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What is SendOutCards and how long has the company been around?
SendOutCards was founded by Kody Bateman in 2005. Years ago, Kody had a prompting to tell his brother he loved him. He ignored the prompting and his brother was killed leaving a wife and 3 kids. He decided he would never ignore a prompting again. SendOutCards is a creation of Kody’s vision to allow people to act on promptings by immediately sending a physical card in the mail, seconds after being inspired to do so. For more information, visit

What is the growth potential for SendOutCards?
The average person sends 1 greeting card per month. Since SendOutCards is so easy and inexpensive to use, the average customer sends about 1 card per day! We are creating a market of card senders by making it easy and inexpensive to use. We are transforming an entire industry. Have you noticed that book stores, music stores and video rental stores are becoming nearly obsolete? They are being replaced by the “Click and Order” revolution. Companies like Amazon, i-Tunes and Netflix have revolutionized their respective industries. We are doing the same in the greeting card and gifting business. 100% of our growth is fueled by independent distributors sharing a concept that allows others to make money by capitalizing on this industry-revolutionizing trend.

I can’t get into my account, what do I do?
Please contact customer support with the provided contact information above.

Can I “import” my contacts into the SendOutCards system? 

Yes. On your Card Catalog Main Menu, go to CONTACTS. There is an “Import Contacts” link at the very bottom of the drop-down menu. Print the instructions and follow them. It’s very simple. If you get stumped, call the SendOutCards customer support department at (801) 463-3800.

How do I get my handwriting into the cards?
Print the “Handwriting Font Form PDF” off of the website. Go to Go to your MAIN MENU. Put your arrow on HELP and click on DOWNLOADS. Then scroll down and click on “Personalized Handwriting Font”. Follow the instructions and mail it in. Remember to print the form on a color printer, complete it with a black ball point pen and do not fold the form.

Why do I have to spend $39 per month?
You don’t. You only spend $39 per month, because it allows you to impact lives by the cards you send. If you use the $39 (about 30 cards per month) to send 1 unexpected card per day, you’ll use up your points before even sending your 1st birthday card (not to mention card sending for the Holidays or gifts). Sending cards to 20-30 people per month should net you at least 2 to 5 customers/distributors ($200-$500 in income). Not a bad investment! Gifts are also available and cost 7-700pts each so your $39 a month worth of points will be easy to use up. When you are on a $39 a month subscription you get the benefit of adding points at .39 per point when you run out.

Where do I find the training webinars so I can learn/review how to work the system? 

Go to and put your cursor on the COMPANY tab”. Click on “TUTORIALS AND MEDIA”. Each one is about 3-5 minutes.

If I have suggestions for the company to make things better, who should I call? 

The company has implemented HUNDREDS of suggestions from the field leadership team. Your suggestions are encouraged. However, realize that SOC will only implement ideas that are consistent with the mission of the Company. Send your ideas to

How long does it take for a letter to be delivered?
Cards are mailed from our distribution center in Salt Lake City, UT on a daily basis (sometimes twice per day on heavy days). Cards are printed and shipped every mailing day at midnight MST. Typically, cards are delivered in 3-7 days. Once the post office has the card, delivery is up to them. During the Holidays, cards can take up to 2 weeks due to Post Office backups. Cards to international destinations are always subject to Post Office delays.

I have a company that wants to do postcard bulk mailing at a “bulk” rate. Is this possible?
The system allows you to send campaigns (small and large). We are not a “bulk mail” company and large bulk mail campaigns are not our target market. There are other companies better suited for that service. SendOutCards is the best service (in the world) for sending daily, individual, heartfelt cards conveniently and at a very low cost. The campaign option on the system is great, cost-effective and easy-to-use however, we are not a “bulk mail” company.

Can I send a card internationally? 

Yes. You can send a card anywhere the USPS delivers. When you are setting up the address or addressing a card, drop down the “country” menu and select the country you want to send the card to. It will automatically meter the mail with the correct postage and deduct that amount from your expense account.

Does SOC sell its customer databases to other companies or organizations? How secure is my personal and customer’s contact information? 

If SOC sold its customer data to other sales organizations, we would be out of business within about 60 days, not to mention opening ourselves up for big lawsuits. It would be the “kiss of death” to our company. Our site is protected with double encryption and several daily McAfee™ security scans. We have never sold a single contact and have been in business for over a decade. We follow the exact same privacy policies that financial institutions do. For more information on security of the site and the privacy policy of SendOutCards, visit

Does SOC have any competition? 

The closest competition we have is the USPS, American Greetings™ and Hallmark™. These companies represent about 95% of the greeting card market. They actually have web-based programs that will allow someone to send a card online. They have spent millions of dollars trying to get people to send cards with no success. SOC is experiencing consistent growth and the others are completely stagnant. Can you guess why?

