for existing distributors. Don’t wait. Get your qualification done now!
Sign up three distributors per month or more and have triple the # you need to qualify!
Your own $31 subscription counts towards your total volume. Manager 3 Preferred Customers
or $124 in volume. Sr Manager 6 preferred customers or $217 in volume. Executives 9 Preferred
Customers or $310 in volume. Sr Executives 12 Preferred Customers or $403 in volume. Eagles
need 15 preferred customers or $496 in volume. You never lose you rank once you attain it however you must
have the volume to get paid at that rank!

*** A $345 Silver Package may upgrade to MD by paying $159 upgrade
**** A $450 Gold Package may upgrade to MD by paying a $59 upgrade

***** The custom branding package has a $49 annual renewal. It comes with the Silver, Gold and MD Packages.
CAB’s are paid out on the renewals as long as you are qualified.

HOW TO SHOW THE BUSINESS – Nothing changes!

1. How and why you got started (2 MIN)
2. Demo the App (Best to take a selfie!)
3. Do the MPP (Mobile Pocket Presentation)
4. Are you a 1,2,3 or 4
ONE: You want to be a customer
TWO: You want to be a referral partner
THREE: You want to work the business part time
FOUR: You want to work the business full time

If they are a 1 go over the customer packages and let them pick. If they are a two, three or four sign them up as an MD
NOTE: SPLASH PAKS are still available for purchase under “Purchase Products” however they are not included
in the new MD Package. No splashpaks are required to “trigger” checks any longer. Commissions and CAB’s are paid
when the package is purchased. IMMEDIATE PAY!

It will take you 1:20 to read it to them.

August 30th, 2015

Almost every single active network marketer that’s giving presentations on the planet tells this lie. Whenever there is an “expose” by the press, this is the most common thing that comes out. It’s a deceptive practice and most people committing this offense don’t even know they are doing it. It’s somewhat of a paradox because it’s a logical conclusion considering the benefits of what we do. We teach leverage and geometric progression which ironically is what can get us in trouble. We even teach it in the books written about the profession. It’s a lie . . . it’s not true yet we want to believe that it is because it gives us hope! So we communicate our business in a way that provides false hope to people to get them into our program. This is not just an offense carried out by our distributors but it’s an offense committed by most on the planet. I’m not making anyone wrong over this because most people don’t even know they are doing anything wrong. So what is this lie?

The lie is: “Just sponsor a few and make millions!” Three who get three who get three . . . in real life, this doesn’t exist! I sign up three. They sign up three who sign up three who sign up three for seven generations. If everyone get’s 3 customers on a preferred subscription, your residual check equals $15,000 A MONTH!! Sounds great! But is it true? No. Does it exist in real life? No. Can someone actually do it? No. How would you feel if the city leaders of a town advertised that their town had no illness or death. Everyone was happy and got along perfectly. In fact, this was touted as a perfect community where everyone became successful in their business or trade. The weather is always beautiful and the temperature is aways perfect. And then you moved there and found out that none of it was true! Half the town was miserable. It stormed once a week. Twenty percent of the people their were strugglingHow would you feel. You would probably move away. And feel lied to and deceived. There is no town like this yet many people would love to believe that there was. In real life three who get three who get three doesn’t exist. Ever.
There is nothing wrong with saying that in a perfect world if everyone got three, _______ would happen. But it doesn’t occur this way in real life . . . then share a real life scenario (we’ll talk about this in a minute)

Some of you know that during my first few years of building my SendOutCards business, I didn’t show the comp plan once. In fact when people asked me questions about the comp plan, my answer was, go to the website and you can read the PDF online. I had them watch the DVD which gave a very general overview. Without ever answering a comp plan question or presenting it we built a business of 40,000 distributors. We 1). Sent at least one personal card a day 2). Sent out at least one DVD per day 3). Walked at least one person through sending a card every day. The message was . . . Use SendOutCards, Refer SendOutCards, and make some extra money. That was it. Nothing fancy. We under promised and over delivered. I would say, do this a lot and help a whole bunch of people make a little bit of money and you may be able to make a lot of money!

You’ve all heard my story multiple times. You know that I have personally signed up about 3 people per month for 10 years (That’s over 300 people personally sponsored). Not Three who get three who get three. The reason my business is as big as it is is because I have personally signed up a lot of people and taught others to do the same. In my last company I signed up 129 people in 13 years (That’s less than one per month). I present 3-5 times a week and sign up 2-4 per month. That’s my business. Its more “Real” than three who get three who get three.

The number one thing the regulators have a hard time with is deceptive practices. I don’t think there is anything wrong with teaching people leverage and geometric progression because it is an element of what we do. I certainly have massive “leverage” in my business and you can too. BUT you mustn’t make claims that aren’t true. That’s called lying and deception.

I believe we can build a multi-billion $$ company without making crazy income claims. In fact, most people don’t believe them anyway! So when we do projections showing people how they are going to get RICH, most people roll their eyes anyway and say, “Yeah Right!” So let’s dumb it down a little and make it realistic . . . something that is more believable and TRUE!

It’s true that if it takes you 4 hours to show SendOutCards to 4 people and one signs up as a preferred customer and one signs up as a distributor and meets the customer requirements, then you will receive 20% of the customer volume off your preferred customer and $140 up front for getting that new distributor started. That’s $35 an hour. Is that true? Is it realistic? The answer is yes!

So what is a healthy TRUE message. “I don’t know how much money you are going to make in the business. You may not make anything if you don’t do anything. You might make a little bit of money to help pay for your cards and your gifts. If you help a lot of people do that, you might make a lot of money. I’ll show you an example of how the money works and then you can calculate how much you think you will make based on what you do. Okay?”

So when we do the Mobile Pocket Presentation (MPP), and we begin to show the money, we get to the card that shows 3X3X3X3X3X3X3 = $15,000 a month. Tell people that this is a pie-in-the-sky example. It doesn’t exist in real life. Then give them a strong disclaimer that sounds something like this . . . “I don’t know what you are going to do, but it doesn’t work this way in real life. This is just a pie-in-the-sky example. let’s say over the course of 5 years you sponsor the equivalent of 2 people per month. So instead of sponsoring 3 you sponsor between 50 and 100 to create the equivalent of a 3×3”. Then DON’T calculate the #’s. I usually say, “You decide how much you will make based on what you are prepared to do.”

I’m not a huge fan of income disclosures because they are so terribly skewed (Someone who doesn’t do a thing and make $0 is lumped in with those that work for 5 years and are productive . . . so they always appear that no one makes any money). But the only way you are technically allowed to show income projections is to also show an income disclosure UNLESS you dumb it way down to something ridiculously doable.

So don’t tell lies when you present the business. The truth is good enough. There is money to be made in our business. Kody has paid out millions of dollars to the field. And he continues to do so. It’s okay to say, “In a perfect world this is what it would look like . . . but let’s be more realistic and say that the majority of this does not happen . . . “
Also, you can be perfectly safe by giving them the details of the comp plan and letting them calculate what they think they will make based on their own numbers.

To be safe, it’s good to say, “I’m not sure what you will do in the business. That’s up to you. There are people that make little to no money and there are others that make a lot. ” This is not a lottery. You don’t just sign up and make money. There is work to do and it can be fun work. But it is a business and if you treat it like a business it could treat you very well. And yes, there is a residual component that can pay you monthly for the work you do one time.

Is it true that you can get paid over and over again for working once? Yes! Can you say this? Yes! Can you say that you get paid for sponsoring people? No!! It’s not okay to say that you get paid for sponsoring people. We get paid because of customers. Customers are the lifeblood of the business. Without real customers, there is no business. We get paid when 2 customers are activated. We do not get paid for sponsoring people. This is a very important distinction.

Again, I want to emphasize that we can build a billion $$ + company by showing lots of people how to make a little bit of money. The serious ones will rise up and help lots and lots of people. When you build an army of customers using SendOutCards, your check can become very large. I can’t tell you how much money you will make. You can figure that out for yourself! I can tell you that if you have LOTS of customers buying cards and gifts, your check will be quite healthy! See you at Convention 2015! The Magic Begins with YOU!

August 24th, 2015


Once you have the card editor open, you can drag any picture over to the centerline of the card. Then hit the “span” button and as long as the resolution is high enough, it will span across both panels of the card. Powerful technique with lots of impact! Pictures pulled in from websites are sometimes very low resolution and won’t “span”.

2. HOW TO LOAD MORE THAN ONE PICTURE QUICKLY – I love this technique for taking a bunch of photos and quickly getting them into your SendOutCards library. Instead of loading them from the card editor, go to your PHOTO MANAGER (You’ll see it when you put your arrow on MAIN MENU on your toolbar at the top. Click the UPLOAD button on the upper right. You’ll be blown away as to how fast the pictures load. You can do the same thing on your iPhone, Samsung or Android from the website (not the App). Make sure you are LOGGED IN! Click the 3 little dots on the bottom right that say “More”.
Then click on MAIN MENU, then MY ACCOUNT and then, PHOTO MANAGER. You’ll see the little UPLOAD button which is a cloud with a little arrow in it. You can upload multiple pictures quickly from the button.

3. HOW TO SEND A CAMPAIGN AND THEN CHANGE OR ADD A GIFT IN ONE OR TWO CARDS: Let’s say you’ve created a campaign card and you’ve already sent it to 50 people. The card is “in que” to go out. It will be printed at midnight Mountain Time. Prior to it being printed you can go in and modify, revise or add a gift to any of the single card. Go to CARD HISTORY (put your arrow on MAIN MENU and you’ll see it on the left). Click on any card you want to modify or add a gift to.You can also access it by pulling up any contact in your contact manager (Click the VIEW button) then scroll down about 3/4 of the way down. You’ll see an ACTION LOG. You can click on it and see all the cards you have ever sent to this person. Any card still in que that has not been printed can then be modified or you can add or remove a gift.

4. WHAT TO SAY IN A CARD: Don’t make this one more difficult than it is. You don’t need to write out a novel. Sometimes a quick simple message is all you need. For example, Joe Gerard (Greatest Salesman in the World – “How to Sell Anything to Anyone” – Guinness Book of World Records) used to write in the cards he “I like you.” Then he would sign it “Joe”. That was it! Say what’s on your mind. If you appreciate them or you want to thank them, then say that! You can go to to steal some quotes if you need to. I like to use for ideas. If you are trying to figure out what to say in a Thank You card go there and search for Thank You Cards. Then look on the inside of some of them and you’ll see some great examples. is a great resource for quick ideas. If you are looking for “Follow-Up” ideas then search those in SendCere. If you click on the card and then click on INSIDE you can view (and use) many examples! Many times my messages are short and to the point. Here are some examples:

“I appreciate you!”
“I miss you!”
“I’ve been thinking about you!”
“I think we would work well together!”
“Don’t forget about me!”
“Where did you go?”
“Call me when you get this!”

I’ll then center the message over a picture and sign my name. Sometimes that is all I will put. Short and to the point!

5. A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORDS: Sometimes you can have a great impact by just putting pictures on cards.
I had a party at my place on Mt Charleston and then just created a photo collage BIG card with pictures on the front and the inside.
I added no text or words. I sent it a year ago and people are still talking about it! Everyone kept the card. It’s a great way of capturing
a moment of celebration. A couple of good friends of mine just took their anniversary in Miami. They are both acrobats. They put some amazing
pictures on Facebook. I grabbed 2 pictures off Facebook . . . one was their two mimosas sitting on a table with the ocean in the background and the other
was a picture of them doing handstands at the pool with the beach in the background. Very dramatic.

6. HOW TO INSURE THAT YOUR CARD GETS SAVED BY THE RECIPIENT! Almas and Katia obviously loved the pictures because they posted them on Facebook for the world to see. So I put the mimosas on the front and I spanned the picture of them doing handstands across two panels.
They called me immediately after receiving it! No words. Just pictures. Find pictures of things people are proud of or that they love on FB and put them in cards (new babies, birthday celebrations, milestones, pets, graduations, new cards, homes, etc). They will save these cards forever!

7. HOW TO BUILD LOYALTY – The daily card habit. I want to encourage you to create a new habit. This is a habit that will take your business to new heights regardless of the business you are in. Create a habit of thinking about someone every day that would benefit from a card from you. A co-worker, boss, business partner, friend, family member. Look for reasons to thank someone or celebrate his/her life. Send at least one card a day. Get into the send-a-card-a-day habit. Even if you are rushed and have little time, pick a card, type a quick personal message and hit “Send”. Your life will be better and so will theirs. The greatest way you can build loyalty in your network is 1). Make sure the people in your network hear from you at least 2-3 times per year. 2). Make sure they feel appreciated by you. 3). Keep it personal (in other words, not a campaign card)

8. HOW TO GET SOMEONE’S ADDRESS AND BIRTHDAY: When I meet someone for the first time I don’t typically say, “Can I get your address?” But I will say “How can I reach you?” They will almost always give me at least an email address or we will connect on FB. Then I can message them and say, “I’m updating my contact manager and would love to get the following info from you . . . Address, phone # and birthday (month and year). Almost 100% of the people will send it to me. Then I send them a “Nice to Meet you” card! If they are a business owner, I ask them for a business card and then I immediate check the card for a current address. I ask them to write it if it doesn’t have a mailing address and if it does, I confirm that it’s a good one.

9. GETTING YOUR HANDWRITING INTO A CARD: 3 steps 1). Buy it from the back office under PURCHASE PRODUCTS (or it’s free for another week if you purchase a CUSTOM BRANDING MANAGER for $149 (I’ll talk about this in a second). 2). Print the HANDWRITING FONT FORM from your DOWNLOADS section of your website. You’ll find downloads by hovering your arrow over COMPANY on your MAIN MENU. 3). Complete the form using a black ball point pen. Don’t fold it and mail it to the address on the form. It will show up in your font drop down menu in 7-10 days. You’ll have the flexibility to change the size, color and position of your handwriting and signatures once it’s in the system.

10. BRANDING YOURSELF AS A CUSTOMER: For many many months, businesses have been asking for the ability to remove the SendOutCards logo from the back of the card and include their own brand. Now, every single card that goes out can have the brand of the customer on the back. Anything can be put on the back and there are a number of templates to choose from. For $149 one time (doesn’t change the price of the cards) the customer can put their own logo or anything else on the back. They can create up to 10 brands that they have full flexibility to modify at any time.

11. HOW TO BECOME A 1/10TH OF 1%ER: We live in a competitive world and because of technology, products and services are becoming more and more of a commodity. Anyone with a computer and a phone can start a business today. The biggest question that business owners have is, “How can I differentiate myself?” You have at your fingertips the most powerful system in the world for doing that. If you will commit to sending a PERSONAL “Nice to meet you” card to everyone you meet, you will instantly put yourself in the top 1% of all salespeople/business owners. If you will send a gift to everyone you meet, you will put yourself in the top 1/10th of 1% of all salespeople/business owners. It doesn’t get any easier. Just by doing this, you will conservatively increase the percentage of new people doing business with you by 10%. So if you were to send a card and a gift to 100 people, you’ll add 10 new customers. Multiply this by the lifetime value of a customer and that’s what taking this action was worth (assuming you do a good job of keeping them a customer!) So if your lifetime value of a customer is $5000, then you have increased your revenues by $50,000. If the lifetime value of your customer is $100,000 (like in the case of a Realtor) then you have just increased your revenues by $1,000,000.

August 17th, 2015


What do Starbucks, Subway, McDonalds, the airline industry and computer technology all have in common?
ANSWER: They all are very large AND they all operate on “systems”.

I held many jobs over the years while working at a major airline in the 80’s.
As you know, I also recently learned to fly helicopters. Everything is run on “systems” and
this is one of the only reasons they were able to get very very large! In airline reservations,
EVERYONE answers the phone exactly the same with EXACTLY the same words. Everyone
asks the same questions in the same order. The training programs reservationists go through to prepare them for their jobs
involve teaching everyone the exact way, step-by-step to do their job. And then it’s drilled over and over again until it’s second nature. Everyone that buys a book on Amazon, follows the exact same steps. Everything from,
ordering, fulfillment, follow up and marketing is done with a system consistent throughout their entire company.

What would happen if every McDonald’s Franchise owner was allowed to do everything pretty much their own way?
So if I owned a McDonalds, I could do curly fries if I wanted to. Or add mint chip and banana shakes to the menu.
I could do veggie mcnuggets and offer mcpumpkinpie. Now imagine if all McDonald’s owners could do the same?
What if I could price the food however I wanted to. I’m really not sure what the outcome would be, but the system certainly
would break down! Because the consistency would not be there, it would be very difficult to duplicate AND would cause a ton of
confusion amongst the employees and customers.

Think about the impact on safety if an airline or helicopter pilot and the towers and ground operations didn’t have checklists
and systems to follow. It would be chaos not to mention many people would die! Airlines, Airports and Airspace all run on systems! In fact when people die, many times it’s because someone deviated from the system! The reason they have system is because it gives them the ability to expand safely, consistently and quickly if necessary.

Without plugging into “The System” a perfectly good lamp is no good!

So you see how having a system can help our business become more stable and grow more quickly? Every time you change something about the way the business is built you create confusion for your new distributors and others. It’s really very simple. Let say you want to call a leader in your area and you ask me for the phone #. Well I’m kind of lazy that day you ask me so I only give you 8 of the 10 #’s required to dial the #. All of the numbers I gave you are correct and in the right order. What will happen? You probably won’t reach this leader that you are trying to call because I left some #’s out! Now let’s say we are having a
conference call and I ask 100 people to call in. And let’s say I do the same thing . . . all 100 people only get some of the #’s required to dial in. What happens?? No one will be on the call. You get the picture.

So how does this directly relate to what we we do?

There is a system for building and growing your business that is very very simple. When you consistently follow
the system, in the right order, your business has a chance to replicate and grow. If you don’t follow the system, you are
hoping that luck will grow your business.

The components of our BUSINESS BUILDING SYSTEM:

1. Dream
2. List
3. Set the Appointment
4. Present
5. Followup
6. Sign-Up
7. Train
8. Repeat

1. One-on-Ones
2. Two-on-Ones
3. Small Group Meetings (cafes and offices)
4. Large Group Meetings (Hotels and Conference Centers)

Leave one out and the system breaks down! We train on each aspect of this system.
Master each component and you are off to the races! There are specific systematic
guidelines for each of the components as well.

EXAMPLE: System for Presenting

1. Tell how and why you got involved
2. Show the product
3. Show the opportunity
4. Ask the question


1. Resource Center
2. Social Media Resources (Gone Mobile, Official SOC Facebook Group)
3. Weekly leadership and training calls
4. Road Tours/TreatEmRight Seminars/Boot Camps/MRM’s
5. Annual Convention


1. Use the product every day
2. Show the product every day
3. Show the opportunity every day

1. Sign up a few customers
2. Show others how they can make money doing the same thing.

This represents ALL of the components of our system. They are all there.
Learn the system and you’ll have mastered the business. Don’t leave anything to chance.
Don’t leave anything out. Participate in all of it. You may have heard me say,
you don’t have the luxury to negotiate with the components of the system. Anything you leave
out changes the dynamics of the system!

When I go to Facebook, I see all kinds of questions that represent deviations from the system.
Most of them are distractions that will keep you from following the system.
For example: “I’m thinking about ways that I can create a website that will show the business
for me . . . “ OR “Does anyone have a way to integrate SendOutCards with another contact management
software . . .” OR “How can I buy leads that will give me a continuous flow of prospects to show this to?”
These things are interesting but they are not part of our system. So although there may be
25 other ways that McDonalds could distribute it’s food these things are not part of their system. So by introducing
these things, the system breaks down! Unless the entire organization embraces it, it is destructive to the whole!

“Yeah, but Jordan . . . I don’t like all the rah rah that goes on at network marketing events!”
I hear ya! I don’t like all the rah rah either! And, I know that the glue that holds
a business together are the relationships created through live get togethers and events. This is part of the system
so I promote it like crazy! Some people need the motivation and others don’t. You see, it does not matter whether you
need it or like it. The system breaks down when it’s not included . . . and your business suffers if you don’t promote
it to your team. Many people need it and so I promote it!

So as I put this call together and organize my thoughts on an airplane flying to Chicago, I repeatedly get an innocent
interruption in the form of a comment or question from the passenger sitting next to me. Each time, I am yanked
from my project and then need to pull my thoughts together to continue. It really seems like no big deal. But each time
it takes a few seconds to regroup and get my thoughts together. But because I’m in network marketing, I multiply everything times 1000. So I imagine 1000 people reading a post on Facebook and getting distracted even for only a few moments with a question about a deviation from the system that keep things moving smoothly, briskly AND in the right direction! Sticking with the system is critical!

August 10th, 2015



A bag of carrots . . . what’s in it?

A bag of peas . . . what’s in it?

A bag of cashews . . . what’s it?

It’s a simple conversation . . . easy to have and easy to understand. Therefore it’s easy to communicate.

Now let’s talk about what’s in a frozen dinner, or a bag of cheetos, or a powerbar. What’s in it??
It’s a lengthy conversation. If you can’t pronounce it, it’s probably a chemical and doesn’t really belong
in your body! It’s complicated!!

My story . . .

1. Demarr sent me cards and dvd’s
2. He then called me and emailed me.
3. He set up a username and password and walked me through sending a card to my mother
4. I had already watched the dvd which explained the opportunity
5. He signed me up and then came to Arizona to help me introduce it to some networking groups.

Pretty simple! I was a top performer in network marketing and he got my interest! So what if I did exactly the same thing to get the interest of others?

1. SendOutCards EVERY DAY
2. SendOutCards with DVD’s EVERY DAY
3. Walk someone through sending a card EVERY DAY

That was the plan that built a $100,000 a month income for me and also produced quite a large # of
people that have earned $100,000 to a few million dollars in SendOutCards.

When I go on Facebook and I start contemplating all of the options for building a business today, it’s easy to get caught up in the complexities of what we do. It’s really not complex but we make it so.
How you do it and what tools you use don’t matter as much as following some basic guidelines:

1. Show the product
2. Show the opportunity
3. Sign them up and teach them to do the same thing

However you do this is just fine! But keep in mind, if there is a complex learning curve in learning how to do these three things, it will impede the growth of your business.

I received a question the other day about what I thought about “SOC PROSPECTOR”? First of all, I”m not exactly sure what it does. Second of all, I know that I built a $100,000/mo income without it. Third of all, it has a significant learning curve that most people don’t have the patience for.

There is brilliance in simplicity. When you show someone how simple it is, they say to themselves . . . “I can do that!!”
If the people you are showing it to are saying, “That sounds really great, but I could never do it!” Then you need to drop the things that are causing them to get confused.

Once someone is fully engaged, they will learn all the in’s and outs of the comp plan and card sending system. The mobile pocket presentation does a great job of showing the simplicity of the money without getting too overwhelming.

Actually (many of you will remember this . . . ) I didn’t EVER talk about or train on the comp plan until I had over 40,000 distributors in my downline! I found in the past that virtually everyone I talked to about it said . . . “Wow! That looks really great, but I could never explain it!” So they would go home and try and explain it to a spouse and they would get completely confused and frozen in their tracks! A confused person freezes up and doesn’t take action. So I avoided the comp plan conversation all together and built a VERY large downline on excitement for our product alone! Well, now that we have the Mobile Pocket Presentation, we have a simple and fun way to explain the money that can be easily replicated.


1. I have something I have to show you that is really cool and has some big potential (You can text this)
2. I think it’s going to be really big
3. All that I know is that when you send out positives you get positives back! (We call this the law of reciprocity)
4. We’re transforming an industry by taking an offline product, bringing it online and making it accessible to everyone!
(Just like Netflix, Amazon and ITunes!)
5. It has the potential to create a residual income
6. You can work it from anywhere!
7. You can start a business for under $1000 that you can build from anywhere

Let me show it to you:

1. Have them send a card to someone they care about on a “Trial” Account
2. Have them watch the 8 minute Opportunity Video

Follow up with cards, gifts, emails, phone calls etc

Leverage the Conference Calls on
(example – $395 is an issue “What’s your Business Worth?” July 14th, 2014)


If you already KNOW how but it’s not happening, go to and listen
to this 12 minute recording daily for 30 days. It will help to SHIFT your focus to thoughts that will
be exponentially more productive than the negative self-chatter we focus most of our thoughts on!

If I were sitting across from you and you were required to answer the following questions
without really thinking too much about them could you do it?? It needs to be this automatic!!
You must know this simple system so well that you can do it in your sleep! If you find yourself hesitating
or not knowing what direction to go then figure out where the gaps are and fill them in!

1. Why are your doing this business? What are some of your dreams? If you had financial freedom,
what would you be doing with your time?

2. Where are you CURRENTLY meeting people to add to your contact manager EVERY DAY!

3. How do you contact people to set appointments and what do you say?

4. What are the exact steps you follow to show the business to someone

5. How do you follow up and what do you say?

6. What do you do to get a new distributor started?

This is all you need to know. Really not much more. Most careers require mountains of knowledge and
experience to be able to start getting paid. For example, what does it take to be a doctor? What does it take to become
an attorney? What does it take to become an airline pilot? 6-10 years of schooling or training and hundreds of thousands
of dollars in investment to get paid $50,000-$100,000 a year. You need to master the six things on this list.
And although there are many different ways to do each step, you only need to learn one way.

I received a question the other day from one of our distributors asking if he should purchase a “Coaching” program for $5,000 from
a guy in another network marketing program. I wanted to conk him on the head!! Someone will pay $5,000 to someone in another program
to learn what is already available FOR FREE in our current training. And actually it will in most cases the additional training and coaching will
just COMPLICATE what is already so simple! I really think we look for ways to make what is already so simple and make it more complicated to make ourselves look smarter or more important. That’s the only rationale I can come up with for adding so much complexity to what we do.

So rather than looking for things to add to make the business go faster, look for ways to SIMPLIFY to make the business go faster!!

1. Send Cards and Gifts
2. Show others how to Send Cards and Gifts
3. Show others how to make money Sending Cards and Gifts


1. Teach the Law of Reciprocity!
2. Master Relationship Marketing!
3. Be Generous every day!


1. Conference Calls
2. Weekly Meetings
3. Boot Camps
4. Road Tours
5. Convention

July 13th, 2015


Bart Miller, New Executive is a high performance cyclist. He competes at the highest level as an athlete. He asked me the questions, “What are the two things I can do to get this thing to go faster?” This is what got me thinking about doing this call.

Before we get right into it, I want to reference two things that may help. First, your business is meant to grow. Usually when it is not growing its because of something we are doing to impede its growth. A good idea is meant to grow. Let’s say you have this beautiful ficus plant. It’s growing slowly but you know it has the potential to become quite large. You give it a little extra water hoping that this will speed up it’s growth. Nothing seems to happen. So you move it to a different location. Again, you don’t notice much difference. So you water it a little more and even add some fertilizer. You wake up the next day, and from your perspective, it still seems to be about the same size. You figure it probably needs replanting into a bigger pot. So you replant it. About 2 days later it loses all its leaves. You’re frustrated so you give it twice as much water as you know it needs and move it again. And again. And again. About a year later your plant is completely dead. We do the same thing in our business. We push it and prod it. We uproot it and change things up . . . over and over again. Your ficus plant needed a little water each week and a little sunlight each day. That’s it. Over and over and over again. One day, you have a giant ficus tree. True your business is meant to grow . . . as long as you don’t mess with it too much. Give it the basics each day. Continue to stretch your dreams. Add new people to your list each day. Show the business every day. Follow up. Sponsor distributors and train them the basics. Over and over and over again. The reason I have such a big business today is because I truly didn’t know it was supposed to go slow. I have learned that the slow way is the fast way. What this means is doing the little things EACH DAY, consistently OVER TIME, creates very fast growth. And it creeps up on you. Lots of people doing a little represents momentum.

The night before our training I was meeting with a woman and her sponsor (will remain anonymous). She was working on her next promotion. She had been working on it for awhile. And I could tell that she was exhausted from trying. It seemed to me that they had gotten used to how hard it was to grow the business. Your business is meant to grow . . . your only job is to plant the seeds and then give them just enough to feed them but not so much to kill them. Then get out of the way and plant more.

After the training I was sitting with Bart, Demarr and BJ from Wyoming. We were sitting outside and Bart asked the question again. Then BJ asked me, “What am I missing?” That’s an interesting question and not a bad one to ask. Most of the time, the problem is not so much what someone is missing or what they are doing wrong but let’s explore the question . . . what’s missing that if put in could make a difference? Usually it’s not what someone thinks. In other words, sometimes it’s more about your focus and what you are thinking about than what you are doing. OR you may be doing something out of desperation that is killing the growth.

So BJ asks, “What am I missing??” She was implying that she is doing all the right things, but it’s just not growing the way she thinks it should.

I asked her, “Do you think Demarr could build an exploding organization starting in Casper Wyoming in the next 18 – 24 months?” She said, “Yes!”. I said, “Okay then, what would Demarr do that you are not doing?” She said, “Hmmmm . . . not sure. Maybe he would do more??” I asked, “What do you mean?” She said, “He would show the business more often!” Okay, now we are getting somewhere. As we talked, the truth came out. BJ is showing the business . . . but not showing it nearly enough. When you go fast and build with some urgency, your team seems to want to do the same. Demarr would show the business 3 – 5 times a day.Think about it this way. If you have 5 people on your team showing it 3 times a day that’s 15 exposures a day (300 a month). If you have 5 people showing it 3 times a week that’s only 60 exposures a month. Over a year, it’s the difference between 3600 exposures and 720 exposures. Do you see the difference? YOU must set the pace for your group.

Then I asked . . . “How would Demarr’s thinking differ from yours? In other words, what do you spend your mental energy on that he is would not be?” She thought for a moment and said, “I’m not sure?”. I’ll ask again, “What would Demarr NOT be doing with his mental energy that you are doing?” She said, “Thinking about what he is doing wrong?” I said, “How many hours a day are you toiling over this question?” You know the answer . . . you’ve been to all the trainings. You’ve listened to all the conference calls. It’s time to get out of your own way. You are spending most of your mental energy each day trying to figure out why it’s not growing! Versus spending that same energy on helping others see a a better future and how we can help them get there!

