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August 7, 2012
Hello Jordan,
Just wanted to send you this little message and thank you for giving me the chance to be part of the Send Out Cards family. When I just signed up with SOC, I send a card to my uncle that had cancer and we did not know how long he had to live and not knowing if I would see him again since he lives in Canada and me in the States. That night, when I went to bed, I felt good inside of me. When my uncle received the card, he was really happy and thank me for it. But he actually passed away the day before I left for Canada for vacation. Now I know what it means to send cards and tell people how grateful we are for them while they are living and not waiting until they die. And I was able to do this because of SEND OUT CARDS. Otherwise I would have never took the time to go to the store and buy a card with all my kids (7), and would have never sent the message to my uncle! Thank you Send Out Cards, and thank you Jordan for everything.
Anne-Marie Gieser

December 8, 2011
Hi Jordan,
My husband and I just returned from the TreatEmRight Seminar in Detroit. We have been in SOC just a few months and are very impressed with the business and the opportunities. Right now I am working SOC part time because I also teach. Just wanted to let you know how I am life styling SOC in my school and classroom. I teach 1st and 2nd Graders and typically my students earn stickers or tokens for a prize or party. This year, I decided to try something new. Each child has a sticker chart and earns stickers. You probably know where this is going!! After they earn 25 stickers, I take their picture and send whom ever they want a card. (I usually send a copy to their parents!!!) Let’s just say, Grandparents and Aunts all over America LOVE, LOVE LOVE SOC!!! Some of my students have sent 4 cards already!!! But what is incredible is that the students CAN NOT WAIT to earn another card!!
In addition to the classroom, our school had a Pastor’s Appreciation Luncheon. We invited approximately 25 churches. Our yearbook staff lined up the students in the gym by church, took their pix and I personalized SOC invitations in a beautiful tri-fold card featuring the children that attend their church! I am having so much fun with SOC. My goal is to be able to work the business full time next year. I am sending my I am statements to myself today.
It was great to see you again.
God Bless,Rebecca Richard

November 16, 2011
If you have a minute, I’d like to share something personal with you and to thank you:

This summer we had the chance to chat a little at the “Heat Is On” event in Tampa. I don’t know if you remember, but while we were sitting outside, you introduced me to Ray Jewel. In our conversation, he said, “Jewel, like jewelry. You’ll never forget now because all women love their jewelry.” Before I knew it, I said, “I’m not really into jewelry.” I remember both of you looking at the jewelry I had on (rings, bracelets, necklace, earrings). For someone not “into” jewelry, I certainly had a few pieces on.

Fast forward a few months to this fall. One Friday afternoon, I came home to find my house broken into. Almost all of my jewelry was stolen along with a few other things. Many of the pieces stolen had sentimental value to me as well as being quite valuable. As you can imagine I was quite upset. I harbored feelings of anger, resentment, fear and sadness for an entire week before I realized I just needed to let it all go if I was going to move on in a positive way. Much to my surprise, the very next day, teachers, families and friends from the school where I teach two days a week presented me with a beautiful jewelry “board”, each having contributed a piece of their own jewelry to build my collection back up. While this was amazing and such an incredible act of kindness, there is really much more to this experience.

What came out of this entire event is my memory of what I told you and Ray. I felt embarrassed that I hadn’t really expressed my true feelings. And, even more, I couldn’t believe that I didn’t even realize what they were. I had spent too many years shoving my big, lofty dreams into a small, confined reality box. I have a mental picture of trying to push a big, fluffy, air filled pillow into a tiny shoe box. It was never going to work unless I cut down the pillow or let out some of the air from my dreams. For the longest time, I’ve been told that I have “champagne taste on a beer budget”. So, what I have been doing is telling myself that I have “beer” taste. Unknowingly, I had been shrinking my dreams for years!

And, then I had an epiphany! When I said that I’m not really into jewelry, I was really trying to convince myself more than anyone else. That was my reality thinking! I was telling myself that it’s not important or I don’t like it because I couldn’t afford what I enjoyed. (We all know that it really IS just possessions; but, that’s not the point.)

And, I’ve now caught myself several times having lowered my expectations and dreams as a result of that thinking. I’m just thankful that I can recognize it now. Often, we limit ourselves to dreaming solely within our current realities.

When you close your eyes and really think about what it is you wanted to be when you were little, did you ever limit yourself in that dream? Of course not! After this experience, I took some time to really think about what it was I wanted to be when I was about 9 years old. I finally remembered what I wanted to be when I “grew up”. I wanted to be the first woman President! Not because I was into politics and history, but because I wanted to be a pioneer. I wanted to help people. I wanted to show other women that we can do anything! I wanted to show people that they could reach any goal or dream, and I thought I could really make a difference in people’s lives.

I’ve spent too many years letting my reality control my dreams, rather than the other way around. And, I wonder how many other people are out there just like me…..in need of not a “reality check” but a “dream check”!