  1. Their cards cost $2-$5 EACH and ours are $0.62.
  2. You cannot put your handwriting into their cards.

Kody learned early on that no advertisement or Internet campaign works to get people to regularly send cards. They just don’t do it. He realized that the only people signing up were the ones that were shown how to do it (someone walked them through it – “show and tell”). Network marketing was the obvious solution.

Business Building Questions

What is Jordan’s basic strategy for building a team? 

Understand the principle that “you get back what you send out” (what comes around goes around). With this, we have developed a very successful 3-step process.

  1. Send at least 1 heartfelt, unexpected card per day. (This is a card expressing gratitude, thanks, happy birthday, nice to meet you, look forward to seeing you, etc).
  2. Show at least one person a day the INCOME OPPORTUNITY VIDEO
  3. Have at least one person send a card on the SendOutCards system by loading the APP on their Smart Phone (SendOutCards in the App Store or Google PlayStore)

Do these three things every day and you will be well on your way to success!

I’m just “starting over” in SendOutCards, where do I start?
Depending on how long it’s been since you’ve been actively building your business many things may have changed. The first thing you want to do is to “get connected”. The RESOURCE CENTER area of the site has the most up to date information regarding the system and compensation plan. Review the workbooks and videos provided here as if you are a brand new distributor. This team website is also updated frequently. Start by listening to one or two of the archived calls per day (about 20 minutes each). Also, read or reread Beach Money™. You can order this through the SOC system or by going to Corporate and distributor hosted events are another important part of building and edifying your business. If at all possible, make sure to attend the next SOC Convention or a Treat ’em Right Seminar. If you have any specific system questions you can contact customer support at (801) 463-3800 or

Should I build my organization “deep” or “wide”?
Both. You can’t go deep, unless you go wide. Build width for income and depth for security. Look for the most excited people that are the furthest down and newest in your organization. Spend most of your time with them. Go 5 wide at a time and then work with the 1 or 2 that are ready to go to work.

Should I place new distributors under other distributors on my team? 

Jordan’s recommendation is, NO. You want to teach people to build their own businesses rather than doing it for them. There are many drawbacks to what is known as “stacking” or placing people under others. Most of the negative impact doesn’t reveal itself for 2-3 years. The best strategy is, “no strategy”. Sign people up personally under you if you are the one that introduced them.

When I send a card to introduce someone to the business, what should I say?
It’s not what you say in the card that will matter. Say whatever you would say to the person based on your relationship with them. Remember that you are simply sharing your excitement about SOC. Try something like this:

“Hi ________, I wanted you to check this out. It’s something we are using to support our personal life and our business and we wanted to share it with you. There is also a way you can make some extra money as well. When you have 15 minutes, would you mind watching this ___ minute online video (include link for the opportunity video) and giving us your thoughts? We like it because we can jump on our computer and get a high quality greeting card, in the mail, in 2 minutes or less for under $1.00. It’s perfect for quick ‘Thank You’s’ , Birthdays, ‘Sympathy’, or get well cards. We love it and we thought of you. Please tell us what you think! Your friends__________”.

My upline is no good, how am I supposed to build?
Your upline has little to do with your success in the business. The company provides nearly everything you need to be successful. All the training and support you need to build a successful business is available at your fingertips. Plug in and get busy. It’s the team that you build that will determine the size of your check. Most successful people in network marketing got there without a supportive or active upline. So welcome to the club!

What is the best email campaign to get people to sign up?
In Jordan’s opinion, there isn’t one. All of his contacts were people that he met at networking functions and other similar events. He meets them, shakes their hand, gets their business cardsand then mails them a “nice to meet you” card. To follow up, he then calls them and sets them up on a “gift account”.
He almost always has them send a card on the system and watch the 17 minute “Click and Order” video before signing them up.

Walk about 1 person per day through a “gift account” and have each one watch a video. Jordan signs up about 1 new card sender per week. He recommends going on a “blitz” in your first few months to launch your business, but 1 per week after that is a great maintenance plan for growth. If there were an automatic way to bring people into SendOutCards, Kody wouldn’t need distributors. Keep it simple. NO BIG CORPORATIONS. NO FUNDRAISERS. NO FANCY CAMPAIGNS. NO ADVERTISING. Our product is a consumer product that is best suited to the individual or small business.

Jordan Specific

Can Jordan be my mentor, if not, where can I find one (or do I really need one)?
Due to the size of Jordan’s team and extensive travel/ training schedule, it is very challenging for Jordan to do personal mentoring. He gets 30 to 50 emails a day from distributors looking for help. He provides this team website and weekly team conference calls to address the common questions that distributors have in building the business. With the support system that has been put in place by Jordan and SOC corporate, you have everything you need to take charge of your business and run with it. This is your business. Learn as you go. Take charge and know that you don’t require help to do it. As soon as you truly embrace this, your business will begin to grow. As long as you need help, you’ll be limited.