The one thing that can make the biggest difference is A BURNING DESIRE TO WIN. In the context of “a burning desire to win”, the question of “how to do it” doesn’t come up. The question of “what am I doing wrong?” doesn’t come up. That burning desire drives you!

So here it is:

1. Do more presentations
2. Stop asking “What’s wrong?”
(instead ask, “What can I do better?”)
3. Tap into your burning desire to win
4. Make this your highest priority


1. How many new people are you meeting each week?
(Meet more people)

2. How many people are you appreciating each week?
(Appreciate more people)

3. How many new people are you presenting to each week?
(show more people)
a. Look for leverage opportunities – show to more than one at a time
b. Get out of the conversation in your head that’s holding you back

4. Track yourself – Any tracking sheet will do
(Grid on wall or MPP Tracking Sheet)

5. Plug in and get your team plugged in
(Read Books, Listen to Conference Calls, Attend ALL events)

You won’t build a large business with the attitude of, “I’m in it for the long haul.”
I think it’s great that you are in it for the long haul, but that attitude gives you permission
to slack off and do it later. And then you’ll beat yourself up each week knowing that
time is slipping away. You want this and you want it now! Pulling an adhesive bandage off
slowly is painful. It’s time to get off the fence. Dig deep and find your burning desire.
YOUR BURNING DESIRE TO WIN will overcome all obstacles. You’ll access all the resources
(internal and external) you’ll need. You will have major setbacks but those won’t stop you.


Let’s say you focus on getting 2% better each week. What can you do this week
to be 2% more productive in your business. What can you do this week to be 2% more skilled this week
in your business. Do this for 1 year. You are 100% better after 1 year. 500% better after 5 years.
What can I do better TODAY? Get 2% better each day and in 60 days you are over 100% better and in
1 year you are 500% better. That’s 5X the person you are today. If I asked you what can you do to become
2% better today . . . if I asked you that question each day, I’ll bet you could come up with something. Like
meet one more person today. Or follow up with one more person today. Or read 2 extra pages in a personal development book today OR listen to a call on today OR book myself for convention today.
Just 2% a day can completely transform your life!

Today I hung out in a cabana at the pool all day at the Mirage Casino with Eric and Marina Worre and Tony Robbins CEO and his girlfriend. Today is Monday. Most people did a commute and are working a job that barely pays the bills. . We had salads and burgers and talked about our dreams, told stories and laughed a lot! At one point I said to Eric, “This is our life! . . . If they only knew how good it was, they would work 10 times harder to get here.” Not that long ago my tiny paycheck determined what my life looked like. And it wasn’t too pretty. I made a choice and put my head down for a few years. Today, I get to call the shots. You deserve to call the shots in your life. Stop playing around with this and make it your business. Don’t wait. You may have to work harder than you have ever worked before. But not for too long. Do it for 18-36 months so you can have the life of your dreams. It’s within reach.

July 6th, 2015


About 2 weeks ago I attended the regionals for American Ninja Warrior in Las Vegas at the MGM Fairgrounds. My friend and SendOutCards customer Almas Merimisino was competing. He is also in the show Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace. He has been practicing 4 hours a day, 6 days a week for months! In the third obstacle called the “Warped Wall” he fell. His wife Katia was standing with me and about 15 people from the cast of Absinthe off to the side of the course. To paint a picture, it was at 2am and all the television and film crews were on all sides of us. It’s set to air in August. Now Almas is an accomplished acrobat and gymnast. He has been training all his life. He comes from a line of circus performers including his father. His sister also competes at a high level. His wife is a contortionist from Russia. You get the picture. These are high level VERY disciplined athletes. They train incessantly and leave nothing to chance. So about an hour after Almas fell out of the competition, I was walking with his wife Katia and I made a comment . . . I said, “I guess this wasn’t Almas’s lucky night!” She immediately without hesitation said, “THERE IS NO LUCK!” In a fraction of a second, Katia challenged a long held belief of mine. I always thought there was an element of luck but I saw something in the moment that I had never seen before.

It occurred to me that Almas risks his life 6 days a week in front of crowds of hundreds at Caesar’s Palace. He has no room for error. He works without a net. He does a head stand on a chair balanced many feet above the crowd. The chair is on a wire that is on 2 guys that are also on a wire. He can not depend on luck at any level. His skill needs to be 100% 6 nights a week, 10 times a week. He can’t go up on that wire and say, “I hope I’m lucky tonight!”. So my eyes opened to a whole new perspective. And also, I started looking a little deeper at what it means when I say, “You must be a little lucky . . . “ In some ways, I am implying that a). You don’t have 100% control b). You have an excuse to fail (in other words if you don’t succeed, it means you just weren’t very lucky!)

Now let me give you a little history. As a child, when anything bad would happen in our family, my sister would just chalk it up to “The Adler Curse”! Anything that went wrong was attributed to “The Adler Curse”. She would even say we had a black cloud following us! If someone got ill, it was the Adler curse. If my bicycle was stolen, it was the Adler curse, etc. But then in the mid 80’s I was a draftsman and one afternoon, my boss came over and looked at my work . . . he put his hand on my shoulder and said, “You have a star following you!” And I heard, “You have a LUCKY star following you!” From that day on, I was anointed as someone who was lucky! No more “Adler Curse!”! From then on out, I have been lucky!

I received this message in response to the announcement for this call today:

“Much like you, I Am Lucky is one of my affirmations. The saying puts me in a positive mindset, reinforcing the belief that The Universe is a friendly place and I attract good things and happiness. I also believe I must be prepared and paying attention to spot the opportunity when it arises. Preperations could mean studying financial webinars, having the passport ready, a track record of contributing value into relationships, doing personal development activities, etc. Example: wealthy money habit of consistent budgeting and discipline allowed us to pay off our credit cards late last year. Our current goal is to use them and accumulate airline miles and pay them off each month with earned income, not dipping into savings. In the past 3 months we had major repairs on both car and needed to carry a balance. If I had been undisciplined about opening the credit “Important news about your account” administrative letters from the credit card companies (separate from bills) last month, I would have missed two time-sensitive offers: registering for a one-third reduction in one card’s rate, and a 0% for 12 months balance transfer.”

Let’s talk about Poker for a minute. If you were to ask an amateur poker player if they believe it takes luck to win at poker, many might say “of course!” In fact a high percentage of them on a losing night probably said, “Just wasn’t my lucky night!” If you were to ask a winning professional if they believe it takes luck to win at poker, most would say, NO WAY! It’s 100% skill. Think about it . . . any other answer from a professional is an excuse. It’s giving up responsibility to a force that is out of their control! Maybe a professional takes 100% responsibility for his/her mindset and skills . . . NOTHING TO CHANCE. Just like the acrobat risking his or her life in a show! Could it be that by giving some of that possibility to luck, we are setting ourselves up to fail because we are not putting in the necessary work to succeed at a 100% level?


There’s a guy who lives in my building in Vegas named Andrew Robl (You can google him). Andrew and his girlfriend, Cristal have been Platinum Partners with Tony Robbins (Costs $60,000 plus travel expenses). They are both their 20’s. Cristal is known as the “Ladies Coach” and Andrew is a professional poker player. I talk to them at least once a week in the reception area of our building. Andrew has made over $3 million playing poker. I’m going to read an article that was written about him recently offering his tips for success in a game that many would attribute to “luck”:

Robl worked his way up the ranks in poker at a young age, and now plays in some of the largest games in the world, whether that be cash games or tournaments. Robl boasts a career live tournament record of nearly $3.5 million earnings, having most recently scored the first major win of his career at the 2013 Aussie Millions where he took down the AU$100,000 Challenge for AU$1,000,000. The second and third largest scores of Robl’s live career came in World Poker Tour events. At the 2012 WPT World Championship, Robl took second place for $822,375. In 2010, he finished runner-up to Antonio Esfandiari in the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic for $549,003.

In this article, Robl took the time to discuss what makes a great poker player, outlining six key characteristics:
First off, I’d like to say that I don’t think I’m a great poker player. I have been outplayed thousands of times, and some of my opponents constantly outplay me. I tilt, play in bad games, gamble too much, drink too much, and make countless other bad decisions, but I am blessed to know some great poker players. Here are traits they all share.

This is by far the most important attribute in becoming a great poker player. It is impossible to become a great poker player without putting in thousands of hours at the table and seeing millions of hands. Due to the nature of online poker, with the ability to play hundreds of hands an hour, it’s possible to get experience faster than ever before. You have to play at least 10,000 hours of poker before you have a shot at becoming a great player. The best way to get started is by downloading an online poker room, and playing small stakes.

At the highest levels, everyone’s experience level and knowledge of the game will be near equal. Whoever can adjust to an opponent faster and out-guess what adjustments the opponents are making will come out on top. This is sometimes referred to as “leveling.”

Desire and Willingness to Learn
No matter how much you play, you will not improve unless you actively think about what your opponents are doing. Beyond this, you also need to seek other poker strategies from players better than you are. This can be done several ways through books, training videos, one-on-one coaching or discussing hands with friends. You may also want to check out the PokerNews strategy pages.

Ability to Control Emotions
In poker, it is always important to have a logical, analytical reason for what you are doing. Our emotions are not equipped to deal with probability and randomness, which are two defining elements of poker. The ability to control your emotions in order to make the correct logical play time after time is one of the hardest things to do in poker.

Social and Networking Skills
Having a strong poker network is key to becoming a great poker player, as referenced above in the desire and willingness to learn. It will allow you to get into the best games and allow you to make friends with the strongest players who can help you further improve. You can begin the process by liking PokerNews on Facebook, and keeping an eye out for tips and tricks.

Having a “Sick” Amount of Gamble
To be a truly great player, you have to have a lot of gamble in you. You have to be willing to take on players better than you at stakes higher than you’re used to. At some point, it is the only way to improve. But be warned, it’s also a good way to go broke.

I sent a private text message to Eric Worre:
“Do you believe it takes ‘luck’ to be a top poker player?”
“No. Extremely high skill game. Top Players always win”


So my beliefs were challenged and in a matter of seconds, I saw that my philosophy around luck may be limiting my growth potential. How many people are waiting around for their declared luck to “kick in”? In fact, I would venture to guess that some people are using the “I am just unlucky” card as a get out of jail free opportunity rather than taking 100% responsibility for their success or failure. Almas could die or be seriously injured if he depended on luck to get him through each show. It’s almost comical to consider luck as a variable in a life or death situation like this one. Can you see how luck can be a differentiator when it comes to a professional vs an amateur? Amateurs depend on luck. Professionals depend on focus and skill!

Jun 22nd, 2015


You live at the bottom of a hill where there is a stream.
At the top of the hill is a little village that has a shortage of water
You decide that you will haul buckets of water up the hill and the villagers are willing to
pay you $1 per bucket of water.
On the first day you haul 10 buckets of water and make $10.
You love this because you are a hard worker so you decide after the first week of making $10 a day that you can haul 15 buckets a day so you work faster and harder and the second week you make
$15 a day!
20 buckets a day are a stretch so for the next year you work extra hard and with the exception
of a few days, you make $20 a day. One day you were really tired and you tripped an sprained your ankle. You couldn’t get up the hill for about 3 weeks. No one else that lived by the stream was willing to work that hard and so besides not making money for 3 weeks, the village once again had a shortage of water.
Then one day you had a brilliant idea! You will build a pipeline that would feed water from the stream at the bottom of the hill all the way to the village. Building this pipeline will take a full year. And during that year, you know you are going to struggle financially because you aren’t going to have the time to haul buckets of water. But you also know that the villagers will be so happy once the pipeline is complete. In fact you find out that there is a need for 100 times more water than you have been hauling! And they are willing to pay for it! You are also able to lower the costs of the water which they are happy with. So you spend the next 12 months working very very hard building the pipeline.
Well when some of the other villagers saw you dropped the ball hauling buckets of water, they started to haul the water. And they laughed at you for working so hard to do whatever crazy idea you have!
In fact there were a couple moments where you questioned whether you were doing the right thing, because “your competition” was collecting money hauling the buckets every day, day in and day out. You were broke because you were working on your pipeline!

And once the pipeline was complete, the water began to flow to the village. All day and all night, clean fresh water flowed from the stream to the village. They were so happy because for the first time every, they had an abundant supply of water that they were willing to pay for. And you and your spouse decided to take a 6 month vacation while the water continued to flow to the village. And the village people applauded you for your vision. Some of your friends told you that you got in at the right time. And a few others attributed your success to luck. Other business owners came to you wanting to pay you for your consulting services and even encouraged you to write a book!

How does this apply to what we do? Well, selling the product and signing up customers is like hauling water up the hill. After a while it gets tiring and has some serious limits as far as income potential. The big money is in the distribution. In the beginning it’s important to get some customers that will be loyal long term users but the big money is in the distribution of the product. What we do is build the pipeline. A group of motivated distributors are your pipeline! The bigger your pipeline, the more volume will flow through it! And let’s say something happens and you need to take a break. If you are a customer gatherer, you’ll have a little income stream but if you are a pipeline builder, you can walk away for awhile and still have a substantial income.


Let’s say you could purchase liter bottles of cola for $1 a bottle and could sell them for $3 a bottle. That’s a hefty profit! And you get really good at selling them to the stores. And you start your route. Well you get really busy because you are good and by your second year, you are having to set your alarm clock for 4am to hit your route by 5am. And the demand is so high, that you typically don’t clock out til 6 or 630pm. You’re really happy but you are TIRED!! In fact you are beginning to experience this thing called burnout! Even though you are making great money, you are fatigued, tired and somewhat frustrated. You don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. Well your friend turns you on to the idea of soda vending machines! So instead of running around like a chicken you can focus on placing machines all over your city. And people will deposit money into those machines every day and night! The machines represent a pipeline. Each machine gives you leverage. A single machine costs about $2000 and you decide to get 10. So for $20,000 you have the start of your pipeline. You find out that 3 of your machines are poorly placed so you go ahead a move them to better locations. Each machine produces a profit for you of $400 a month after paying your expenses including someone to collect the money and create your reports. So from your 10 machines you are netting $4000 a month! It’s not without it’s headaches, but for the first time, you can take a week a month off and enjoy some free time at the beach and it doesn’t really affect your income because people are still putting money into the machines. The machines represent your pipeline. Focus on sales and you’ll make a little money and get burnt out. Focus on distribution and you’ll create lifestyle freedom.

Here’s something else to consider . . . If the soda company wants to add a new product they just put another button on the machine and your income goes up! So if you have 10 machines making you $400 a month and the company adds a new button to the machine that represents 10% of your sales, just by adding the button, your income goes up by $400 a month! What did you do? NOTHING! But here’s where it get’s good . . . what if you had 100 machines and the company adds a button? 100 machines producing $400 a month each is $40,000 a month. A 10% increase represents and $4000 a month increase in income to you!


If you have 10 active distributors and the company launches a new service or product that increases your sales by 10%, then your income goes up 10% X 10. But if you have 1000 active distributors and the company launches a new service or product that increases your sales by 10% your income goes up 10% X 1000! What did you do?? NOTHING!!

Let’s say you are excited for international expansion. In fact you know some people in Mexico! And you are waiting for Mexico to open. Three years later the company opens Mexico and you are poised at the border ready to sprint across the finish line! So you go into Mexico and start recruiting like crazy! You are an animal and recruit 10 people in your first month! Well while you were waiting for Mexico to open, your friend in San Diego was building his team. In fact during those three years, his pipleline grew to 5000 distributors (He personally signed up 3 per month for a total of 300 new distributors of which 100 of them spoke fluent spanish! So Mexico is now open and his 100 distributors sign up 5 distributors each! You busted your butt and signed up 10 and the month the company opened Mexico, his team sponsored 500! Why?? Because he had a bigger pipeline!

So do you get it?? The person with the pipeline wins. You can make a little bit of money signing up customers but you can make A LOT of money and secure an income stream building the pipeline! Your lifestyle is in the pipeline! The pipeline represents freedom! Volume flows through the pipeline.

So how do you build the pipeline in network marketing? You show the product AND the opportunity. Some people will want to be customers and some will want to build a team. The more you focus on learning the business of distribution and speaking the language of distribution, the stronger your pipeline will be. It’s fun to help people realize their dreams by showing them how they can be on the distribution side of the business. And once you get your distribution pipeline started it can take on a life of it’s own! Because some of your team members will have the same vision as you and begin to also build the pipeline. Imagine having a pipeline that spans your entire country and eventually grows all over the world!


The internet to 20 years to become what it is today. It represents one of the most powerful pipelines on the planet! Trillions of dollars in sales volume are flowing through the internet pipeline and you get to participate in it! You didn’t even have to invest in building it! It was built for you! You are simply bringing people to the pipeline that has already been built for you! It doesn’t get better than that . . . a worldwide conduit that flows volume and produces income.

A worker bee moves the product and a mogul builds the system. Do you want to be a worker bee or a mogul? It’s important to understand that there is no company unless there is movement of sales volume. Your distributors just by the nature of showing the service and the opportunity will be signing up customers. You will be signing up customers as well by showing the service and the opportunity. This will produce the volume necessary to flow through the pipeline. But never forget, the big money is in deploying a pipeline that will flow the volume. Distribution is the path to wealth in our business.

Jun 15, 2015


Many of you have seen the video that Kody Bateman (SendOutCards Founder) put out today. The timing couldn’t have been better. Kody talked about SendOutCards Two Fold Mission, the MRM’s, the TER’s and the future of each of these programs. Here’s my interpretation of Kody’s video:


A. THE SENDOUTCARDS CULTURE – TreatemRight Seminars instill our individual and company values and philosphies. Someone that has not internalized these things, will cut corners and miss huge opportunities to grow. Our culture attracts the right people (Start with Why – By Simon Sinek)
B. RELATIONSHIP BUILDING AND BRANDING – The MRM Program teaches the philosophy and strategy behind creating a powerful bridge between you and your customers. These personal and business connections are the glue that hold your business together.
C. SKILL DEVELOPMENT – The ROAD TOURS and EAGLE BOOT CAMPS teach basic network marketing skills including fostering inspiring dreams, list building, contacting and inviting, presenting, following up and training new MDs. You’ll also gain valuable lessons for building teams and securing your income.
D. THE ACTIVITY TOOLS – These are the tools necessary to grow a successful SendOutCards Business. They include your SendOutCards Website, your mobile apps and interface, SendCere, The Mobile Pocket Presentation for showing the money, and the videos.

We offer the best personal development programs in the entire profession.

I try run my business based on values and principles. I always weigh my decision to do something or not based on these simple principles.

Here are a few of them:

1. DOES IT PASS THE 8 YEAR OLD TEST? – Can an eight year old do it and teach it? If yes, then do it!

2. WIN-WIN-WIN Does everyone win in the process or is it self-serving (in other words do you win at the expense of others?)?
Must be good for the new distributor, the sponsoring distributor AND the company!

3. DOES IT HONOR THE COMPANY CULTURE? Does it honor the philosophies and values of the company and it’s leadership. If it discredits or dishonors, then it should not be done.

4. IS IT COMPLIANT? Would it withstand an audit by compliance or the regulators? Would you do it if Kody Bateman were sitting the back seat of your car watching you do it?

5. DOES IT FOSTER THE INTENDED ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS? Are people inclined to show the business on a daily basis, sign people up and teach them to do the same? Do MD’s get good results doing it?

The Mobile Pocket Presentation does all of these things. It’s brilliant. I love it. An MD doesn’t have to wait for a weekly meeting to do the business. They can do it now and they can do it every day. It doesn’t require any special skill. Anyone can do it. The person getting a presentation for the first time, says to themselves . . . “I can do that!” It passes the 8 Year Old Test.

I’m not sure who exactly came up with it (Whether it was Bart Miller or Demarr Zimmerman), but I applaud you! Demarr did a presentation at the Salisbury Connecticut Boot camp and focused on the simplicity of using the Mobile Pocket Presentation. Simply put, you 1). Tell how and why you got started with SendOutCards 2). You send a card using your mobile device (take a picture, put it on the front of the card and send it with a two pack of brownies while they watch 3). Show the money using the card deck (MPP) 4). Ask the 4 questions.

This is in perfect alignment with the process I’ve been teaching for 10 years. When I started, Demarr sent me a DVD (in fact he sent me 5 of the same DVD until I watched it!) that explained how the money worked. Well very few people watch DVD’s any more. In fact computers today are not even being sold with DVD drives. All the videos are online now! But I even like the MPP better for showing the money for the following reasons:

1. It’s fun
2. It involves each new distributor and forces them to learn the simplicity of the money (it’s more active than passive)
3. It get’s MD’s showing the money part of the business every day – The second part of the two fold mission

I’ve always said that the business needs to be shown every day in one on one’s and two on one’s. Big meetings are always a result of lots and lots of one on one’s and two on one’s.

So yes, I love the Mobile Pocket Presentation and I encourage everyone to have a few decks to use and to give to their new MD’s. Teach your new MD’s how to use them. You can train them in 5 minutes. I have 50 in the back of my car and I’ve given away and sold 25 of them.

Now let’s talk about the MRM (Mastering Relationship Marketing). The MRM is not a program to teach distributors how to show the money. The MRM is a philosophy and system for building relationships. It’s for business people that are interested in magnifying their influence with their customers and potential customers. These two things are no more in conflict than airplanes and homes. We fly from point a to point b in airplanes because we need to get somewhere and we live in our homes. They are not in conflict. The MRM doesn’t show the money to prospective MD’s. And showing the money using the Mobile Pocket Presentation doesn’t do anything to build relationships. The MRM is a brilliant program developed by our Founder and CEO Kody Bateman to help businesses do a better job at making their customers feel appreciated. It teaches how to create long lasting connections with our customers through a systematic communication strategy.

So there is no confusion. There is nothing in conflict. They are both valuable tools that are designed for different purposes.

A. The MPP is for showing the $$ and teaching new distributors how to show the business on a daily basis in a way that anyone can learn quickly and easily

B. The MRM is for teaching business owners how to manage the relationships with their customers and potential customers in order to maximize the opportunities for growth through repeat business and referrals.

One does not supersede the other and one is not more important than the other. Both are essential to the future of our company.

Jun 1, 2015


Closing implies that we do something to someone . . . like we cast a spell on them and suddenly and magically they want to sign up with us! It doesn’t work that way in real life. CLOSING IS JUST THE NEXT LOGICAL STEP when all other requirements have been met. So the question I have for you is, did someone “close” you? Or did you at one point just say to yourself . . . “I’m ready”. And then either you took the next step on your own or someone else walked you through it. Closing is one step in the process. Most people view the close as the end of the process. Even the word “Close” somewhat implies the finishing point. Actually, the close is the BEGINNING of the process. Your new distributor’s business starts when they say yes to getting started. So let’s look at the close as the next logical step on your potential distributors journey into entrepreneurship.

If you ask someone to get started and they are not ready, they will perceive it as pressure. But if you ask someone to get started and they are excited, they will welcome your question. So how do you know? You look for signs . . . some of the signs are SUBTAL (Like smiling, nodding, asking lots of positive questions, etc) some of the signs are blatant (Like, them saying, “I love this!” or, “I think this has huge potential!” or, “It looks like there is big money in this!”). When you get a sign, that’s your que to ASK! When the signs are positive, it really doesn’t matter how you ask as long as you LEAD them into the next step. Remember, your job is to take them to the next step in the process. They don’t know what that next step is, so you need to LEAD by making a suggestion.

Here are some great examples:

“Are you ready to get started?”
“You obviously like what you see, can schedule training and get you going?”
“On a scale of 1-10, where do you see yourself? I’ll assume a 10 means you are ready to go!”
“Can I get you set up in the system and schedule you for training?”

Remember if you ask a question like this pre-maturely, it can be perceived as if you are pressuring them. You are looking to ask the question when you perceive they are ready because you notice positive signs.

They don’t know what the next logical step is so it’s up to you to tell them. Suggestions are great. You propose the next step and they tell you what they want to do . . .

“Can I suggest that we get you in the system and schedule you for training?”
“Why don’t we get you going and I’ll work with you to help you get your money back as quickly as possible”

Please don’t make this more difficult than it is . . . when someone has all the information necessary to make a good decision AND they are interested in moving forward, that’s the time to ask.
You can’t ask wrong. Just ask and lead them into the next step.


Sometimes when a potential distributor is dragging their feet or giving you excuses it’s because they don’t have everything they need to make a decision. So they may “him and haw” about why they
aren’t ready. They may say they have to think about it or do some “research”. Here is something you can do to move them through the process. This is something that most people don’t cover in the presentation that is extremely important. I also look for ways to make it easy for them to explain what they have just learned to a friend or family member. Even if he/she has heard it on a video, it goes by so fast that a detailed explanation can give you some mileage.

This weekend in Jacksonville, I was surprised at what happened after our texting exercise. We set up over 200 appointments in a 20 minute texting session using a very simple 2 step texting script.
Not one phone call was made and many of the participants walked away with 1-7 appointments each! But here’s what surprised me. Although I have trained on how to give a simple presentation at least 10 times on our Monday Training Call, I had at least 5 people come up to me in a state of PANIC because although some of them had been in the business for years, they realized they now had to give a presentation and had never done one!! So some of you will get on this call week after week, month and month and listen as an audience member. And I’ll teach a very simple step by step process for showing the business, yet you have never set an appointment so you didn’t have a need to ever give a presentation!! And some of you have been in the business for years and have never given a presentation! So after the texting exercise, you came to the realization that you now have to show the business to someone and had no idea where to start! So I’m going to do it again! And I’ll keep doing it until all of you are showing the business at least once or twice a week. We make this WAY harder than it is! It’s “show-and-tell” time.

1. Tell how and why you got involved in the business (2 minutes)
2. Either a). Set up a Splash Pak Account with a user ID and Password and walk them step by step through
sending a card to someone they care about OR b). Have them watch you send them a card from your phone after taking
a selfie with them and attach a two pak of brownies
3. Show the 8 minute Steve Schulz video from OR use the Mobile Pocket Presentation to show the money
4. Ask the question

(This is so very simple once you do it one time. The most important thing you can do here is start. If you are not setting up appointments and showing the business,
you really don’t have a business. I know that LOTS of you are doing this already, but many of you are not. I’m trying to help you here. If my helicopter instructor had
gone over the steps for flying the helicopter in a classroom 50 times over the course of a year, a year later I still would not be able to fly. We had to get in the helicopter and do it.
I’m suggesting that you do it and not just continue to be a spectator. If you can’t figure something out or are struggling with something, just ask. The steps are SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE.)

But here is the missing piece . . . I think this is something that has been left out of our training that can really help to increase your chances that someone will be interested.

AFTER STEP 3 HAVE THEM PULL OUT A NOTEPAD AND A PEN . . . (it’s important that you have them write this down and not just tell them. They will remember it
if they write it down and it will be easier for them to explain it to others if they write it down)


Please write this down . . .

PC = 1pt
GC = 3 pts
3-Panel = 4pts
GIFTS 7pts – 700pts

NO CONTRACT (Cancel at any time)
ROLLOVER (Points rollover for a year)

.39 per point for a customer (PC = .39, GC = $1.17, 3 Panel = $1.56

$39/mo = 100points per month

MD – MARKETING DISTRIBUTOR $395/$59 Annual Renewal

WEBSITES – FREE (No Monthly)
10 Customer Accounts (25 points each to give away) – INCLUDED
Wholesale price on points (.31 instead of .39)
Unlimited Training – INCLUDED
Mobile sites – INCLUDED

Then stop and get a reaction. Look for positive “Signs” . . .


The first four letters in Leadership are “Lead”. What does it mean to lead? It means to go first!
That means as a leader, you want to go first. When you sign up, it’s just you . . . so it’s up to
you to lead. Lead by going first. You set the first appointment. You sign up the first customer. You sign up
the first distributor. You start the first meeting. You attend the first event. You be the first in your group to go
to convention. It doesn’t happen any other way. You must be OUT FRONT. That’s how you become a leader.
Without exception, the leaders you hear about went first. This is your time to go first Everything I’ve talked about
in this call is about leadership and leading. So I’m calling on you to be a leader and lead. That means, YOU GO FIRST. Callie Shields
went first. Melissa Barlock went first. Billy Aycock went first. Mathew Shorty Wells is going first. Casey Eberhart went first.
Jules Price went first. The list is long of people that went first . . . now it’s your turn to go first. That means LEAD. Go back
and review this call and start there. Lead by texting people and setting up appointments. Lead by showing the business at least
a few times a week. Lead by booking yourself for convention. Lead by getting your next promotion. You need to do it before you can expect
people in your group to do it. YOU GO FIRST!

May 18th, 2015


Periodically I will reflect on where I am in my life and what I am doing and ask myself . . . is this the best that I have? Am I living at my highest possible potential? And the answer is always no. Now I’m not talking about stressing out and killing yourself here. In fact, sometimes it’s just the opposite! Sometimes the best version of you means slowing down and being fully present with your family and friends. Your life may have spiraled out of control and you are running in 15 different directions. Maybe living the best version of you means finding peace with yourself and not beating yourself up so much each day! So when I talk about living your full potential, I’m referring to you being the best you you can be! The truth is, I am rarely living up to my true potential. There are always areas that I can be better or contribute more. But tonight we are not so much going to explore getting better as much as we are transforming your life into your perfect life. The life you want.