Recently I bared my soul and shared this story and the following exercise with Jule’s Knights group as a “countdown” that I hoped would help others to go out and pick a bigger dream box rather than cutting back on the dream and forcing it into a shoe box:

Close your eyes and think about what your dream was as a child of 9 or 10.
Really think about Why you had that dream.

5 – Write down 5 things you want to do or have in the next year (do not limit to financial, health or any constraints)
4 – Write down 4 reasons why you haven’t done those things or don’t have those things yet
3 – Write down 3 things you need/want to change in your life to counteract those reasons above
2 – Write down 2 people who really need to receive a heartfelt card from you (maybe a family member you haven’t spoken to in years — dig deep!)
1 – Write down 1 habit that you will change this month and replace with a positive one

Work on this for one month and see how your dreams start to stretch.

I hope you can see how one little comment and conversation can really change a person! It may not have been an easy route to take to get to the truth, but it was well worth it. Thanks, as always, for pushing each of us to stretch our dreams and grow as compassionate, loving, giving and caring people who can make a difference in the world!

–Bethany Gerber–

My husband signed up for SOC and about 2 weeks after signing up, he got a call about an acquaintance (a chiropractor with a practice in town) being in the intensive care unit at the local hospital. Since he had just signed up for SOC, it didn’t click immediately that all he had to do was log on to his account to send a get well card. While getting ready to call me to go & buy one, he realized he had SOC, logged on and sent a card. A couple of weeks went by and the doctors wife called asking my husband for help with the practices health insurance and retirement plan. After spending some time on the phone with her, they finished up their conversation and in the end, my husband asked why she called him instead of their broker. The response was exactly what SOC is all about – she explained that they received hundreds of emails, text messages and phone messages and one (and she repeated) one card. Every day she saw that one card in her husbands hospital room. Who else would she think of to call? A week after that call, the wife called again. The doctor & his wife talked and decided they wanted my husband to be their broker of record. His commission for the first year was a bit over $2,000. He also has a $40,000 story, but I’ll save that for another time.

I believe that we are of the electronic age but that doesn’t mean everything has to be so impersonal & sent to an email inbox. Use this electronic capability to stand out from everyone else and send a real (tangible) heartfelt card. The payoff is tremendous in MANY WAYS!
Lisa I Greebel – distributor

Great card feedback sent to Rich Schott:

Dear Son,
My friend Grace has been battling cancer for 9 months and requested no visitors the past 2 months so I’ve been sending her cards with pictures to brighten her days. She died on Sunday and at the wake tonight her daughter-in-law told me that one of the last things Grace whispered was “did I get a card today?” I was so touched.
Love, Mom

Bo McKinney-Send Out Cards User Testimonial:

” SOC has been an incredible tool in my financial advisory business. I’ve created campaigns, automated my birthday and anniversary cards, sent meaningful thank you cards with small tokens of appreciation and dramatically increased the number of holiday cards-all with the click of my computer mouse. What has been remarkable is that my overall business has increased by over 30% in a very difficult economic environment. The amount of business related to referrals alone has increased an astonishing 750%! SOC has truly turned my clients into ‘Raving Fans.’ After using SOC in my business for almost 2 years, I can’t imagine being in business without it. I love it, my clients love it, and it allows me to easily show them the appreciation they deserve”

– Eagle Wealth Management Group, LLC

Wanted to share an SOC Success Story with everyone that Triple J Ductwork (Jeremy Macbeth) had with Target Marketing.

* Triple J Ductwork had a custom card made with their company logo & contact information on the front of a card ($25.00).

* They manually entered 80 Roofing Contractors into their Contact Manager.

* Using their Company Custom Card they created a Campaign Postcard advertising their capability to manufacture Custom Chimney Caps and uploaded a photo of a stainless steel chimney cap to the bottom of the Postcard.

* They sent 80 Custom Postcards to the Roofing Contractors with 1 click ($56.00)


* Gained a new Roofing Contractor client who’s first order was for 24 chimney caps …. $4,600

* Triple J is confident this Roofing Contractor will become a long-term client.

From feedback they received, Triple J will next use this same Campaign Postcard to send directly to Chimney Repair companies.

Triple J has other Target Marketing ideas and will not hesitate to utilize SendOutCards — “SendOutCards is definitely worth it.”

The Vice President of a major national bank recently gave a presentation to the Owner/President of a business. The VP knew she was at least 1 of 3, maybe 4, banks who have made presentations to this business owner in the past 2 weeks.
Immediately after returning to her office from the presentation she created a personalized Thank You card using SendOutCards. She knew she had to further separate herself & her bank from the competition … make a lasting, professional impression.
Well the following week she received a phone call from the Owner/President of the business … she had earned his business:

$100,000 business loan

The Business’ banking account

The Owner/President’s personal banking accounts

The Owner/President told the VP of the bank that she was the only person who sent him a Thank You to express her appreciation for the opportunity & for meeting him. Professional & Sincere treatment like this made him feel confident that she & her bank will provide him with the service his business needs.
I learned about this success story at my BNI meeting when the Bank VP gave this testimonial to our entire BNI Chapter. WOW!


