Jordan’s Weekly Team Email JAN 20TH, 2018




(following Corp Leadership Call with Kody Bateman)


Event Title: DO ONE . . . THEN ANOTHER.

Sometimes its as simple as just getting something on the schedule. Then another and then another.
The business doesn’t duplicate . . . you duplicate. YOUR business grows through the simple act of
getting together with others either online or offline and sharing an idea. I like to ask . . . “What do you think
of this?” And then show it. But it’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking about everything you need to do.
So just do one . . . then do one more. And look for opportunities to book a meeting from a meeting.
I like always asking the question . . . “who’s next?”

Date & Time: Monday, January 21st at
6:30 PM Pacific
7:30 PM Mountain
8:30 PM Central
9:30 PM Eastern

To attend this event, click here 15 minutes before the event time:



If you don’t have access to the web, you can listen in by dialing (425) 440-5010, and using the following conference pin: 265426#

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