I have found that no matter how great your skills are and no matter how much training you have received, you’ll fall short if you don’t possess the energy and beliefs required for long term growth in our business. Let’s say you have been through a lot of training and you know the business inside and out. But you don’t possess the motivation necessary to keep going when things get tough. Your DRIVE is waning and you lack the energy to keep going. This applies to all areas of your life. My most recent example involves learning to fly the helicopter and ultimately getting my pilots certificate. Many times I had to remind myself WHY I was getting my license. Sometimes I had to remind myself that if I KEEP GOING BACK regardless of how I had been feeling, it was the only way I was going to win. There were so many times that my energy was low and I had no drive to keep going but I knew that if I was going to achieve my dream, I had to keep going back. I had so many setbacks, I can’t even count them. These principles can be applied to anything. Tonight I’m going to take you through an exercise that can help with your motivation, drive and energy. It’s somewhat of a visualization exercise. You won’t need to take notes. You can just sit back, relax and listen. You may want to listen to it again in the near future and if you find it helps you with your energy and drive, you can keep it handy to listen over and over again. I’ll be speaking the truth so you will resonate with what I’m going to say. Even if you have been feeding yourself negative thoughts, deep down you’ll know that what I’m saying is true about you. Again the power of energy can’t be measured. If you have hunger and drive, the facts don’t matter. You don’t have to have knowledge or skills when you are driven to succeed. You will find that over time, you’ll acquire all the tools necessary to succeed once you have the primal hunger in your spirit. So let’s get started. Sit back, relax and just take it in. Listen to my words and FEEL what I’m saying as I say it.
“You are living your perfect life. Everything is falling into place exactly the way it’s supposed to. You are confident and have an inner knowing that you are on the right path. Relax. Breathe. Feel what it feels like to have the life of your dreams. How does it feel? Now you know. All those areas of question melt away. What just a moment ago may have been confusing or unclear is now in perfect focus. In fact your life is in perfect focus. You might close your eyes now and in your minds eye begin to see all those people that are important to you . . . your friends . . . your family. Even your business partners and people in your exploding organization. They are smiling at you. They are proud of you and what you have accomplished. You feel pure love for them. They have an admiration for what you have accomplished not because of your achievements but because of the amazing contribution you have brought to their lives. Their lives are better because you took a stand for what you believed in. Although in the past, some of them doubted you, they can now see why you did what you did. And they are thankful for you . . . and you thankful for them.

Every moment in time you get a fresh start. Your power is in the present. Open. Relax your muscles. Allow your mind to slow down. Accept all the boundless resources life has to offer you. Picture your career. You are at the pinnacle of success. Notice your surroundings. Permit feelings of triumph to permeate your being. Watch it all come to life right in front of you. It’s all coming together perfectly. You feel abundance. The abundance of the universe and nature confirms what you already knew. There are no limits and you have boundless potential. You can feel this in every interaction you have with another human being. Even the ones that we don’t see eye to eye with. It takes all kinds of people and the opportunity is what it is today because of the diversity of people. If everyone understood our profession and wanted to do it, it wouldn’t offer the opportunity it does today. What makes it so special is that not everyone wants to do it. And you are good with that.

Your life is in motion. The motion of life. Like flowing water or wind. Movement is life and you are fully alive. You are making things happen. You are free. Pay attention to how it feels to be free . . . to be in motion . . . to be successful and alive. You are in the flow of life. You carry this into every moment of every day. You now know what it feels like. You are a contribution to the world. You are sharing your wealth with family, friends and those in need. The world is a better place because you are in it. And you are in a state of appreciation for all that this means.

So you are really beginning to live into the energy life. Your business isn’t growing unless you are growing and each day your are creating quantum leaps in your personal and business growth. You know this is possible because you are completely open to it. In fact those things that were holding you back are gone. You can’t even remember what they were and it doesn’t matter because you are on a different track now. Your life is working the way it’s supposed to. You recognize setbacks and challenges as opportunities to grow. You let go of the restriction caused by holding on to your limitations. Limitations are not real and they are self imposed. You now know this and immediately release them. You’ve learned that they can not hold you back . . . they can only propel you and make you stronger. You can feel your personal growth and so can everyone around you. You are acknowledged often for making a difference in the lives of those around you. You don’t seek recognition, but it seems to be happening all around you.

Life is easier and you are enjoying more free time to do the things that are most important to you. You feel a rush of love and gratitude for the beauty of life without the normal stresses brought on by a philosophy of scarcity. You make your decisions based on love and not fear. You don’t run and hide . .. you embrace life without hesitancy. You lean into opportunity. You are at peace in knowing that you paid the price and today you can make choices. Alarm Clocks are optional in your world and you love having the freedom to write your own schedule without anyone telling you where to be and what to do with your time. You smile knowing that you have mastered time and money not by taming it but by letting go of it’s significance and focusing on bringing value to those around you. A dollar can be worthless or infinitely valuable based on how you use it. The same goes for time. In the past, others controlled what you did with your time and money and today, you make those choices. Because you LOVE LIFE, and all of the choices we make involve either how we use our time or how we use our money, you realize that you must appreciate your time and money the same way you appreciate life. You must use your time and money for things that inspire you. You are generous with your time and money and in ways that contribute positively to the well being of others. You are okay with pampering yourself and others because you know that what you appreciate expands.

Each night when you lay your head on to your pillow you are calm and at peace knowing that you did all you could that day to leave the world better than it was when you woke up earlier in the day. Feel how your efforts are magnified each day through the contributions of all of those that you came in contact with earlier in the day. Life is a gift and each day is a reason to celebrate. As you look back on your successes, consider how you have achieved many things in your life that you can be proud of. And placing those feelings of accomplishment out in front of you you can achieve even more. In advance, you can feel those feelings of achievement and for things that haven’t yet even happened . . . things that have the potential to change the world.

You expect a breakthrough every day. Each day is an opportunity to view things differently and see opportunities where there were none. This is what entrepreneurs do. You can see the potential in others that they can not yet see in themselves. Sometimes they appear as disabilities or limitations. They represent the small embers that can turn into a blazing fire of success. In fact, you have noticed that all great success stories started with a handicap or serious struggle. So when you meet someone that can’t yet believe in themselves, give them the gift of belief. This is what breakthroughs are made of. You have the gift to see into the future. You have vision. In fact you may not have known it until now. But you do . . . because you are here. To imagine a better life for you, your family and those around you, you must be able to see the invisible.

Breathe in the feeling of triumph and success. How does it feel? What do you see? Step into your perfect future. You are unstoppable. You don’t care what others say or think. You know the truth. You know there are two worlds out there. There is a world of abundance and love and there is a world of fear, cynicism and doubt. You choose the world of abundance and love. When you encounter someone who is skeptical or doubtful, you realize that they just aren’t ready to see what you see. But you may be the one to help them have a ray of hope. By acknowledging their feelings and planting a seed of hope, you have the power to change their life. And you know it’s possible because you have experienced it time and time again. You have seen others come from the depths of depression and today have a life of possibility. In fact this is exactly why you do what you do.

You fill your calendar not to be busy but to make a bigger impact on the world. You know that ultimately your income will be a reflection of the value you bring in to the world. And you also know that your legacy is a reflection of what you get started. You feel energized in knowing that thousands of people will be touched by your efforts today and every day. You are not building because you have to, but because you get to . . . you get to share a business idea that can transform someone’s life in many ways. And you are inspired each day as you expose the business to new people.

Your energy is ever expanding and you can feel the power of motivation welling up inside of you. You are propelled into a world
of bountiful opportunity and abundance. Nothing can stop you. You have faith in people and believe in them even when they don’t.
When life kicks you down, you catch your breath and get right back up. You start fresh each day as if it was your first day in the business.
Why? Because you have the power to reinvent yourself each day and bring a whole new transformational perspective into the world. You know this is not about being smart or educated. It’s about having faith and understanding in a world of negativity. It’s about connecting with your source and helping others to have hope again. You have the power to change the world. Expect a breakthrough. You are confident and driven.
You are a masterful builder of relationships. You have no more questions . . . you just have a job to do. Confusion, doubt and fear melt away. You have fun and laugh a lot. Life gets easier the more you share. You are engaged, involved and connected. You don’t just believe, you now know.

May 4th 2015


When faced with the question, “What do I do to create a second source of income?” most people wing it. They might apply for a part time job or consider going back to school to get a more advanced degree or trade. Let’s take a look at the options available today and see if we can compare them to the option of Network Marketing:

1. GET A PART TIME JOB – At $10 an hour (the going rate), if one were to work an extra 20 hours a week, that’s about $800 a month or $500 a month after taxes. No residual income stream and a huge time commitment for very low return. If childcare is required, this option is out!

2. GO BACK TO SCHOOL – Make no money while in school . . . expense = $10,000-$30,000 for a minuscule return in terms in increased income once graduating. Most people find themselves in the same bind they were in prior to going back to school. Only now they have college debt.

3. BUY VENDING MACHINES – $2000 for a descent vending machine. Place each machine. Buy product in advance (some of it spoils). A badly placed machine yields no profit. Buy 10 machines, you’ll have $30,000 invested (including product) before making a penny. Oh, and machines break and need to be serviced! If loans or leases are involved it makes it even more difficult to make a profit. The reason most people buy vending machines is for the “passive” income. Not so passive when you figure out that you need to service the machines, empty and count the cash and stock product and remove expired inventory.

4. GET INTO RENTAL REAL ESTATE – Don’t get me started. My goal was to buy 50 properties for under the price of a car each! I began collecting properties in 2000. I bought 1 in Grand Rapids for $40,000. 13 in the mountains for Arizona for about $50,000 each. 5 in Milwaukee for about $25,000 each and about 30 in the Cleveland Area for $15,000 to $25,000 each. So all in all, I owned 49 properties! Wooooo Whooooo! I was flying high! Well every month I had a hot water heater, swamp cooler, roof, etc that needed replacing. I was hit with termites, mold (multiple times), and various repairs caused by damage from the tenants. Almost monthly I would receive calls from my property managers asking for $5,000 to $15,000 to resolve some sort of tenant issue. For example, I had a property manager that was an attorney and also the president of the board of realtors in his city, withhold rents from me even though he was collecting the rents from Section 8. In 3 months he had spend $17,000 of my money on luxury items like cars, vacations, etc. I had to threaten him with a lawsuit. I had a tenant vacate a property but didn’t find out until 60 days later. In the meantime the “thugs” had broken in and did over $40,000 in damage to a home that was worth $25,000. They stole the plumbing, ceiling fans, appliances, and doors. They broke all the windows.
I had a tree from one of my properties blow over in a storm and land on the neighbors car in the street. I received a citation because one of my tenants in Arizona was running a taco stand out of his front yard. I received a call on Sunday morning from my property manager of a $300,000 home I was leasing out as a vacation rental. She says, “Did you hear what happened last night?”. I said . . . “no.” She said, “The 17 year old staying with his parents at your home fell backwards off of the 3rd story and had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance at 2am. He was drunk. When I got to the home the next day, there were 50 empty beer bottles and four empty bottles of Yagger on the pool table. It’s an endless parade of issues and problems on a monthly basis. I’ve liquidated all but 25 of them and am now looking for ways to “simplify” my affairs. Yes, you can get into rental real estate to make money if you want to . . . network marketing is 100X easier.

5. BUY A FRANCHISE – I spoke with a woman that works for 7 Eleven. She goes in and checks up on the franchise owners. She makes
sure the stores are spotless and that the product displays are up to spec standards. She and her husband were talking about opening a
7 Eleven Franchise (she had no idea how she would do it financially). I asked her, how much it would cost. She said $150,000. I said, “Great! So you get a store location, all the inventory, employees, etc for $150,000?” She said, “No, that is the franchise fee. You need another $500,000 to secure the location, buy the inventory, the reserves, hire employees, accounting, legal, etc”. I said, “Oh, so what can you make from one store?” She said $300,000. So I asked, “You’ll profit $300,0000 with a $650,000 investment?” She told me that the $300,000 was revenue and expenses needed to be paid from that.
I replied, “So you’ll need to buy all your product, service your loans on the $650,000, pay all of your monthly utilities, pay your employees, leases, etc from the $300,000 in revenue.” Then she tells me that the $300,000 is based on whether the store does well. If it doesn’t do so well, that could be less. I asked her, after ALL of your expenses, if you do well, what will your PROFIT be? She said, $50,000. $50,000!!!! After all of that???? I would rather just do network marketing. Each distributor is independent, you are not limited by location, you don’t have to go into work each day, you don’t have to manager employees. AND, you have residual income without a $650,000 investment!! People!!!!!

Just in case you’re still interested, here’s
some startup info. Keep in mind, it may take you 3-5 years to break even
and you’ll never experience residual income. You’ll have to manage
employees and do your own payroll and accounting. Don’t forget,
you’ll have to sign leases and pay lawyers and franchise fees.
Before you sign up for one of these programs, you may want to consider
that having a network marketing business requires none of this,
has a residual component AND costs under $1000 to start.

So here are some options for you:

1. Snap On Tools $135,390 # of locations 3,392

2. 7-Eleven $393,800 # of location 6,142

3. Aaron’s $420,725 # of locations 1,749

4. Panera Bread $1,447,770 # of locations 1, 379

5. Servpro $156,250 # 1,571

6. McDonald’s $1,480,625 # of locations 14,016

7. Liberty Tax Service $63,350 # of locations 3,592

8. Merry Maids $66,600 # of locations 943

9. The Maids Interntional $106,420 # of locations 1,053

10. Jimmy John’s $395,500 # of locations 1,130
Please let me know if you need any more info on any of these
opportunities. By the way, they are legally not allowed to tell you
how much money you can make . . . but they have to tell you that you may
lose all your money and that you probably won’t break even for 3-5 years.

6. START A TRADITIONAL BUSINESS – Same as above!! Money Pit for 5 years if you plan to grow at all. So tough to make money
because you are continually looking to invest in the future of your business. (additional space, hire more employees, upgrade your technology stay on the cutting edge, etc) AND you need to create sales which means you need to become an expert in marketing your business. It’s not uncommon to spend $100,000 to $1,000,000 up front before every taking in a dime with no guarantees that you’ll EVER be profitable. Sure, you can make money in business if you have the stomach for risk, financial resources and time to make it happen.

As a small business owner you must consider that:

a. You’ll be handing leases and contracts
b. You’ll be dealing with employee issues including payroll, hiring and firing, disputes, training, etc.
c. You’ll be having to become a sales and marketing expert to grow your company
d. You’ll be taking out loans and mortgages in your name
e. You’ll be asked for the final say on ALL of the decisions
f. You’ll need to be sure that technology is up to date and you’ll be constantly investing in technology IN ADVANCE of the technology curve
not always knowing what direction it will go.
g. You’ll need to project, invest and plan for future growth.
h. You’ll have to handle all legal issues through attorneys. They are part of the equation and you must budget time and money for them.
i. Did I mention complicated taxes?

Yes, you can start a small business to make some extra money.
7. GET A BETTER JOB! We don’t question working 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year for 40 years. That’s 2000 hours a year x 40 years = 80,000 hours.
We have a boss. We deal with politics. We work from a cubicle or our car. We set alarms for 5am. We drive in rush hour traffic. We have a LIMIT to our income. We are told when to take a vacation. There is no residual income. At the age of 55 they are looking to replace us with someone smarter and younger that will work for less. Sounds great!! And we do all of this to avoid having to be the person that STARTS A TRADITIONAL BUSINESS!!! (#6 Above)

8. YOU CAN BECOME A REALTOR, INSURANCE AGENT OR STOCK BROKER – Lots of training and certifications required. Very limited residual component. Investment of $2000-$10,000 up front to get your certifications. Probably the second best option of all. You are independent and you get to write your own paycheck. Unless you go on to become a broker and get an office, you don’t get the leverage of people that network marketing provides.

9. NETWORK MARKETING: Here’s why Network Markteting is so appealing . . . You get a business for significantly under $1000. You get to work from home. You don’t have all the headaches associated with a traditional business. You have no boss. You have an unlimited income potential. Your capital investment is limited to a computer and smart phone (which most people already have). You get paid residual income. You can start and stop as you choose. You are not limited to a geographic location. Your product is the most sought after commodity of all commodities . . . additional income. The company does all the heavy lifting – You get the massive leverage of technology, customer support, product development, product fulfillment, etc and you don’t need to pay extra for that! Network Marketing is BY FAR the best option for making extra money and taking control of your financial future available in the marketplace today!


April 27th, 2015


Jordan’s Notes:

Lay this side by side with any other opportunity, and it makes a person that doesn’t choose network marketing, look somewhat uneducated (no disrespect intended!h). Compare to a job, a college degree, an advanced degree, buying a franchise, buying a traditional business . . . if someone wants to start a business with little to no risk that has a huge upside potential, there is no better option.
12 Reasons Why Network Marketing is Better

1. Residual Income: (Get paid multiple times i.e.; Like Vending Machines, Real Estate, etc without the risk or significant investment)
2. Leverage ($300,000 @ 5% is $15,000/year $1200/mo)
Vending Machine Example . . .
3. Work from Anywhere (The Mountains, The Ocean, The City or ALL OF THE ABOVE!)
4. Low Capital Investment (Smart Phone and Computer)
What does it cost to start a business?? Leasing, Branding, Product Inventory, Advertising/Marketing, Employees/Payroll, Legal, Collateral (Before you ever take in one dollar!!) Add Franchise Fees if you bought a franchise! Seven Eleven Franchise $120,000 before you get the store! Income: $50,000 after expenses if you do well! No guarantees. High investment for low return.
5. No Territories
6. No Employees: No employee headaches. Payroll. Theft. Personnel issues, etc. You don’t need to be a babysitter! Everyone is independent!
7. Low Start Up: Less than $1000 start-up with unlimited upside!
8. Mentors – People who have already done it! They will coach you FOR FREE!
9. Personal Development ( Thousands of $$ worth of training at no additional cost to you! Nothing to sign up or register for! You get IMMEDIATE access!
10. A Company Infrastructure: The company already invested MILLIONS of dollars that you get to benefit from! LEVERAGE of Equipment, Employees, Product fulfillment, Technology, etc! You get to benefit but you didn’t have to pay a thing!! (quite frankly this is too good to be true.)
11. Unlimited Potential: It’s just #’s. Add a zero.
12. Tax Benefits

DRAWBACK: It takes some work and emotional fortitude to get it going . . . but so does everything else!

April 20th 2015


What to know about Millennials:

1. They are money motivated.
(But $500 a month can be a big deal to them!)

2. About 50% of them still live with their parents

3. Those that chose college have $50,000 to $100,000 in debt that is not forgivable
through bankruptcy!

4. They are GLUED to their devices! They are the texting and messaging
(Think Texting and Mobile Compatibility!)

5. They don’t want jobs . . . jobs are boring and have limited potential!

6. Some are skeptical but most are open minded!

7. They are the SELFIE GENERATION!
(so you better get good at selfies!!)

8. They all have 300-1000 friends on FB . . . and they use
Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest

9. In some ways they are “Just like US!!”
(Us Magazine – Celebrities . . . “They are just like us!!”)
a. Some are WIRED AS ENTREPRENEURS and some are not! . Think “Michael Jordan
that has never picked up a basketball!”
b. They like appreciation, recognition and GIFTS too! A positive encouraging card with pictures goes a long way!

11. They need ZERO training on technology! The things that many of you
freak out about and need a training manual for, they just know. 7 year olds
can send cards with no training.

12. They will be around for a LONG TIME!!

What to do when you show it:

1. Use selfies
2. Show on your device (iPhone or Samsung/Android)
3. Show the money
4. Talk about taking control of your life and not having to depend on your
parents or a job – “Do you want Beach Money?? Yes or No?
5. Use texting to set appointments!
6. Use FB as a “Friend” reference!
7. Recommend books that can educate them: “The Four Year Career” by Richard Brooke
“Business of the 21st Century” by Robert Kiyosaki
The key to having a large explosive group of millennials is to have a couple of hardworking
millennials in your group. Your job is to 1). Get them started 2). Plug them in 3).
Get out of their way! People tend to attract others that are like them! So if you are not a millennial,
it will be tougher to lead a group of millennials. I’m not a millennial but Don Shan came into my group
in Singapore and caught our vision. He then sponsored some of his close friends and TOGETHER, THEY
are attracting other Millenials. I try and stay out of the way as much as possible! I can provide some
support, encouragement and recognition but it’s up to them to build it (which they are!)

What to do . . .

1). Look on your FB friend list to see who you know that are Millennials (use
the FB INBOX MESSAGING STRATEGY TO invite them to take a look
“At a new technology that is really cool and has some big potential!”

2). If you don’t know any millennials, keep your eyes out as you are out and about.
Build rapport by asking “curiosity questions”. Are you in school? What are you studying?
Where are you from? What jobs have you had in the past? Are you entrepreneurial minded?
What are your long term plans? Are you money motivated? How much money is serious money to you?
Then ask . . . “Do you want Beach Money? Yes or no? Explain what Beach Money is if you have to!
( Do you want Beach Money?) Get their phone # or connect on FB and then use
the FB INBOX MESSAGING STRATEGY to set up a time to meet with them.
(They typically will respond to a text or a message but NOT a phone call or VM Message)

3). Be prepared to take a selfie with them on YOUR PHONE when you get with them and send them
a card with a gift on the spot while they watch you do it. Hand them your phone when you get to the
recipient address page and have them put their address into your phone. (practice a few times if you need to
before you meet with them. (This meeting is best done in person if possible). Ask the question . . .
do you know people that could use a service like this? Their answer will tell you a lot! If they say
“yes” then continue on! If they say no, then you decide if you want to continue or pack your bags!
(remember, millenials are just like us in many ways!! Some will love the idea and others will have
no interest at all! It’s okay!! Let it go!! If they are not interested, you didn’t do anything wrong!! It just means
they are not interested.)

4). Here’s where things get interesting . . . .were going to talk about a very simple strategy to show the money
quickly and clearly. It’s not complete but it will do enough to determine whether they are interested or not
in learning more. You’ll need a notepad and pen for this:

A. I’m going to explain how the money works. Can I ask you couple of questions?
1. How much money would make a difference for you each month working part-time?
2. How many friends do you have on Facebook? (most will answer 300-1000)

B. SAY: “It will cost you about $400 to start a business with us, but I’m going to show you how to
get that back, okay?” Write $400 on your paper. Below that write, WEBSITES, BACK OFFICE

B. ASK: How many of your friends on FB will be looking for an opportunity? They
will usually answer 100 or so. Then you say, “Great, do you think FIVE out of your ______
friends would want to do something with us? We’ll use FIVE and not 100 okay?”

C. Draw out 7 levels (generations) and explain what that means.

D. Let’s say 5 come in on your 1st LEVEL. Write in 5 and say, you’ll make $50 up front and then about $1000 for doing this.

E. Now let’s say that each person has 300-1000 people on their current FB Friend list and only 5 decide to join us.
Let’s carry that down through 7 generations. Write 5, 25, 125, 625, 3125, 15,625, 78,125 on each level.

F. NOW SAY: “So that’s almost 100,000 distributors” But let’s put a BIG X THROUGH THAT and just say that 10,000
actually participate. So we’ll cut it down to 10%”

G. NOW SAY: Now let’s say each distributor has the minimum # of customers on average . . . say three. So 10,000 distributors
times 3 customers is 30,000 customers. And let’s use the lowest subscription possible. Many people spend $50-$300 a month or more,
but were going to say that each customer just spends $10 a month. That’s $300,000 a month in volume

H. NOW SAY: “In this business, our commission structure goes from 2% up to 30% off volume every month. But we’ll use
2% for this calculation because it’s the lowest amount that the company pays. 2% of $300,000 is $6,000 a month in passive residual
income. What that means is if you don’t go to work, you still get that check every month!”

I. BONUS QUESTION: “Based on what you have been doing for the past 5 years, how much is your residual check now??” haha. The answer is $0.

END WITH THIS: “So here’s the question I have for you . . . do you a). want to be a distributor with us and start building your monthly check or b). want to
just use the app

REMEMBER, In the calculations I used, I cut 100,000 distributors down to 10,000. I used only 3 customers per distributor and I used $10/mo subscription. I didn’t calculate in the volume of the 10,000 additional distributors spending $31 a month. I used the smallest commission percentage in the plan (2%) AND I didn’t calculate in any bonuses!!

April 6th, 2015


These principles have the potential to earn you thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. I wish I was taught these in this way while I was in college. They are simple and they are applied by every single successful business owner I know.

They will allow you to:

1). Compress Time Frames – Leverage gives you access shortening the success curve

2). Have a breakthrough – Possibly see something you did see before giving you access to a whole new world of opportunity

3). Increase your value – As you become more valuable, your bank account will grow


1. Meet more people (Turn $100 a month into $1000 a month)
2. Connect Successful people together (Turn $1000 a month to $10,000 a month)
3. Appreciate more people (Turn $10,000 a month to $100,000 a month)

MEET MORE PEOPLE: The size of your rolodex will determine the size of your income – Harvey MakCay (Swim with the Sharks). Make meeting more people a TOP Priority! Top producers have an intentional plan for ADDING PEOPLE TO THEIR LIST AND CONTACT MANAGER! Whether you do it through the internet, Facebook, networking events, or just living life out loud, you must make space in your life to meet new people and add them to your contact base. This is one of the top 3 key traits of a successful entrepreneur. If you are not currently adding a minimum of one person per day to your contact manager (average), you’ll need to intentionally step up your game. I know you are saying, “yeah, yeah . . . I know I need to do this” but I need you to understand that this is LIFE OR DEATH IN YOUR BUSINESS. It means the difference between barely getting by and having an explosive opportunity to grow. It needs to be ON PURPOSE!

CONNECT PEOPLE: This one is easy to miss but it’s the greatest source of adding value and leverage to your business that’s available to you . . . and it’s free. This one will allow you to grow in your brand exponentially. You’ll become a magnet for successful people. Here’s the formula. When you put two successful people together and they create something even bigger TOGETHER, YOU become more valuable in the process. You don’t need to do much except introduce them to each other! Start where you are. Look for people that you know, that don’t know each other. Bring them together with a powerful introduction and let the magic begin. Start where you are . . . find two people that could benefit from knowing each other and introduce them . . . tell them “I have someone that you need to meet! It’s hard to see the benefit of this at first, but as you become a connector of people, you become the hero. Bob and Betty Ann Golden have created a HUGE following by introducing people to each other. Many big developments are happening in the entertainment community in Vegas because of small connections that have turned into huge connections. Because of this, Bob and Betty Ann can call almost anyone including the Mayor of Vegas to have a chat about anything. They are givers and contributors. I do this all the time. Here’s one of my most powerful connections that has lead to a huge opportunity that will change many lives . . . Bob introduces me to Seth Grabel the Magician. At that event I meet Loren Slocum After talking to Loren for almost an hour we figure out we know about 50 of the same people and she was reading my book at the time! Three years later I’m sitting with Eric and Marina Worre in their backyard in Vegas. Eric says, “Do you have any connections to Tony Robbins? I said . . . let me introduce you to Loren Slocum . . . she developed Tony’s “Life Mastery” program and knows Tony well. So I call Loren. Loren answers the phone and says, “Jordan, you’ll never guess what I’m doing right now!” I say “what?” She says, “I’m listening to Eric Worre’s Go Pro Audio Program and he just mentioned your name on the program!!” She had never met Eric personally. I said, “Well, let me put you on speakerphone . . . say hi to Eric Worre!” At that point I stepped back in the conversation. Eric, Marina and Loren became close friends. Loren introduced Eric to Sam Georges who is Tony’s legal council and CEO. They have golfed together and have had many dinners together. This new relationship led to Eric signing Tony (the number one personal growth strategist in the world) to speak at the GoPro Event this year in Las Vegas. One introduction led to this!!

Start where you are! This is a big and dramatic one . . . most of them are small hits and a few home runs. But make it part of your strategy! Even if you introduce two moderately successful people to each other, it can elevate their individual achievements and you will be the one that will get credit for the introduction.

This by far is the #1 strategy that I know for RAPIDLY increasing your social capital in the world. It creates rapid personal growth and connections with others. Make it part of your plan!


Well, given the system we have at our fingertips, I don’t need to say much about this one . . . but, is it any wonder that the most successful people in business are also the greatest givers? We have a system that makes giving EASY! The “Law of Reciprocity” is a powerful thing! You do good for others and they want to do good back! You get back what you send out!

I get to turn $.05 rectangular pieces of cardboard into $1000 each! How? By doing the following:

1. Send a Nice-To-Meet-You Card Note (+2)
2. Place a call (+2)
3. Send a Gift (+4)
4. Remember their Birthday (+4)
5. Set up a Personal Meeting (+3)
6. Refer Business (+5)

Out of 100 business cards, 20 will become distributors when I do all six of these things with all 100.
I also know my numbers and know that when I take all the income I make as a result of those 20 that get started with me and divide it by 100, it comes out to over $1000 FOR EACH BUSINESS CARD RECEIVED!

It PAYS to appreciate!!

LET’S REVIEW . . . THESE THREE PRINCIPLES ARE WORTH A FORTUNE. They can compress time frames, give you daily, weekly, monthly and yearly break-throughs AND increase your value.


You may be saying that you are already doing all three. That may be true. But are you doing them by design? In other words, is it intentional and deliberate? Are you aware of it as you are doing it? Do you teach it to others? By being keenly aware of these three activities in a systematic way, you can plan your week around making sure that all three happen on a daily basis. Those people that PRACTICE THESE THREE POWERFUL PRINCIPLES DAILY go on to build large and successful businesses. You won’t be able to escape it. Happy Networking!

Mar 30th, 2015


Quick story.  First, remember how crazy it was that we sat down next to each other in Scottsdale the first time we met not knowing each other or having ever met previously.  I sat down with an empty seat to my right and you sat down right next to me just as the meeting started.

Well, get this crazy story.  I am at the Ford Dealership with Chris sharing with him how SOC cards as made a big difference for me in my roofing business and showing him how to sign up.

Chris was like, man, I know I need to do this but was wavering just a little bit.  I tell Chris this is so simple and sharing it is simple.  I said just ask business owners and salespeople you know these two simple questions:

1.  What do you do to say thank you for new business?


2.  How do you follow-up and keep in touch with your clients or customers?

Now, I kid you not, just as I finished asking the two questions above to Chris, a corvette pulls up right in front of the dealership and a guy dressed for success jumps out of the car and starts to walk into the dealership.

Chris is like my man Rob.  Rob walks in and they jive talk.  Rob knows Chris and was just passing through town on his way to an appointment and just happened to decide at the last moment to stop in quick to say “hi” to Chris.

I don’t know who Rob is and have never met the guy.

Chris introduces me to Rob.  I ask Rob what he does?  He tells me he is in financial services with Mass Mutual.

Chris then asks Rob, “Can I ask you a couple of questions?”  Rob says, “Shoot!”

Chris asks him, “What do you do to say thank you for new business and How do you follow-up and keep in touch with your clients?

And I kid you not, Rob looks at us and says, “Well, I’ve been using this service called Send Out Cards now for about 7 years.”  To say the least, Chris had a cow on the spot and Rob is like what is up with you two as I go crazy on Chris.