Just a short story to share something that happened this past week. SendOutCards has helped me get back in touch with family and friends. One of those friends was Cameron Garnick. Cameron and I tried time and again to do the SOC walk through, either his computer was down or something would happen to where we could not follow through. He understood the concept behind SOC and how it could quite possibly help them save his ranch in the Jackson Hole, WY area.

Tue. Sep. 25th he called me to thank me for sending the cards and said how good it was to get back in contact, and how nice it would be to see me face to face. He also told me he was heading up into the high country and would call me when he got back.

Well time went by, and on Fri. Oct.5, 2007 I called to follow up, One of his eight kids, Savannah, told me he had died of a heart attack Thur. Sep.27, 2007, two days after we talked, he was 53 years old. They buried him Tues. Oct. 2 2007. I would have been there had I known.

Needless to say, I have been torn up by this as He was a dear friend

The point of why I share this is that SOC was a true blessing. I had a great 2 months with my friend Cameron because I sent a card! I was able to share with him, and he knew I cared and I would look in on his family, if something happened.

I’m writing to you my SOC family to let you know there is a great family in Wyoming that could use some cards, love, support and Prayer!
I’m asking you all, if you feel led to, send a card to the Garnicks, and if you happen to be in the Jackson Hole area, stop by! You will have the best time of your life!!!

May I leave you with a quote from Cameron.

“May you find balance on your trail to the truth”

Thank you I know there are many to help and pray for in this world, but if you feel led, I will be very grateful.

God Bless You!


Just wanted to share a story. I think I told you that the bank we bank at and Molly, has allowed us to come in, and quietly let their customers send a card if they wish. So many are busy and in a hurry, so we hand them information, and I hand them a candy bar, where I made a wrapper to go around it, that says “In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month” Click here to send a FREE CARD,
and it has my website, and phone number. Well when I handed it to this one lady, she started crying, and had me crying, her daughter in her 30’s just had breast cancer surgery on Monday at Beaumont, and she was so thrilled, that I was allowing her to go and send her a ”Thinking of YOU” card, with no obligation, she was so touched. All month, I have been passing out coupons, that say “In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ or the candy bars, and you know it doesn’t matter, if they sign up as a retailer, or wholesaler, or distributor, to see the smile in that ladies eyes, and to say Thank You to me, for spreading cheer, meant so much. It truly is Giving to Give. We have such a Powerful Movement we can be involved in, and the choice is up to others whether they want to be a part of it, or not. The ones who decide to be a part of the MOVEMENT, willbe blessed in ways they don’t even realize that will come their
way. To share some status, only about one fourth of the people will take the time to stop, and one fourth of that will sit and send a card. So even if you spend several hours at an event to be sharing SOC, and you go home with only 5 or 8 names, you never know what the POWER of ONE can bring you. I feel we live in such a fast pace world, that so many distributors, expect lots ofleads, lots of people signing up, when they need to be grateful for those 5 or 8, and believe in the “MAGIC OF GIVING”.

Have a Powerful Successful, Blessed Day!

Mine wasn’t a gift but it was a big win. Three months ago, I did a listing presentation for a seller who was shopping for an agent. A day before that presentation in September, I drove by and took a picture of the home to put in my presentation. He wasn’t ready to make a decision at that time but was duly impressed with my presentation.

I’ve had this prospect on my lead generation marketing plan since then. Two weeks ago, I created a Picture Plus card with that photo and some embellishment about how to market nice and well-priced homes like this one. A week later he called and said”I’m ready and you’re it.”

So, two things: When it’s sold, the $398 is a tiny drop in the bucket. And, if you know someone who is looking for a 2bed 1bath cottage in East Sac, it will be listed very soon.

I am a general contractor in the Detroit metro area. Two years ago I remodeled a kitchen, and that lady’s neighbor recently approached me to quote the remodeling of her own kitchen. After I met with her I sent her a SOC and thanked her for her time. I then again sent another card telling her I would be in touch soon. When I gave her the price of

$30,000, I was told I was $11,000 higher than the other guy. She said, “He said all that he quoted would be done.” I then said, “You did not only get a good price, but a great price.” I then went on to say, “I am putting down my sales hat. My material cost is more than what he is charging for a 5 week project. Please get another quote.” Weeks later she called to tell me that the third contractor came out and my bid was still $1,000.00 higher than the third contractor’s bid. Last week I signed the agreement for my asking price and Tomorrow June 24, 2008 I tear out her kitchen to remodel. I asked her why she selected my company and she told me she liked the cards I sent her. All of the cards were two-panel cards from the SendOutCards standard catalog, and I did not add any pictures to them. Thank you for not only a great product to keep in touch with people you care about, but also a great sales tool.

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