What do I need to do to have Jordan come speak in my area?
In 2004, Kody told Jordan he would come to Phoenix (from Salt Lake City) if he would get together a group of 250. It took a year before he could make it happen. You’ll need to pull the local team together to do the business presentations, but if you can get 200-300 people in your area to an event you should be able to draw one of the current Eagles, if not Jordan. Set your goals and make it happen!

I have a cool company/ book/ product I want to show Jordan, will he look at it and sign up/read it/ tell Kody about it?
Jordan is a distributor, just like you. He is 100% focused on building his SendOutCards business and not looking for other affiliate programs or alternate income streams. While he loves learning about new books and products, he is not part of the corporate staff that make decisions about new additions. If you are hoping to get your book or product incorporated into the gift catalog or published by Eagle One Publishing, you will need to send your ideas/items to the appropriate party. You can submit gift ideas to You can contact Eagle One Publishing by emailing or following this link:

My sponsor quit, can Jordan do 3-way calls with me?
Jordan would love to be able to do 3-way calls with everyone that asks. He gets more requests then physically possible to fulfill. He suggests sending links from the recorded conference call archives and 3-waying people into the recorded opportunity calls that include testimonials. This will serve to accomplish the same result as actually having Jordan on a call. He wants to meet your new distributors and potential distributors. The best way to make this connection is to bring them to an event that Jordan will be attending and introduce them!

I want to change my sponsor and the company won’t let me, will Jordan pull some strings and make it happen?
Once again, Jordan is a distributor and not an employee of SendOutCards. He must follow corporate policy just like everyone else that has agreed to the terms and conditions of becoming an Independent Distributor. If you feel your issue is not getting addressed appropriately by customer service, you can request to speak with a customer service manager. Here is the official policy as outlined by SOC corporate: Customer & Distributor moves/upgrades to a different sponsor are against the Policies and Procedures.

Policy 4.5.4 – Distributor and Customer Move Requests: A Distributor or Customer may be moved from one sponsor to another sponsor within ten (10) days of enrollment only if an error was made during the initial enrollment process and incorrect information was entered. After the ten-day period no Distributor or Customer Moves may take place. Available Options: The customer/Distributor can cancel their account, wait 6 months and then sign up for a new account. A Distributor can convert their account to a customer account, wait 6 months can re-purchase a new Distributor account under a new sponsor. Exceptions (All conditions must be met) Commissions haven’t been paid out. We have the signed move form from the current sponsor requesting that we move their Distributor within the first 10 business days of the Distributor signing up. Move requests take 5-7 business days. Rushes are not permitted. Move request can be declined. Move requests are done through committee.
(Updated 2/2/12)

Website or team specific

What is the password to this site?
The password to is: thecoolbuzz (no spaces, all lowercase).

Are the weekly calls recorded? Where can I listen to them?
Yes, the weekly conference calls are usually recorded. They are archived on the team website under “Conference Call Replays”.

What should I do if I am signed up to receive your weekly emails, but I am still not getting them?
About 2% of all the e-mails are getting bounced back. First check your “Personal” options on your MAIN MENU. Click the “edit” button. You’ll find this on the left side of your MAIN MENU under your ACCOUNT INFO. If your e-mail address is correct, you probably have your spam or Internet filters set too high. Check with your Internet provider or in your junk mail box. The e-mails come from If you are still not getting Jordan’s emails, go to the home page of the team website. Megan posts the team emails there each week.

If I have a friend or family member that is ill or grieving and I want to get the word out to everyone to send them a card, can I e-mail you?
YES! Please check out the RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS (RAK) page on this site and follow the instructions there. Some circumstances are very delicate so use your best judgment when posting home addresses.

How do I get my RAK (“Random Acts of Kindness) submission posted?
Please submit your “Random Acts of Kindness” story exactly as you want it posted to Please include a proper mailing address for the recipient and make sure you have permission from the recipient to submit their story and mailing address to the website.

How can I get my local event into the weekly emails?
In order to have your local, distributor-hosted SOC event posted on the website and included in the weekly team emails, please submit the following information in the exact format outlined below. All event listings are subject to review. Please do not include additional information or send fliers. The purpose of the event listing page is informational only and not meant to be your sole means of advertising and/or announcement.
Title/type of event:
Registration link:
Scheduled Speaker(s):
Contact: (Name, email, phone number)

How do I “unsubscribe” from weekly emails?
There is an “unsubscribe” link located at the bottom of each team email. If this link is not working properly, please send an email request to Since we send our team emails through the SOC system, we do not have the ability to manually remove your email address.

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