Rob was just as floored as us that he showed up at the exact time I was there with Chris sharing SOC.  Rob explained to us how he uses it and tells Chris he is crazy if he doesn’t join as a distributor and customer with me.

Now, that is what you call an “assist” in Send Out Cards.


As I was out doing my business today I was reminded as to how much things have changed since I joined this profession. I can
remember thinking how cool it was that I could be out doing my business from anywhere. I considered a phone booth (remember those??)
my “office”. And as long as an “office” was in the area I could do my business. In the past I can remember standing in 10 degree weather at a payphone
talking to prospects about my opportunity. Today I sat at a Starbucks in the Las Vegas Airport on a leather couch showing the business. When I was done,
I closed up my notebook computer and walked out. Business on the go. I cary a multi-million $$ business with me everywhere I go! In the past, having a storefront
was a badge of honor. Today “Work From Home” is only way to go. Because of the opportunities presented by the internet, a physical location is is a liability and
an expense. It’s geographically limiting! I can go and be anywhere today and run a multi-million $$ business. You have the EXACT SAME OPPORTUNITY!

Some of you are expecting something sophisticated here. You’re hoping to learn some magical structure that will launch you into network marketing space
on this call tonight. Well I suppose it is sophisticated in it’s simplicity. Here’s the premise of what we are going to do tonight. The objective is to quickly get someone up to speed
so they can begin to build the business today. So here are the objectives for getting someone going:

1. Leverage the tools and events
2. Keep it simple
3. Reconnect them

1. Explain the transition from www. to new.
( takes you to the old classic site which is being phased out. takes you to the
new site. You do not put in the www. to access this site. You can also use the buttons on the site to go back and forth between the two sites.
Use the NEW site)

2. Explain that there are THREE ASPECTS TO THE BUSINESS:


3. Explain and demo b.
It cost $3 million and took 2 years to develop with the assistance of 23 programmers. It’s 100%
USER GENERATED just like INSTAGRAM AND PINTEREST. Instagram and pinterest don’t exist without
the users. Sendcere doesn’t exist without the users.
Have them log in with their SendOutCards USERNAME AND PASSWORD

4. THE RESOURCE CENTER AND are the two most valuable resources available to get up to speed quickly.

a. Go to and SCROLL ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM and CLICK ON RESOURCE CENTER on the bottom left. You’ll find EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW IN THE RESOURCE CENTER. (Training, Videos, Tutorials, Downloads, Events, etc)

b. Go to and click on REPLAYS. This is REAL LIFE BUSINESS BUILDING. Listen to one 25 minute call a day on your phone or computer.Take notes if possible. This will bring you up to date quickly.


1. Go to the RESOURCE CENTER and CLICK ON SIMPLE SUCCESS. Watch and take notes on the four 3-4 minute videos at the bottom
2. Go to and listen to the following audios right away:
3. SCHEDULE YOURSELF for the next MRM Event and CONVENTION 2015
4. SET UP SOCIAL MEDIA (Takes 5 minutes) a. Official SendOutCards FB Group – JOIN b. SendOutCards Mobile FB Group – JOIN
c. Register for SOC Updates d. Register for SOC Blog

Mar 16th, 2015


These 2 strategies are not theory. I have used these over and over again over the years to turn
cold market into warm. I meet people that I don’t know (cold) and then do one simple thing and they instantly
become warm . . . almost like a friend. I also know many many others that do the same. SendOutCards is almost like
a secret weapon. It does in a moment what personal development and sales gurus have trouble doing successfully
in a weekend course. Put 500 people in a traditional sales course to learn how to turn a prospect from cold to warm and on a good weekend,
maybe 20 of them will go on to do it successfully. Our system is nearly 100% in a moment. One click. Call it the law of reciprocity
or give and you shall receive.

The top two challenges network marketers experience is where to find people and what to say to them to get them to talk to them about their business. This answers both questions. You can have an unlimited # of people to talk to about the business using these strategies and it will be infinitely easier to talk to them after you use the strategies.

All of this being said, it’s still work. Sometimes it’s hard work. I saw someone on FB recently belittling our profession, saying “Yes, but it’s hard work! Well, you know what? I haven’t seen anything worthwhile that isn’t hard work. But most people work hard at things that pay them once for working once. If you are going to work hard, why not work hard at something that will pay you many years into the future . . . even after you stop working! Kody pays out millions of dollars each month to people that haven’t worked one hour in the business for many years. In case you think you misunderstood what I said, I’ll say it again . . . Kody pays out millions of dollars each month to people that haven’t worked one hour in the business in many years. So yes, sometimes you will work hard and these two strategies are probably the easiest steps from point A to point B.

And are you ready for this? You probably already know them. But can you tell me what they are? If not, they will be pretty hard for you to teach your team. If I can give them both a name and explain simply how to do them then you will be able to easily teach them to others. At the very we’ll have a conference call teaching them how to do it.

Where else in the marketplace can you turn someone you just met or hardly even know from cold to warm in an instant? Does it work 100% of the time. No . . . nothing does. Does it work most of the time?? Yes!! You don’t need it to work 100% of the time. You just need it to work more often than not.

It’s almost like cheating! Okay here we go!

Crystal Fuente Example: There is a young couple in our building that I see from time to time.
She is a woman’s coach and he is a professional poker player. They travel a lot and have a lot going on!
I connected with Crystal on Facebook (following her) and I simply copied 3 pictures from her wall onto my desktop.
Apparently they met Tony Robbins and went on a big trip with him (group photo of them and a group on her wall). So I simply put a picture of Tony, Crystal and Andrew on the front of the card and then “spanned” a copy of Tony and the entire group across the inside panel of the card. No words . . . just pictures. And I sent that! I did put my name and phone # in the card. I promise you, I will get a call from them! It’s a slam dunk!! Where else can you do this? Instant warm market! From cold to warm with one click. Professional Sales Guru’s will train people in a meeting room for 3 full days trying to teach salespeople how to create a similar result using tactics and communications techniques. And most won’t be too successful at it. Anyone can do what I’m teaching here.

1. Go to someone’s FB Wall
2. Find pictures that would be meaningful to them (a new baby, a family event, a party with friends,
pets, weddings, etc)
3. Send them a private message and tell them you want to mail them something
(it helps if you have some connection to them like you’ve met them once or you know someone that
they know).
4. Make a picture card of events that are meaningful to them
5. Mail them the card. Make sure your name and phone # are on the card.

I have a friend that works with Colonial Life as an independent insurance agent. She does cold calling to businesses and simply walks in and says hello. She tells them that she is just getting acquainted with the local businesses and wants to come in to say hello. She asks for their card (which they gladly give her) and she walks out. Her visit lasts no more than 3 minutes. On her cold call days she’ll do 20-30 in a day. She then sends a “Nice to meet you” card with a little gift (usually brownies). She gets calls back every day from people she popped in on. That doesn’t happen with any other “system”. Cold calls turn warm. So the strategy is very simple.

1). Pop in on people that have business cards.
2). Keep your visit short
3). Introduce yourself and ask for a business card
4). Turn around and send them a card with a small box of brownies

( I recommend taking a picture of their storefront but at the very least put a PROFESSIONAL picture of yourself in or on the card for facial recognition. Introduce yourself again in the card and make sure and say “nice to meet you”. )

Some will call you to thank you and anyone that you call will normally be very open meet.
No one does this and it causes you to go from a stranger to a friend in a moment. You have taken someone from cold to warm in an instant.

At any point in the future you can use the texting strategy (if you have a mobile #) to set up a time to meet with them.

I got a brief introduction to a woman last week at a networking event. I got her business card. She is a very successful Realtor with multiple offices. I immediately put her in my contact manager and sent her a “Nice to meet you” card with a professional picture of myself on the front. I included a two pack of brownies. I texted her today and here’s how it went:

Me: Hi Catherine, this is Jordan Adler.
I sat next to you at the networking meeting
last Wednesday night and asked you for your business
card. I would love to sit down with your for 30 minutes
to show you our technology and how it may benefit you. Are you
open to this?


Me: Thanks! Can I catch your for 30 minutes uninterrupted in front
of your computer at your office at 330p this Thursday?

Her: Yes.


1. Keep it simple
2. Pay a sincere compliment
3. Say “Nice to meet you” in your way

Hi Catherine,
I enjoyed meeting you last week in your office.
You have a beautiful set up! I hope we have a chance
to sit down and visit sometime in the near future.
Have a great week!

You may be looking for something sophisticated but it’s not . . . it’s simple!
The title of this call is “Two simple strategies”. Do this a few times a week
and you can begin to fill your calendar with appointments to show the service and
the business!

These strategies are just ways to grow your list . . . you’re adding new people to your network of people.
Remember “If you want to predict the future of someone’s income, look at the size of their rolodex!”
Harvey MacKay.

We are focused on “GIVING” and reaching out to connect in a meaningful way.
Each time we connect we increase our possibilities for showing the business to new people.
People will save the cards you send them for years because they had meaningful images
on them. Each time they look at the card they are reminded of you in a positive way.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a manipulation. It’s simply a way to meet more people and connect in a positive
way that is meaningful and memorable. Some people will not respond at all. Some people will become your friends.
Some will become your customers and a few will become distributors. Be patient with people. Do all of this in the spirit of giving. If you don’t hear from them, don’t take it personally. We never know what is going on in someone’s life. They may be going through a tough time or leaving on a vacation. Have fun with this . . . as Kody says, celebrate life . . . get in the flow of it.

Mar 2nd, 2015 MRM – How do I present it??

(Mastering Relationship Marketing)

Business owners are looking for ways to make more money and become more successful
marketers. Most small businesses spend $2000-$5000 PER MONTH on marketing. And it goes
up from there! If someone can show them how to be more successful and spend less money doing
it they are all ears!

Think of the MRM Program as a training program to help small business owners become better marketers.
Right now the MRM Program is being refined and tested. The Salt Lake City event was the first of it’s kind.
In the near future this program will be rolled out to the marketplace as a stand-alone training that will
help businesses be more successful. This is a conversation that virtually all business owners are interested in


We have ALWAYS been the relationship marketing company! The people that have become successful in SendOutCards have always seen this. They could describe SOC as a way to enhance relationships, retain customers, celebrate life and get more sales. In fact between 2005-2009 we exploded because most distributors were focusing on sponsoring small business owners, salespeople and entrepreneurs! Business Network International was a focus for many of our distributors. The low hanging fruit in our business are the business owners and salespeople that get the importance of expressing appreciation and kindness in the written word!
So really nothing changes . . .

Greeting cards are a product. Relationship marketing is a solution. What most people in our company do is sell greeting cards. The general view of the greeting card industry is that it’s a dying industry (even though we know better!) At one point, people thought the video rental business was a dying industry! But it was reinvented by the entrepreneurs that started Netflix and today they are part of a booming company! We are spending lots of our time trying to show people that there is a better way! Until we meet with someone and let them experience the service by sending a card, they really don’t “get it”! Really, we have always been the relationship marketing company.
SendOutCards is just the mechanism we use to nurture and advance the relationships with the people we love and the people we do business with.

So by describing us as “The Relationship Marketing Company” we open up a whole new world of conversation that can serve the business community. And if you think about it . . . what is network marketing?? It’s RELATIONSHIP MARKETING. So it serves us better to reference us as “The Relationship Marketing
Company” vs “The Greeting Card Company”. Without your knowledge of what we do, who would you think would be involved in a greeting card company? Older people? Crafters? Mostly Women?

Without your knowledge of what we do, who you would think would be involved in a Relationship Marketing Company?
Successful Business Owners? Entrepreneurs? Salespeople? Men and Woman? Success minded people? Do you see the difference?

And we get to show others how they can make money helping us promote THE #1 RELATIONSHIP MARKETING COMPANY ON THE PLANET! Greeting Cards happen to be one of the most powerful mechanism’s for following up and expressing gratitude and appreciation!


Because these programs are in the early stages of being launched, there is a perception that we need to be experts at relationship marketing to succeed. Some people
even think they have to do training programs on Mastering Relationship Marketing. You do not. It can’t hurt for you to MASTER RELATIONSHIP MARKETING because we are
in the relationship Marketing business and the basic skills will serve you well.

But this has nothing to do with you teaching MRM. There will be 4-6 programs a year available to attend for business owners and our customer base. There will also be a condensed version in an audio format that is already in the works with an introduction by Tom Hopkins. Think about it this way . . . as the relationship marketing company, we need to become the very best at relationship marketing. This includes the skills for being a professional network marketer. The programs will help you grow and become better. Over time, we will have a number of commissionable training programs made available to our distributors, our customers and the marketplace. SendOutCards is a tool that supports being a great relationship marketer. So we’ll want to master those skills. But in no way are you required to be the expert on training this info!
(Of course it’s always good to teach what you learn and you’ll become much better at it if you do!)


When I’m talking to someone about what I do, I don’t talk about SendOutCards as a product. When I am presenting the SendOutCards Opportunity, I don’t say that we are a greeting card company. People don’t buy products. People buy stories, ideas, solutions, and strategies. SendOutCards is a product (and a really powerful one!) But it means little without the context of what it will do for people! So here’s an idea for you:

“What do you do?”

“I represent the #1 Relationship Marketing Company on the planet. We help business owners and entrepreneurs with strategies and tools that will help them grow their businesses and make more money. And we are looking to train a few others that may be interested in a new opportunity or second income stream.”

Personally I think it could serve you to memorize this. Say it over and over 10 times until you can repeat it without thinking if I were to stop you on the street!

This is just an example . . . Again, think about who this will attract (as compared to “we are a greeting card company”)? Because, truthfully this is who we are and who we have always been! Kody says, “Find out who you are and give yourself away!” Well SendOutCards has always been a relationship marketing company but our distributors have always been left in the dark as to how to bridge the gap and explain it to others. Many figured it out on their own. The ones that did, did very well. But now we have clearly defined it. We have the #1 Relationship Marketing Tool on the planet and what that means to you is that we can help you be more successful at what you do. The proof is, we’ve sent out over 120 million cards!

I am letting my potential distributors know this up front . . . I say something like,

“We are the #1 Relationship Marketing Company in the world. We offer programs and systems that can help business owners be more successful. I’m going to show you an example of one way we do this. We also have programs that we offer that can help to train you and your team to make more money. We can talk about that later. Ok?”

1). This approach attracts successful business people
2). Successful business people know other successful business people
3). Business owners tend to have to think less about spending $395 to start a business because the door on their office cost more than $395
and they are used to spending $2000 to $10,000 a month on marketing
4). Successful business owners know other people that could benefit from Mastering Relationship Marketing
5). Successful business owners immediately recognize a great opportunity when they see one

I love the “Sales Statistics” Card that is available on It explains that 80% of all sales are made on the 8th-12th contact. I like to show this chart up front and at the very least send it to them as a card as a follow up to our meeting.

Question: if I were to run into you, and ask you to show me the business, could you do it?
What steps would you take?Answer below. Be never know, I may ask you to do that someday!

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I put his on FB and got 30 or so answers that were all different. Thanks for your input! The responses were interesting!
For those of you that responded, if I were to ask you are you really happy with your results, how would you answer?
Here are some key points:

1. You must have a system. For you to teach it, you must know the steps. If I ask you the steps,
you should be able to tell me

2. Any thing you change, leave out or add will give you a different result. It’s like a phone number.
Leave one number out or switch 2 of them around and you get a different result

3. Some things do work better than others!

4. It must be simple, easy to teach and explain and accessible to others! (remember the 8 year old test!)

5. The better you are at INVOLVING the person you are showing it to the more successful you will be!

6. There is a method to the madness! (explain having them send a card OR doing it on the phone)

7. Ask the Question at the end!! How do you know if you don’t ask!

8. Ask for 30 minutes of UNINTERRUPTED TIME! If you do it on the run, you’ll get mediocre results!

Feb 23rd, 2015 – How do you answer: “What do you do?”

HOW DO YOU ANSWER: “What do you do?”

I have a simple answer that I like to use . . . you need to come up with something that is comfortable to you. I say, “I help people set up home based businesses on the internet”, however I see this “shift” to Mastering Relationship Marketing as a real opportunity. I’ll probably now say something like,
“I represent a philosophy and system that helps businesses grow by 20-400%”.

Bob Golden is the master and I love his approach. When people ask, “What do you do?” he leans over and quietly says in their ear. “I’ll fill you in later . . . “ It’s brilliant because it leaves people curious and wanting to know more. Curiosity is a very powerful emotion. Bob gets LOTS of people asking around . . . “what exactly does Bob do?” No one really knows, but everyone wants to! Powerful.


At a weekly networking event they may ask you to do a real quick 30-60 second commercial. I’m a fan of joining one group and getting really familiar with the members of the group. That way, when you show up, you’ll get regular introductions to the visitors.

Here are a four tips:

1. Be a giver – look for opportunities to refer business to the other members
2. Be a connector – Look for opportunities to put people together that could benefit from knowing each other
3. Send Cards to the members of the group – Let them feel the love.
4. Become friends with members of the group! People love to refer business to their friends!

Now let’s get back to your commercial. Your commercial should do 3 things (quickly)

1. Identify a challenge, issue or opportunity
2. Offer a solution
3. A call to action (a good referral for me is . . . )

Personally I like to have a different commercial each week. Because people tend to tune out if it’s the same thing week after week. PLAN YOUR COMMERCIAL. DON’T WING IT! If you have to read it that’s okay . . . but make sure it is well thought out. Also, when you have an alternate, they can READ your commercial if you give it to them.

Here was my 30 second commercial from last Wednesday (feel free to use mine if you like it!):

Dr Ivan Misner, the Founder of BNI talks about “The Law of Reciprocity”. The “Law of Reciprocity” states that if you do nice things for people they tend to want to reciprocate! It’s human nature. I can show you how to MAXIMIZE THE LAW OF RECIPROCITY with A CLICK A DAY. Take a photo and send it with a gift and you can double or triple your annual sales. A good referral for me is . . . .

I usually write mine out and then reference it so I stay on track. I keep it simple and to one point.
If you write it out and read it 3 times, you should be pretty good to go! It’s only 30 seconds or so!


The same principles apply to your 8 minute presentation as your 30 second commercial. Try not to do what most people do . . . ramble on about how great your company is or your background. People will get to know you by your weekly presence. You don’t need to give a bunch of background. Follow the simple formula below. Use your time effectively. YOUR GOAL IS TO EDUCATE THE MEMBERS IN YOUR CHAPTER WHO TO REFER TO YOU AND HOW TO REFER THEM.

1. Identify a challenge, issue or opportunity
2. Offer a solution
3. A call to action (a good referral for me is . . . )

You may have time to go through this 2 or 3 times during your 8 minutes depending on how efficient you are. Here’s a couple of examples:

1. Identify a challenge, issue or opportunity – “You know how stay at home moms have birthday parties for their kids and are always trying to figure out creative ways to invite people?”
2. Offer a solution – “I have a way they can quickly and easily get an invitation into the mail without having to run around to buy cards, stamps, etc. They can do it right from the computer and even add pictures. With a simple click, as many cards as necessary can be sent right from home . . . at about a buck a card.”
3. A call to action (a good referral for me is . . . ) – “A good referral for me would be a BUSY STAY AT HOME MOMS!”

1. Identify a challenge, issue or opportunity – “You know how you go to your mailbox and get legal sized letters from vendors with logos that are offering you some kind of deal? What do you do with those?” That’s right . . . they go right to the circular file. They are more of an annoyance than anything else.”
2. Offer a solution – “We believe that APPRECIATION WILL WIN OVER SELF PROMOTION EVERY TIME!” We show you how you can send something that they will want to KEEP instead of throw away! And you can do it right from the comfort of your chair or desk.”
3. A call to action (a good referral for me is . . . ) – “A good referral for me is someone who owns a one or two person operation that spends money each month on traditional advertising. I want to meet the owner.


“Most businesses are looking for ways to grow. The people you do business with are probably no different. Hopefully by knowing you, there businesses are better off for it. I’m going to give you 3 ways to grow your (or their) business using SendOutCards.

1. With the iPhone App or Mobile Device Website take a selfie with your client. Send them a Thank You card with the Selfie on the front and include 2 brownies or a $5 Starbucks Card. Let the “Law of Reciprocity” work in your favor.

2. Appreciation will win over Self-Promotion every time . . . (I showed a State Farm “Appreciation” letter with the logo on it . . . I asked, “What do you do with these?” Everyone unanimously said . . . “we throw them away!” I said, “Exactly” and then explained why our cards don’t get thrown away.

3. I gave each person in the group a SALES STATISTICS sheet and talked about the #’s.

2% of sales are made on the first contact and 80% of Sales are made on the 8th-12th contact. You can use SENDOUTCARDS as a powerful way to reconnect with someone. When you send a card, as long as it is a card to “Appreciate”, it will sit on their desk, bulletin board or refrigerator. Each time they see it it’s a reminder that you care about them.

Over the past 8 months, you have probably met people that gave you their business card and YOU NEVER HEARD FROM THEM AGAIN. They need me. 2% of sales are made on the first contact. A GOOD REFERRAL FOR ME IS . . . someone who you only met once and never heard from again. You can help me by contacting them and telling them what I have just told you and suggesting that we meet.
Jordan Adler –

I had notes in front of me when I did this presentation. I didn’t rely 100% on my memory. I planned my talk out in advance. I didn’t just ramble on. I had a little plan.
I received 5 referrals after my talk and also got a few business cards from the guests at the meeting. Yesterday I created a simple “Thanks for stopping by our BNI Meeting” card with my picture on the front. (I had walked over and met each guest personally – They each handed me a business card and I confirmed the mailing address on each card. I put them in my “BNI Vegas Guest” Group. Then I sent them each a card with a box of 2 brownies. I will sign up 4 customers and 1 distributor as a result of these actions.

Feb 16th, 2015 GO FASTER!!

ACCELERATORS! These are the little things that added up can shave years off your timeline to the top. It’s the difference between never getting there and being a superstar. Don’t take these conversations lightly! Each item I’m talking about on this list can massively improve your productivity and even take you to the top. So here we go:

1. TREAT PEOPLE NICE! – They will reciprocate (we talked about this on a recent call)
When we do nice things for people they tend to want to do nice things back.
Generosity will create allies and leverage. Be generous every day. Look for ways to serve others
regardless of whether you are getting anything in return. Be source of light in the world.

2. HAVE SOMEONE WITH YOU! This was a big one for me. Many years ago I decided that
I would try not to do a presentation for someone without inviting someone else to come along to listen or observe. I’m very aware and conscious of this. When I have someone else downline or crossline with me I am at minimum doubling the impact of my presentation. I’m training and modeling and over time, as you teach this simple idea, your group very rapidly is multiplied and replicated. So if you are doing something with one part of your group, invite another part of your group to sit in, observe or participate. Staggering leverage.

3. FOLLOW A MAP! Getting to a destination without a GPS or a Map adds years to your journey and can be very stressful. What is your roadmap? . . . learn the journey from those who have gone before you! You can wing it or make up your own map, but expect your journey to take 10 times longer. Most likely you won’t get to your destination. “This is where you go first . . . now go here . . . then here . . . keep going, even though it may feel like you are going the wrong way, keep going. Put one step in front of the other. Go fast here . . . slow down here. Nice. You’re really getting closer. etc”

4. WORK A LITTLE HARDER! I’m not exactly clear what the actually physics of this is, but for whatever reason, that extra 5% of work you do at the top end of your maximum productivity adds 100% or more of additional benefit to your results. I’m sure there is some mathematical reason for this . . . for example 100% get’s me x and 105% get’s me x times 10. Here are a couple of reasons why this may be true. a). There are fewer people playing at this level so you’ll stand out and get showcased and edified by others which gives you additional exposure and impact in the marketplace. b). You attract others playing at this level – usually people that are well networked, more successful and great communicators. Again each little thing adds about to a big thing. So because you chose to turn off the TV and put in an extra 5% at your highest level of productivity, your business doubled or tripled. Your skills will be better. You’ll attract better people into your business. You’ll be promoted at a higher level.

5. LET YOUR DREAMS DRIVE YOU! Motivation is key. Arbitrarily write down at least 10 things you’ll do as a result of your success in the business. Put them out in front of you as a carrot. Post them where you’ll see them every day. I still love finding magazines that have photos of my dreams and cutting out the pictures and creating a notebook or dream board . . . this is a big deal. Get excited about the life you are creating for yourself and for your family! There is a reason why this step is in virtually every personal development book on the planet. It’s part of the road map. You will have up days and down days. Let your dreams inspire you to turn off the TV and go to work! This is a massive accelerator . . . imagine an architect that attempted to build a building without a vision for what the final structure will look like. They know every detail before breaking ground. You are the architect of your life. If you’re not clear what it will look like, it will take you much much longer to get there! Motivation comes from having something to look forward to. Don’t you agree that you’ll move faster if you are motivated then if you are not? So give yourself something inspiring to strive for!

6. UNPLUG AND RECHARGE! We live crazy busy lives! And sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the pace that our productivity declines. At least once a week, give yourself a 2-3 hours to completely unplug and regroup. Clear your mind. You’ll find infinite sources of creativity in that space of doing nothing for a few hours. If you have kids and a job as you are building your business, it may be challenging to do this but it is as important as getting some sleep or finding time to eat. This won’t happen by accident, You’ll never have time to shut down. You must schedule it on your calendar or it won’t happen. This is one of those things the seems somewhat counterintuitive. In fact you may have seen my post on FB saying “Most people do the opposite of what they need to do to be successful. This may apply to you here . . . I don’t know. But I do know that most people either rarely work OR they never take a break. You’ll need to work very hard to get your business going and then make sure you take short breaks in between. Catch your breath. Regroup. Find your peace. Get inspired again and again on your journey.

7. LET GO! This is an accelerator like no other! Most of us are so over controlling that we don’t allow the breathing room for growth. Remember, your business wants to grow! Be patient and give it time.
Trying to motivate your team is a perfect example of holding on too tight. Sponsor someone, train them and then get out of the way. Let go of the outcome. Getting frustrated when someone doesn’t do anything is a form of holding on too tight and being too attached. Sometimes you think you are helping and actually you may be choking out any possible future life Think space. If you put a fish in a small fish bowl it will only grow to the size of it’s environment. If you put a fish in the ocean or lake it grows to full size. Your business will grow into the size of the environment that you make available to it. Give your business oxygen and space to flourish.
8. ADD WOOD WHERE THERE IS FIRE! Most of us with little experience in this business tend to throw tons of wood on a fire that has no flame. It won’t burn!! Look for fire and throw wood there. This is why I always say to work with those that are already doing something. You’ll triple or quadruple your results! So if no one is doing anything you must show the business to more people. This is why I always suggest to strive for signing up 2-4 new distributors per month. Because when you do this, there will be one person ever 3 months of so that really starts to go to work (sometimes even without your involvement!) This is when you say, “Hey, can we do some meetings together or some conference calls? I would love to grab lunch with you and some of your new distributors.” Invite them to trainings, offer to assist, pass along valuable resources. Your business will not be a struggle when you find a group like this. But again, don’t try and ignite a fire when the wood is soggy! It won’t light!
9. CHOOSE THE RIGHT TOOLS! There are many tools that can radically leverage your reach and exposure in the business. How you choose to use them can yield
mediocre results or staggering growth. How you use social media, books, audio links, texting, video, webinars, apps, etc. Think . . . How can I serve and add value to more people
by using the tools that I have at my fingertips?

10. CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WISELY! This is a tough one to talk about. Your friends are your friends! We love and appreciate the people in our lives even though sometimes they don’t
contribute positively to the forward trajectory of our business growth. That’s the nice way to say it. The ugly way to say it is some of us have losers as friends! They speak negativity into our lives.
They are unmotivated and they tend to bring us down. Remember, positive and resourceful entrepreneurial minded people attract other positive, resourceful entrepreneurial minded people. It DOES matter who we choose to hang out with. If you are a father and your 16 year old daughter that starts to date an 18 year old guy that has a partying problem and tattoos from head to toe, you are concerned!! Why? Because you know that often we become who who we hang out with!

When I was learning to play ping-pong in high school I read in a book that if you want to get really good, you need to play with people much better than you! This is how it works in life and in business.
Especially in network marketing. The greatest way to rapidly accelerate the growth of your business is to begin to hang out with people that play in business much better than you. This is by far the FASTEST ROUTE TO THE TOP! Tony Robbins says, “Proximity is Power!” Be in the proximity of those you want to be like! Figure out how to get closest to those that have what you want. This is why it’s so important to get to the major events! Where are the top people in our profession?? They are at the major events! Remember, “Proximity is Power!!”

BONUS: Record conference calls of your calls and send to the other part of your team – Recording and disseminating training info can offer you massive leverage. This is why I record all of these calls
and post them . . . because they continue to work for me over and over again! Today I received a message from someone wanting me to do an business overview for them over the phone. I directed them in a text to go to and click on “Jordan does a live walk-through”. Took me no more than 5 seconds. Do this kind of thing every day and teach it and you massively accelerate the productivity in your group!

BONUS: DO GROUP MEETINGS (at least once a week) – When you start a meeting, your #1 goal is to get guests to the meeting. Your #2 goal is to replace yourself! Always be looking to replace yourself and then teach them to do the same! In the beginning your group meetings may be 3 people. Eventually they will grow to 10, then 50, then 100 . . . and then they will branch off into other cities. At some point, you’ll be asked to come out an speak in other places for members of your team! You just show up! And then teach them to replace themselves as well!

BONUS: MAKE SOMEWHERE YOU LOVE YOUR “OFFICE” – You may love the forest . . . find a place in the forest that has wifi and work there for a day. Or you may love the ocean. Find a place by the ocean that has wifi and work from there for a day, a week or even a month. You’ll be way more productive if you are inspired by the environment you are working in. So if you are unable to leave your home, at least take a day and set your workspace up as a place you love to be. Make it comfortable to you. You may like candles and incense. Or a big leather chair. You may work best from a bean bag chair with a little fountain in the background. Everyone has a different type of “space” that inspires them. Make yours perfect for you so that you can be in your zone every day! If clutter is distracting to you, then clean it up right away or at the very least, put it all in a box and push it into the corner til you can get to it. Create a clearing where you can work clutter free and unencumbered. Give yourself a working environment that feeds your soul!

Feb 9th, 2015 SHOW THE APP!


“Hey Jordan . . . I listened to your conference call and really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I’m still hesitant but just need to talk with you more. I love the return possibilities that sen out cards potential has for me but it is scary because I don’t know if I would be able to make that much success happen. I am reading beach money with my husband right now too and I love your story. I guess that I am just a safe player and scared to take the risk.”

This feeling represents the feelings of 90% of the people we show it to. They are scared. She is being honest. She questions whether she can do it. She questions her ability to succeed. My objective is to answer her concerns and show her in a very simple way how to succeed in the business. I want her to see SendOutCards as a part time opportunity to create some extra income and over time a residual income that will exceed any part time work that she can go out and get . . . and have fun doing it. As I read her text to me, I’m in tune with her feelings of doubt. What can I show her that will ease her concerns and help her to see the potential here. I may compare the SendOutCards opportunity to going back to college or setting up a traditional business. How much does she risk if she spends $10,000 going back to school? Or spending $50,000 starting a traditional business? She’s young and inexperienced in the business world . . . so she doesn’t have this perspective yet. So I need to find third party tools that can help to educate her.

She also is lacking some confidence in her abilities. When we talk I will have her pull out a piece of paper and write down these 3 things:

1. Show the App
2. Show the Video
3. Repeat Daily

I’ll ask her if she can do this? What will her answer be?? “Yes, of course!”
I’ll ask her . . . “If you do that once a day, how many people per month do you think will want to use the service? And, How many people per month do you think will want to be distributors? If you are showing it to 20-30 a month?”

Let’s say she says 5 will want to be customers and 2 will want to be distributors . . . Five customers per month will increase her personal residual income by $40 per month or $480 per year. After 12 months she has almost $500 per month coming in as residual income (that’s $6000 a year!) And SHE just told me how many people she would sign up following this simple plan. So far we have only talked about customer gathering!

She also said that 2 per month would want to be MD’s (showing it to 20-30 ppl per month). Just off the Fast Start Commission she makes $280 her first month and $820 her second month. She becomes Manager her second month so she receives:

$140 for the third MD making her a manager
$480 for 2 new personally sponsored MD’s as a Manager
Approx $200 for the Manager Pool Check

Each month she signs up 2 new distributors and over the course of the year, a few of them go out and begin to build the business. Do you see how significant this is?

So what started as a real concern now becomes a huge opportunity.

When we talk, I will review the SIMPLICITY of what we do in 3 simple steps:

1. Show the App
2. Show the Video
3. Repeat Daily

And again . . . I’ll ask her . . . “can you do this?” And then I’ll ask her . . . “How many of the 20-30 people you are showing it to each month will want to be customers and how many will want to be an MD like you?” She’ll tell me and then I’ll tell her how much she’ll make.

All of a sudden she has gone from . . . “I’m not sure I can do this” to “I think I can do this and make money!”


If you have an iPhone, go to your “App Store” and order the free “SendOutCard Kindness Revolution”
App. It’s very intuitive and you should be able to immediately start sending cards and gifts.

Remember that showing the App to someone is as “Show and Tell”.

“Hey check this out and tell me what you think!”

As you send a card and gift to them from your phone, have them watch you do it.
I recommend taking a selfie with them and putting it on the front of the card.
I also recommend sending them brownies (just a 2 pak). When you get to the screen
requiring an address, hand them the phone and have them put it in. It will save to your
SendOutCards contact manager and the card and gift will show up in your card history.

It really is this simple. Don’t overcomplicate it! Show them how it works!


There are only a few versions of the iPhone, and so keeping an App up to date is manageable.
However there are over 100 different versions of the Smart Phone outside of the iPhone market
and many different operating platforms. Because of this there are literally thousands of possible
combinations of phones and platforms making it nearly impossible to manage an app in this
technology space. BUT THERE IS GOOD NEWS! There is a solution that will have your Android or
Samsung Device act EXACTLY like the app. On your phone, go to
and create a SHORTCUT so that when you go to your home screen you see the SENDOUTCARDS
WIDGET. Log in (you only have to do this once). After that, you have 100% full access to an interface

You can search for the SOC GONE MOBILE FB group and join that for additional tips. If you have
any challenge post them there and someone will come to your rescue.

Once you have logged in and you have the shortcut on your Android or Samsung Phone, you’ll
be good to go!


I like showing the 7 minute INCOME OPPORTUNITY VIDEO because it’s short enough that
I can stay with them to answer questions until after its done. Here’s the link to the video:

Or you can have them go to and click on the big JOIN NOW button.
The video will be about 1/2 way down.


Ask the question . . . “On a scale of 1-10, where do you see yourself?”

Here’s how I ask the question . . . “On a scale of 1-10, one meaning you want me to go away and never see me again
and ten meaning you have your credit card in your hand, where do you see yourself?”

Get an answer . . . if they have questions, answer their questions. Send them another card after you’ve done the presentation.


Follow up with cards and gifts!
Follow up with good news!
Follow up with invitations!

I like copying links of conference calls from and sending them with a short message like:

Julio, here’s a 25 minute call on “10 Brilliant Ideas” that I really think
you’ll like. Listen to it on your phone and hit me up with a message once you’ve done that!

It typically takes me 8-15 follow ups (texts, short calls to answer questions, cards, emails, etc) before
I sponsor them. Most people quit after the first presentation so they never get the benefit of adding new
people to their front line. Use the tools to leverage your time. You do not need to spend hours with people to
sponsor them.

I recently received this message in my inbox on FB.

“I have a distributor who’s doing the brownie thing to people like DeMarr and Bart suggest… Out of 15 people, only 4 agreed to let her demonstrate… And of those 4, none have called her back as the script suggests.. Stroke of bad luck? Is it the area she lives in? Looking for suggestions.”

Here’s my answer to her:

“Great question Steve . . . First off, don’t kick yourself for only getting 4 presentations . . . that’s FOUR and that’s four that you she wouldn’t have gotten if she hadn’t asked! That being said, this is a function of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. It’s not 100% a mechanical process. It’s a RELATIONSHIP issue. That individual needs to work on their SKILL WITH PEOPLE. It’s not just about going through the motions . . . in fact it’s more about CONNECTING WITH PEOPLE than it is about doing the mechanics of showing the system. We are dealing with people and people do business (and show interest) with people they know, like and trust. When those three things aren’t in place then it’s like shooting in the dark. Have him/her order the book SKILL WITH PEOPLE by Les Giblin (very short book) and actively apply what they learn in that book. Someone who is good at connecting can get 9 out of 10 to walk through it.”


In an ideal world, I would text someone and set up an in person meeting with them. Ask for 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. Do the things we talked about above . . . do this once a day. I find it somewhat funny that some people think this is a lot to ask. Like it’s hard work. If this were your job and you only did one 30 minute presentation per day, you would be fired!! TREAT IT LIKE YOUR BUSINESS BECAUSE IT IS!


In Pittsburgh last Thursday we did a 30 minute texting strategy with 25 people. We split up into teams of 5 and then each team competed to see who could set up the most appointments in the 30 minute time frame. They weren’t allowed to make any phone calls. In fact if someone called them after receiving a text, they were asked to hit “ignore”! We set 85 appointments during the 30 minute time slot! And another 30 appointments or so filtered in over the next 24 hours from the original texts that were sent out! Afterwards, one of the MD’s said, “I just set up more appointments in 30 minutes than I have in my entire 5 years in SendOutCards! And then a woman just behind him said, “I just set up more appointments than I have in the past 2 years!! Your new distributors are afraid of making calls. This is a strategy that anyone can do and it’s almost like cheating! It works so well and instantly overcomes the fear of calling people.
TEXT 1: I want to set a time to show you something that is really cool and I think has big potential.
(If they ask what is it? . . . )

TEXT 2: It’s a new technology I need to show you on your computer or phone. When can I catch u uninterrupted for 30 min?



Have you ever noticed that when you are in trouble financially you have to take desperate measures.
And unless you are ready (which usually you are not), decision making can get clouded.
Also, when you are desperate and in trouble, you tend to make choices that
are much more ‘expensive.

For example, if you go to the bank to get a loan when you are dead flat broke, the bank will
tell you ‘no!’ The only place you can go to get money when you are broke are places that will cost you
dearly in the long run (Rob a store, borrow money from friends, etc. By the way,
borrowing money from friends can prove to be quite expensive over time!)
But if you go to the bank for a loan when you don’t need one (because you are
financially stable and you have lots of savings), they can’t wait to give you one! And the better your
credit, the lower your interest rate.

Who typically goes into check cashing centers? Typically someone using a check cashing
center is someone who is desperate for money . . . and what happens? They get charged
up to 30% of their check just to cash it! Why? Because they are desperate.

In network marketing, when someone is struggling they tend to take desperate measures that
can ultimately lead to ‘ruin’. People have been known to compromise their values, make rash and
destructive decisions and abuse their relationships in the interest of quick money.
Most network marketing companies that tell you that you will make quick money are either:

1. Front End Loading (encouraging people to buy or ‘front load’ $1500-$5000 in product so that they
can qualify for a higher bonus level or promotion). This practice is frowned upon by the regulatory agencies
and can get a company shut down. Many companies have been investigated and shut down for the practice
of front end loading.

2. Using enticement: Grossly exaggerating income possibilities or using ‘smoke and mirrors’ tactics
to ‘entice’ you to come on board with them.

In the long run, these desperate measures almost always lead to financial ruin.

Your business will suffer and you’ll most likely struggle if you are emotionally or financially desperate.
Desperation is a tough place to be when you are trying to build a business. Most of us have found ourselves
in a place of desperation from time to time in our lives. I equate a state of desperation a state of EMERGENCY.
You must act quickly and decisively. You’re going to drown. Your ship is sinking.
If you find yourself broke or desperate, here are a few things
you can do to prevent a :

1. QUICKLY get yourself out of the emotional state of desperation. Your state of mind has little to do with the
physicality of your situation. We have all felt desperate fear only to learn that our fear was completely
unwarranted. Fear and desperation are both ‘states of mind’ and are not connected to the actual situation.
They are our physical response to a surprise event. As entrepreneurs we must learn to adjust our ‘state’ to remain
calm when things are out of whack. Have you ever heard the phase, ‘Don’t ever let them see you sweat?’
Adjust your focus and language and reclaim your power. This is the only state of mind
that will serve you in a situation like this. Breathe.

2. QUICKLY stabilize your financially situation. It’s okay to temporarily get a job that can help you pay the bills while
you are building your network marketing business. I have had to take many steps back over my career to ultimately
get to where I am today. At one point I had to rent out my primary residence, sell both my cars and take out
a second mortgage. I even took the bus to work for 2 years because I couldn’t come up with the money to fix the
alternator on my car.

3. PEDAL TO THE METAL – There is not time to waste. Put your blinders, turn off the TV and work your tail off.
Steps one and two will help you to survive. Step three will get you out of this mess you have created for yourself.
Follow the plan. Be vigilant in your mission. FILL your calendar with appointments. Plug in. Be creative and resourceful.
Expand your list. Be passionate.

Network marketing is DESIGNED as a part time business. OVER TIME you can create a substantial residual income that
will replace or even exceed a job income. Even great wealth is possible. However it takes time, patience, work, vision, faith,
commitment and resourcefulness. Be cautious of the promise of quick money. It typically won’t happen as fast as you want it
to and as long as you are in action, it won’t take as long as you think it might.

As I learn to fly helicopters, I must master the autorotation. An autorotation is a maneuver that is required if there is
ever an engine or drive failure while in flight. If the ‘LOW ROTOR RPM’ warning siren sounds (not good!), I must IMMEDIATELY
take EMERGENCY measures. There is not time for thought. It’s a desperate situation! A crash is imminent unless
I follow the steps to ‘glide’ the helicopter in. I must take immediate measures if I am to land safely.

Here’s the good news . . . you have a vehicle that can fix the problem. Your situation can be completely solved within the next
18 months if you will commit, focus and work.

By the way, there doesn’t seem to be much financial desperation in Las Vegas this weekend! Apparently these crazy people didn’t hear
there was a ‘fiscal cliff’! The strip has been bumper to bumper for the past 4 days and every hotel room in town is booked at our highest room
rates. Interesting.

YOU CAN MAKE BIG MONEY IN SENDOUTCARDS: Yes, there is big money in SendOutCards if you have big volume going through your organization. How do you create that? The formula is simple. a). Get yourself qualified! That means getting at least 2 subscription customers and $93 in personal customer volume.(I think its a good idea to continue to sign up customers. I have 100 subscription customers. b). Show the business to others and find a few others that want to do the same. Sponsor 1-4 people per month for 2-4 years. Your income will gradually grow into something worth talking about. Most of all, you’ll have a residual income (something that 99% of the population will never experience. Don’t take this lightly. Residual income is a gift that is indescribable. When you offer this business to someone, you are offering them something that is priceless. Ask anyone who gets a residual check each month. Yes, it will take work and time, but there is nothing else like it.

EVENTS: Are you scheduling yourself to attend at least 3 TreatEmRight Seminars (Now MRM Events) per year AND the Convention? I’m going to be honest here. I know this is possibly a real stretch for you. I’ve been there. I was the person staying at budget motels with 6 people piled in in the early days. I had $36,000 in debt on 22 credit cards. I took the bus to work for 2 years. The reality is, LEADERS ATTEND THE EVENTS. If you don’t attend how can you ever expect the members of your team to attend? And if your team is not there, you don’t have a business. I stepped out in faith and I believed. In light of MANY HUGE SETBACKS, I didn’t quit. I’m the same guy that had my bank card repo’d of for bouncing checks. I’m the same guy that never made more than $28,000 in a year at my job for 17 years. This MONTH my SendOutCards residual check was almost $200,000. I had a goal to make $100,000 a month for 25 years before I got there.I don’t take this lightly. I recognize that it’s because of many great people (most that have become my closest friends) that this is possible. It would be no fun if I couldn’t take others with me. I lose sleep trying to figure out ways to communicate all of this so that you may someday experience the same thing.
I want to talk about what it really takes to make $100,000 a month or more in Network Marketing. Hundreds of
people do it, but very few compared to the number of people that sign up. It’s not a lottery. There is an element of luck
which I will talk about, but luck wouldn’t explain why some do it more than once. I’m going to be real with you here
tonight. NO SUGAR COATING if that’s okay with you.

Six figures per month is the big leagues in our business . . . and there is a price to pay. Everyone who has ever done it
says . . . ‘If they only new how good it is, they would all pay the price!’ To reach the top levels you will most likely have to
give something up. I gave up 30 hours of television per week. You may have to give up some sleep.

Six figure monthly earners don’t come up with reasons why it won’t work for them . . . they use the reasons why most would say
it won’t work as their reasons for doing it (and doing it BIG!)

To become a six-figure monthly earner, you will need to become a teacher and a trainer. The fastest way to learn to do
something is to teach others.

The six figure monthly earners realize that the big money is in the small money. All meetings count . . . it doesn’t matter if you
are meeting with 1 person or 1000 people. We know that one can turn into thousands. More meetings mean more money.

When some of you saw the title of this webcast, you thought to yourself . . . ‘Yeah right’. Others said . . . ‘Well I know it’s
possible but I know that I could never do it’. And a few of you said to yourselves, ‘Tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it!’

I never said these things. I always believed that it was possible for me . . . even when my job was paying me $14,000 a year
AND I had never made any money in network marketing over a 10 year time frame. I still believed it was possible.

Here are some observations about the people that have created six-figure monthly incomes:

First of all we are going to be talking about those that created it from scratch. I’m not referring to those few that
were given a downline or a top position with their company (master distributor).

1. We don’t need to be told what to do. We don’t have all the answers, but we are willing to go into
massive action and trust the process. If you find yourself using the excuse that you don’t have an active upline in your city
or that you don’t know what to do, you are crippled and you will never make money.

2. Most of us failed for many years before we found the zone that took us to the top

3. ALL of us did not question whether it was possible to make a lot of money in Network Marketing.
It didn’t just happen. We continued to believe it was possible and we went into massive action.

4. We fill our calendars daily with productive activity.

Our calendar consists of:

Appointments to show our product
Appointments to show our business
Appointments to follow up
Networking meetings
Fun activities with our teams
Coffees, lunches and dinners
Home meetings
Office meetings

Until your team is growing without you, it’s up to you to be the catalyst for growth. You must
conduct the orchestra of growth and lead your team.

5. We attend all major events and we promote all major events.

Here’s the formula we all use:

1. Discover your dream
2. Choose your mechanism for fulfilling your dream
3. Take massive action and schedule your time on a calendar!
4. Trust the process

If you have never made money in Network Marketing or if your checks have been small, start with $500 a month. Then up it to $5000 a month . . . remember that every single six figure monthly earner passed through $500 a month and $5000 per month.
Once you hit $10,000 it will be easier for you to believe you can achieve $100,000 a month. It’s simply numbers and commas. There are millions of people per year turning 19 years old . . . it’s an untapped market.
Here are some observations about six-figure monthly earners:

1. FB does not determine whether we are going to build or not that day or
that week. . We LEAD! If someone is sucking our energy, we distance
ourselves from that individual. Our FB friends represent a fraction of a fraction
of the people in the world.

We learn to manage our emotions – It’s by far the greatest skill you will adopt in building a six-figure
monthly income. If you are not effectively managing your emotions, you will never have a big income.
The bigger your team becomes, the more necessary it becomes to keep a check on
your emotional state. People do not follow others that are in a state of doubt and fear.

2. We hang around with other successful people. This anchors and
feeds our personal belief and it expands our vision. In the beginning we may not
know any other successful people. We must look for ways to meet them and get to know them.
You might start off setting appointments to just get a simple mentoring session and then
grow your relationships from there. In my 20’s I always looked for opportunities to meet and get to know
these people. Introductions are always the best. Look for people that you know that know other people that
you may want to meet.

3. We focus(ed) on building our networks and making connections. This is one of the top three things
you must do . . . make new friends, add people to your contact manager and manage your relationships by
making sure that the people you know are well cared for by you. They need to know that you are 100% on their side for
life. Every single six-figure monthly earner has a LARGE network of friends and business associates. It’s what we do.
There is no way around this. Some of the greatest rewards you will receive will come from the friendships you build
in your business on your journey. Think ‘LARGE NETWORK-QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS’ People are your social capital.

4. We have a FULL calendar (personal and business)

5. We spend almost no time in front of the TV. We read incessantly.

6. We have a vision much larger than what we ‘see’ in reality. Reality is
what’s happening now. We CREATE our own reality. Many companies
have become what they are today because the leaders went out and BUILT it!
If Jim Packard, Diane Walker, Todd Falcone, Bob and Betty Ann Golden, Demarr, etc didn’t build their
businesses there would be no SendOutCards!

7. We don’t whine or complain.

8. We are extremely focused, determined and hungry AND we realize that these qualities
are not inherited . . . they are generated and practiced

9. We work harder when things get tough and we don’t talk about our problems with our downline or cross line. Problems only go up.

10. We understand that business is cyclical (it always has been and it always will be). We also see ourselves as the catalyst for the next big cycle of growth

11. We place little attention on whether we get recognized or not . . . we are more concerned with whether the members of our team are getting recognized.

12. We attend ALL events and they promote ALL events.

13. We don’t judge what’s possible based on the past. We write our own future. The past does not equal the future

How do I make this kind of money in a small town?? Remember it’s about what you start and not what you do. Your income will almost never come from where you live . . . it will grow to other places. You’ll be doing 3 way calls and conference calls with those that are looking at the business in other towns and cities. Most of you are in my organization, but don’t live where I live. You may need to travel, do 3 way calls, conference calls, small meetings, big meetings. Although we had a guy in my last company making over $100,000 a month and he never spoke in front of groups. He had others on his team that liked to do that and he just put them in the front of the room.

What ever excuse or reason you have that the business will not work for you, you must use that as a reason to do it big. There are many others just like you and they will relate to your situation . . .

$100,000 a month + is not for everyone. Not everyone will be willing to do what it takes to achieve this level of success. Here are the variables that go into success at a $100K/mo level:

1. The right attitude (read personal development and get around others that
have achieved the level of success you are looking for)
2. A big and expanding vision (same as above)
3. Taking 100% responsibility (no more blaming the company, your upline
or your lack of (fill in the blank) for not succeeding.
4. The power of a LARGE network (this is a big one)
5. Attending and promoting events
6. Luck (yep . . . there is some luck involved)
7. A calendar FULL calendar of productive activities
8. Time (many people quit right when they are on the verge of massive success)
9. Consistent daily action (this doesn’t mean reading your FB once a day!)
10. Patience (learn to manage your emotions)
11. Working the numbers (there is power in large numbers)
12. Generate the emotions you desire (you are not a victim to how you are feeling – create
the excitement, determination and courage necessary to win)

You’ll need to sponsor between 100 and 200 people and have an organization of 30,000-100,000 people.
This is not hard, but it takes the things I talked about above . . .

If you will break it down and realize that if you’ll focus on building for 2-5 years with a consistent plan of sponsoring
2-4 people per month, you’ll see that it’s achievable. A six-figure monthly earner does not get emotionally drained when
someone signs up and doesn’t do anything. They know that this is just the nature of people. Most people quit everything they do.
I’ve sponsored 237 people and 95% of my income comes from the following 8 people’s organizations. That means that
229 of the 237 became customers, did very little or quit. Only one out of 20-30 will do anything worth talking about.

Jan 19th, 2015


By the way, the picture was with Michael Jackson’s Dad and no, I did not sponsor him lol

1. YOU WON’T NEED TO HELP THEM – They typically are confident,
self-sufficient and resourceful. They will devour everything on their own and
go into immediate action WITHOUT YOUR HELP!
MINDED INDIVIDUALS – This turbo-charges the growth of your group. Successful
people attract other successful and well connected people.
3. THEY WILL STRENGTHEN YOUR TEAM – Quite commonly they are proficient
trainers and can bring a valuable resource to the leadership on your team.
for someone like this to enter your team without your knowledge . . . and then you start
seeing your check swell and wonder where it’s coming from! This is exciting and fun.


A MESSAGE IN THEIR FB INBOX – TURN OFF!! They will remember you as someone that
is an amateur. Don’t spam their inbox! It’s unprofessional and screams that you don’t know
what you are doing.
COLD THROUGH FB – There are trainers that teach people to post “I am looking to connect with
other success minded people” . . . DON’T DO THIS! It again “screams” AMATEUR!
3. YOU WON’T TAKE THEM FROM ANOTHER COMPANY – When someone is with another company
and happily building a business, your only response should be something like . . . “Don’t you just love
network marketing! Congrats on your success! Let’s stay in touch.” Professionals don’t bounce from
company to company. They may love our service and setting them up to use it is completely appropriate
but never try and badmouth or talk them out of working with their current company to join us.
(It’s offensive to try)
4. YOU WON’T “SELL” THEM – They are contacted multiple times a day. If you try and
sell them into our program, you’ll end up turning them away. Just acknowledge and congratulate them.
It is okay to ask them to try our service.

“Big Hitter” opportunities’ will come from someone coming up from the Little Leagues.
3. THEY MAY JUST “SHOW UP” IN YOUR DOWNLINE – This is common and consider it a gift!


Learn to speak the language by doing it and studying it! (helicopter – rapport)
It helps if you are viewed as a leader in the company
3. YOU MUST BE A PROFESSIONAL – Network Marketing Pro
4. YOU MUST BECOME THEIR FRIEND – Skill of making friends.
Skill with People – Les Giblin




1. GO WHERE SUCCESS MINDED PEOPLE GO – Go where they go . . .

a. Networking Events – Who’s in charge? Who are the influencers?
b. Golf Course
c. Cigar Shops
d. Trade Shows – Who owns the company?
e. Bridal Shows
f. Entrepreneur Shows
g. Seminars



SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS – They are already success minded.

5. BE A LEADER – Show up as a leader that is really engaged in what is happening
with the company . . . be a “front of the room” person. Leaders join other leaders.

BIG HITTERS ARE PEOPLE TOO! So if you do create a chance to show it to them, have them
send a card to someone they care about and then show them the video. They may want to meet Steve
or Kody . . . you can set that up (reserve these introductions for those that have huge networks and have had lots of success
in Network Marketing in the past)

YOU MAY NEVER SPONSOR A BIG HITTER – But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a great income in your business.
I never had a big hitter in my downline in my last company yet I had 85,000 part timers making an average of $200-$500 a month
and I made $8 million. But by applying someone of the things on this call, you set yourself up to attract someone that can
quickly drive thousands of people into your business very quickly.

1. Jim Packard was a referral
2. Bob and Betty Ann Golden were past friends
3. I met Todd Falcone at a Seminar when I was in between companies
and he knew me as someone who was moderately successful in MLM
4. Judy O’Higgins was a friend but never had thousands in her downline
until SOC
5. Mark Herdering was a friend but never had thousands in his downline
until SOC

January 12th, 2015


#1: Take Pictures of Business Cards with addresses on bulletin boards and mail them a card with 2 brownies with the photo of THEIR CARD on the front of the card.

Say in the card:
“I saw your business card pinned to the board at ________. You gave me a great idea and I would love to tell you about it! Please give me a call when you get this gift and I’ll tell you what it is. It may be a great way to market your business.

1. It conveys a giving spirit
2. It explains the possible benefit to them in a general way and gives them a reason to call you after they get the card and gift
3. You can follow up if you don’t hear from them
4. It’s a great “door-opener”

#2: Send a “Congratulation” cards to people in the newspaper who have just received a promotion and photograph their picture from the paper and send it to them on the card.

#3: Start or Join a “Meet-Up” Group
Here are examples of some of the categories:

1. Conscious-Events
2.Fashion Meet-up Arizona
3. Scottsdale You and Fun 20’s and 30’s
4. Sisters on Purpose/Phoenix Living passion and Joy on Purpose
5. AZREIA – Arizona Real Estate Investors Association
6. Scottsdale Sea and Ski

A. Come up with something that you love or are interested in
B. Make sure your intention is to facilitate a way that the members
can help each other
C. Use SOC to help foster good will within the group.
D. Keep your eye out for entrepreneurial minded people.
E. Relationship Marketing is a big part of what we do. Look for ways to
help the members of your group
F. Great way to get out and meet more people (expand your list!)

#4: Teach a Simple one-hour Relationship or Social Media Marketing Workshop

Invite your friends, Facebook Friends and those in your phone. Teach basic principles that you have learned. Invite your distributors and their guests. Start small . . . it’s ok if only 5 people are at your first one but have a goal to have 15-20. Grow from there. Have a handout and use SendOutCards examples for reaching out to clients to say “Thank You” Teach Principles and show the technology. . Afterwards ask who would like to stick around to help us grow and make some money. Show the 30 minutes Steve Schulz Video for those that want to learn more.

A. People love to come learn from an expert (you are an expert!!)
B. It’s not a sales pitch . . . it’s a program that will help to make their life better
C. Take pictures at the event and send a card to those who attend . . . make sure you get everyone’s contact info!
D. Start by creating a handout with 5-10 Bullet Points that you can expand on.
1). Be a giver 2). 3 ways to say thank you 3). how to open any door 4). How to triple your income in the next 12 months using appreciation
E. You can pull testimonials from the SendOutCards Testimonials FB Page.
F. You can show testimonial videos posted by SOC for credibility and validation

You could also do a Social Media Marketing Workshop and make it all about SendCere. Teach people how to use
on an Online Webinar. You can use or to show everyone your screen. Make it valuable by teaching them
how to access specific cards that would be beneficial to them. Make it FREE and promote it as a generic social media training
program that will help them grow their business. At the end make sure and let everyone know that you have an opportunity to
participate in the growth of our program which could be very lucrative. Have them contact you for more info.

#5: Use the “Brownie Challenge” depth building program (I did a whole call on this a few months ago). Start with ONE PERSON.
Send him/her a card with brownies. Ask them the question . . . “Would you be willing to introduce me to one person that you think would like to also receive brownies?” When they say “yes”, set up a time to meet with that person and do EXACTLY THE SAME THING! And them ask them the same question . . . “Would you be willing to introduce me to one person that you think would also like to receive brownies?” Again . . . when they say “yes” go on to that person and so on a so forth . . . make sure each person also watches the 30 minute Steve Schulz Video (you can email each person with the link . . . normally I wouldn’t do this but because you have sent brownies and already engaged them, they are more likely to watch a 30 minute video). Follow the trail down until you have someone say they want to be a distributor. Then go back up the chain. Start with the one closest to the person that wants to sign up. “Joe is getting started in the business and in all fairness to you, since you introduced me to him, you should be the one signing him up. Do you want to sign him up or do you want me to do it?” If Joe’s friend, Suzy says yes then call or message the person the referred you to Suzy . . . and say, “Suzy and her friend Joe are getting going in the business and in all fairness to you, you are the one the introduced me to them. Do you want to sign them up or do you want me to? I don’t know what they are going to do . . . I can’t make any promises, but if they do big things, you could really benefit. What do you think?” Keep working down the line until you make your way all the way back up to the top.

You’ll need to do this quickly because no one will want to wait to get going. There won’t be time for them to “think about it”. They have to make a decision and get in right then and there.

Sometimes fear of loss is a bigger motivator than potential for gain.

This is a powerful strategy that can help you sign up 3-8 distributors in a leg every month. Show one per day for 30 days. Now you’ll have 30 people
that have received a card with brownies. If you will make sure each one gets a video to watch and get just one referral a day from each person (remember they are all connected to each other through the referrals!) when one says . . . “I want to do it!” you can go back to each of the others and sign up a bunch of them all in one leg.

I’ve used this strategy in my last company and signed up 5-6 people each month in a leg. Some of these legs have turned into giant organizations of thousands.

Don’t make it more complicated than it is. It’s very simple. Send someone a card with 2 brownies and ask them to introduce you to one other that will allow you to send them a card with 2 brownies. Keep doing this over and over again and then make sure each one gets a video to watch. That’s the extent of this until someone says, “I want to do this!!” Then quickly go back up the line and put people in one at a time . . . one underneath the other based on who referred who.

This gives you an ongoing flow of new people to talk to. You are just asking for one easy introduction from each person . . . . their best friend would be the best choice because they are more likely to want to participate of someone underneath them in the referral chain says yes.

The ideas are ENDLESS . . . I’ve given you so much to play around with here that it could keep you busy for the next 2 years and provide you with an unlimited supply of new people to talk to.

Have a great night!!


January 5th, 2015

I asked a question in the email announcing this call: DO YOU WANT BEACH MONEY? YES OR NO?
Many of you thought I was asking YOU this question . . . well that’s partially true. But mostly I
was using it as an example of a prospecting question.

What do you think would happen if you asked this question 3 times a day? You’ll get 1 of 3 answers –
1). No
2). Yes
3). What is Beach Money?

When you get answer #2 or answer #3 you simply say . . . I can show you how. Do you want to know?
It’s a very simple question. And really . . . who doesn’t want Beach Money? If they start giving
you are hard time simply say . . . yes or no? Do you want Beach Money?

If you asked this question to 3 people per day (1000 a year) that you had just a little rapport with, how many would say
“yes” or “What is Beach Money?” Probably at least 700! That’s 700 people that have just said to you, “Talk to me!!”

It’s a simple question that can be answered quickly. If the answer is no, then there
is really no need to show someone the business. If the answer is yes, then the door is wide open!
Just ask the question! There are so many amazing options when they say “Yes” or “What is it?”

1. You can give them the book, “Beach Money” and ask them to read it. Ask them to read the
first chapter and then call you. Say . . . “I’d like to get your reaction”


2. Whip out your phone and send them a card with brownies . . . then ask. How would you like to get paid
every time someone does what I just did? That’s Beach Money!

Any time someone starts to give you a hard time, simply ask the question again . . . “Do you want Beach Money? Do you??”
It’s either a yes or a no . . . if “No” then move on. If yes, then show them!

UNDER $400. Is that worth significantly more than $400? Then why are you keeping it to yourself?

MY STORY: My 1st year goal was to earn $100,000 a month. I didn’t meet my goal. At the end of my first year, I was at $21,000 a month.
But I worked harder than I had ever worked before in my life. With excitement (explain this!!!) , I showed the business to 3-8 people PER DAY. Demarr
remembers. I was a madman! This is NET WORK MARKETING . . . notice the world “Work”. Despite what others say to sell you into their
dream, I’ve never seen a business that builds itself. Cards don’t go flying out the door because you signed up. You’ll need to DO THIS if you
want a big check. Imagination is great but Walt Disney didn’t build the Disney empire just imagining. He put massive action behind his dreams.
Imagination is the first step, but MASSIVE ACTION is what will build your dream. It doesn’t happen by shear luck or chance . . . You CREATE your future!
Let’s break it down . . .

Let go of your doubts and apprehensions – Do you really believe?

THE NUTS AND BOLTS (The “how to’s” are just logistics) – The business is built in your PASSION!

Get lost in your dreams and your actions . . . let go of the need to know everything and just go to work!

GARY ALLEN – Set 10 appoints for today. 3 showed up, 1 no-showed and 6 rescheduled or cancelled.

GET LOST IN THE FLURRY OF ACTIVITY! FILL YOUR CALENDAR! Be relentless and again . . . don’t be afraid to ask!

Remember . . . the definition of Marketing is “Leave them wanting more . . . “ And again, we are in
Network Marketing. So how do we leave them wanting more. How do we get them to lean in and say . . .
“Okay . . . what’s this all about?” We opened this call with one very powerful question. “Do you want Beach Money?”
That leaves them leaning in and wanting more!

Let’s talk about some other things you can do to engage your potential distributor . . .

I love to open a phone call or a meeting with the following question . . .

“Tell me about some of YOUR dreams and goals? Where would you like to be in say, 3 years?
What are you doing now to get yourself there? How do you plan on accomplishing your goals?
Do you have a plan?”

These questions get people THINKING about what they want and how they are going to get there.
It also causes them to think about how unprepared they are to meet their dreams and goals.
Some will actually say to themselves . . . “hmmmm . . . maybe I should listen”

I use this ALL THE TIME on 3-way calls.

1). What do you want?
2). What is your current plan to get there?
3). If I had something that could get you there would you listen?

Do you see the line of questioning here and how it can “Leave them wanting more?”

You set everything up perfectly so they are open to hearing about what you have to offer.


1). I’m just curious
2). Do you mind if I ask you a simple question?
3). Can I get your opinion on something?
4). Would you mind sharing something with me?
5). Do you mind if I share a little story with you?

Some people call this . . . “permission to continue”. You are essentially getting
their ok to go ahead . . . You’ll never get a no to a question like this but
it creates a gap that causes people to lean in and want to contribute.

Here are some examples:

I’m just curious . . . have you considered options that could create Beach Money?

Do you mind if I ask you a simple question? What are you currently doing to prepare for retirement?

Can I get your opinion on something? I want to show you something on my phone and see if you think it has potential

Would you mind sharing something with me? How much money would you consider to be serious money on a monthly basis?
Would that amount be worth carving out 1 hour a day for 2 years . . . if you knew you could do it?

Do you mind if I share a little story with you . . . I know someone that had a job paying $14,000 a year and had $36,000 in credit card debt when he
joined this industry . . . he worked very hard for 3 years and became a millionaire. He’s not the only one.

All of these questions are designed to get people to say . . . “sure . . . yes . . . tell me more! You have my permission to proceed”

Dec 29th, 2014 – NOTES


Back Stage at Go Pro Event . . .


System I learned at a workshop

Old School

1. Simple
2. Easy to learn
3. Easy to implement
4. Inexpensive

Sophistication doesn’t mean “better”

ALL the top earners that I know have a WRITTEN list
(It’s not just in the computer)


Most Valuable Book – Green Book

Date – Name – Phone Number – Special Notes

When someone looks at the business, likes it but doesn’t get started, they go from the black book to the green book.

Follow up from your GREEN BOOK.


1. Good News
2. Invitations
3. Cards

OK to use emails, texts, inboxing, calls, cards, etc.

GOAL: Get LOTS of people into your BLACK BOOK and your GREEN BOOK so you always have people to contact and to follow up with.

It’s better to be USABLE vs PRETTY

Dec 22nd, 2014


Alastair Humfreys recently inspired me again when he posted a video that challenged
everyone watching his video blog to take one day and go somewhere inspiring to sleep
under the stars . . . the beach, the forest, a meadow. He suggested bringing a camping
mat, sleeping bag, lantern and just become one with nature for 24 hours. Wow. I love this.
Alastair is a dream builder. He rode his bicycle around the world (that’ right . . . AROUND
THE WORLD) with no money. He raised money along the way and kept a journal of his journey.
He was traveling through Arizona on his way to Mexico and a radio station picked up his story.
My friend, Casandra Smith called me and asked if I wanted to help by contribution money
to buy him a new bicycle to continue on his way. I contacted him and we got together for coffee
at a local Market on Central and Camelback. I love Alastair for being a “Dream Broker” and to help
people see that you don’t need to be rich to live your dreams. Alastair lives life as if today is his last
day on earth. One day . . . this will be your last day. There is no better time to live your dreams.

I love to ask the question . . . what can I do NOW to begin to live my dream? In many ways
PREPARING to live your dream is equal to actually living it!

So let’s dig in.

The new year is always a great time to regroup and realign with our purpose in life.
For me, this was a challenging year personally and at the same time, many amazing
things occurred for me. I’m ready to start fresh and re-design my life with some new challenges
and opportunities. This morning I was working out with Almas (he’s an acrobat in the show “Absinthe”
at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas – Don’t see this show if you are easily offended!) I met him at
a networking meeting for BNI. As I was having my butt kicked this morning, it occurred to me that
the part of my week I least enjoy is also the best part of my week. It seems to come with the territory.
I felt like I was going to pass out as he pushed me and I was drowning in sweat. I’m 56 years
old and although I never really stopped exercising, I had gotten somewhat lazy in my routine.
I felt like I wanted to challenge myself physically once again. What was I thinking!!??
So although the workouts are intense and really really challenging (actually they hurt at times),
I also found that I feel GREAT for 2-4 days afterwords. I’ll trade 1 hour of pain for 72 hours
of euphoria (yes, I feel somewhat euphoric after these workouts).

I’ve also noticed that in my business there are times that I am challenged by some of the business
building activities that are WAY out of my comfort zone. But because I paid the big price, today
I can live a life of complete financial freedom. There are still times that my position puts me in situations
that feel way out of my league . . . but I also know that I must face them head on to take the business
to a level that no one in our company has ever experienced.

Sometimes just the act of writing down you dreams is a stretch when the dreams seem unattainable.
But it always starts there. Think about it . . . a worthwhile dream that you have never achieved will
most always feel out of alignment with your current situation. That stretch is what creates the VACUUM
for you to grow to the next level of achievement. In fact YOUR TEAM NEEDS TO SEE YOU STRETCHING
TO A NEW LEVEL. Why would they want to follow a leader that is complacent or comfortable with the way things

I love what Eric Worre says:

1. Figure out what you want to do
2. Declare it
3. Figure out how you are going to get there.

Notice that figuring it all out is #3 on the list. It doesn’t say . . . “if you can’t figure out how to get there
cross it off your list or don’t write it down”


NEWS FLASH: Most successful entrepreneurs have no clue how they are going to achieve their dreams when
they initially write them down.

NEWS FLASH: It’s okay to feel a little anxiety over how you are going to get there. That’s what creates the vacuum
that will give you the drive to have your dreams!

I’m a huge fan of making lists. Every time I’m inspired to do something, give something, create something, etc.,
I write it down in my journal. It’s a habit. Here are some of the things written in my 2014 journal:


1. Published the Beach Money Journal
2. Bikram Yoga (109 degrees – 90 minutes) 1-3 times per week
3. Private jet travel
4. $100,000/mo+ for 5 consecutive years
5. Built lifestyle and business around travel
6. Become an industry leader
7. Solo in Helicopter
8. Visit Thailand
9. 5 Equity Estates Training “Retreats”
10. Fly the helicopter with Richard Brooke – One of my top mentors
11. Be on a television network marketing documentary (“Rise of the Entrepreneur”)
12. Remodel Jerome Home
13. Purchase a spiritual retreat home in the forest

1. 2 million customers
2. Continue to practice “Living Health”
3. Attain private helicopter license
4. Give tours of the strip and redrock to friends
that visit by helicopter
5. Have a “front row” life
6. Triple my Kiva Loan fund to $1,000,000
7. $50 million in cash
8. Smoke a cigar in Cuba
9. Summer Alaskan Cruise
10. Space Flight
12. Take Beach Money mainstream (Airport and Traditional Bookstores)
13. Invent a “sensation”
14. $2 million/mo in network marketing income with SendOutCards
15. Visit Kiva on-site
Some of these goals are a huge stretch for me right now. I’m not sure HOW I will accomplish them.
But I do know that by writing them down, I am setting in motion a chain of events that will guide me to them.
(talk about the subconscious mind and how it works)

Again . . . I always ask myself . . . what can I do TODAY to begin to live my dream. By putting yourself in this
state of mind, you will begin to feel the true excitement and power of your dreams. There is no need to wait.
You’ll gain momentum. You’ll feel the energy of life like never before. Most of the time there is something you can
do NOW that costs little to nothing until the financial resources show up! For example, years ago I decided I wanted to
spend one week per month at the beach in southern, California. I was making less than $20,000 per year at the time
at the airline. I asked, what can I do NOW that can take me closer to my dream of spending one week per month
at the beach? My first step was to use my flight benefits to fly to LA in the morning, take the bus to the beach . . . spend the day
there and fly back the same night. I started doing this once per month. When my network marketing income got to a point that I
could swing $200 a month for a hotel room on the beach once a month I started doing that. I would stay one night a month.
And then I increased to 2 nights . . . then 3 nights and eventually I started going for one full week a month and I did that for 5 years!
Start where you are. Sometimes it’s just interviewing someone else that has achieved the dream that you want to achieve to
determine what it’s going to take.





Here are some ideas to help you come up with some of your own:

1. Take a trip to the tropics
2. Move to a place that has always inspired you
3. Contribute $10,000 to your favorite charity
4. Give away ten $100 bills to those in need
5. Pay off all of your credit cards
6. Buy a boat
7. Host a big party for all of your friends
8. Become a top 10 money earner
9. Speak in front of a group of 100, 1000, 10,000
10. Become an Eagle Distributor
11. Go on a Tall Ship Cruise
12. Buy an airplane
13. Remodel your kitchen
14. Visit ???
15. Take one month off (be careful with this one)
16. Sleep under the stars
17. Climb a mountain
18. Run a marathon (Steve’s Wife, Ellen Mars)
19. Run a triathlon (Ike – Southerby’s Realtor)
20. Buy 10 Rental Homes
21. Read one personal development book per month
22. Go back to school
23. Buy a brand new car or truck
24. Buy a new wardrobe
25. Hire a personal assistant
26. Hire an image consultant
27. Order custom clothes
28. Put in a Jacuzzi or Sauna
29. Sit in the front row at a Broadway Show
30. Go to the top of the Empire State building
31.Shop in Times Square
32. Lose xx lbs
33. Buy your first home
34. Volunteer at the homeless shelter
35. Build a rescue facility for animals
36. Start a charity
37. Fix your teeth
38. Learn to play guitar
39. Join a band
40. Learn to fly (Tammy Gillette)

Merry Christmas . . . have a happy, healthy and safe week. Let’s make 2015 our best year ever!

Dec 15th, 2014

(Grab your notepad for this call!)

I got this idea from a home study helicopter course I’ve been taking to prepare for my check-ride. Up until now, I’ve had a very hard time learning and retaining the essential information to pass my check-ride. I’ve met all my flight requirements but need to get signed off by the FAA. In this course the instructor summarized each important note in his journals . . . I take notes on his notes and it seems I’m retaining the information much better and discerning between what’s really important and what’s not. So I thought this could be helpful for you. I’ve reviewed many many pages of notes from my journals over the years and summarized lots of the essential entries for this call. So here we go!

1. Sponsor wide for income and deep for security

2. Being more effective is a loser’s game . . . effective at what? More effective at what you are already struggling with? The key is to transform it. It requires disruption . . . viewing it completely differently.

3. Money is THE RESULT of doing the things that add value. When money becomes the goal, you’ll flounder. Money is the result of contribution. Money is about you. You must make this about others to succeed.

4. We have an abundance of skills for working in a world of scarcity. What is the skill set for working in a world of abundance? Completely different focus (You are the speaker of the petty stuff. You are the speaker of the miraculous). There is no satisfaction, fulfillment or power in always trying to fix things. Power comes from transforming things and stepping into a world of abundance.

5. I am a victim of what I created. What’s the schedule of someone who is changing the world? What’s the schedule of someone who is struggling and trying to survive?

6. My schedule is my life. Figuratively and literally. “Am I too busy to do the things I’m committed to”. This makes me time’s victim. Absurd. Steven Covey . . . “Rocks and Jar” Story. What are you committed to? Are you too busy to do the things you are really committed to?

Write a book
The Carribean
Sell the things that aren’t important to me and buy some things that are.
Work out consistently
See family regularly
Clean up messes in my homes

(There is no calendar with “someday” on it!!!)

7. For POWERLESS people $395 is a lot of money. I would be offended if you listened to me as a pathetic loser that couldn’t afford $395. That you saw me as someone who thought $395 was more important than my freedom. People will live up to my listening for them. Stop resisting their concerns and they’ll stop having them!

8. Turn PROBLEMS into something “powerful in action” – Not something wrong . . .

9. Life will give you problems to the extent that you are willing to tolerate them.


a. Build Networks (Joe Girard, Harvey McKay)
b. Bounce back from failures quickly
c. Think differently than those that struggle
d. It’s partially a #’s game
e. Duplicate yourself (Jack Birnbaum) Always train your replacement
f. People do business with YOU!
g. Offer more value than people expect and don’t expect anything in return

1. Visibility
2. Credibility
3. Profitability

12. If you know the people in your group, your group is not big enough.

13. If you are in business and the people in your life don’t know it, you are not in business

14. YOU select the people you want to work with. This is your business . . .the growth and strength of your business will be largely determined by who you choose to work with.

15. People create volume! Volume creates lifestyle!

16. You are 3-5 producers away from financial freedom. Look for competitive, hungry, driven and well networked people. Hungry always wins over smart.

17. THE BIG DECEPTION: That your business will get big because of what you do. The truth is, your business
will get big because of what you START.

18. It’s okay to educate someone who is interested, but if you have to SELL them on why they should be doing network marketing, you are probably talking to the wrong person.

19. Building Blocks for a successful business:
a. Autonomy: It’s YOUR business
b. Mastery: Learn the Skills
c. Purpose: Building for a worthy cause
d. Action: Do something every day to advance your business

20. Focus on the people in your group that:
a. Call you
b. Do something
c. Show up

21. You’re one presentation away from a big check

22. Don’t let crisis turn into ruin

23. FINANCIALLY DESPERATE: 90% of the population is 60 days away from bankruptcy if they lose their job. The earn
less than $50,000 combined household income and are heavily in debt.
between their home mortgage, car and student loans and credit card debt they carry
$200,000+ in debt. These individuals are victims of their circumstances.

24. FINANCIALLY ENLIGHTENED: 3% of the population makes $1,000,000+ per year and are self employed. many of these people have passive residual incomes and are self-made. It makes no difference if the economy goes up or
down. These individuals are responsible for their own destiny.

25. Network Marketing is a vehicle that can take you from FINANCIALLY DESPERATE group to the FINANCIALLY ENLIGHTENED GROUP.

26. Value is CREATED in language. We determine whether the business is worthless or worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Would someone pay $10,000 for a $100 bill?)


1). We have the most unique product in the Network Marketing Profession
2). We have virtually no competition
3). We have the comp plan that arguably has produced more millionaires in our profession than any other comp plan
4. We have a meaningful product that does good in the world
5). We are truly “home based”
6). We aren’t scrutinized by the FDA
7). No one can potentially die by ingesting our product . . . well if they ingest our product I suppose they could die
8). We have the most solid RESIDUALS in the profession
9). People benefit whether they work the business or not
10). We have a CEO that really cares and isn’t just in it for the money

A small town can easily support 1-3 Executives (Avg 250 distributors per Exec position when promoting). We have just over 100 in our company. There are 25,000 towns and cities in the US alone! You do the math! That means there are 24,900 cities that do not have one Executive! If you had ONE distributor in each of 25,000 towns and cities, your income would be in the range of $60,000/mo

Dec 1, 2014


Challenge: $25 AX Card/$50 AX Card.


Let’s see how many appointments we can set up BY TEXT in the next 24 HOURS. Send this text or private inbox message WORD FOR WORD to a handful of people. If you confirm TWO Appointments by text post a comment on this thread. If u successfully set up TWO you will be in a drawing for a $50 American Express Card. (Feel free to use FB Private Inbox Messaging as well)

EVERYONE should go for it! GO!! Must be done by 5p MST to be in drawing. No phone calling. Just text. Don’t think about it just do it!
TEXT 1: I want to set a time to show you something on your phone that is really cool and I think it has big potential.
(If they ask what is it? . . . )

TEXT 2: it’s a new technology I need to show you. When can I catch u for 30 min?Results: (read threads)

Why do a texting/inbox strategy? Isn’t calling more personal? YES!! Calling is more personal and very effective if the person picks up or calls you back. You must also have some skills to set appts by phone.

a. It’s becoming the norm and now it’s an expected way to do business
b. People aren’t answering phone. Especially Millenials.
b. Its less stressful
c. Do it anywhere. Anytime.
d. Takes less time
e. Perfect for new people and for launching the biz. Requires little skill. Easy to quickly implement and offers massive immediate action activity.

What it’s not: Spamming
(Not talking about text blasts here)
We don’t advocate or promote text blasting or email inbox spamming. We are sending PERSONAL text messages and private inbox
messages to people we know or have met with the intention of showing them the business.

How to do it:
a. Keep it personal
b. To the point – don’t beat around the bush or sugar coat it
c. Don’t second guess yourself – when you start to doubt just hit ‘send’
d. Text 5-10 at a time
e. Fill your calendar
f. Ask for addresses “I’m updating my holiday card list”
g. INTENTION: Set up a time to meet. Sending a video is a LAST RESORT! Only send a video if you have tried everything within your power to have a personal face to face meeting with them. If they are out of town, set the appointment up by phone.

Using it to follow up:

a. “Suggest” next steps
b. Be a valuable resource
c. Offer conference call replays and invitations as follow up
d. When someone is interested they will take the time to listen to a 25 minute audio or jump on a call. If they don’t take that little step, then most likely they aren’t ready to really build a business.

FOR EXAMPLE (send to someone that is interested but hasn’t signed up yet).

TEXT EXAMPLE 1: “Hi _______, I thought you might find this intriguing. It will give you a better idea of how to prepare for making a lot of money in SendOutCards

TEXT EXAMPLE 2: Hey ______, This 25 minute conference call has really good info in it that explains how we build the business. Most of all,
I think you’ll see that you can do it too.

TEXT EXAMPLE 3: Hi ________, You may like this 25 minute audio . . . you can listen on your phone. It talks about what may happen if you don’t
build SendOutCards as a business.

So there are LOTS AND LOTS of reasons to use a texting and inbox messaging strategy to set appointments and follow up.

Nov 17th, 2014


Why are the Holidays the best time to build the business?

1. The Holidays are a time of giving – People look for REASONS to be generous. And we
are the Kindness Company!!

2. People are BUSY!! Some people see this as a liability and it’s actually a HUGE benefit. When
people are busy they see the real need for taking back control of there time! I’ll talk about this
more later!

3. People are stressed for lack of time! The more stressed someone is . . . the more motivated they are to take action to solve their problems! People are exhausted during the holidays and that’s a HUGE issue . . . people are craving relief from a crazy schedule!!

4. People are stressed for lack of $$! Once again . . . the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity! People are MORE LIKELY to come up with the money to get started when money is tight IF they see a solution to their problem of lack of money.

5. SendOutCards makes it easy! We can solve the big problem of getting out a lot of cards and gifts, quickly, easily and inexpensively. How many people do you think have the intention of sending out their Holiday cards but don’t do it because they are just too busy. That’s STRESSFUL!! We have a chance to make their lives so much easier during the hustle and bustle of the season!

6. SendOutCards solves a few BIG problems! What are the BIG PROBLEMS . . . lack of time, lack of $$, too busy to send cards, stress, anxiousness, overwhelmed. Our service and our opportunity solves most of these problems. Let’s help people take the cumbersome process of sending out their cards into a painless and efficient process that takes minutes vs hours. Let’s show people how they can solve some $$ problems by having their Christmas paid for before the end of the year by introducing a few other people!! Network Marketing done well, FREE’S UP TIME!! So we have a vehicle that can make the Holidays MUCH easier for most people!

7. People have 100 times more reason to use the product during this time of year . . . so they get off to a fast start! Which also creates many many more exposures for building the business!! As people send out their holiday cards (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc) they will be creating exposures for the business along the way!

8. Laurie Delk: People are looking for New Years resolutions that can help them to make a significant change in their lives . . . more open to opportunity! What more can I say. It’s sometimes a little more difficult to get someone’s attention this time a year, but when you do, more commonly than not, they see a way to hit the ground running in the new year! We can become part of their new years resolutions!

9. Valerie Bouvier: People that are holed up inside for the winter due to weather can sit by the computer and still make a significant difference in other people’s lives by sending cards and gifts!

10. Norbeth Shortt DeJesus: Someone can take an end of year TAX DEDUCTION!! Check with your accountant but there are deductions even for sending out holiday cards and gifts when someone is part of our business! And the $395 if deductible as well!

How to build over the Holidays

1. Let people know you know they are busy and let them know you are busy too . . .
that’s why you want to talk to them

2. Let people know that you know they may be stressed out . . . and that’s why you want to talk to them.


4. Start EARLY! The earlier you start, the more opportunities you will have to show it to people. If you send out an early holiday card campaign you’ll have more chances to talk about the program in time for others to send out their cards!

5. Hold Campaign Card Sending Workshops . . . allow guests to attend! You’ll sign up distributors each time you do it!!


1. Most people say to themselves . . . “People are so busy, I don’t want to bother them!”

2. Some people say to themselves . . . “I’m too busy to build the business!!”

REMEMBER I SIGNED UP ON DEC 27TH 2004 . . . right after Christmas! If Demarr had said . . . Jordan is probably too busy, I don’t think I’ll talk to him – He would have passed up a chance to have 150,000 distributors in his business. And I plan on having 2 million or more . . . so it’s even worse than that!!

What if Demarr was “too busy” during the Holidays to approach me? Where would he be today?

THE HOLIDAYS ARE THE BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER BY STARTING SOMETHING REALLY BIG! I don’t have the actual statistics but I suspect that in our business, the biggest growth has come from activity generated over the holidays!

Nov 10th, 2014


Most people are somewhat resigned and cynical when we first approach them
They’ve been battered by the media and have heard all the “pitches”. They have
a hard time believing that there is something out there that is legitimate and can
give them a real sense of hope.

[We offer hope and an opportunity for a better way of life.]

But when talk to them the first time, on a scale of 1-10, they are typically a 1-2 . . .
if they are an opportunity seeker, they may be at a 4 or 5 but those type of people
are the exception. Our job is to get them up higher on the scale by:

1. Showing them something of real value
2. Helping them to see that it’s real
3. Helping them to see that they can do it

So we need to bring them up the scale . . . knowing that when we initially talk to them,
they may be pretty low on the scale. And it’s okay to acknowledge that with them.

“I know you have heard about every opportunity in the book and that you may have even heard me
talk about a few. I need to prove to you that what I’m going to show you is real and help you to see
that it represents something legit with huge potential. Let me do my work and you can evaluate it
and tear it apart if you want to . . . “

So after we show the business to 10 people, 5-7 are interested and once in awhile someone signs
up on the spot. 3-5 are not interested at all. But the question is, how do we move the 5-7 that are interested
to actually taking action and getting going with us?


Okay so let’s start by talking about what constitutes “showing the business”. This means you have:

1). Told them HOW AND WHY you got started in the business
2). Set up an account for them and walked them through sending a card where THEY sent the card
3). Had them watch at least 1 of the videos that explains the opportunity.

So how can you possibly sign up 50% of the people that you show the business to? Well we are in a unique situation in
that at least 50% of the people that we show it to have some level of interest in signing up with us. As far as I know,
this condition doesn’t exist in any other company. I hear this phrase all the time from people that I show SOC to –
“I would never consider a business like this but SendOutCards is different and just makes a lot of sense!”

Every single person I show the business to that DOESN’T sign up goes into my GREEN BOOK and
my SOC Contact Manager. So I can keep them in the loop using cards and other things until the time is right for them
to pull the trigger. As people sign up, you can highlight them in your GREEN BOOK. Over time if you follow this TIP
and TOOL, you should begin to notice that 50% of the people in your GREEN BOOK sign up as Marketing Distributors.

So just a quick recap:

1. Most people start off being somewhat cynical because they have been bombarded by
the media and are sick and tired of being lied to.
2. Most people that are shown SOC love it and have a fairly high level of interest – They even rate themselves
as a 7-9 on a scale of 1-10.
3. We are responsible for moving people up the scale from “interested” to “in the business”


I don’t know what the actual # is, but according to the stats I’ve read, most people sign up for something between the 7th-9th exposure to it.
If this is true, then much business is lost if you stop communicating after the 1st-8th communication. So if you’ll commit to following up with someone that
has seen the business at least 9 times after showing it to them, you’ll stand a much higher chance of getting them involved with us. FOLLOW UP IS YOUR KEY

2. THE TOOL IS . . . Why? Because when someone has interest they will continue to pursue and even devour information until a). The timing is right OR
b). They begin to believe they can do it. I highly recommend staying in touch with them, answering questions, sending them cards and gifts, etc. But I have found that when someone is interested, they will read and listen to things about the business until they are ready to sign up.

When you go to you’ll see a link for
CONFERENCE CALL REPLAYS and CONFERENCE CALL SUMMARIES. Now keep in mind, most people that say they are interested are really interested . . . but what keeps them from actually signing up??

1). They don’t perceive they have the $$ right now . . . or they don’t perceive the value exceeds the benefit of being involved.
2). They question whether they can do it

So what can we do to raise them up on the scale knowing these two things?? The most powerful thing you can do it feed them info that will help them see the value of the business
and increase their belief that THEY can do it. Every call that I do on Monday Nights is designed to answer those 2 questions. Every single call . . . Is it real and valuable? Can you do it?

Here’s what I do . . . when someone is interested but not ready to sign up,
1. I put them in my contact manager and send them a card
2. I put them in my GREEN BOOK
3. I send them an email or FB Private Message with a copy of the link of one of the conference calls. I tell them . . .
“I really think you’ll like this 25 minute recording . . . it may answer some of your questions” Then I copy the link
from and paste it in under the message. I then ask them to drop me a message after they have
listened to it.

I continue to stay in touch with cards, emails and an occasional tool from The Cool Buzz also has RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS
and TESTIMONIALS. These can be cut and pasted into a card and sent to your potential distributor. The site is FILLED with ideas
and information that can help raise someone’s belief in the company, the opportunity or themselves. Be creative here. What can you text or send over that can
anchor or advance someone’s belief in the business?

Let’s talk about different ways to USE


This is filled with valuable follow up content for cards, emails and FB Private Inbox Messaging. Give info in bite-sized pieces.
A 25 minute conference call they can listen to on their phone is a good start. A short cut and paste of a testimonial can be powerful.
Put a section of one of the conference call summaries in a card and send it to them with a 2 pak of brownies. There are so many creative
opportunities for following up here.
THE TOOL is WWW.THECOOLBUZZ.COM . . . This is one of the most valuable resources you have for follow up.

It really doesn’t matter if you use OR the SOCTV archive OR the SendOutCards Resource Center. The most important thing
is that you stay in touch and offer ongoing and relevant info that will anchor the prospective MD’s belief in the company, the business and themselves.

Most important to remember . . . most people won’t sign up until the 7th – 9th exposure! So if someone else happens to be exposure #7, 8 and 9, you lose!
Your job is to feed them relevant info. is a source for relevant info. Become a resource and not a sales pitch. When I’m following up,
I’m not trying to “SELL” them into the business. I am trying to educate and provide valuable information that will be of benefit to them.


1. Be a resource of valuable information
2. Educate – don’t sell
3. Be patient. Most people sign up between the 7th-9th exposure.

Nov 3rd, 2014


What’s this for and what’s that for?? In the sport of hang gliding, the spectators were many times referred to as WUFFO’S. Lots of times new distributors will ask WUFFO questions and so tonights call will be about WUFFO’S. We’ll be talking about what some of the tools are for in case you were wondering!


At times I’ll be referring to the RESOURCE CENTER and the PURCHASE PRODUCTS link.


POINTS: For cards and gifts
EXPENSE: For postage, shipping and GIFT CARDS!

HANDWRITING FONTS: For putting your handwriting and signatures into cards
ITEM 2050 $25 for 4 signatures and 1 font
Print form from DOWNLOADS on your MAIN MENU
(color printer, mail completed form FLAT – don’t fold it)

ITEM 5010 – Social Sendcere Annual Subscritption $129.50
Pay all at once and get 2 months free
WUFFO? Gives you an IMMEDIATE professional presence on social media
with weekly posts and monthly blogs done by professional writers. You can also
post anything of your own on their as well. You can pay monthly for $12.95 a month
(All SendOutCards and Sendcere Links are also automatically put on your SendOutCards
Business FB page for you. It’s worth 100X what you pay for it

ITEM 5410 SPLASH PAK – 10 accounts included. 100 points and 2 stamps in each account (The reason it’s called a Splash Pak is because it can help you get into the Manager Pool) 100pts and 2 stamps included.
A Splash Pak is simply a customer account that you set up for a prospective customer or distributor. It’s a way to get them a quick USER ID and PASSWORD so they can TRY SendOutCards. Just pretend it’s a customer account that you give them or sell them. They can add points or postage with their own credit card after they use the points and expense provided.

ITEM 5414 MINI SPLASH PAK – 10 accounts included. 25 points and 2 stamps in each account
So a mini splash pak is the same as a regular Splash Pak only it has fewer points.


They are the same as the regular and Mini Splash Paks the the postage is
metered for an international stamp.

You can buy them with 10 pre-paid cards or 70 pre-paid cards
The card sharing kits allow you to click on any card in SENDCERE.COM and SHARE IT ON
SOCIAL MEDIA (i.e.; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) If you don’t PURCHASE AND TURN ON the CARD SHARING KIT, then if someone tries to send a card that you shared, they will have to put in their credit card to send it ($1.98). If you buy a card sharing kit, then when you post a card from SendCere to Social Media, the person sending it doesn’t have to pay because you PREPAID it when you bought the kit. NOTE: You much TURN ON your social card sharing. You do this buy clicking on
SENDCERE CARD SHARING KITS on the right of the MAIN MENU. You must TURN THE TOGGLE SWITCH TO ON. And just as before, the INTERNATIONAL CARD SHARING KITS have the postage metered for an international stamp.

5416, 5417 SENDCERE DUAL SHARING KITS – These include both Splash Paks AND Card Sharing Kits for Sharing on Social Media.


Splash Pak Accounts are Customer Accounts that can be given away or sold to people wanting to test drive SendOutCards. If I want to give someone an account just to have them try it, I assign a SPLASH PAK ACCOUNT to them (either one of the 25 or 100 point accounts that include 2 stamps). 99% of the time, I walk them through sending their first card on it.

CARD SHARING KITS allow you to post cards from Sendcere to FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You click on the card and then click on one of the social media icons on the left to post to social media. If you want your FRIENDS to be able to send a card on your nickel, first buy a CARD SHARING KIT (10 OR 70) and then TURN ON THE TOGGLE SWITH under SENDCERE CARD SHARING KIT on the right side of your MAIN MENU

When I go to or URL NAME there is a BLUE BUTTON that says SPLASH PAK on the upper right . . . what do I do with that?
You can copy a SPLASH PAK CODE from your list of SPLASH PAKS under MY SPLASH PAKS on menu on the far right of your MAIN MENU. THEN you click the BLUE BUTTON on the right and enter in the code. This is how you set up the customer account for your prospective customer or distributor

Everything about everything you ever wanted to know about SOC. If you are looking for something start here. Want to know how to sign up for the SOC UPDATE? Go to the RESOURCE CENTER!

SOC WALLET – You can sign up for a debit style SOC Branded Card. Your checks can be IMMEDIATELY deposited onto this card. Fees are really reasonable and you can access your money from any ATM Machine. It’s great for our International Partners!!

SENDCERE – Think about it this way . . . Facebook is nothing but posts from users. If you took all the users away there would be nothing there. It’s just a place to post things and find things. And people are just all connected together through relationships. Sendcere is sort of the same. Without us, Sendcere doesn’t exist. WE post cards on there. And we can create “Albums” (just like a photo Album only we call them Collections) and we can categorize what we put in our collections by creating descriptions of what we have collected. We can peer in to other people’s albums as well by “Following” them. AND we can search any search term to try and find topics, images, ideas that we are interested in. The coolest thing of all is there is a little ENVELOPE ICON that when we click on it takes us to our SendOutCards Site Editor where we can edit and send any card we see on SendCere. This is REVOLUTIONARY. No one else in the world has anything like this. It’s THE CARD CATALOG ON STEROIDS! And instead of our designers creating it, WE, THE SENDOUTCARDS USER POPULATION ARE CREATING IT MINUTE BY MINUTE!

So that you are up to speed each week and each month on everything going on in the company.


As a NETWORK MARKETER building a business, I see ALL of this as a way to SHOW OTHERS HOW TO
THAT CAN BE WORKED FROM ANYWHERE. The ultimate WUFFO is that each of these tools and product features
give our opportunity the most juice of any in the marketplace today. We are dynamic and multi-dimensional. We have broad appeal.
We have a REAL SERVICE that appeals to almost everyone and a REAL OPPORTUNITY that the world has not
yet discovered. It’s time to expose SOC for what it is! Share it! Send it! Show it! Do this over and over again.


1. Send Cards daily using your computer, iPad, tablet or handheld device
2. Give others a chance to try it by doing the same.
3. Show them how the money works (use the video, a business presentation, etc)

Follow up with good news, information, invitations in the form of cards, texts, emails and phone calls.

Oct 20th, 2014


Today is a BIG day in SendOutCards history! I have a lot to cover in a short timeframe tonight . . . but I want to get
everyone up to speed quickly.


I sat on the shuttle that gets me from the Oakland Airport to the BART to go into downtown San Francisco a few days ago.
While I was sitting on the shuttle for just 10 minutes I sent 2 cards with gifts and spent about $60. I KNOW there are a few million
people that would love to be able to do the same. I also know that when we sponsor a distributor and help them activate
2 free accounts, the company sends us AT LEAST $140 ($240 if you are a Manager and $290 if you are a Sr Manager).
I also know that Kody sends out a few million dollars a month in residual checks each month for the purchase of cards and gifts
by our customer base. Everything is working! The program is simple. We can never forget the essence of what we do and
keep the main thing the main thing.

Periodically I’m asked to come to Corporate for a couple of days to work with the team on sometimes difficult decisions involving
product launches, compensation enhancements, technology, etc. As I said at the retreat, I’m a little mentally challenged
when it comes to these things. Some of the decisions are really tough because a). There is no RIGHT answer b). Everyone has
a different opinion. Kody does his best to make everyone happy and at the same time he must balance marketing budgets, payroll,
expenses and a massive investment in future technology. I wouldn’t want to be him for a day!! The responsibility is enormous.
I get “brain-lock” in these meetings. Kody, OUR job is simple . . . send cards, show people, sign people up, train them. That’s it.

Sure, I have my frustrations at times . . . I wish the JOIN button was more prevalent! It will be.
I would like my groups to be in alphabetical order . . . they will be.

I wanted a $5 Starbucks Card for a couple of years . . . we have that now and much more.
I wanted an iPhone App for a couple years . . . yes, we have that too!

The “Bells and Whistles” are part of our future but let’s never forget what makes SOC work. You can make someone’s day
by sending them a card and a gift if you want to. AND they’ll pay us WELL for sharing this gift with others.

And here’s the BIG NEWS . . . there IS BIG money in SendoutCards. MILLIONS of people will be using us and when they
do, we will make LOTS AND LOTS of $$$. Were not perfect but we are very very good and we are getting better!

So as I go through these announcements, remember once again to keep the main thing the main thing.

That brings me to THE FUNNEL. This is the Marketing Plan . . . Go to DOWNLOADS (under Help) and click on THE FUNNEL AND MARKETING SYSTEM

THE FUNNEL will eliminate any confusion . . . Every tool and system that’s in place is designed to bring people to the funnel to SORT
them to determine whether they are interested in being a customer or distributor with us.

OUR BIG ADVANTAGE: We have the most exciting product/service in the network marketing profession

OUT BIG DISADVANTAGE: We have the most exciting product/service in the network marketing profession

People love to talk about our product and we truly are the “jewel” of the profession. Everyone seems to love us! But because of this,
people tend not to talk about our opportunity . . . Our comp plan is one of the very best in the profession but we get so caught up
in the appeal of our service, we neglect telling people about the big opportunity that presents itself!

As you look at the Funnel System, you’ll notice the green bar in the middle is how we SHOW the business. You can use videos, have someone send
a card, do one on one’s, two on one’s lunch meetings, home meetings, hotel meetings, etc. All of these are designed to introduce the business and the service
to NEW people. If 100 see the business, somewhere between 10 and 30 will sign up. If 1000 see the business, somewhere between 100 and 300 will sign up
and if 10,000 see the business somewhere between 1000 and 3000 will sign up. That’s just how it is!

The powder blue section above are the TOOLS used to bring someone to the party. You can use ANY of these tools to get someone interested in seeing the business. Social Media, Sendcere, Card Sharing Kits, Splash Paks, Mobile Apps, Personal Website, Videos . . . they are all designed to get someone to the green
section so you can show them the business. Pick the one’s you like most and that work best for you!

After showing the business (the green section in the middle, we ask for a decision . . . 1 or 2. They decide. And if they are not ready to pull the trigger, then send a card (and a gift if you want to!). Keep them in the loop! Send them a link for one or two of our Monday Night calls? Stay in touch until they are ready! Most of all, make sure they are in your contact manager and start to receive cards from you on a regular basis.

This is the FUNNEL SYSTEM and it’s the basis for everything we do to grow the business.

So what I am going to talk about tonight are enhancements to the powder blue area (Section 1)

NEW REFORMATTED 2.0 WEBSITE – Click on the link at the top that says “We have a brand new Website” This is the new modern website
that was launched at convention. Simpler/cleaner/easier to navigate,etc. You can navigate back and forth between Sendoutcards “Classic” and
2.0. Use the banner across the top. Eventually “Classic” will go away. FEEDBACK should be put on the green tab on the right of the new website and
not on FB.


Sending a card while standing in line at the bank!
Sending a card from the baseball stadium!
Sending a card while sitting in bed.
Sending a card while watching your kids play soccer
Sending from the backseat of the car
Sending a card while waiting in the cell phone lot at the airport


We are going where the people are . . . companies like Nike are abandoning traditional advertising and putting their money
into Social Media Channels. One in every 7 minutes online are spent on FB!!

As of today, you can send cards from ANY device including tablets and iPads. Again feedback should go through the green
FEEDBACK tab. Use this as a tool to sponsor new people. Have fun with this one!

SOCWALLET – Get your checks deposited directly to a credit/debit type card. Transfer $$. Access $$ from ATM’s. Very low fees. Website access. Apple and Android Apps. SMS Notifications. Easy way to manage your money on a card. When money is deposited you’ll get a text message. You can transfer $$ from you soc wallet to your bank account. You can view your history online. Perfect for getting international distributors paid immediately.
SOCIAL SENDCERE – This is one of those things that may not make a lot of sense to you until you get in there. It’s YOUR SendOutCards/Sendcere Marketing FB Page. I believe everyone should have this. Social Media Consultants charge thousands of dollars for something that we will pay under $150
for. (that’s per year!). Other companies and individuals pay $500 a month for the same service.
It’s free to new distributors for their first month. If you pre-pay the year, you get 2 months free. If you pay monthly it’s less than $14 a month.
It makes you look professional and gives you a way to communicate with your potential distributors and customers. It educates your customers and potential customers.
There is so much more to this than I can even describe on this call. Professional Associated Press writers will be writing approved blog posts for us on appreciation
and law of attraction.

Watch the video and get your account set up NOW! :)

BOTTOM LINE: Makes you look good and professional!

HOLIDAYS – Make sure and schedule your holiday card making webinars
for your customers . . . teach your customers and distributors how to send campaigns!
At the very least, send them to the webinar on how to create and send a campaign.

Coming soon as announced at convention. . . Global API and Branding Packages
FOR EXAMPLE: Jiffy Lube Cards! Kwik Copy Cards! Liberty Buick Cards!
Hillstone Restaurant Cards!

Imagine a business that wants cards branded to THEM and then allowing their employees
and salespeople to be able to send them through THEIR Contact Manager! Imagine
being able to set up business on a service like this and get paid to do it!

Let’s not forget the business were in! We offer a way for people to make money in the greeting
card and gifting business. You own your own internet based business. Use all of these great tools to
find people that want to grab a piece of a rapidly expanding business sector.

Oct 13th, 2014


I can remember learning to fly hang-gliders back in the 90’s. We used to practice take-offs and landings over and over again. Sometimes they would go perfectly and sometimes they would be a little rough. Many times we left the desert with bumps, scrapes and bruises. We would practice on little “bunny hills”. Wait for the wind . . .  run, step off the hill to go airborne  . . . then 2 seconds later . . . push the bar out and land. We would do 20 – 30 a day . . . every weekend. We did this for 3 months before flying off a mountain. Then we did really small turns. Left . . . then right. Right  . . . then left. Over and over and over again. No matter how much training we did, there was really nothing we could do to prepare for every single possible scenario that would happen after leaving the mountain. But once the fundamentals became automatic, we would be able to handle just about anything that presented itself. Gotta learn the rules (laws of nature) and gotta learn the skills. After that you are good to go!

When it comes to professional sports, we get to watch the big show . . . but behind the scenes for many months, there is intense training that goes on to prepare the teams and the players to compete. Have you ever experienced the training of a professional sports team? What can you imagine they are doing during practice? They typically set the alarm for very early in the morning. They watch what they eat. They work till they fall over. They drill the same plays over and over and over again. They learn the rules. And day after day, week after week and month after month, they do the drills until they are AUTOMATIC.

Once you are on the field, the plays must be automatic and there is only one way to acquire them . . . PRACTICE. Practice over and over again until you can do  them in your sleep!

So every time I go out to fly with my instructor in the helicopter we do pretty much the same thing over and over again.

We’ll pick 4-5 skills and do them a handful of times. Before we leave he’ll say, “Today we’ll do running landings, slope set-down’s and pick ups, a few approach patterns and a couple of auto-rotations. Things that at one point a few months ago presented “freak-out” moments became “matter of fact – this is what were gonna do” conversations. I must MASTER ThE FUNDAMENTALS to be safe and to be prepared for anything that presents itself.

So the question I would start with is, “If you were meeting with the top 20 business builders in all of network marketing, what would they suggest that you understand and what would they urge you to master?”


1. Success is a process and not an event – You will have up days and down days. You must never let a bad day affect your excitement about your future . . . a bad day is just a bad day. Many times a negative reaction can transform into something great if you’ll just give it some time. Timing plays a big role in whether someone joins the business or not. I recently had a 4 turn into a 10 within a few weeks.

They are signing up this weekend.

2. It will take work . . . sometimes hard work. As Jim Rohn says, “You can make up in work what you lack in skill. Ask yourself, “Is sharing something so beneficial to another human being really ever work??” Can you find the confidence in knowing that just because someone doesn’t “see” it doesn’t mean it’s not great? Most NEW ideas are not always accepted right away. Putting roofing on homes in the summer in Arizona is hard work. Working in the sewer is hard work. Building high-rises is hard work. Doing outgoing telemarketing work is hard work. Rebuilding motors on trucks is hard work. Showing the business is really not that hard. BUT there are times when you will have to work really hard to get things going! Be prepared for it!

3. You must hold the vision for your team – You are a leader. Leaders LEAD! That means when someone or a group of people on your team begin to doubt, it’s your role as a leader to prop up your team when they need it the most. Stay true to what you believe in.

4. You’ll put a lot of work in up front for very little pay to get paid a whole

lot of $$ later for almost no work at all – This is a business of leverage. Leverage comes with work, patience and time. One person can break you loose. In fact in network marketing it’s a COMMON event to sponsor people that do little to nothing. You will feel like you are doing EVERYTHING and no one else is doing anything. Keep sponsoring. As you’ve probably heard me say before, your quest is to find the Michael Jordan that has never picked up a basketball. They are out there waiting for you. Some are out there LOOKING for you. Keep moving and keep showing it.

Do three-way calls with those you sponsor until you find someone that has the same vision as you do. Make friends with those in your group so that you know when someone really goes to work. Give your time to those that deserve it . . . not so much those that need it. Needy people are needy for a reason. I give everyone a chance and will take 2 steps for every 1 that they take.

5. It’s a business and you must invest time, money, energy and ideas into it

to get good results – Most business that have this much potential require HUGE investments in product, capital and people. Most businesses take 3-5 years just to break even. Take a look at how fast you want to go and determine what you are willing to invest in terms of money and time.

6. This is a people business . . . keep it personal. Technology will

never replace a conversation. People need to know you are interested in them.

There are always those exceptions that will jump in based on seeing a video or sending a card but MOST will need to connect with another human being that holds a strong belief in the future of the company and confidence that our business can take them to a better place in life. You must be the catalyst for helping to instill that belief. Listen to the conviction of Kody Bateman, Steve Schulz, Vanessa Hunter, Demarr or the Golden’s. If you don’t have the confidence, borrow theirs. Be sincere and generous. Be excited about our direction and our future and others will follow. If you are not excited, how do you expect them to be?

7. Time is your friend – I have hundreds of people in my organization that signed up weeks, months and even YEARS after seeing the business. If you are still around and in action, many will join you later. Stay focused and true. Create the organization you desire.

8. Patience. Patience. Patience – Don’t want to beat a dead horse, but how long did it take you to say “yes”? Remember this when others don’t sign up immediately.

9. Your network and the people in it are your greatest asset – How is it that some people sign up and move very quickly through their promotions? They came into the business with a network of people . . . in other words, they established a personal connection with others prior to being involved with us. There is no better relationship building service on the planet than SendOutCards. Grow a network of people. Be a resource for others.


1. How to Dream – Most dreams occur as “impossible” the first time you consider them. Write them down anyway. You don’t need to know exactly how you will get there. Let your subconscious mind guide you. Dream courageously. Let go of doubt. Doubt and dreams don’t live in the same space. As humans we consciously dream in a linear fashion. You subconscious mind works in a non-linear fashion. It will find the way to your dreams if you have the courage to throw them out there. If you can dream it you can achieve it.

2. How to invite – If I were to stop you on the street and say, “Invite me to take a look!” could you immediately without thinking about it invite me to take a look. It should be that automatic. Master it. The invitation should take no more than 30 seconds. You can do this. Here’s how I invite:

a. BE IN A RUSH: I only have a minute

b. TELL WHY YOU ARE CALLING: “The reason I’m calling is . . . “

(I say, “I want to run an idea by you that could be really lucrative and I want to show it to you. It involves the launch of some really cool technology”)

c. SET UP A TIME TO MEET: “I’d like to set up 30 minutes with you in front of your computer . . . I’ll show it to you and you can decide”

d. ANSWER QUESTIONS LATER: “I know you are going to have lots of questions. I’ll answer them when we get together.”

Get on and get off.

3. How to do a  30 minute presentation – Rapport is #1. Be real. If you love it, make sure they know you love it. Ask some questions like . . . “Have you ever owned a business?” OR “Are you considering ways to make additional income?” AND/OR “Tell me about your business background?” AND/OR “What are some of your dreams?”

a. Tell how and why you got started in the business (2 min)

b. Set up a Splash Pak or Mini-Splash Pak Account and walk them step by step through sending a card. Have them send the card to someone they care about that they know their home address. Keep it very simple. You can tell them about pictures and campaigns but just have them type a personal message and have them send the card. No TEST cards . . . have them send a REAL CARD to a REAL PERSON.

NOTE: All the tools are their to help you bring people to the table. Sendcere, Phone Apps, Splash Paks, etc. The most important thing is that they get to experience the service however you get them there. Imagine a big funnel. Show and Tell. Go through the process. Have fun with it. Do it A LOT. Over and over again!

4. How to follow up (3 ways) – Most people will sign up after you follow up. Here are the 3 things I do to follow up:

a. Follow up with CARDS

b. Follow up with GOOD NEWS

c. Follow up with INVITATIONS

I love sending links for the 25 minute conference calls or videos of SOC TV. You can copy the links from under TRAINING. Invite people to listen in on the Monday Calls. Treat them as if they are already in. Get them plugged in. This will give them more information to make an educated decision.

5. How to sign someone up and get them started – I prefer taking control of the process and signing them up much like an order taker. When they are ready, say, “Let’s get your going . . . it will take 5 minutes to get everything set up and then we’ll schedule a short training to get you up and running”. I suggest that you enter in their information or at least be present when they sign themselves up.


I SAY: “I want you to get your $50 check right away and it’s also going to get me paid as well. You’ll need to find 2 people in the next 24 hours that will “Try” SendOutCards. Tell them you just want them to test it out. They won’t need a credit card. I want you to text me once you have the follow info from both people.





USERNAME (firstinitial, lastname, 2014)

PASSWORD: (cards)

Please text me when you have this and we’ll get on the phone together and I’ll walk you through putting them in.”

Set up 2 splash pak accounts for their first 2 activations. Now they get their $50 and you get your Fast Start ($140 if you are brand new, $240 if you are a Manager and $290 if you are a Sr Manager).

Set up a 1 hour training to show them how to use the site and the Simple Success System Training.

I usually give them the following assignment between the time they activate their 2 accounts and we do training:

a. Watch the videos on Please take notes.

b. Go over the last 4 or 5 webcasts on under TRAINING.

c. Start putting people in your contact manager and sending cards.

6. Using the product: SendOut at least 1-3 cards a day and one gift a week. You get back what you send out.

This is all you have to master. Do these things and everything else will fall into place. If you get discouraged, go back to the 9 things you must understand from the beginning of this call. Just like mastering anything if you’ll do it over and over again for a few months, you’ll be home free. The future is bright!


Sept 15, 2014

Sandy Morgan has been a big part of the SendOutCards for six years.

Although Sandy has been bound to an electric wheelchair for many years and has a difficult time verbally communicating, she has not let that stop her. Her doctors predicted she would be a ‘vegetable’. Sandy makes no excuses. She is a winner and she lives life to the fullest despite what others would consider insurmountable obstacles. She graduated from college with a BA. Sandy was inspired through Kody Bateman’s message of “The story in your mind becomes the story of your life” and decided to write a book. “Dance of Victory” was born.

She has written manuals for the Minnesota Department of Education.

For her own mobility, Sandy Morgan has used a 1997 van that her parents bought just prior to their deaths. This current mode of transportation is no longer dependable. The lift became unreliable to raise or lower her. She had the lift removed, replacing it with a portable ramp donated by the local Lions and Rotary clubs. It’s heavy and clumsy for Sandy’s friends and PCA’s use the ramp and Sandy doesn’t feel safe. Sandy’s van is now in need of extensive repairs which would cost more than the vehicle is worth.

With shopping options 35 miles away, she is unable to fully gain access to all that is needed to successfully build her business. By providing her the appropriate vehicle, she can attend meetings, and offsite workshops to continue to grow as a successful Entrepreneur, without limitation.

As friends and family of Sandy Morgan, are now acting on our own prompting to offer her the convenience of mobility many of us may take for granted.

Please help us help Sandy . . . make a donation to help us help her get an equipped vehicle. The cost will be $80K-$100K so your help is needed. Special thanks to Tracey Parnell, Lucie Smiles and Roger Hallback for helping to make this happen.


SEARCH: Get your motor runnin

2. Like the page

3. Make a donation (everything helps – Please do what you can)


Sept 16th is her 5th year Anniversary in SOC

She’s from

Kathryn Asaro Myers

Toronto, Ontario

Kathryn sent me her “Why” statement and it moved me to

want to have her share it with you.

Here I am now with you and my WHY

“I have a true love story…my husband and I have been together since  November 7, 1986 we were married and then suddenly after 9 years were not together and we never had a fight…it took us 9 years to get a divorce and for 16 1/6 years I waited every day for him to come and get me…I woke up and said to myself everyday…today is the day…I would imagine myself in the presence of my husband/ex husband and what I would say but more importantly how I would feel…the butterflies in my stomach lived for 16 1/2 years and one day he came back for me and asked me to marry him in a Send Out Cards…I have that card with me all the time. I AM going to give my husband the life he gave me…David dedicated his life to our blended family and to the recuperation of my ongoing inability to accept that I could no give him a child of our own was a failure that I could not accept and TODAY I AM giving back…our life was right out of a story book with a happy ending everyday! SO the money will be for my husbands dreams to come true…for us to help children all over the world to receive an education and to have a home to live in while they are devoting themselves to their goals and passions. The money will be for Scholarships and for Housing for students to have a life of abundance…I will host an Educational Seminar on Network Marketing and Presentations…I will hire the very best leaders from all over the world to come and share their gifts with small children and to use music, dance, art and books to role play practical life situations that will make leaders of our children and to prepare them for the world of adventure and the unexpected. The money will be put to good use by funding religions from all around the world to feed the poor and to give to the needy.  The money will be spent on day to day necessities for the elderly who have no families in the city that they live in to have family dinners to have weekly flowers delivered to their homes, nursing homes and to the lost family members who are far away…the money will be invested in the lives of those who step up to the plate and play ball with the 24 hours that they are blessed with and the money will be saved for the future of the children who are not yet born…we will oversee the laying of foundations of housing all aver the world to spread spiritual freedom and to foster newcomers into promised lands. The money will last as long as dreams are in reality and for as long as we sleep and wake up we will shake hands with the rich and the poor. We will educate the wealthy on how to be proud and how to be humble and we will share our wealth through preparing meals for students and families all around the world…we will organize a series of shows that will teach everyone how to take care of their health, mentally, physically and spiritually. We will stop at nothing we wont stop until the world listens to our message and our money will never run out because we will continually give it away to those who are hungry and sick…I have only touched the surface because I want to make my husband proud as proud of me as I AM of him…so it will be an eternal act of kindness and love …my WHY is Universal, it is multilingual, it is never-ending, it is undying, it is infinity…I AM so glad you asked and now you know me a bit more today than yesterday!!!”

RaRa is in the House

btw September 16, 2009 is my sign up day and I am celebrating my 5th year!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You


There are exactly 3 1/2 months left in the year. . . about 100 days. The next 100 days can be just like the last 100 days

or they can launch you in to 2015 with so much momentum that your life will never be the same. In my last company, my income grew from $2800 per month to over $34,000 between my 33rd month and my 40th months

Truthfully, this will not happen for you if you simple treat the next 100 days the way you treated the last 100 days. You must become

the person that deserves and expects this kind of growth to attract it. You must change. Money will not make you the person you need

to become. We teach the importance of ‘I am’ statements in the TreatEmRight Seminars. Your ‘I am’ statements will transform you into the

person you’ll need to be to create the massive shift we are talking about here.

If you are fearful, doubtful, apprehensive, unsure, impatient, desperate, anxious, greedy or distracted, you will probably not get the momentum you are looking for. You must re-invent yourself tonight. You must immediately become the person that is worthy of attracting success and being a leader. These are all feelings that we move in an out of all the time. The key is to be aware of these feelings and then reframe them. Flip them around and turn them into empowering feelings that will serve you over the next 120 days.

You must start here. When you go into massive action before creating yourself as a person that deserves success, you’ll get frustrated because you will be spinning your wheels. Remember . . . Affirmation first –  then action. Affirmation without action leads to delusion. Action without affirmation leads to frustration. How many of you know someone that says their affirmations daily, but they never DO anything??!! They are delusional. How many of you know someone that works, and works and works and works, but never gets ahead. They may be in action with no empowering affirmations! This is frustrating! Action without affirmation leads to frustration!

So who are you that deserves and expects success? Are you confident? Are you empowered? Are you empowering? Are you a leader of leaders? Are you lucky? Are you blessed? Are you loving? Are you charismatic? Are you friendly? Are you fun to be around? Are you healthy?

Do not skip this step! Keep it simple . . . write down three things that you ARE that will empower you. Put them where you can see them every day. Read them daily. When you find yourself going ‘South’, immediately re-invent yourself by reading your 3 ‘I am’ Statements.

Breaking loose will require a little extra time and a little extra effort. There is a misnomer that to make twice as much money

you must work twice as hard. Actually the difference between being #1 and being #100 is just a little bit of extra effort. Tonight will be about a personal challenge to do just a little more. Its crystal clear to me and others that are winning in the game of life. We say to ourselves, “If they only knew, they would just do a little more” Its not that tough . . . actually its really tough if you are not being the person you need to be to find and lead people. Its easy once you become that person. You become that person in an instant. Once you become that person, success flows to you quickly and easily at whatever you put your mind to!

In my last company, I had just purchased my first dream home in the mountains of Arizona. It was a beautiful mountain home in the forest with tall cathedral ceilings and huge picture windows that framed the valley below. The sky and the mountains were like a beautiful painting. The pine trees came right up through the decks and when the wind blew, they sounded just like the ocean. My network marketing income allows me to come and go as I please. Every day is Saturday in my world.

One Sunday night in October, I was cruising up to Pine in my convertible. The top was down and the night breeze was cool. The sun had set and the mountain roads snaked up through the pine forests. What I noticed that night taught me a valuable lesson . . . As I drove up the mountain, I noticed a chain of car lights that went on for 50 miles on the southbound road that led back down to Phoenix. I was the only one going UP the mountain that night and thousands of cars were coming down the mountain. The mountains were a weekend vacation retreat for the masses, but I LIVED there!

I was driving UP on Sunday night while everyone else was driving down. You see what happened on Saturday night, was, the boss started to rattle the chain that was attached to the ankles of all those that had to go to work on Monday morning. ‘Time to pack it up!’ I guarantee that if that chain didn’t get rattled, the majority of them would have stayed on vacation!

Winning as an entrepreneur means THINKING DIFFERENTLY. It means going against the grain. It means driving in the other direction. It means standing up for what you believe in. Here’s how I see it . . . We are not average. We will do what average people won’t do.

So tonight we are talking about busting loose in 2014. That means doing more of the right activities than the average distributor does. We are not going to talk about doing more than the average couch potato . . . this would just get you better than average results. We are going to talk about the extra 5% that will make the difference as to whether you plod along or whether you have a banner, kick-some-butt 2014! But we are not talking about burning yourself out or being a work-a-holic. Remember the difference is simply doing a little extra.

What does this mean?

If the average distributor is sending about 1 card per day . . . send out 3 heartfelt cards per day.

If the average distributor never makes it to a Treatemright, go to 3 per year.

If the average distributor meets one new person per day, meet 3 new people per day.

If the average distributor does one gift account walk-through per week, do one per day. Do 2-5 per day to break-loose quickly!

If the average distributor usually doesn’t make it to the Monday Night call, be on all of them!

If the average distributor is afraid to share Sendoutcards, make sure everyone you know at least knows what you are

up to.

If the average distributor does SendOutCards ‘on the side’, consider doing SendOutCards as a major positive force in your life.

If the average distributor doesn’t follow up, make sure you follow up with everyone you meet with cards, e-mails, phone calls. Become a valuable resource to the people you meet. Following up to me means making friends with everyone I like and keeping them friends over my lifetime by nurturing our relationship.

If the average distributor gives up easily, never give up.

Very simply, stand out as a leader of leaders. Become great at what you do. The rewards will astound you.

I have heard it said that the difference between water boiling or not is just 1 degree! Just 1 degree more heat makes a huge difference. Have you ever wondered what would happen if on take-off in a Boeing 757, the pilot was just 1 knot short of take-off speed? What would happen? That 1 extra knot makes the difference as to whether an airplane takes off or crashes. Do you get the point. Its not a huge shift! Its just doing a little more that makes a huge difference!

My challenge to you beginning tonight is to define yourself as someone who wins. Not just someone who gets by or makes a living, but someone who wins in a big way. Starting tonight, own your power. Recognize that your actions today can potentially impact many thousands of people as your team grows. You have the opportunity to change many lives and impact thousands or even 10’s of thousands of people by who you introduce SendOutCards to. My challenge to you is to do just a little more each day, for the next 100 days. Make SendOutCards a top priority in your life for the next 100 days. Instead of trying to work SendOutCards into your life as a side business, make your life about the crusade to change lives and make a difference for many others for the next 4 months.


Periodically one of my distributors will ask me to speak with someone about SendOutCards because they have a bunch of ‘Objections’. What’s interesting is, I rarely get any objections. When i do , I have found its usually because I talked about SendOutCards with them before having them actually send  card.

Objections regarding the compensation plan, the 3 options or how much money can be made usually only come up when someone talks details about the business before showing someone how the system works.

Here’s an example. . .

I got a call from someone that said his boss was interested in SendOutCards. We scheduled a 3 way call, and during the call he asked, “So is it true you are making over $100,000 per month because I have a hard time believing that?! I just don’t see that kind of money here!” This objection should never have come up. Nowhere in our presentation do we say . . . “now interject how much money the top earners are making”! First of all, most people won’t believe its true. Secondly, most people won’t believe THEY can do it so you don’t need to share it! This objection may have cost him a distributor. INSTEAD, JUST GIVE OR SEND THEM BEACH MONEY, PROMPTINGS or SECRETS FROM THE SOC DRAWER AND SAY, “I think this will answer all your questions.”

Most questions are credibility issues and the books will help with that. There is usually a questions behind the question that is hidden from view. Keep it simple . . . just give them the website and tell them that all their questions will get answered.

Normally after listening to a conference call or reading some things on the website they have very few additional questions.

What’s interesting to me is that usually the greatest skeptics will be completely excited after attending a full Treatemright seminar. Not because their specific questions were answered, but because they now trust the philosophy and ideals of the company and they believe in our crusade. Again, its because the questions they had were an attempt at gaining trust in the system and the people.

I rarely answer questions for a number of reasons:

1. Its not duplicatable

2. Usually they are not relevant to building a successful business

3. The questions being asked are usually not the real issue.

When someone starts asking questions prior to me having them do a GIFT ACCOUNT WALK-THROUGH, I simply say, “I’m going to answer ALL of your questions, but before I do, I need to have you see the system because it will provide a framework for the answers I’m going to give you”

If they still insist on asking, I have them give me ALL of their questions and I tell them I will write them down to make sure we get all of them answered. I then write them down and repeat them all back. THEN I TAKE THEM THROUGH SENDING A CARD ON THE SYSTEM. Most of the time, just by doing this, the value becomes so great that the questions become less important.

Simply do 3 things:


2. Set up a Splash Pak Account for them and have them send a card on it

(to someone they care about – IMPORTANT!)

3. Have them watch the 3 short 3 min videos on ID#

Most people don’t see the value UNTIL they have sent a card.


The next time you hear . . . “I don’t have the $395” consider this. We ALL seem to figure out how to get a car with a down payment of $1000-$10,000. Why? BECAUSE IT’S IMPORTANT. When people see your business as IMPORTANT they will figure out how to come up with the money. By having them send a card, they begin to see the importance of the system to them.

Sept 8, 2014


Q: If you could only pick 1 group of professionals to call about SOC what group would

it be?

A: Tough question. Certain questions are great but the answers will lead you down a dead end path. I can answer but it won’t serve you if you want to grow in your business. I have found that the reason most ppl fail in network marketing is that they focus on the wrong things. Change your focus, change your results. The questions we ask guide our focus.

Q: What question should I ask to follow in your footsteps?

A: Now THAT’S a great question!

Q: OKAY . . . “What should I focus on?


The future: Not the past . . . when you focus on the past, you get more of the same you are trying not to repeat

Creating: You are responsible for the future of your company. Just like Steve Jobs was responsible for Apple’s future. You attract the team and the volume you want. That’s what determines your income. It’s not a lottery. The past does not equal the future.

Action: There are lots of struggling analysts and pontificators. Action will always win. Outwork everyone else. 1-3 presentations per day.

Leverage: Leverage people. Leverage Time. Leverage Tools. How can you do more with less?

Personal Development: Align with those that have done it before you and are striving to get better and better each day.


There is a business behind the business. There is the “doing” of the business

and then there is the running of the business. The book, “The E-Myth” by

Michael Gerber talks about how people that start businesses usually do it because

of something that they love (and it’s usually not about running a business). For example

I might love to write books but I have no interest in running a business. The more successful

I become, the more business skills that are required to keep my writing business going.

You may have signed up in network marketing because you love people and you love sharing the

product and the opportunity. And then one day you find yourself growing and making money.

Now you must hire an assistant and be an employer. You must learn to invest your money

and figure out how to handle your taxes. Your lifestyle begins to expand and then all of a sudden

you are faced with running a business. And you didn’t sign up for that class!

There is a business to the business of network marketing.

You must budget for company events, cards, taxes and marketing.

TAXES: One of the really cool things about having a home based business is that you get

to deduct many expenses. So after you receive your income, you can deduct those expenses first

and then you only pay tax on your profits. It’s very important that you find an accountant that likes

network marketing and encourages and supports you. Your accountant will be worth his/her weight in

gold and the right one will save you a lot of money. View your accountant as an investment. And there

is a RETURN on your investment. The worst thing you can do is to have an accountant that doesn’t like

MLM. They can be very discouraging and you’ll get enough of that without your advisors contributing to it!

SET ASIDE MONEY FOR TAXES! When you are operating at a loss, it doesn’t matter too much but once you

start receiving a residual check, you may go for a few months with minimal expenses yet your income continues

to roll in. If you don’t set aside money for taxes you can get yourself in some real trouble. Make sure and take

at least 20% of your profits and put it in an account. Check with your accountant and decide if you will be paying

taxes quarterly or annually. I set aside 30% of my income each month and then we send a check to

the government quarterly. I have friends that have ignored this aspect of the business and then 5 years later

they get a real surprise when the government catches up to them. Trust me, you don’t want to be in this situation!

BOOKKEEPER: I delayed this decision for years and after I finally got a bookkeeper, I wondered why I didn’t do it sooner,

First of all, I’m really bad at it and I don’t like doing it. Secondly, my time (and yours) is best spent working the business vs

balancing the books and paying the bills. Find someone that loves doing it and is good at it. For most people this is a huge burden lifted.

It was THE BEST FINANCIAL DECISION I MADE TO HIRE A BOOKKEEPER! A good bookkeeper will communicate with you

accountant and do an annual bi-annual or monthly Profit and Loss Statement for you as well. Get referrals . . . start small if you

need to, but the sooner you do it the better you life will be! I found a financial planner in a Robert Kiyosaki book and she referred me

to her bookkeeper. She has been with me now for 15 years and is probably the most valuable member of my team!

BUDGETING: Most people (including me) start their network marketing business part time and slowly build it up over time.

A great startup entrepreneur figures out how to take limited resources and leverage them for maximum benefit. In the beginning

this can be a challenge when there is little to no money coming in. At the same time, for a business to grow, you must make

some kind of investment in it. Be frugal if you must but make sure and invest where you’ll see both short and long term returns.

It’s a given that you’ll need updated technology like a computer and a smart phone. Normally I don’t advocate the use of credit cards

unless you can pay them off within a month or two however I believe you can make an exception with a computer and smart phone because

they are essential business building tools. Remember, these expenses can be deducted from your taxes! The variable expenses you will have

should be paid off each month so you should budget accordingly. There is a difference between an expense and an investment.

An investment can grow your business. An expense is a cost. Focus on investments.

At least 20-30% of your income should be invested back into your business.

1). Cards and Gifts

2). Events

3). Personal Development

I generally am pretty sloppy about this and do a very bad job of managing my investment in the business. I usually invest first and then figure out how I am going to pay for it later. This isn’t always a great idea. But sometimes you may want to take a calculated risk based on your level of confidence about what could happen if you make the investment.

The non-negotiables in my book, are Convention, at least one Treat-Em-Right Seminar, and a monthly budget of cards and gifts. So if you do all 3 here’s what it could look like:

$200/mo for cards and gifts = $2400

Convention = $2000 (tickets air and hotel)

TreatEmRight Seminar = $1000 (Air and Hotel)

TOTAL $5400 or $450/mo

You may not make this right away but as far as putting yourself in a position to succeed, I highly recommend you do this. In 1995 when I joined my 12th network marketing company, I spent about $5000 my first year and only made $1000. My second year I broke even and my third year I turned a profit. But I invested in myself and in my business. Keep in mind, with your tax write-offs, you can actually show a loss but be in a profitable position because of your deductions.

OUTSOURCING: This was a challenge for me for years until I really started studying the habits of successful people as compared to the habits of unsuccessful people. I learned that virtually all wildly successful people learned to outsource everything that someone else could do for them. They focused on growing the business and the “busy-work” was always handled by someone else. I grew up in a working class environment and this was not the norm. So it was very difficult for me to let go of the things that working class people do . . . like wash my own car, write my own checks, do the yard work, wash the windows, clean the house. I had to relinquish my attachment to doing these things myself. I had to start small because I didn’t have the financial resources in the beginning but over time I had other people doing these things for me. Alecia cleans my condo in Vegas. Malin cleans my condo and waters my plants in Jerome. Christie and Carrie do my bookkeeping. Ed washes my cars. Warren does my taxes. Megan has been handling many of my emails and calls, etc. I hire other people to fix things that need to be fixed. I FOCUS on building my business! It wasn’t always this way. In the beginning, I hired a house cleaner once a month. Try it once and you’ll experience how good it feels to free up that time! If you are not organized, pay for an hour of coaching with a personal organizer! They are worth their weight in gold! As my income grew, I added more and more new members to my team to handle the things that I didn’t like doing or things that were taking parts of my day! This is one of the most important lessons you can learn.


Balance is somewhat of a myth. We all strive for it but it seems that when one thing is in balance something else is out of balance. You may have to create imbalance for awhile to get the result you are looking for. You wouldn’t even be working your business if everything were in balance . . . and once you have some success, you’ll find that there will be a new imbalance between where you are and where you want to go in your life. For example, let’s say you were completely out of balance financially and your goal is $10,000 per month. Once you start making $10,000 per month, the $1200/mo apartment you are living in doesn’t make so much sense any more . . . so you decide to upgrade to a $3500/mo condo and you find yourself out of balance. So we move in and out of balance in many areas of our lives . . . Relationships – were in and were out of them. Homes, we upgrade, we downgrade. Spirtitual – were broken, were healed. Our kids are born and then they grow up and leave. Money flows in and out of our lives. So you see trying to achieve “Balance” is pretty tough . . . If you do feel balanced, it’s usually only for a moment. True balance is found in embracing the adventure of change in our lives . . . it’s inevitable. Remember, “lift” is a result of an imbalance in air pressure. Instability (imbalance) creates the imputis of positive change. So if anything, we must strive of the imbalance that moves us to positive action.

August 25, 2014


Your residual check is a result of your volume

Your volume is a result of your customers

Your customers are a result of your distributors

(The distribution system used in network marketing is word of mouth . . .

People telling people about a good idea. Without this we have no business!)

YOUR BUSINESS IS EITHER GROWING OR IT’S DYING – Because we live in a rapidly changing environment,

when you are not growing, you are losing ground. What happened to Sears and Woolworth? What happened to Blockbuster

and Hollywood Video? What happened to Barnes and Noble and Bookstar? Even your little  business must grow or it’s going to die.

The beautiful thing about this is you have control over the growth of your business! Think, “New Buds on the Tree”. When you are green you grow and when you are ripe you rot. As a team we must be in a constant state of growth.

A LITTLE SHIFT IN PHILOSOPHY: Most likely the thing that got you interested in this call was the title . . . “How To Get More People!” Let’s talk about the word, “Get”. Getting is the energy of doing something to someone else so that they act for our benefit. Granted this is what got you interested in this call because intuitively you know that you must get people to join you to grow your business. However the energy of “getting” is the OPPOSITE energy necessary to succeed. In fact as I study the habits of of those that achieved long term financial success, the energy they send out is the energy of GIVING. So when we ask someone to join us, it must be in the spirit of giving more value than they expect. In the book, FREE by Chris Anderson, he talks about the Billion $$ brands being created as a result of companies giving immense value to their consumer base for FREE! They attract people through a model of giving. Eric Worre created a community of 400,000 people because for many years he interviewed top leaders in the field of Network Marketing and offered the videos to the marketplace for free. You didn’t even need to provide your email address to watch the videos. He had over 1000 videos produced and posted before his business really took off! Immense value offered without the expectation of getting anything in return . . . as a result in 4 years he became known as the #1 trainer in the network marketing profession and companies pay him big money to train their people.

Now don’t misinterpret what I’m saying here. Giving and receiving are like the front and back of your hand. You can’t have a front without a back. Giving and receiving go hand in hand. Asking someone to do business with you can be done in the spirit of giving or in the spirit of getting. If people run from you, you may be perceived as a taker. If they are attracted to you, you may be perceived as a true giver. If you are wondering how you are perceived you can always ask! Especially if you don’t like the results your are getting you may want to take a little poll from the people that used to be your friends! Be prepared to learn from the experience!

The message to get here is that your business building activities must be approached in the spirit of giving AND as long as you are building in that vain, it’s ok to ask people to do business with you! They will appreciate it. The only time someone feels pressured is if you are trying to get without a value exchange that is of equal or greater value.

HOW TO GET MORE PEOPLE (How to give more value – Giving value to more people is how you get more people!)


Jordan Adler

There are only 3 ways I know to get more people:

1. Put more people into your network

2. Work to add more and more “connected” people to your network

3. Give more value to the people in your network

Let’s take a look at #1 “Put more people into your network”. You don’t need to have a lot of strategies to do this. You’ll need 2 or 3. Here’s how I have added people to my network over the years . . .

1983-1992 America West Airlines – Started in customer service, then training. Met LOTS of people as we grew the airline from 180 people to 15,000. Added people to my “rolodex” and did my best to stay in touch. Met mostly vendors and employees. Became close friends with about 200 of them.

1981-1992 Tried 11 different network marketing companies. Attended many seminars and workshops. Personal development became my “thing” Didn’t make money but met LOTS of like minded people. Added them to my rolodex and did my best to stay in touch.

2005-Present Networking Groups like BNI, Chamber of Commerce, etc. I attend the same group events over and over again to get to know the members of the groups. I want to be remembered and recognized as someone who contributes positively to the results of the group. I joined one BNI Chapter and stay there for YEARS.

Take a look at your life and where you are meeting people. If you are not meeting new people regularly, I recommend realigning yourself to be in contact with more like minded people that you can become friends with and add to your network. Check out It’s a great place to go to find people that want to meet new people for all kinds of things.

#2 Work to add more “connected” people to your network. I have found that people with big networks are the most exciting people to meet. They typically hang out with very interesting people and are a source of constant social engagement.

Over the years my network has grown to THOUSANDS of people that know me, remember me, trust me and some of them even like me. I want to be known as someone who is ROCK SOLID. I want to be known as someone who is a positive contributor and a great resource. In a minute were going to talk about ways to do this.

YOU MUST DEPLOY SHORT TERM AND A LONG TERM CAMPAIGNS FOR ADDING VALUE TO YOUR NETWORK – About 20 years ago I attended a speakers seminar and I heard about a guy called, “The Pumpkin Man”. He’s a Realtor and

for 30 years he’s been giving away pumpkins to all his clients and even potential clients (YES, IT COSTS HIM MONEY TO DO THIS!) and today he is one of the most successful and known realtors in Arizona! People remember him as the Pumpkin Man. In fact, I have not talked to him or seen him in 20 years but I remembered him  . . . couldn’t remember his name but definitely remembered his brand! He took a long term approach of giving that has paid him millions of dollars over the years in Real Estate commissions.


1. Set up splash pak accounts and have them send a card

2. Register people for Sendcere and show them how to use it

3. 3-way someone into a conference call that you think they will benefit from

4. Give away or send one personal book per month to someone that could benefit

5. Give away or send one personal development CD per month to someone who could benefit

6. Connect business people together that could benefit from knowing each other

7. Take one person per week out to lunch just to get to know them

8. Do one random act of kindness per day

9. SendOut one personal card a day without the expectation of getting something in return

10. Host or “sponsor” a business event at least twice a year (buy the coffee)

11. Volunteer or assist at personal development events

12. Sign someone up for SendOutCards and teach them how to use it!

13. Set someone up as a distributor and RECOMMEND that they listen to ten of the past conference calls

over the next 10 days.



A. To grow your residual check you must sponsor more distributors

B. Shift your energy from “getting” to “giving”

C. There are only 3 ways to get more people (1. Add people to your network.

2. Add better people to your network.  3. Give more value to those in your network.

D. Deploy short term and long term campaigns for adding value


IN YOUR COMMUNITY. People will want to be around you and will want to do business with you.

Last thing for tonight . . . you may have noticed a buzz coming from Corporate. Things are ramping up and about to get really crazy.

You’ll want to be on the train when it leaves the station. Get yourself up to speed and begin to share Sendcere and SendOutCards with

people in the spirit in which it was designed. Be like a child with a new toy that you want to show to everyone.

There is no need to master the presentation. There is no need to perfect it. Just excitedly show it the way a child would show off

his/her new toy. Let other people absorb your enthusiasm and excitement. It’s time to take SendOutCards to the world. SendOutCards

is an idea that is worthy of a worldwide movement. It changes people for the better. Even people that aren’t involved are touched by SendOutCards

in a positive way. No other network marketing company can claim this. How many times have you heard . . .  “My life is better because you lost weight!”

EXACTLY. When someone is touched by our product they don’t even need to be involved.

August 18, 2014








Mark Twain


It’s a very simple phrase that carries with it some awesome power.

It can turn stagnation into action. It gives someone permission to proceed.

I recommend you incorporate this phrase into your daily business building language.

It’s only two words. The words are “I recommend”. I talked about this on FB but I felt like it warranted a special call because it’s that important.

I use it in almost every conversation when I want someone to take some sort of action.

Remember, they don’t know the next step and you do. So it’s up to you to recommend to them what’s next. This is part of “leading”. Imagine you are holding their hand and leading them down a path that will benefit them. Where are you taking them next? Use the phrase “I recommend” to point them in the direction you want them to go next. These two words are so powerful when used effectively.

People respond well to the phrase “I recommend”. Here are a few different ways to say it:

“I highly recommend that you . . . “

“You know what I would recommend as a next step?”

“My recommendation would be to . . . “


I always ask myself . . . “What’s the next step for this person?” Then I recommend it!

For example, if the next step is to upgrade to a $31 subscription, I would say . . .

“You know what I recommend for you as a next step? I suggest that you do the $31 subscription because it will lock in our lowest price on cards and gifts for you . . . “


Here are a few different examples of when and how to use “I recommend . . . “


“I would like to RECOMMEND that we get together and I’ll walk you through everything so you can see how it all works . . . “

“My RECOMMENDATION would be to have you test drive the system and watch a couple of short videos before deciding anything. After that you’ll be in a much better position to figure out what’s the next best step for you”


“I highly RECOMMEND the $31 program. It will give you the best value and will insure that you always have the lowest price on the cards and gifts. There is no contract and your points rollover. Remember when you do campaigns or send out gifts, you’ll most likely use up your points and even need more.


“I can tell you are interested but may just need a little more information. What I RECOMMEND is that you jump on the call with me on Monday night. It will give you a broader view of what we have going on so you can make a good decision.”


“Here’s a book (Beach Money) you can look over that will help you with your decision. I can tell you

are questioning whether you can really do it. Beach Money could help with that. I highly RECOMMEND that you

read it by the end of the week.” (Tell R&F story – Stacey)


“I RECOMMEND you go home and send out three cards to people that you care about. I think you’ll really begin to see

how powerful this system is. Then let’s talk”


“I RECOMMEND that we get you started and schedule training.”


“It will take about 5 minutes to set everything up and schedule you for training. I RECOMMEND we get you going

and put together a plan.”

I use “I RECOMMEND” in almost every presentation and walk-through because it’s a comfortable way to lead someone

down the path. Ask yourself, “What’s the next step?” and then just RECOMMEND IT!

I highly recommend that you try this 10 times and see what happens! lol


Here are a few ideas and tips that can help you in your business building activities.

1. IT’S A NEW GAME!  No one has ever launched a program like the one we have now. It’s time to share

it with the world! There is a window of opportunity here with the launch of Sendcere. I challenge you to step through

that window and begin to show this to new people every day.

2. THINK ‘SHOW AND TELL’ – Don’t overthink it. It’s a service that lends itself to “Show and Tell” more so than anything else

in the marketplace. Take advantage of the ease built into the nature of our service. Start with “Here, let me show you something!”

Activate a Splash Pak Account for them and then use that log in info to log into a Sendcere account. Have them browse the cards

and enter in some search parameters. After they find a card they like, have them send it right from Sendcere! Again . . .

keep it simple . . . SHOW AND TELL!!

3. SIMPLICITY – Sharing the business is now so simple. You can use a Splash Pak Account (I recommend this) or

a gift account. Set it up so that your potential customer/distributor has a way to log in. Go to Sendcere and log in.

Have them browse the cards and look around on the site. Show them how Sendcere works. Have them send a card

from Sendcere. Then ask them if they want to make some money. If the answer is yes, then show them the videos

( ID#) Then ask . . . “On a scale of 1-10 (1 meaning you want me to go away . . .

10 meaning you want to sign up right now . . . where do you see yourself?” Let them tell you! It doesn’t get any easier than this!

(Tell Steve Smith Story). Help someone start a business for $395 that has unlimited potential and teach them to activate 2 customers

(which are included with their distributorship). They get $50 and you get $140. Teach them to do exactly the same thing.

It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Remember, most likely you didn’t decide to sign up on the spot. Be patient with people! Make recommendations that will

lead them through the process if they are not ready to go then and there. Always ask . . . “What’s the next best step?” Then

recommend that they do that!

July 14, 2014


Why is it that some distributors can’t seem to get customers because EVERYONE wants to be a distributor? And why is it that some distributors can’t get distributors because NO ONE will pay $400 for a business? How come some people can’t even give SPs away for free? Everyone is pretty much playing in the same sandbox but we all have unique experience based on how WE perceive the business. If we think the business is expensive then it’s tough to get distributors. if we believe the cost of the business is a joke (we think it should cost $10,000 to be a distributor) then it’s easy to sign up distributors. Neither is right or wrong. It’s just how we each uniquely view it.

In 2008, I auctioned off a $100 bill on this Monday call. Megan said that’s a dumb idea. She said, “Who would ever pay more than $100 for a $100 bill?” I told her I would auction it off for $1000 within 10 minutes. She sat by her phone and took bids by text and then announced them on the call as they came in. I started by offering the $100 bill for $50. A few bids came in . . . but not everyone. Why do you think some didn’t bid on the $100 bill for $50? Well maybe some of them thought there was a trick or the $100 bill was not real. Some possibly didn’t have $50. Well the bids rolled up to $70 then $80 and a couple even bid $100 for the $100 bill! I asked myself “What value could I add to the $100 bill that would make it worth more than $100?” And then I said,

“I will sign the $100 bill”

And the bidding went to $120, then $140 and then $150!

I added, “The bill will also be signed by Kody Bateman!”

And the bidding went to $200, then $250 and eventually $350!

Again, I asked myself, “What value could I add to the $100 bill that would make it worth more?”

I then said . . . “The bill will be signed by myself, Kody AND all the Eagles!” Someone then bid $500.

I added . . . “The bill will be framed in a beautiful frame that you can proudly display on your desk or on your wall.

Someone then bid $600. Then $650 and $750!

And then I said . . . “This is a LUCKY $100 Bill! No promises, but maybe it will help you get your big promotion and your income might grow!”

Eventually the bidding went to $850 and then LINDA THOMAS who was a new Senior Manager at the time bid $1000 for the lucky, framed $100 bill!

What’s the point of all of this? Well in 10 minutes, I took a $100 bill and auctioned it off for $1000 by simply ADDING VALUE to it through the words I use.

So here’s my question to you . . .

“What VALUE can you add to your SendOutCards business that COSTS $395 to make it worth more than $395?” The value is not $395. That’s the cost. The value is what you and others perceive it to be. If I had paid $300,000 for my business, that would have been a good deal!

So I’m going to ask you to take out a notepad and begin to write down some things that you could add to your dialog with someone that can help them to see the value of what they are buying when they start a SendOutCards business.

Let’s break each thing down and consider the PREMIUM that someone might be willing to pay for each benefit that the business offer.

PREMIUM DEFINITION: “The sum above the normal par value of a thing”

So let’s break it all down and see if we can determine what exactly a SendOutCards business is worth?

Ten $31 customer accounts (100pts each) $310
Two Self replicating websites (no monthly fee) – Most companies charge $15-$24 per month $250
All your accounting is done for you $240
All money is collected for you $100
Contact Manager and ability to SEND from it. $1200
100 points $31
Get trained by people that have already made millions in the business including Kody Bateman the founder ?? $1200
HAN BRANDT – Worked the business for a few months and for the past 9 years has been receiving a check for about $900 a month. He has been paid $150,000 for the work in did 10 years ago. What’s that worth? $1000? $2000? $5000?
The ability to work the business from ANYWHERE there is an internet connection. You are not tied down. What’s that worth? $300
Residual income . . . stop working and you still get checks. What would one be willing to pay as a premium for this? $500 Let’s look at it in a different light. Let’s say you simply got paid for your work. No residuals. How much would you be willing to pay to add a residual component to your income? What if it cost $500 to have a lifetime of residuals? Would you pay it? If not, would you pay $100 or $300?
Wake up and work on the couch in your undies?? $100
Over time, have the time freedom to travel the world and experience life at a level that no one in a job can ever imagine? $500
Unlimited potential . . . there is NO CAP on your income! Build it as big as you want to! $500 Let’s put it another way. Let’s say there was a cap of $50,000 on your income. What would you pay to remove the cap? How much money out of your pocket would you be willing to part with to not have a ceiling on your income?

Conservatively, the business is worth $10,000 when this is all added up and you choose to look at it in this way.

$395 is a ridiculous amount to ask to start a business of this magnitude.

So what is the business really worth? Do you see why some people can’t get anyone to sign up and others can’t even sign up a customer because EVERYONE wants to be a distributor?

Your business is PRICELESS. $395 is the cost of a traffic ticket and gives you an opportunity to completely transform your life! Be sure and explain it to others in a way that they GET IT!

I even recommend putting this down in writing so you can read it off or show it to others as you are going over the value of the business.

See you on the Beach!

“I could NOT have done this without SendOutCards… No One (who wasn’t already in the Luxury Market) in Cincinnati has ever listed 11 Million dollar homes in less than a year. Without question soc has rocked my Real Estate career more than any other thing, person or company has in 21 years of selling Real Estate. I’m working my way to a place I’ve never been before in my career because of soc while realizing my future is also changing my and thousands of others worlds in soc . .. Cannot thank you enough for your inspiration and support”

Jim McCord

July 7, 2014 – 


(These are MAGNIFIERS!)

1. Three Thank you Cards a day.

2. Jimi . . . Imbed Logo and website on proprietary photos.

(exposure – Other people promote for you.) Repost selected photos on Sendcere and let others send out your images! Free promotion for you and your company!

3. 100 square grid (place names in the boxes as you present SOC to others. Reward yourself when you hit 100 (you’ll probably be an Executive!)

4. Buy $400 Super SP Trio (activate one a day!)

5. Send a Book and change someone’s life! (John Dawson).

Books inspire and change lives. SOC has many great life-changing books in the catalog!

6. (become a resource)

7. Blog about appreciation, follow-up and thank you (steal ideas from FB) Become an expert!

8. Redo your list and set up appts. to SHOW Sendcere and how it works.

(hold social media training workshops – Show SendCere)

9. Run a SENDCERE PRE-LAUNCH CAMPAIGN with your team and have contests

(how many subscription customers in 30 days?)

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